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January 2013

Have You Herd?


Want to know what programs are being conducted in the halls? Visit: http://www.marshall. edu/housing/program ming.asp

Join HC! HC is a wonderful opportunity for you to gain leadership experience, make new friends, and make changes in the halls. If you have ideas on ways to improve the halls HC is the group for you. Pay attention to flyers in your building to see when your first meeting of the semester will be!

Welcome BACK!!!! The Department of Housing and Residence Life welcomes you back to start off your spring 2013 semester. We are extremely excited to see you this semester. Winter break went by very quickly and we hope you had a nice break and were able to relax. Spring semester is a fresh start for all of us and only great things will happen if you set your mind to it. Good luck in your classes and as always if you ever have any questions or concerns please talk to your building staff and they will lead you in the right direction.

Early Housing Sign-ups for 2013-2014 Housing sign-ups are right around the corner, and we are changing the way you sign up for housing. All sign-ups will be done online allowing housing sign-ups to be an easy process for students. More details will be sent to students in the upcoming weeks. The dates for sign-ups are as follows: Reserving your Current Room February 4 starting at 9:00am until February 15th at 4:00pm th

Juniors, Seniors, Grads – Different Room/Building Starting February 21st Rising Sophomores – Different Room (All First Year Residence Hall residents will sign up on February 25-26) Times and dates depend on your last name. Check flyers soon for more details! For more information regarding changes to the residence halls and the housing sign-up process at Marshall University, please visit us online at or contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life at 304-696-6766.

Calling all FRESHMAN! Open Halls Event

New Kitchen in TTE and TTW The Department of Housing and Residence Life is excited to announce that we now have kitchens in TTE and TTW lobbies. The Twin Towers East kitchen is slated to open in the next few weeks and the Twin Towers West kitchen should be completed by the middle of the semester. We hope you enjoy!

LIKE us and stay up to date on events.

 Department of Housing and Residence Life First Year Residence Halls We also Tweet!

 MU_HRL 1stYearResHalls


Please tune in to Channel 99 to see MTVu. This channel has many great things to offer college students. You get a good mix of new and upcoming music, current news, and there are always opportunities to submit videos, apply for grants, etc. Don’t foget we also have channel 98 – the ResLife Cinema that provides you new release movies and some throwbacks.

February 4th 5:00pm – 7:00pm

January 2013

BURKIRK bustle

Welcome Stacy!



YE AR 2012-2 0 1 3

Insider For most of us, a new year means a chance to start over. “Out with the old, in with the new” as they like to say. With a new semester under way, we look back on the fall and see what things we’d like to improve on and what things we’d like to get rid of entirely. Maybe this semester your goal is to spend more hours in the library or commit to a work out plan or a new diet. Whatever your goals are, always remember that you are capable of anything you put your mind to. If you need some ideas of what goals you could have, check out the bulletin boards in the lobbies of North and South. - Sarah Lyon and Kayla Fizer, FYRH Resident Advisors

The Staff of FYRH is excited to welcome a new addition to the team, Ryan Lester! Ryan will joining our team as the Resident Advisor for rooms 1120-1159 in the South hall. Ryan is studying pre-med biology with high hopes of becoming a pediatrician. Ryan is originally from Arlington, TX but now resides in Columbia, MD. Ryan has visited six different countries and loves to travel. Please make sure to welcome her to the staff!

With a new year fresh year under way we’d like to remind you to always show your keys to all staff members at the front desks from 6p-8am. Please keep in mind that we have some new staff that do not know you yet, and returning staff will be working different hours and may not know you. As always doors will be locked 24 hours a day and you will need to carry your Marshall ID and keys with you every time you leave the building. Also, please be mindful to always escort your guest throughout the building and make sure to properly sign your guests in and out. Not doing so will result in an improper and possible loss of visitation privileges. Residents making ornaments at a holiday program

Remember that we have these rules to keep you safe!



WELCOME BACK THE GILLIS STAFF stole christmas break and are ready to welcome you back! campus!

Things to Remember: When you come back to the building stop by the front desk and have your MUID ready! The staff is ready to hit the ground running this semester with school and fun programs!

Mandatory Meeting SUNDAY JANUARY 13th @ 9:15pm

The Gibson and Willis staff and Commons Hall Council welcomes you back to a fresh start and hopes you had a restful break with minimal stress from travel and festivities! School is back in session,

and while the start of a new semester wasn’t at the top of your wish list, it presents the opportunity to become more involved in the hall & on campus!

HELP HALL COUNCIL - GET INVOLVED & LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! The staff of Gibson and Willis and Commons Hall Council really need you to get involved this semester! Drop by one of the weekly meetings or volunteer for one of our open positions! We are excited to kick off a new semester and would really appreciate your input when it comes to planning events and hearing what you have to say about making changes in the building.


Sweet Suite in Willis PAGE 1

Staff Spotlight

Haymaker/Wellman Prophet Volume 2, Issue 1

January 2013

Spring (Semester) Is In The Air! Hello! My name is Caralyne Saunders and I am the 3rd Floor Resident Advisor in Haymaker. I am majoring in Elementary Education. I am from Cross Lanes, WV. In my spare time, I like to practice photography, listen to Indie music, and go to church! Stop by and say hey anytime!

Welcome back from winter break! The Haymaker and Wellman staff members have a very fun year of programs and events created just for YOU. Like fall semester, this newsletter is designed to keep you informed with what is happening in the halls. I encourage you to attend programs in the residence halls so that you can get the most out of living here! Keep an eye out for program advertisements on your floor. Your RA will also keep you informed about programs happening on campus. Please let us know if we can assist in any way possible. The only thing standing between you and summer is another eventful semester. The countdown to summer begins NOW!

New Year Res-Hall-utions! First Floor Meeting: Sunday January 13 @ 9:00pm Don’t miss out on the most important meeting of the semester! Come meet your floormates, your RA, and learn about all the information you will need for the upcoming semester. Meet your RA in their lounge at 9pm!

Maintenance Issues: What Do I Do? Is there an issue in your room? Does something need repaired? Is a light bulb out? Use this website to place a FIXX order! housing/mainthouse.asp

The Front Desk 411 Please remember to show your keycard to the front desk worker! Stop by the desk when signing IN and signing OUT your guests!



Holderby Herald Inside this issue: 1st floor RA


2nd floor RA


3rd floor RA


4th floor RA


5th floor RA


6th floor RA


7th floor RA


8th floor RA


RD of Hol

John Hurley

FIR of Hol

Jana Hovland

Special points of interest:  Jan. 13th at 9:00pm will be the Mandatory Opening Floor meeting.  Last day to add a class is Jan 18th.  Jan. 21st is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, (University is closed)  Withdraw period begins January 22nd.  HC will be meeting again this semester, keep an eye out for signs telling you when.  Keep your eyes open for new and exciting RA programs coming up in January :)

January 2013 Holderby RES LIFE STAFF

Welcome Back!!! The Holderby Staff has been here for the last week preparing for when our halls would be filled with people once more, and here you all are filling the quiet hallways with chatting and laughter! It is truly a good semester to be a Holderby Resident as we welcome back seven of our RAs from last semester and welcome our new RA Jonathan Pearson to Holderby Hall , Do try to make him feel as welcome as you did all of the rest of us last semester. In addition to our RA staff, I’d like to welcome back out Hall council officers; Jasmine Woof– President, Adenna Holley– Vice President, Quincy Cecil – Treasurer, and Chris-

tina Harris-Secretary, joining us again after a semester of great service. I hope you found yourself getting some well deserved rest and relaxation over our winter break, because the time for the new semester has arrived! In addition to the start of classes we have been working overtime to help come up with lots of January events and programs to help tip the scale of “all work and no play” in the favor of fun! So be sure to stay tuned

for our February issue detailing all the programs and events taking place all around campus!! I know that some of you are new to our family here at Holderby, but I have no doubt that after a little while you will find that anyone can fit in here. We accept everyone for who they are at face value, and if you are still trying to find yourself, then all the better, here you will find a group of friends and RAs to help you on your journey!

Twin Towers East Times MONTH, YEAR

The picture above is of the Twin Towers East Staff and Hall Council Members at the Holiday Party in December.

The Twin Towers East Staff is really excited to have you back from break. We would also like to welcome all the new residents to the halls. Please be on the lookout for upcoming programs and campus events. ! Please do not hesitate to ask the staff for any help or with any questions you may have. Have a great semester!

TTE would also like to welcome Ali and Cody to the staff!!! Important Dates Coming Up!  

Mandatory Floor Meetings are on Sunday January 13 th at 9:15 pm January 21st - Martin Luther King Jr. Day- The University is Closed!


Hall Council The beginning of the semester is a great time to start up new things! Our staff encourages you to get involved with Hall Council this semester and help make a difference. You can help plan programs and fundraise for things to improve the hall. Or just come to let your voice be heard! Hall Council had movie nights, a game night, and Disney trivia last semester! Join and help us decided what we will do this semester! Hall Council also has an open Treasurer position that needs to be filled. Keep an eye out for advertisement telling you when the first meeting will be!


2 0 1 3

To the left: The Towers West staff are all decked out in their “ugly sweaters” for the annual Housing and Residence Life Holiday party!


January is here!

-We would like to welcome James Phillips to the Towers West staff this semester. He is the new RA for the 7th floor! - Hall Council: Be on the lookout for flyers announcing the times and dates of the meetings!

Let’s start the new semester off on the right foot! The Towers West staff hopes that you all are refreshed from the few weeks off between semesters. January snuck up pretty quickly, but now that you are back at Marshall for the spring 2013 semester it is time to get back into the swing of things. It is time for new classes, new professors, new friends, more programs, and most importantly a fresh start. Take advantage of all the halls, Marshall, and Huntington have to offer this semester and as always if you need any help, we are here to assist you. Welcome back & the best of luck with the semester!

Save the Date! Mandatory Floor Meeting:

Spring Break:

1/13/2013 9:00 pm

03/16/2013 to 03/24/2013

RA Programs: Check flyers on board on your way to Towers Dining and on your floor!

“Although no one can go back and make

a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

― Carl Bard

January 2013 Residence Hall Newsletters  

January 2013 Residence Hall Newsletters