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Hello summer!

You have surely noticed from the cover that this summer issue will be much more about luxury then usual. Are you asking why we chose this topic? We simply wanted to celebrate our first year in the wedding world. Yes, You&Me’s first, and we must also say a successful year. This time last year we finalized our first issue and released it into the world. And we are really happy, that we didn´t got lost in this big world full of beautiful and inspiring things and people. Quite the opposite. You&Me magazine makes its own way and proves to you that also weddings can be perfect around here. In this issue you can find almost everything you can imagine, when you talk about luxury. The beautiful venue with several options for wedding ceremony. Selection of the finest suppliers, handwritten wedding invitations, best wedding photographers, delicious desserts, luxury dresses, suits, shoes, jewelry... and so much more. The role of the bride this time was given to Miss Czech Republic 2007 Kateřina Sokolová, and she was really stunning. And we would like to thank her for that. If you are planning an engagement surprise this year, be sure to get inspired by the perfectly spent day at the Chateau Mcely or by some of the stories from our real weddings. There are several of them and each one has its own charm. And if you want to give your partner a really interesting gift, our advice is to take his breath away with pre-wedding boudoir photo session. We hope that you find “that special something” for you in this issue. And a year from now we meet here again to celebrate another, even more successful year.

e i c u L & a n Radosti

Małgosia Małecka HELLO calligraphy

Pavlína Jarošová photographer

Hanka Čihánková make-up & hair styling

Lucie Schweinerová photographer

Sweet dots desserts & cakes

Tereza Beránková Výpeč

Veronika a Michal Horš

Jana Červenková make-up & hair styling

Štěpán Vrzala photographer

g n i t a e r c e r r u e s a h e t e l g p o t s a e w u s s t i s I thi

One perfect day

photography, styling & production Pavlína Jarošová venue Chateau Mcely, Czech Republic

What would one perfect day with your beloved sweetheart look like? Especially when it edns with a romantic marriage proposal. Come along with us to see how Vendula and Marek enjoyed their day together at Chateau Mcely.

photography, styling & production Pavlína Jarošová // flowers & decorations Markéta Motlová, Inspirito // make-up & hair-styling Hanka Čihánková // venue & catering Chateau Mcely // jewellery Boucheron // models Vendula Hilková and Marek Janda video Martin Linhart See also the video from this style shoot.

H E L LO CALLIGRAPHY Małgosia Małecka

photography Radostina Poznań, Poland

For our meeting with the beautiful, smiling and above all creative Małgosia we travelled to the Polish city Poznan, where she lives. In her company we spent a perfect Saturday afternoon full of chit-chat not only about calligraphy and weddings. We saw plenty interesting places, which Małgosia showed us and we had the chance to see a bit behind the scenes of how such wedding materials are created. It is fascinating when you see someone taking the pen, ink and starting to create magic on the paper. We are really happy that we were able to meet in person that talented young lady.

How did “HELLO calligraphy” appeared? It is still in a development state. Now I call it “HELLO calligraphy” but it might change later on. I would like to include my name into it because I would be happy if people know that actually it is me who is behind that brand. Hello for me is a pleasant connection with the world. What do you like the most in your work?

The fact that I can do my work in peace at home. Also it is something that really makes me happy, it doesn’t make me nervous at all. And this is very important to me. I know what I can do and it is amazing when I make people’s wedding or their home more beautiful. I love the fact that what I do also makes the others happy. What are your favorite projects?

What did you wanted to be when you were a child? I don’t even remember if I wanted to be something particular. I’ve always loved animals, but as I am afraid of blood dreaming of being a vet was impossible. I was born in an art family and I was always surrounded by things related to art, so somehow naturally the art became part of my life too. I have studied in the Academy of Fine Arts here in Poznan specializing in product design. How did you get to the calligraphy?

In my life there were few people who brought me to the calligraphy or the beautiful handwriting. It all started when I was in primary school and I began to look at the letters differently. Maybe it would sound stupid but for me it was very important that whatever I wrote was looking good. I was really proud of myself when my teacher was praising me and telling me that my handwriting was excellent. And from that point on I started to train and improve my handwriting. Even though back then it wasn’t on a professional level I was really enjoying to improve myself constantly.

I personally like more the smaller projects. Maybe it is because I just recently decided that the calligraphy will be what I want to do professionally. Maybe it is because I am not that selfconfident yet to do some large-scale project. The weddings I like because they consist of smaller parts like invitations, name tags, menu etc. Do customers come to you with a specific idea or you create the concept together?

People usually come to me because they have seen my work somewhere and they liked it. And that’s all. They don’t have an idea in their head how their invitation would look like. At that moment my creative side steps in. We discuss the details of their wedding, the decoration, the theme of the wedding… I propose few drafts of how it might all look like. Often they are surprised that there are so many options. I must admit that I am very lucky with my clients. In many cases they ask me for my opinion and often they just listen to my advice. Who is your great role-model?

In the world there are many people who do great things. Therefore it is very hard to choose just one. At the different stages of my life I was inspired by different things and people. Now I

mostly find inspiration in the details, mainly in the nature. I work in a university and I teach my students a subject called “bionics” – it is a point of view on the nature, what it offers us and how it all works.

What do you think is your greatest achievement so far? This interview (laughs). Maybe it might sound funny but it is true. HELLO calligraphy was created on Facebook just recently, less than 3 months ago. Many people knew what I was doing but I didn’t have any big marketing around it. And then I got your mail. That’s why I consider that what I do is interesting to the people. Because I wasn’t sure if it is the right time to start doing calligraphy in the way I do it. What sets you apart from the others?

I try to do something special and unique for each customer. I never do the same things and in each project there is a piece of me. Everything is cre-

ated after personal meetings and conversations with the client. How would the perfect day look for you?

It has to be a nice, sunny day. I love the sun rays when I get up. Because the place where I currently live and work is a bit dark, definitely I would like to spend the perfect day in a sunny place. I find inspiration in…?

Everywhere. In the nature... anywhere. I don’t look at the nature as a whole, but as separate parts. I look at the bird as something which has color. I see a carpet of flowers under the tree. I really love catching tiny little details. A huge driving force to me are the kind words of the people around me. For more information visit: HELLO calligraphy

For all the muses

WHAT WOULD THE NOWADAYS BRIDES LOOK LIKE ON ALPHONSE MUCHA POSTERS? We peered into his Parisian studio and allured into the world of colors, flowers in the hair and elegance of young Parisiennes. Parisiennes with alabaster skin and red lips, with flower headpieces in their blond hair. Marrying the chosen one, to be his muse for the rest of their lives.

She is carefully choosing the flowers into her hair and for the bridal bouquet from the blooming garden full of roses and peonies. Inspired by flowers. Bold colors combined with gentle tones. Inspired by summer. Remembering the time of their first rendezvous in the streets of Paris.

Inspired by Paris. To realize her dreams, she takes his last name and gives him her heart. Waiting in the garden with her little bridesmaid, who takes her role really seriously. She is dreaming that one day she will become someone’s muse. We are all muses on our wedding day. photography Alena Podolníková // concept, flowers & decoration Million Bells wedding agency // hair & make-up Vlaďka Hrubá // wedding gown Salon Naive // jewlery ALO diamonds Brno - Vojtěch Koukal // desserts Cukrárna u lávky

Lucia & Miroslav photography Terézia Plešová Ružomberok and Bratislava, Slovakia

In short, it w a usual wedding reality was even b my expectati

was not g and the better than ions.

How it all began


Lucia and Miroslav met each other when they came to visit their common friend while she was working a shift in a pharmacy. It was a quick meeting and Miroslav did not really impress Lucia. However, all of this changed when they both got invited to a cottage. Miroslav was somehow looking at Lucia in a different way and her only thought was that she would marry him one day.

Lucia bought a dress at the Veronica on the Wedding Avenue in Bratislava. A beautiful Jesus Peiro. Lightweight, simple and the only shade that would suit her - ivory. She felt absolutely amazing in them. Miroslav chose an H&M suit, since this was the only place where they found the suits in a slim fit design and extended sizes. Miroslav measures 190 cm. His ivory coloured shirt matched with Lucy’s dress and was found at Peek&Cloppenburg.


“Didn’t you forget something in the car?” Yes, I did. The Ring that Miroslav bought a few hours earlier at the goldsmith. He knelt down on his knee before Lucia with a ring in his hand at the cottage, where they were taking a break from responsibilities, and asked her to marry him.

Planning a wedding vs. reality

Lucia was in charge of planning the wedding. It took more than half a year but that certainly wasn’t too much time. Ideas and thoughts were constantly coming and going, lists for things for the wedding and guests were changing with the weather. Only one thing was absolutely certain, the wedding bouquet would be made from an olive tree. Hours spent reading wedding websites and blogs paid off because the style, decorations and everything else Lucia chose, Miroslav loved. The wedding was relaxed, almost no dancing, with delicious food and hours of laughter outside on the patio with family and friends. Exactly as they had prepared it. Whether they would have changed some things? Yes. Some of them for sure.

Wedding dresses and


There is nothing to be added, Lucia’s dream olive tree in combination with gypsophila.

Favourite moment of the wedding day

Miroslav’s favourite moment of the wedding day came when he was standing in front of the altar in the church and they were both laughing inside themselves. Later the day, Lucia liked the careless feeling, contentment and enjoyment found while sitting on the terrace next to her husband and being surrounded by family and friends.

Lucia about Miroslav:

I like him because he is not perfect. He knows my thoughts before I say them out loud. I’ve never met a man who thinks like him.

Miroslav about Lucia:

Lucia is a rational, purposeful and pretty young woman. I like her opinions. I like that she can listen to other people and other ideas. I feel that we complete one another in many ways, and I like that.

wedding gown Jesus Peiro, Wedding Avenue, Bratislava // make-up Anna Donovalová // wedding rings KAMEA Design s.r.o. // flowers Kvetinárstvo BADAS, Ružomberok // decoration made by bride // wedding cake Cukráreň Biscuit Café, Ružomberok // reception Vila Fénix Ludrová, Ružomberok

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Touch of luxury photography Štěpán Vrzala Chateau Mcely, Czech Republic

Take a deep breath and enjoy with us a spectacular show. Unique venue. Elegant white combined with black details and silver reflections. Beautiful couple, love glances and playful notes. Gorgeous wedding gown and shoes you dreamed for. Jacket that fits perfectly. Intimate ceremony in the garden. Unique handwritten invitations and delicious desserts. Everything is perfectly prepared for your big day. This is our vision of a wedding day with a touch of luxury. Click if you wnat to see, how we were preparing not just this styled photoshoot, but whole summer issue.

photography Štěpán Vrzala // concept & styling You&Me // model Kateřina Sokolová // make-up artist Nikol Křivanová // hair stylist Radka Kissová // wedding gown White by Vera Wang, Svatební dům Adina // shoes Jimmy Choo // jewelry Robert.H // suit and accessories Wilvorst, Svatební dům NUANCE // stationary HELLO calligraphy, Małgosia Małecka // flowers Květinový ateliér Rosmarino // desserts & cake Sweet Dots // chandelier & decorations Butlers, Centrum Černý Most // other decorations Apropos // videography Veronika a Michal Horejšovi // venue Chateau Mcely

Pastel romance

Chateau Mcely

The wedding season at Chateau Mcely this summer is in pastel tones. If you want to be really trendy don’t be afraid of the matte colors which could be in the bridesmaid’s dresses or all over the castle or on the designer mixer which was on the list of the wedding gifts. The chef of the chateau, Honza Štěrba is praising the season. He can finally use all six sorts of mint which is growing in the castle’s garden, while he experiments with the dishes that he prepares.

The chateau team, together with the florist and wedding designer Marketa Motlova regularly follow the latest wedding trends and try to provide to their guests not only professional service, but something additional too. Might be something small which will make them smile, or will leave pleasant memories in the loving souls. Cute wedding sweet bars have become an integral part of the wedding receptions. Beautifully

decorated table is base for a rich variety of small sweets from the experienced confectioners, which come in form of small cushions in halfopen drawers or shelves, decorative frames, often with photographs of the participating families or even colorful fishes in glass containers with water. The trend which we shouldn’t forget and which is known for few years now are the small weddings, usually up to ten people or less, only relatives, sometimes even only the couple. This way the couple would have their dream wedding like from the fairytales. They would receive high class, professional service in the elegant spaces of the castle, which would be above their financial limits in case of many guests. The opposite of the small weddings are large weddings which exclusively occupy the whole castle thus having it all for themselves privately.

Chateau Mcely is a gorgeous romantic place for your wedding day as well as for engagements or honeymoons. More information you can find of the webpages of Chateau Mcely.

REFRESHING CUCUMBER POPSICLES concept & styling Výpečky photography Radostina

In the summer season there is sometimes need for refreshment. Don’t forget your guests and prepare for them a refreshing surprise.

To prepare 12 popsicles you will need:

1 cucumber

200 ml water

1 lime

90 g caster sugar

popsicle molds

First, pour sugar into a casserole, add water and cook everything for about 8 minutes. Once cooked the sugar mixture must cool. In a sealed container in the fridge the sugar mixture will last up to a week. Wash the cucumber and peel it but leave some strips of the skin. This will give you a nice green color. Pour the sugar mixture into a blender, add the chopped cucumber and blend everything together. Add the lime juice and blend again. Pour cucumber mixture into the popsicle molds and let it freeze for at least 6 hours.

Mirka & Miro photography Fero Liptak Photography NovĂ˝ Ruskov & Dargov, Slovakia


How it all began

Meeting of Mirka with Miro was unexpected and spontaneous. They met each other six years ago thanks to their common friend and the curiosity of Miro. As they were getting to know each other in the virtual world, through the popular at that time ICQ, they met in person after a month of electronic communication and many evening phone calls. Their first meeting took place at the bus station and continued in a patisserie. For Miro, it was not such a great romance, but he remembers that he liked Mirka from the first moment.


The Proposal

Every proposal is a big surprise for a woman and she definitely secretly expects it. Mirka’s proposal happened twice. Of course, by the same person, Miro. The first time when Miro proposed was on the day of her graduation in her living room and the second time was with the ring, at the State Theatre in Koťice just before the opera Nabucco was about to start. They were already seated on the balcony, people were slowly coming and Miro wanted to make the best of this situation. Unfortunately, as he was taking out the ring from the box, the ring fell and rolled down few seats ahead. It was a funny moment, luckily the ring was found, Mirka said yes and they both have something to remember.


P lanning a wedding vs. reality

Mirka had to admit that not everything can be made easy as it is seen on the pictures. Therefore, she went in her own way and had developed several things on her own. And it turned out to be the best she could do. The wedding was held in a combination of vintage and shabby chic, they found many decorations at home or in

their neighborhood. For the realization of their ideas for the wedding, besides their families and loved ones they got help also from a wedding photographer who was completely aligned with the style of the wedding.


Wedding dress and accessories


Flowers and decorations details


Favorite moment of the wedding day

The bride wanted her wedding dress to correspond to the selected style of the wedding as much as possible. To achieve the look as from the ancient times, the wedding dress needed to be partly from lace. Mirka had complemented it with a trio of handmade fabric flowers, pearl earrings and a necklace with a single pearl. She tried to complement gently the lace accessories in order not to cause distraction. For Miro, they chose black suspenders which highlighted the style of the wedding and were perfectly suited for photos. Mirka and Miro danced the traditional Slovak dance dressed in folk costume from Zemplin.

Wedding decorations should have included elements of the ancient times, past and rural as well. Mirka and Miro created everything by themselves. All was set in tones of coral, antique rose and cream colors. As for the decoration Mirka picked roses because she thought it was going together the best and therefore she also chose them for her wedding bouquet. Cream lisianthus beautifully suited their deep pink color. The brooch on the bouquet was actually an earring. The second one decorated Mirko’s wedding boutonniere.

Mirka had experienced several wonderful moments during which she literally felt like a

queen. The first time was when she saw herself combed, wearing make-up and dressed in a wedding gown. Another highlight for her was also shooting a wedding ceremony in the GreekCatholic church with a crown on her head. Miro had experienced the most beautiful moments during the wedding ceremony when he realized that from now on he would be with Mirka forever. Unforgettable moment was for both to see together their family, friends and acquaintances who had accepted the invitation to celebrate this great day with them.


Mirka about Miro:

Miro is the polar opposite to me. There are things in which we are alike, but my husband and I complete each other in things that the other is missing. He is a principled man who holds what he believes in, what gives him the meaning and a lasting value. He does the things properly to the end and when something is not as it should

be, he can really stamp. I have to admit that he has very good taste. Therefore, he can be critical not only in dressing. The important thing is that he has always supported me, let me to fulfill myself and constantly convinced me that I am his charming and beloved wife.


Miro about Mirka:

My wife is a very patient woman. I am fascinated by her calmness, kindness, devotion and goodwill with which she approaches not only me but also others. She does not stay angry long, hates arguments and shouting. She is hesitant because she wants to feel good after making all her decisions. Therefore, making decisions takes longer for her. Mirka is very meticulous. She often cuddles me, which is only a demonstration of her natural maternal emotion. She will be a wonderful mother. I am happy that we are together and I am thankful that she is how she is.

wedding dress Marco Polo, Trebišov // bride´s accessories // make-up Janka Sabová // hair styling Zuzka Biačková-Kičiňová, Trebišov // suit Obleky Michal, Košice // groom´s accessories Adam & Eva, Košice // wedding rings Laura Gold, Košice // flowers & decoration Ginka, Košice // decoration & bouquet Bella Fiori, Trebišov // catering Rýchla rota Sečovce // music skupina IMPULZ

boudoir Boudoir [ˈbuːd.waːr] - the boudoir was a part of the private suite of rooms of a lady, for bathing and dressing, adjacent to her bedchamber and was used for other activities, such as embroidery or spending time with one’s romantic partner. You have certainly seen photos of some of your girlfriends, who has made them as a gift to her partner. Or you might have followed this latest trend you have done it yourself already? We decided to move the boudoir as you know it to the nature in order to show you that such delicate photography could be done anywhere. But what exactly that boudoir is nowadays? We asked this question Lucie Schweinerova, who is professional in this type of photography. What is it all about?

There are many ways how to describe the boudoir as a photography style. It is more secret and playful compared to the glamour which is more sexual. The boudoir reveals less but instead it just drops a hint. Usually in the boudoir is more important bantering – the girls don’t show everything, but instead they are covered or have lingerie; they could be also naked, but nothing is ever shown just like that. Different angles are chosen where not everything could be seen, blurring of the image to hide certain details. Most often it is being made in a luxurious bedrooms and hotel apartments. The boudoir gives infinite possibilities to capture the female’s beauty, sensuality and intimacy. The boudoir exists since the photography itself exists,, as well as the focus on the female beauty and sensuality.

How did it came to the Czech Republic?

The photographic term “boudoir” appeared in the eighties. In the beginning it was described as “bedroom photography” and eventually replaced with “boudoir photography”. The return of the boudoir to a great degree is a result of “Boudoir is Back” by Boudoir Divas, who gave it a modern look. Nowadays boudoir photography is also called intimate photography. The boudoir as we know it today is coming from the USA, where it becomes a normal part of the wedding photography. Why boudoir?

The girls most often go for boudoir photography when they want to surprise their fiancés in the wedding day (or to surprise the husband or the boyfriend for some holidays like birthdays or Christmas). Though there are other reasons too – capturing their look as a memory until they are young, or the opposite to show that even in their age they still look good and sexy. Boudoir gives self-confidence to the women, good feeling of themselves, nice experience and showing to them and to others that they are beautiful. Women simply want to have sexy and liberating experience, which will increase their self-confidence. zažít osvobozující a sexy zkušenost, která pozvedne jejich sebevědomí.

photography Lucie Schweinerová // concept & styling You&Me // hair & make-up stylist Jana Červenková // lingerie & accessories Agent Provocateur // lingerie & accessories Lindex

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Him and Her photography Štěpán Vrzala Prague, Czech Republic

Her name is Monica. He is Jesse.

THE FIRST MEETING She: We met in Prague while we were both on vacation with friends. We decided to enjoy the cities best bars and went on the clock tower pub crawl. As soon as I saw Jesse I was instantly attracted to him and we spent the entire night together, and stayed in touch after our trip. He: I met Monica while traveling in Prague with 5 of my friends, and a few twists of fate helping to bring us together. I was initially supposed to go to Prague a year earlier, but (fortunately) the trip got delayed. While in Prague, we met an Australian traveling alone who was staying in our hostel, and he convinced the six of us to go on the local pub crawl that evening with him, something we originally had decided against. Finally, after having the pleasure of meeting Monica & speaking with her throughout the night, she mentioned how her & her friend had

signed up for the pub crawl and then changed their minds and left...only to change their minds one last time & come back just as it was getting started. It still blows me away when I think about how we stumbled upon each other that night in Prague. PRVNĂ? RANDE

She: I was living in New York & Jesse in Boston. He invited me up to visit for the weekend. We went out to a sushi dinner, visited a quaint little candy store and then attended a Halloween party together dressed up in Oktoberfest garb.

He: We sent emails and talked on the phone for about a month or so getting to know one another, and one night I decided to sort of halfjokingly ask her to be my date for a Halloween party, not fully expecting her to say yes. Well‌ she said yes! The next thing you know she was arriving in Boston via bus from New York City

where we spent the weekend together. We had some great sushi at this cool little sushi spot, picked up some candy at the local candy store and ended with the Halloween party. FIRST KISS

She: Our first kiss was when I went to go visit Jesse in Boston for our first real date.

He: Our first real kiss was in the candy store when Monica was visiting for our first date – I will leave it at that. THE ONE

She: We instantly felt a connection the first night we met, though we both denied it for months. Eventually the distance was too much for us to handle and I moved up to Boston to live with him. He: I remember coming home from the bus station the morning after the Halloween party and having a conversation with my roommate at the time. I told him that I was going to marry Monica – I didn’t know when or how, but I knew I would. I had never felt a connection like that before, nor did I ever care to be married! So yeah... that was a pretty big moment for me. PROPOSAL

She: Jesse put me through a full day scavenger hunt. We started the morning out at breakfast with our close friends, Aaron & Liz. All of a sudden, Jesse & Aaron walked up and out of the restaurant, with my cell phone and all my personal belongings. I was given a letter for my first clue,

and headed to a bar, where I needed to take a celebratory shot in order to receive my next clue. Jesse made me go all over the city, from going to a home store to buy centerpieces (which I would later find out why?), having to run a quarter of mile around a track (Jesse loves to run), picking up a Boston Bruins Hockey T-shirt (to support my new home of Boston), going into a book store to find a scrapbook of all our memories that jesse had created and placed on the shelf, to having to scream out loud in public how much I loved Jesse, to going to a liquor store to pick up our favorite beer, Pilsner, to going to a candy store (where we had our first date) to pick up sweets, and finally meeting up at a spot where I was blindfolded by one of his best friends and taken back to our home, where a gourmet meal had been prepared with live harp music playing in the background. We had dinner, which had the centerpieces i had purchased earlier, we drank the beer I had bought, and ate the candy from the candy store.

He: I didn’t want it to be your average proposal, and I wanted her to work for it too! And I tend to have a flare for the dramatic I suppose. So a good friend of mine, who was on the initial trip to Prague, & his wife, helped me put it together. The four of us went to breakfast and Aaron and I abruptly left the girls with the bill & a letter from the waitress telling Monica she was in for a long but rewarding day. Ultimately Monica spent the entire day hopping from one place to the next on a scavenger hunt, with each location somehow tying into our lives – sampling my favorite whiskey to celebrate the day ahead, lacing up sneakers & running around the track, proclaiming her undying love for me by shouting “I love Jesse!“ to a parking lot full of people while on video, picking up candy at the candy store where we had our first date, purchasing a Boston t-shirt, finding a scrapbook I had created specifically for her and eventually coming home (blindfolded) to a first class meal prepared especially for her, while being seranaded by live harp music & a personalized ukulele version of our song “Hey Soul Sister“. I think the best part of it all is that she knew from the moment she read the letter at breakfast what was going to happen that day...

and then it took until about 8pm that night for everything to completely unfold. It was such a fun day. ONA O NĚM:

Je neuvěřitelně milující a sentimentální. Je to vynikající otec pro svého pětiletého syna Lexe. Váží si rodiny a přátelství a je jedním z nejloajálnějších lidí, jakého jsem kdy potkal. Je to můj nejlepší přítel, někdo, kdo mě zná lépe než kdokoliv jiný, a na koho se mohu vždy a se vším spolehnout. ON O NÍ:

Monica je mým nejlepším přítelem. Je to ta nejkrásnější dívka, kterou jsem kdy potkal, uvnitř i zvenčí. Je neuvěřitelně pracovitá, spolehlivá, dokáže mě rozesmát. Rád s ní trávím čas, ať už na hokejovém zápase, nebo jen tak doma sledováním televize. Má ráda pivo, nechává mě vyhrát ve scrabble a co je nejdůležitější, že je úžasnou matkou. Proto ji miluju.


Pavol Delej is a young, creative photographer from eastern Slovakia, who, as he says, just loves everything about photography. In an interview with him you find out, what was his journey to the photography, where he finds an inspiration and what he considers as his greatest achievement. What did you wanted to be when you were a child? I certainly didn’t want to be a photographer (laughs). I wanted to be all sorts of things like all small children do. One of my big childhood dreams was to become a famous soccer player because I played soccer since I was very young. I also attended the Art School which I finished and I remember that I wanted to go in this direction at that time. But the reality was quite different. How did you get into photography?

The first time was at primary school where we studied photography. It was all on film then. My dad was also always taking photographs, especially family photos. At home he had, and still has, a black chamber that he was setting up in the bathroom. I was always standing in the way while he was doing that (laughs). I remember that I was always fascinated how a figure suddenly appears on a “piece of white paper in the water”. Well, I really got into photography about 15 years ago when I bought my first compact camera and I was just shooting everything. After that I bought several more compacts and then in England, where I spent nearly 7 years, I bought my first SLR camera. After that it went very fast. I enjoyed it more and more and I was investing in the technology. My passion was, and still is, to do travel and landscape photography. I was travelling all over the UK whenever possible. Later I started taking pictures of people, especially my friends. I found out that I can easily throw myself into it and I felt more and more involved. I visited some workshops and train-

ing seminars in England, met with various photographers and absorbed some other shooting techniques. My photos started to look better and better, so I thought I’d try to do it more seriously and I went for it. I had some money saved up, so I quit the job where I was working and devoted myself exclusively to photography. It wasn’t an easy path, but today I’m really glad I took it. I’ve been taking professional photos for three years and I’m grateful that I can feed my family by doing what I truly enjoy (smile). Why weddings?

I love working with people. I’m a very stubborn person and I don’t like doing something that someone tells me to. I like to do things on my own and weddings give me the opportunity to basically have free will and put my own stamp on the work. As I already said, my great passion is travel photography, which is essentially a form of reportage photography. And weddings allow you to be a part of the story. It’s a little adrenaline rush, capturing every important, funny or beautiful moment of two loving people that will never be repeated but thanks to them it will remain forever in photos.

What do you like about wedding photography? What is your most favorite moment to capture?

I’m a very cheerful person who likes to laugh, therefore, sincere smiles are the ones more likely to be captured (laughs). I’m always pleased when I can actually make the newly-weds laugh.

I laugh and enjoy myself while shooting and I want my clients to have fun as well. To keep it fun in the first place. I often say that the worst photos are those when I am directing the clients on how to pose in portrait photography. When they are “put” into the pose it comes out as a very artificial picture. While getting away from those poses is often the time when the most beautiful moments arise for me to take pictures of.

Do the clients come to you with a specific ideas on what kind of pictures they would like or do you create the concept altogether?

It depends. My clients usually tell me that they want photos from me and afterwards they leave it up to me. But I also have clients who have a specific idea. However, these are less common. I approach everyone separately. I don’t have any template by which I shoot, for that reason I try to tailor each photo to my clients. I don’t want the photos to be about the place where they are taken. I want it to be mainly about people who

are photographed. I prefer personal relationships therefore I try to make friends with them so then they are open to me and it is much easier to work on specific photography concepts. Well, when I succeed, the photos are about something completely different and everyone can see it. (Smile) Who is your great role model?

Probably no one in particular. I try to be myself. But whenever I have time, I wander the Internet and look at the work of other photographers and new trends in photography. But if I have to be a little more specific, I guess I like Russian portraits the most and there are number of photographers who have my admiration, and I can hardly name anyone. Besides those, I really like the British and the American scene. What do you consider as your greatest achievement so far?

I can feed my beautiful family by doing what I really enjoy (smile).

What is it that sets you apart from others? It’s hard to say. You should ask my clients (smile). For instance, I never go to a shoot with the idea that I’m going to shoot someone but more that I’m going to take pictures also for myself. As I said, I really enjoy shooting and throw myself into it. I just enjoy it. What would your perfect day look like?

If I can, I will divide it into two perfect days. The first one is: I wake up next to my wife and our two month old son who is banging my face because my wife put him between us when he woke up (smile). And we spend the whole day with our family and good friends doing nothing, grilling and sniggering over stupidity.

Well, the other day is with a camera in my hand capturing the sunrise in Cambodia, spending the rest of the day on the countryside either in India or Nepal lurking for the perfect shot and finally looking at the sunset on the English coast (smile). And of course, having nice weather during both days.

I find inspiration ... In people and in their daily lives. I do not need any inspiration for reportage photography because it’s happening right in front of my eyes and I’m trying to capture it as I like. As to the portrait photography, I am not a photographer who buys magazines and literature. On the contrary, I read very little simply because I don’t want to. According to me the photographer should be a bit of a psychologist because I am convinced that a good picture begins with talking with the client. Each person is unique and to each one fits something different. Nowadays the best source of inspiration is the Internet. Today an incredible amount of people are devoted to photography and they are all very fond of showing their photos to others. It is up to us to find what we really like and if possible be inspired by it (smile). For more information visit: Pavol Delej PHOTOGRAPHY

v i Z & a k Rad photography Pavlína Jarošová Prague, Czech Republic

wedding dress Pronovias - Barcelona, NUANCE svatební dům // smoking and shoes Hugo Boss

// bowtie Ermenegildo Zegna // flowers Floristino Kristino // ceremony Michnův Palác, reception and party Grand Bohemia Hotel, Boccacio

How it began Radka met with Ziv a couple days after arriving from Switzerland, where she had lived for almost 8 years. She returned to Prague because of family. Ziv is originally from Israel but has been living in Czech Republic for more than 13 years. It was not love at the first sight, rather they started “dating”. Radka eventually realized that somehow she was gradually moving into Ziv’s place and spending almost all her free time with him. She will never forget his words: “The only woman that will live in my apartment and move in with me will be my future wife.” Back then she did not take it so seriously.


14th February 2012, Valentine’s Day. Radka woke up in that morning and there was no surprise waiting for her. No flowers, no candy, nothing. That day did not start out quite as she had imagined. However, around eleven Ziv

arrived with an envelope in his hand. It contained flight tickets to Paris and the departure was that day! They quickly packed up, boarded the plane and were in Paris just before dinner. Radka still had no idea what was coming. They had been wandering around the beautiful city of Paris for around three days, visited almost all the monuments, plenty of cafeterias, restaurants and bars, enjoyed champagne and romantic moments. The Eiffel tower was kept for the end of the trip. The weather was cold and rainy and Radka did not want to freeze in a crowd of people waiting for the elevator. Ziv held his ground. When they were at the top, Ziv asked one man who was passing by whether he could take a picture of them together. In the middle of the photograph Ziv withdrew from his pocket a turquoise box with a white ribbon on it. Radka still did not realize what was happening. It wasn’t until Ziv knelt down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?” that she understood. People around started clapping and Radka was in shock for the next few hours. The man who was taking the picture,

made around 50 shots so he captured the whole proposal into one beautiful memory. Ziv had bought the ring only one day before the departure but he had everything planned for several weeks. He knew that Radka was the right one.

Planning the wedding vs. reality

From the beginning it was a bit difficult to agree on a wedding date, but the planning as such was very simple for them and Radka and Ziv did not stress too much about it. Radka’s friend, who once owned a bridal salon, helped them a lot. She found a place, contacted the decoration firms, bakery, dress company and arranged many other things for which Radka is very grateful. Everything was accelerated by the expected arrival of a baby. Although this “special day” was not the cheapest one, Ziv is convinced that it is worth the price as it happens once in a lifetime.

Favourite moment of the wedding day

The most beautiful memory for Ziv was being surrounded by his closest during those wonderful moments. A lot of guests had arrived from Israel as well. His wife was so beautiful that he nearly “lost his breath”. The guests were talking about a beautiful speech given by Ziv for a very long time after, in which he addressed each of the guests and announced them that the expected baby would be a boy.

Radka on Ziv:

I hope he will listen. At the beginning of our relationship, I had no idea it would get this far but I have to say that I have never loved a man more than I do my husband. He is my Almighty Man.

Ziv on Radka:

The best and most beautiful person that I could have ever met. I cannot imagine my life without her. I am happy that after 41 years my dream has been fulfilled.

Thank you for going through the whole magazine. We are looking forward to you again in October.

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