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fall // 2012


Welcome to our autumn world. Before we start talking about what you can find in it, we would like to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts. For every e-mail, message and kind words which reached us. We are very happy that we managed to fulfill your taste with our vision and we really appreciate that you are reading our second issue. We are going to say goodbye to the slowly leaving autumn with our version of how should a fall wedding look. But that is not all. End of this year’s wedding season opens the door to the upcoming one. We prepared for you a few tips and trends, which you definitely should stick to in next season. You will get some advice directly by professionals from different areas of the world of weddings. Also in this issue you will learn something more about them than just their price list. We will look together at the brides of 2013. And of course every bride needs a groom. We have dressed him in several outfits to show that even he has to enjoy his wedding day in comfortable clothing that reflects his soul. Well and how were these photo shoots created? We have to admit, it was not easy to prepare for you something new and different. The challenge was two ongoing simultaneous photo shootings at one place, three photographers, two brides, one groom, a few wedding bands, wedding bouquets and countless number of shoes. This is how our hotel room looked like during the two amazing days of shooting in the High Tatras. The autumn weather was great, we all survived it without injuries and we are all richer with few new experiences. And exactly these experiences and many other things we are more than happy to share with you.

With love Luc & Radostina

photo: BíláČerná 2 // you&me magazine

Peter & Veronika

Pavlína Jarošová



Hanka Čihánková Petra Andelová

hair & make-up

Moruška Dizajn

Michaela Domanská Dvořáčková Call me BRIDE wedding agency

Thank you

Petra Wolfert Wolfert floral design



The right ones


Leo Primeti

DIY Floral Crown


Be exceptional

DIY: A Bouto


Tenderness with scent of romance 4 // you&me magazine


Diamonds are forever


oš and his ime video


In the castle garden


DIY: Vintage bridal garter

Content 86.


Sweet golden dots

Autumn onniere


Little bit different fall wedding


Love like a novel


The right ones If this year was unique to you because you´ve got engaged, the next one will be even more unique, if you're awaiting your big day. Probably you’ve started to browse the Internet, looking for decoration ideas and pictures of wedding dresses and you're searching for the right one.

We will make this search a little bit easier for you. New items for the next season are heading right now to the bridal salons and we are really proud to present you the hottest pieces. Season 2013 will be mainly characterized by lace, light materials and shifty designs. Salon Nicole and Salon Naïve have selected for you only the best. photography: Pavlína Jarošová // concept: You&Me

6 // you&me magazine


JESUS PEIRO, model JP 3000 Salon Naive 8 // you&me magazine


10 // you&me magazine


Pronovias, model BARBATE Salon Nicole 12 // you&me magazine


14 // you&me magazine

JESUS PEIRO, model JP 3014 Salon Naive 15

16 // you&me magazine


Pronovias, model ULUA Salon Nicole 18 // you&me magazine


20 // you&me magazine

Pronovias, model ULDAR Salon Nicole 21

22 // you&me magazine


24 // you&me magazine

JESUS PEIRO, model JP 3015 Salon Naive 25

26 // you&me magazine


JESUS PEIRO, model JP 3000 Salon Naive 28 // you&me magazine


30 // you&me magazine


The shooting of these beautiful dresses took place in the charming surroundings of Strbske Pleso, in the Grand Hotel Kempinski with incredible atmosphere and wonderful wellness area ZionSpa. We would like to thank to all the great people who were involved in this project and provided us with great location, spaces and services. photography: Pavlína Jarošová // concept: You&Me // hair&make-up: Hanka Čihánková // wedding gowns: Salon Nicole, Bratislava, Salon Naive, Praha // flowers: Wolfert, Bratislava, Moruška dizajn // jewelry: SPLEEN // shoes: HUMANIC,OC Nový Smíchov, Praha // locations: Grand Hotel Kempinski Vysoké Tatry, ZionSpa 32 // you&me magazine


34 // you&me magazine

DIY Floral crown

If you like the floral crown from our editorial, we will show you how to do it by yourself. You will need - thicker wire, thin wire, ribbon, scissors, glue and candle.

From the thicker wire design a shape of crown or headband. Wrap it with a ribbon and fix it with the thinner wire.

Attach the heather with the thinner wire around the whole perimeter of the headband.

Cut other flowers. Wax the stems so they can last longer without water.

Sketch up where you will put the roses and attach them the wire.

Make some of the mini bouquets from smaller flowers and attach them to the headband.

Glue the small cones.

You are done - and you can hang your classic veil in the closet. 35

photography: Lucie Pešková

LEOŠ AND HIS PRIMETIME VIDEO “I shoot with my heart. I love the emotions, the feelings and inspirational couples...” If you move around the weddings professionally, or if you plan your own wedding, or you are already married, you certainly met, at least once, with the name

Who did you wanted to be when you were younger? After long discussions with my mom that I can’t make enough money as a trash collector, I wanted to become a cosmonaut! How did you start with making wedding videos? I am a huge movies fan. I have seen thousands of films and I thought that when I buy a camera I would be able to shoot Hollywood movies. That’s how I began. Recordings of fam-

Leoš Brabec and his Pimetime video. And I'm sure like

ily trips, vacations etc. Until once I was asked by a cousin of

all of us; you are big fan of his work. Today we have

mine if I can shoot her wedding.. of course for free.

that honor to introduce to you Leoš from other side.

So on 12.08.2009 was born my first wedding video. The

Certainly, you will learn a lot of interesting things.

next year my other cousin was getting married and i continue with the trend and made her wedding video.. also for free. The next year already I’ve had my schedule full.

36 // you&me magazine

pro video kliknete zde

Why exactly weddings? Partially you can find the answer in the previous question. It started as a hobby and it is still like a hobby but I earn some money from it too. The difference is that today I take it as a great responsibility and honor from the people who give me their trust to make their wedding video. The atmosphere, the importance of the event and the special moment which is the wedding day is hardly ever repeatable. It offers many possibilities and forms of romance, passion and love. Many different ways how to catch these moments. So to the question: “Why weddings?”, I would answer that I am very happy that it’s exactly weddings that I shoot. Which part of making of the weddings videos you enjoy the most? I always say that I shoot with my heart. I love the emotions, the feelings and inspirational couples. I experience the wedding together with the couple. What makes me really happy is when I capture with the camera true, unrehersed emotion. Recently I was obsessed with the desire to record the events excellently technically in terms of sound and pic-

ture, without any interference, but I admit that it is very difficult. Especially difficult it is with weddings. It always happens like: wait, stop for a second, move over here and over there…Actually I do not know anyone who handles this brilliantly! On the other hand I also like making short rehearsed clips and intros with particular idea, telling some story about the couple. But not every couple is capable and willing to cooperate in such clips, so I usually do only a few per season. But the most important for me is that what I do makes somebody happy later. Do the customers come to you with ready ideas or you build the concept together? In the vast majority the ideas are born together on preliminary meetings. My work is not just going somewhere and shooting something. The added value is that the result is always based on my cooperation with the couple. For example if the team is joined by my colleague, the photographer Lucie Pešková and all the ideas are made true by Zuzana Černochová the quality of the results is guaranteed. 37

Who is your idol? Definitely Jason Magbanua and Bob Nicholas which is a bit of a paradox, considering the fact what types of events they shoot. Also, of course Mr. Balasko :) What do you consider as your biggest success so far? In the wedding videos it is maybe the 3rd place in the BEST CAMERAMAN EEVA for the clip „Always“. What would be the ideal day for you? I’d be in the bad all day long :)

to the broader masses. It all started few years ago, when the company Canon introduced in their SLRs the possibility to make Full HD movies. So this will continue, more and more new cameramen will appear and will make wedding movies with their new SLRs. By natural selection will remain those who will think about this business seriously, responsibly and honestly. I dare say that, especially here in the Czech Republic, we’ll continue to see short “teasers or highlights” rather than the actual full-length DVD, which is understandable on the one hand but on the other however, it’s pity, because the value of the DVD film increases as the time passes. They

What do you think we should expect in the next wedding

are two completely different disciplines and the customer

season related to the wedding videos?

should determine what is of more importance to them.

Recently the trend is to approach the cinematic techniques

For more information: Primetime Video

You can watch the awarded video “Always” by Leoš Brabec here. 38 // you&me magazine



The legendary brand Tiffany & Co. is already in Prague And those from Tiffany are the world's most wellknown and valuable. The 1830s in New York City were a time of dynamic growth and golden opportunity for anyone with a little capital and an abundance of imagination. In 1837 New York became the proving ground for 25-year-old Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young, who opened a “stationery and fancy goods” store with a $1,000 advance from Tiffany’s father. At that time, he had no idea that the name Tiffany becomes indelible part of the

40 // you&me magazine

American history. Tiffany & Co. brought to the American market unique jewelry with diamonds and gemstones, and soon came up with international expansion. Tiffany first achieved international recognition at the 1867 Paris World’s fair. The company was awarded the grand prize for silver craftsmanship, the first time that an American design house had been so honored by a foreign jury.


This unprecedented award led to Tiffany’s appointment as Royal Jeweler to the crowned heads of Europe, as well as the Ottoman Emperor and the Czar of Russia. In 1877 Tiffany acquired one of the world’s largest and finest fancy yellow diamonds from the Kimberley diamond mines in South Africa. Under the guidance of Tiffany's eminent gemologist, Dr. George Frederick Kunz, the diamond was cut from 287.42 carats to 128.54 carats with 82 facets, which gave the stone its legendary fire and brilliance. Named the Tiffany Diamond, the stone became an exemplar of Tiffany craftsmanship. Having introduced major gemstones to the United Stated through purchases of the crown jewels of France and Spain, Mr. Tiffany’s enterprise was now the world’s diamond authority. In 1886 Tiffany introduced the engagement ring as we know it today. Previously, diamond rings were set in bezels. But Mr. Tiffany’s ring was designed to

highlight brilliant-cut diamonds by lifting the stone off the band into the light. This innovative design sets the diamond away from the band with six platinum prongs, permitting a more complete return of light through the diamond and maximizing its natural brilliance. This famous ring was named the Tiffany® Setting. To this day, it is the most soughtafter symbol of true love. The color known as Tiffany Blue was selected by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany for the cover of Blue Book, Tiffany’s annual collection of exquisitely handcrafted jewels, first published in 1845. Tiffany Blue was later adopted for use on shopping bags, as well as in advertising and other promotional materials. True to the founder’s vision, the Tiffany Blue Box® became an icon of luxury and exclusivity. The flagship Tiffany & Co. store on Fifth Avenue is renowned as one of the most romantic places in New York and Tiffany & Co. became home to the most beautiful diamonds on the planet.

Tiffany Blue Box became a world's famous symbol of luxury and exclusivity.

42 // you&me magazine

Tiffany brand is regarded as a symbol of love, style, quality and luxury. Tiffany brand is considered as a symbol of love, style, quality and luxury. Next to the prominent clients it is also engaged to millions of customers. They repeatedly choose Tiffany & Co. for unforgettable and most important moments of their lives. From the first jewel as a gift for graduation, a small gift from love, through the unique engagement ring, joyfully expected wedding rings and

wedding gifts, unique gift for the birth of a child, to the surprise for romantic anniversary, or simply just for pleasure, Tiffany & Co. guides loyal customers for generations. Tiffany Blue Box® topped with a white ribbon became an international icon of sophisticated elegance and a symbol of unforgettable moments full of love and expectations. You can find the Prague store at Pařížská 10. 43

In the castle garden...

photography: Štépán Vrzala

44 // you&me magazine


46 // you&me magazine

First meeting Michal met Olga for the first time on the hallway of the high school that they were both attending. Since then they were meeting each other regularly, but they became a couple few years later. Back then, who would have said how important that first meeting would be.

First kiss Their first kiss happened a lot later after their first meeting. Actually it was 11 years later. 8th or 9th November 2003 – nobody remembers the exact date and they both didn’t put in their diaries. Since then they are together constantly.

Asking for Her Hand One of the most beautiful moments in the life of Olga came at midnight on Christmas Eve, when all the hustle has finished and the day seemed to be at an end. When Michal knelt before her, a huge surprise for Olga and for Michal the best gift was when she said “Yes!”

P lanning The planning of their wedding day took approximately five months. The bride took in her hands almost everything, but anyway everything was managed in the last moment, because there was enough time.


48 // you&me magazine


Wedding dress After a lot of web browsing and visiting of designers, Olga saw a dress displayed on a mannequin in a wedding salon which she was visiting with a friend. After just five minutes the dress was bought. She just fell in love on the first sight and she just couldn’t leave the salon without it. Michal saw the dress right before the ceremony and he thought it’s the most beautiful dress ever.

The Location Olga s Michalem dlouho přemýšleli, jak zorganizovat celý tento významný den spíše jako velkou oslavu se všemi, které mají rádi a se kterými je jim hezky, bez zbytečných přesunů a formalit. O Chateau Třebešice věděli dlouho předtím, než je napadlo, že by zde mohli uspořádat jejich svatbu. Ale po druhé návštěvě si byli jistí, že je to to pravé místo. Vyniká neobyčejnou atmosférou, je uzavřené, svou velikostí odpovídalo jejich představě o počtu hostů a obřad i hostina mohly být venku, i když vlastně i pod střechou, kdyby jim náhodou nepřálo počasí. A mohli zde upustit uzdu fantazii při organizován své svatby.

50 // you&me magazine


52 // you&me magazine


The special moment For Olga the whole wedding day was simply perfect, after all she took the best guy in the world! And Michal took the best girl in the world! But a truly enjoyable moment was the start of the celebration when the entertainment started even guests who previously did not know each other opened up and the atmosphere became pleasantly relaxed and cordial.

The wedding cake The cake actually fits to the general picture, the goal was that everything should be perfect and also it should have been a gastronomic experience. Therefore they chose the Italian chef Piero, who prepared each part of the cake with different taste so anyone could choose their favorite taste. The fact that the cake was eaten completely means that the goal is accomplished.

54 // you&me magazine


56 // you&me magazine

Dear Michal, our wedding day was exceptional for me, you are the best man in the world and the rest I will tell you personally.

Dear Olga, I doubt I will receive enough space here to describe in details what you mean for me, so I will keep it for myself, but you are my wife and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.


58 // you&me magazine


DIY: Vintage bridal garter

idea and photography: Zuzana Białas 60 // you&me magazine

What do we need: lace, ribbons of different width, decorative button, sewing elastic, needle and thread or sewing machine, scissors, pins, safety pin.

Stitch the lace to the ribbon.

Fold in half long enough pieces of wider ribbon and iron it. Sew the edges to get a small tunnel.

Take a measured piece of sewing elastic and attach safety pin to it. Slip the elastic all the way through the tunnel. Sew both ends firmly and neaten the edges of the garter.

Take the thinner ribbons, create a decorative flower, add the button and stitch on the bridal garter.


Be Exceptional Have you ever thought what made you choose your partner? For you he is one of a kind, not like a million of others and you love him for who he is. Therefore in this editorial, we will focus on highlighting his individuality as he should also look special on your wedding day! photography: Peter & Veronika Velicky // concept & styling: You&Me

62 // you&me magazine


64 // you&me magazine

Does your man have a soul of a playful boy who loves cars, and can you still see a little freak in him? Then this style will be perfect for him and there's something in it what will always remind you, why you love him so much.


66 // you&me magazine


Does every place lighten up when your beloved one enters the room? Then he should definitely wear something colorful for your wedding day. Let everyone know, that he is your sunshine.

68 // you&me magazine


70 // you&me magazine

When you two started dating, were you amazed by his good manners? And even if he is an ordinary boy, there is a bit aristocrat in him? Then this very elegant style is just made for him.


72 // you&me magazine


74 // you&me magazine

Does your fiancĂŠ love stylish and old-fashioned things from his grandfather times? Does he wear both suspenders and bow ties to work? Then preppy style is just perfect for him. He will feel comfortable and elegant at the same time. On your big day his style will be a mix of the past, present, but most of all, your common future.


76 // you&me magazine


78 // you&me magazine

Does he demonstrate his love not with just words but also with actions? Does he bring you flowers regularly and if he could, he would get you a piece of heaven? Congratulations, you have chosen a romantic guy! He can wear anything. The most important of all is his glance, when he looks at you.


80 // you&me magazine


photography: Peter & Veronika Velickí // concept & styling: You&Me // boutonnieres: Wolfer, Bratislava // clothes and accessories: Van Graaf, Mango, Zara // shoes: Humanic, OC Nový Smíchov, Praha// bowties: Katikaaa // eyewear: Optika Milena // watches: // location: Grand Hotel Kempinski Vysoké Tatry

82 // you&me magazine


DIY Autumn boutonniere

You will need ... pin for boutonniere autumn leaves

scissors thin burlap twine

various autumn flowers 84 // you&me magazine

As a base for the boutonniere take a bigger autumn leaf. Prepare the flowers you will use.

Place flowers in a way that each one is visible. Tighten them together with floral tape.

Add pin for boutonniere on the back side. Again, secure with tape.

Cover everything with burlap twine twisting it around evenly...

‌upwards and at the end tie the bow.

If you have an antique key, add it to the boutonniere for a final look.


photography: Radostina // concept & styling: You&Me // desserts: Sweet Dots 86 // you&me magazine


This time we could not leave you out when it comes to the interesting wedding day details. The one thing which became recently very popular is a dessert table. There is nothing more attractive than a beautifully decorated table full of sweet temptations. In our concept we were inspired by the rich gold color which can nowadays be found in all around us. Combined with the wedding white these colors bring the unique connection just perfect for the fall and winter events. Because we totally fell in love with this color you can find it everywhere, the table is sprinkled with gold poppy seed and finished with gold pumpkins as well as with gold cones. All the decoration you can easily buy or even better – do it yourselves. Last but not least we used a little bit of natural brown color to highlight the soft and delicate nature of pure white and gold reflections. All the desserts were prepared by charming ladies from Sweet Dots. They took a huge responsibility and matched all the sweets including the wedding cake with our color theme. All the details are incredible, even the ‘sweet dots’ on the table are truly sweet and tasty. So if you are still hesitant about having a dessert table or sweet bar as part of your wedding – hopefully with our ‘sweet gold dots’ we helped you a little to muster your courage. It’s not the amount of desserts you will have, is the quality that matters!

88 // you&me magazine


90 // you&me magazine

The combination of gold and white gives the effect of pure perfection and luxury. The beautifully captured details tempt us to eat these yummy desserts.


92 // you&me magazine


Little bit different fall wedding photography: Simona Smrฤkovรก & Kamil Saliba // concept & styling: Call me BRIDE

94 // you&me magazine


96 // you&me magazine


The keyword of this editorial was “the autumn”. And right at that moment I knew, that this will be completely differently autumn, than the one we all know. I love minimalistic furniture and wedding gowns by Přemek Hytych, from "Whisper of Wings" collection. These two things were the basis for the editorial since the beginning. When we, together with Simona Smrčková, discovered that magic beach, we knew that we have found our spot. We just had to show it to you in our vision...

Who did you wanted to be when you were younger?

Do the customers come to you with ready ideas or you build the concept together?

A stewardess, a lawyer, a dancer and an interior designer...

It's very individual. Some clients come with specific ideas and then we compose them together into one unit. And then there are other clients, who ask for a whole concept from us.

How did you become wedding planner and designer? When planning and organizing my own wedding, I used the services of a wedding agency. My wedding agent led me to this idea and to this direction. Planning and designing have always been my stronger point. So I started this path.

Which moment of the wedding day is your favorite?

How long were you planning your own wedding?

It is my daughter.

7 months. How was the brand “Call me BRIDE” created? “Call me BRIDE” was a very spontaneous idea. After that I was working with few other names but I always came back to “Call me BRIDE”. It's just my heart thing. What do you like the most about creating the concept of the wedding day? When I think about it, it's hard to pick a particular thing. Weddings are my passion and I like them as a whole. But if I had to choose one, it would be the design. 98 // you&me magazine

When the bride comes … What do you consider as your biggest success so far?

What would be the ideal day for you? Every day spent with my family and friends is ideal. What trends will surprise us in the next wedding season? In the wedding design for 2013 there certainly will be lots of different patterns (chevron, paisley, gingham). Lace is also returning back as well as minimalism. And certainly we can look forward to details from the 20s. For more information: Call me BRIDE


100 // you&me magazine

Michaela from Call me Bride choses a really amazing color for this editorial.


102 // you&me magazine


104 // you&me magazine

All the details fit perfectly together. The best part of this editorial are figs, she used.


106 // you&me magazine


108 // you&me magazine

photography: Simona Smrčková & Kamil Saliba // concept & styling: Call me BRIDE // wedding gown and flowers: Přemysl Hytych // hair&make-up: Lukáš Lederer // jewelry : ALO diamonds, Náměstí svobody 13, Brno // furniture: Kartell


110 // you&me magazine

After we met Petra for the first time we were walking home full of excitement and with the great feeling that our cooperation would be splendid. What’s more - with a beautiful bouquet in hand. Let’s read the interview we made with her. We are sure that she will make not just this day pleasant for you. What did you wanted to be when you were a little girl? As a child, I had classic visions – I wanted to be a teacher in a nursery school as well as a zoo keeper. Therefore I had a lot of boy-friends; I also had this typical little boy’s desire – to be a trash collector. When I look back, I was never attracted to a “9 to 5” job, fixed schedule, day after day and so on. I always wanted to play and create something, that’s why I studied marketing. And then, after the university graduation, I worked as a marketing assistant and my creative job was about the translations of the marketing materials and ordering office equipment, I knew it was a time for a change. How did you get to the flowers and flower design? I have genes for that, really! My grandma was the biggest flower lover. If there was a flower bud lying on a pavement, which felt down of someone’s bouquet, we had to have it in our vase at home. Every spring, granny used to make

a trip for a golden rain. Therefore, my dad had to move the flowers around the whole flat because she needed to shower them; she was talking to them... I remember how I told her that I didn’t understand what she saw in flowers. Few years later in my office, I realized working with flowers might fulfil me. I attended one course, made my round of several years around the flower shops and I told myself it was the right time. So that’s how I came into existence (I had given a name to my florist’s shop long time before I bought the first flower – it’s my grandparent’s surname) and found myself. You’ve got a gorgeous flower store. Where did the idea come from and where do you inspire yourself to make it complete? Thank you. I’m always flattered when people like my shop. I love when a shop has its own soul and atmosphere and that was the essential thing I was aiming at. No one believes me, but every single item in my shop was touched by my hands – the flowers, the accessories. I have this need to „examine everything by touching” and also to look at it. Only when this process is done, it ends in my shop. Maybe that’s why my ordinary shopping for flowers takes about two hours.I inspire myself from what is around me – from the nature, colours, textures, events or emotions... My 111

head is constantly full of things, even when my busy day ends. For this case, my notebook and a pencil are always on the bedside table. If I have a feeling I can’t move forward – there are always my few favourite foreign florists, magazines and websites I don’t hesitate to reach for them and find inspirations there. If you find an inspiration in an idea, then you complete it alone and adjust it to your taste, I don’t see anything bad in it – when two people do the same thing, it doesn’t need to be the same at the end. I feel, people nowadays have a need to show themselves as absolute innovators in everything. However, almost everything was there before and who thinks the opposite must be someone who just did not looked around oneself properly. The inseparable part of each wedding is a flower decoration. Personally, what do you prefer mostly? I like when I have a chance to decorate the whole wedding. Breathe a soul into it and bring the enjoyment of this event also to the guests. Lately, I got a thing in decorating dessert tables with sweets and cupcakes. I enjoy tuning up the details, coming up with various levels of it to make it look charming and dynamic. There’s nothing worse for me than unfinished work and neglected details. 112 // you&me magazine

What are your favourite flowers you like to work with? There was a time in the past I would told my favourite flowers to work with were tulips. But there is a mass of such diversity of colours and species of flowers I have a chance to work with, that I can’t afford to be in favour with just one. I’ll take it from another side. I don’t like to work with white roses – please forgive me. If the white rose is blooming untouched in the vase, it can be really charming. But, if it’s the most important flower in the wedding decoration and you have to catch its soft leaves in hands several times (although you know when the butterfly touches it, it will leave mark on the rose the next day), then it’s, what I call, a real stress. Are you fond of clients leaving you a space for your endless fantasy or do you like to create on the basis of the specific image of your client? I meet personally with every client where we specify as many things as possible. I don’t have to know the concrete idea and all the details, but what I need to know is some specific direction I should follow. If my client trusts me and leaves the whole design to me – it’s an amazing feeling as well as big responsibility. If there’s a concrete idea, I try to satisfy them. „The Customer is King“ also applies

to me. But it’s my reputation and name too that I go to the market with. And so when my client’s idea is out of the limits of my taste and vision that I represent, I consult with them about the possibilities and alterations in a way that satisfaction is on both sides at the end. It has turned out well so far. I had really specific brides who knew how the ribbon on their flower should have been cut. I had brides, I wrote hundreds of emails until we reach to the concrete idea. To sum up, both these approaches always brought something new to me. What do you think your biggest success has been so far? Every minute it is something different. The pleasure when I can do what I want, what I like and what fulfils me. Pride – when my employee tells me I’m the best boss in the world. Satisfied customers. There’s lot more of it. And last but not least, it’s the cooperation with such nice and skilful people like you and Radostina. I’m not in any competitions. I don’t like competing at this small „Slovak lake“. I set it this way: My success comes from the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. It’s that feeling that what I do makes happy other people as well as me also.

How would your perfect day look like? I know it exactly: The Netherlands, all my close relatives, my two dogs, the ocean, a switched off cell phone – I would turn it off after the satisfied bride had called me, and still the day would have another 120 hours. What do you think we should expect in the next wedding season related to the wedding videos? We are going to get in touch with multicoloured combinations for sure. To the fearless brides I would recommend flower accessories (distinctive bracelets and headbands) and flower decoration for their wedding dress. The flower decoration should be playful and it should be a combination of unconventional kinds of flowers with the classic ones. Meadow – a “field sloppy” style will last for some time. Personally, I’m curious if there will be some demands for a cyclamen colour this season. It would make me happy if the trend of thematic weddings would come more in our country. Harmony from groom’s socks up to bride’s earrings would be perfect. For more information: Wolfert 113





7. Senecio

114 // you&me magazine





5. Carrot flower

6. Amarylis


a eeeeeeee Love like a novel photography: Peter & Veronika Velicky

116 // you&me magazine


The first encounter

118 // you&me magazine

Peter met Lucia for the first time at the porch of her parents’ house. There is still a smile on his face when he recalls the old bike he rode when helping her moving to the new rented flat. His beautiful blue eyes caught Lucia’s attention immediately. From that moment she knew Peter would belong just to her one day. Was it a love at first sight? Not really, because Lucia doesn’t believe in it, but the attraction was really great.

The first kiss

It wasn’t as romantic as you would expect. Just an ordinary evening spent with friends, sitting on the stairs, pleasant conversation and like Peter said: “whoops, so this was the first kiss”.


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The proposal

It came during their first summer vacation spent together. Few months of planning and Peter was doing his best to make the vacation collide with their third anniversary, hoping that Lucia would take it just like a celebration of their anniversary. But you know, women have kind of a sixth sense a everything looked very suspicious for her. They landed in Mallorca evening before the anniversary, so after the check-in they fell asleep. The next day they were enjoying sunshine wandering around Palma de Mallorca. Peter was talking about night picnic on the beach, stars, wine and candlelight. Something was going on, Lucia guessed. Searching for wine and candles on Sunday 5 p.m. was a bit hard nut to crack, but finally they were sitting on the beach, drinking not very good wine in the romantic candlelight and Peter was waiting for the right moment. He had composed a poem expressing what Lucia means for him. And when the right moment came, Peter kneeled and after reading the poem proposed to Lucia. “It was so amazing, wonderful, emotional and intimate, we sensed just each other, darkness and the whisper of the sea,” Lucia says. They spent the rest of the vacation as fiancées. Lucia still keeps the poem from Peter in her purse and reads it occasionally for pleasure. 121

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The planning

The wedding gown

Lucia started planning right after the vacation, so it lasted over a year. Peter was glad because everything went perfect during the wedding day thanks to the long period of planning. He says that Lucia thought out every single detail, and he either agreed or not. A month before the wedding day Peter panicked and rang around all the contracted suppliers confirming yet agreed dates. “It was very nice, funny and responsible from him. But I am so glad that it lasted just one month,” Lucia says. Yellow is Lucia’s beloved colour symbolising energy, vitality, life, sun. Even Peter couldn’t imagine his future wife without this colour on their wedding day. So no one who knew them didn’t wonder that yellow was principal for decorations and wedding gown. And what about the length of the gown? After few attempts to fit in “tart dress” Lucia gave up. She decided for shorter dress, found the right dressmaker and everything went perfect.


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The book

The moment

The well-known Romain Rolland’s novel Pierre et Luce occurred on their wedding portraits. Peter came across this book just few days before the wedding and hasn’t read it all, he will surely do some day. For Lucia the story represents everlasting love that she would like to experience. So let the next fifty years show. Now she can hope for and do anything she can to make their love with Peter everlasting. The wedding ceremony was the most emotional experience for Lucia, it belong just to them. The wedding reception was more about the guests. Thanks to the priest the ceremony was truly personal. And the first kiss was amazing. “Peter grasped me as his wife.” Peter enjoyed the most the time when they were sitting in front of the altar hand in hand. “I realized that I want to hold Lucia’s hand for the rest of my life. I would love to experience it again.”


Lucka, Lucka,

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you mean pro a lot me. Your are the otherpolovičkou, half of me znamenáš mětomnoho. Jsi mou úžasnou Ikterou needed to prostě find. You are always there for me který whenjeI jsem potřeboval najít. Jsi člověk, need you. I have my own smiling sun in you when tu pro mě vždy, když ho potřebuji. Když mám špatnouI am upset. havesvé taught meusměvavé to see the sluníčko. world through náladu, takYou mám vlastní Ukáyour eyes, enjoy everyna single spent togethzala jsi mi,tojak se dívat svět moment jinýma očima. Že nic er, to appreciate even things and that nothing is na světě není jisté, že jesmall důležité si vychutnávat každou granted. You have my big thanks for all that. I will do vzájemnou chvíli a těšit se i z maličkostí. Za to vše ti anything to create a pleasant forproto, you where patří mé velké děkuji. Udělám home všechno abych you pro will happy and safe. tebe feel na naší společné cestě vždy vytvářel pocit domova, kde se budeš cítit šťastně a bezpečně.

Dear Pet’o,

you are everything for me, the entire world. I am so glad I met you. You are the other half of me. I can’t imagine another person to be closer to me, to understand me more than you do. I will do anything I can not to disappoint you, not to lose you and to pamper our love. After all we want to be like Pierre et Luce.


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