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Higher Diploma in Product Design China, Hong Kong (852) 67535273

Year 3

User Centered Design Innovative Toy Final Year Project : [Passenger safety on bicycle]

Year 2

Ergonomic An Innovative Silicone Product KMB Corporate project : Up-cycling Life Style Product - Electrical Appliances

Year 1

Cigarette Holder


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User Centered Design Group Research Process:

Group of 5 Durations : 4 weeks


To find out different needs from different user groups in daily problems by understanding their persona and thus get an insight on designing products

After the activities in one day, we find some potential insights in different groups of people.

Research target : Home Keeper Age : 35-50 Activity : House Keeping Research target : Child Age : age: 6-12 Activity : Cooking

Persona of my student and his house keeper.

User Centered Design Group Research Process:

Group of 5 Durations : 4 weeks

Video was editted by me. URL: watch?v=6AZ4MW79NF0

Conclusion of UCD Literal research on both Child and House Keeper

This strong and convincing real research support completes the whole design concept.

Conclusion of Research Problems => 10 Potential Areas => Insight

Insights of Child and Home Keeper

User Centered Design Research Process:

Research on exsisting product

Analysis about things on the table

Report of testing model

Group of 5 Durations : 4 weeks

Target User : 16-25 Young Girl

One day activity timeline

Mood Board

User Centered Design Sketches


Individual Durations : 8 weeks

User Centered Design Presentation Boards

Individual Durations : 8 weeks

Hasbro Summer

Internship 孩之寶 暑期實習 Yoshi, Ng Junior Designer Summer Internship From 11-07-2011 to 19-08-2011

Hasbro Summer Internship

Littest Pet Shop Creations

Hasbro Summer Internship

Bylthe Doll Halloween Theme Pack - Sketches

Sketches - Halloween Theme Pack

Hasbro Summer Internship

Bylthe Doll Halloween Theme Pack - Mood Board

Hasbro Summer Internship

Bylthe Doll Halloween Theme Pack - Pre. Board

Ergonomics 人體 工學

Ergonomic Handle

Individual Durations : 8 weeks


To understand the most important features of one product - Ergonomic. From body to hand or feet. Most of the prodcut consist of this element.

Target Users:

Young Women 18-40 years old Single/ Married Love dressing up intend to spend money on make-up and skin care

Problem :

Girls usually shave off their hair against the growing direction. While the shape of most of the shavers provides only one user-friendly way to shave, there will be difficulties in shaving off hair in certain directions.


A shaver which can be held in several ways for shaving hair in different directions

Mood Board.



Individual Durations : 8 weeks

Model Making

Teak Wood

The engave area for the blade

fitting the blade with the model

Final Photo taking

Stick on pathing line and Logo

Control Drawing

Concept Inspiration - Leaves

Refine the surface with putty and spray paint

Concept Inspirations


Presentation Board

Individual Durations : 8 weeks

Different ways in holding the shaver


Sustainable Design From Trash to Treasure

Group : Yoshi and Vivian Durations : 8 weeks


To understand the impartance of upcycling. The creative application of recycle and reuse of used automotive products A Cooperation project with KMB bus company.

Target Users:

- Single Woman live with family - 20-30 Years-old - Normal class in childhood - Always travel by bus - Collecting special decorations - Love History and literature - Like reading quietly

Mood Board

Material Board

Sustainable Design Presentation Boards

Group : Yoshi and Vivian Durations : 8 weeks

Lifestyle 生活


Life Style Project

Exploded View of Electronic Appliances

Group : Yoshi and Sum Durations : 4 weeks

Work Shop Exploded View Excercise


To understand the electronic componets of product. This will help when designer decided the material use of product.


4 5 1

Exploded View of Nokia 5300









19 17 16 18




Life Style Project

Exploded View of Electronic Appliances

Group of 5 Durations : 4 weeks


To understand the electronic componets of product. This will help when designer comminicate with engineer. A Cooperation project with South Asia Company.

Life Style Project Sloud - Electric Steamer

Individual Durations : 4 weeks

Toy Project

Toy Project Idea Inspirations

Individual Durations : 5 weeks

Toy Project

Moster Dart - Background Story

Individual Durations : 5 weeks

Character Inspiration from

Toy Project Idea Inspirations

Individual Durations : 5 weeks



Rendering Project PhotoView360 Lego Dianosaur

Individual Durations : 4 weeks

Used aroung 1200 Lego pieces to make two tower and dianosuar

Rendering Project Keyshot - Pearlness

Presentation Board

Individual Durations : 4 weeks

Mood Board

Rendering Project Keyshot - Pearlness

Individual Durations : 4 weeks

Rendering Project Vray for Rhino - Bluetooth

Individual Durations : 4 weeks

Rendering Project Keyshot - FerraBike

Individual Durations : 4 weeks

Game of Light and Shadow

Photography 攝 影

Cats in the Cage

Grandmother’s Ring

They are put in a poor condition for selling. It happened in China.

Local Stationary Shop Different types of pens. Just pick one.

It may not be the most beautiful ring, but the most valuable thing to grandmother

Traditional Mail Box

Every family had their own special mail box.

Chinese Censer

I used to light up the incense and put it in this censer when I was small. It was fun.

Stationary Boss

New Member

Curious Puppy

Winter has came

The stationary store keeper. He was a nice old man and he helped me a lot in my photo project.

Great-grandson of my grandmother. Everyone paid attention to him<3

Same Old Same

This was my grandmother's house. She loved planting little green plants.

River and Stones

Pink Flower

"Hey people! What are you doing right there? What is happening there?"

I can't imagine a life without the sun. It must be cold and without lives.

I was born to paint. 我天生就是愛畫畫。

Happy Lunar New Year - Dog

The Love that was pure & true

Exquisite corpse drawn in culture lesson

A long busy day, and my dinner was gone

Gold fish drawn in water colour

I wish I am a model

Drawing with open slips about the food I ofter eat

Enjoy the happiness, Chinese word of "Happy"

All I want is to play!

Please grow plants in this city

Best buddy

Grandma & Favourite Flower

All about make up and dress up

Good to be a tortoise. Eat,Sleep and Play

Love My Family

Dinosaur Attack!!

Hand Drawing + Photoshop

Pattern Collections

Hand Drawing + Photoshop

Whale and the Moon

Adobe Illustrator


Hand Drawing + Photoshop

Personally, I love dianosaurs. If they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get what they want, they will roar like the crazy me.

Great Mood. I learned this from magazines Computer Arts. Easy AI skills and nice excercise.

I tried to find inspirations in different patterns. They consist of circle, lines and dots. It is a real interesting result.

I was inspired by Nanah Davis. Her works are detailed and unique. I tried to copy some of her characteristics and add some of my own patterns into it.



Dear Dad, Please Stop Smoking. Love, Daughter

This planet is dying. Please help.

Puppet Never Sleep

The beaty of body

Figure Drawing 人體 素描

First drawing of lady

Concept Sketch from KMB Project

Simple Colouring

Simple Shading

Final drawing of the figure drawing course

Line movement of men

Simple Shading



Oil Pastel Drawing

Acrylic Drawing

Grey Scale Exercise


Perspective Exercise

Butterfly Chossed words

As a photographer

Dry leaves

Feminine Typography

As a model

Freelance Ticket Design for CityU Philharmonic Orchestra



Poster Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Final T-shirt Presentation

Activity photos

Idea is just like a tree Small leaves will grow into big dreams

Not only words and languages can be used in communication, but also images.

Yoshi Ng's Portfolio  

It was used to apply Poly-University Hong Kong. Well I guess it's not good enough to apply for college and it failed. I will keep working an...

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