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February Edition 2014


Welcome to Spring Semester

Upcoming Events

With the syllabi passed out and the assignments already  on Blackboard, It is safe to say that our spring semester  is in full swing. Don’t forget that if you have trouble with  your classes to check out the free tutoring center in  Laidley and the Writing Center in Drinko Library. We  hope that you have a great semester and we hope to  see you at our programs! 

Program pics from last semester!

Important Dates Feb. 10th‐12th Retain your current  housing space  Feb. 13th‐RA application due   

Feb. 14th‐Upper classman housing sign  up   Feb. 17th‐ Current Freshman sign up for  housing 

Superbowl Party  February 2nd Buskirk Lobby @  6:30p      JSYK, You CAN say NO!  February 10TH Buskirk Lobby  @ 8p      Create a Cupcake  February 13th 4th Floor Lounge  @ 8:15p      Beauty and the Media Beast  February 17th Buskirk Lobby  @7p                 

See you soon! 

Marshall Commons

The Commons Column February 2014

Stop, Drop, and Sushi Roll

Upcoming Programs

Do you enjoy sushi? Of course you do, and

speaker, Marshall Japanese instructor Zeli-

now you get the chance to learn how to

deth Rivas. The RAs that will help make

make your very own

this program possible

sushi roll! One of the

will be Beth Andrick,


Ka e




being offered in Feb-

drew Bogan, Jamecia

ruary, righ ully named

James, Ashley Peo-



ples, Wi lee Re on,

Sushi, will give resi-

Aus n Riggs, Kristen

dents the opportunity

Rose, Cara Saunders,

to not only learn how to make their own

and Anthony Thomas. Come join us on

sushi roll, but also the chance to learn

February 25, 2014 in first floor lounge in

about Japanese culture through our guest

Haymaker Hall! The fun starts at 8:00pm!

Mean Girls and Moral Decisions January means the beginning of a new

aware of how to handle social situa ons

semester, which means

involving conflict more

adjus ng to college life

effec vely through Cady

all over again. Ge ng

and Regina’s high school

back on track can be

an cs. By the end of the

stressful. What be er

night, the sa rical situa-

way was there to ease

ons provided by Mean

into the school year

Girls helped amplify what

than with Chinese food and a Mean Girls movie

Act of Valor

Willis Hall 3rd Floor Feb 10th at 8pm

The Love Connection

Gibson Glass Lounge Feb 11th at 8:00pm

Valentines for Soliders

WellmanHall 3rd Floor Feb 3rd at 9pm

it means to make moral Katie Barker, 3rd floor RA of Willis, hosted an LLC Canvas Painting social with her residents on Jan 27th.

social decisions and de-

night? Aus n Riggs and Kristen Rose held

flate dras c condi ons. Chinese food was

a movie night where students became

provided by The Magic Wok.

Early Housing Sign-Ups

#BeAnRA - Applications

Reserve your room starting February 10th at 9am!

February 14th at 4:00pm

Thunder on the Stage

Joan C Edwards Playhouse Feb 24 at 700 pm

Holderby Hall 

Feburary 2014 

Happy Valentine’s Day! -Up Coming Events  Carmen the Opera 2/20/14

        If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else. –Booker T. Washington

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

RA Birthdays! Sydney Loftis -2/1 Chris Carter-2/10

Important Dates  Feb. 10th‐12th Retain your current housing space  Feb. 13th‐RA application due  Feb. 14th‐Upper classman housing sign up   Feb. 17th‐ Current Freshman  sign up for housing  

–Bill Cosby




Join the TTE Residence Hall Council!! If you want to know what is going on in the community, or you want to help plan events for the community, or you just want another way to get involved and meet new people, then now is the time to join RHC!!

Write captions for the selected photos.

Can’t make meetings? Then at least know who is representing the building and share your ideas with them. Spring 2014 TTE RHC Officers President: Olivia Giovingo Vice President: Doug Smith Secretary: Megan Shiner Treasurer: Cheyenne DeBolt Eco-Rep: Stephen Stuphin Feel free to reach out to any of them to share your ideas and have your voice represented! January RA of the Month – Aaron Dunbar

CONGRATS TO THE JANUARY RA OF THE MONTH!! If you happen to see Aaron around the building or on campus… stop and thank him for being such a great RA! If you would like to nominate an RA for RA of the Month, simply email the RD at and let her know why that RA should win!

Happy Valentine’s Day! February 14, 2014 Send a Recycled Valentine to your friends or significant other!! Ask an RA or RHC member how!!

BE A PART OF SOMETHING GREAT! If you have questions, concerns, or need assistance please speak with your RA on your floor or stop by and speak with the RD Sarah Martin. You can also email her at

APPLY to be a Resident Advisor! February 2014

The Towers West Times









Programs Successful in Towers West

Resident Advisor Jozie Mendez hosts an event on 5th floor of Towers West

RA Spotlight: Colton Jeffries Colton Jeffries is the new RA on the 8th floor of Twin Towers West. Here’s a few things we found about Mr. Jeffries. 1.) Colton was inspired by his own RA to become one. 2.)He likes going to Marshall sporting events in his spare time, despite the outcome of the games. 3.) Colton loves the Patriots, Red Sox, and the Celtics. His dream is to someday move to Boston and pursue his journalism career there.

Upcoming Event: The Bro Code Tuesday Feb. 18th Towers West Lobby

Living Learning Communities What is a living learning community? Often called “LLC” these are floors in a residence hall that cater to a specific field. There are two LLC’s in Towers West. The Business LLC can be found on the 8th floor and the Science LLC can be found on the 9th. If you are interested in programming for either of these LLC floors please contact RA Colton Jeffries or RA Luke Hamm for more information

Save The Date! February is a very important month for students in regards to important dates to remember. For any Seniors this year who intend to graduate this May, your applications are due in the Academic Dean’s office on Feb. 7th. Also if you are struggling with a class remember that Feb. 14th is the last day to withdraw.

February 2014 Residence Hall Newsletters  

February 2014 Residence Hall Newsletters

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