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The House on Mango Street Reflections


My favorite chapter is

“Four Skinny Trees"

I love the imagery in it and the personification of the trees. They're interesting symbols of hope and perseverance, and that in itself makes ME feel hopeful... It's amazing what nature--or any special object--can do for a person. In fact, Esperanza states: "...Nenny just sleeps and doesn't appreciate these things." Some people just don't get it. But a prized possession or a special sight becomes a part of you. It gains its own personality. Look around in someone else's territory, and things are just THINGS laying around. Look around in your own territory, and things gain personalities and meaning. You can interpret it any way you want to, like Esperanza and the trees. If you need hope, you can take it from anything you see. Sight is your most important sense, and you can take any feeling you'd like to from it. Esperanza needed hope because of her concrete situation. For her, she's the tree reaching out. Everyone sees things in different ways.

My favorite chapter is My Name, because I can DEFINITELY relate to Esperanza. My name is Manoucheka (pronounced as Mah-new-shhka). The pronunciation is butchered on a daily basis. Cliche: of Hope Butchered. Left... & forgotten... My Name.



I am new. (I know its not a word) to give this face the correct title Names are vital for some form of identity or else we would be endlessly searching for a remedy to why we're empty, simply... take the time of day to Just try it, the three syllables will eventually roll out your mouth. don't deny it, within 1, 2, 3 it'll come out Say: “Ma...” Say: “NEW..” Say: “Shh-Kah...” They say my name in Russian means mischievous, so I switched up the spelling now its Miss.Chevious The placing of the letters is strategic Names have meanings so don't just treat it any other way don't say its too hard to pronounce, ghetto, just because its not cliche.

my favorite chapter is... boys & girls i like this chapter because it reminds me of myself but i didn't have any brothers and sisters. i am the only child so i had no one to play with or hang out with. so i know what esperanza is feeling because i have a lot of cousins but they are too old or too young so.... i'm stuck in the middle.

see i was young i really didn't have fun cuz their was no one. no one to hang wit it was just me and my self and i in a room playin games. wait for my mama answer to change from no to ok let go out side and play. see i was the only child and only boy in my family for awhile. well that on my grand ma my side that is. and the girls didn't want me around and the guy said i was to young to get down. so this my story. see for me it been hard to hang with the people fam cuz they old 2 young for me. and my mama did want me in the street.cuz it aint the same as 83. so where dose that leave me in a room talk to my self. play with blue ranger. at that time do stuff like that was major.

My favorite chapter is "Those Who Don't" ...and this is my remix hanging on the corner of Mango our ghetto listening to the radio talking our own lingo yo that's the tableau so since we ain't Anglo and we like late night tangos with flambeaus is that why those that don't know heave-ho and call us menaces? & every-time our kind are portrayed in the cameras we thieves dealers & killers brawlers & beggars and pants "saggers" but none of what they call us or they say don't matter cause we understand those that "those who don't" get & those who ain't "gotten" won't accept the kismet that "those who don't" know try to get them to accept the claim that "Mangoans" are just misfits but that's just ignorance but what do you expect from dimwits?

THOSE WHO DON'T This piece demonstrates how "those who don't" perceive those that live on Mango. riding through Mango "in-tuned" to the station on the stereo typed by others like me based off what they have assumed about the "black-faced�/ doomed those wet from crossing the mother of all lagoons I put pressure to the pedal to escape the goons selling rocks checking to see if my doors are locked to make a quick lam like "Swiper the fox" from "those who don't" belong the "strange fruit" of America the just "plain wrong"

A House of My Own A house of my own A place where i can call home Where i can be myself Where i roam Where i reflect on past jokes Call up fam and friends Talk about da day and go back at it again Its where laughs are shared And where tears land where music is played but its not a band Where i can relax and just be mellow Where i can approach my inner self with a strong hello Yes Yes a place i call home Where i roam where i spit lyrics like these straight off da dome



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