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Skateboarding is not a very popular sport as others such as football or motor racing. Nevertheless, there are famous and excellent sportsmen in it. One of the best is Rodney Mullen, the professional freestyle and street skateboarder. He is considered by many to be the best and most influential skater in the history of skateboarding. Mullen has created many original tricks: kickflip or magic slip in 1983, the heelflip and the impossible.





John Rodney Mullen was born on August 17th, 1966 in Gainesville (Florida). He is a professional skateboarder. It is considered the most influential one in the history and the father of skateboarding. He invented several tricks in the 80’s and in the early 90’s, including the kickflip, the heelflip, 360 flip and the impossible

360 FLIP



Cristiano Ronaldo has later finished the season 2010-11 with a total of 53 goals, making him the first Real Madrid player to ever reach as well as surpass 50 goals in a season. In so doing, he won the European Golden Shoe award once again, becoming the first player to win the trophy in two different championships.





Iker Casillas has played very difficult games against powerful football teams such as Germany when the Spanish team won the Eurocup. He was considered one of the best players in the World Championship played in South Africa in the summer of 2010. He has won 9 European cups,2 UEFA cups and 2 international cups. He has won one Eurocup and one World cup.


He was born Spain (Mostoles) on 20th May in 1981. Iker Casillas has got the golden gloves He has also made many adverts and commercials, and he also collaborates with Unicef Africa kids. In 2010 he met Sara Carbonero, a sport journalist. When the Spanish team won the final match in the World Chanmpionship he couldn’t control his emotion and he kissed Sara Carbonero while she was interviewing him.



JOHN WILLIAMS: MY FAVOURITE COMPOSER by MIGUEL MOHEDANO GALLARDO I love classical music and above all, the soundtracks of films. My favorite composer is John Williams. He had composed many soundtracks, such as the soundtrack to Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. He was born on February 8, 1932 in Flushing (Queens), New York. His father was a jazz percussionist. In 1948, the Williams family moved to Los Angeles where John attended North Hollywood High School graduating in 1950. He later attended the University of California at Los Angeles. In 1955, Williams moved to New York City and entered the Juilliard School, where he studied piano. He has composed more than thirty soundtracks. His most famous soundtracks have been: the saga of Star Wars (years 1977, 1980, 1983, 1999, 2002, 2005), the saga of Indiana Jones, the saga of Jurassic Park, Shark, ET the Extra-Terrestrial and many more. Also, John Williams has a wide variety of compositions that include concerts, television and other items for festivals, among others. Williams's most familiar style may be described as a form of neoromanticism, inspired by the same large-scale orchestral music of the late 19th century— especially the compositions of Richard Wagner and its concept of leitmotif—that inspired his film music predecessors. Throughout his cinematographic career, John Williams has won a total of five Academy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards.The five Oscars it won him belong: one, to the best music adapted in 1971 Fiddler on the roof, and four more for the best original music, Shark (1975), The Star Wars (1977), E. T.: The ExtraTerrestrial (1982) and Schindler's List (1993).The soundtrack he composed for Star Wars was chosen by the American Film Institute in 2005 for best American movie soundtrack of all time, in a list comprised of 25 pieces.


by Monika Kaczmarek A person I admire is Lady Gaga. I like her because she is very creative and brave. She is very controversial but I think that she is really wise. Her clothes are original and glamorous. Lady Gaga is a singer and writer songs. I love her music! I haven’t got a favorite song because I listen and like to all her songs. For example her new songs “Judas” and “Born This Way” are fantastic. Sometimes she is really strange… On the MTV Video Music Awards she was in meat dress, boots and cap. Lady Gaga is highly variable because she had got a lot of color hair and many changes on her face. She has got many awards.

I would like to meet Lady Gaga because she inspires me.



Ville Valo was born in Helsinki in Finland in 1976. Now he is 34. Ville Valo is a singer and he writes his songs. He is a member in the group HIM, known before as Heartgram. His songs are romantic but it is heavy metal music. Ville valo has got one brother, his name is Jesse.

His last disco is Screamworks I like Ville Valo because he is handsome and I love his voice.

Ville Valo dressed as the Mad Hatter published in the magazine Hammer Metal.

My favorite disco is Love Metal. It was released on 14th April in 2003




The person who has thought me a lot of important thing in my life is Audrey Hepburn. She was a British actress, icon of style and humanitarian. Even though she hadn't easy life, Audrey was anorectic, she was great person. She always looked beautifully. Audrey was very skinny. She had big, brown eyes with long eyelashes, sweet smile and brown hair.

She was cheerful and honest. Audrey was very hard-working, in result she played in cult films. I love her in “Breakfast at Tiffany's” and “Funny Face “. However Ms. Hepburn was a big star, she always remembers about poor people. She was a ambassador of UNICEF and helped starving children. What is more she had amazing style. She disseminated a little black dress and big sunglasses.

Audrey inspires me to being better person.



He was born on April 6th in 1982. He is a Spanish actor. He is well known because of her role in “NO TITS NO PARADISE”. He wanted to be a professional tennis player but he was hurt in Hungary and this situation changed his life.

He was trained as a physiotherapist and he did something as a model. At this moment, he knows his dream is to become an actor. He studies drama, and he did many works. From then, he was called to film series and movies.

He has won many awards. He loves the place where he was born. In the television film “NO TITS NO PARADISE” he plays the role of a romantic drug dealer “RAFAEL DUKE” The film has become a great success.


IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN OUR LIVES: MY GRANDMOTHER. There are some people I admire in my life; my grandmother is one of them. She’s my idol. Her name is Halina. She was a history and polish teacher. She has married 40 years ago. She isn’t very tall, although she is slim. Her face is oval shaped and nose is straight. I love her eyes. They are big and blue. My grandmother has a short, brown hair. She has a beautiful smile. I admire her, because she raised me, taught me how to proceed in life and how to solve problems. I can trust her and tell her all my secrets. She is very intelligent, ambitious, brave and she has experience. She knows answers to every question. She even helps others. My grandmother has sense of humor. She loves reading books. She is very important for me, because she teaches me to be better every day. She is a good example to me and I love her for many reasons. I admire my grandmother so much and I love her. I can’t imagine life without her, but I know that this moment will be. I want to be like her with many goals in my life. By Martyna Walkowiak

The person who has taught me the most about life is my grandmother. When I was younger, she went to Boszkowo on holidays with me and my older sister. We spent a lot of free time together. Altought I’m older, I still love to be with her. My grandmother is a plumb, old woman. She is very pretty and she hasn’t got wrinkles. Her hair is short and dark. She likes wearing long dresses and jawellery. She is always smiling:) She is very sensible. When some people tell her something bad, she’s really sad. I know that I can tell her everything and she will always help me when I need it. Everyday she gives me the best advice. She believes in herself. Krysia is brave and she doesn’t stop doing something until she finishes. She is a great person and I love her. I know that she will never disappoint me. By Melisa Kubera & Kasia


CÓRDOBA: A BEAUTIFUL MONUMENTAL CITY I think that the most exciting experience I’ve never done is go to visit the most famous churches in Córdoba with my classmates and friends last year. We walked all the morning and when we arrived at a church some people explained some things about it. It was raining most of the way, so we had to run from one place to another to avoid getting wet and the way we met a street called "I'm lost". We started to laugh and repeat the name several times. We had a good time. There are lots of exciting sports that I’d done. For example hang-gliding or parachuting. I think they are very dangerous sports to do because they are too risky. But I don’t think this to skiing. I have never done skiing and I’d like to try them some time. I think parachuting is a very dangerous sport to do because it’s too risky.

The mill, “Molino the San Antonio” is next to the Roman Bridge. In the past, it was a mill but in 2007 it was rebuilt. Sometimes, when it rains very much, the river goes up and the mill and his surrounding area disappears under the water.

The Street of the Flowers is one of the most popular and tourist streets in Córdoba. It’s near our most famous monument: the Mosque.


Saint Lorenzo church. At Easter people visit it and his processions, “La Borriquita” and “Las Animas”. It has a beautiful garden and a big round window. The church was built over an old mosque in 1224-1300.

The statue of Maimónides. He was a very important philosopher who was born in Córdoba. He was a doctor, a philosopher and a theologian.

The Chapel of the Saints Martyrs is situated near the river Guadalquivir and it was built by Felipe Sainz de Veranda in 1880-1881. There is a sarcophagus found in the chapel. Next to the chapel, there is a park for the children.

“La Corredera square”. In the past, it was a bullfighter ring but now it’s a big square with lots of pubes, and once a year, we celebrate the Medieval Market here.

By: Gloria Espino, Mª Elena Pedradas and Sandra Puntas


By: Marina Moyano

One of the most exciting experiences I had was when I did rock-climbing and zip line with the thirds courses at my high school. We went to a camp for three days. We stayed in a hut with my classmates; Isa, Laura, Mercedes, Isa C. and Mamen. I went camp with my school this Christmas. We were all very nervous but when we tested for the first time, everyone wanted to repeat. We did all these sports, rock-climbing, karts, zip line and I throw with arch in Huelva. I was really excited because it was the first outing with my classmates that we did and we stayed here all weekend. That experience will never forget, we had a good time and we had great times together. What I liked was the climb because it was something that had never done and I thought that I could not do but I really liked. However, I would repeat this experience. There are a lots of thing that I would do. I've never done hang-gliding but this year my aunt gave me as present a ride in hand-gliding. Also, I would do snorkelling because I like so much the sport related with the water.



Last year I went with my sister and my brother in law to Barcelona on vacation because they live there. I did many things there. Every day we went to the beach and a lot of time I did snorkelling. It’s very cool especially when you see fishes. Sometimes, in the evening, I went rollerblading with my sister on the seafront in the “Barceloneta” (a beach in Barcelona) I like rollerblading because when I go too fast, I have the feeling of flying.

I’d like to go surfing; I’ve forever wanted to do this because it’s exciting. Once, I did a bit of surfing but there wasn't lots of waves, I always fell into the water, I'd like also like parachuting is very exciting and release a lot of adrenaline!!!!!!!

I wouldn't like to go rock-climbing because it is very boring!!


POLISH STYLE My bedroom is big. The walls In my room are orange and the floor is wooden. I don’t have curtains. There is a bed opposite the desk. On the desk there is computer. Above the desk there are my friends photos on pin board. I have two chairs. There is a wardrobe. Which is full of my clothes. I have many books on the bookshelf. There is a collection of elephants, too. There is red carpet on the floor and I have two lamps – one big and one small. There is my quinea pig in cage. I have a mirror with my jewelry. There are a TV and radio. I really like listening music. My favorite artist is Eminem and T-Pain. My room is spacious, I can dance there. I like my room, because I spend a lot of time here with my friends and I designed it. By: Martyna Walkowiak

My room is small but I like it because I spend with my younger sister Karolina a lot of time. The color in the walls is light yellow. At the top is a blue belt. The ceiling is brown. In the picture are my desk and furniture. Near the desk are many books. On the furniture are Encyclopedias, globe, CD player and lot of other things. In front of my desk is chair. At the end of the room is wardrobe and guitar.

This is my sofa, but if it opens, it will be a bed.

By Monika Kaczmarek



My bedroom is medium. I like a lot because I don’t have to share it with my little sister Maria and I have the walls of color that I like. The color is purple There are one desk with my laptop and my school books. I have a board with my timetable of school, and one map of Andalusia. I have a black stereo, and a lot of books on a shelf. I have two wardrobes with my clothes. At the end of my bedroom I have a window with two curtains with mouse from the same cloth that the quilt and the desk chair. I have a electric guitar and an amplifier. I have some posters of singers and a board with some photos of my friends and family. I have a bedside table next to my bed. I also have s lot of tables with photos of my family on the wall.

I spend quite time on my bedroom. In the morning I have to make my bed and tidy my room. In the evening I do my homework, play my electric guitar and listen to music with my headphones. And at night when I in my bed I read a book until a sleepy feeling. .I like my room because is how I like it. By: Cristina Ortega

My bedroom is medium-size. The walls are light blue and the carpet is of tiles. My bedroom communicates with an outdoor patio. I don’t share a room with anyone. There is a bed, a chair, a table(desk) , a wardrobe and two shelves. I have many stuffed animals and a lot of books on shelves and many things on the table(pencils, a world map, a folder...etc). My mother wouldn’t let me put posters anywhere. There are two poles: one behind the door and the other next to the table. I don’t spend much time in my bedroom, I'm just to study, sleep and read. Most of the time was spent in another room, where is the computer. I make my bed sometimes, and my mother clean the room. I don’t tidy my room, it isn’t necessary. I like my room, but could be bigger and better. By: Miguel Mohedano


The Internet is probably one of the greatest innovations of the century. We can do many things with the Internet, we can shop, chat with our friends on Facebook, watch videos on YouTube and many more. On the one hand, the Internet is really useful and has a lot of advantages, but on the other hand, there are also some disadvantages of using it. In fact entertainment and knowledge is one the most popular reasons why many people prefer to surf the Internet. Young people can download files with films, books and music; they can play computer games on-line and do the shopping. It’s sounds great, but remember, you must be careful! After all, the Internet sometimes is dangerous. We may become addicted to the Internet and lose contact with the real life. To sum up, I think the Internet today is a necessary tool in education and entertainment. However, people should use the Internet carefully. by: Adrianna Tycner

The Internet is very popular nowadays. Many people use it everyday. Thanks to the Internet many firms and schools can develop. Internet is very important in life. People can meet new people, talk and chat with them. We can search for necessary information, listen to music and watch films.

In addition, we can learn English and share our photos with friends. The Internet is a great thing for shy people, they can be brave, funny and talkative there. On the other hand, many people think that the Internet is a bad thing. When people use it a lot, they can be become addicted. They waste time and meet wrong people. Many people want to deceive others. There are not honest.

To sum up, there are both advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. I believe that the advantages are more important. I think he internet is an excellent way to help people with problems and life is better if we can use the Internet.

By: Martyna Walkowiak


Do you ever wonder how healthy you really are? Healthy eating habits are directly connected with good health. “We are what we ate� says the proverb. Vegetables and fruit must be eaten frequently and sweets and fats must be moderated. In a questionnaire done to 18 of our students, we have discovered a little bit more about their eating habits. Meat and junk food are the favourite of them. 61.1% prefer meat to eat and 44.4% hamburgers and pizzas. Only 11.1% prefer vegetables or fish. All of them like meat. In addition 58.8% hate vegetables and 41.2% detest fish. Most of them have meals at he same time and most of them do four or five meals everyday. 44.4% and 38.9% respectively. However, 27.8% have only three meals everyday. In addition, 44.4 % sometimes eat between meals. Fruit is not eaten very often. 55.6% only have two or three pieces of fruit every day. However, 50% of them have raw or cooked vegetables in every meal. 50% of the people who have done the questionnaire have sweets or cakes every day. But what is more worrying is that 88.9% eat fast food one or two days a week. Sausages, pizzas and precooked food are often eaten by young people. Finally 77.7% sometimes or often eat fish.

By: Yolanda Otano


SPANISH CHRISTMAS Christmas time is celebrated at the end of the year. Houses and shops are usually decorated with BETHLEHEMS which is a type of ornament placed at home to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. We also decorate our houses with CHRISTMAS BALLS. We use them to trim the Christmas tree and decorate the houses. There are different kinds and designs: Stripes, check, circles, waves… Christmas Eve It is celebrated the 24th December. Children ask for the "Aguinaldo " (we sing, a carol, and people give us money ). We are usually with our families and we prepare a dinner for all of us. After spending the night with our relatives, there is a mass, called the cock Mass. Tables are usually decorated with poinsettias. Christmas Day On Christmas Day relatives meet for lunch. New Year's Eve. New Year's Eve is celebrated on 31st December. People usually have dinner at home with their relatives and after they take the 12 grapes. There is always a program on the TV where we can see other people taking the grapes and having fun at the street. Everybody drinks champagne, a kind of wine, for a happy New Year. Then young people go to different parties. In this photo, you can see the Cordoba's city centre (the Tendillas square) on New Year’s Eve.

The three wise men

We celebrated the Three Wise Men on 6th January. After a parade where children can see the three wise men, they go home for dinner and bedtime so that the kings will bring gifts early. Children had already written a letter to them before to tell them their favorite gifts. If they have been good, they will bring them those they prefer. On the contrary if they have not been good, they will give them coal. The three wise men’s names are Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. Children put their shoes under the Christmas tree and three glasses of milk on the table for the kings and some food for the camels. The next day most children get up early to see the gifts they have given to them.

At Christmas we always eat different cakes: polvorones, mantecados, alfajores, etc…


ENGLISH AND POLISH CAROLS 1. Cicha noc, święta noc, Pokój niesie ludziom wszem. A u żłóbka Matka Święta, Czuwa sama uśmiechnięta, Nad Dzieciątka snem, Nad Dzieciątka snem, 2. Cicha noc, święta noc, Pastuszkowie od swych trzód, Biegną wielce zadziwieni, Za anielskim głosem pieni, Gdzie się spełnił cud, Gdzie się spełnił cud, 3. Cicha noc, święta noc, Narodzony Boży Syn, Pan Wielkiego Majestatu, Niesie dziś całemu światu, Odkupienie win, Odkupienie win,

Silent night, Holy night All is calm, all is bright Round yon virgin Mother and Child Holy infant so tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peace Sleep in heavenly peace Silent night, holy night Shepherds quake at the sight Glories stream from Heaven afar Heavenly hosts sing Hallelujah Christ the Saviour is born Christ the Saviour is born Silent night, holy night Son of God, love's pure light Radiant beams from Thy holy face With the dawn of redeeming grace Jesus, Lord at Thy birth Jesus Lord at Thy birth

1.Przybieżeli do Betlejem pasterze Grając skocznie Dzieciąteczku na lirze. Chwała na wysokości, Chwała na wysokości, A pokój na ziemi. 2.Oddawali swa ukłony w pokorze Tobie z serca ochotnego, o Boże! Chwała na wysokości, Chwała na wysokości, A pokój na ziemi. 3.Anioł Pański sam ogłosił te dziwy, Których oni nie słyszeli jak żywi. Chwała na wysokości, Chwała na wysokości, A pokój na ziemi.

Shepherds arrived to Bethlehem, Playing ski - jump Child on lira. Glory on height, glory on height, And room on the ground. They gave back in humility their nods You from heart ochotnego, about God's! Glory on height... Angelus only domini announced these wonders, Which they did not hear, as alive. Glory on height... They were surprised aerial music and thought, which will be this for Child? Glory on height ...

Polish and Spanish Students of 3º ESO C


Easter is a celebration which occurs in spring. The week preceding Easter is a week of the intensive preparations, at the religious level and on the practical side - because the tradition requires that all be perfect. That starts with Palm Sunday - in Polish "Niedziela Palmowa". On that day during the masses in the Catholic church, the "palms" are blessed - smaller and modest branches together with decorations and flowers are made into a braid. This tradition is very alive in certain Polish areas where local authorities organize contests of the longest or most beautiful palms. This palm will then decorate the house and will serve during all the year as a symbol of protection of the heart. During the Holy Week, the special program is organized by the parishes - "Rekolekcje", it is a true time of reflection, the Catholics practise can go to the mass the every day - they are special masses having for the goal to prepare Easter well, of the confession to the communion. Friday, takes place an exceptional mass "Droga Krzyzowa", the Road of cross - it is a "rebuilding" of the last road of Jesus Christ. Saturday, according to the old Polish tradition, is the day when the "Easter basket" (it includes small portions of food) is blessed by the priest in the church. That must be, according to the Polish tradition, the final point of the preparation to the celebration: all is clean, and the food which will be consumed during the 2 feast days, is already ready. And there is much work to prepare it, because the recepies are rather difficult, people thus work during several days so that all is as it is necessary. When the Easter basket is at the house, no more work should be done. It is the time of reflection and prayer in front of the tomb of Christ.

What is in the „Easter basket"? It is called in the Polish language "swieconka" or "swiecone" (blessed) and you can find there hard-boiled eggs, bread, salt, meat and fruit. The basket is taken to church so that the food can be blessed by the priest. It is usually the children who, accompanied by their parents, go to the church, where during a short mass the priest blesses the food in the Ester baskets. The breakfest consumed on Holy Sunday starts with sharing the food from Easter basket For the Easter, the Polish prepare decorated eggs; they are called in Polish "Pisanki" or Kraszanki”. They are symbols of new life. Kraszanki are colouful painted eggs. Pisanki are eggs decorated with wax and then soaked in painting. These beautiful eggs will be then a decoration of the Easter table and can be consumed, constantly over the two days of the Easter, without any moderation! Easter Sunday starts with the mass of resurrection. Then, a family breakfast follows. Because this breakfast is known as "holy” the whole family consumes it together. The celebration starts with a prayer, and then everyone can sit down at the table, filled with delicious food and especially the blessed food from the Easter basket Easter Monday for the Polish is Smigus-Dyngus or Lany Poniedziałek – ”wet Monday". During the day people pour water on others, even stragers! The best thing is thus to stay at home all day, because while leaving to go for a short walk or to even go on foot to the church, one is likely to get wet! And there is no right to be annoyed. Obviously, one should not exaggerate with the quantity of water thrown on others. People should cultivate the tradition, but without being evil to others.

By Kasia and Patrycja Naskret


In May, there are lots of celebrations: the battle of the flowers, taste of the wine, the pilgrimage to Santo Domingo, the crosses, the festival of the courtyards, the competition of the grilles and balconies and the fair of the “Nuestra Señora de la Salud”. The battle of the flowers is a festival in which some people throw flowers to other persons in the street. When May begins, we also celebrate The taste of the wine. People go to different wine cellars and taste the wine made in this area. The pilgrimage to Santo Domingo is a festival that we celebrate with a float too. The crosses are a typical festival in Córdoba. Lots of people visit them. There is a competition and the jury choose the best one. It’s a very popular festival, and there are lots of people who work for free to make everything be perfect.

The festival of the courtyards is very popular. The people with a beautiful courtyard at home participate in a competition and then everybody can see them. Courtyards are decorated with a lot of flowers and they are very beautiful. The competition of the grilles and balconies is celebrated at the same time. People decorate their grilles and balconies with flowers of different colours

The fair of Nuestra Señora de la Salud is celebrated during 9 days. There are lots of attractions, different stalls to eat and drink, people dancing flamenco, etc. It’s traditional that women wear a typical dress with spots. Men wear the typical “cordobés” dress. May finishes with this festival.

By Mª Elena Pedrajas Perabá



Just in the middles of the month, you Hill meet someone special. Good luck and take the chance! You, Aquarius, will propose new places to go to your friends. Be open to new friends. Be patient with your parents. They only want to protect you and soon they will give you a surprise. Your amulet for the next month will be an old movie ticket in your purse and wallet. Remember to take it everywhere. The best days will be the 5th and 17th. Susana Cárdenas 3º ESO C


You will be very lucky with every new projects connected with your job. Your boss will congratulate you. At home, you will have some arguments with your parents. Nothing serious! A very good friend will tell you to keep a secret. A new love will arrive soon. The best days for you will be the 10th and the 25th. Pilar Carrillo 3º ESO C


Next week you will be very busy and you’ll feel nervous and angry with those who love you. It won’t last long. During this month you’ll find some money you don’t expect, but do not trust and manage it properly. This is not a good month to take again old relationships. Don’t give up your hope. The seduction does not work. The best days for you will be the 2nd and the 8th. Cristina Garrido 3º ESO D

TAURUS This month there Hill be an important astrological event: Jupiter enters your sign and you’ll become the star sign for the rest f the year. You’ll see everything with more optimism but be careful! Don’t fall into disappointments Your love life will star to warm up now. You’ll start living foolish passions. Your emotional experiences can be quite intense. You’ll have good ideas in your job and, maybe, you get a reward for them The best days will be the 13th and the 21st. Gloria Espino 3º ESO C

GEMINI You’ll have an argument with one of your best friends. Speak with him or her and try to find the best solution for both. Your parents will be very happy with you because you’ll be very responsible. Your partner is not good enough with you. You will meet a new person and rapidly you’ll fall in love. Your nearest relatives will give you some money you don’t expect. It will be perfect to pay your bills. Your best days will be the 5th and the 19th. Maria Elena Pedrajas 3º ESO C


The next month Hill be perfect for your Money. You’ll earn a lot. Your health will be good but be careful, you can have a car accident. Your friends will help you. Although you have studied very much, you won’t be lucky and fail some of your exams. You will meet a new person who will become very special for you. There will be an important change in your professional life. You’ll earn much money and perhaps you could change your job. Sergio Varo 3º ESO C


Do you want to know what your star signs will say for the next month? Discover the secrets the universe reveals about your fate.

LEO Uranus entered Aries for the first time since 1927-1935. Everyone will be affected, for Uranus will remain in Aries until 2019. The most important change in June brings only good news You've worked long, hard, and in a very smart way, and finally it appears the world has noticed and come to your door Consider joining a new organization or charity and get active. You may also want to get more active in social media.


You will have a new love soon. He’ll be your true love and you’ll spend a lot of time together this month. You’ll have ups and downs with your health, but don’t worry, it’ll only be a cold. You will be lucky in your job and it will give you plenty of economical benefits. You will be also lucky with friendship, but watch out to those friends who are not what they pretend to be. They can make you much harm. Gloria Díaz 3º ESO C

LIBRA It will be better if you don’t leave home during the next month. Terrible things will happen to you. At school you’ll get good results. You’ll be lucky in love affairs so it’s a good time to speak with the person you like and ask him or her out. Something will be wrong at home so you’ll have to wait for the things to calm down. This is not your best month for money. You’ll lose a lot of it because of a person who is near you. Miguel Mohedano 3º ESO C

SCORPIO CAPRICORN Your family will have to accept that you want to go on holidays with your best friend but at first, you’ll thing your family won’t accept that. The person you love will fall in love with you too. At school you’ll pass all your exams but don’t relax! Your best friend will give you a very nice present for your birthday. Laura Agote 3º ESO C

SAGITTARIUS You’ll get a nice job this month. It will be well paid although you’ll have to work for long hours at the office. You’ll have a nice boss. You will meet a nice person and you’ll become friends at first. This relationship will go slowly. Be careful with your money. You’ll have big expenses at home. Your friends will invite you to a very nice party but there you’ll meet the nastiest person of your life. Don’t make excesses! You may get an illness. David Serrano 3º ESO C

You will need the help of your family because you’ll have an unexpected and important problem. You can trust your sister or brother because she or he will keep your secret. You will earn a lot of money this month although you’ll have to work hard. This is a good month for love affairs. You’ll meet a new person who will show a lot of interest on you. At first, you won’t see him or her but finally you’ll realise he or she may become the love of your life. Mª Carmen Castillejo 3º ESO C


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I have been invited to a very funny party with very enjoyable people and good music for next Saturday. My best friend has also invited me to her birthday party on Saturday night too. I prefer going to the first one but I don’t want to hurt her feelings. You should make WHAT SHOULD I DO? an excuse because she should have told you about her birthday in advance and now probably you won’t have any present for her. MARÍA ELENA

You should go to your best friend’s party because probably you have only one or two best friends but there are a lot of parties. You should explain to SUSANA your friend the situation and you can go to her party first and later go to the other party too.

2 Yesterday as I was coming back home I saw my best friend’s boyfriend kissing another girl. If I tell it to my friend, probably she will break up. WHAT SHOULD I DO? You should tell You should attract the attention of him and threaten to tell everything to your friend.

You should pull her from her hair. If I have to chose, I prefer the other person suffers and not me. MAMEN


your friend the whole truth. It is the best solution. You should tell her that another girl was cheating her with her boyfriend. LAURA



My sister has spent all her savings in a present for may birthday. She has bought me a watch, but to be honest, it is horrible and it doesn’t suit with my clothes. I don’t like it but I don’t want to hurt her feelings. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

You should speak with her sincerely. You should change your watch and buy another one. SERGIO


I think you should wear it only when you are with her and keep it hidden in your wardrobe so that nobody could see such a horrible watch. LAURA

You should smile and then invent an excuse. For example you can say that your skin is allergic to the material of the watch. MARIA ELENA

My best friend has just told me that he is in love with me but I don’t like him. If I tell him the truth he will not be my friend any more and he is my best friend. Also I don’t want to hurt his feelings WHAT SHOULD I DO?

You should tell him the truth. If he is your best friend, he will understand you. SANDRA

You should try going out with him and perhaps, little by little, you’ll fall in love with him too. ISA

4 I have two difficult exams tomorrow and I haven’t studied enough. This is the last opportunity I have to pass them before the summer holidays, and if I fail one of them, my parents won’t let me go to the beach with my friends. But I have not enough time to study both. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

You should study the whole night for both exams. CRISTINA You should pretend to be ill so you won’t do any of them. GABRIEL

You should speak with your teacher and ask him or her to change the date of the exam. DAVID You should chose one of them and study it very well. Perhaps the most difficult one. PILAR

By: students from 3º ESO C



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