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He was confident enough to lead a team, but not enough to speak in public; that was the man who has never heard of Toastmasters. why he wasn’t chosen. 25 year old Abdulla had been looking for a way to overcome the problem that most engineers have, which is the lack of presentation skills. As a network engineer at Batelco (a major telecom company in Bahrain), that lack of skill was a nightmare! To change that, Abdulla decided to join His Highness Sheikh Nasser’s Leadership Program with the hope of obtaining a set of skills that his fellow engineers never had. Abdulla was called for a group Interview; he went with full confidence and performed well with the evaluation board that would choose 8 out of the 10 attendees. He thought, “I’m an engineer with a master’s degree in business management, of course they’re going to pick ME! I’m more qualified than most people in this venue!”. Two weeks later, Abdulla found out he was not chosen. He had never been so wrong. Days were spent thinking of what went wrong. “How bad was I ?” Abdulla thought. One Friday morning, he received an unknown call from the UK to inform him that someone had dropped out of the program and that he would have a chance to get in (a full seven days, if he could clear his schedule!). Abdulla immediately cleared things from work, eager to start, learn and maybe even find the answer to

It was not until the last day when he asked the long awaited question to the program mentor (who was also the interviewer) of why he wasn’t chosen. The answer fell as the mentor said “Abdulla, you did wonderful during the entire program, in fact, I feel bad for not choosing you from the start. soon as you walked in that interview, you had the weight on your shoulders, like you were carrying the world on them. You were nervous, stressed and had a hard time making a good first impression”. “What can I do?” Abdulla asked. “Toastmasters”. Those words were the beginning of a new journey, a journey of exploring the world of toastmasters. Abdulla kept looking, searching and contacting different toastmaster clubs to see for himself where the magic was and if he belonged. After attending multiple toastmaster meetings with different clubs, Abdulla found the club of his dreams, in a club named The Young Adult Toastmasters (YAT). The YATs provided a different experience by delivering the spirit of toastmasters in a fun and innovative flair. It was magical. And thus, it was all decided, Abdulla was going to be a toastmaster and a new journey is about to begin... the journey of Toastmaster Abdulla.

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Single Voice Submission