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October 12, 2009 Dear Colleagues, Newly inaugurated President Reagan’s speech to CPAC in March 1981 is often cited as his quintessential intellectually-oriented address.

Ron Robinson Foundation President

Ronald Reagan hailed the influence of Whittaker Chambers, James Burnham, Russell Kirk, Friedrich Hayek, Henry Hazlitt, Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, and Frank Meyer as intellectual leaders “who shaped so much of our thoughts.” No other speech by President Reagan cited as many writers or gave such prominence to intellectuals as the CPAC speech. It was a triumphant speech in some ways, and it is the inspiration of the “Road to Freedom” seminar series we sponsor at the Reagan Ranch Center. The President was eloquent in highlighting the Conservative Movement’s intellectual roots. Yet, this was a call-to-action address, not just a reminder of our first principles. The President ended his address with the words we inscribed on Freedom Wall at his beloved Rancho del Cielo. The President said, “[C]onservatives, our time is now. Our moment has arrived. We stand together shoulder to shoulder in the thickest of the fight. If we carry the day and turn the tide, we can hope that as long as men speak of freedom and those who have protected it, they will remember us, and they will say, ‘Here were the brave and here their place of honor.’” Fortunately, there were leaders who answered the President’s call. Ronald Reagan witnessed the activism he called for and that he was so willing to lead. Soon, Lech Walesa climbed over a fence in a distant “Lenin” shipyard as a symbolic act of defiance against an overreaching, totalitarian state. Courageous men, including Vaclav Havel, Mart Laar, Vytautas Landsbergis, and Adolfo Calero, stepped forward to challenge socialist and communist regimes in their homelands. Other leaders championed freedom within their constituencies including Margaret Thatcher, Brian Mulroney, and John Paul II. Phil Gramm left the Democrat Party to promote tax reduction alongside Jack Kemp and Bill Roth. Together with President Reagan, they cut the top federal tax rates from 70 to 28 percent and helped launch the longest peacetime prosperity in American history. Thirteen years later, President Reagan generously told Young America’s Foundation, “Together we accomplished much of what has come to be known as the Reagan Revolution…I know Young America’s Foundation was active in those efforts, and I congratulate you on your vigilance.” As Young America’s Foundation celebrates our own 40th anniversary, we watch as a new administration seeks to impose a far different agenda in Washington. Let us recall a few other points Ronald Reagan made in that historic speech. He warned that reform “will not be achieved by those who set people against people, class against class.” Reagan knew the right ideas were insufficient. President Reagan cautioned, “[W]e must understand there’s much work before us: to gain control again of government, to reward personal initiative and risk-taking in the marketplace, to revitalize our system of federalism, to strengthen the private institutions that make up the independent sector of our society, and to make our own spiritual affirmation in the face of those who would deny man has a place before God. Not easy tasks perhaps.” Are these not the same tasks we face today? Freedom is in danger. And freedom will not be won just because Americans know its principles. Those principles must be defended by well-informed activists—activists like Hannah Giles, the Foundation’s National Journalism Center intern who went undercover to expose the radical, tax payer-funded ACORN. As we begin our second 40 years, I call upon our student leaders to increase their activism, our supporters to renew their sacrifices, and our leadership to act boldly. We must stand shoulder to shoulder in the thickest of this fight when our current President is openly hostile to freedom’s principles. We pray this time of challenge may be brief. If we are active, if we all do what we are able, then God willing, it will be so! Sincerely,

Ron Robinson President

Young America’s Foundation Board Of Directors



Foundation Activist Takes on ACORN NJC Intern Hannah Giles goes undercover to expose tax-payer funded ACORN’s true radicalism.


By Lauren Smith, Program Officer, The National Journalism Center

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High School Students Visit the Reagan Ranch Congressman Patrick McHenry, Ben Stein, Michael Medved and others inspire students at the Reagan Ranch High School Conference.

Bringing Conservatism to Campus New generations learn conservative ideas through Young America’s Foundation’s campus lecture program. By Patrick X. Coyle, Vice President


“We Can’t Win Battles Unless We Fight!” An inspiring address to Foundation supporters and friends encourages activism. By Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Minnesota

By Roger Custer, Conference Director

“Red Hot Lies”

Foundation Celebrates 40 Years!

How the “Global Warming Industry” reduces our freedoms and advances a radical agenda.

Young America’s Foundation commemorates four decades of advancing freedom on campus and beyond.


By Kate Obenshain, Vice President

“Errors, Interpretations, or Outright Lies?”


Discover what today’s students are learning from their textbooks. By Larry Schweikart, Ph.D., University of Dayton

Hundreds Inspired at Midwest Conference Congressmen Aaron Schock and Tom Tancredo, Jonah Goldberg, and Dr. Burt Folsom motivate young leaders in Chicago. By Roger Custer, Conference Director

By Christopher Horner, Author, Red Hot Lies

A Pilgrimage for Young Conservatives A top Foundation activist reflects on his visit to Rancho del Cielo. By Patrick Casten, Lake Forest College

From NJC to Fox News


An interview with National Journalism Center alumna L.A. Holmes. By Lauren Smith, Program Officer, The National Journalism Center

Divine Inspiration


Why we sponsored the Psalm 121 Overlook at Rancho del Cielo. By John and Cleo Leppien, Michigan

Also in this Issue: U Fox News Features Newt Gingrich at the Reagan Ranch Center – Page 4 U Ann Coulter Meets with National Journalism Center Interns – Page 4 U Foundation Fights Obama Nominee – Page 5 U 8,500 Attend 2009 CPAC – Page 5 U Set Sail through History – Page 31 On The Cover: Since 1969, Young America’s Foundation has worked to ensure that increasing numbers of young Americans are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year, we are grateful for the students, supporters, speakers, and friends who have made our programs possible. This special anniversary cover includes images from our programs throughout the past four decades, including photos of leading conservatives William F. Buckley Jr., Robert Novak, Ronald Reagan, Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, and others who have played key roles in the Foundation’s outreach, success, and growth. Libertas, a publication of Young America’s Foundation, highlights the programs, events, students, staff, and supporters of the Foundation. You may contact Libertas and Young America’s Foundation by writing to: Young America’s Foundation, National Headquarters, 110 Elden Street, Herndon, Virginia 20170; calling 800-USA-1776; or visiting

Libertas Fall 2009

Publisher: Ron Robinson; Editor: Jessica Koebensky; Publication Design: Jonathan Briggs; Photographer (California): Jensen Sutta Photography; Photographer (Washington, D.C. area): Twin Lens Photo. This document and all herein contents, images, stories, graphics, and design, fall unto Copyright © 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Young America’s Foundation, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved. Any use of Libertas’ content without the written permission of Young America’s Foundation is prohibited.

Ron Robinson President of the Board Ronald Pearson Vice President of the Board Frank Donatelli Secretary and Treasurer of the Board T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr. Thomas L. Phillips Peter Schweizer James B. Taylor Kirby Wilbur

Reagan Ranch Board Of Governors Frank Donatelli Chairman Judge William Clark Co-Chairman Edwin Meese Co-Chairman Governor George Allen Royce Baker John Barletta Dr. Suzanne Becker Lisa M. Buestrin Robert Cummins Becky Norton Dunlop Robert Giuffra, Jr. Timothy S. Goeglein Eric & Nicole Hoplin Marty Irving Harold Knapheide Al & Bette Moore Governor Bill Owens Doug & Pat Perry Thomas Phillips Dr. Robert Ruhe Fred & Ruth Sacher Lee Shannon Craig Shirley Owen & Bernadette Casey Smith David E. “Gene” Waddell

National Journalism Center Board Of Governors Thomas Phillips Chairman Alex X. Mooney Executive Director Peter Barnes Kellyanne Conway Dinesh D’Souza Terry Eastland David Gracey Lawrence Kudlow Rich Lowry Matt Robinson Tom Winter



Newt Gingrich on Hannity — Live from the Reagan Ranch Center Young America’s Foundation hosted the West Coast premiere of Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous with Destiny at the Reagan Ranch Center. Nearly 200 Rawhide Circle and President’s Club members, students, and VIP guests packed the David Louis Bartlett Outreach Center to hear from 58th Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. President Reagan’s son, Michael Reagan, introduced Speaker Gingrich, who spoke about the film and current events before entertaining questions

President Reagan’s son, Michael Reagan (left), and The Passion of the Christ’s Jim Caviezel (middle) meet with Newt Gingrich during the West Coast premiere of Speaker Gingrich’s latest film, Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous with Destiny.

(Above photo) Speaker Newt Gingrich is a special guest on Fox’s Hannity during a live broadcast from the Reagan Ranch Center’s Exhibit Gallery and Education Center.

from the audience. Callista Gingrich and Dave Bossie, Foundation alumnus and president of Citizens United Foundation, introduced the documentary to the attendees. Prior to the event, Speaker Gingrich was featured live from the Reagan Ranch Center Exhibit Gallery on Fox’s Hannity.

Celebrated Alumna Ann Coulter Meets with Interns

National Journalism Center intern Hilary Korzon meets best-selling author and NJC alumna Ann Coulter.


Young America’s Foundation • Libertas

The National Journalism Center’s spring 2009 session opened with a visit from NJC’s most famous alumna: Ann Coulter, who was speaking at the National Press Club on her latest book, Guilty. After her speech, sponsored by the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, Ms. Coulter made a personal visit to the NJC office and greeted the interns, signed books, and took pictures. NJC Executive Director Alex Mooney also shared Coulter’s old program files with her. Intern Hilary Korzon of Calvin College noted, “It was such an honor to meet a woman who has that much influence in the Conservative Movement, and it is an inspiration knowing that she graduated from the very program I just joined.”



Foundation Leads Efforts Against Obama’s Anti-ROTC Nominee Young America’s Foundation’s fight against President Obama’s solicitor general nominee, Elena Kagan—the radical, anti-military dean of Harvard Law School—continued through her Senate confirmation vote on March 19. In the weeks and days prior to the Kagan vote, the Foundation sent multiple actionalert emails, along with Facebook and Twitter messages, urging our students, friends, and supporters to call their senators and voice their opposition to Kagan. During Kagan’s floor debate, Senators Arlen Specter and During the U.S. Senate floor debate over Elena Kagan’s Jeff Sessions rose to speak in opposition. Sessions extensively nomination for solicitor general, Senator Jeff Sessions referenced the Foundation’s concerns about Kagan’s radical, references Director of Military Outreach Flagg Youngblood’s efforts to allow ROTC at Yale University. anti-military record and her lack of courtroom experience. He also read Foundation Director of Military Outreach Flagg Youngblood’s Washington Times op-ed opposing Kagan and highlighted his work at Yale in the 1990s to end the second-class treatment of those who would serve in the military with the PomboSolomon amendment. Despite the Senate’s confirmation of Kagan, the calls and emails clearly made a difference. Kagan received the lowest vote among all Obama’s nominations, with the exception of Timothy Geithner. Unfortunately, the following GOP Senators did vote for Kagan: John Kyl (Arizona), Richard Lugar (Indiana), Susan Collins & Olympia Snowe (Maine), Judd Gregg (New Hampshire), Tom Coburn (Oklahoma), and Orrin Hatch (Utah).

8,500 Attend CPAC 2009 More than 8,500 attendees traveled to Washington for the 36th annual CPAC—sponsored by Young America’s Foundation, the American Conservative Union, Human Events, and The three-day conference featured speeches from leading conservatives and Foundation lecturers including Speaker Newt Gingrich, Secretary Elaine Chao, and best-selling author Ann Coulter, among others. Young America’s Foundation—through the generosity of Foundation director and National Journalism Center Chairman Tom Phillips—hosted our annual student luncheon featuring author and columnist Tony Blankley who spoke about his new book, American Grit: What it will Take to Survive and Win in the 21st Century. Young America’s Foundation also hosted an activist training

Students from central Florida enjoy the Thomas Phillips Student Luncheon during CPAC in Washington, D.C.

Author Tony Blankley discusses his latest book, American Grit, and the current state of the Conservative Movement during the Foundation’s annual student luncheon at CPAC.

seminar and a private reception for top student activists featuring Karl Rove and American Civil Rights Institute Chairman Ward Connerly. Foundation student activists Pat Casten of Lake Forest College and Ryan Sawtelle of Pepperdine University and the Foundation’s Flagg Youngblood participated in the “TwoMinute Activist Panel” to share how the Foundation has helped them succeed in their conservative activism. The panel was broadcast live on C-SPAN to more than 92 million homes. Young America’s Foundation • Libertas


Foundation Activist, Hannah Giles, Takes on ACORN –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––——

By Lauren Smith, Program Officer, The National Journalism Center


he idea came to her while jogging past the Washington, D.C., branch office of ACORN (The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). As an aspiring young journalist, Hannah Giles had read about ACORN’s alleged voter fraud, the organization’s corrupt employees, and its receipt of millions of our coerced tax dollars to conduct its activities, many of them illegal. Her idea was bold, and it was one that she hoped would expose ACORN’s corruption. Little did she know then that her efforts would soon become the discussion of White House press conferences, radio and television programs, and debate on the floor of the U.S. Capitol. Working with her partner, filmmaker James O’Keefe, 20-year-old Hannah posed as a prostitute seeking advice on conducting illegal activities from ACORN Housing Offices across the country. The ACORN officials she met were more than willing to give it. On September 10, Hannah and James began releasing their videos exposing ACORN’s corruption in offices nationwide where employees offered the pair advice on, among others things, prostitution, tax evasion, bank fraud, money laundering, and importing underage girls into the U.S. for illegal activities. In the course of a week, Hannah and James unveiled shocking and revealing videos from ACORN offices in Baltimore, Maryland; Washington, D.C.; Brooklyn, New York; and San Diego and San Bernadino, California. A daring undertaking for Hannah, her work has prompted citizens and lawmakers to call for an investigation of the organization, which has received $53 million in federal funds over the last 15 years and is slated to receive billions more from the Obama administration. The pressure also forced ACORN to fire officials caught on tape in the Baltimore and Washington offices. Additionally, the videos served as the tipping point for the Census Bureau to cut ties with the community organization for the 2010 census, and lawmakers demanded an investigation into ACORN. The Senate and House also banned further funding of ACORN—and all of these actions occurred before the complete investigative reports were released.


Young America’s Foundation • Libertas

Hannah has been active with Young America’s Foundation for the past three years, attending our Enemies of Freedom Seminar at the Reagan Ranch Center as well as the National Conservative Student Conference. She has also participated in Freedom Week and was interning with the Foundation’s National Journalism Center this past summer when she took on this enterprising journalistic endeavor. “Young America’s Foundation instilled a sense of reality in my soul,” notes Hannah. “All the love for God and country I naturally possessed felt trapped inside of me, until I underwent training at Young America’s Foundation’s seminars, conferences and my National Journalism Center internship.” Since the release of the videos, Hannah has appeared repeatedly on Glenn Beck and Hannity on Fox News and has been a guest on their respective radio shows. Additionally, the story has garnered nationwide coverage from ABC News, Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, Washington Post, CNN, AP, NPR, and CBS in addition to a number of local newspapers and news stations. This endeavor is only the beginning for Hannah, as she plans to continue using her training from the Foundation and its National (Above) Hannah Journalism Center in the months and years Giles attends to come. the Foundation’s 2009 Enemies of “Young America’s Foundation taught Freedom Seminar me that truth, justice, and freedom were at the Reagan once present and honored in this nation,” Ranch Center. said Hannah. “In turn, I became determined to strengthen those values amongst my (Left) Hannah is peers and help preserve them for future a guest on Fox’s Glenn Beck and generations.” Hannity following Young America’s Foundation applauds the release of Hannah for her courage and activism in her undercover exposing ACORN’s true radicalism and videos exposing gross abuse of American tax dollars. ACORN’s radicalism and corruption.

McHenry, Medved, and Stein Headline Reagan Ranch High School Conference



he third annual Young reception and dinner banquet where America’s Foundation he discussed his new book, The 10 Reagan Ranch High Big Lies About America. School Conference The daytime sessions began was held earlier this year in Santa with a discussion of President Barbara. More than 75 students Lincoln’s conservative credentials joined parents, grandparents, and by Foundation director and Seattle guests during this important West radio talk show host Kirby Wilbur. Coast gathering of conservative high John Barletta, President Reagan’s school students. close friend and Secret Service Nationally syndicated talk show agent, spoke about his time with the host and best-selling author Michael President at the Ranch. Medved began the weekend by The morning concluded with broadcasting his show from “The a motivational speech from Great Communicator” exhibit in Foundation Vice President Kate the Reagan Ranch Center’s Exhibit Obenshain who discussed our Gallery and Education Center. The Founding Fathers and encouraged Talk radio host Michael Medved broadcasts interactive display, sponsored by the the students to take on leadership live from the newly installed “Great Communicator” exhibit at the Reagan Ranch Daniels Fund, includes a high-tech roles in the Conservative Movement Center during the third annual Reagan broadcast station modeled after the today. “We conservatives have a Ranch High School Conference. room at the Reagan Ranch from which choice to make right now. We can President Reagan delivered 42 radio addresses to the nation. wander and whine as we are in the wilderness, or we can Medved later participated in the conference’s opening stand up and act,” said Obenshain. “We’re going to take Young America’s Foundation • Libertas







1) Talk radio host and Foundation Director Kirby Wilbur inspires the high school conference attendees. 2) North Carolina Congressman Patrick McHenry shares how his experiences as a young activist help him advance his work in public policy. 3) Hillsdale College Associate Vice President Virginia Thomas encourages the young audience members to be leaders on their campuses and in their communities. 4) Paul Anderson from Thousand Oaks, California, participates in the question and answer session following a conference speaker. 5) Adam Castle, Olivia O’Malley, and Cassandra Liljekvist meet with actor and author Joseph Phillips in the Reagan Ranch Center’s Exhibit Gallery & Education

back the country again because enough of us are going to possess the courage, the integrity, the knowledge, and the passion to lead others.” The monthly Reagan Ranch Roundtable Luncheon was combined with the high school conference and featured Congressman Patrick McHenry from North Carolina. Community members and students heard Congressman McHenry’s passionate address on the “forgotten man” who is left behind when the federal government expands its reach. The third-term Congressman also gave his story of how young activists helped him make his way to Congress before he was 30 years old. The students then visited Rancho del Cielo to learn more about the life and principles of Ronald Reagan.


Young America’s Foundation • Libertas

“I was amazed that Ronald Reagan was such a simple man. The Ranch showed his character and the kind of man that he really was. The tour is something I will always remember.” — Michael Millican, Alabama




Center following his address. 6) Foundation Vice President Patrick Coyle presents student Claire Driscoll with a certificate recognizing her participation in the annual high school program. 7) Foundation President Ron Robinson shares examples of media bias by highlighting Time and Newsweek magazine covers. 8) High school conference participants (from left to right) Adam Castle, Kirsten Vach, Cassandra Liljekvist, Kyle Walton, Olivia O’Malley, and Rachel Brown enjoy a fun moment at Rancho del Cielo near the plaque recognizing William & Berniece Grewcock for their gift to help endow the Reagan Ranch.

Michael Millican from Alabama said, “I was amazed that Ronald Reagan was such a simple man. The Ranch showed his character and the kind of man that he really was. The tour is something I will always remember.” Popular Foundation speaker Ben Stein was the “surprise” featured speaker at the program’s final banquet. He discussed his recent movie, Expelled, which highlights how professors who disagree with evolution or Darwinism are often denied tenure, academically shunned, or even fired. After his appearance, Stein signed books and took pictures with the attendees. The conference also included Hillsdale College professor and author Dr. Burt Folsom’s rousing criticism of Roosevelt’s

New Deal, based on his new book, New Deal or Raw Deal? Foundation President Ron Robinson showed specific examples of media bias by highlighting Time and Newsweek covers. Hillsdale College Associate Vice President Virginia Thomas gave students valuable tips to advance their leadership skills. “Be an informed and active citizen as a part-time job of your life, starting today,” she advised. California State Senator Tony Strickland discussed how he advances conservative ideas in a very liberal state legislature. His talk was followed by an appearance from actor and author Joseph Phillips who said our nation’s founding principles are what define him as an American, not the color of his skin. The conference concluded with Young America’s Foundation • Libertas






1) Actor and author Ben Stein spends time with his young fans: (from left to right) Elizabeth Reynolds, Jen Reynolds, Shannon Connors, and Claire Driscoll. 2) The Reagan Ranch High School Conference attendees are among the first students to explore the newly installed, interactive exhibits in the Reagan Ranch Center’s Exhibit Gallery & Education Center. 3) A highlight of the weekend-long student program includes a visit to President Reagan’s beloved Rancho del Cielo. 4) President Reagan’s close friend and Secret Service agent John Barletta greets student Emma Cramm and gives her a signed copy of his book, Riding with Reagan.

“This conference has given me courage and confidence concerning my conservative views. I feel more than ready to defend myself and this country.” — Shannon Sweeney, California


Young America’s Foundation • Libertas

activism advice from Foundation Vice President Patrick X. Coyle. Young America’s Foundation thanks the Richard and Barbara Gaby Foundation for sponsoring this program for the second year in a row. The young attendees, many participating in their first conservative event, returned home excited about the new ideas they learned and the friends they made. “This conference has given me courage and confidence concerning my conservative views,” said Shannon Sweeney from California. “I feel more than ready to defend myself and this country… It has given me confidence in my steadfast ideals.”

Ron Robinson

“My fellow conservative, I failed a dear friend...”

Her name was Evelyn Peterson, and she was a kind, generous woman. She believed in inspiring young people with conservative ideas. I first became acquainted with Evelyn in 1994. She and her husband, George, were deeply concerned about America’s future. They made a $50 gift to Young America’s Foundation to help direct where our country was headed. Evelyn and George were among the first Americans to step forward to help save the Reagan Ranch in 1998. They understood the power of inspiring young people at this important Presidential site.

“I wish I had another opportunity to help Evelyn achieve her dreams.”

Sadly, George passed away in 1999. Soon after, Evelyn designated Young America’s Foundation as the primary beneficiary of her retirement plan. Evelyn felt a responsibility to preserve America’s freedom for future generations— including her own grandchildren. My last conversation with Evelyn was three days before she died. She told me she intended to be recognized as a one million dollar supporter. This was not the first time Evelyn expressed her desire to make a life-changing gift through her estate. But Evelyn never updated her plans to include the significant gift she intended to make. I miss Evelyn. I take responsibility for not working more closely with her to ensure she fulfilled her wishes. I should have asked Evelyn how I could help. But I was reluctant to seem intrusive. Conservatives are especially hesitant to impose our beliefs on others. I wish I had another opportunity to help Evelyn achieve her dreams. I failed Evelyn by not following up on her estate planning intentions. This message is my attempt to make it up to her. She would be pleased to know her story encouraged others to take the steps to ensure America’s freedoms.

Please meet with an attorney and update your estate plans to reflect your current wishes. You can help your attorney by providing this sample language: “I give, devise, and bequeath to Young America’s Foundation, tax identification number 23-7042029, 110 Elden Street, Herndon, Virginia 20170 (insert percentage, amount or nature of gift, or remainder of estate) to be used for educational purposes (or to support the Reagan Ranch and activities at the Reagan Ranch Center).” You may also designate Young America’s Foundation as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy by filling out a simple form provided by your insurance company. If you have any questions, please call me or my colleague, Kimberly Begg, also an attorney. Kimberly and I—along with many of the Conservative Movement’s most important leaders—are members of the Ranch In The Sky Legacy Society, because we have updated our estate plans to include Young America’s Foundation. We share your commitment to our cause, and we are here to help you. Gratefully, Ron Robinson, President

Note: Updating your estate plans is even more important because the Obama administration and Congress are expected to reverse the estate tax relief included in the Bush tax cuts. Forty-five percent or more of your wealth could go to the government unless you make gifts to tax-exempt organizations—including Young America’s Foundation—in your will or living trust.

National Headquarters, F. M. Kirby Freedom Center, 110 Elden Street, Herndon, Virginia 20170, 800-USA-1776, The Reagan Ranch Center, 217 State Street, Santa Barbara, California 93101, 888-USA-1776 © Copyright 2009 Young America’s Foundation

B Y K AT E O B E N S H A I N , V I C E P R E S I D E N T

(Above) Young America’s Foundation’s first National Conservative Student Conference is held in 1979 in Washington, D.C. (Right) President Reagan addresses the Foundation’s 1993 National Conservative Student Conference and notes, “I know the conference will send you back to your campuses better informed, motivated, and trained.”

(Above) More than 450 students attend the Foundation’s 30th annual National Conservative Student Conference in 2008.

n his 1989 Farewell Address, President Reagan warned that the renewal of patriotism seen during his administration could be fleeting: “Our spirit is back, but we haven’t reinstitutionalized it. . . . We’ve got to do a better job of getting across that America is freedom— freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of enterprise. And freedom is special and rare. It’s fragile, it needs protection.” For 40 years, it has been Young America’s Foundation’s driving mission to “reinstitutionalize” freedom. Founded in 1969 to provide a conservative perspective on campus—just when the radicalism there reached a fevered pitch—the Foundation continues to be the leading young conservative outreach organization. Two years after President Reagan’s Farewell Address, Young America’s Foundation inaugurated what quickly became, and remains, the nation’s largest campus speakers program—reaching thousands continued on page 14


Young America’s Foundation • Libertas

(Right) British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher speaks to students at St. Louis University as part of the Foundation’s 1997 Steve Wood Lecture Series.

(Left) Senator Jesse Helms greets a Foundation activist at the 1991 National Conservative Student Conference.

(Above) William F. Buckley Jr. is among the first leading conservatives to join the Foundation’s campus lecture program.

(Left) Secretary Caspar Weinberger speaks at the 1993 National Conservative Student Conference in Washington, D.C.

(Left) Dr. Milton Friedman offers timeless insight on the importance of the free market during a video interview first airing at the 2003 National Conservative Student Conference.

(Right) Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas inspires a Foundation audience at Southeast Missouri State University in 1996. (Right) Students attending the 1981 National Conservative Student Conference visit the White House for a special briefing from Reagan administration officials.

Young America’s Foundation • Libertas


(Left) Rancho del Cielo, saved by Young America’s Foundation in 1998, served as the “Western White House” during the 1980s and was the President’s home for more than 24 years.

(Below) Lt. Col. Oliver North inspires student leaders at the Foundation’s 1994 National Conservative Student Conference.

(Right) Actor and author Ben Stein meets with student Kiana Dunn at the 2009 Reagan Ranch High School Conference.

(Above) Foundation activists organize a rally at Washington and Lee University in 1991 to support the troops during the Gulf War.

(Right) Secretary Jack Kemp frequently spoke at Foundation events, including this appearance at the 1992 National Conservative Student Conference. (Above) Reagan Ranch Board of Governors members Al and Bette Moore cut the ribbon to open the Reagan Ranch Center for student programs in 2006.


Young America’s Foundation • Libertas

of students in person and millions more through the airwaves and the internet. Great conservatives including Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, William F. Buckley Jr., Russell Kirk, Jack Kemp, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Ed Meese, and Milton Freidman did not have to be asked twice to take their message to the campuses. They jumped at the chance. Still today, the biggest names in the Conservative Movement are part of Young America’s Foundation’s events, including Newt Gingrich, Ann Coulter, John Ashcroft, and Ben Stein. Young America’s Foundation works steadily and intensively to reinstitutionalize freedom through our conferences where students from across the country come together to hear today’s leading conservative minds. Students leave feeling invigorated, taking the conservative message back to their campuses, bringing conservative speakers to their schools, challenging the Left directly, and engaging their peers in the Conservative Movement. Young America’s Foundation’s conferences and events have highlighted some of the most prominent freedom fighters and intellectuals. On national defense, our speakers have included Caspar Weinberger, Norman Schwarzkopf, and Tommy Franks. Larry Kudlow, Stephen Moore, and Paul Gigot, as well as Nobel Laureates Vernon Smith and James Buchanan, have been among the many free market advocates at our programs. Leading media personalities at Foundation events have included George Will, Tony Snow, Robert Novak, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Brit Hume, Kathryn Lopez, Rich Lowry, Sean Hannity, and others. In addition, Tom Clancy, Dinesh D’Souza, and Michelle Malkin are among the best-selling authors headlining our conferences and seminars. Young America’s Foundation has also hosted top public officials and leading conservatives including Clarence Thomas, Lech Walesa, Elaine Chao, Tim Pawlenty, Bill Clark, Richard DeVos, Henry Regnery, Charlton Heston, Sonny Bono, Mary Matalin, and hundreds of others. YAF reinstitutionalizes freedom through our campus initiatives—reminding hundreds of

thousands of students who see 3,000 American flags waving on their campus on September 11 what is at stake in our battle against radical Islam; reminding students of the dangers of communist, socialist, and totalitarian regimes through speakers, symposiums, and the “Berlin Walls” students construct on their campuses; or rallying students to support the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps and the military. Additionally, the Foundation’s National Journalism Center trains scores of journalists each year in the skills of responsible presswork. And YAF reinstitutionalizes freedom through President Reagan’s beloved Rancho del Cielo and the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California. In 1998, Young America’s Foundation took the bold step of saving the Reagan Ranch—just as he left it—for our nation’s young people. Many young Americans never heard President Reagan for themselves. Once they visit our dynamic, interactive exhibits at the Center, and once they see where he lived and walk in his footsteps, they become committed to his vision. President Reagan understood that the way to reinstitutionalize freedom is through the nation’s young people. That is why he appeared regularly on college campuses and would tailor his radio addresses to young people. Even in his Farewell Address, he spoke directly to young people, saying, “[I]f your parents haven’t been teaching you what it means to be an American, let ’em know and nail ’em on it. That would be a very American thing to do.” Despite the current onslaught of liberalism sweeping college campuses and the Left’s effort to institutionalize socialist ideas, Young America’s Foundation is finding that high school and college students are more eager than ever to hear President Reagan’s conservative message. They may not always hear it at home, and they almost never hear it in their schools, but thanks to 40 years of partnership with our supporters, Young America’s Foundation is stronger than ever, bringing Ronald Reagan’s vision directly to young people. Together we will be successful in ensuring that President Reagan’s vision of reinstitutionalizing freedom becomes a reality.

(Right) Students enjoy a dinner banquet at the 1993 National Conservative Student Conference.

(Above) Speaker Newt Gingrich and Senator Trent Lott address the 1997 National Conservative Student Conference, garnering much press coverage for their appearance.

(Above) Legendary film star Charlton Heston visits the Reagan Ranch to film the Foundation’s Rancho del Cielo video which he also narrated. (Above) Best-selling author and Foundation lecturer Ann Coulter meets with students at Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 2006. (Right) Reagan Ranch Board of Governors Co-Chair and close Reagan associate Judge William Clark visits Freedom Wall at Rancho del Cielo in 2004.

(Left) High school students from across the country participate in the first Reagan Ranch High School Conference in 2007.

Young America’s Foundation • Libertas


Errors, Interpretations, or Outright Lies? By Professor Larry Schweikart, University of Dayton hat do students learn in college history Okay, the Klan was of minor importance very briefly textbooks? Is the view of the United States that in the 1920s, but after 1945, it has been as significant to they absorb from their books one of optimism, American life as, well, My Mother, the Car. Don’t know pride, a rich history of courage and virtue, a story of human what that is, right? My point exactly. (It was a terrible liberty and freedom? Or do they read overwhelmingly about television sitcom that lasted as long as Ruben Studdard. America’s flaws, shortcomings—a Oh, wait, you don’t know him tale of racism, oppression, either . . .) imperialism, and greed, all held Bias comes in so many forms; in check only by a benign federal it was difficult to know where to government? start with my book. Take the case Sadly, it is the latter view that of Abraham Lincoln’s assassin, dominates virtually all of the John Wilkes Booth. Every single American history textbooks today. book correctly identified him as a At Young America’s Foundation’s Confederate sympathizer. After all, 2009 Midwest Conference in that’s why he shot Lincoln. One Chicago, I had the privilege to book mentioned he was also an address the student attendees, many actor, but he didn’t kill the president of whom had used some of these because Lincoln gave him a bad books at one point or another. review! My presentation, based on my But when we get to John best-selling book, 48 Liberal Lies Kennedy’s killer, it’s amazing how About American History (Sentinel, the descriptors change. Half the 2008)—and subsequent appearances books use an identifier with Lee I’ve made on Fox and Friends for Harvey Oswald, and all but one Author and professor Dr. Larry Schweikart a segment called “The Trouble with note that he was . . . a “Marine,” a signs copies of his book, 48 Liberal Lies About American History, for Sonny Gast of Textbooks”—outlined a number of “deranged Marine,” or a “former Hillsdale College. biases, strange (and often absurd) Marine.” Only one correctly interpretations, and outright lies one identified him as a Communist. finds in the top 20 or so best-selling college history textbooks. He didn’t kill Kennedy because he just got off Parris Island! One stunning revelation involved the graphics and Oswald killed Kennedy because his Communist beliefs led pictures used in these heavily image-oriented texts. For him to think Kennedy was “too hard” on Cuba. example, in the 20th century sections of the books, one would The absolute worst bias in the textbooks involves expect to find Franklin D. Roosevelt well represented among Ronald Reagan. (I refer to this as the “pregnancy test” the pictures, and he is—in all the books. How about the of textbooks—a line that got me featured on the Colbert atomic bomb? Yes, a picture of a mushroom cloud is present Report along with an image of a pregnant Ronald Reagan!) in every book as well. But what would you think would be In 48 Liberal Lies, I dedicate four different entries to the third most common, most representative image of the 20th Reagan, so bad are the textbooks’ treatment of him. Perhaps century to appear in these books? Dr. Martin Luther King the biggest lie—and it is nothing less—is that Mikhail Jr.? The moon landing? Ronald Reagan or John F. Kennedy? Gorbachev, not Ronald Reagan, ended the Cold War. I Wrong. The third most common picture in the 20th century provided the students at the Midwest Conference with found in these books is . . . the Ku Klux Klan! plenty of quotations for this position, but to read the texts’


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Foundation President Ron Robinson uses Time and Newsweek magazine covers— which almost always portray liberals favorably—to illustrate the media’s left-wing bias.

(Left) Student Candace Svoma meets Congressman Tom Tancredo following his speech at the weekend-long program.

(Above) Congressman Aaron Schock, the youngest member of the U.S. House of Representatives, shares his thoughts on current affairs with the conference attendees. (Right) More than 200 participants enjoy the 2009 Midwest Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

treatment of Gorbachev is breathtaking. He’s portrayed as a radical free-market reformer; it’s as if he went to bed as Nicolai Lenin one night and awoke as Milton Friedman. Students, no doubt, came away from this Young

America’s Foundation conference with a new, and welldeserved, suspicion of any “mainstream” textbook. That critical eye will save them from many a historical dead end over the coming years.

About Dr. Larry Schweikart Dr. Larry Schweikart is a professor of history at the University of Dayton and a member of Young America’s Foundation’s campus lecture program. In addition to his latest book, 48 Liberal Lies About American History (Sentinel, 2008), his other works include America’s Victories: Why the U.S. Wins Wars and Will Win the War on Terror (Sentinel, 2006) as well as A Patriot’s History of the United States (Sentinel Trade, 2007) which was co-authored with Michael Patrick Allen. Prior to teaching, Dr. Schweikart was a rock drummer for several bands. Young America’s Foundation • Libertas


Schock, Tancredo, Schweikart, and Goldberg Motivate Midwest Conference Attendees By Roger Custer, Conference Director

ore than 200 participants traveled to Chicago, Illinois, for Young America’s Foundation’s 2009 Midwest Conference. The event, reaching more than 10,000 online viewers, kicked off with a reception and dinner banquet featuring best-selling author and National Review Editor-at-Large Jonah Goldberg. He talked in detail about his book, Liberal Fascism, and why the Left’s ideas are much closer to fascism than conservative ideas. Students enjoyed the question and answer period and book signing after the talk. Conference sessions continued with a rousing criticism of Roosevelt’s New Deal by Dr. Burt Folsom based on his new book, New Deal or Raw Deal? How FDR’s Legacy Has Damaged America. Folsom was followed by a speech from America’s youngest Congressman: 27-year-old Aaron Schock from Illinois. Congressman Schock discussed how he became a U.S. Representative at such a young age and encouraged all in attendance to work hard on their campuses to advance conservative ideas. The morning sessions concluded with a panel discussion entitled “Is Obama’s Economic Plan Good for America?” Guy Benson, the nation’s youngest large-market talk radio host, moderated the lively discussion of the problems with large government bailouts and the importance of defending free markets. Other panelists included John Tillman from the Illinois Policy Institute, Steve Stanek of the Heartland Institute, and Jack McHugh from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Congressman Tom Tancredo’s luncheon speech focused on the erosion of knowledge and appreciation for American values among young people. He was followed by talk radio host Sandy Rios from Chicago who presented powerful stories about her experiences in socialist countries including North Korea. Dr. Larry Schweikart, best-selling author and professor at the University of Dayton, highlighted some of the most popular liberal myths about American history and signed copies of


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(Clockwise from left) Scott Oudheusden from Northwestern University meets author Jonah Goldberg at the 2009 Midwest Conference. Loyola University students (from left to right) Genevie Kuba, Cayle Rose, and Lauren Adler participate in the Foundation program held near their university. DePaul University students Damaris Bogdan and Nick Hahn enjoy the conference and meet like-minded friends.

his latest book, 48 Liberal Lies About American History: (That You Probably Learned in School) (see related article on page 16). The conference concluded with a presentation by Foundation President Ron Robinson who compared how the media treats conservatives versus leading liberals. The students traveled to Chicago from 24 states and 75 schools, and they returned to their campuses motivated to fight for freedom and their beliefs. Maureen Gilmour from Northwestern University wrote, “Thank you for this wonderful, enlightening experience. I will get out there and keep fighting the good fight.” Chris Dille from the College of Lake County commented, “Seeing conservative values in people my age gives me new hope for the future of America.” Young America’s Foundation especially thanks the program’s principal sponsor, Lillian S. Wells Foundation. We are also grateful for the generous gifts from Bob and Julie Barnshaw, Robert and Patricia Francis, the Heartland Institute, the Mackinac Center, and the Illinois Policy Institute which helped make the 2009 Midwest Conference possible.



Hundreds of students pack this lecture hall at the University of Minnesota to hear best-selling author and Foundation speaker Dinesh D’Souza.


espite what the mainstream media would have you believe, young people want to hear conservative ideas. Attendance at Young America’s Foundation’s campus lectures indicates that students aren’t convinced by the ideas professed by the Obama administration and

are looking for alternative views. Every month, young people pack campus lecture halls nationwide to hear Young America’s Foundation speakers. During the 2008-2009 school year, 1,000 students turned out to hear Newt Gingrich at Fordham University, another 1,000 heard Karl Rove at Denison University in Ohio, 4,000 listened to Ben Stein at Harding University, and more than 900 were present for Ann Coulter at the College of New Jersey. And these are just a few of the hundreds of lectures Young America’s Foundation sponsors annually. Young America’s Foundation • Libertas



(Above) Governor George Allen addresses an eager audience at the University of Pennsylvania.

(Above) After her speech at New York University, best-selling author Ann Coulter signs copies of her Young America’s Foundation poster.

(Above) Fifty-eighth Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich inspires 1,000 students at Fordham University. (Right) A crowd of college students lines up to hear Karl Rove’s address at Loyola Marymount University.


ime magazine recognized the impact the Foundation’s campus lecture program has, noting, “These speeches have become the biggest event of the semester.” Such lectures are often the only opportunities for students to hear conservative ideas. If left to their own devices, universities would never host a conservative speaker. Over a six-year period, Boise State University spent more than $300,000 on liberal speakers and nothing on conservatives. Over a four-year period, Lehigh University in Pennsylvania spent roughly $290,000 on liberal speakers and only $15,000 on conservatives. Emory University hosted more than 35 liberal speakers and only five conservatives over a four-year period. At both Lehigh and Emory, the conservative speakers were all hosted through the conservative club on campus and organized by Young America’s Foundation. Young America’s Foundation’s speakers program grows


Young America’s Foundation • Libertas

in stature and scope over time for two reasons. First, we take special care to continuously identify and develop relationships with the most prominent and effective advocates of our ideas. When we work with the most visible and inspiring leaders, we ensure that our events draw the biggest audiences on campus to hear about the importance of freedom, limited government, and free enterprise. Secondly, our network of young people on college campuses across America becomes larger and more adept as we gain more experience. Students receive the training, learn the skills, and understand the concepts that help them host breakthrough events on campuses—events that attract new young people to our ideas. Our experienced team helps students throughout the entire process by guiding them through their schools’ bureaucratic funding process, providing logistical and financial assistance, and instructing the organizers on how to


(Above) Congressman Tom Tancredo signs copies of his book and meets with students at the University of Chicago.

(Above) Foundation lecturer Nonie Darwish speaks at The George Washington University and discusses the threat radical Islam poses to national and global security. (Right) Actor and author Ben Stein is introduced to more than 4,000 young people at Harding University.

counter and expose potential left-wing opposition. Finally, since most school funding sources are controlled by liberal students and faculty, Young America’s Foundation, with the help of our generous supporters, funds the difference not covered by most schools, ensuring that conservative ideas have a place in higher education. Campus lectures are a vital method of reaching new audiences, and the impact of these programs goes far beyond their college years. When we transmit conservative ideas to the next generation of Americans, we reach a demographic that will be responsible for establishing and revising public policy in the years to come. Our country benefits when they grow their businesses, lead their organizations, make decisions about public policy, and raise their families with respect for the free market, individual responsibility, traditional values, and a strong military.

As the great William F. Buckley Jr., whose own lectures inspired a generation of young conservatives, noted, On the matter of your lecture series, these are experiences of infinite importance. As recently as last night, a 42-year old affluent influential conservative told an audience of 400 people that his orientation came from hearing such a talk (yes, by me) at Cornell when he was a sophomore. So I do hope that your important Foundation will be able to continue to support such appearances in the years ahead. With the help of Young America’s Foundation’s dedicated supporters, students, and friends, Mr. Buckley’s hope will continue to be a reality. Young America’s Foundation • Libertas



“Biographies good enough for movie material.” —The —The American American Spectator Spectator



ontained in the pages of this book by Young America’s Foundation’s Nicole Hoplin and Ron Robinson are the stories that have rarely been told by the media. They are the stories of the vibrant lives of people who stood behind some of the Conservative Movement’s brightest moments and who received little recognition or gratitude from the Movement or the country they shaped over the years. More importantly, they are stories of how the most significant books, institutions, and leaders came to be.

Order Your Cop y Today!

“Jam-packed with useful insights” — The Journal of the Institute of Economic Affairs

“Fascinating and fast-paced book” — Lee Edwards, Philanthropy Magazine

“Comprehensive and well-written” — John Fund, Wall Street Journal

“Masterful” — Charles Johnson, The Claremont Conservative

“This indispensable book is a must read.” — 75th U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese

Available Available online online at at and at and at




Congresswoman Michele Bachmann delivered the following speech to Young America’s Foundation’s supporters at the 2009 Rawhide Circle retreat in Santa Barbara, California. The Foundation thanks Congresswoman Bachmann for allowing us to reprint her inspiring message.


t was character that the Founders pointed to in the Federalist Papers as the chief qualifier for becoming President of the nation. Other than assuming the age of 35, the Founders wanted the future President to swear an oath of allegiance, not to America’s flag, not to them, not to even the voters who elected future Presidents, but to swear allegiance to the U.S. Constitution. Jefferson wrote that elected officials must be bound by the chains of the Constitution, and

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann addresses supporters attending the Foundation’s annual Rawhide Circle retreat at the Reagan Ranch Center.

they understood that, ultimately, it is the character and measure of the man who demonstrates selfrestraint and self-government to say ‘no’ to unauthorized expansion of power. Dear God, would you send us such men!? You did in George Washington, a man so reluctant in the pursuit of power, he did not even want the job. His character spoke his qualifications, and the Founders refused his refusal and were unanimous in their vote that they would have no one else for the job.

Young America’s Foundation • Libertas


SPEECH BY CONGRESSWOMAN MICHELE BACHMANN, MINNESOTA –––––––––––––––––––—––––––––––––––––– 2009 Rawhide Circle Retreat –––––––––––––––––––—–––––––––––––––––

amount of energy Once again, each of us will be Washington laid able to use. down his personal To lay out the preferences, left cost implications his beloved Mt. of Obama’s plan, Vernon, and spent we brought in Mr. eight years building, Christopher Horner, like the good author of two books surveyor he was, disputing global a sure foundation warming. (See related for the growth of article by Christopher the United States of Horner on page 25.) America. Every Minnesota We are the media outlet blessed recipients of attended, the Left Washington’s self Congresswoman Bachmann spends time with Minnesota students attending the th Foundation’s 11 Gratia Houghton Rinehart National High School Leadership was hissing and restraint—as we are Conference. spitting and throwing of Adams’, Lincoln’s, tantrums. The Reagan’s. attendance was so spectacular; we had to move from an Since the fall of Adam, freedom has not been the natural auditorium filled to capacity to another auditorium which condition of man; history is the story of man’s inhumanity had double the seating. We filled that to capacity. to man which contrasts so brightly with the beauty that is We held not one but two forums and finally had a global the freedom and promise of America. warming debate. This is the fight of our day, and it is the We know this because we are the blessed recipients of great, bold issue conservatives can win. their freedom. But we know, too, that with every trillion The following day, a 15-year-old girl dollar bailout, with every energy tax, who attended the forum called Rush gas tax, death tax, and income surtax, Limbaugh and spent seven minutes we are witnessing this generation’s duty telling the country about our forum. to maintain freedom slipping away. And you made it happen! Young That’s why you are here and why America’s Foundation made it happen! I am here this evening, because we I previously heard Christopher have chosen, rather than to curse the Horner speak to 20 members of darkness, to light a candle instead. We Congress and was wowed. I pulled will share the good news of our great on his coat sleeve as he finished his country with every young person at lecture and asked if he could come to every opportunity. Minnesota in April. Recently, in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Horner suggested that he call at the largest college campus in my Young America’s Foundation to help district, we went on the offense on sponsor and arrange his speech. You what I believe is the pivotal battle, the did, and together—in a state that “game changer” of our day—Obama’s revered Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale, Eugene new power grab and revenue raiser for his era of, not McCarthy, Paul Wellstone and now, Senator Al Franken— private ownership, but government control. we’re turning the world upside down on the global It’s called cap-and-trade; his new global warming tax. warming issue! President Obama is serious about this and whether through Young America’s Foundation understands we can’t win legislation or by bureaucratic force, he is committed to battles unless we fight. And when we fight, we win. controlling our lives and businesses by controlling the

“Young America’s Foundation understands we can’t win battles unless we fight. And when we fight, we win.”


Young America’s Foundation • Libertas

How Low the “Global Warming Industry” Goes to Impose Its Catastrophic Agenda ——————————————————————————

By Christopher Horner, Author n amazing spectacle is unfolding cover the extremists desperately seek in Washington. The Obama for the greatest tax hike and largest administration actively and regulatory intrusion in the Republic’s openly threatens to unleash history. Indeed, such voluntary unmitigated chaos in the form extinction is really the threat’s end-game of “global warming” regulations, using a objective. law never intended Instead, for such purposes. this entire Their goal is to enterprise bully industry of “global into pleading warming” for a legislative statism is a response which, folly best left presumably, would to the feuding be a slightly more liberals to sort thoughtfully out, alone, no planned chaos. matter how At the same many sages time, it also insist that “if Author and Foundation lecturer Christopher seeks to frighten you aren’t at Horner speaks on the myths surrounding Congress into the table you’re global warming. taking the fall on the menu.” for such a terrible imposition on the This is naïve; Americans, their economy on the curious logic that, if economic and individual liberties, and Congress just leaves it to the regulators, of course our lifestyles inescapably why, their constituents will be very are on the menu regardless of clever upset with the result. That Congress sloganeering that, intentionally or and the administration share the same otherwise, simply ensures an otherwise constituents has not apparently dawned avoidable defeat. on either of them. Amid this policymaking chaos, This is the newest “mutually assured the most expensive secret you’re not destruction.” I fail to see the threat. supposed to know is that George W. Instead, this family feud is one that Bush left office with the planet cooler conservatives ought not to get in the than when he entered. Further, no such way of. cap-and-trade rationing or similar As bad as our courts have become, scheme in the name of catastrophic it seems far wiser to refuse to succumb Man-made global warming ever to threats and demands to take some proposed—by EPA, in the Kyoto deal from Congress, instead taking one’s treaty or otherwise—would, under chances in court against the EPA. any scenario or set of assumptions, All that industry, taxpayers, or detectably impact the climate even if you conservatives would accomplish by accept the alarmists’ premises. cutting a deal would be providing the These schemes merely would impose

a long-held list of policy/lifestyle demands offered by the usual-suspect symphony of grievance groups, in the name of every threat, “greatest” and otherwise, for decades. “Success” means billions of dollars and an agenda that no free society would ever willingly accept under sober deliberation. In Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud and Deception to Keep You Misinformed, I expose the remarkably cynical, often dishonest, and—even on occasion—violent campaign being waged against anyone who might utter these and other such “heresies” that threaten to derail this highly unAmerican agenda. ———————————————————

Christopher C. Horner is a member of Young America’s Foundation’s campus lecture program. He is also a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., and author of Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud, and Deception to Keep You Misinformed (Regnery, 2008) as well as the New York Times best seller The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism) (Regnery, 2007). To bring Mr. Horner to your campus, contact Young America’s Foundation Vice President Patrick X. Coyle at 800-USA-1776.

Young America’s Foundation • Libertas



“A Pilgrimage All Young Conservatives Should Take” Reflections on my Visit to Rancho del Cielo B Y PAT R I C K C A S T E N , L A K E F O R E S T C O L L E G E

Foundation student leader Pat Casten (third from left) enjoys a mountain-top view near Rancho del Cielo during the Foundation’s Club 100 retreat—an annual program recognizing the nation’s top campus activists for their work advancing conservative ideas at their schools.


s the airplane broke through the clouds, I was finally able to see what prompted Ronald Reagan to spend 350 days of his Presidency at his ranch in Santa Barbara. To the west was the vast Pacific Ocean peppered with offshore oil rigs and small boats. To the east was one of the most breathtaking sights I had ever seen: a small city tucked into the mountains just 90 miles north of Los Angeles. My journey to Santa Barbara was the culmination of my work as a campus activist at Lake Forest College in Illinois. I was joining 22 other students who


“The retreat was one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career.” were rewarded for our work advancing conservative ideas on campus with a visit to Rancho del Cielo for Young America’s Foundation’s Club 100 Reagan Ranch retreat. (See page 27 for

Young America’s Foundation • Libertas

more information about Club 100.) Our weekend began with lunch at the Reagan Ranch Center where we were soon acquainted with each other and shared stories of our campus activism. It was remarkable to learn how similar our campuses were, underscoring how much liberalism has reared its ugly head on college campuses but also showing that there is hope for every campus. The retreat included campfires at El Capitan Canyon, lectures, and sessions with conservative leaders including author Mike Adams, Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson, President Reagan’s friend

and Secret Service agent John Barletta, and talk radio host Kirby Wilbur. We enjoyed the beauty of Santa Barbara while learning about the importance of passing on the ideas and accomplishments of my hero, Ronald Reagan. In keeping with a weekend modeled after the life of Ronald Reagan, we rode horses in the mountains above Santa Barbara and enjoyed the beautiful views of the Channel Islands. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the program was our trip to the Reagan Ranch. After an arduous van ride we reached the Ranch, and I was taken back by the humble and authentic nature of the Ranch. Walking through the house itself, I was especially moved by the book collection—a window into President Reagan as a person. The Reagan Ranch is a pilgrimage that all young conservatives should take to truly appreciate Ronald

(Above) During an interview with Foundation Vice President Patrick Coyle, Casten shares stories of his campus activism with supporters attending the Foundation’s President’s Club Weekend at the Reagan Ranch. (Left) Pat Casten unveils Lake Forest College’s new veterans’ memorial—a project he conceived and spearheaded during his senior year at Lake Forest.

Pat Casten meets Foundation speaker and senior Bush administration advisor Karl Rove at the 2009 CPAC in Washington, D.C.

Reagan and how he built and grew the Conservative Movement. Although I have read several books about President Reagan, I did not fully understand who Ronald Reagan really was until I visited the Ranch.

The retreat was one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career. I learned much more about Ronald Reagan’s life, met prominent conservative leaders, and made likeminded friends from across the nation.

About Pat Casten

About Club 100

Pat is a 2009 graduate of Lake Forest College in Illinois. After attending Young America’s Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference, Pat organized the Foundation’s 9/11: Never Forget Project and Freedom Week activities on his campus. He worked with the Foundation and his school to bring seven conservative speakers, including George Allen, Fred Barnes, Dinesh D’Souza, Bay Buchanan, and Lt. Col. Scott Rutter. Pat also spearheaded efforts to design and raise the funds for a permanent memorial to Lake Forest alumni who served in the military. For his efforts to advance conservative ideas on his campus, the Foundation awarded Pat with a trip to the 2009 Club 100 Reagan Ranch retreat and recognized him as a 2009 Gretchen Brooks Campus Leader.

Club 100 is Young America’s Foundation’s activist rewards program that systematically thanks students for promoting conservative ideas on their college campuses. Points are accrued by hosting Foundation speakers, organizing a campus initiative, or attending a Foundation program. Student activists who earn 100 points or more throughout the school year are rewarded for their work with a trip to the Reagan Ranch. Young America’s Foundation thanks Gretchen Brooks for her generous support in sponsoring the 2009 Club 100 Reagan Ranch Retreat. ——————————————————————————— To register for Club 100 or for more information, contact Young America’s Foundation Vice President Patrick X. Coyle at 800-USA-1776.

Young America’s Foundation • Libertas



From the National Journalism Center to Fox News An Interview with NJC Alumna L.A. Holmes


By Lauren Smith, Program Officer, The National Journalism Center


Photo by William Clayton, Hillsdale College

Holmes knew Fox News Channel as an what she intern, and I was able to believed in and what her do more odd jobs and have interests were far earlier more responsibility as an than most. However, despite intern because I was able to developing a passion for work full-time. journalism during middle That led to them hiring school, it would take almost me, and here we are, ten years for her to get two years later. I’m still settled on a career path in at Fox and still enjoying journalism. it. Additionally, NJC has She worked with good, helpful contacts with news outlets during high people that have spoken school and college, but for the program or are upon graduating from NJC alumni. Through Georgetown University them, I have written for the in 2007 with a degree in Washington Times and had government, she had nearly other great opportunities all but ruled out a career in that have propelled my journalism. journalism career. It wasn’t until L.A. applied for a fall 2007 Libertas: What are some internship with the National of your job responsibilities Journalism Center (NJC)— at Fox News? which she had first heard ——————————— about from her campus L.A. Holmes: I really conservative group—that have run the gambit; it’s she seriously considered been a good thing to get a media-related career as much experience as and quickly found herself possible. My day-to-day broadcast-bound. role is on the assignment Within a year, when she (Top) L.A. Holmes (front row, center) joins fellow National desk—more on the had originally planned to logistics side—but I’ve Journalism Center (NJC) interns during their graduation from the fall 2007 session. (Bottom) L.A., who was offered a full-time start graduate school, L.A. had the opportunity to was working for one of the position following her NJC internship at Fox, now spends her days produce live shots, pitch at the assignment desk and working in the field. top news networks in the stories, go out in the field, nation: Fox News. After and interview officials—a with broadcast journalism. I’ve kind of her NJC internship at Fox, she was hired lot of really cool people. It’s a great always had the journalism bug, but I on as a freelance writer and has worked thing that I’ve been able to do so much hadn’t considered turning it into a career with the news organization ever since. within the newsroom and in the field. until I went to NJC. Libertas: When did you first develop Libertas: Who are some of the most Libertas: What role did NJC play an interest for journalism? interesting people you have met on the along your career path? ———————————————— job? ———————————————— L.A. Holmes: I was around ten or ———————————————— L.A. Holmes: NJC definitely eleven years old. I did a humanities and L.A. Holmes: We have a number reawakened me to the idea of doing communications magnet program in of officials that come into the studio, journalism as a career. I was placed at middle school and became fascinated and I try to not be a star-struck person


Young America’s Foundation • Libertas

“NJC definitely reawakened me to the idea of doing journalism as a career.”

Photo by William Clayton, Hillsdale College

around them all! But some of the most fascinating people are those who work in the newsroom—the people you see on TV. [Viewers] only get to see a small part of them. You see their reporting, and you see they are great journalists. But through talking to them and flushing out their personalities, I’ve heard great stories and learned of their incredible life experiences. I found it interesting to learn from them and see how their journalism careers started. Karl Rove is a regular Fox News contributor and comes in all the time. I think he is one of the most fascinating individuals in Washington. One of my most fun interviews was with the FEMA director [David Paulison] because it was one-on-one. It was just me with the camera. I also interviewed Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff during the preparations for Hurricane Gustav and chased FDIC Chairwoman Sheila Bair into an elevator to get a sound byte that played all day on Fox and Fox Business.

Libertas: What media outlets or publications would you recommend young conservatives follow for news and information? ———————————————— L.A. Holmes: Well Fox News, obviously. Young conservatives should not just get their news from one source and not just from conservative sources. I think that people tend to see a media bias when they only get information from one outlet. Consume as much of a product as you can. I read the Economist for great news and analytical pieces from overseas and newspapers such as Politico and The Hill for insider news on Washington. Libertas: What was the best advice you received while at NJC? ———————————————— L.A. Holmes: The best advice was from [NJC’s Academic Director] Dr. Stephen Bird who said, “Talk to people.” He told [our internship class] to get out there, make phone calls, and get your name out there. Don’t be afraid to call someone out of the blue or send

them an e-mail saying, “I would like to write for you.” That has been the most emboldening advice I have received. Libertas: What advice would you give to a young conservative hoping to break into the industry? ———————————————— L.A. Holmes: Don’t let your views sidetrack you from your goals. Don’t think you have to write for only a conservative publication; quality newspapers are looking for quality journalists. Especially with the National Journalism Center, there are great resources for people who are journalists and who are conservative or libertarian. Never discount a meet-and-greet or a handshake. You might be meeting someone who can help further your career. Additionally, don’t be afraid to intern at an outlet that you don’t necessarily consume. The content may be different, but the journalism experience is the same, and you should take every opportunity seriously.

Young America’s Foundation • Libertas



A Divinely Inspired Moment “I look to the hills from whence cometh my strength.” — Psalm 121:1


By John and Cleo Leppien, Alma, Michigan


wo years ago we were invited to visit some friends in the Santa Barbara area and one of the enticements was a possible visit to the Reagan Ranch. I am embarrassed to say that we had not heard of Young America’s Foundation and their purchase

Foundation and help insure the future of the Ranch by sponsoring this special ranch acre. We feel privileged to be able to sponsor the Psalm 121 Overlook at the Reagan Ranch. We pray that many young people will learn, as we did on our visit to the Ranch, of President Reagan’s love for our country, his passion for conservative values, and his love for God. ————————————————— Young America’s Foundation thanks John and Cleo Leppien for their generous gift of $250,000 to sponsor the Psalm 121 Overlook—considered a “Special Acre” at Rancho del Cielo. Special Acre sponsorships commemorate historic sites and places especially meaningful to Ronald Reagan at the Ranch. In sponsoring a Special Acre, supporters assume a leadership role in ensuring the historic preservation of a genuine piece of American history. For more information about these and other Young America’s Foundation sponsorship opportunities, please call 800-USA-1776.

were moved to silence by what we saw and learned of President Reagan’s conservative and humble lifestyle at the Ranch. We were even more impressed by how the Ranch and Center are being used to educate high school and university students in Ronald Reagan’s conservative public policy, fiscal, and spiritual values. We knew early in the tour that we would support this necessary work, but when we were at the Psalm 121 Overlook at Rancho del Cielo, Cleo took some homemade flash cards from her purse and read the entire Psalm to those in our group. Her bible study group in Michigan had decided to memorize this Cleo and John Leppien of Alma, Michigan, generously Scripture. We were sponsored the Psalm 121 Overlook at Rancho del Cielo following their visit to the Western White House. again moved by the Scripture, the view, and the atmosphere. of the Ranch. So, Cleo and I said to Back in Michigan, reading the each other, “Well, we know the ranch Ranch literature we had received, was President Reagan’s summer White we learned that the Overlook House, but, I mean, we have seen horses was not yet sponsored. We knew and ranches before….” (From left to right) Daryl and Mary White, John that we could financially help Our friends finally prevailed, and and Cleo Leppien, and Noelle and Ellis Clark visit the Psalm 121 Overlook at Rancho del Cielo. the mission of Young America’s we visited the Ranch last March. We

Meet John and Cleo Leppien Cleo and I are both native central Michiganders and presently live only a few miles from our childhood homes. Each of us was raised in a conservative Christian family and attended different congregations of the same church denomination. We met when my father, a businessman and lay minister, was asked to temporarily fill the pulpit of the church where Cleo’s family worshiped. We were both in early high school but began dating in the middle of my senior year and were married after my second year of college in 1966. After a couple of setbacks in my career choices, including a medical rejection from the Army, we turned to our faith in God and began to pray in earnest for His leading. My father and uncle owned a small cutting tool manufacturing business that my father had started in 1944. I asked them if I could work for them for a few years. I found that I fully enjoyed the challenge, and shortly after the death of my father in 1975, my uncle offered me a chance to purchase the company. We have been blessed with quality people and exceptional growth since that time. Our two sons have also been with the company since college, and Cleo and I are thrilled to have both families close by.


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Through History

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Honfleur, Honfleur, France France

This This is is not not aa typical typical cruise. cruise. Guests Guests of of Young Young America’s America’s Foundation Foundation will will take take part part in in informative informative seminars seminars and and extensive interaction with Attorney General Ed Meese, John O’Sullivan, extensive interaction with Attorney General Ed Meese, John O’Sullivan, Burt Burt Folsom, Folsom, Ron Ron Robinson Robinson and and Michelle Michelle Easton; Easton; attend attend numerous numerous social social events; dine with fellow conservatives as well as guest speakers; events; dine with fellow conservatives as well as guest speakers; and and enjoy enjoy aa wonderful wonderful sense sense of of sharing sharing and and camaraderie. camaraderie.

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Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France France

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On On June June 6, 6, D-Day, D-Day, you you will will have have the the option option of of joining joining the the group group on on aa private excursion to Normandy to tour important historical locations from private excursion to Normandy to tour important historical locations from th the of the D-Day D-Day invasion invasion and and celebrate celebrate the the 26 26th anniversary anniversary of Ronald Ronald Reagan’s Reagan’s th th anniversary of D-Day. “Pointe Du Hoc� speech and 66 “Pointe Du Hoc� speech and 66 anniversary of D-Day. Rates Rates start start at at $5,756/person $6,301/person and and include include coach coach airfare, airfare, suite suite accommodations, accommodations, gratuities, gratuities, taxes, taxes, port port fees, fees, seminar seminar sessions, sessions, and and on on board board wines wines and and spirits spirits

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Young America’s Foundation Libertas magazine


Vol. 30 U No. 2 Fall 2009 National Headquarters F.M. Kirby Freedom Center 110 Elden Street Herndon, Virginia 20170 800-USA-1776 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

“From the first day we saw it, Rancho del Cielo cast a spell over us. No place before or since has ever given Nancy and me the joy and serenity it does.” — Ronald Reagan, An American Life

Libertas 30.2  

Fall 2009 (Special 40th Anniversary Issue)

Libertas 30.2  

Fall 2009 (Special 40th Anniversary Issue)