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Windmill Materials:! 2 cups yogurt with cardboard cover 2 long wooden sticks 3 wooden beads 1 straw 1 paper clip 1 round cardboard disc 2 square papers

Here is how:! 1.

Pierce a hole in the middle of the yogurt cups soil, as in the cardboard.


Lay the cardboard between the cup bottoms, and put the three parts together with long wooden sticks. Fix the whole with a pearl at the bottom end of the rod.


In the upper cup stab two opposite holes and lead the straw through.


A wooden stick is drawn through the straw.


Fold a paper windmill, drill a hole in the middle, put it on the horizontal rods and fix again with a wooden bead front.


At the rear end of the straw now also a wooden bead is stuck.


The paper clip is bent up at the open end, the wire is guided parallel to the wooden sticks and fixed with something sticking strip.


From the second paper fold a roof and put it on the high stick.


The cardboard sleeves of cups can now be painted. Those who wish can still stick up a small flag.

Comenius bewegte objekte  

Comenius bewegte objekte

Comenius bewegte objekte  

Comenius bewegte objekte