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Hello MU residents! The 2010-2011 has now begun and the experience of a lifetime has surely begun for you. The Department of Housing and Residence Life is glad to have you on campus and we look forward to making your year a memorable experience. The hall staff has been working very hard and is very excited to have you in their building. Over the summer we worked very hard to plan events and create new initiatives. One new initiative was to bring tutoring to the halls. Every Wednesday and Thursday, unless otherwise noted, there will be a tutor in several of the halls. Any resident is welcome to attend tutoring sessions being held in the halls. Go to the front desk of the building offering tutoring and you will be directed to the tutoring area. To see when tutoring will be offered either look up the schedule online at or refer to the posters in your building. Signature Events has also been brainstorming and planning events for you. Signature Events is a group of Resident Directors, Resident Advisors, and Students who plan and implement programs that will become traditions on campus. Last year they were responsible for the Movie Night at the Cinema, Green & White Dance, Quoits Interest, and many other fun activities. If you are interested in being a part of this group please email Tracey Eggleston at for more information. For this semester we are planning the following: September – MUDD Cup – Week long set of events consisting of many evening activities for residence hall students to see which hall has what it takes to win a 5 foot trophy and bragging rights. Sign ups will be located in the lobby of each residence hall. For more information you can talk to your RA or RD. MUDD Cup – September 27th – October 1st o Events will include  Monday, September 27th – Pool & Ping Pong tournament – MSC Basement @ 6 pm  Tuesday, September 28th – Trivia – Buskirk Lobby @ 7 pm  Wednesday, September 29th – 4 Square – Marshall Commons Quad @ 7 pm  Thursday, September 30th – Eating Competition – Between FY North and South @ 6 pm Dodgeball – Between FY North & South @ 7 pm st  Friday, October 1 – Messy Relay Race – Buskirk Field @ 6 pm  SIGN UP for a team today in your residence hall  The building that wins the most events will be award bragging rights and a trophy to display in heir lobby November – Night at the Cinema – Students will be able to come to the theatre on 4th Avenue and watch a movie free of charge There will be other events planned by the Signature events Committee so be sure to keep an eye out for flyers. In closing, we hope everyone is doing well and that you take the opportunity to become involved in the residence halls through RHA and programs and that you find campus organizations to be a part of. For a listing of programs that your building and other residence halls are conducting please go to There is always an event going on that may interest you and you are more than welcome to attend other buildings programs. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments please talk to your building staff or attend RHA meetings. Your opinion matters and we want you to be happy and successful this Fall 2010 semester. We look forward to seeing you around throughout the semester and hope you take the opportunity to be involved.

Your 2010-2011 Residence Hall and Central Office Staff

Volume 1, Issue 2

September 2010

The Buskirk Buzz Harless Dinning Hall

Important Dates to Remember  RHA Sundays @ 9:00pm  September 1st and 2nd Student Organization fair  September 10th Marshall vs. WVU football game!

Breakfast: 7am-10:30am Lunch: 11am-3:30pm Dinner: 4pm-7pm (Weekends) Brunch: 11apm-1:30pm Dinner: 4pm-7pm

Towers Dining Hall Breakfast: 6:30am-10:15am Lunch: 10:30am-3:30om Dinner: 4pm-7pm Late Night 8:30pm-11p.m *Weekends not open; closes after lunch on Friday*

R E S I D E N T O F T H E M O N T H !

Ariana Nappa

1st floor

Jessica Moses

2nd Floor

Brittany Ledbetter

3rd Floor

Ashley Bragg

4th Floor

Jessica Lundy

5th Floor

Gabriella Hornich

6th Floor

Back to School! The new school year has gotten off to a great start, and with it comes the new and the familiar. We have many new faces here in Buskirk, along with many returners. We are so excited that you are here to experience this year with us. Home Sweet Buskirk Classes are in full swing now , but be sure to take a break from your studies and attend a program or two! We have some exciting things planned this month and hope to see you there! Programs provide a great way to get involved, make new friends, and have fun! Here’s what’s going on in Buskirk this month: Building wide: Welcome to

the Party Sept. 21st @ 9:15 1st floor: Sept. 15th @6:30 Where in the World is...John Marshall? 2nd floor: Sept. 15th @9:15 Teach your RA how to cook! 3rd & 5th floor: Sept. 7th @9:15 Writing in style 4th floor: Sept. 28th @ 9:15 River rock door stops 6th floor: Sept. 7th @9:15 Adore your door Want to Get Involved? Buskirk RHA is a great way to not only see changes where you live, but it is a great opportunity to get involved right here in your own building. Buskirk’s RHA will be having their meetings on Sundays @ 9:00pm. So come meet new friends, get involved, and bring change to your hall.

Marshall University

The Stall Street Journal September 1, 2010

Upcoming Dates John- Lights, Camera, ACTION 9/2 @ 7:30pm Leah- Decorating 9/7 @ 9:15pm Yo- Nerf War 9/8 @ 9pm Alyssa-We are Marshall 9/8 @ 9:15pm Kacie- In Doc We Trust 9/10 @ 7pm Yo- Find Your Niche 9/16 @ 9pm John- Party Time 9/17 @ 7pm Kacie- Puppy Love 9/20 @ 7pm Alyssa-If you grow it they will come 9/22 @ 9pm Matt- We are... Marshall 9/25 @ 4pm Leah– Dance Party 9/29 @ 9:15pm

The Gillis staff hopes that everyone is off to a wonderful semester! Classes are back in full swing and so is Housing and Residence Life. As you can see to the left there are many programming opportunities approaching during the month of September. We encourage you all to get involved with the many opportunities provided while living on campus. Andrew Frobel moving into Gibson.

Take Time to Support Gibson and Willis Athletes Football


Marshall v. Ohio State (away) 9/2 @ 7:30 pm Marshall v. WVU (home) 9/10 @ 7pm Marshall v. Bowling Green (away) 9/18 @ 7pm Marshall v. Ohio (home) 9/25 @ 7pm


Marshall v. Hofstra Marshall v. App. State 9/3 @ 7pm 9/5 @ 2:30pm Marshall v. High Point Marshall v. Radford 9/4 @1pm 9/3 @ 5:30pm Marshall v. Cleveland State Alumni Game 9/4 @ 7:30pm 9/18 TBA Marshall v. NC A&T 9/7 @ 12pm Marshall v. Morehead State 9/7 @ 7pm Marshall v. UCF 9/23 @ 7pm Marshall v. UCF 9/24 @ 5:30pm

Upcoming Events: Marshall Week of Service During the month of September Marshall University host a week for students, faculty, and staff to volunteer. Participants will be assigned to project on campus or some where within five miles of campus. All volunteers will receive a free t-shirt, so come donate some of your time and sever during Marshall’s Week of Service!

Welcome to Haymaker Hall and Wellman Hall!

Welcome to your home away from home! The residence hall staff are glad that you’ve come to stay with us this year. We hope that you enjoy your time here with us! If you ever need anything, please let a staff member know and we will be happy to assist you. For the month of September, we have the following events planned in Haymaker Hall: 

 

Eric’s 2nd floor guys will have the opportunity to socialize with the new faculty in residence at Starbucks on the 13th. They’ll also be getting themselves painted up for the MU vs. WVU football game a bit before kickoff on the 10th. The 3rd floor girls and Kayla will have lots to do as well. On the 14th, they’ll be writing Dear John Letters to soldiers, sailors, and marines stationed overseas. Last but not least, Marissa’s 4th floor girls will be holding a substance abuse session on the 21st.

Wellman Hall has these events planned for September:   

The 2nd Floor will be making art with sand with Emma on the 27th up on their floor. Marissa and the 3rd floor will go to a no-kill animal shelter to explore the benefits of animal shelters and play with puppies and kittens. Isaiah’s guys up on the 4th floor will have a substance abuse education program on the 2nd and will have a floor get-together on the 20th.

Also, on September 7th, we will have a massive water balloon fight between both buildings. That will start at 7pm and go until all of the balloons are gone. All Haymaker and Wellman residents are invited to participate in what will be an epic event. You won’t want to miss it! Finally, the Department of housing and residence life has made several changes from last year. The guest escort policy as part of the visitation policy has changed. Also residents in commons are permitted to have one microwave in their common room if attached to the designated outlet. Check the Residence Hall Guide on the MU Housing website if you haven’t already this year for these and all other residence hall policies. We would also like to welcome Cynthia Torppa to our staff as the new faculty-in-residence for the Marshall Commons. She’ll be putting on events, socializing with residents, and hanging around the halls all year long. So if you see her, make sure to say hi!

The Haymaker/Wellman staff ninjas training for this school year.


2ND and 3RD Floor RA’s, Cecil and Tim, are planning a Quoits Tournament for September 7 at 6:30pm. Look for fliers! 






The Holderby Observer


and we’re off to a great start so far! After a busy Move-In Weekend and a great First Floor Meeting, Holderby kicks off the semester with its innate pizzazz and flair! To keep it going, the wonderfully fabulous RA staff has planned ample new and fun events for September like quoits, picture frame making, volunteer events, a friendly debate, Apples to Apples and much more. Look for fliers on the floors and throughout the building.

MUDD CUP ALERT! September 27- October 1 is MUDD CUP, a week of events like pool and ping pong tournaments, relay races, food eating contests and trivia. TTW won the trophy last year, and Ginny will have you all know, “that trophy WILL BE in Holderby’s lobby October 1, 2010!” So let’s get pumped and ready! Keep a lookout for fliers with more details, and talk to your RA. Let’s show ‘em what we got!

Make sure to take advantage of everything and anything. You are not restricted to the programs on your floor!

holderby hall news: MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Join RHA, and help spice up Holderby.

WHAT’S GOING ON THIS MONTH? Look for programs put on by your RA.


PROHIBITED ITEMS As the semester takes off, it’s good to read through your Residence Hall Guide again to make sure you are following procedures accordingly. Here are some of the items that you are NOT allowed to have in Holderby:      

Air Conditioners! Microwaves! Pets! [other than fish] Extension Cords! Weapons! Large Refrigerators!

The Towers East Times


FALL 2010

Important Phone Numbers MU Police Dept.


Towers East Front Desk


Bursar’s Office


Counseling Services


Hungry for some late night Pizza? DP Dough Domino’s Hussen’s Papa John’s Gino’s Pizza Hut

304-529-0005 304-697-3300 304-781-2488 304-525-7222 304-529-2547 304-525-6091

LOCK IT to STOP IT: Safety in the Residence Halls Your personal safety and the safety of your belongings are a top priority. Here at Marshall we take pride in being able to provide you, the student and resident, a safe and secure place to live. Although we work hard, we need your help as well. The only way to completely secure your belongings and your personal safety is to keep your door locked at all times. Theft is much easier to commit when doors are left unlocked. The Key Policy is also important in securing our residence hall. Checking keys allows us to identify and separate residents of Towers East from those who do not live here. Please be prepared to show your key and identify yourself as a resident of Towers East every time you enter or leave the building.

In-Hall Tutoring is Available this Fall! Every Wednesday and Thursday there will be tutors available in the Residence Hall lobbies. This new service will begin on September 8th right here in Twin Towers East. Tutors will be here to help you from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 pm. Check the schedule to see where tutoring is available. Here in Towers East, we will be using the Glass Lounge (pool and ping pong room) for a quiet space for tutoring. So bring your homework and ask questions! Best of Luck!

The policy is for your own protection and security. Also, we know that signing guests in and out of the building can be a pain, but hey, even the Resident Advisors (RAs) have to sign their guests in and out of the building. The bottom line is that we (and your parents) can sleep better at night, knowing that unwanted visitors are not in our building. Guest Visitation Policy Please remember that your guests must be escorted at all times. This means that you must accompany them as they move around the building. It is also important to know that when you sign in a guest at the front desk, you may be held accountable for their actions. Your guest must always show a picture ID when they sign in and when they sign out. Failure to follow these procedures could result in disciplinary action. Visitation hours are from 11:00 am to midnight, Monday through

Thursday. Visitation hours are 24 hours from Friday at 11:00 am to Sunday at 12:00am. Again, we thank you for your cooperation and

Getting Involved on Campus is Easy! 

Join and Intramural Team. Sign up at the Recreation Center.

Get involved in Residence Hall Association! Also known as RHA, this group works to improve the quality of living in our building!

Find a professional or academic club relating to your major.

Sign up for one of the free classes in the Recreation Center.

Talk to your Resident Advisor!

Staff Spotlight: Seth Bartrug, 3rd Floor RA Seth Bartrug is here for his third year as a Resident Advisor. Seth is a Safety Engineering and Theater major from St. Mary’s, WV. In his spare time, you can find him at the MU Recreation Center, which is his favorite place on campus. He also likes to work on cars in his spare time. Have a great semester, Seth!

TWIN TOWERS WEST TIMES Housing and Residence Life WELCOMES you and is looking forward to a fun-filled year full of amazing experiences here at Marshall! RHA The Resident Hall Association is looking for residents who want to make a difference in Towers West. The RHA is a unique experience that can provide residents with a voice in their hall. Past changes include building wide recycling bins that introduced each floor to the benefits of recycling and encouraged the building to be more “Green.” Any residents wishing to join should contact their RA and attend the interest meeting on August 29th. PROGRAMS This month there are many programs for the residents to get involved in on their floor and to join on other floors. o Each of the girl floors will be invited to “Welcome to the Party” a fun filled night of learning about the dangers women face when they go to parties and how to prevent the unwanted from happening. o Both Greek Floors- 7 for girls & 10 for boys- will be hosting the “Naked Lap” where students will participate in root beer pong while wearing beer goggles. At the program the residents will learn about drinking responsibly. The goal is to bring to light that it’s easy to play the game but most players don’t realize how much they are really drinking and dangerous it can be. o On the 13th floor residents have the opportunity to participate in “Wanna play Mii” for a game night and “Blow out the Bobcats” for a tailgate. o Residents on the 14th floor will “Make a Difference” which is a volunteerism effort within the building. They can also take their chance on the game show “Wheel of Substance” to learn some facts about substance abuse.

The TTW staff welcomes you all to a great semester!


Hello MU residents! The 2010-2011 has now begun and the experience of a lifetime has surely begun for you. The Department of Housing and Res...