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Editor´s letter Touristic Organic Farm is a magazine for people that want an unusual experience with different kinds of tourism; in this magazine you can find topics with relation in sustainability, ecotourism, agro tourism, and the implements to produce these products. This magazine gives you some strategies with sustainable techniques. Costa Rica it’s a very touristic country with natural attractions and familiar communities, friendly and peaceful people, but if you need other places than beaches, you really need rural tourism. Rural Tourism combines the nature with the typical life of Costa Rica, come to Costa Rica and enjoy with us.

Jorge Jiménez Editor

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organic products


Telephone : 8884-30-62

Why Costa Rica is different? The in

topography this country



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that ranges are a very important bridge between Nicaragua and Panama, the many volcanoes, and two important oceans,




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c o n form the magic of Costa Rica.


Costa Rica offers many possibilities to do, in the sectors of industry, services, agriculture, and livestock, and the form the society to do the things positively or negatively affect the environment, that are the reason to protect the resources, and the sustainability is the way to do good the things. The Costa Rica Agriculture and Livestock projects have many problems in the form to do the things and not affect the environmental. The reason of this magazine is help and offers alternatives for producers and examples and with nature-friendly projects. Costa Rica is different because Costa Ricans are Pura Vida BY Miguelin


What is organic

agriculture or organic farming? By Miguelin

Organic farming is more than food without chemicals the organic agriculture is a way of life bather for producers and consumers around the world.

Everything has a balance in the environment but now usually human transforms the all resources for their benefit, but agriculture traditional practices demonstrate for yours effects that the balance has been broken and the present generation living with the consequences.


We live surrounded by fast food and the problematic eating these products producing The organic agriculture comes to resume old habits of production, to maintain a balance between the environment and humans and helps to good eating habits in society.


Agro-Tourism by Jorge JimÊnez Agro-tourism is a special kind, because when you buy a tour its not only for bedroom or food, you buy a experience. The tourist is a person to view them growing, harvesting, and processing locally grown foods, the farmers would provide a home-stay opportunity and education. Also the tourist can find cows, horses, bulls, sheep, goats, ducks, pigs, and others farms animals The majority are family projects, because they know a lot of farm and want to earn money support their family. Agro-tourism it’s a alternative for a healthy tourism and with this practice the tourist help the community.


Ecotourism in Costa Rica A practice for the conservation and wise use of resources

Ecotourism seeks a minimal impact on the environment, and assists the protection of natural areas and benefits to local populations Costa Rica is a small country in a territory with

51 100 square

kilometers, which has a variety of environments, such as beaches, mountains, mangroves, and many more ... One of the features that will draw more attention to visitors can see the large number of trees that produce a green landscape, accompanied by the sing of the birds and the generosity of the Costa Ricans. In our country there are many places to practice ecotourism, and employers are aware of the impact on the environment which may cause the tourism activity. For that reason we use environmentally friendly practices:

    

Recycling Nature walks Environmental education Appropriate use of resources Clean technologies


by Miguelin 7

Milk of goat The tradition in Costa Rica is to drink a lot of milk, but only cow milk and there fore majority of persons ignore the characteristics and benefices of goat´s milk. By Jorge JimÊnez

When we think about milk probably everybody remember cows but why we forget a goat? Well the principal characteristic is the special taste of milk, the cause of this taste is the One reason to drink for goat milk can come from medical needs of people, especially infants afflicted with various ailments, including cow milk protein sensitivities, and for intolerant lactose person. Products Yogurt





BIO DIGESTER: Is bio digester in fashion?

Yes, it is.

It is an economic way to save money and electricity. If you have cows, horses, pigs, sheep, you can use the animal feces to produce methane gas with a simple and economical bag and wood or plastic wood structure. In Costa Rica is common to find projects that use the bio digester to ruse organic waste How to feed and bio digester? When the bio digester is installed you need to feed it every day, and you need to be careful with the size of the bio digester. Example: A bio digester of 8 meters long and is feed with 50 kg of feces from cows, horses, pigs, or sheep, dissolved in 150 liter of water. The digester started to produce methane gas in 30 days. If you are interested in the bio digester you can contact me at 88-84-30-62 or

Curiosity‌ This type of digester produces 16 hours of methane gas per day. You can use the liquid organic fertilizer, which is the product of the process The bio digester in good condition does not smell bad. By Miguelin 9

La Esperanza Farm

by Jorge JimĂŠnez

Sr. Ancelmo, Sr. Ancelmo!!! Probably one of the most common phrases in his job, because each person that arrive to the Farm are very interested in the attractive of the farm. The evolution of tourism is want of option to the farmers because they want one kind of process to be better; Don Ancelmo said that he wanted one form to protect the environment and also obtained good results. In the other hand he was borried about the soil and water pollution, there fore today he doesn’t use chemicals in his products and uses techniques for sustainability Lombriculture

Bio digester

Organic agriculture


Horseshoes Miguelin.CO


Don Ancelmo said: I love when we receive groups of students because I feel that I help teaching a little of these friendly practices to protect the environment and one better option to use the resources.

Benefits of that lifestyle Food without synthetic pesticides

No diseases Protecting the environment Benefit to local farmers A country producing its own food

What consumers think? "It's a great alternative for people. What happens is that people do not know do not know, do not have the information then most people do not realize that there are plenty of real good products worth almost equal to those usually found on the market. This fair is very nice because a lot of people know. He takes his cafesito, then the concept of eating well and being happy at once, like a combo. "Lilliana Quesada



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