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September 21st, 2016

THE VOX Issue no. 20, Term 2016 - 2017

• YAT’s 1st Youth Leadership Program • Ruqayah for club officers! • A dashing man’s TM journey! • Listening to Social Media So what you waiting for? Read on!



Cl u b n o. 1 6 8 2 4 7 6 | Are a 4 6 | D i v i s i o n C | D i s t r i c t 2 0


Four amazing years has passed and here I am, given the highest honor of leading our club, my YAT family. A great responsibility has fallen on my shoulders and I have yet to learn so much more today. However, I believe that with great power comes great responsibility and that I have faith in myself, my EXCOM members and my club, that we will be achieving many great things tomorrow. Simply because, the best is yet to come. Half of the year 2016 has gone and it is almost time for competition season. We have yet to prepare for it and support all the members wanting to join and compete. Everyone is already a winner in my opinion, for having the courage to stand up and say: “I want to compete this year�. Club competitions have always been fierce and this year is not different. Nevertheless, we always maintained a high spirit of sportsmanship and never ending desire to bring the best next time. The fire and passion of YAT remains strong and our members are dynamic and exuberant more than ever. The abundance of positive energy, friendliness and quality in YAT is what attracts toastmasters and guests to our club. This gives us the

power to work together, face challenges together and come out the other side as winners together, which is what being a member in YAT means to me as I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. So young leaders, do not let fear stops from doing what you want, it only takes two simple things! Determination and the courage to take the first step forward. We are all here to learn and grow as individuals and as a family. Speak up when in need and help will always be there for you. Just remember to take a deep breath and always keep a smile on your face. I wish everyone all the best this term and the terms to come.

YAT’S 1 YLP st

Since YAT began, its focus has always been the young adults. Those who are ready to make their mark, and cast themselves forward together. This year, we looked not to the present, but the future young adults who could do so much more. We had the honor of conducting our very first Youth Leadership Program (YLP) with the Mar Thoma Parish based in Sanad. They are a dedicated and loving community and it shines through the young leaders that particpated in our program. I’d like to thank the officials and leaders of the Mar Thoma Parish for giving us this oppurtunity, as well the assistant co-ordinators who gave their all on those groggy Friday mornings sessions. And what could I say about these young leaders? They are amazingly talented, bright and ridiculously funny. We were wary at first to teach and lead, but as the sessions went past, we grew to become a family. It gave me unbelievable joy

and pride to see these leaders compete and showcase their unlocked potential. Despite it only being nine sessions in total, they have now become such a part of our lives that it will influence how we look at life overall. It has been a wonderful experience, and I look forward to seeing these young leaders very soon in the future! To the young leaders who read this, we miss you as much as you miss us. This entire program was a learning experience for the both of us, and the only thing that we must do from this moment on, is to TALK, LEAD AND INSPIRE! The next page is dedicated to you all! TM Khaled Ismaeel YLP Co-ordinator


Akhil V. Jacob

Akhil Varughese

Akitta Achu Varghese

Aleena Thankam Linson

Alka Meriam Varghese

Ben Geo Abraham

Christina Vinod Jacob

Cristo K. Saji

Elizabeth Anil Titus

Joel Jacob

Joel Saji

Kevin T. Johnson

Krupa John Kurien

Mahima Susan Thomas

Merin Elsa Thomas

Rejoice Abraham

Rohan Mathews John

Rojel Abraham

Tija Saju Kovoor


Khaled Isameel

Najla Qamber

Nada Qamber

Ruqayah Abbas

Rod Kevin Ybardolaza

Lahiru Elvitigala

Jithin Arakkatt Shaji



.. . S AY



Develop and maintain a strong and active personality that motivates and inspire your club members

Cooperate and communicate with your club

members, excom, area, division and district

Communicate and get to know your members! Know their goals and interests for the club and cater to it

Plan your goals for the entire term and share them

Be decisive and ready to face obstacles and solve

meetings so you can schedule and book speakers,

them in the best possible way

evaluators and role-players (helps to have backup too!)

Plan your meetings in advance! Ideally up to four

Being a President is a responsiblity, one must balance

Remind and encourage members of their assignments!

priorities to ensure the club is not neglected

Send out the agenda in advance, so members are reminded and fully to date and excited!

Set fun themes to meetings appropriate to the club (and guests) so that meetings become more invested!



Be friendly and hospitable with guests and members alike! Help them understand the organization and its benefits. Provide them a loving enviroment so they don’t feel shy and won’t want to leave!

achieve them!

Check with your members if they have any problems or issues with the club that you can help out with.

Be innovative and creative to improve your club’s publicity in all aspects, not just social media

Some members are reluctant or shy, but you should be the first point of contact to help them out!

Get to know your district awards and do your best to

Encourage club members to submit articles for the

To help have healthy numbers, coordinate with the

newsletter! Help them out by giving them great eye-

club secretary to keep to date with guest details and

catching topics that sparks inspiration and garners

the treasurer to ensure members pay their dues

attention •

If you have several social media streams, be sure to keep them updated for your followers, reply to their comments and assist them however you can!




Record and maintain accurate records of meetings and events! Listening is key! This information is used


universally by the club excom to help operate and achieve its goals •

Practice reading your meeting minutes whenever you can! This helps to ensure you are heard correctly, and

and ensure the accounts reconcile at all times •

Maintain and record your club members visits to

Coordinate with the VPM to ensure all members dues

other clubs, which can be done through the help of a

are collected on time, and that new members fees

online form (google docs), e-mail or Whatsapp

have been submitted and processed •

will help you in your speeches and career!

Maintain clear records of the club’s financial transactions

Keep your Toastmaster of the Year (TOY) point

Followup with members diligently to ensure their dues are

calculations to date at all times! Doing so avoids the

paid through e-mails, WhatsApp and calls

huge rush to add and reconcile at the term end!

Pay the membership dues to Toastmasters International well in advance to avoid any mishaps as this affects your club’s DCP status Thank you for reading! Make sure to come by our next meeting for my famous karak tea!


Make a checklist of all the things you are required to do before, during and after the meeting. Use this checklist every meeting to ensure that everything’s accounted for and operates smoothly

Assist the VPM in welcoming members, as one person alone can’t handle all the guests!

Communicate with the VPE if there are any themes for the coming meeting, and that if you need to procure decorations/or need help in setting them up

Check and follow-up with meeting speakers if they need any technical assistance such as props, projectors, etc. If something goes wrong, inform the excom to help with the problem


He was confident enough to lead a team, but not enough to speak in public; that was the man who has never heard of Toastmasters. why he wasn’t chosen. 25 year old Abdulla had been looking for a way to overcome the problem that most engineers have, which is the lack of presentation skills. As a network engineer at Batelco (a major telecom company in Bahrain), that lack of skill was a nightmare! To change that, Abdulla decided to join His Highness Sheikh Nasser’s Leadership Program with the hope of obtaining a set of skills that his fellow engineers never had. Abdulla was called for a group Interview; he went with full confidence and performed well with the evaluation board that would choose 8 out of the 10 attendees. He thought, “I’m an engineer with a master’s degree in business management, of course they’re going to pick ME! I’m more qualified than most people in this venue!”. Two weeks later, Abdulla found out he was not chosen. He had never been so wrong. Days were spent thinking of what went wrong. “How bad was I ?” Abdulla thought. One Friday morning, he received an unknown call from the UK to inform him that someone had dropped out of the program and that he would have a chance to get in (a full seven days, if he could clear his schedule!). Abdulla immediately cleared things from work, eager to start, learn and maybe even find the answer to

It was not until the last day when he asked the long awaited question to the program mentor (who was also the interviewer) of why he wasn’t chosen. The answer fell as the mentor said “Abdulla, you did wonderful during the entire program, in fact, I feel bad for not choosing you from the start. soon as you walked in that interview, you had the weight on your shoulders, like you were carrying the world on them. You were nervous, stressed and had a hard time making a good first impression”. “What can I do?” Abdulla asked. “Toastmasters”. Those words were the beginning of a new journey, a journey of exploring the world of toastmasters. Abdulla kept looking, searching and contacting different toastmaster clubs to see for himself where the magic was and if he belonged. After attending multiple toastmaster meetings with different clubs, Abdulla found the club of his dreams, in a club named The Young Adult Toastmasters (YAT). The YATs provided a different experience by delivering the spirit of toastmasters in a fun and innovative flair. It was magical. And thus, it was all decided, Abdulla was going to be a toastmaster and a new journey is about to begin... the journey of Toastmaster Abdulla.


Even before you open your eyes in the morning, you reach for your phone to turn off your alarm. And right there and then you squint your eyes open to check all your messages from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and every other social media application installed on your smartphone. Social media is a part of our lives and no matter how much we try to block it out with our many Social Media Cleanses and Detox’s, it will always be there until the world finds something else that’s interesting. Have you ever wondered how all of those content and information gets uploaded on the cloud we call the internet? I’m not talking about the technicalities of coding and all that CSS, HTML, encryptions, I’m talking about the information, the articles, the tweets, the quotes, the content. Listen, Experience, and Research For example, an article is published and let’s call it ‘The Wonders of Living in a Cabin’. This article was written with either the writer experiencing a life living in a cabin or with doing interviews and research. Without this sort of information, the writer wouldn’t be able to craft his article. It would just be words without a backbone if real experience or facts are lacking. Listening to what others have to say, experiencing it for yourself, and piling up your research enables you to craft a strong article that could possibly give you more hits than you would expect. This would mark as the start of quite a long chain through social media.

Listen and Repost After ‘The Wonders of Living in a Cabin’ is published with the help of experience, research and listening, the article then gets reposted and retweeted multiple times over the next six months. Within that six months, retweets and reposts are published with the reader’s intake on the piece, such as: “I would definitely want to live in a cabin for a month! Check out this article on The Wonders of Living in a Cabin” “Have you ever tried living in a cabin? It’s so peaceful! Thanks to The Wonders of Living in a Cabin, it made me feel nostalgic. I’m definitely booking a trip this fall!” These sort of posts help influence other readers to click on that post because, they do what they do best; Listen. Listen and Reference After the six month of reposts and relinks, another article is published that is about The Benefits of Living Outside the City. Which includes a reference from The Wonders of Living in a Cabin, along with other benefits. The writer agrees with the latter post hence having the need to directly link the article to their audience for more information. Referencing and relinking the original post boosts up its traffic and the wondrous cycle of retweets and comments begin again. It will be an endless cycle until the attention of the readers eventually dies down, but will be able to recharge itself once another referenced article is published. Hence the Laws of Listening in Social Media. Experience, Research, Repost, and Reference. The world subconsciously does it with every post they make and with every idea expressed about the post they publish. When one likes it, two out of five would like it too. It’s a cycle that would go on and on with the right marketing tools and wordings to enable the readers to Listen.


Young Adult Toastmasters Club, also known as YAT, is one the brightest clubs within Area 46, if not the Division. A club robust with

member within YAT - How? By participating in events that

creative individuals and teaming with young go-getters,

are being advertised by your President or other Excom

I am not surprised that YAT is one of the strong pillars

members! Want to know more about what is going on in

within Area 46. And why not? It is filled with young

the Area or Division or even District? - Ask your Excom!

entrepreneurs, fresh graduates with minds ready to mold,

During the “Any Other Business Session” in your regular

eager individuals who are ready for any challenge.

meetings, you can raise your hand and inquire, “Good Evening, Can I ask for any news in the Area, please?”.

This term, with the help with my Area Executive

There may be many upcoming events that are open to

Committee, we hope to ensure that the Area does

any member or any club, and that includes YOU, the YAT

not only focus on themselves but also in helping

member! What do you get for participating? Networking,

each other attain greater heights. We wish that the

experience in leadership/education projects, exposure to

various community clubs within our Area, extend

the rest of toastmasters in Bahrain, assistance in the Area

their community spirit to each other. YAT can assist in

and beyond!

achieving this by opening their doors to other clubs within the Area via the Education or Leadership Track, and

YAT has always been a stepping stone to greater heights in

in doing so, YAT will be able to network, gain comradery

life (and not just in toastmastering) and I believe this is true

with their fellow Area Members as well as achieve their

for each and every member within the club. Even though

Education/Leadership goals.

everything is new to you, take pride in knowing that you

Don’t get me wrong, this goal is not limited to just

have a wonderful group of members around you who can

those who have plans to complete their Education or

assist you through your journey. We hope to see you more

Leadership projects, this goal can be done by any regular

in the Area, and beyond!


Sergeant At Arms Abdullah Aljabry

Treasurer Ahmed Al Basry

My role as sergeant at arms is to keep everything up and ready for every meeting. So let me take this chance to thank all YATs for helping me organize, set up, and wrap up at every meeting which made my job a lot easier.

Through the past months our YAT family has grown in such a manner that we are obtaining newer members eager to join our club, through that I have seen more and more unique toastmasters who are eager to obtain more experience as well as more skills.

I’m also happy to announce that all our inventory stock is sufficient enough and everything now is going smoothly.

With that being said, the job of collecting dues as well as handling the financial side falls to me, while it is might sour the mood for some members who would lose their tempo and focus when being asked to hand in their dues. While the starter of the term might have been a rocky start I hope that the following terms will be much smoother for the YAT club. I hope for the support of the club as well as the officers in order to fully complete my role as an officer.


VP Membership

Suzan Karaja

James Mumbi

I am super excited for the new term! My goals this time around would try to figure out a way to make the minutes being read more colorful and fun. If you have any suggestions, do let me know! But the most important goal so far, is keeping a solid track for the club and making sure that everything is going in the right directon! Along with the above, I will strive to motivate the club members to compete and do better for their Toastmaster of the Year (TOY) points!

Currently we stand at a number of 18 active members to date, comparing to the 25 last term. I admit that as the current VPM I have to do more in terms of recruiting new members in order to achieve my goal of 29 members by the end of my term. My future plans of achieving my goals as well the DCP points will be doing the talk up toastmasters award in the 1st quarter of 2017 and later will be doing Beat the clock award which is my great hope that it will lead to an increase in number of members in YAT. I would like to thank you all for the continued support you have given to the office of the VPM as well as YAT in general.

OFFICER’S UPDATES Being handed the responsbility of VPPR, from a legacy of great officers before me, is a huge undertaking...but I only use that to serve as a launch pad to even greater heights! The district has annouced its VPPR awards for the year, and we will be striving to achieve 7 out of the 10 awards listed. Apart from that, our rigorous social media campaign (which is focus on main focal points like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.) has been fruitful, with Facebook adding in over 200 likes since the term start.

VP Public Relations Khaled Ismaeel Our Social Media status so far are as follows: • Facebook - 681 Likes • Youtube - 67 subscribers • Instagram - 436 followers Excelsior!

All I ask of the members is to continue sharing our posts and keep us social!

VP Education Rula Karaja DCP GOALS: Planning to achieve 10 DCP points by June 2017. Achieved 2 out of 10 so far. MEETINGS: • • •

• • •

Meeting 149 - Frankenstein held an orientation meeting with one member joining CC10 night - pending Club Contests – pending

MEMBER PAGES: The YATer page is being updated regularly to keep track of each member’s development, also creating a plan for new and old members to achieve their goals in their toastmasters journey and finishing their manuals.

Meeting 144 - Gergaon was a successful celebration held in YAT with one ice breaker speech Meeting 145 - Gone girl was a successful meeting Meeting 146 - One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind was a huge success

A couple of months have passed since the new term began, where I was elected to be the president of this club. We


have an outstanding set of executive committee members

Maram Al Aradi

consisting of young, passionate and creative toastmasters who will achieve amazing things as officers and in their toastmasters journey. This term, our goal is to achieve 10/10 DCP points! Our collective goal is to maintain or increase the quality of club meetings and bring more new members to the toastmaster world, latter of which will be achieved easily as we have an excellent team of social media activists.

We are expecting some more members to join our YAT family and make it bigger! My only wish is for all the members, new and old, to be goal-oriented, filled with desire to accomplish their goals and truly believe that they can “Talk, Lead and Inspire”.

THE TEAM Facebook | Youtube: YATbh Instagram: @YoungAdultToastmasters

Vice President Public Relations Team Khaled Ismaeel - VP Public Relations Nada Qamber - Videography & other media Najla Qamber - Newsletter & other media Rula Karaja - Posters Formatter Compiler Khaled Ismaeel & Najla Qamber Photographers Khaled Ismaeel & Najla Qamber



Don’t know the answers? Then ask a YAT member, or better yet, come to our next meeting and find out!









2. What was Khalid's title in his DTAC humorous speech?

1. Where was the YAT YLP held?

6. What does MAD in MAD NAZ mean?

3. Who is YAT's king of quotes?

8. What does the secretary record during the meeting?

4. What would DTM Ahmed Rizvi's (Uncle) pet name for you if you were a girl? 5. Where will DTAC 2017 be held? 7. What is the other name for Ruqaya's Karak Tea?

The Vox #20  

Issue 20 of the official Young Adult Toastmasters (YAT) club!

The Vox #20  

Issue 20 of the official Young Adult Toastmasters (YAT) club!