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Custom Orthotics Why Are Custom Orthotics So Expensive?

Are Custom Orthotics Actually Expensive?

• Orthotics are medical devices which fit inside your shoe to support your arch and heel, and keep the bones of the foot aligned properly. Many people think that buying an off-the-shelf shoe insert is just as good as going to a foot doctor. While such inserts may help some people, anyone with real foot troubles is going to need to have custom orthotics made specially to fit.

Are Custom Orthotics Actually Expensive? • The cost of having orthotics made which are unique to your feet may seem high. In fact, costs begin around $100 and go up. However, if a certified podiatrist does the examination and prescribes the orthotics, they are a legitimate medical expense, and are tax deductible.

Why Are Custom Orthotics So Expensive? •

The key word is custom. If your feet and legs ache, if you have a backache from standing long hours, orthotics may be able to stop all the pain. However, it takes someone with training to recognize which bones of your foot are being strained and misaligned. Do you have a heel spur or damaged tendons? What has caused the pain? Inserts from a drugstore rack can’t address your specific problems.

Why Are Custom Orthotics So Expensive? •

Once a doctor examines your feet, he or she will talk with you about your lifestyle. Are your problems sports-related? Do you stand on a concrete floor at work all day? Is your family prone to certain types of foot problems? Do you have other health issues, such as diabetes, that may be contributing to foot problems? Are your feet so narrow or wide that shoes don’t provide proper support?

How Are The Orthotics Made? •

The doctor will begin by making a custom cast of your foot. This will exactly duplicate the misalignment in your foot bones. Your foot may need to be x-rayed, as well. This information is sent to a lab where trained technicians will use computer technology to design the shape of the orthotic which will force the bones of your foot to align properly when you stand or walk.

What Are The Types of Orthotics?


There are several different types of orthotics, and the podiatrist can help you decide which kind is right for you. The two basic categories are hard and soft. Hard orthotics simply hold your foot in the correct position but provide no padding. They usually include the heel and extend to the ball of the foot.

What Are The Types of Orthotics? •

Soft orthotics are much more complicated. They can have one or several layers of material with different densities. The layers may extend throughout the device or they may include padding in certain locations and not in others. For example, a heel post may be added under the soft bed to provide stability. Some doctors are willing to work carefully with an individual to custom pad certain areas until the foot pain is cured.

What Are The Types of Orthotics?

• For anyone who has experienced pain, and has then found relief from custom orthotics, the apparent high cost is never again an issue. Compared to surgery, a few hundred dollars for custom inserts is very reasonable.

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Why Are Custom Orthotics So Expensive