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World of Brands

De Bijenkorf department store. A truely inspirational and luxurious shopping experience since 1870.

The premium department store offers the worlds most exclusive brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Gucci. Visit our flagshipstore in Amsterdam on Dam Square or at

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YoU In AMSTERDAM IS An EHAM publication


ADDRESS P.O. Box 29 1616 ZG Hoogkarspel The Netherlands t 0228 – 85 57 25 E SAlES Inez Stertefeld (sales & PR manager) t 0622 – 14 27 89 E Arthur van der Zwan t 0652 – 69 93 95 E EDIToR-In-ChIEF Robert van der Zwan t 0653 – 31 63 74 E EDIToRS Lizet Deutekom, Constanze Fluhme, Robin Glendenning, Wilag Kater, Henry Salman, Carla van Splunteren, Evert Stel (photographer), Inez Stertefeld, Paola Westbeek (also English language editor) ART DIRECToR Peter Leeuwerink pRInTED BY Moderna (Belgium) CoVER phoToGRAph Henry Salman












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autumn 2013

Windmills, Windmills, cheese cheese and and clogs? clogs? There’s There’smore moreTo ToiTiTThan ThanThaT ThaT

autumn 2013


It Is, somewhere In AprIl, Another one of those typIcAl Dutch DAys. A DrIzzle DescenDs from the low clouDs AnD people hAve the hooDs of theIr rAIncoAts up. fortunAtely, though, It Is Also A typIcAlly InternAtIonAl DAy, wIth beAmIng fAces from JApAn, chInA, russIA AnD, of course, western europe.

text & photography Henry Salman

Previous pages The Zaanse Schans is experiencing in the present the life of the past. Page right Holland is water land, so you cannot avoid the ‘polder mills’ (a polder is a reclaimed piece of land). But wind-driven technology accomplished much more than the drainage of land. How about sawing timber and milling corn?


ou can hear shades and nuances of English; the Canadians and Australians seem to have turned out en masse. Coaches with beautiful lettering and the most mysterious registration plates find themselves a spot in the car park. It is, in short, a day out at the Zaanse Schans, the cream of the crop for all those interested in a historical collection of traditional crafts and trades, brought together in old, wooden buildings. The ‘Zaanse Schans’ and the neighbouring Zaans Museum are an absolute must-see for visitors to Amsterdam and the Netherlands if they want to spend a day learning about old Dutch windmills, picturesque houses and traditional workshops. Here, you can experience life in a time long gone, when the Zaan region started to become famous for its cocoa, coffee and cake. The Zaan region, a colourful area just north of Amsterdam, and to a lesser extent the North Holland Canal – 80 kilometres long and opened in 1824 – were and still are vitally important lifelines to Amsterdam’s industrial and commercial success. It’s no wonder that the Zaanse Schans lies next to the water.

Holland iS water land Holland is water land. The Dutch are renowned the world over for their creativity and inventiveness when it comes to water management. Windmills and pumping stations were built in order to reclaim land and keep water levels in North Holland safe. Later, the windmills, or, to be more precise, the power of the wind harnessed by their sails, were used by craftsmen in their production processes. So the Zaanse Schans has sawmills and paint mills, but also spice mills and oil mills. In other words, even back then the climatological circumstances were exploited to the full. How typically Dutch! tranSporting windmillS The Zaanse Schans is a museum of museums, a colourful collection of places where you can experience life, industrial life in particular, as it used to be. The Zaanse Schans (‘schans’ meaning bulwark) is, in fact, not original. It has been rebuilt on the initiative of the population, who wanted to preserve and pass on the area’s heritage. For like everywhere else, the Zaan region went through a period of modernisation and redevelopment. To accommodate plans for the Zaanse Schans, the local municipality ‘donated’ a sizable piece of land to the project. Windmills were wrapped up, loaded onto flatbed trailers, sometimes even lifted over power lines using huge cranes, before being carefully placed along the banks of the river De Zaan and unwrapped again. The same is true of the many wooden houses and other historical structures, though some of those arrived over the water. Always, however, under the watchful eyes of enthusiasts who wanted to see these feats of transportation from up close. 8


autumn 2013

autumn 2013




1. At the Zaans Museum, you get an impression of how cocoa and biscuits gave the entire region a huge industrial impulse. 2. Footwear for all: clogs in all sizes but only one shape… the clog shape! 3. Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. It doesn’t get much more Dutch than the Zaanse Schans, but your ice cream may come from... Italy.


age-old crafts in the present The result is a true museological reserve, where Dutch and foreign visitors alike can come to get a proper idea of what Holland has been like over the past three centuries. And not just from the outside. The interiors of the windmills, shops, houses and other structures have been fully restored, too, so that the buildings function just as they would have done in days of old. You can see, for instance, the first grocer’s shop belonging to Albert Heijn. Today, Albert Heijn is a huge, multinational supermarket chain that still has its head offices right here in Zaandam. ordinary and welcoming Perhaps one of the most special things about the Zaanse Schans is that it is not just an open-air museum, it is actually a perfectly ordinary neighbourhood too, where ordinary people live and work. Well, maybe not altogether ordinary. They are used to visitors and welcome these visitors, whatever their nationality and language, with the greatest imaginable hospitality. And, of course, the visitors are treated to what they expect from Holland and what characterises Holland: windmills, clogs and cheese. Only the tulips: for those they need to go to the flower seas of De Keukenhof in Lisse, south of Amsterdam. sawmill? yes, but also an oil mill! The six beautifully named windmills on the Zaanse Schans reflect Dutch glory. Sawmill Het Jonge Schaap (‘The Young Sheep’) was dismantled in 1942. The smock mill, the kind with a cap at the top that can be turned into the wind, was redundant and stood in the way of development. But with the help of old drawings and new computer technology, the windmill was rebuilt and restored to its former splendour in 2006. Oil mill De Zoeker (‘The Searcher’) is on the national heritage list and was used first as a draining mill and later as a paint and oil mill. It was bought by the municipality of Zaandijk in the 1950s and completely restored. In 1968, the windmill was spectacularly lifted over the overhead cables of the railway line and given its current place on the Zaanse Schans.



autumn 2013




1. At sawmill ‘Het Jonge Schaap’ (‘The Young Sheep’), the millers demonstrate how, back then and to this day, wind power transformed the thickest tree trunks into beautifully straight planks. 2. And for food, this archaic, 17th century environment is perfect, too. Fortunately, all the dishes, pancakes, lunches and dinners have been prepared more recently and are therefore wonderfully fresh! 3. Warmer than the welcome you get from these Dutch cheese maids at cheese factory Catharina is hard to come by.

Huge variety of pancakes After visitors have feasted their senses on the windmills, it is time for something to eat. Restaurant De Kraai (‘The Crow’) serves a huge variety of pancakes. For everything from a cup of coffee to a full, three-course meal, go to Restaurant De Hoop op d’Swarte Walvis (‘The hope for a black whale’). This establishment is located in a combination of an early 18th century, West-Zaan orphanage, a pretty little merchant’s house and a warehouse. It’s a culinary and historical delight. museum of DutcH clockworks Certainly worth a visit is the Museum van het Nederlandse Uurwerk (‘Museum of Dutch Clockworks’). The museum is aptly located behind an 18th century Dutch gable. Inside, a handsome collection of Dutch timepieces, including grandfather clocks from Zaandam, The Hague, Amsterdam and Friesland, represent the development of the Dutch movement from 1500 to 1850. The Zaans Museum paints a broader picture of the history of the Zaan region. The biscuits and ‘girls of ’ Verkade, world famous in the Netherlands, are all at the Verkade Pavilion.

a monumental house – you can witness one of the regular demonstrations of how real Dutch cheese is made. And the clog factory, domiciled in a replica of the former grain and snuff warehouse De Vrede (‘The Peace’) from 1750, still produces new clogs to this day. Although, saying that the factory produces them suggests some automation in the process, but making clogs is in fact still a completely manual task. The Clog Museum has one of the largest and most beautiful collections of the Netherlands. And what could be more Dutch than clogs? Water, perhaps. And there’s plenty of that at the Zaanse Schans, too. So in addition to seeing the Zaanse Schans on foot (or clogs, if you choose) from its banks, you can also experience it from the water on the Zaanhopper, a boat. In short, the Zaanse Schans is the springboard to a living past. Further information?

cHeese anD clog making At cheese factory De Catharinahoeve – a meticulously built replica of an East-Zaan cheese farm and

autumn 2013


in & around the city

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text WILag KatER Et aL.




You get inspired, one way or the other

Celebrity photographer Terry O’Neill in Amsterdam

Almost all are open on Saturday 2 November

As a visitor to the artistic city of Amsterdam, perhaps you are looking for inspiration, yet going to several museums and art galleries might seem a bit much. Have you been searching for a unique piece of art to replace that boring poster in your living room? Then allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised this year during the eighth edition of the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam. All kinds of artists will be there from 31 October through 3 November 2013.

‘Newly Discovered – Photographs from the Archives of Terry O’Neill’ shows fascinating portraits of icons from the international world of film, music and fashion. The exhibition is from 7 September until 19 October in Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam. The British celebrity photographer will be present during the opening.

50 museums and cultural institutions will open their doors to the public this year on Saturday 2 November during Amsterdam’s annual Museum Night. For the 14th consecutive year, they will be open from 19.00 until 02.00 hours.

Around the turn of the century, the Scotsman Will Ramsay made modern art accessible for everyone with his Affordable Art Fair concept. In 2013, the fair will return to the art and culture city of Amsterdam for the eighth consecutive year and will be held at the art-embracing Kromhouthal building in Amsterdam-North. The Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam will attract thousands of visitors. Your artistic finds can be taken back to your hotel or home immediately. There is a packing and shipping service available at every fair.

The gallery presents images of supermodels such as Naomi Campbell, Iman and Kate Moss, as well as portraits of actresses such as Ursula Andress, Andie MacDowell, Audrey Hepburn, Isabella Rossellini, Michelle Pfeiffer and Sharon Stone.

During the Museum Night, old and young visitors can become acquainted with well-known and less well-known museums: from the Rijksmuseum to the Pianola Museum, and from the Big Internet Museum to the New Church and the Portuguese Synagogue. All institutes will present a varied and trendy programme that includes music, fashion and film from Amsterdam’s subculture.

The incentive for the exhibition is a new, recently published book by the legendary photographer. He made a selection from his extensive archive of more than two million negatives. The book, titled ‘Terry O’Neill’, includes more than 300 colour and black-andwhite photos.

Besides leisure, the museums also offer opportunities to broaden one’s knowledge through organised tours, lectures. Visitors over the age of 35 can become acquainted with the modernday youth culture. The Museum Night is an outstanding opportunity to get to know Amsterdam’s youth.



autumn 2013

c Flickr Creative

c Henry Dullink

tCS amStERDam maRatHOn



A popularity that is unheard of

‘Orange Walk’ after inauguration

New bar/restaurant in centre of Amsterdam

The TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) Amsterdam Marathon is growing rapidly. More than 40,000 athletes from over 80 countries are expected on Sunday 20 October. These are unprecedented numbers. Never before has the TCS Amsterdam Marathon been so popular.

The Dutch capital of Amsterdam has a centuries-old, special bond with the royal family – the House of Orange. That bond was acknowledged once again in April of 2013 during the crowning of a new scion of Orange, King Willem Alexander. In honour of the inauguration, a new city walk is organised this year: the Orange Walk.

At the corner of the Enge Kapelsteeg (an alley) and Rokin (a street leading to Dam Square) a new bar/restaurant presents itself: Société Wunderbar.

According to participants, reaching the finish line at the historic Olympic Stadium is a euphoric experience full of highlights. The fast course passes through Vondelpark, along the Amstel River and through various museums. One of the main highlights this year will be the passage through the Rijksmuseum. Because of the flat course, a faster finish time is possible.

The Orange Walk leads you through the places in Amsterdam that attest to this centuries-old connection with the House of Orange. You will walk through the Prinsenhof (currently Hotel The Grand) where the first member of the House of Orange, Prince William of Orange, once stayed in 1581.

The building - once residence and office of Prince Hendrik, husband of Queen Wilhelmina - has been thoroughly renovated. It has a cosy and trendy interior with a metropolitan atmosphere. A nice terrace can be found at the Enge Kapelsteeg side. Eye-catchers inside are the long low leather bar – great for endless conversations - and the artwork “I Wonder” of street artist Max Zorn. Zorn made this piece especially for Société Wunderbar.

The TCS Amsterdam Marathon offers a suitable distance for every type of runner, from beginner to advanced. The closing date for registration is 29 September 2013. However, registration will close earlier if the maximum number of entrants has been reached. Spectators are, of course, also welcome.

During the Orange Walk you will also encounter the Royal Palace on Dam Square. The lively route description of the Orange Walk is available for € 2.50 at every VVV Tourist’s Office. There you will also find other interesting city walks.

The Chef of Société Wunderbar is the famous photographer Frits Behrend. He took up his lifelong passion for cooking. Behrend has created a menu based on his international experience, using authentic and organic Dutch products. All dishes are moderately priced but of high quality nevertheless.

autumn 2013


c Rob Hornstra




Artist and architect in a new perspective

What’s new? Go to Amsterdam

In Amsterdam? Yes, certainly

The Cobra Museum of Modern Art brings you an exciting exhibition on the early works of Austrian architect and artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000).

After the very successful first edition of the 2012 Unseen Photo Fair, the second edition of the international photography fair will start in Amsterdam on Thursday 26 September. During the fair, the Unseen Collection will offer photography fans an especially modern overview of works at attractive prices.

At the Paris! Paris! exhibition held at the Tassenmuseum Hendrikje (Museums of Bags and Purses) you will suddenly find yourself in the fashionable Paris of the early 20th century. The advertising fans shown at the museum were designed by leading graphic designers of the time and offered to visitors of entertainment establishments.

Currently 53 galleries from 20 countries have been selected for the international photography fair. According to Sasha Stone, managing director of Unseen: “More and more galleries are embracing Unseen’s concept of showcasing new work. That way, Unseen is slowly becoming the leading international fair that enables collectors, professionals and photography fans to stay on top off new developments and new work.”

During the world exposition of 1900, Paris presented itself as a modern metropolis. Street lights and cars, billboards and public restrooms, the new metro line; all of them brought unprecedented changes to city life. Therefore, the Paris of the early 20th century was a popular and prosperous city. Trade and industry’s response was to advertise for luxury brands and products. The collection of fans exhibited is on loan and has never before been shown to the public. This is your chance to view this small, unknown treasure of fans at the Tassenmuseum Hendrikje, from 1 October 2013 through 2 March 2014.

The exhibition, which was previously seen at the Museum Belvedere in Vienna, features the early, somewhat forgotten Hundertwasser. Toward the late 50s and early 60s, Hundertwasser studied the teachings of Zen Buddhism in Japan (among other places) and applied these teachings to his early works in the form of endless round and twisting lines. According to Hundertwasser, the straight line was ‘Godless’. The exhibition runs until 2 January 2014 and shows works from private collections and leading museums (including Peggy Guggenheim). Some of the works have not been seen in the Netherlands for more than 50 years.

This interesting photography fair will be held at the grounds of the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. programme



autumn 2013



‘24H’ In amStERDam nORtH IS... SPECIaL

The best movies and TV for kids

Famous liquors from Amsterdam

Please be on the lookout on 26 and 27 October

Cinekid is the annual film, television and media festival for children. Every year it attracts more and more children and (international) guests. The 27th edition of Cinekid will be held at the Westergasfabriek from 16 to 25 October. ‘The Movies’ cinema will feature a special programme for adults.

Eén om vijf (One in Five), Naveltje Bloot (Bare Navel), Hoe langer hoe liever (The Longer the Better) – all are distinguished names of gins and liquors produced in the Amsterdam distillery Van Zuylekom. In its courtyard, the Amsterdam Museum presents the exposition ‘Van Zuylekom – 300 Years of Distilling in Amsterdam’.

‘24H’ is the collective name of all kinds of events and activities taking place in the five regions of the city this year as part of the ‘400-Year Amsterdam’ celebrations. In the centre, the east, the south, the west and the north, each 24-hour event will start at midday on Saturday and finish at midday on Sunday.

In the 17th century, Amsterdam grew to become a centre for gin and liquor distilleries. One of Amsterdam’s most famous distilleries was Van Zuylekom. It was housed in the small business premises on the Anjeliersgracht (now the Westerstraat). The presentation at the Amsterdam Museum eloquently shows the history of an artisanal Amsterdam company. Exhibited in the courtyard are bottles, labels, photographs and correspondence. A typical piece of Amsterdams comes to life once again. The exposition runs through 15 October.

The last edition of 24H will take place in Amsterdam North on 26 and 27 October. For 24 hours, this part of town just above the IJ River (say ‘Eye River’) will showcase everything it has to offer. Whether you’re a true Amsterdamer, have only lived here for a short while, or are merely visiting: theatres, museums, clubs, shops and other attractions will open their doors to the public and deliver some special surprises. Which ones? Be sure to take the ferry from the central railway station (Centraal Station) to Amsterdam North on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 October.

Annually, Cinekid attracts some 50,000 children between the ages of 4 and 14, and is therefore the world’s biggest children’s film festival. Besides attention for films and television programmes, at the Medialab, young film fans will have the opportunity to participate in various activities and workshops. Every year prizes are also awarded for high-quality creative work. In 2012, the prizes were awarded by child stars from popular Dutch films and television series. Last year, the big winner was the French animation movie Ernest & Célestine. It won both the jury and public award for Best International Children’s Film.

autumn 2013


meet holland’s most famous district: the Jordaan

Arty inspirational lovable The Jordaan is known for iTs diversiTy. shopping is a real Treasure hunT in This beauTiful area. for example, you’ll find vinTage wear for a sTeal here, record shops selling Jazz albums, special bookshops, galleries, and Trendy designer furniTure shops. plus, The area is sTeeped in hisTory.

text constanze fluhme photography sander fletterman and contributors


Page right top The Jordaan district has everything: canals, houseboats, museums, shops and – last but not least – friendly people.

he Jordaan’ was built as a district for both the working class and immigrants that arrived in the city during its large expansion in the early 17th century. It has been a trendy, folksy neighbourhood though the ages and has now grown into a popular environment for artists, hip thirty-somethings and students.

Page right below Old meets new in the Jordaan: it has been a folksy neighbourhood through the ages and has now grown into a popular environment for artists, hip thirty-somethings and students.

rembrandt was here Rembrandt van Rijn was probably the most famous artist who ever lived in the Jordaan. He moved there during an unsuccessful period, as the rental rates were not very high then. His house was on the Rozengracht (Rose Canal) and his studio was on the Bloemgracht (Flower Canal). The famous painter was buried in a poor man’s grave in the Westerkerk (Western Church), which is not the main church of the Jordaan. Although you can hear the church’s carillon and see its beautiful tower (the Westertoren) from everywhere in the neighbourhood, the church is actually located just outside the area. The Jordaan’s main church, the Noorderkerk (Northern Church), is located on the Noordermarkt. It was designed by Hendrick de Keyser and built between 1620 and 1623.



autumn 2013

autumn 2013


A great selection of home decorations at ‘De Weldaad’.

Charming Courtyards The Jordaan has a multitude of hofjes. These charming courtyards feature peaceful, well-kept gardens surrounded by former almshouses that have been beautifully restored. These courtyards were funded by wealthy members of society and served as a shelter and save haven for the poor or elderly. Some of the courtyards are closed to the public and only open during special ‘open monument days’. But, if you happen to come across one of their entrances, and it is unlocked, most residents will not mind if you sneak in for a quiet peek.

What’s not to love? Most of the museums in the Jordaan are small. Examples include the Pianola Museum with its old, mechanical pianos; the Theo Thijssen Museum dedicated to the famous Dutch writer; the Houseboat

Museum which lets you experience life on board; and a fluorescent art museum called Electric Ladyland. On the edge of the Jordaan, you can find the Anne Frank House on the Prinsengracht (Princes Canal). The new Jordaan Museum is dedicated to the history of the city quarter. Get inspired and join us for a stroll!

urban vintage? de Weldaad You might not be able to resist this shop! It is located in a former garage and sells restored and original furniture, architectural antiques, urban vintage, and new decorative products. Mirjam, the shop’s enthusiastic owner, imports furniture from several European countries such as Hungary, Denmark and Sweden. De Weldaad (Well-being) is open seven days a week.



autumn 2013



1. Taste the best homemade apple pie in town at ‘Winkel43’. Usually, it’s still warm because it comes fresh out of the oven. 2. Looking at the shop window of ‘Pompon’ makes you want to use flowers as a work of art. 3. Visit ‘Aarde’ and fill your home with furniture from Central Asia.

Apple pie? Winkel43 In an attractive house, where the Westerstraat meets the Noordermarkt, café Winkel43 was established and built in traditional Amsterdam fashion. Because of its privileged location, on sunny days you can enjoy a cup of coffee or have lunch out on their terrace. But beware: the café is always busy. Its apple pie has become a wellknown delicacy, so tasting it is a must. On both market days (Monday and Saturday), Winkel43 opens at 7.00 in the morning. A tasty slice of fresh apple pie is waiting for you. Don’t forget to ask for freshly-whipped cream!

FloWers? pompon Pompon is a favourite flower shop in Amsterdam that sells remarkable flowers and original arrangements. Their bouquets are reminiscent of those seen in the still-lives painted by 17th century Dutch masters. If you’re looking for something special and out-of-the-ordinary, then this is the place for you. Pompon also offers a wide collection

AUtUmn 2013


of handmade glass work, unique vases, ceramic pots, and garden furniture by the brand Viteo.

UniqUe And coloUrFUl? AArde Aarde (‘Earth’) offers a unique collection of old and antique furniture and objects from Central Asia. You’ll find a wide selection of colourful old and new textiles; silk and felt products; copper pots and jars; wood, stone and pottery bowls; tribal, silver jewellery and beads; and hand-knotted, wool carpets and kilims. The craft products are imported by the owners directly from Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Iran and Uzbekistan. ‘Aarde’ sells beautiful, ethically-produced furniture made of high-quality Indian rosewood which looks great in combination with the old Asian furniture that can also be found at the shop.


Delicious FooD? Yes!

1. Delicious Food will seduce you with organic delicacies.

Organic produce has reached the self-contradictory pinnacle of urban rustic chic at what can best be described as a ‘bulk food’ boutique: Delicious Food. Go there for the most enticing displays of pastas, nuts, exotic spices, and quality oils and vinegars. They also offer a good choice of Fairtrade coffee beans. At the shop, you will always find a great gift to bring back home. Don’t forget to buy some nice cakes or pastries to enjoy on-the-go.

2. For fashion addicts, LikeThis is certainly worth a visit. 3. Design your life with furniture and accessories by Marcel Wanders at Moooi. 4. At Milk & Cookies you will also find antique toys. 5. Piccola: a tiny shop filled with handmade jewellery and other curiosities.

Women’s Fashion? likeThis LikeThis is women’s fashion made in Amsterdam! The brand’s motto is: “It’s nice to like things because nice things make people happy.” Each item is created with true attention to detail and has an elegant yet edgy look. The collection’s mix of quality materials, unique patterns and contrasting colours will always add something fabulous to your wardrobe.

FurniTure anD... ? moooi This venture founded in 2001 by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers is named after the Dutch word for ‘beautiful’: ‘mooi’. The third ‘o’ in the brandname stands for their product’s extra value in terms of beauty and uniqueness.


In addition to Marcel Wanders’ designs, the Moooi portfolio contains a range of work from other nationally and internationally recognised designers. Marcel maintains an influence throughout the brand and is personally responsible for the overall

design selection process. The collection’s style is exclusive, daring, playful, exquisite and based on the belief that design is a question of love.

VinTage For kiDs? milk & cookies Milk & Cookies is a vintage shop that offers children’s clothing, furniture and accessories. If you love things from the past, don’t forget to visit Milk & Cookies. Besides vintage clothing, the shop also offers shoes and accessories and contemporary fashion with a nod to the past. The collections are put together with great enthusiasm and are absolutely unique!

unique jeWellerY? Piccola amsTerDam For years, Noomi van Gelder has been designing jewellery especially for the Dutch magazine Happinez. Her designs are a source of inspiration and strength. For her shop, Piccola Amsterdam, she designed a variety of unique necklaces in different styles. She also invented the ‘click-a-wish’ necklace which can be worn with three different charms: a rose quartz to represent love, a yin yang to represent balance and a crystal to represent life’s energy. At her tiny workshop located at the corner of the Prinsengracht and Westerstraat, you will also find jewellery from various international artists.

johnnY ramli? WrkshP13 Wrkshp 13 sells Johnny Ramli’s jewellery, beautiful leather bags and clutches as well as Marie Y Levi’s hand-woven and knitted scarfs made from beauti-







auTumn 2013



1. Wrkshp 13 is a one-stop shop for jewellery, leather goods and knitwear 2. The Dutch clothing line orson + bodil is designed for women of the world. 3. Francisco van Benthum recently delighted an enthusiastic public with his creations at Amsterdam Fashion Week.

ful materials such as cashmere, wool and silk. The jewellery is handmade out of high-quality materials such as oxidised silver, gold and precious stones. These contrasts support each other and together with the small details make the jewellery unique. Johnny Ramli’s passion combined with his use of religious icons and antique coins, gives each piece a different meaning.

altering the shape and length of the original garment. This approach makes orson + bodil modern while satisfying the demands of a sustainable, luxury label. Alexander van Slobbe was responsible for designing the uniforms used by the staff of the newly opened Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Women’s label? orson + bodil

Since 2003, Francisco van Benthum has been the leading force behind the luxury men’s fashion label of the same name. Van Benthum began his career in the late 90s, right after he graduated from the prestigious fashion department at the Arnhem Institute of the Arts. He immediately started his career as a men’s wear designer by exploring and stretching the borders of traditional men’s fashion and playing with its codes and restrictions. Soon, that became his trademark: adding a contemporary twist to the classical form by reinterpreting and recomposing the outline and elements of the traditional men’s wear silhouette. His concept shop on the Herenstraat is surely worth a visit!

The highly-acclaimed Dutch designer Alexander van Slobbe studied fashion design at the Arnhem Institute of the Arts where he graduated in woman’s and men’s design. With the start of his women’s label orson + bodil in 1988, he wanted a reappraisal of craftsmanship, to concentrate on development of individual pieces, and to introduce small series of each design, preferably made by hand. In 2003, the Archive Collection was launched. It features pieces inspired by previous designs and presented in different guises by varying fabrics or

autumn 2013


men’s label? Francisco van benthum


1. Gort offers jewellery for every taste. 2. The real gentlemen can shop for great accessories at Property of...

Timeless pieces? GorT Gort offers a beautiful, high-quality collection of unique jewellery. It is diverse and consists of timeless pieces in different price ranges. The collection has something for everyone and those who enter the shop can rest assured that they will walk out again carrying something beautiful. The shop has a wonderful ambience, which is partly due to its own workshop. The atmosphere is personal and laid-back, making the shop accessible and putting customers at ease almost immediately. Besides their own collection, you will find special jewellery items from other brands such as Charlotte by Ehinger Schwarz 1876 , Charlotte-Stories, Maier & Beck, Swivel by Pur, Jeh Jewels, Cardillac, Vincent van Hees, Marçin Zaremski, Vinx Hollands Glorie, and many other designers and goldsmiths. If you love watches, check out the latest additions from Mondaine, Alfex, and Bering.

men’s baGs and...? properTy of… Property Of... features a collection of men’s bags and accessories that was launched in the autumn of 2006 by café owners and design collaborators Peter Teo and Richard Chamberlain. The collection was created over many cups of coffee and continued to develop around the simple idea of creating useful, well-made products that reflect the designer’s interest in a straightforward aesthetic. The Property Of.. team strives to create a design language that incorporates the best of the old with new manufacturing technologies. The products are formed using traditional hard-wearing materials such as wax cloth and vegetable tanned leather, which are used alongside contemporary coated tarpaulins, corduroy and distressed cotton canvas. The look and feel of the shop has been influenced and shaped by the culture of cafés. The daily changing cast of characters, the activities, events and ‘life’ that unfold within this urban oasis, are a constant source of ideas and inspiration.


2 24


auTumn 2013

SaleS information

Every Saturday morning the organic market (‘Boerenmarkt’) occupies the Noordermarkt in the heart of the Jordaan.

noordermarkt on SaturdayS and mondayS Every Saturday morning the organic market (Boerenmarkt) occupies the Noordermarkt in the heart of the Jordaan. In the past, this was the market where farmers used to sell their crops. Today, it is known throughout the country for its wide range of organic products. Although you will find a few stands selling jewellery, clothing, soap and cosmetics, the majority of the market is dedicated to food. Stop by the Noordermarkt for a quick snack or to stock up on ingredients for a gourmet dinner. You’ll find a full spectrum of organic foods here, including fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, fresh herbs, pastas, grains and olive oils.

De WelDaaD Noordermarkt 35 Winkel43 Noordermarkt 43 PomPon Prinsengracht 8-10 aarDe Westerstraat 10 Delicious FooD Westerstraat 24 likeThis Westerstraat 70 winkel moooi Westerstraat 187 milk & cookies Westerstraat 141 Piccola Prinsengracht 16 WrkshP 13 Prinsenstraat 13 orson + BoDil Herenstraat 38 Francisco van BenThum Herenstraat 13 GorT Herenstraat 11 ProPerTy oF… Herenstraat 2

On Monday mornings the Noordermarkt is home to a small but delightful flea market that offers a mix of second-hand goods ranging from antiques and books to clothes and household shabby-chic. At the edge of the Noordermarkt’s flea market, you’ll find a number of stalls selling fabric by the metre. On Mondays, there is also a textile market (Lapjesmarkt) just around the corner on the Westerstraat. This market used to be devoted especially to fabrics, but old furniture and trendy second-hand clothing have also become popular merchandise.

autumn 2013


hospitality text inez stertefeld photography witH tHanks to Contributors

amsterdam marriott Hotel

Park Plaza ViCtoria amsterdam

Hilton amsterdam Centraal station

Ben Voogd, best concierge in 2013

Active Club even more active after a facelift

New Executive Lounge to work or... to unwind

The talent of a hotel concierge, like that of a writer or athlete, is something that cannot be learned, according to Ben Voogd, concierge at the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel. “It’s just in you.” After working in the hotel for 31 years, Voogd recently received the J. Willard Marriott Award of Excellence. Voogd’s success as concierge begins with the connection to his birthplace. “You must love your city, your country and your hotel,” he says. “When you have that love, it is very easy to look after your guests.” Taking care of the guests has many sides: from tips about the best restaurants and unique pedestrian routes, to arranging special tours and entrance tickets. When Ben is not busy helping guests, he himself likes to be a hotel guest.

With a festive celebration at the end of June, the Active Club of the Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam opened once again. After several months of construction, the Active Club in this authentic hotel has been completely renewed. The pool and gym were renovated and facilities such as a Finnish sauna have been added. All sports classes are given by a professional instructor to a group of no more than eight people. Beauty Studio Victoria is also part of the Active Club. At the studio, a skin analysis can be carried out which determines the acidity, sensitivity, moisture, fat content and pigment of the facial skin. Based on the results, one can get a recommendation for optimal care of the skin. All Active Club facilities are also open to non-residents of the hotel.

Double Tree by Hilton Amsterdam Centraal Station has a new Executive Lounge. A large group of regular hotel guests and frequent bookers opened the new lounge by simultaneously cutting a ribbon, together with general manager Caroline Receveur. The Executive Lounge is located on the ground floor overlooking the waters of the Oosterdok and is accessible to all guests booking executive rooms or suites. A complimentary breakfast is served in the morning, and complimentary bites and drinks are available in the late afternoon. With the opening of the Executive Lounge, yet another service has been added to the hotel. This, after the opening of an in-house Starbucks shop and a Sixt Rent-a-Car office.

Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel Kattengat 1 T 020 621 2223

Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam Damrak 1-5 T 020 655 1018

Double Tree by Hilton Amsterdam Centraal Station Oosterdoksstraat 4 T 020 530 0800



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Sofitel legend the grand amSterdam

amSterdam american hotel

dikker & thijS fenice hotel

Saying goodbye, saying hello...

The sunny side of life

Old traditions, contemporary outfit

Robert-Jan Woltering, current general manager at Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam, will leave the city and become area general manager at Sofitel Germany. As of 26 August, he will also accept the position of general manager at Sofitel Bayerpost in Munich. Woltering looks back with satisfaction on six great years as general manager at Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam. One of the highlights of his job took place in 2010 when the hotel received the Legend Insignia – a status associated with a select group of ancient establishments with common denominators as rarity and exclusivity. With great satisfaction, Woltering committed himself to being a board member of Dutch Red Cross Amsterdam and a member of the Amsterdam Team against Poverty (with mayor Eberhard van der Laan at his side).

From 4 July until 10 October, this year’s summer exhibition held at the Amsterdam American Hotel will feature Sabina Wörner’s ‘On the bright side’. Sabina Wörner is a German artist who grew up in England. After staying in Amsterdam for 22 years, she now lives near the Dutch city of Utrecht and works from her German studio in Cologne. The English country garden, southern Germany’s fruit and heat, and the light and still-lifes of the Dutch Golden Age form a natural and inexhaustible source of inspiration for her work. The paintings of her exhibition in the Amsterdam American Hotel are based on one single perspective: those great moments when we are bursting with energy because we realise we are fine or have simply decided to be just that.

In 1921, Mr. Dikker and Mr. Thijs opened their new oyster saloon in the beautiful corner building on the Prinsengracht/Leidsestraat, where they became famous for selling oysters, lobster and caviar. Now, more than 100 years later, the inspiration of these two founders is still living on in the completely renewed Dikker & Thijs Fenice Hotel. In 2001, this historic hotel and the adjacent 18th century warehouse were thoroughly renovated and restored to their former glory. Over the last years, the rooms were adjusted to contemporary standards. On top of that, restaurant Thijs was opened in May 2011. Last but not least, a compact fitness room has recently been completed on the first floor (for hotel guests only). What about the ever-present art gallery? Its next exhibition begins in October.

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197 T 020 555 3111

autumn 2013

Amsterdam American Hotel Hampshire Eden Leidsekade 97 T 020 556 3000

Dikker & Thijs Fenice Hotel Prinsengracht 444 T 020 620 12 12 27


Beethovenstraat 9 ∑ Kalverstraat 179 ∑ PC Hooftstraat 130 ∑ Bijenkorf - Dam 1 SHOP ONLINE WWW.CLAUDIASTRATER.COM

Carrera 1887



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Don’t be fooleD by the moDest entrance

The Treasure Trove ThaT is amsTerdam’s CiTy arChive

autumn 2013


Although it’s one of the lesser-known AttrActions of AmsterdAm, it ActuAlly hAs A lot to offer visitors: de BAzel. in Addition to the Building’s function As home to the city’s 40 kilometres of Archives, it is Also A museum BoAsting A numBer of very interesting exhiBitions.

text Robin GlendenninG photography StadSaRchief amSteRdam

Previous pages Don’t be fooled by the modest entrance... © Stadsarchief Amsterdam Page right top Some Amsterdamers still affectionately call ‘De Bazel’ a ‘bacon cake’ because of its streaky façade made up of alternating layers of brick and granite. © Stadsarchief Amsterdam Page right below The big safe doors of this overwhelming vault give entrance to the treasure chambers... © Stadsarchief Amsterdam


tretching some 100 metres between the canals Herengracht and Keizersgracht, the building on Vijzelstraat number 32 is arguably Amsterdam’s grandest early 20th century edifice. It was completed in 1926 and is called De Bazel, after its architect, Karel de Bazel (1869-1923). Unfortunately, the great man never saw the finished result of his toils. Had it been 100 metres tall, it wouldn’t have looked out of place in New York. It was commissioned by the Nederlandse Handelsmaatschappij (NHM: The Netherlands Trading Society), a company set up on the initiative of King Willem I in answer to the declining economy of the 19th century. The company is one of the primary ancestors of the bank we all know today as ABN AMRO. divine unity De Bazel certainly reflects the success of the Nederlandse Handelsmaatschappij. As you approach it on foot, it is almost too big for the street it is on. But it is beautiful and some Amsterdamers still affectionately call it spekkoek (literally, ‘bacon cake’, an Indonesian delicacy for the sweet-toothed) because of its streaky façade made up of alternating layers of brick and granite. Karel de Bazel derived inspiration for the building from his strong theosophical convictions. Theosophy maintains that knowledge of God may be achieved through spiritual ecstasy, direct intuition, or special individual relations. In his design, both inside and outside, De Bazel attempted to create a space that reflected divine unity, and in so doing, would be eminently agreeable to those who worked inside. Wander in, and you’ll see what he meant. aGGReSSive viRuS Don’t be fooled by the modest entrance to the building: inside there is so much to see. Before you go upstairs, be sure to take a look at the small ‘director’s lift’ tucked away in the corner. It was strictly for the top brass. When an aggressive virus felled the entire board of directors and a single ordinary employee of (what was then) the bank, an investigation was launched and the lift was discovered to be the source of infection. This led to the conclusion that the ordinary employee had been illicitly using the lift. He was promptly fired – as though becoming seriously ill hadn’t been punishment enough. Quite Special Once inside, you can see how De Bazel envisioned divine unity. The centre of the building is a huge atrium, allowing sunlight to shine straight in and creating a wonderfully light, open atmosphere. It’s like being outside. Looking up, you see the galleries on each of the five floors, onto which all of the offices open. This openness, perfectly commonplace in office buildings today, must have been quite special for the staff of yesteryear.



autumn 2013

autumn 2013





1. In the King’s Chamber, the board of directors of The Netherlands Trading Society came together. © Stadsarchief Amsterdam/ Jan van Dijk

Curious Cabinets The ground floor is essentially one large, open space, half of which is given over to researchers consulting the almost 40 kilometres of archives housed in the building. The other half is used as exhibition space, a café and a shop.

2. The main hall alone is impressive. Entering the building is a humbling experience somehow... © Stadsarchief Amsterdam/ Jan van Dijk

You are treated to excerpts from the vast archives wherever you look. Documents from the past, themed usually to reflect some topical issue in the present. Literal documents made of ink, parchment and wax seals, but figurative documents, too: archaeological finds of pottery and iron, photographs, paintings, curious cabinets... Everything you see teaches you something, however small and seemingly insignificant, about the history of Amsterdam.

3. Almost everything you would like to know about Amsterdam can be found in the city archives. © Stadsarchief Amsterdam

Largest vauLt Please make your way to the southern end of the ground floor, for this is the real business end for the casual visitor with a thirst for things wonderfully unique. Right at the far end is the gallery for the main temporary exhibition and the only part of the building for which an admission fee is charged. Just before you get there, however, a modern staircase takes you down to the real treasure trove: the old safe. Its doors and walls are massively thick. Until the Dutch Central Bank was built a few hundred metres away, it was probably the largest vault in the Netherlands. During the 60s and 70s, when the building was still a bank, the walls of the vault were plastered and whitewashed. The staircase leading down to the second level below ground (yes, this is a two-floor vault) had been removed. In the centre, taking up almost the entire space, weren’t coins and gold, but the bank’s computer! Thankfully, the computer is gone and the vault has been restored to its former glory. Sections of the plasterwork were carefully removed to expose the original Art Deco paintwork beneath. On the basis of what they found, they completely recreated De Bazel’s vision.



autumn 2013

Where and When Stadsarchief Amsterdam Vijzelstraat 32 1017 HL Amsterdam Opening hours: Tue - Fri: 10.00 - 17.00 Weekends: 12.00 - 17.00 For further information, please call +31 (0)20 - 25 11 511 (Mon - Fri between 09.00 and 17.00) Admission to the building and the exhibits is free. A modest admission fee is charged for access to the main temporary exhibition only. For groups, it is possible to book a guided tour on the date of your choosing during the City Archives’ opening hours. You can opt for a guided tour (in English):

‘De Bazel’ way back in 1926. © Stadsarchief Amsterdam

Oldest archive Amsterdam’s oldest archive is located in the centre of the vault. It is a large wooden ‘cupboard’ with three locks, and was originally kept in the Oude Kerk (Old Church), Amsterdam’s oldest building. This ‘cupboard’ was used to store the city’s most important documents, such as those chronicling its city rights and its authority to charge excise duties. Around the outside, where the safety deposit boxes for companies and individuals used to be, are numerous ‘display cabinets’. These cabinets celebrate the best of what made Amsterdam great over the years. These ‘treasures of Amsterdam’ have been arranged into 12 themes, each one represented by a prominent citizen of the city. Freddy Heineken, for instance, represents the mercantile spirit of the people; Theo van Gogh represents the city’s freedom of speech; and Willy Alberti represents the levenslied (life song).

- around the De Bazel building and the City Archives, or - a themed tour in the Treasury. The themes are: Power in Amsterdam; (politics, justice, crime); Young and Old in Amsterdam (children, care, welfare, life and death); Art and Culture; Money and Trade; Religion. The City Archives also offers educational tours for all ages (ranging from primary school to university) designed to acquaint students with archives and collections. On request, The City Archives can also focus on a single theme or subject of your choice. It is also possible to organise tutorials at the City Archives. Advance booking is essential, please call: +31 (0)20 - 25 11 619 or send an e-mail: groepsrondleidingen@

true pleasure It is a true pleasure to admire and become acquainted with the paintings, photographs and other objects on display at the City Archives. Not to mention the building itself, with its original, early 20th century decorations, parquet floors and furniture. So if you have an hour or so to spare during your stay in Amsterdam, be sure to check it out. It is magnificent and quite unlike anything else you’ve seen before.

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organs gaLore and much more: organ park

Very different from what

it used to look like

Located in a beautifuLLy restored church on the edge of the VondeLpark, the orgeLpark (‘organ park’) is not a park as we know it, but rather a new stage for organ music and Various other kinds of music – from cLassicaL to jazz to minimaL. the orgeLpark boasts four Large organs, and eVery year puts on some 100 eVents.

TexT Carla van Splunteren PhoTograPhy Sonja Duimel et al.

Page right top Organs on the outside, seats in the middle: the visitor finds himself in a central position, experiencing the organs as intimate friends. (Photo: Sonja Duimel, Orgelpark) Page right below The organ of the church in all its glory, with an angel praising its virtue. (Photo: Sonja Duimel, Orgelpark)


s an international concert stage for organists, composers and other artists, the Orgelpark can truly be called unique. The Orgelpark is housed in the splendid, completely restored Parkkerk (Park church) on Gerard Brandtstraat, between the Vondelpark and the Overtoom. Its main aim is to foster the integration of the organ into musical life by presenting it in an innovative way. Although the organ has always been there for the benefit of the building, nowadays the building itself is meant for the benefit of the organ and its music.



autumn 2013

autumn 2013




1. You would not expect a cozy foyer such as this one in a church. (Photo: Sonja Duimel, Orgelpark) 2. The church is being used for all kinds of creative activities, often experimenting into new musical directions. (Photo: Sonja Duimel, Orgelpark) 3. The Organ Park is located in the splendid, completely restored Parkkerk (Park church) on Gerard Brandtstraat. (Photo: Sonja Duimel, Orgelpark)


ExtrEmEly variEd programmE The Orgelpark offers an extremely varied programme of activities. Facilitating study resources is one of them. Organising concerts, master classes and symposiums is another. Needless to say, the organ is a leitmotiv in this programme. However, the Orgelpark also features a wonderful collection of instruments reflecting music history since the 1870s: • an Erard grand piano from 1899; • a new Sauter grand piano; • a splendid Muster harmonium with celesta from the 1920s; • a small box organ built by the Elbertse Company from the Dutch town of Soest; • a wonderful barrel organ, ‘The Busy Drone’. 100 yEarly activitiEs Among the roughly 100 yearly activities, a great diversity of concerts of classical, jazz and other origins may be found - as well as events involving artistic disciplines such as dance and film. Every now and then, the Orgelpark will metamorphose into a studio for young talent from Dutch and international music schools, which often is also the time for the commissioning of compositions (i.e., requesting musicians to write a specific piece). In short, the Orgelpark is always brimming over with energy and enthusiasm. From church to thEatrE In 2006, architect Bas van Hille transformed the church – built in 1918 by architect E.A.C. Roest – into a theatre. In terms of spatial dimensions the church hall was left intact, but the current concert hall appears very differently from what it used to look like, mainly because of two major changes. First of all, the formerly completely white interior now features 40 separate colours as well as festive lighting which provides a cheerful ambience.



autumn 2013

eveNtS AND CONtACt September 25 Choir & Organ, Requiem Duruflé September 27 Accordion Duo Toeac September 27, 28, 29 Charles Ives Festival Three concerts dedicated to the American composer Charles Ives (1824-1954). On the 27th, Ralph van Raat (piano) plays the Concord Sonata. On the 28th, you can listen to several works for string quartet, organ & harmonium. On the 29th, the Arko Chamber Choir sings a number of Ives’ compositions for choir, organs & harmonium.

The church is not only beautiful from the inside... (Photo: Joyce van der Feesten)

The second, spectacular element of change lies in the huge, previously stained glass windows. After the glass had been removed, they were sound proofed, and are now covered with thematically defined sheet images and colours. As a result, the existing old organ and the newly added organs create a magnificent and pleasing spatial effect. In addition, the church has been provided with heating and ventilation systems that are almost invisible and have been worked into the edge and the bottom half of the balcony and under the new steps of the balcony. art Deco ambience The Orgelpark’s goal is to appeal to a large and varied public, from young to old, and from ‘ordinary’ music lovers to professionals. Everything possible is done to make people feel at home in the beautiful Art Deco ambience, the intimate concert hall and the cozy foyer. You are warmly welcomed by the staff and provided with all the information you may desire. A great place for an unusual evening out!

autumn 2013

OCtOber 4, 5, 6 more or Less minimal Festival The Dutch classic Canto Ostinata and works by the founders of the minimal genre (such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley) are alternated with less well-known minimal music, but also with compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach. OCtOber 11 Organ, clarinet & alt / mezzo soprano An unusual programme of 20th century music. OCtOber 18 Organ, piano & soprano – Amerika Songs for soprano and piano from the United States, alternated with parts of the American Suite by Jean Langlais. OCtOber 23 Choir, organ & ensemble. Among others, messe des pauvres by Erik Satie and the spectacular Concerto for percussion orchestra and organ by Lou Harrison.

OCtOber 25 Organ & trombone The programme offers old music as well as arrangements and ‘new’ compositions. NOvember 3 Organ, ensemble & electronics – premieres. NOvember 8 Film: tartüffe by Murnau Järg Abbing (organ) and his students from the Hochschule für musik in Saarbrücken, Germany, perform the accompanying music for the film Tartüffe. NOvember 15 Music from Lithuania, France and the Netherlands, performed by Renate Lesieur and Mathias Havinga. NOvember 16 Musical Theatre, One Hundred Nights, One Hundred Years. NOvember 22 Organ, piano & horn A varied programme spanning three centuries and half of Europe. NOvember 23 Flute orchestra & organ Works by Matthias Kadar, Wilbert Bulsink and Joop Franssens. NOvember 29 Organ & viola: Church & Synagogue. DeCember 6 Organ solo Organists from Birmingham, Franck to reger. DeCember 7 New English music for organ performed by students of the Birmingham Conservatory.


HIStory If you want, effIcIency If you lIke, quIet If you wISH

Want to have a meeting?

amsterdam may serve you Well Whatever business meeting you may have planned, amsterdam Will not let you doWn.

TexT Inez Stertefeld PhoTograPhy PrIvate collectIonS


hat Amsterdam can provide any ambiance for any business meeting, is not only because the city boasts an enormous diversity of locations, but also because the capital of the Netherlands has the countryside as its neighbour. Amsterdam also boasts a relatively small, historical centre and many city rings that were (and are!) the result of the city becoming an ever-growing international business hub. Here are just a few ideas for your next gathering.

Peace and quiet? Hotel okura amsterdam Okura’s culinary expertise is reflected in the conference and events department of the hotel. It offers guests exclusive buffet options and a highly valued culinary service. The hotel’s entire first floor consists of 2,700 m2 of multifunctional areas. With 19 banquet rooms and two foyers, the Okura is able to provide space for meetings suitable for up to 1,500 people. The conference floor has recently been renovated, giving the rooms a new and sophisticated look and feel. Gentle colours can be found all around, as well as a carpet containing 14 different shades of green. Both exude the sense of peace and quiet that is characteristic for the Okura brand.

The smaller rooms are provided with built-in video projectors and screens, ideal for video conferencing, meetings, receptions and festive get-togethers. With its view over the Amstel River, the 900 m2 Grand Ballroom has many options. LED lights allow the visitor to switch the colours in 30 different tones to match the right atmosphere for every event – whether it’s a gastronomic dinner, cocktail reception or conference.

Hotel Okura Amsterdam Ferdinand Bolstraat 333 T 020 6787 790



autumn 2013

at tHe airport? sHeraton amsterdam airport Hotel

History and elegance? renaissance Hotel Whether you would like to organise a symposium, a gala dinner or an annual board meeting, the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel is a topnotch venue located in Amsterdam’s city centre. The hotel has a total of 16 meeting rooms spread out over more than 1,500 m2, complete with a high level of services and amenities that are designed to ensure a successful event. Meetings and events of up to 700 attendees take place in the unique 17th century domed monument the ‘Koepelkerk’ (Domed Church) where history, elegance and style meet professional event organisation and flexibility. The high ceilings and natural daylight are unique characteristics of this icon of Amsterdam. The six additional rooms in the ‘Koepelkerk’ blend in perfectly with the 11 contemporary and ultra-modern meeting and board rooms located in the hotel. These rooms can accommodate gatherings of up to 150 delegates.

The Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel and Conference Center is the only hotel with direct access to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport’s arrival and departure halls. When it comes to planning a convention, conference or meeting, the 30 meeting rooms offer an inviting ambiance. All the rooms are equipped with wireless internet and state of the art technology. During the breaks, an extensive buffet outside the rooms is possible. ‘The Universe’, measuring 420 m2, is the biggest room. It is an ideal space for large meetings, gala dinners and exclusive presentations. It can be divided into three rooms or extended with the ‘Skyway and Stargate Foyer’.

The ‘Tower Suite’ has a soundproof boardroom with a unique view of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. It can be reserved separately as a luxurious meeting room for up to seven delegates. Five boardrooms for up to ten delegates are located on the second floor of the hotel and all have natural daylight. Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel & Conference Center Schiphol Boulevard 101 – Schiphol T 020 316 4300

The contemporary interior design is supplemented with state of the art audio-visual technology including video conferencing, WiFi, and large, flat panel TV’s. Every room can be configured in a variety of settings. All events can be tailored to meet specific needs, and if necessary, culinary delicacies can even be prepared and presented by the executive chef himself. Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel Kattengat 1 T 020 551 2060

autumn 2013


MeeTing rooMs everywhere? regus Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspaces and has nine centres in Amsterdam. The meeting rooms, boardrooms and conference centre facilities can be booked by the day, half day or even by the hour. The following is offered: offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms, business lounges, video communications and business world cards.

a layout that fits any specific meeting: boardroom, cabaret, theatre, classroom or U-shape. All meeting rooms are under the watchful eye of a dedicated support team and offer free internet, a flip chart, a whiteboard, markers, water and pads. Regus / Amsterdamse Bos Cuserstraat 93 T 020 491 9595 / 0800 020 2000

Guests can arrange meeting rooms for all kinds of business occasions and pick

Two locaTions? MeeTing rooM space Spaces Business Club provides the perfect meeting rooms for groups from two to 100 people at two locations in Amsterdam. A city centre location on the ‘Herengracht’ (a canal) and a great location in the business heart of the ‘Zuidas’ (an important commercial area in the south of Amsterdam). The fully-equipped meeting rooms are all spacious, quiet and have plenty of natural light. In each room a projector can be found, as well as LED TV or LCD TV access. Free WiFi is available throughout both locations and in all meeting rooms. Spaces Business Club has a private caterer who uses only fresh and healthy products for breakfast and lunch. The caterer also provides menus for dinners, parties and events. Spaces Business Club is also open during the weekends for gatherings from 80 to 200 people. Spaces Herengracht Herengracht 124-128, T 020 79 447 00 Spaces Zuidas Barbara Strozzilaan 201, T 020 24 024 00



autumn 2013

CouNtrysiDe? lute For the past ten years now, Lute Restaurant in Amstelveen (just outside Amsterdam) has stood for “extraordinary enjoyment”. The two boardrooms at Lute are ideal for meetings, brainstorming sessions, private lunches and dinners. All technical equipment that contributes to an efficient meeting is available. Both boardrooms have a separate entrance and easy access to the new lounge terrace outside. Peter Lute and his kitchen brigade will ensure that all culinary needs are fulfilled. The new location Explore in Muiden – housed in a former gunpowder factory – provides “grand festive enjoyment”. Explore is an ideal venue for a wide range of activities such as business meetings, dinners, presentations, galas, TV recordings and the like, both for large and small groups. Lute De Oude Molen 5 - Amstelveen Explore Maxisweg – Muiden T 020 4722 4662

NatioNal Park? DuiN & kruiDberg In the breathtaking scenery of the National Park South Kennemerland and only a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam, lies the beautiful estate Duin & Kruidberg. Besides its 75 luxurious hotel rooms, Duin & Kruidberg has five ancient-style banquet rooms at the ground floor of the mansion. Duin & Kruidberg is a good choice for a lunch, stylish reception or dinner. The ten additional rooms in the basement are ideal for meetings, conferences and product presentations. The rooms are all equipped with high-quality audiovisual equipment and free high-speed wireless (and wired) internet. Using the sliding walls, the meeting rooms can be divided into separate rooms. With the LED lighting, different atmospheres can be created. Meetings can also be scheduled in combination with dinner at the Michelin star restaurant ‘The Friends of Jacob’. Ample free parking is available. Duin & Kruidberg Duin en Kruidbergerweg 60 Santpoort T 023 512 1800 autumn 2013

CeNtrally loCateD? Novotel amsterDam City The 4-star Novotel Amsterdam City is located in the commercial heart of Amsterdam, next to the exhibition and convention centre Amsterdam RAI and near the World Trade Center (WTC). The railway, tram, and tube station RAI are all nearby, allowing you to be in the city centre or at International Schiphol Airport within 15 minutes. Divided over the ground and first floor, the convention centre of the hotel measures 1,300 m2 and consists of a dedicated entrance, 17 meeting rooms, individual breakout areas, a modern business centre and possibilities for video conferencing.

Its flexible layout makes it ideal for a wide variety of corporate and social events; from conferences and exhibitions to cocktail parties and festive evenings. Novotel Amsterdam can provide bedrooms and dining and meeting facilities to a group of up to 450 delegates, all in one location. The restaurant, terrace and bar facilities will satisfy all tastes and occasions. Novotel Amsterdam City Europaboulevard 10 T 020 431 3699


NEW IN SEASON GLORIOUS GUN’ IS A... WOMEN’S BAG COLLECTION In 2012, after working as a lawyer in Amsterdam for many years, Loes Vrij decided to take her lifelong passion for fashion to a more professional level by launching her first women’s bags collection: ‘Glorious Gun’. The label is best characterised by a mix of quirky, cool and elegance, paired with strong colours and genuine craftsmanship. Loes Vrij bags stand out with their original and distinctive designs and the use of materials of exceptional quality. The ‘Gun’ is a true stunner: timeless and the perfect little day and evening carryall for a lady on the go. Every piece is hand-crafted in Italy and made of Florentine vachetta, vitello and stingray. The bags come in several colours. Prices start at ¤ 798. Available at Paul Warmer or through the Loes Vrij webshop.

A NEW TRIPLE MALT FROM JOHNNIE WALKER Reminding us of the old days, Johnnie Walker sails with his yacht the Voyager around the world, this


time to launch a new triple malt Scotch whiskey: ’Odyssey’. After Asia, various ports in Europe

The Laurèl autumn/winter 2013/2014 collection has taken modern

- including Amsterdam – are now being visited for

architecture as its primary source of inspiration. Just as buildings

the promotion of this first triple malt Scotch whiskey.

serve people as homes, clothing fulfils the same function for the body.

Master blender Jim Beveridge has selected the best

It provides a sheltering space in which we feel at ease, while also act-

malts from three distilleries to create the whiskey.

ing as a backdrop for us to present our personalities. Fashion is thus

John Walker & Sons Odyssey is offered in a prestig-

transformed into a language, a means of expression. A good example

ious crystal decanter at a price of ¤ 760, with a

is the dream-like silhouette created by the electric red Laurèl dress

limited edition per country. Two weeks before the

with its peplum shape. Find more of the autumn/winter 2013 pieces at

ship arrives, several bars present special Voyager

the Laurèl shop.

Cocktails such as ‘The Voyager Cool Apple Cocktail’.

Laurèl, P.C. Hooftstraat 113, Amsterdam


IT’S NOT JUST A (TENNIS) BAG, IT’S A LIFESTYLE! It all started with the tennis bag... generally, a functional bag usually made


out of polyester. But why not make it into a luxury fashion item? For the La Dorjee bag, only the highest quality, Italian premium leather is used, while adhering to the highest levels of craftsmanship. You can choose from six

This September, Van Gils Parfums launches a new fra-

colours and customise your bag with you own initials. Besides the tennis

grance line for men: Van Gils Live. Van Gils Live makes

bag, La Dorjee has an attractive range of high-quality, beautifully designed

men realise there is more to life than work and daily


routine. ‘Live’ stands for making own choices, enjoying

the here and now, and making dreams come true: Carpe Diem! The base of the perfume is vetiver and patchouli, which provides a woody tone. The subtle combination with vanilla and leather makes the perfume sensual and irresistible. Eau de Toilette from ¤ 34.57, after shave 40 ml ¤ 27.45, and deodorant ¤ 21.35. 46



RAW ELEGANCE? YES, IT’S POSSIBLE This year, the innovative Dutch brand Choices by DL was present during the international jewellery and watch show, Baselworld. Each year about 1,450 companies from the watch, jewellery and precious-stone industries, showcase their latest developments and innovations in Basel. The latest line from Choices by DL is the Raw Elegance collection. The collection is only available in 18 karat brushed yellow gold, in combination with interchangeable, different coloured gemstones. Brushed gold is less shiny than polished gold and gives the pieces a nice hippie-chic look. Price range: rings from ¤ 3,495; bangles from ¤ 8,500; earrings from ¤ 1,600. For the full collection, please check the Choices by DL website. Available at all branches of Gassan Diamonds.

FEMININE, WEARABLE WINTER FASHION If you are looking for the finest ladies’ fashion brands, Van Ravenstein is the place to be. In the coming season, you can find Peet Dullaert’s collection at the shop. Peet Dullaert is a young and talented Dutch designer. His autumn/winter collection is wearable pieces. The knitted dress (see


picture) was made in collaboration with

Since several months, the the gift shop Mint Mini Mall has been located in

Woolmark. To get an impression of the en-

the Runstraat, in the so-called ‘Nine Little Streets’ district – a particularly

tire autumn/winter collection at Van Raven-

nice shopping area in Amsterdam. The shop has a beach-inspired look: it

stein (which, among others, also includes

is fresh, light and makes you feel at home immediately. Visit this marvel-

designers like Dries van Noten, Balenciaga

lous new place for the most original, stylish and cool lifestyle items, trendy

and Ann Demeulemeester), please check

accessories and ‘spot on’ gifts for him, her and the little ones. Absolute

the website.

bestsellers are the ‘Cowboys bag’ for him, Kidscase clothing, sunglasses by

Van Ravenstein,

Komono and jewellery from Uno de 50. Visit the store at Runstraat 27 or see

Keizersgracht 359, Amsterdam

the webshop for more information.

beautiful, with very feminine, luxurious and

ELEGANT SPECIAL EDITION WATCH MADE BY PANERAI Officine Panerai presents a very elegant special edition of watches, the Radiomir 10 Days GMT. The watch has automatic winding and an unusually long power reserve of ten days. The Radiomir 10 days GMT Oro Bianco has a black dial with ecru Super LumiNova dots and hands. The watch comes with a crocodile strap and a folding buckle in white gold. Only 250 pieces have been made worldwide. In the Netherlands, this masterpiece is exclusively available at Reuter Diamonds. Reuter Diamonds, Kalverstraat 165, Amsterdam T 020 623 3500

MEN’S SHOES CAN BE BOTH CLASSIC AND SPORTY This autumn, the renowned Dutch men’s shoe brand Van Bommel has chosen for warm winter colours in calfskin and suede for their classic models such as the brogue and bottine. However, there is also a sporty line with the emphasis on comfort. The classic collection is released in calf leather in the colours cognac, maroon and yellow ochre. Coloured by hand, different shades give the shoes an authentic look. The brogue also gets a sporty look in suede with a rubber sole. The latter collection – also available in leather – comes in maroon and dark blue. New are the suede or leather ankle boots with rubber soles. Available in the colours yellow ochre, brick red, brown and grey-blue.



MInT MInI Mall

amsterDam watch company



int mini mall is a marvelous new place in the Runstraat – one of the 9-streets - for the most original, stylish, cool lifestyle items, trendy accessories and spot on gifts for him, for her and for the little ones. Brands like Cowboysbag, Kids Case, Rice, Minnetonka, Uno de 50 and so much more ! Visit the store at Runstraat 27 or the webshop. Opening hours :Tue – Sat 10.30 – 18.00 Sun 12.30 – 17.00 and Mon 12.30 – 18.00 MInT mini mall Runstraat 27 T. + 31 (0) 20 – 627 24 66

Wco has been buying and selling rare and exclusive watches all over the world for the last ten years and is known for its passion for vintage. Some of the most sought-after vintage models from brands such as Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, IWC and Jaeger-LeCoultre can be found in their store, all serviced by expert watchmakers prior to being displayed and sold with a one year warranty. Additionally, AWco is authorized dealer of the Dutch watchmakers Christiaan van der Klaauw and Roland Oostwegel and one of a handful dealers worldwide for the German D. Dornblüth & Sohn. Did you know that Amsterdam Watch company was selected best vintage watch shop of Amsterdam? Open Tue-Fri 11.00 - 18.00; Sat 11.00 - 17.00 hours. Reestraat 3 1016 DM Amsterdam T. + 31 (0) 20 389 27 89



en’s accessories must-haves & gifts, selling Bickley & Mitchell, Buns, von Eusersdorff, Gem Kingdom, Gi ‘n Gi, Goti, Dr. Gritti, Inverni, Orlebar Brown, Max Rohr, Royalties-Paris, Swims, Hanna Wallmark, WANT Les essentiels de la Vie, Werkstatt Muenchen and many more exclusive brands. Tue. - Sat. 11.00-18.00 Sun 12.00-17.00 Mon Closed DE9HEREn Berenstraat 22 A 1016 GH Amsterdam T. +31 20 330 08 28

reuter DIamonDs

Gem KInGDom

western house




euter Diamonds is the leader among the diamond firms in Amsterdam. Owned and operated by the same family for six generations, specialized in diamond jewelry and everything produced by our own team of goldsmiths. We are also the official dealer for Swiss watches such as: Cartier, Breitling, IWC, Jaeger Lecoultre, Officine Panerai and Tag Heuer. We welcome you in a serene and friendly environment, seven days a week. 21 % Tax free for non-EU residents. Opening hours: Mon 12:00–17:30; Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 10:15–17:30; Thu 10:15–20:30; Sun 12:30–17:15 Reuter Diamonds Kalverstraat 165 1012 XB Amsterdam T. +31 20 623 35 00 info@

ewelry in a rich and original style, handmade in Amsterdam. Each design embodies contrasts such as primal yet sophisticated, the ethnic and the ultra modern, history and future, resulting in jewelry with a personal touch and feel. Sterling silver, gemstones, mother of pearl, engraved crystals, porcelain, and rare and odd materials are blended in designs that breath individuality. Mon. 12:00 - 18:00 Tue. - Fri. 11:00 - 18:00 Sat. 10:00 - 18:00 Sun Closed Huidenstraat 13 1016 ER Amsterdam T. 020 - 620 21 93

estern Boots, bags and belts from Sendra. Largest selection in Europe. More than 500 styles and at least 6000 pairs of boots in stock. Also exotic boots made of lizard, snake, crocodile, ostrich and shark skin. Opening hours: Monday through Saturday 10.00 - 18.00 Sunday 12.00 - 18.00 On Line Store: 3 minutes or 240 meters walking distance from Damsquare/Bijenkorf! 12 minutes or 1000 meters walking distance from Central Station! Oude Doelenstraat 6-8 1012 ED Amsterdam T. 020 - 622 33 29



autumn 2013

tHE pEoplE of tHE labyRIntHS

The specialist in extra tall and large-sized men’s clothing. Tax free.

f you happen to be in Amsterdam don’t miss the beautiful shop of THe PeoPLe oF THe LAByRinTHS downtown near the Stedelijk Museum, just across the Conservatorium Hotel”. you’ll be amazed by the magical colors and unique designs of this highly exclusive handprinted, hand-dyed collection for women and men. A star collection for the happy few who recognize the inspiration of art in fashion. To give you a complete picture of the tempting world of THe PeoPLe oF THe LAByRinTHS the home store also shows a wide choice of their interior collection. A must for every fashion lover and a joy to visit.

Bugatti Polo Ralph Lauren Pierre Cardin Gardeur Camel Paul & Shark You can park your car at only 80 meters away, at our expense

Van RaVEnStEIn


All major credit cards accepted Closed on Monday

open 7 days a week!

Prinsengracht 514 1017 KJ Amsterdam T. 020 - 622 63 39

Van Baerlestraat 42-44 1071 AZ Amsterdam T. 020 - 664 07 79

Autumn – Winter 2013/14 DRieS vAn noTen PeeT DuLLAeRT JiL SAnDeR PAuL HARnDen MonSieuR MAiSon MAiSon MARTin MARGieLA WALTeR vAn BeiRenDonCk Ann DeMeuLeMeeSTeR MARy kATRAnTzou veRonique LeRoy BALenCiAGA Keizersgracht 359, 1016 EJ Amsterdam T. 020 - 639 00 67


G&G special sizes

opening hours: Mo 13 - 18hr Tu, We, Fr 11 - 18hr Th 11 - 19hr Sat 10.30 - 17.30hr

Hard Rock Cafe amsterdam offers more than just great food and service. In our famous waterside cocktail bar & restaurant all is done to give our guests an experience that Rocks. Our in-house Events Team offers a unique environment for your function. With two floors and a VIP Private Legends Room we have adaptable capacity and space.

max Euweplein 57-61, 1017 ma amsterdam Contact: Claire Skudder t + 31 (0)20 523 7611 49 autumn 2013

Betsy palmer amsterdam


ust around the corner from the DIAMOND CENTRE on Dam Square in the heart of Amsterdam, BETSY PALMER is a Girls’ Dream come true. This Ladies’ Paradise for fashionable shoes sells feasts-for–feet you always wished to wear but could never find before! Different in every aspect, the silver-walled Rokin store has a Big City atmosphere, yet offers Sweet Small Town Service by friendly shoe-crazy girls. Basic Business and Serious Partying, Feminine Elegance and Comfortable City Strollers, Sexy Chic, Gala Vamp or Sturdy Walks in the Woods, you’ll find shoes for all your Girls at Betsy’s. Betsy Palmer Amsterdam Rokin 9 - 15 / OUTLET v. Woustraat 46 T. 020 - 422 10 40 / T. 020 - 470 97 95

foto professional

reypeNaer CHeese tastING



oto Professional is a photo store located in the centre of Amsterdam for over thirty five years. We offer the biggest collection digital photo and video cameras in Amsterdam. We are dealer in Leica, Nikon, Canon, Hasselblad, Panasonic, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung, JVC, Fuji, and Ricoh. Our assortment starts from point and shoot cameras up to pro digital S.L.R. cameras, basic video cameras up to professional HDV videocameras use for TV and movie productions. We also stock a complete line of accesoires from batteries to memory cards, tapes to video lights and microphones. Nieuwendijk 113 1012 MD Amsterdam T. 020 - 624 60 24

t Reypenaer Cheese Tasting you can personally test and evaluate the flavor, aromas, characteristics and quality of the cheeses, under the guidance of an expert cheese taster. A cheese tasting lasts approximately one hour (maximally 20 people per tasting). Price € 15,- p.p. - is including wine arrangement Opening hours : Sunday and Monday 12.00 - 18.00; Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 18.00 From 7th September 2012 online booking possible Reypenaer Proeflokaal / Cheese Tasting Singel 182, 1015 AJ Amsterdam T +31 (0)20 320 6333

OSKA Willemsparkweg 71 Amsterdam T 020 471 3902 Jewellery • Diamonds • Watches

Mon 1 pm – 6 pm Tu – Fr 11 am – 6 pm Sat 10 am – 5.30 pm

Rokin 123, 1012 KP Amsterdam. Between DAM square and MUNT Tower. Phone: +31 (0)20 627 26 25 E-mail: 50


autumn 2013


Should take a cruise!

A la carte Dinner Cruise

Enjoy our 4 course a la carte dinner cruise: the most romantic restaurant in town! Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 8 PM Book online with promotion code YOU and receive a free glass of prosecco!

Stadhouderskade 30, 1071 ZD Amsterdam +31 (0)20 679 1370





Then there is only one place to be: THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF YOU IN AMSTERDAM!

CityRush CityRus Rush 52




New Collection Summer 2013 Now Available


SENZA offers you a wide range of Famous International Designer Brands. There is choice2 of Designer bags, 2 2 2 belts, YSL YSL YSL YSL shoes, accessories and clothing for men and ladies for a very good price. We are located in Amsterdam Centre, 2 2 DUNGEON 2 YSL Tussaud YSL ±250 m south of Madame / Dam Square, on the 2Rokin, and the ING Bank. YSL YSLnext to the Lanvin Lanvin Lanvin Our multilangual staff will give you the best & friendliest serviceLanvin and advice. New Collection Summer 2013 Now Available New Collection Summer 2013 Now Available New Collection Summer NowSummer Available New 2013 Collection 2013 Now Available Lanvin Lanvin

SPECTACULAR SALE - 70%30% - 70% SPECTACULAR SALE 30% -Lanvin 70% 30%Lanvin SPECTACULAR SALE SPECTACULAR SALE 30% - 70% New Collection 2013 NowCollection Available NewSummer Collection Summer 2013New Now Available New Summer Collection 2013 Summer Now Available 2013 Now Available SPECTACULAR SALE 30% - 70% SPECTACULAR SALE 30% - 70% SPECTACULAR SPECTACULAR SALE 30%SALE - 70% 30% - 70%

SENZA offersInternational you a wide range ofoffers Famous Designer Brands. There isa choice of Designer bags, SENZA offers you a wide range of Famous Designer Brands. There choice Designer bags, belts, SENZA youInternational a wideis range ofofFamous International Designer Brands. There is belts, choice of Designer belts, SENZA offers you wide range of Famous International Designer bags, Brands. There is choice of Designer bags, belts, accessories and men andWe ladies for a very good price. We areaand located in Amsterdam Centre, shoes, accessories and clothingshoes, for men and ladies forclothing a shoes, very for good price. located Amsterdam Centre, accessories andare clothing forinmen and ladies for very good price. Weand are located Centre, shoes, accessories clothing for men ladies forina Amsterdam very good price. We are located in Amsterdam Centre, ±250/mDam southSquare, of Madame Tussaud / Dam Square, onTussaud the Rokin, next to south the DUNGEON and thetoING Bank. ±250 m south of Madame Tussaud on the±250 Rokin,m next toofthe DUNGEON and/ ±250 the ING Bank. south Madame Dam Square, onMadame the Rokin, next the DUNGEON and INGnext Bank. m of Tussaud / Dam Square, on thethe Rokin, to the DUNGEON and the ING Bank. Our multilangual staff will give you the bestofstaff & Designer friendliest service and advice. multilangual staff will give you the best & friendliest service and advice. Our multilangual will give you the best & friendliest service and advice. Our multilangual staff will give you the best & friendliest service and advice. SENZA offers you a wide rangeoffers of Famous International Brands. There is choice of Designer bags, belts, SENZA youOur a wide rangeSENZA ofDesigner Famous International Designer Brands. There is choice bags, belts, offers you a wide SENZA rangeoffers of Famous you a International wide range ofDesigner Famous International Brands. ThereDesigner is choice Brands. of Designer Therebags, is choice belts,of Designer bags, belts, shoes, accessories andshoes, clothing for men and for shoes, a very good price.and Weshoes, are located inprice. Amsterdam accessories andladies clothing for menaccessories and ladies for aclothing very good We are Centre, located in Amsterdam accessories for men and and ladies clothing for aforvery men good and ladies price.Centre, We for aare very located goodinprice. Amsterdam We are Centre, located in Amsterdam Centre, ±250 m south of Madame Square,Tussaud on the Rokin, next to Madame theonDUNGEON and ING Bank. ±250Tussaud m south/ Dam of Madame / Dam Square, the Rokin, next tothe theSquare, DUNGEON thenext ING ±250 m south of ±250 Tussaud m south / Dam of Madame Tussaud on theand Rokin, / Dam Square, toBank. theonDUNGEON the Rokin, next andtothe theING DUNGEON Bank. and the ING Bank. Our multilangual staff will you the best friendliest service and Ourgive multilangual staff&will give you the best & advice. friendliest service and Our multilangual staff will Our give multilangual you theadvice. best staff&will friendliest give youservice the best and& advice. friendliest service and advice.








Open 7 days a week from 10:00 (ThursdaySummer till 21:00, Monday Sunday open from 12:00) New-19:00 Collection 2013andNow Available SENZA, Rokin 82, Amsterdam Tel: +31 (0) 20-5305030 For Non EU customers we offer a TAX REFUND SENZA offers you a wide range of Famous International Designer Brands. There is choice of Designer bags, belts, More luxury brands online www. a shoes, accessories and clothing for men and ladies for e very good price. We are located in Amsterdam Centre,






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±250 m south of Madame Tussaud / Dam Square, on the Rokin, next to the DUNGEON and the ING Bank. Our multilangual staff will give you the best & friendliest service and advice.

Enjoy your stay...

...but don’t leave empty handed.

SENZA 82 offers a world of premium gadgets, gifts and luxury Open 7 days a week from 10:00 -19:00 (Thursday till 21:00, Monday and Sunday open from 12:00) accessories for you or your loved ones Tel: +31 (0) 20-5305030 SENZA, Rokin 82, Amsterdam Forshow Non EU customers we offer a TAX REFUND back home. We’d love to you our More luxury brands online www. e collection of handmade leather bags, Het beste van Hoogstins satchels and briefcases. Or our wide range of pens, wallets and leather notebooks. You’re more than welcome in our store and on our website. Kinkerstraat 71 1053 DG Amsterdam +31 (0)20 689 42 59 Tram lines 3, 7, 12 & 17

bp_luxe_ad_you-magazine.indd 1

5/15/13 14:17

A mArket? Yes, whY not?! ImagIne you’re In amsterdam for a few days. you’ve seen some museums, taken a boat trIp, perhaps wandered through the red lIght dIstrIct. lovely, all very ImpressIve - but It’s tIme for somethIng dIfferent…

TexT Lizet Deutekom PhoTograPhy Lizet Deutekom, SunDay market, amSterDam marketing


he weather is fair and you just want to relax a bit; stroll around and perhaps mingle with some true Amsterdamers, try some local delicacies, shop, watch the people go by… The perfect way to combine all of these things into one is by visiting one of Amsterdam’s many markets. great atmoSphere, frienDLy peopLe A market? Yes, why not?! Certainly if it’s the spacious Pure Markt (Pure Market), a market that is held each Sunday in a different Amsterdam park. The park-setting lends these markets a very laid back, no-obligation, do-as-you-please feel. People sit themselves down on the grass, there’s plenty of room for the kids to run around and the paths are lined by a multitude of colourful stalls selling food and drink for all tastes. The stallholders are all producers who favour and savour good, honest, traditional and above all delicious food. And they’re keen to share their knowledge with you, as well as the origins of the ingredients they use. The atmosphere is great, the people are warm and friendly and the food is organic or local. And you’re always welcome to have a little taste. People go to the market to do their weekly shopping and at the same time fill their bellies. If you buy a bottle of rosé, you’ll probably be asked whether you’d like to borrow a few glasses so that you can drink it in the grass a little further along. Try saying ‘no’ to that idea! unique finDS A somewhat busier, urban take on markets can be experienced each Saturday in the heart of Amsterdam’s Jordaan neighbourhood. The Noordermarkt pioneered the phenomenon ‘farmers market’ in the Netherlands and attracts visitors from all across Amsterdam and beyond. In this quaint, centuries-old square, you’ll find dozens of stalls lavishly laden with organic products. To take home with you, or to enjoy on the spot. 54


autumn 2013



1. One advantage of a local Dutch market, Amsterdam ones too, is the great variety of cheeses on offer. The choice is yours! 2. Amsterdam traders are renowned for their tact. And they never become sly, or crafty, they just joke around to win you over. It’s in their blood… 3. Yes, this is the Netherlands: flowers! Visit the Albert Cuyp Market in the Albert Cuypstraat and you get a taste how colourful a Dutch market can be!


Each Monday, the square is the venue of a small, but surprisingly diverse vintage market, where you can find clothing and curiosities. Be sure to be early, or else the really unique finds are likely already to have been found. The market is popular among locals and tourists alike – for its typical Amsterdam bustle, the live music, and let us not forget ‘Amsterdam’s best apple pie’. You’ll find it on the corner, at Café Winckel, but be warned: the queue starts way outside. EuropE’s largEst daily markEt De Pijp, that other popular (formerly working-class) Amsterdam neighbourhood, has long been the setting of the famous Albert Cuypmarkt. Each day except Sundays, the Albert Cuypstraat is lined with some 260 stalls, making it the largest daily market in Europe. And there’s much more: behind the stalls and in the surrounding streets you will find lots of lovely little boutiques, cafés and restaurants. The Albert Cuypmarkt is the place to go to experience Amsterdam’s true atmosphere, perhaps best exemplified by the banter and touting of the traders. You can get all kinds of rather ordinary, day-to-day products at the Albert Cuyp, but also flowers or freshly baked stroopwafels – those typically Dutch, flat biscuits filled with molten caramel. And since quite recently, the Wednesday market has been extended to include a number of organic stalls, like the ones you’ll find at the Noorder and Pure markets. CrEativE, artistiC, inspiring Something slightly different is the Sunday Market in the Westerpark. Yes, it’s a market and yes, it’s in a park. But the products and stallholders have interests beyond the culinary. You’ll find all kinds of things related to interior design, fashion, vintage, jewellery and affordable art (and if you do fancy a snack, there are stalls selling wonderful organic food and drinks, too!). The Sunday Market is a formula copied from London markets such as Camden, Portobello and Spitalfield, where you can indulge in all kinds of creative, artistic and inspiring products.



autumn 2013

Combine a typical Dutch market in Amsterdam with a typical Dutch treat (herring) and you won’t be disappointed!

The stallholders at the Sunday Market include established names, but upcoming talent from design academies, too. The Sunday Market promotes itself as the monthly fashion, art and design market in Amsterdam and sports the suitable slogan ‘shop till you drop and get inspired...’ And should the weather not be cooperating when you go, it’s good to know that much of the action takes place inside the old, gorgeously renovated buildings of the Westergasfabriek (a former coal gas factory), located in the park. They’re not always open to the public, so that makes this market extra special.

ro station RAI, where tram number 4 stops, too. Park Frankendael is in the east and can be reached easily by tram 9 from Central Station or tram 12 from Amstel Station. noordermarkt Noordermarkt: every Saturday from 9.0016.00 farmers market and every Monday from 9.00-14.00 vintage market. The market is held in the heart of the Jordaan, by the Noorderkerk (Northern Church).

Where and When Pure markt Pure Markt: each Sunday from 11.00-18.00 in different Amsterdam parks. The upcoming locations are listed below: 14 July - Amstelpark 28 July - Park Frankendael 11 August - Amstelpark 25 August - Park Frankendael 8 September - Amstelpark 29 September - Park Frankendael 13 October - Amstelpark The Amstelpark is in the south of the city, within walking distance of railway and met-

autumn 2013

albert Cuypmarkt Albert Cuypmarkt on Albert Cuypstraat: each Monday through Saturday from 9.00-17.00. One end of the market can be reached on trams 16 and 24, the other on trams 3, 4, 12, and 25. Sunday market Sunday Market, every first Sunday of the month in Cultuurpark Westerpark from 12.00 – 18.00. Get there on tram 10 or bus 21. The website has the most up-to-date information. 57



autumn 2013

‘PeoPle’s zoo’ an attractive city Park for animals...

‘Artis’ exhibits nAture in All her mAjestic forms

autumn 2013




Previous pages In honour of its 175th anniversary, the zoo has devoted even more care and attention to the park’s beautiful colour displays. © Henry Salman Page right The elephants, jaguars, camels and... the giraffes: they’re all there. © Artis Ronald van Weeren


his is, admittedly, a rather abstract introduction to a story that should entice the city’s visitors to discover the zoo. No worries, though. The elephants, jaguars and camels are all there. But perhaps more interesting is the knowledge that Artis is so much more than just your average zoo. That is apparent, for example, in the many sculpted or cast bronze animal figures that one encounters everywhere. Elegant Buddhas attest to the foreign (especially Japanese) influences in the city park’s design. In short, Artis is a unique and historic monument located amidst city surroundings. It is a city park, a zoo, an estate, and indeed, above all... a people’s zoo. It is only logical that Artis, in close cooperation with the University of Amsterdam, employs the help of a scientist. The current mission of Artis – to bring art, science and nature together – demands a differentiated approach when it comes to the organisation of a modern zoo. YOU in Amsterdam asked professor Erik de Jong to share his story. ADORNED WITH GOLD LEAF That story begins in the early 19th century. At the time, well-to-do citizens slowly but surely started to make the gardens of the recreational area known as Plantage (located on the eastern outskirts of Amsterdam’s canal belt) their own. As far back as the 17th century, there was already mention of a Protestant belief which regarded human beings (especially those from Amsterdam...) as guardians of godly creations. An idea that was demonstrated with plenty of ornamentation, as can still be seen in the zoo’s gold leafed entrance. What better way for people to invest their wealth than in the collection and study of God’s creations? That is the reason why they called their initiative Natura Artis Magistra – nature was considered to be the educator of art and science. Artis became the genuine and splendid result of this philosophy.




autumn 2013




1. This black jaguar stares calmly at its observers. Just like all the other animals at Artis, it appears completely at ease. © Artis Patrick Brouwer 2. Art and culture come together at Artis. Here, Buddha feels at home. © Artis Ronald van Weeren 3. A playful, young elephant: Mumba can surely amuse itself! © Artis Edwin Butter


How did tHe animals get tHere? How did all those animals manage to find this recreational area? Starting in the 17th century, the Netherlands was an important – if not the most important – trading centre in the world. From Amsterdam, everything was traded, including the marble used in palaces and castles. To a large extent, this marble remained in the Netherlands, or better said, in Amsterdam. An example of this would be the Royal Palace on Dam Square. Amsterdam’s unprecedented, world-wide mercantile spirit brought many people to the Dutch capital during the 17th century – and with them came many animals. Residents of Amsterdam took advantage of this opportunity and filled the gardens of the recreational area with all kinds of foreign and exotic animals. artis founded by book dealer The zoological garden was officially established in 1838 when book dealer Gerard Westerman founded the association known as Artis Magistra. His partiality for natural history manifested itself in an extensive collection of books on this subject. Westerman was also a bird enthusiast and passionate collector of exotic (taxidermied) animals. In effect, all of his interests and passions are still evident in the present-day (and oldest) city park of Amsterdam. life in a natural environment Westerman’s passion is still noticeable in Artis’s modern ideology: the creation of an utmost natural habitat. There is a butterfly garden and a reptile dwelling. The park itself is abundantly planted with beautiful trees and other greenery. This year, as a token of gratitude toward its many visitors and, in celebration of its 175th anniversary, the park is decorated with many flowers and other colourful flora. Polar bears Have disaPPeared Because the city zoo, which attracts approximately 1.25 million visitors per year, is so limited in space, making wise choices is imperative. The aim for high quality combined with the



autumn 2013



1. Plenty of gold leaf decorates the entrance to Artis – this to symbolise man as the caretaker of God’s creations. © Henry Salman 2. Artis is not only a zoo (or a ‘people’s zoo’), but it is also a flower garden. © Artis Ronald van Weeren

institute’s mission – to promote a love and regard for nature – meant that some of the animals had to go. Polar bears, for example, which require a natural habitat of polar ice, have disappeared from the zoo. Why a people’s zoo? Why is Artis so emphatically referred to as a ‘people’s zoo’? Professor Erik de Jong’s answer is just as logical as it is appealing: “In accordance with our mission, it is essential that people are also given a central role. Our park, with its diversity of animals, exhibits the entire scope of nature’s forms and beauty. Because of this, those who loves nature – and that includes almost everyone who comes to Artis – can fully enjoy what they like, or consider interesting or peculiar. When it comes to achieving that goal, our animals are the incentive for the most varied ways of experiencing nature. Artis is a popular park, with playgrounds for even the youngest of visitors. But, Artis will never become an attraction park. We place a lot of emphasis on style and class.” alternative museum neighbourhood Foreign visitors are primarily preoccupied with the entertainment and hustle and bustle that often takes place in the heart of Amsterdam. Yet

autumn 2013

the neighbourhood that surrounds Artis, and is situated in the eastern part of the city centre, is just as attractive. With places such as the Hermitage, the Tropenmuseum (Tropics Museum) , the Hollandsche Schouwburg (Dutch Theater), the Verzetsmuseum (Dutch Resistance Museum) and the Hortus Botanicus (Botanical Garden), this area also boasts plenty of historical flair. It is “out-of-the-ordinary”, as the professor calls his neighbourhood: less busy, even though it has quite a few nice cafés. Consequently, it is a challenge to get to know and experience the city in a different, less hectic, way. park for all seasons In 2013, it is exactly 175 years since Artis came into existence. And should you think that old things wear out and get rusty, than Artis will prove the opposite. Amsterdam’s zoological garden is blossoming like never before. All of the animals enjoy the attention from the visitors, and appear calm and content. The more than 80,000 donors who support Artis (both materially and financially) visit regularly and enjoy themselves every time anew. In all seasons, the park has an undeniable beauty – one which visitors experience in their own unique ways. 63

chefs In the cIty text Lizet Deutekom PhotograPhy izakaya

Hariprasad Shetty (l.) and Yossi Eliyahoo (r.).

RestauRant Izakaya Sir Albert has arrived in town. The stunning, new hotel situated in Amsterdam’s famous district, De Pijp, has an English theme and goes by the name of an aristocratic British lord, but arrived – surprisingly enough – together with a Japanese restaurant. Chef Hariprasad Shetty came to Amsterdam from London’s Nobu to sway his scepter in the kitchen. The result is a menu that is chock-full of cosmopolitan dishes. Authentic, yet not traditional. You can see the chefs at work behind the Japanese Robata grill and keep ordering Sakana (small dishes) until you can order no more. Izakaya’s motto is: “Try at least one dish that you’ve never tried before.” And that is exactly what we’re going to do. Hostess from London Our hostess, Cara, offers us two glasses of crisp prosseco together with a beef sashimi with spring onions, garlic chips and a ponzu dressing. The meat is lightly roasted before being cooled on ice. It tastes as special as it sounds. Without any effort, we roll on to the next dish, consisting of a sashimi of salmon and sea bass with sesame and chives. Both

have been subtly seared on the top with a hot spoon. It’s a good thing that the dishes are served from light to heavy. The next dish looks complicated, but appears to be remarkably simple. It is an oyster, fried in a mishmash of filo pastry strands and served with wasabi mayonnaise and caviar. The prosecco makes way for a fruity sauvignon blanc from Chile. It pairs exceptionally well with the crispy rice tuna tartar: a fried sushi, that according to Cara, is one of the most popular dishes on the menu. Subtle truffle sauce Next, we are served a dim sum of scallops with a deliciously subtle truffle sauce and edamame beans. More dim sum follows, this time Wagyu steak: meat from Japanese cows that drink beer their whole life and are being massaged regularly. On your plate, the result is a very tender piece of beef. We accompany the dish with a light Grüner Veltliner. It tastes sublime. Dessert is a special selection of sweet delicacies. A coffee crumble with whiskey foam and warm madeleines with a light citrus

flavour, raspberry jam and vanilla cream. We have thoroughly enjoyed the refined dishes and attentive service. Izakaya brings a first-class, Japanese culinary experience to Amsterdam – one that stands far above any average sushi restaurant.

Hariprasad sHetty Hariprasad shetty is known through his work at leading culinary locations such as MOMO in amsterdam. He has already established an impressive, international culinary career. izakaya’s owner and driving force, yossi eliyahoo, brought him to the restaurant where together they are responsible for designing the innovative menu. the dishes are meant to be shared. they encourage dialogue about new textures and flavours.

Restaurant Izakaya Sir Albert Hotel Albert Cuypstraat 2-6, 1072 CT Amsterdam T 020 305 3090 /



autumn 2013

CHEFS text Lizet Deutekom PhotograPhy Sogno

RestauRant sogno Whoever would choose to name their restaurant Sogno (‘dream’ in Italian), has a thing or two to prove. A quick search on the internet leads to superlatives such as “Excellent!” and “Best Italian Restaurant in the Netherlands” (according to Italians themselves). Even the famous Dutch food critic Johannes van Dam is enthusiastic about the restaurant – he rated Sogno with a score of 9.5 (out of 10). Tonight we can experience this for ourselves. Mediterranean vegetables After an aperitif, chef Lorenzo Macchi is ready to serve us the first course. It is an oblong dish full of interesting surprises. From left to right, we taste a tender veal carpaccio with citrus dressing, a melting buffalo mozzarella and an exceptional strudel with warm Mediterranean vegetables. On the other end, we finish off with a piece of smoked salmon garnished with ground coffee. Ground coffee? Yes, its texture and bitterness appear to pair well with the fish. It’s a warm day, and therefore, we drink a well-chosen Pinot Grigio l’Elfo 2012. According to our host Marco, the speciali-

autumn 2013

ties of Sogno are not only the food, but perhaps most importantly the atmosphere and service that the restaurant aims to propagate. All of the personnel is Italian and speaks about Italian cuisine with plenty of love and knowledge. Crowning their years of work is the recent distinction granted to them by the renowned Italian culinary institute, Ospitalita Italiana. Lorenzo and his kitchen brigade only work with fresh, seasonal Italian products – something we can definitely taste. The next course is a black cuttlefish risotto with prawns and clams. North Italian combination Then comes the main course. A rack of lamb encrusted in North Italian mountain herbs and Parmesan cheese, and served with a red wine sauce, potatoes, mixed mushrooms, grilled aubergines and other vegetables. This meal is enjoyed to the fullest. It is a rustic, North Italian combination that Lorenzo knows from his youth and to which he has successfully given a modern twist.

Pistachio ice cream We finish off with a warm, chocolate soufflé with pistachio ice cream. Inside, the soufflé is perfectly molten and wonderfully soft. A real, Italian coffee, of course, mustn’t be forgotten. With it, we are served an amaretto meringue biscuit. “Ugly but delicious,” according to Marco. That doesn’t apply to the rest of the menu. It was beautiful and delicious. No pretentious little dishes here, but real, authentic food that pleases the belly and warms the heart.

Lorenzo Macchi Lorenzo Macchi hails from northern italy and acquired most of his experience at renowned italian restaurants throughout the country. in amsterdam, he heads Sogno’s kitchen where together with colleagues Giuseppe Formisano en Fabio Gianquinto he offers innovative, varied dishes inspired by the cuisines of both northern and Southern italy.

Restaurant Sogno NH Amsterdam Centre Stadhouderskade 7, 1054 ES Amsterdam T 020 589 8870 / 65




BRIDGES Sofitel legend the grand amSterdam

Photo: Š Rinze Vegelien

LonG PuRa




autumn 2013

special restaurants & Bars RestauRant

akersluis 8 t. 020 - 669 09 33 Syriana, a restaurant with a Syrian-Lebanese kitchen, a cuisine that is relatively unknown to restaurant visitors and continues to amaze people. The tastes are a class apart, you could say we are dealing with a new culinary taste maker. People like the kitchen because it has many appetizer courses, called ‘mazas’ - very similar to the Spanish tapas. In the restaurant you can also enjoy the unique Arab high-tea with lots of Syrian and Lebanese sweets & treats. Lunch, brunch and cocktails are being served during the day and at night a delightful dinner with Arab tapas-dishes. The Lounge with the 1001 night decor on the first floor or the Eden room at the ground floor can be booked for parties, meetings, large dinners and business events. Suggestions can be made for menu, entertainment and theme’s. New at Syriana is the “All you can eat concept”- you can eat 6 rounds and order 4 dishes per round from the in total 56 dishes with a choice from vegetarian, meat- or fishmaza’s. So you can explore the Libanese kitchen in a fun way. Price : € 19,50 during weekdays and € 22,50 on Friday and Saturday because of the live music and performance of a Belly dancer. For after dinner cocktails & shiska please visit the Club Lounge Syriana Deluxe. Kitchen open daily from 12:00 - 22:00 open 365 days a year see you at syriana!

bIhp aRt Food dRinks

Keizersgracht 335 t. 020 - 622 45 11 Situated on one of the city’s most beautiful canals, this exceptionally attractive-looking establishment has a somewhat unusual concept in that it combines food and drinks with art. During the year there are several exhibitions in the gallery in the basement: Galerie K335, while during every exhibition works by the exhibiting artist can also be seen in the

autumn 2013

restaurant. BIHP features a mainly European kitchen, classical base, with lots of interplay between old and new traditions and flavors from all corners of the world. All the food that will be served to you originates completely from our kitchen, even the bonbons and confectionery are homemade. The menu changes on a regular basis and the dishes are cooked with the seasons wherever possible, so you will be guaranteed of a delicious and honest meal. If you have any allergies or dietary wishes that are quite specific, we kindly ask you to let us know in advance so we can take them into account. To conclude: if you’re looking for good food, a nice ambience and art, BIHP absolutely is the right address for you. 3-course menu ¤ 32,95 - choices of fish, meat and vegetarian Kitchen open tue - sat 18.00 – 22.30

loNg puRA RestauRant

Rozengracht 46-48 t. 020-623 89 50 Selamat Datang, welcome ! Restaurant Long Pura ‘’Eternal Temple’’ is located in a typical monumental building in the centre of Amsterdam, nearby the Western Church in the cosy Jordaan area. Here hides a beautiful and colourful Indonesian temple. Upon entering you will be pleasantly surprised by the contemporary, stylish and warm interior with Balinese elements. Our Chef and his team prepare tastes and fragrances to delight all your senses. You will be greeted with the “Selemat Datang” welcome by our traditional Indonesian dressed staff. Enjoy the abundance of our famous rice tables or varied à la carte menu. To stimulate your dining experience, all our food is prepared using fresh ingredients. Also very suitable for family -and business dinners.

bRIdgeS Inspired by Ron Blaauw RestauRant

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197 t. 020 - 555 35 60 At Bridges inspired by Ron Blaauw it’s all about fish. Always the best fish and only when in season. Executive chef Joris Bijdendijk presents a wide variety of fresh fish and seafood, both in our restaurant and in the Raw Bar. Oysters, lobster sandwiches, delicate fish tartar and ocean fresh fish, everything prepared while you watch. You can eat in the restaurant as well as dine in the exclusive privacy of the Private Dining, with view of the Vinothèque, the climatized domain of the sommelier and his fine selection of wines. Bridges’ philosophy is to add only a couple of fresh ingredients to the dish in order to let the fish’s character and flavour fully blossom. Every dish retains its purity and is very easily digestible as well. Mainly locally & biologically grown vegetables complete these dishes. Sommelier Jasper van den Hoogen tastes and selects the wine in the Vinothèque. He serves specially composed wine arrangements and vintage Champagnes. Most wines can be ordered per glass. lunch mo-fr: 12.00-14.30 lunch sat-sun: 12.30-14.30 diner: 18.30-22.30 valet parKing

Kitchen open mon - sat 18:00 and 23:00 sun 17:00 through 23:00 open 365 days a year wifi available




bubbLes & wines


pont 13


L’invite 68


autumn 2013

special restaurants & Bars wine & champagne bar/bites

nes 37 t 020 - 422 33 18 In one of the quaintest streets of Amsterdam, and only one-minute-walk distance from famous Dam Square, you will find wine & champagne bar Bubbles & Wines. In a modern, intimate chocolate brown ambiance you can enjoy more than 50 wines by the glass (including 6 sparkling) and over 200 by the bottle. Our specialties are our “wine flights”, three half glasses from one grape variety but from different wine regions. Make nice matches with our Gourmet Bites (luxury finger food) or just come in for a glass of Champagne, Pinot Grigio or Pinot Noir. Our friendly and professional staff will help you out choosing your wine and they will give you advice on what Bites will match the best. After dinner you can enjoy our choice of beautiful Grappas and other digestives or have another glass of your favorite wine. For gourmet lovers Bubbles & Wines is the best choice for a complete evening out! Mon-Sat 15.30 - 01.00 Sun 14.00-21.00 Kitchen open - 00.45

POnT 13 restaurant

Haparandadam 50 t. 020 - 770 2722 Restaurant Pont 13 is housed on an old ferry (pont=ferry) built in 1927. Until the 1990s, it used to travel back and forth across the IJ lake. When it was declared ready for the scrap heap, René Langendijk bought it to turn it into his dream restaurant. Since 2005, Pont 13 has its anchorage at the romantic post-industrial Westelijke Houthavens, characterized by a great deal of cultural development. A beautiful place to be, with a wonderful skyline – the Amsterdam harbor, interesting new archi-

autumn 2013

tecture, and numerous boats of all kinds. The European cuisine of Pont 13 has an original character, with the Italian slow food tradition as inspirational startingpoint. On an open fire organic dishes are prepared. The combination of the décor of the rebuilt ferry, the impressive view, and last but not at all least the slow food kitchen makes this a place where you just love to be. Distinctive are the relaxed, homely atmosphere and the delicious food. Pont 13 imports wines, meat and home-canned fruit from the beautiful Italian region Le Marche, where owner Rene has a little farm. open during chriStMaS holiday and Serving a feStive Multi-courSe dinner lunch daily froM 12.00 - 16.00 dinner daily froM 18.30 - 22.00

maPPa restaurant

nes 59 t. 020 – 528 91 70 In the very heart of the city on the historical street Nes, Mappa is situated in a former coffee house opened in 1810 by the Frascati brothers who became famous for their very popular Frascati Café (from 1940 on). Later, the building was used as a theater with Frascati Café as a part of it. Since 2001, however, restaurant Mappa is the happy occupant. Mappa offers Italian cuisine and “everything is home-made and made with love.” Authentic Italian food is what Mappa offers, and the restaurant is proud of the fact that all its home-made dishes are made from fresh, biological products. Mappa is mainly known for its variety of pasta dishes, but besides the pastas it also has some beautiful antipasti (starters) and a few fish and meat specialties. The menu at Mappa is changed regularly to ensure creativity and quality in the kitchen. Needless to say, good Italian food goes hand in hand with beautiful wines. The wine list at Mappa is predominantly Italian, from small vineyards in Puglia to great wine masters such as Walter Massa.

The interior of Restaurant Mappa is stylish in a timeless way; 60 people can be seated here. The staff at Mappa is friendly and always ready to help. As hospitality is very important to Mappa, you are guaranteed a wonderful evening out at the restaurant. opening tiMeS Kicthen: Mappa iS happy to welcoMe you Monday - wedneSday froM 18.00 - 22.00 thurSday - Saturday froM 18.00 - 23.00. reServationS recoMMended.

l’inviTe restaurant

Bloemgracht 47 t 020 – 570 2010 L’invite is an extraordinary Amsterdam restaurant in the heart of the the Jordaan in Old West. Located on one of the most beautiful canals in the Jordaan: the Bloemgracht in a historic canalhouse from 1628. While entering L’invite le Restaurant you will receive a warm welcome by Chef Richenel and Restaurant Maître Sjeng. Chef Richenel provides guests with a small à la carte menu of French classics with a modern twist. His challenge is to keep the menu up to date and make the best suitable dishes in every season.He uses less fat and less sugar and here and there a fresh hint of acidity. This creates a richer taste experience that matches this time. Maître Sjeng provides a relaxed atmosphere and recommends beautiful matching wines to the different dishes. You are more than welcome for lunch and dinner. There is a small but very nice à la carte menu or a 3 course Menu du Jour for only € 32,50. At the site you will find the current à la carte menu, a photo impression of the restaurant and you can instantly book a table. open : tue - Sun for lunch and dinner lunch : 12.00 - 15.00 and dinner froM 18.00


sPeCial ResTauRanTs & baRs

bubbles & wines


sociÉtÉ wunderbar




walem 70


autumn 2013

special restaurants & Bars bar / restaurant

Corner: Rokin 84–Enge Kapelsteeg 3 t 020-3703448 I Wonder……….. Is it a bar? A restaurant? A cocktailbar? A club? It’s Société Wunderbar. A place with a cozy, stylish and metropolitan ambiance, where you will be surprised by great food and drinks. The chef, Frits Berends, created a menu based on his international experiences, using authentic, fresh and organic Dutch products. The bar serves all kind of drinks like different kind of gin tonics, aperetivo’s from all over the world, specially developed cocktails, a very distinctive wine list and our unique collection of Grand Cru Champagnes. Société Wunderbar is located on a prime location in the heart of the city, the Rokin. The beautifully restored building used to be the residence and office of Prince Hendrik, husband of Queen Wilhelmina, around 1910. The somewhat hidden entrance is in the Enge Kapelsteeg, connecting the Kalverstraat and the Rokin with on that side also a very nice open air terrace. Come and enjoy food and drinks, mingle with the cosmopolitan Dutch and international crowd and let yourself be entertained by the enthousiastic staff. Please note the very special artwork by street artist Max Zorn, who specially made this piece for Société Wunderbar. Enjoy Open: Sunday tO thurSday 12.00 till 01.00 Friday & Saturday 12.00 till 03.00

open cafe / restaurant

Westerdoksplein 20 1013 aZ amsterdam t. 020 – 620 1010 Café Restaurant Open, a great example of modern architecture on the railroad swing bridge “19S” dating from 1920. You imagine yourself on the water with a panoramic

autumn 2013

view over the IJ, surrounded by the architecture of the new Amsterdam where both the crisp daylight as the atmospheric evening light have free reign. In warm weather, the special window construction opens via a unique fan system and both inside and on the terrace you can enjoy the beautiful transparent and open character. Open is for everyone - business or private from the city or neighborhood or visiting - for coffee, lunch, dinner or a glass of wine. The open kitchen is characterized by passion for fair and fresh seasonal products. You can enjoy well balanced and pleasantly priced modern style European lunch menu or go more extensive in the evening. Open is situated on the edge of the Jordaan, within walking distance from Central Station and by car, public transport and even for small cruise ships within easy reach. OPEN is accessible to everyone via elevator or stairs via the terrace. 2 cOurSe lunch menu ¤ 18,00 3 cOurSe dinner menu ¤ 45,00 Open : mOn – Sat 12.00 – 22.00 Sun clOSed


Supperclub restaurant/cocktailbar/club/ Gallery

Jonge Roelensteeg 21 t. 020 3446400 supperclub is a restaurant, cocktailbar, club, gallery and experimental free state all rolled into one. At supperclub everything revolves around stimulating your senses and releasing your creativity.” You don’t sit at a table, but enjoy your food lying down on oversized white beds with your shoes off. Cozy, informal and the perfect way to forget about table etiquette and simply indulge in the good vibes! Expect exquisite cuisine from all over the world. There is nothing conventional about the supperclub. Instead, we serve you an allnight experience. You will get a culinary journey through different dishes, countries, flavours, savours and top-notch entertainment. Open mOn - Sun 19:30 - 01:00

Walem restaurant

Westerdoksdijk 40 t. 020 344 64 09 True fish lovers have known it for quite some time now: Nevy is thé place to be if you want to enjoy the taste of the fruits of the sea. From perfectly fried sole to exquisite salmon risotto: the chef knows his fishes! Bright colors, transparency through the many windows and the unique panoramic view over the IJ River provide an extra dimension to your visit. With a big terrace and in the midst of the up-and-coming IJ dock area Nevy is a perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine, a beautiful dish and soak up the sun in good company.

Keizersgracht 449 t. 020 - 625 35 44 With a choice between the canalside terrace and the garden courtyard at the back, eating outdoors at Walem is an absolute delight during the summer. But this enduringly trendsetting cafe has much to recommend it year round – including the innovative, surprisingly affordable menu. Amongst the first designer cafes in Amsterdam, Walem features a 1930’s facade (plus interior details) designed by renowned architect Gerrit Rietveld. A visit to Walem is about eating excellent food in a most stylish setting; the delicious dishes on the menu are all homemade daily using strictly fresh, often organic ingredients. Walem is famous for its quick, utterly friendly service – as well as for the best capuccino in town.

m0 - thu 12.00 – 01.00 Fri & Sat 12.00 – 02.00 Sun 12.00 – 01.00

Open: Sun - thu 09.30 - 01.00 Fri - Sat 09.30 - 02.00 reServatiOnS recOmmended.



Special reStaurantS & barS

Société Wunderbar

De gouDen Reael

Café restaurant


ining in De Gouden Reael is a real treat. This cozy and friendly restaurant offers very good value for money modern French-International cuisine: colorful and tasteful dishes with a contemporary and local twist. The restaurant is established in a former warehouse built in 1648 in one of the best preserved parts of Golden Age Amsterdam. Have dinner downstairs in the café, or on the entresol under the beam ceiling. Choose à la carte or the 3-course menu of € 27,50. Group arrangements (up to 40) and private dining (up to 12) possible on request. Open: Daily at 5.30 p.m. Kitchen from 6 - 10 p.m. Zandhoek 14 1013 KT Amsterdam T. 020 623 3883

Pink Flamingo Pizza

CaFe luxembouRg



Open: Sun-Thu 17:00-24:00 Fri-Sat 17:00-02:00

Open: Sun – Thu 09.00 - 00.00 Fri – Sat 09.00 - 01.00

ucked in the most lively part of de Pijp, near the Albert Cuyp Market, it’s worth the trip for the most unique pizzas in Amsterdam. Think thai curry, cuban pork or grilled eggplant & houmous on a pizza. Try our delicious organic pizzas with one of our own brew beers or wines. To eat in our rock ‘n roll restaurant or to take out. From April until October we can provide you with a ‘Pinknick’: order your pizza at the restaurant, take our balloon, find a nice&sunny spot in the neighboring Sarphatipark and we will find you!”

Gerard Douplein 8 1072 VE Amsterdam T. 020 - 670 32 74

his stylish and metropolitan venue of “tout” Amsterdam is the place to be for a glass of wine and pleasant company, and observe the cosmopolitan bustle from sun room. After an extensive refurbishment last year the management restored the pub to the former glory that fits this unique establishment. Luxembourg’s kitchen offers a level and variety that suits the location and the reputation of the olden times. You are more than welcome for breakfast, coffee at the reading table inside, tea on the terrace, lunch, drinks or dinner!

Spui 24 1012 XA Amsterdam Tel: 020 - 620 62 64

Van de beste vissoorten uit het seizoen tot aan de perfecte bereiding van oesters, delicate vistartaar en kraakverse vis, bij ‘Bridges inspired by Ron Blaauw’ draait de hernieuwde samenwerking tussen Ron Blaauw en Joris Bijdendijk om vis.

Damrak 93-94 1012 LP Amsterdam Tel +31 (0)20 555 06 66

Naast culinair genieten aan de Raw Bar of in de gezellige binnentuin, is het ook mogelijk om privé te dineren in de Private Dining met uitzicht op de Vinothèque, het geklimatiseerde domein waar de sommelier de wijnen proeft en selecteert. Sea you!

Bridges inspired by Ron Blaauw Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197 | Amsterdam | 020 555 3 560 | Valet parking | 72


autumn 2013

arts & culture text Wilag Kater et al. PhotograPhy With thanKs to contributors

Foam amsterDam

caPital a

travelling through a universe of imagery 13 september - 13 December

art, a second nature in amsterdam 29 november - 1 December

In his ‘Handbook to the Stars’ (2012) the Hungarian artist Peter Puklus (1980) sketches an image of his own pictorial universe. There, collected images hang together as galaxies, relatively close to each other, held together by their own force of gravity, with their own mutual connections. In the equally named Foam exposition, ‘Handbook to the Stars’, Puklus tries to gain insight into his pictorial universe while drawing us in as viewers.

As a visitor to Amsterdam and fan of modern art, you will certainly not be bored when you visit the Dutch capital in 2013 and the coming years. Almost all of the Amsterdam art world has gone through a quiet, underground metamorphosis during the last ten years. The result: an enormous underground coming together of artistic and organisational energy.

Puklus’ images connect with each other, follow their own patterns and function next to and through each other. Still, they have no particular order or chronology. The images stand alone. Without regard for photographic conventions, Puklus follows his own logic and interests in his work. While doing that, he uses different genres, themes and media in a natural way. Puklus’ form studies are fragile constructions and objects. With a sharp eye for the composition of lines and geometric shapes, he sometimes adds modest and sometimes radical changes. He seems to be in search of the formal and three-dimensional aspects found in his studio work and nature/ city photography. Where necessary, he combines still with moving images, positive with negative and black-and-white with colour. The exhibition shows how all of these aspects come together.

Capital A, established in 2011, directs what happens in the Amsterdam world of modern art and shows the results in a wide variety of ways: through its website, the Capital A app, the Amsterdam Gallery Program and intensive use of social media. Annually, around the end of November and beginning of December, this results in the Amsterdam Art Weekend. In this effort, Amsterdam galleries, artists’ workshops and museums offer a range of activities. At the same time, the participating galleries and institutes in Amsterdam reflect the development of the individual careers of their artists. That way, you as a visitor, will literally get a ‘state of the art’ overview of modern art in the lively city of Amsterdam.

amsterDam DraWing 2013 Paper as the ultimate source of inspiration 19 - 21 september In the middle of September, Amsterdam Drawing 2013 will be the follow-up to the first successful edition that took place in 2012. Last year, during the week of the reopening of the Stedelijk Museum (Municipal Museum),18 leading Amsterdam galleries showed a wide, international selection of modern paintings, collages and drawings on paper. Especially praised were the intimacy of the fair and the well-balanced presentations by the participating galleries. More than 3,000 people visited Amsterdam Drawing in Amsterdam North in 2012. For many artists, paper is not only a favourite, but in fact a necessary conveyor of their world. On paper, they often get to know their expanding, artistic universe. For a small group of artists, paper is the only conveyor of their artistic development. A drawing, collage, watercolour or painting on paper brings the artist closer to their material and elicits a more intimate experience in the viewer.

The 2013 Amsterdam Art Weekend offers you a programme with art routes, special exhibitions, performances, lectures and ‘artist talks’ spread out over the entire city. The participating galleries will be open from 12.00 to 20.00 hours on 29 November, from 10.00 to 20.00 hours on 30 November, and from 12.00 to 18.00 hours on 1 December.

Amsterdam Drawing is not only meant for collectors who are interested in works on paper made by young and established artists. In fact, the fair aims to bring modern art on paper to the attention of a wider audience. 40 galleries have been invited to take part in Amsterdam Drawing 2013, and among them, for the first time, even a few from outside the Netherlands. Just like in 2012, the fair will be held at NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam North. The fair will take place in a temporary, specially built pavilion of approximately 1,200 square metres.



autumn 2013

1. In his ‘Handbook to the Stars’ (2012) the Hungarian artist Peter Puklus (1980) sketches an image of his own pictorial universe. 2. Puklus’ images connect with each other, follow their own patterns and function next to and through each other. 3. Jantien Jongsma drawing Amsterdam in 2012. 4. With ‘ Capital A’ and the Amsterdam Art Weekend the city literally opens its doors.





4 autumn 2013


Van GOGH muSEum


How did he do it within ten years? 1 may 2013 - 12 January 2014

Eccentric theatre (really) everywhere until 15 September 2013

Van Gogh is one of the most famous and acclaimed Dutch artists of the 19th century. But how did he develop that skillfulness in under ten years? The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has been researching this question for the past eight years. The exhibition ‘Van Gogh at Work’, will give museum visitors the chance to take a unique, riveting journey inside the mind of the painter.

During the Amsterdam Fringe Festival which takes place at the beginning of September, part of the city transforms into a huge theatre podium. For ten days and at more than 33 locations spread in and around the centre of Amsterdam, you can see 80 different, national and international performances.Theatres, but also streets and even living rooms become magical festival spots where the most eccentric theatre, musical, comedies and dance productions come to life. With a fantastic international lineup, English-speaking audiences can also fully enjoy the Amsterdam Fringe Festival.

The more than 200 works featured at the exhibition provide insight into Van Gogh’s way of working. Besides paintings, works on paper and letters, some of Van Gogh’s personal items can also be seen. These include original sketchbooks, paint tubes and the only surviving pallet from the Musée d’Orsay. Many works from Van Gogh’s contemporaries can also be seen, not only from the museum’s own collection, but also works on loan by Monet, Gauguin, Seurat and Bernard. Besides plenty to see, there is also plenty to do. You can see and feel which materials Van Gogh used, under what conditions he worked, who influenced him, which artists he exchanged ideas with, and where he purchased his materials. You can also view paint samples through a microscope and examine x-rays. For the time being, there will not be a better opportunity to become acquainted with Van Gogh’s work in such a different way.

At the Amsterdam Fringe Festival, it’s all about avant-garde theatre productions and artists who are relatively unknown. Inspired by other ‘Fringes’ from Edinburgh, Adelaide, New York and Dublin, the Amsterdam Fringe Festival is an ode to theatrical madness and the free spirit. In Amsterdam, the festival is also a plea for artistic freedom. A leap into Fringe means a leap into the unknown: immerse yourself in the ‘underground’ scene, discover the hits of tomorrow and marvel at new and unknown stage settings. The heart of the festival is the 19th century Spiegeltent, close to the Leidseplein. The Fringe Tent offers the public information and inspiration, previews, music and short performances. And, you can enjoy food and drink there until midnight.

amStERDam muSEum Saskia van uylenburgh, wife of Rembrandt 2 august 2013 - 2 august 2015 The Amsterdam Museum has a work on loan from the National Gallery of Art in Washington: Rembrandt’s portrait of Saskia van Uylenburgh. Her portrait can be viewed at the Amsterdam Museum for two years starting from 2 August (Saskia’s date of birth). Never before has it been shown in the Netherlands, and now it will hang in ‘Amsterdam DNA’, the museum’s permanent exhibition. The portrait of Saskia van Uylenburgh shows both the skillfulness and the personal story of Rembrandt. He most likely started working on the portrait in 1634/1635, shortly after his marriage to Saskia. It was finished several years later, toward 1640. Since its recent restoration, the special qualities of this intimate portrait can be fully enjoyed once again. In Europe, the painting was last exhibited in Paris in 1894. This is the first time that it will appear in a museum setting in the Netherlands. Saskia van Uylenburgh (1612-1642) was the first wife of Rembrandt van Rijn (16061669). Born to an affluent, Frisian family, she married Rembrandt in 1634. Together, they had four children, only one of whom survived: Titus. Saskia died in 1642, aged 29. She is buried in Amsterdam’s Oude Kerk (Old Church). The loan is part of a cooperation between the American and Dutch museums. In 2012, the National Gallery of Art received a major group portrait by Bartholomeus van der Helst. This painting, which is part of the Amsterdam Museum’s collection, will be on loan at the National Gallery of Art for a period of five years.



autumn 2013

1.Bedroom, Vincent van Gogh 1889. 2. Amsterdam Fringe Festival, an ode to the free spirit. 3. Saskia van Uylenburgh, painted by Rembrandt around 1635-1640.



2 autumn 2013

3 77

amStERDam muSEum

muSEum Van LOOn

Piet mondrian, also a Dutch master 11 October 2013 - 5 January 2014

Suspended Histories 4 October 2013 - 20 January 2014

The Amsterdam Museum reveals an unknown side of the world-famous artist Piet Mondrian. In his younger years, this pioneer of abstract art lived and worked in the Dutch capital for a long period of time. The exhibition ‘Mondrian in Amsterdam 1892-1912’ shows how the artist discovered his own style in and around the city. From the dark, realistic landscapes of his early period, to the almost abstract rendition of a radiant ‘Mill in Sunlight’ (1908). For the first time, the exposition brings more than 60 of Mondriaan’s works (most of them rarely shown) back to the city where they were painted some 100 years ago.

From 4 October 2013 until 20 January 2014, the Asian modern art exposition Suspended Histories will take place at the Museum Van Loon. It is the first time that the Van Loon family devotes an exhibition to its colonial past. Guest curator of this much-talked about exposition is Thomas Berghuis (1973, Amsterdam). Berghuis is specialised in Asian art and until recently, had worked at the University of Sydney. From July, he was appointed curator of Chinese art at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

In October of 1892, Piet Mondrian (18721944) enrolled as a student at the Amsterdam Rijksacademie van Beeldende Kunsten (Royal Academy of Visual Arts). This launched a period of 20 years in which his artistic talent reached its full potential. The city of Amsterdam, with its blossoming cultural climate, was an important source of inspiration. The Rijksmuseum had just been opened and there was a huge increase in art studies, artists and expositions. Mondrian befriended other artists and joined the artists’ society Arti et Amicitiae. Regularly, Mondrian could also be found outside the city. The landscape of the province of Zeeland was an important source of inspiration, with the lighthouse of Westkapelle being one of the most well-known examples. When the work of Vincent van Gogh started to gain more recognition in 1905, this also became apparent in Mondrian’s oeuvre. Both Van Gogh’s daring use of colour and his virtuous treatment of paint are discernible in one of the masterpieces of the exposition, ‘Mill in Sunlight’ (1908).

The starting point of the exposition is the relationship between the Van Loon family and the United East India Company (VOC). In 1602, Willem van Loon was the co-founder of the VOC. For generations, the VOC was governed by members of the family. Internationally renowned artists from areas where the Netherlands once traded, have been invited to create works for the exposition held at Museum Van Loon. The artists research how history continues and can be made visible in relation to the museum, their own heritage and their background. Themes closely connected to the artists and the museum (such as homeland, migration, assimilation and cultural identity) will be the underlying focus of the exposition. Also highlighted are the sensitive aspects that are inextricably connected to the VOC (and therefore, to the Van Loon family): colonialism and slavery. Suspended Histories can be translated as ‘Deferred Histories’. This points to the idea that history is a dynamic process that is never complete.

StaDSSCHOuWBuRG (CITY THEATRE) Dance taken to its limits of imagination 14 October, 15 December In the coming months, the Stadsschouwburg (City Theatre) will be dominated by unprecedented dance performances. On 14 October, the talented Israeli dance group LE-V will perform. Two months later, it is the turn of the Belgian top choreographer Wim Vandekeybus. The Israelis Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar are two of the most talked about innovators in the international dance world. As a dancer and choreographer, Sharon has won many prestigious prizes. Gai is a phenomenon both as DJ and producer of art and dance events. Both gained recognition through their cooperative productions at, among others, the Batsheva Dance Company and the Nederlands Dans Theater (Dutch Dance Theatre). Now, together with seven top dancers, they have established their own, adventurous group: L-E-V (Hebrew for ‘heart’). ‘House’ is L-E-V’s debut: a provoking choreography full of hypnotic sensuality and raw power. The Belgian choreographer Wim Vandekeybus is one of the biggest names in the international dance world. His debut ‘What the Body Does Not Remember’ was immediately astounding. It earned him the prestigious Bessie Award in New York in 1987. “Rough, brutal, playful, ironic, amazing.” It seemed as though the New York Times did not have enough adjectives to praise the innovative choreographer. The exciting dance classic travels the world once again with a new cast of dancers. The dance piece is and shall remain an explosive performance about aggression, fear and surrender. The piece balances on the edge of drawing into and pushing away. Sometimes the individual dancers engage in confrontation directly with each other, while at other times, groups go face to face. The danger is palpable. Especially if the dancers throw bricks into the air only to catch them at the last minute. Or, if they launch each other and have to trust someone else to give them a safe landing.



autumn 2013

1. ‘Mill in Sunlight’, Piet Mondrian, 1908. 2. Does this girl belong to the 21st or 17th century? The exposition ‘Suspended Histories’ may shed some light on this question. 3. The adventurous group L-E-V in action. ‘L-E-V’ is Hebrew for ‘heart’.

How ‘darling’ is tHe little darling... Centuries ago, many Dutch emigrated to America. There they raised their families, cultivated the land and built their cities. New York! But no matter how content they were, a yearning for their homeland always remained. For the land of their roots, their parents, and their ancestors.


Affected by so many Dutch who did not seem at home, American writer Mary Mapes Dodge weaved a sentimental blanket to soothe every feeling of homesickness. Her story is that of a boy who walks along the dyke to bring pancakes to an elderly, blind man. What the latter does not see, but Mary’s Hans Brinker does, is the high level of the water – including the hole in the dyke through which the water slowly seeps. Without any hesitation, Hans pokes his finger into the hole. He calls and calls for help. Only the next day does the pastor spot him and immediately realise that Hans Brinker has saved the country from a huge disaster. Amsterdam also knows the boy who courageously rescued a floundering puppy from the canals. At first, only in a story. And later, as of 1959, in an acknowledgement made of plaster: ‘Het Lieverdje’, or ‘The Little Darling’, which stood on the Spui. The naughty boy with the heart of gold was later cast in brass and went on to represent the Provo-movement’s (also darling, long-haired youths) desire for an unconventional lifestyle.


One thing is certain: with all of their untold memories, all of Amsterdam’s ‘darlings’ have brought a lot of colour to an already colourful city!

Henry Salman, YOUr Amsterdam Watcher

3 autumn 2013


cinema text Carla van Splunteren PhotograPhy eYe Film inStitute netherlandS

Poster Film Fashion Fabulous

Film Fashion Fabulous Scarlett Johansson in ‘The Black Dahlia’ (2006): Johansson is part of the younger generation that defines our image of fashion.

EYE, the new film museum in Amsterdam, presents ‘Film Fashion Fabulous’, a film programme featuring the icons of film, fashion, TV and pop music. Was there a woman in the 1980s who wasn’t influenced by the heavy shoulder pads and ‘big hair’ inspired by the TV series Dynasty? Or one who a few decades later didn’t lust after the popular Blahnik ‘killer heels’ seen in Sex and the City? Whether we like it or not, our lives follow the trends of pop culture. Celebrities from the fashion, music and film world influence our preferences in clothing and hairstyles. They even influence what we eat and drink.

On the programme of ‘Film Fashion Fabulous’ are some 20 feature films representing all the trends of the past 100 years, with the stars who influenced our image of fashion and even our lifestyle. Included are icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Scarlett Johansson, John Travolta and Madonna. During ‘Film Fashion Fabulous’, EYE will also show a number of documentaries on prominent fashion personalities such as Vogue editors Anna Wintour (The September Issue, 2009) en Carine Roitfeld (Mademoiselle C., 2013). Film Fashion Fabulous 7- 25 September 2013



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(for adults only)

hotel lIStING 4-star Hotels

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