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G N I S U O H P U N SIG 4 1 0 2 2013

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signment for the y to select your room as nit rtu po op ur yo is UP . Room Selection HOUSING SIGNnts being assigned rooms de stu w ne to ior pr ar not participate 2013-14 Academic Ye Current residents who do s. nt ide res all rsh Ma nt ey will is available first to curre request housing, but th to le ab be ll sti ll wi d rio e pe the date on which the during their specified tim residents, according to w ne r he ot all th wi ng you must currently live be assigned alo . In order to participate, ed eiv rec is t rac nt Co n-up system, go completed Housing how to use our online sig on s on cti tru ins ep -st on campus. For step-by using to: st, and the SAME ROOM: rby Hall, Twin Towers We lde Ho ll, Ha irk sk Bu in 2013-14 Students currently living rrent room/suite for the cu eir th in y sta to st ue req click the Commons will be able to and ma w. ww to go to le ab s will be g at 9:00am. You Academic Year. Student m February 4-15 beginnin roo nt rre cu eir th t lec se “Apply Now” tab to ring the process. mmates or suitemates du roo in ll pu to le ab be t will no TE SELECTION: request roommate ROOMMATE/SUITEMA or suitemate. In order to ate mm roo e on ify nt ide cation process. You will be able to r during the online appli he ot ch ea st ue req all each be able to add or suitemate, you must selection date, you will m roo d ne sig as ur yo on will complete the Beginning your chosen roommate d an u yo th Bo . ord ssw m and use the a roommate pa e of you will select a roo on en Th s. es oc pr sit po application and de mmate to the room. ll in your requested roo pu to ord ssw pa ate roomm SELECTING A ROOM: riod, you can go to www. pe n tio lec se m roo d ne . From here you During your assig ht hand side of the page rig p to e th at tab w” No m you will and click on the “Apply uest the exact suite or roo req to le ab be d an n tio leting ca will complete your appli le for selection after comp ab ail av are ms roo at wh like, it can see don’t see the room you u live in for 2013-14. You yo If . sit po de ing us ying your ho have a roommate your application and pa another student. If you by ted lec se en be dy ea en you means the space has alr 13-14 academic year, th 20 e th for ve ha to e lik uld room or suitemate that you wo have also reached their ey th as g lon as u yo th posit, m wi application, paid their de can pull them into the roo eir th ed let mp co ), low hedule be selection period (See Sc mmate password. roo t and you have their se u can neral room selection, yo ge ROOM CHANGES: ed let mp co ve ha or your room the campus side Once you have retained using office, located on Ho e th o int ng mi co by request a room change request form. ing out a room change of Holderby Hall, and fill


February 4 - 15 • Beginnin g at 9:00am on Feb. 4 an d ending at 4:00pm on Fe Current Residents wishing b. 15, to reserve their same room for 2013-14 can sign up. (O available to students living nly in Commons, Buskirk, Holde rby, and TT W) February 21 • Beginning at 9:00am Current Sophomores, Ju niors, Seniors, and Grad uate Students can select a different room or hall for 2013-14

February 25 • Beginning at 8:00am Current Freshmen with las t name beginning with GL February 25 • Beginning at 1:00pm Current Freshmen with las t name beginning with S-Z February 26 • Beginning at 8:00am Current Freshman with las t name beginning with AF February 26 • Beginning at 1:00pm Current Freshmen with las t name beginning with MR

As of 1:00pm on Februar y 26,2012, Room Selectio n is open to all current res who have not previously idents signed up for a room.

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Twin Towers West




Haymaker Hall




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Marshall University Housing 2013-14 Sign-ups  

This brocure has information about how to sign up for 2013-14 Housing at Marshall University

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