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Develop and maintain a strong and active personality that motivates and inspire your club members

Cooperate and communicate with your club

members, excom, area, division and district

Communicate and get to know your members! Know their goals and interests for the club and cater to it

Plan your goals for the entire term and share them

Be decisive and ready to face obstacles and solve

meetings so you can schedule and book speakers,

them in the best possible way

evaluators and role-players (helps to have backup too!)

Plan your meetings in advance! Ideally up to four

Being a President is a responsiblity, one must balance

Remind and encourage members of their assignments!

priorities to ensure the club is not neglected

Send out the agenda in advance, so members are reminded and fully to date and excited!

Set fun themes to meetings appropriate to the club (and guests) so that meetings become more invested!



Be friendly and hospitable with guests and members alike! Help them understand the organization and its benefits. Provide them a loving enviroment so they don’t feel shy and won’t want to leave!

achieve them!

Check with your members if they have any problems or issues with the club that you can help out with.

Be innovative and creative to improve your club’s publicity in all aspects, not just social media

Some members are reluctant or shy, but you should be the first point of contact to help them out!

Get to know your district awards and do your best to

Encourage club members to submit articles for the

To help have healthy numbers, coordinate with the

newsletter! Help them out by giving them great eye-

club secretary to keep to date with guest details and

catching topics that sparks inspiration and garners

the treasurer to ensure members pay their dues

attention •

If you have several social media streams, be sure to keep them updated for your followers, reply to their comments and assist them however you can!




Record and maintain accurate records of meetings and events! Listening is key! This information is used


universally by the club excom to help operate and achieve its goals •

Practice reading your meeting minutes whenever you can! This helps to ensure you are heard correctly, and

and ensure the accounts reconcile at all times •

Maintain and record your club members visits to

Coordinate with the VPM to ensure all members dues

other clubs, which can be done through the help of a

are collected on time, and that new members fees

online form (google docs), e-mail or Whatsapp

have been submitted and processed •

will help you in your speeches and career!

Maintain clear records of the club’s financial transactions

Keep your Toastmaster of the Year (TOY) point

Followup with members diligently to ensure their dues are

calculations to date at all times! Doing so avoids the

paid through e-mails, WhatsApp and calls

huge rush to add and reconcile at the term end!

Pay the membership dues to Toastmasters International well in advance to avoid any mishaps as this affects your club’s DCP status Thank you for reading! Make sure to come by our next meeting for my famous karak tea!


Make a checklist of all the things you are required to do before, during and after the meeting. Use this checklist every meeting to ensure that everything’s accounted for and operates smoothly

Assist the VPM in welcoming members, as one person alone can’t handle all the guests!

Communicate with the VPE if there are any themes for the coming meeting, and that if you need to procure decorations/or need help in setting them up

Check and follow-up with meeting speakers if they need any technical assistance such as props, projectors, etc. If something goes wrong, inform the excom to help with the problem

Single Voice Submission - Ruqayah Abbas  
Single Voice Submission - Ruqayah Abbas