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Have You Herd...… November 2011

Holderby Hall Fall 2011 MUDD Cup Champions!! Congratulations Holderby! Thank you to all those who participated in the Fall 2011 MUDD Cup and we look forward to seeing you again next fall for the 2012 MUDD Cup.


Important Upcoming Events Date


Wednesday, Nov. 9th

Tunnel of Oppression – Francis-Booth Experimental Theatre

Sunday, Nov. 13th

Mandatory Floor meeting on Closing Procedures

Monday, Nov. 14th

Break Housing Applications Due for Fall Break

Saturday, Nov. 19th Saturday, Nov. 26th

Halls close at noon Halls reopen at 9:00am

Tuesday, Nov 29th

Hajii Otto – Chill out Guru event FREE Movie Night at the Cinema Late Night Pancake – Residence Life staff at your service Study Breakers in the halls Break Housing Applications Due for Winter Break Halls close @ noon

Saturday, Dec. 3rd

Be on the look out!!!! The Chill out Guru, Hajii Otto is coming to campus to show you how to deal with stress and have fun! Be prepared for an awesome time on Tuesday, November 29th.

Tuesday, Dec. 6th Dec. 7th – 13th Friday, Dec. 7th Wednesday, Dec. 14th

Check out pictures from MUDD Cup and many other Signature Events and Department functions on our Facebook page. Even better LIKE us and stay up to date on all events going.

Department of Housing and Residence Life

Department of Housing and Residence Life One John Marshall Drive Huntington, WV 25755

Tunnel of Oppression (ToO)

Fall/Winter Break Housing Do you have a place to go for Fall or Winter break? If not, Marshall University provides break housing for any student who currently lives in the Residence Halls. Students in First Year North and South do NOT need to fill out break housing applications. What to do if you need to stay on campus Fall break? Complete a Break Housing application.  These forms are available at the front desk of your residence halls, online, and at the Department of Housing and Residence Life.  There is no charge to stay during Fall Break.  Applications are due to Housing and Residence Life by Monday, November 14th at 4:00 pm. The TTE, TTW, Haymaker and Gibson will stay open to accommodate those who need housing. If you currently live in one of the Towers, Haymaker, or Gibson then you may request to stay in your permanent assignment. If you have a room that you would like to stay in, please indicate that on the form. Otherwise, a room will be assigned to you. We also offer break housing during the Winter Holiday. 

 

There is a charge per day during the Winter Break. Price will be given on application. Charges do not apply to First Year North and South residents. Applications for Winter break are due to Housing and Residence Life by Friday December 7th at 4:00 pm. The residence halls close Wednesday, December 14th at noon They will reopen on Sunday, January 8th at 9:00 a.m.

If you have questions regarding break housing, please contact Le‟Kesha Glover or Sybil Lockard at 696-6765.

Marshall University will sponsor three performances of the “Tunnel of Oppression” at 5, 6, and 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 9, in the Francis-Booth Experimental Theatre on the Huntington campus. Marshall is joining a growing list of schools that are staging their own interactive Tunnel of Oppression experience. Originally developed at Western Illinois University, the Tunnel of Oppression is a tour in which participants experience different forms of oppression through interactive scenes, monologues and multimedia. “Participants will have the opportunity to see, touch, hear, and feel the realities of oppression as a stepping stone toward creating diversity awareness and tolerance and challenging our perceptions about issues surrounding oppression,” Yaun said. “The Tunnel of Oppression is about creating a „sensory experience‟ that serves as an agent of social change and a model of consciousness-raising, reflecting the realities of oppression in today‟s society.” For more information, contact Yaun by e-mail at, or by phone at 304-696-6766.

Free Night at the Cinema

Free Night at the Cinema for November is Thursday, November 3rd. We hope to get 200 people to this event! The Signature Events Committee and Department of Housing and Residence Life will be conducting this event again December 3rd. Mark your calendar and be ready for a fun evening!

The N&S Report ghg

November Edition

Authors: Ryan Kerns & Jessica Hartman

Upcoming Events:  November 10th @ 8:00pm – Are You Smart Enough to Be an American? Answer questions from the American Citizenship Test to see if you have what it takes to be an American. Come test your knowledge and win prizes! Food and beverages will be available.  November 29th – The Chill-Out Guru, Hajii Otto, will come speak to you and hypnotize you into having better study habits. You can also learn other stress relieving techniques. Keep an eye out for more information.  November 30th @ 8:00pm – No Shave November: Throw your razors away for a month and see who can grow the best beard! Prizes will be awarded in multiple categories!

North and South are happy to welcome Scott Schatzer, our new AGM of Residence Life. Stop in his office in South and introduce yourself!

Thanksgiving Break starts November 19 and runs through November 26. North and South, however, will not be closing. We are happy to see you stay if you’d like.

Academic Awards! Do you want to show off your grades? Bring your papers to the front desk to receive an “A” for your door and display your good grades on the “refrigerators” in the lobby of each building.

Your voice and ideas matter and we’d love to hear them! RHA Meetings held every Monday at 9PM in the

South Classroom Mandatory Floor Meetings will be Sunday, November 13th @ 9:15 pm. Stay tuned for flyers for more information. Residents enjoy painting bricks to use for doorstops during a program hosted by Sarah Lyons on the Fourth Floor of North.

November 2011

Haymaker and Wellman Halls Haymaker and Wellman Win Big during Homecoming Haymaker and Wellman Halls participated in an allout competition between all of the residence halls across campus. The buildings had decorate each lobby while incorporating the homecoming theme, “Marshall through the Decades.” Haymaker took home the title of “Most Attractive” and Wellman won “Best Fits Theme.” Congratulations to both buildings on their wins!

Thanksgiving Closing Break Procedures Before you leave to go home for Thanksgiving break, there are a few things you need to make sure you do: 

Turn you heat/ac unit down to 65 degrees

Pull your shades all the way down

Unplug all your electronics o

You may leave your refrigerator

Upcoming Programs:  

plugged in over Thanksgiving Break 

Turn-off your lights

Take out any trash in the rooms

Check out at the front desk before Noon on the 19th

November 7th:  Greek TIPS Training: 6PM  Pottery Place Party 9:15 PM November 13th:  Shrinky Dinks with Cynthia Troppa: Time TBA in Haymaker Lobby  Mandatory Floor Meetings 9:15PM on your floors! November 16th Brain Pump Jeopardy: 9:15

“Go confidently in the directions of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”- Henry David Thoreau

November 2011

RHA First Annual Fall Festival goes off without a hit! On October 19, 2011, The Commons Residence Hall Association sponsored the first ever Fall Festival. There were nearly 200 people in attendance. The event included two local bands,

Residents attend RHA’s Fall Festival in Harless’ Ed Gross Room.

Coyotes in Boxes and Sly Roosevelt, free food, and movie posters for all who attended. Door prizes were drawn for those in attendance that featured donations from: -MU Bookstore, Stadium Bookstore, Starbucks, Glenn’s Sporting Goods, Roosters, River and Rail Bakery, Finds and Designs, Old Village Roaster, Marshall Hall of Fame Café, New York Bagel Café & Deli, Third & Ninth Deli Market, Chili Willi’s Mexican Cantina, Paula Vega Cakes, Applebee’s, Coldstone Creamery, Marquee Cinemas at Pullman

Coyotes and Boxes

Square, Starbucks, Pottery Place, and Huntington Prime. We would like to give a big “Thank You” to all those that helped organize this event and made it possible. Upcoming RHA Events:

Commons Café- Open mic night for anything from spoken work poetry and art to bands. November 30th at 6:30pm in the Ed Gross Room.

Sly Roosevelt

Study Party- In the Harless Media Room on December 7th.

Buskirk Beat


November & December 2011

In the past month, Buskirk has been bustling with activities and programs geared towards homecoming, health, and Halloween. Floors sported spooky décor and the lobby with Marcos made by residents of RHA. Our faculty in residence, Jana Hovland came to share her nutrition expertise and residents danced off that extra slice of Harless pizza with the popular game, Just Dance. Whether dining in with a specially catered meal from Olive Garden, or “Making a Mark” and making memories, there is never a dull moment in our all-female hall.

Residents and RA, Kaley Fulks, stay active and healthy by participating in an intramural volleyball team at the REC Center. If you‟d like to participate in the intramural basketball season, contact Kaley at

November will be just as exciting as we near finals and winter break. Relieve some stress at our building wide program, do some crafts with RHA, and spread holiday cheer at your floor parties. Before you know it, Buskirk will be ringing in the New Year and the start of another great semester at Marshall University.


     

November 3 starting @ 5:00pm at Downtown Discount Cinema Theatre Free Movie for Residents and Commuters November 7 @ 9:15pm in the lobby Get on the Ball and Get with It- Final Exam Preparation and Stress Relief November 10 Marshall Artist Series Young Frankenstein November 13 @ 9:15pm on your prospective floors Mandatory Closing Procedures Meeting November 29 @ 7:30pm on campus Hajii Otto-Hypnotist and Mental Wellness Guru December 5 @ 7:30pm on 5th floor Girls Night In December 11 Marshall Artist Series Glen Campbell: The Goodbye Tour

Residents on the 3rd floor enjoyed making these cute flower pens with their RA, Erica Stutler.

VOTE RESIDENT OF THE MONTH **Be checking in with your RAs on a regular basis for updates on additional fun and spontaneous activities taking place on campus and in the building **

Have you noticed a fellow resident committing random acts of kindness? Gone above and beyond to help someone? Consistently has a good attitude and a bright smile? Nominate them for resident

of the month! The ballot box is located at the front desk. The winner will be announced at the end of each month.

Counseling Center 1st Floor Prichard Hall (304) 696-3111 Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Evening hours available by appointment.

Sixth floor residents and their RA, Amanda Smith, celebrated Halloween by decorating their hallway.

Stress KNOW THE FACTS. AVOID THE CONSEQUENCES. Stress /stress/: A psychological and physical response of the body that occurs whenever we must adapt to changing conditions, whether those conditions be real or perceived, positive or negative.

College can be stressful for a variety of reasons:        

Greater academic demands Being on your own in a new environment Changes in family relations Financial responsibilities Changes in your social life Exposures to new people, ideas and temptations Discomfort with your sexual identity Preparing for life after graduation

Warning signs:  Changes in sleep patterns  Changes in eating patterns  More frequent headaches  Shorter temper  Recurring illness  Frequent muscle ache and/or tightness  More disorganized that normal  Increased difficulty in task completion  Greater sense of persistent time pressure  Increased generalized frustration and anger **If this seems like you, seek assistance at our campus counseling center** Proactive Stress Management: To manage stress we must address physical and psychological factors. Keep in mind that maintaining balance between your intellectual, social and personal development is the key to a well-adjusted college experience.  Add a physical workout to your schedule at least every other day  Set both long term (semester) and short term (week) goals. Write them down. Make them part of your time management schedule.  Seek help of an advisor in developing better time management skills.  Each day find twenty minutes of „alone time‟ to relax.  Don‟t sweat the small stuff…ask yourself if the issue at hand is worth getting upset about.  Humor and positive thinking are important tools in stress management.  MOST IMPORTANT! Communicate! Talking to a friend, roommate, RA, professor, family member, etc. about issues is helpful. 

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Holderby Herald

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November 20 SUBHEAD.

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7th floor Ladies enjoying Door Décor!

What’s Rha got to saY?! Continue newsletter text here. Continue newslette General Meeting on Sunday night’s 10:15pm in the Lobby Come here. Join! Boo Grams were a Success Thanks all! Stay in tune for upcoming events! Come out and share your ideas!

Homecoming was a hit for H-R-L!

Fall Break Edition

Volume 1, Issue 4

Do you need assistance in resolving an issue? Are you having trouble finding answers to your questions? Don’t forget about the SRC!

Fall Break Schedule: Twin Towers East will close on Saturday, November 19th at 12:00 pm. We will re-open on Saturday, November 26th at 9:00 am.

Mandatory Closing Floor Meetings Your attendance is requested at our mandatory closing floor meetings occur on Sunday, November 13th at 9:15 pm. You will meet with your RA on your floor to learn information about closing procedures for Fall and Winter breaks. At this meeting, you will also have the chance to evaluate your RA. A survey will be conducted at the meeting to help us continually improve. Closing floor meetings will also provide one last time for you to get together as a floor before final exams and break!

The Towers East Times


FALL 2011

Marshall University Student Resource Center is located in the Memorial Student Center Room 2W16. You can also call 304-696-5810 or e-mail to set up an appointment. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance!

November 2011

Upcoming Programs in TTE 11/2 Ice cream social with Cassidy (14th floor) 11/15 Health Profession Info with Kaitlyn (9th floor) 11/17 Potter Paint-Off with Erin and Hannah 11/28 Mail Time with Abigail 12/1 Meditation Mingle with Erin (11th floor) 12/6 Final Exam Cram with Colt (4th floor)

Thanksgiving Trivia Did you know…… Over 90% of US Americans eat Turkey on Thanksgiving Day? American statesman Benjamin Franklin lobbied to make the turkey our national symbol? President Abraham Lincoln specified that Thanksgiving would be celebrated on the last Thursday of November. President Franklin Roosevelt actually tried to move Thanksgiving back a week in order to make a longer holiday shopping season. Mark Your Calendars!

November 29th Stay tuned for more info on a special program from FNS and Signature Events!

Above: Residents attend a Halloween party and costume competition hosted by tenth floor Resident Advisor Karen Leatherman!


November 2011

A Young Thundering Herd Production



Towers West

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited. -Plutarch

No-Shave November: beware, and be aware Starting November 1st, Marshall University is going to start looking more and more like an Alaskan wilderness, and not a college campus. Do not be alarmed, residents, for you too may be “in the know” on this hairy holiday and actively participating, but are you aware of why we celebrate it? As you all may know, October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness month. Much to the same degree, November is unofficially Testicular Cancer Awareness month. The trend began in Australia and New Zealand as “Movember” – a hybrid

between “Moustache” and “November.” America caught wind of it, and we’ve made it our own, sporting entire lumberjack beards.

The National Cancer Institute reports that over 8,000 men, most commonly between age 20 and 39, develop a new case. So join me on All Hallows Eve (Halloween) to use your razor only once for the month of November and get a clean canvas for your beard to begin. Who knows, you might like your manly beard so much, to continue through “Decembeard” and into “Manuary!”

Residents of Wade Stansberry’s floor discuss majors (and possibly what their beard will look like at the end of November.)

Need to relax for a while? We all know you’re stressed for finals. Natural part of the college life. You’re overworked, undernourished, and sleep is a myth. On December 3rd, at 8:30pm, you’re invited to drop all your worries at the door of the Sixth Floor study lounge in Towers West, and let your cares melt away. Night includes face masks, foot bath, massage chair, strawberries and chocolate, and nail polish for mani/pedi. If you have any questions, ask Libby Danishanko, who will be hosting the event.

RA Spotlight – Danielle Henderson

RHA Upcoming Events

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Danielle is the Resident Advisor on the fourth floor of Twin Towers West.

Danielle also works for Student Security. She had modeled for three years, too. Danielle’s favorite food is mashed potatoes and gravy. Her favorite sports team is the Jacksonville Jaguars. Her favorite hobby is reading, and her favorite book is Pride and

Prejudice. She enjoys listening to music in her spare time, and her favorite band is The Cab. Danielle wished to make mention of Holiday Cards for Heroes, a program she’s hosting on November 11th at 8pm in the West Lobby

November: th

- Town Hall Meeting Nov. 9 - Baked goods to be sold in the evenings - Pie Your RA!

December: st - Coffee House night Dec. 1 ...and more to come! from the desk of Andrew Lusk

Andrew Lusk

THE GILLIS GROUP Programming at its best!

Nov/Dec Issue Upcoming Events Nov 13 3:00 -International Festival 9:15p –Closing Procedures meetings for all floors Nov 17 7:00p –“Academic Opportunities” featuring Honors faculty Nov 19 –Thanksgiving Break begins Nov 28- Class resumes Nov 29 9:15p –Flour stress ball relief Dec 4 7:15p –Mugs O’ Cheer 9:00p –Social with Dean Hensley Dec 8 8:00p -Ice cream social and sundae eating contest

RA’s Yo Hioki (pictured above) and Kyle Wilson both had very successful programs during the month of October, both enlisting dozens of residents. Wilson’s was especially memorable, as he brought in Rob Henry the lead investigator from the Original West Virginia Paranormal Group. Twenty-two residents attended and a few were even invited to tag along to the Ramsdale House that was being investigated that night.

On October 19, RHA held its very own “Fall Fest” which included live music, a raffle with great prizes, and 450 movie posters donated from the Keith Albee Theatre. Various members of Marshall’s faculty and staff also attended and nearly 200 students attended. Fall Fest was a creation of the new board of RHA, which have big plans for the 2011-2012 school year. Make sure to stay tuned for more upcoming events!

Dec 14 –Winter Break begins

On October 20, the Honors College held a pumpkin carving contest and gave away prizes to the top competitors. Free food, apple cider and pumpkin carving brought the holiday feel to all who attended. Honors staff and faculty accompanied the dozens of students and even participated in the pumpkin judging!


Important Upcoming Events Department of Housing and Residence Life Wednesday, Nov. 9th Tunnel of Oppression – Francis-Booth Experimental The...

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