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Thursday, January 5, 2012 - Volume 14, Number 46

Foundation wraps up a successful year By SHANNON DEVEAU N-R Writer It was a good year for The Health Foundation and a good year for the foundation, means a good year for the entire region. Much was accomplished in 2011 says Ross Fisher, Executive Director of the foundation with many in the community stepping up in support of local health care initiatives and the foundation set for a “healthy” coming year. “There are a couple of big highlights from 2011,” said Fisher in a recent year end interview with The News Review. “Anytime we’re able to get new services we consider that a success and that’s really what we’re always trying to do. We started four new programs this year and these are all things that people no longer have to travel for.” Among the items making the list of new services are the following: • $250,000 in new Equipment for the surgical program. Several key pieces of equipment required for surgery, including: an anesthetic machine, a ligasure

“... a good year for us, is a good year for everyone in the area and we only get to have a good year because people are generous...” – Ross Fisher

device, and hand tools for cataract surgery were purchased says Fisher. “This program did two main things: first, we bought an anesthetic machine and the government did also, so that extends the donation dollars people give and it allowed us to complete an upgrade and get rid of all the older anesthetic machines. “Having new and current equipment makes a better work environment for our doctors and nurses.” Continued on Page 2.

Funding for farmers

SKATING TIME – Winter is time to get out and do some seasonal activities, and the Kinsmen Arena held free public skating and shinny over the Christmas break. Benjamin Lortie, (clockwise from top left) Isaac Lortie, Yuka Burrell and Sofia Lortie all took advantage of the opportunity to lace up and get active.

The province has announced increased support for young Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers. This includes increased funding for farm-related consulting services and training, as well as $50,000 in new funding for the Saskatchewan Young Ag-Entrepreneurs (SYA). “The future of agriculture belongs to our young farmers and ranchers,” says Member of Parliament, Kelly Block (Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar), on behalf of Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, and Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Bob Bjornerud. “The Saskatchewan Young Ag-Entrepreneurs provide an opportunity for our youth to promote a sustainable agriculture industry and our government is proud to support them.” “Young farmers and ranchers in this province are the future of our agriculture industry and it is important we provide programs and services to meet their needs,” Bjornerud adds. “This funding will help our producers of tomorrow build the skills necessary to grow their businesses.” Continued on Page 7.

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Page 2A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, January 5, 2012

Health Foundation ready for another successful year Con’t from Page 1.

Secondly, adds Fisher, the hand tools for cataract surgery allowed for the increase in the number of cataract surgeries normally done by Sunrise Health Region. “This is the second year in a row Sunrise has been able to negotiate this agreement with the government which allows close to an additional 400 cataract to be done in the year. This brings our wait times way down. We raise the funds to purchase the equipment to allow the increase in cataract surgeries and the government pays for the extra staff time and the procedures.” • Patient Controlled Pain Management Pumps (New Service) were purchased for $38,000. • The Charity Golf Classic annually raises $100,000 per year. “Most of these funds are spent

in the facilities outside of Yorkton. The Health Foundation likes to make sure we support all of the healthcare facilities in the Sunrise Health region. Generally the items purchased are for the care and comfort of patients; items like: patient lifts, medication pumps, Broda chairs, or blanket and towel warmers.” •Cardiac Rehabilitation Program (new Service) $25,000. • Finished the Stroke Rehabilitation program (new service) $30,000. • Upgrade of Dialysis Program – Bought new Dialysis Chairs and minor equipment $31,000. “We raised $31,000 and were able to access $15,000 in provincial money to complete the upgrade.” • Lymphodema Vests (new service) $6,500 – New Treatment that many breast cancer survivors had to go to Regina for. This initiative is

necessitated because radiation therapy often destroys lymph glands and that can cause fluid to build up and that fluid needs to be drained says Fisher. “Many Breast cancer survivors need to go to Regina two or three times a week for the treatment. We have ordered the equipment and the program will be in place for the New Year.” People have been very generous in 2011,” he adds. Both businesses and individuals continue to step forward and because of that Fisher says, “We managed to do most of what we hoped to do this year, and that’s only happens because people decide to support the projects we undertake. “There have been several new services added to our health region this that are only there because of the generous support of businesses, individuals and service clubs who made donations to help us buy new equipment.”

In addition to new equipment, the foundation also saw the $25,000 in Education and Scholarships being awarded to local health care professionals. And this is all while funds are being raised for a main campaign. With dollars still coming in, at least $212,000 has been raised for a conceptual plan for the building of a new regional hospital. “This has been going very well... we’re getting very close. We want to have 100 businesses participate in this plan (and as of last week) we have have 91 committed and I’m pretty confident we’ll get to 100. When we reach that, we’ll have enough for the plan. We’re on schedule for Sunrise to be submitting a report to the government about the last week of January, first week of February.” And that, adds Fisher, will begin a long conversation in terms of the services Yorkton wishes to provide into the future. It’s a dialogue that The

Health Foundation intends to play a large role in. With all of the fundraising undertaken and money being spent in this region, the bulk goes back to the cause. The local health foundation prides itself on being known for its efficiency says Fisher. “We keep our operating costs low... I think this year we were at 10.3 per cent – which is very efficient and actually twice as efficient as Revenue Canada guidelines... “We like to see as much as possible of the contributions going directly to medical equipment.” Next year will be no different he says, adding residents can expect the same for 2012. Also the same for next year will be the need for public support. There are many ways businesses and individuals can get involved in supporting The Health Foundation whether that be by attending an event, volunteering or giving money. “We can’t do what we

do without people volunteering or making contributions... We’re a small office. We have two full time people and a couple of part time people. Some of the projects we work on have dozens and dozens of volunteers...” From the annual Gala, to the Golf tournament, to the road race and even the manning of the hospital gift shop, there are many initiatives that are reliant on volunteers. “Our area is growing. We can all see that and we need to be able to provide the services for a growing population. It’s common sense... It’s about ensuring we plan effectively and do this as well as we can...,” concludes Fisher. “People are responding well... a good year for us, is a good year for everyone in the area and we only get to have a good year because people are generous...” To learn more or to get involved visit: www. or call The Health Foundation at 786-0506.

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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, January 5, 2012 - Page 3A

No one deserves to be abused: there is help Submitted by the Yorkton Partnership against Violence Committee and Yorkton RCMP “SHATTERED PIECES” “There’s nothing but shattered pieces my china cup has paid the price I spent too much at the store today and his reaction wasn’t nice The kids complained and fussed I could feel impending doom He was tired and didn’t care now they’re crying in their room I cower and listen in numb despair while his curses fill my ears He’s got my throat, I cannot breathe my eyes well up with tears “If only you didn’t make

me mad!” I know that’s what he’ll say I’d run and hide and take the kids but I’d never get away He’s sitting there, his fire has died pretending nothing fared I stand and face him, cup in hand I’ve never been so scared “You see this cup?” I asked him “So fragile and complete?” I threw it down in one swift blow and glass flew at his feet He stared at me in disbelief as I finally took a stand “This cup is me, each broken piece, I wish you’d understand!” “Some of the pieces can be fixed with patience and

some glue, but some of these are just too small this cup will never be new.” “Each time you say a hateful word each time you grab my arm, My mind and heart are shattered and you’ll never undo the harm.” He told me I was crazy, and I’d better clean up the mess I guess the lesson here was lost and so am I, I guess I found the strength to leave one day but it took too long to get free A shattered cup is my reminder of the life he took from me The pain is still too real to me even though he’s not around He still finds ways to hurt me and throw me to the ground My life is shattered

pieces but at least I can know this: Someday God will fix my cup but who will take care of his? – Angie Horvath 2000 She is a mother, a grandmother, a sister, someone’s child. He is a father, a grandfather, a brother, someone’s child. One thing they have in common – they can fall victim of domestic abuse. Domestic Abuse refers to abuse of a person by another person with whom the victim is living, has lived, or with whom a significant relationship exists. Abusive behaviour cuts across the racial, ethnic, educational and socioeconomic boundaries. (www.medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary. com) Has your partner done any of these things? • Continually criticize you, calling you names, shouting at you • Threaten to kidnap the children if you leave • Lock you out of the house • Threaten or hurt you with a weapon • Hit, choke, punch, kick or slap you • Isolate you from family, friends, work and community support • Play mind games • Refuse to help you when you are sick or injured • Control where you go, what you do and who you are with. These are typical signs of abuse. You are the only one who can decide how much is too much. Types of Domestic Violence • Emotional – consists of actions, statements, gestures, or behaviours, which attack one’s selfesteem and sense of selfworth. Emotional abuse is as real as physical or sexual abuse.

• Physical – the use of physical force or threatening to use physical force towards yourself of someone you care about. • Sexual – being forced to engage in any sexual act or behaviour against your will. • Economical – being in control of all monetary actions. Spotting the signs of domestic violence Domestic violence is a difficult subject to speak with someone about, and it is hard to confirm without serious investigation and confrontation. While there are some signs that are hard to miss, some can be difficult to spot, and may actually be hidden if the victim is trying to keep it a secret. So what can you do? By looking carefully for signs of domestic violence, you can sometimes determine if it is occurring, and take steps to see that the pattern doesn’t continue. Physical signs of domestic violence

geared toward low selfesteem about life or their current relationship, especially if it is a new and sudden occurrence. Many women and men who are in an abusive relationship tend to make negative comments, pretending their making a joke, or saying it in a casual way to avoid the risk of suspicion from others who note these comments. Has the potential victim gone from having a pleasant and happy demeanor, to someone more somber and fearful? If someone is constantly being mistreated and abused, this is going to get to them eventually and effect their personality. If you have your suspicions about what’s going on, go with a close friend of the victim and try to confirm any suspicions you may have. It can be a very difficult thing to do, but it needs to be done and can save someone’s life. The cycle of abuse

If there is physical abuse occurring, then chances are that there are going to be some kind of markings and bruises. The trouble is, sometimes these marks can be covered up, or in an area that cannot normally be seen. If you notice that the victim is going out in public less, this can be an indication of physical abuse. If you notice that they begin speaking more frequently about how clumsy they are, or come up with harebrained and elaborate stories about how they got the injury, then this can also be an indicator of abuse. Verbal and Behavioural Signs of Domestic Violence Watch out for comments that appear to be

Domestic violence is rarely a one-time incident. It usually takes place as part of a cycle that includes the following stages. Without some form of intervention, the cycle usually repeats itself with the violent episodes escalating in frequency and intensity. (www. If you are in an abusive relationship or know of someone who is, resources are available through the RCMP; Shelwin House – Yorkton (306)783-7233 (SAFE) or 1-888-7833111; Victim Services; Society for the Involvement of Good Neighbours – SIGN; Local Tribal Council. Remember: Every person is responsible for their own behaviour no matter what is influencing them. Abuse is not your fault.

Our Pride & Joy Be a part of the Special Salute to babies born in 2011 Here’s a sample of what your ad will look like. PROMOTION NIGHT – The Air Cadets Number 17 Squadron recently held its annual promotions night event. The evening saw cadets promoted to higher ranks and assuming greater responsibilities in the squadron. LACs Dustin Balabuck, Liam Cote, Gregory Denbrok, Mitchell Kuzma, Andrew Labossiere, Jaylee Leclerc, Cody Loewen, and Keyen Wasylenchuk were promoted to Corporal. Corporals Clark Bazin, Dwain Sangwais and Tiara Lutcher were promoted to Field Corporal. Field Corporals Jonah Kitchemonia, Austin Varga and Chase Gilchuk were promoted to Sergeant, and Sergeants Andrew Bazin and Darien Kequahtooway (pictured, l-r) were promoted to Field Sergeant.

On January 14, 2012, The News Review Extra will feature a special page devoted to the babies born in 2011. Make sure you’re one of the proud parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles to show our readers the newest member of your family. (Please no photos larger than 5” x 7”)

Iyla Marie Schwartz

April 18, 2011 Daughter of Terrie Campbell & Jamie Schwartz

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Triumphing over tribulation It was the story of the year, according a to a recent poll taken across Saskatchewan. There’s no question the flood of July 2011 was big news and that it also had a tremendous impact on the province and the economy but fortunately – for the most part – it’s behind us and we’re moving forward. There may have even been some positives that came out of it all. “I’m so proud of our community and residents, because as bad as it was, and as much as people struggled, they still helped each other out,” points out the City of Weyburn’s Manager Bob Smith. “They helped us out and they helped their neighbours out, and they kept a positive attitude that things were going to get better and we were going to get things done. “As devastating as it was – and we were at the point of crying several times – it was really good to have the support of the people.” The same happened in Yorkton and in other hard hit areas across Saskatchewan. People reached out and as trying as the times were, residents got through it together. That’s what the people of the prairies do. There’s still work to be done. There is infrastructure to be fixed. Roads to be repaired and housing needs to be attended to. It all takes time but what’s important is there were lessons learned, positives accomplished in the aftermath, and people have gained a sense that they can make it through the challenging times. It’s a new year for fresh starts. “We’re hoping for a great spring this year and – touch wood, praying, all that stuff – things are looking promising,” says Smith. That they are. Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous New Year.

Is your cup half full or half empty? The way I see it... The year 2011 may have been a turbulent one when it comes to the economy and what not, but I don’t think we need a survey to tell us that as Canadians, we’re pretty fortunate in the grande scheme of things. An Ipsos Reid Poll released on New Year’s Day says 74 per cent of those asked said 2011 was a good year for themselves and their families – 15 per cent said it was ‘very good’ and 59 per cent said it was ‘somewhat good.’ Only six per cent said it was very bad. 2011 was a year of change. “It was a year that featured, among other things, the re-election of Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper with a new majority government, the death of NDP leader Jack Layton shortly after leading his party to the status of official Opposition in its best election result ever, a violent riot in Vancouver after the Canucks lost in the Stanley Cup final and the Toronto Stock Exchange’s first yearly decline in three years. “Internationally, European economies were devastated as governments there struggled with unsustainable debt levels, dictatorships in the Middle East were toppled by popular uprisings, and infamous figures such as Osama bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi met

their demise.” “There’s been a lot of depressing news, things I shake my head at and wonder where we’re going in the world,” said one Ottawa resident. From earthquakes, to joblessness, tsunamis, hunger war – it’s all out there Shannon Deveau and and I can’t think of a safer or more privileged country to call home than right here in Canada so I have to ask, why wouldn’t a poll turn out favorable? We have our problems here, I’m not saying that we don’t. We have crime, we have homelessness, we too have hunger and corruption, but we’re also a land filled with opportunity and hope. There is help for those who reach out for it and the chance for change for those who truly want it. With Christmas behind us and a new year underway maybe people (especially the six per cent who said things were ‘very bad’) need to start seeing the cup as half full rather than half empty. Stop trying to reach for EVERYTHING and start appreciating all that you DO have. Trash cans are lining the streets filled with what’s left of Christmas 2011. There’s so much excess and waste and a lack of appreciation for what really matters. It’s time for a shift in thinking and that starts with you and I.


Banished words list is made for curmudgeons Every year, Lake Superior State University makes a list of “banished words”, an assortment of words and phrases that cause surly curmudgeons to get all up in arms about the kids these days. While that might not be the stated purpose of the list, it is basically what it’s used for, with any word heavily used by the under-30 set eventually finding its way onto the list. This year’s list includes the words amazing and ginormous, along with things like “win the future”, which appears to be an attempt to explain to grandma what the acronym WTF means without using a profanity. The general theme of these lists is that any word that is in heavy usage among young people is wrong, and back in the day of the compiler’s day language was better and they all used proper terminology. It’s not simply a list of words that have gotten very popular in the last year, which might be an interesting look at how language develops and the different trends in communication. No, they want to banish these words, which is just being curmudgeonly. Now, there are plenty of words out there I don’t like, many in the popular usage. “Blog,” for instance, is probably the most unpleasant sounding word in existence, and yet it’s mentioned all the time when it comes to online interaction. I also don’t like “man

Things I do with words... Column Devin Wilger cave,” on this year’s list, because it suggests that having a particularly masculine room in your home is somehow primitive, and it also makes the person saying it sound fairly silly. In those cases, yes, I can understand where these people are coming from, because sometimes language develops in a way that you simply don’t like, and it can be kind of annoying to watch it happen in regular conversation. But, even if I understand it, that doesn’t mean that creating a list of “banished words” isn’t ultimately a childish reaction to something that isn’t really a problem in the first place. Yes, there are some things I don’t like in popular usage, and that’s fine, I just won’t use them myself. I’m sure if I lived in the same

19th century that the people complaining would like to move back to, I would have found some of the trends among the youth similarly grating. In forty years when I’m an old man, I’ll likely be sitting on the front step complaining about the kids and their hoverboards or whatever big trend is happening among the future’s young folks. That’s just how these things go, people complain about the youth of today, as though they were perfect and wonderful children who never gave their parents any grief. In this specific instance, they are complaining about the language often employed by today’s young, forgetting that they had their own slang that annoyed the angry old folk. The banished word list doesn’t really accomplish anything, apart from letting some angry curmudgeons vent for a few minutes about how language has gone all wrong. Maybe it has, at least from some perspectives, but if a language is in use it isn’t going to stay static. So it should be expected that words and phrases will come up that people plain don’t like, and there will be slang cropping up that only makes sense to the youth of that particular moment. That’s just how it works, and instead of trying to banish what gets to be popular, it’s time to just live with it. There’s nothing you can do to stop language from changing.

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, January 5, 2012 - Page 5A

to the editor


Your letter of the Week

Crazy for using private health care? Farmer vs. farmer

To the Editor:

Canadians seeking surgical or therapeutic treatment will wait a median of 19 weeks between an appointment with their physician and when they receive treatment. According to physicians, this is nearly three weeks longer than what they consider clinically reasonable. What’s worse is that wait times have increased despite the billions of dollars in federal health transfers Ottawa has sent to the provinces to tackle wait times. Under these circumstances, where nobody is accountable, what options do Canadians have, besides waiting in line? It should be clear to most that the ‘Canadian way’ is not working. While this requires a slice of humble pie for advocates of Canada’s single-payer health insurance system – patients and taxpayers more generally would be much better off without Canada’s health care hubris. The first step is recognizing that greater private involvement in the delivery and financing of medical services does not mean an erosion of universal access to health care. It also does not mean that the welloff will have access to high quality health care at the expense of low-income families. But such fraudulent claims pop up time and again whenever private involvement – which is how every Canadian gets their food – is proposed in the health care sector. Or there is this other diversion – that any private involvement in health care will lead to American-style health care. It can’t be repeated enough that every Canadian should take a pledge to end American comparisons and instead focus on Europe. There, in countries where universal health care is achieved, competition in the private sector has led to increased quality and efficiencies, lower prices, and virtually no wait times. For example, take the Netherlands, where 99 per cent of the pop-

ulation is insured and which no reasonable Canadian thinks is a hotbed of supposedly radical anti-universal sentiment. In contrast to Canada where almost the entire health care sector is centrally planned by provincial and federal governments, the role of the Dutch government is to ensure a properly functioning health care market.

“Here, there are no incentives to ensure patients receive the best medical care possible because there is no direct penalty to providers if patients are unsatisfied. Canadians cannot switch insurers.” Everyone in the Netherlands must purchase a basic health insurance plan in the private market. Those who cannot afford to purchase the basic package receive subsidies from the state. That subsidy is then used to buy an insurance plan of their choice. Children under the age of 18 are covered by the tax-financed Health Insurance Fund. Because everyone must be insured in the private sector and because individuals and families can switch insurers without a financial penalty, private insurers are forced to compete on price. At the same time, insurers negotiate prices with health care providers for preferred services. Consequently, providers compete on both prices and quality. That not only benefits patients but creates a system of accountability. Compare that to status quo Canada. Here, there are no incentives to ensure patients receive the best medical care possible because there is no direct penalty to providers if

patients are unsatisfied. Canadians cannot switch insurers. Instead, they are obligated to sit and wait for medical treatments for weeks or months without the ability to shop around. But not the Dutch. Wait times for medical treatments in the Dutch system are nowhere near the delays endured by Canadians. One of the most frequent Canadian criticisms of private health insurance is the notion that sick people will not be insurable. However, in the Dutch system, insurers must accept all applicants regardless of age or pre-existing medical conditions. In addition, premiums are community-rated (as opposed to being risk-adjusted). That means that the price of the basic insurance package is the same for everyone. To compensate insurers, all working Dutch citizens contribute to a Health Insurance Fund through their payroll deductions. Those deductions are then pooled among health insurers based on a risk-adjustment system. In other words, the entire population has the exact same access to health insurance irrespective of age, medical status, or ability to pay. Notably, in addition to achieving universality, choice has become one of the fundamental characteristics of the Dutch system. By comparison, the notion of choice or freedom is nowhere to be found in Canada’s health care context and is routinely opposed by advocates of singlepayer health insurance. Strangely, monopolies are frowned upon everywhere else in Canadian society – but not when it comes to health care. Under our current system, Canadian families cannot access insurance that best suits their medical needs. We can learn a lot from countries like the Netherlands but we can’t afford to wait much longer. Mark Rovere, Fraser Institute.

Hope for 2012: truth and justice will prevail

To the Editor:

The Occupy Movement was initiated by the Canadian activist group Adbusters this past summer to unite the 99 per cent of us in solidarity to stop greed and corruption of the wealthiest one per cent. The Occupy Wall Street protest occurred in New York City on September 17 of this year. Since then the Occupy Movement quickly spread across the world including many cities in United States, Canada and Europe. The ultimate goals of the Occupy Movement is restoring democracy, reclaiming Peoples’ rights and freedoms and creating social and economic justice for all. The entity that has perpetuated disparity in society is corporations. Corporations are soulless establishments with one goal only, to make money. To address economic, environmental and social

crises in today’s world, corporate dominance of money and the economy and its influence on mass media and on political and military institutions must end. The Occupy Movement is showing no signs of slowing. On the contrary, this movement is gaining momentum around the world. Within a couple months Occupy Canada’s (a Facebook page) support base quickly grew from 10,000 to 20,000 and just recently reached over 30,000 supporters. On December 25, approximately 100,000 protestors in Moscow rallied for democratic reform. There were also fraudulent claims against Prime Minister Putin. Supporters of the Occupy Movement have been misunderstood, belittled and prejudged. They have been called lazy, greedy and just wanting free handouts. Many supporters are of the younger generations. They didn’t

build our present world but they are beginning to feel empowered to be part of the solution. Why would we want to stifle their passion for wanting to create a better world? This movement may be pivotal in saving us. A next step is for Canadians to take stock of the present state of our own country by examining the actions of our federal government. One role of the federal government is to provide sound and stable leadership to Canadians and to the rest of the world. Questions to ponder may include: Is it a responsible government? Is it preserving our rights and freedoms? Is it maintaining democracy within our nation? Is it for the People and not corporations? Are the desires, values and needs of Canadians being represented in Parliament? Do bills that are passed represent the best interest of the Public? Do Canadians

feel empowered under its governance? The answer to all these questions is no. Many individuals, groups and sectors have been affected by Harper’s wrath including farmers, unions, Aboriginals, the public sector, media, the environment to name a few. Now our universal healthcare is slowly being chipped away until there will be nothing left except private Medicare. As a result I am voicing my non confidence in Harper and his government. There is increasing discontent with Harperland among supporters of the Occupy Movement. So I request of you from a slogan of the Occupy Movement, “Wake up Canada!” Let’s unite, speak up and preserve the Canada we know and love. My hope for 2012 is that truth and justice will prevail. Vanessa Hamilton, Brandon, MB.

“Bully boy tactics” are no longer needed... To the Editor: Since the election, Conservatives have refused accreditation for Opposition members to attend Durban, have limited public access to proceedings of parliamentary com-

mittees, have shut down debate by closure, and have invoked freedom of speech to cover dirty electoral tricks. Editors have picked the Tory majority as story of the year, but someone needs to explain to Ste-

phen Harper that with control of the House of Commons and Senate, he no longer has to employ such bully boy tactics. Larry Kazdan, Vancouver, B.C.

(Editor’s Note: The following is an Open Letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.) Dear PM Stephen Harper:

For the record, this my second letter to you is an open letter, given my first, appended below, was never even provided the courtesy of an acknowledgment of receipt. That letter to you marked the 10 year anniversary of my earlier letter to an earlier PM on the day after September 11, 2001, when civilian aeroplanes were used as weapons of mass destruction. The purpose of this letter is to make publicly certain you will know that the contents of one of Rod Flaman’s farm buildings was razed on December 12, 2011 as reported in the following Regina Leaderpost article:http:// on+farm+near+Regina/5883989/story.html Why would his loss have any meaning to you, personally and as PM? Here is part of the larger context. Rod Flaman is of course not unknown to you. He was one of the farmers elected by farmers. Not as your, nor the government’s representative, but as our farmer director representative on the Canadian Wheat Board, one among seven whom you had fired from his office as CWB director but a few days removed from the fire. As to razing the prairie farmers’ single-desk Canadian Wheat Board on behalf of the astroturf group which you and it pretentiously called itself as the National Citizens Coalition, has been a multi-year target of yours. Turning to the powers you now have as PM, you have provided earlier critique: “In today’s democratic societies, organizations share power... through consultation, committees and consensus-building techniques. Only in politics do we still entrust power to a single faction expected to prevail... by sheer force of numbers. Even more anachronistically, we persist in structuring the governing team like a military regiment under a single commander with almost total power to appoint, discipline and expel subordinates.” Now more recently, through C-18 you have expressed intentions to raze the CWB and provided warning you were prepared to steamroller anyone in your way. Even when a federal court found your minister broke the law in how you and he advanced Bill C-18, you have continued on your path in the exercise of power as defined by you. Your words and actions could be mistaken by some crazed supporters as a word of encouragement and licence to put some CWB supporters in harm’s way and in my opinion heightens the need for you to immediately, in clear and in no uncertain terms, to condemn publicly that the acts of violence and vandalism against Rod Flaman are cowardly, will not be tolerated and furthermore, you will do everything within your power to see that justice will be done by bringing all who have had a hand in this alleged case of arson, including threats made to other CWB supporters will be brought to justice as true examples of your “tough on crime” agenda. As a note of correction, you call C-18 a freedom bill. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact of the matter that you have not refuted, is that under the CWB singledesk system every farmer through the “buyback” program already had the right to sell their grain to anyone they wished, even at any price they wished. However the CWB buy-back ensured no farmer could profit by selling their grain below the price available to the CWB. With C-18, you are advancing the illusion that farmers can now profit by pitting farmer against farmer, when in reality by razing the CWB single-desk, instead of offering change on the dollar you are giving very large international companies the power to short-change farmers on every dollar. Eduard Hiebert ST Francois Xavier, MB.

Letters welcomed The News Review accepts Letters to the Editor. Any information or ideas discussed in the articles do not reflect the opinion or policies of our paper in any way. Authors of Letters to the Editor must be identified by including their full name, address and phone number where they can be reached during business hours. Letters to the Editor should be brief (under 350 words) and may be edited for length, grammar and spelling. The News Review reserves the right not to publish Letters to the Editor.

Page 6A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, January 5, 2012

A great year for a Christmas Bird Count By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer The annual Christmas Bird Count is about more than just spotting birds. The continentwide event, run by the Audubon Society, has been keeping track of the movement and population of birds for over 100 years. Geoff Rushowick says that this year was one of the best he’s seen for birds since he’s been taking part. There were 20 total species seen on the count day, with 1073 individuals spotted. Twenty-six people participated in the count, watching feeders or areas where birds often congregate. Rushowick says one of the main functions of the count is to track trends over a number of years. As an example, he uses ravens, which were very uncommon when he began watching. This year, there were 149 spotted, and he believes it might be a case where they had competition in the area before, but are now more able to take control. This year had surprises in some Eurasian Collared Doves and some Mourning Doves.

A CHICKADEE sits on a tree during the Christmas Bird Count. The annual event sees bird watchers from across North America get out and count the species in their area, in an effort to keep track of bird populations and movement patterns.

Rushowick notes that doves aren’t very common in the area, and the collared dove isn’t a native species in Yorkton. The introduction of the species is something that is of interest, as charting the changes to the types of species in the area are the purpose of the event. This year’s most common bird was he house sparrow, with 530 individuals spotted. The rock pigeon, common raven and black-capped chickadee were also very common, with 159, 149 and 66 individuals seen respectively. A big change over last year was the snow bunting, which had 79 individuals spotted last year but none in 2011. Rushowick says that with those, it’s partially a function of luck, since they move around a lot, though warm weather might also have allowed them to stay further north than they usually go. Rushowick says that the event wouldn’t be possible without all the people counting, whether they are observing feeders or travelling out to different observation spots. He credits everyone involved with making the event a success.

Candle of Hope project brings light to local lives Sacred Heart High School students and staff got into the spirit of Christmas this year through the Candle of

Hope project. Period 3 Classes were asked to raise money to help support the Soup Haven and the

Salvation Army. Both organizations use the money raised to purchase items for both food hampers as well as for making lunches for impoverished youth of the city. Each class was also provided with an Angel Anonymous gift that helped the Salvation Army with their Christmas hampers. Students purchased a gift for the specific sex of the child. The goal was to raise one hundred dollars per class. “The result of this project was amazing,” says teacher Scott Hoffort. “The students and staff of Sacred Heart raised just over 615 dollars for each the Soup Haven and Salvation Army.

Presentations of cheques were made to both organizations on December 22. Gifts were also purchased for 13 youth of our community and were delivered to Shoppers Drug Mart as part of their Salvation Army Santa’s Anonymous gift program. “The generosity of our students and staff has shone through. The model of Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit has again been clearly present through the care for those less fortunate in our community. “This project, which was started by the Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate, has helped fill a need in the com-

Blanket Classifieds PICTURED ABOVE, Envoy Roy Bladen of the Yorkton Salvation Army addresses Sacred Heart High School students and staff after receiving a cheque for just over 615 dollars presented by Scott Hoffort on behalf of Sacred Heart High School.

\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \

Thank you to all our clients for their patronage in 2011.

\ \ \ \ \ Looking forward to seeing you in 2012 \ \ st \ Shirley \ Tracy \ Kim \

munity of Yorkton for many years. The students and staff of Sacred Heart High

Pay the 2011 Rate Pay the

School are proud to continue this tradition of generosity and Christmas spirit.”

2011 Rate

Purchase your 2012 Deer Park Season Pass by January 31, 2012 and pay the 2011 Season Pass rate. Season Pass Fees (until January 31, 2012)

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For more information call 786-1750

Upcoming Yorkton Terrier Home Games Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012



Game Time 7:30 p.m. at the Farrell Agencies Arena

Game Time 7:30 p.m. at the Farrell Agencies Arena

Con’t from Page 1.

Farmers and ranchers under the age of 40 will now be eligible to receive up to 90 per cent (an increase from 75 per cent) of the costs for business consulting services, farm-related education and training programs through the Farm Business Development Initiative (FBDI). The purpose of the FBDI is to help producers acquire information and skills to enhance their profitability and achieve business goals. The maximum FBDI benefit for young farmers


& ; 6 3 $

7 $)&


and ranchers is also increasing from $4,000 to $10,000 per applicant. The $50,000 in new funding for the SYA will be used to develop, host and maintain a website that provides new and existing resources for young farmers and ranchers. The website will be an online community for young producers to find information and services to help improve their businesses. “Networking and training opportunities, promoting agriculture and providing relevant and useful information to young producers are





$ * / 0 4 730-&5

 $"/"%*"/ $"30' 5)&:&"3

priorities for our organization,� SYA Chair Rodney Voldeng comments. “This funding to develop a website will help us accomplish these goals and will result in a valuable online tool for young farmers.� These new initiatives are initial responses to recommendations in the Saskatchewan Agriculture Youth Advisory Committee’s report. The report, which was also released today, contains 12 recommendations on how to attract and retain youth in agriculture. The provincial government will



1 OF 10 2012 EQUINOX

.1(  )*()8":


-LN)8: -LN$*5:






continue working with the Youth Advisory Committee to address these recommendations. Bjornerud also announced an extension of the Committee’s term for up to five additional years. “We are pleased governments are providing this funding to assist young producers, which directly addresses recommendations in our report,� Youth Advisory Committee Chair April Nichol says. “We look forward to continuing working with the Ministry of Agriculture to attract and retain young people in our



#*8&&,-:.0/5)4 %08/1":.&/5



#*8&&,-:.0/5)4 %08/1":.&/5





4$"/ )&3& 50'*/% :0634



5,000 $











'3&*()51%**/$-6%&% 1-64 $0//&$5"/%8*/$0/5&45#"4&"8"3%eĹ




163$)"4& '*/"/$*/(Ĺ Ĺ 



*/$-6%&4'3&*()51%* "/% $0//&$58*/$0/5&45#"4&"8"3%eĹ




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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, January 5, 2012 - Page 7A

Funding boosted for young Sask. farmers industry.� Funding for the FBDI and the SYA is being provided under the federal-provincial Growing Forward framework.

The News Review is online! Visit us at: yorktonnews. com

Page 8A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, January 5, 2012

What’s happening at Good Spirit Acres? across Saskatchewan will begin in Humboldt on Friday, January 27 and finish on Friday, February 3 in Warman. They will be having a noon lunch at Crumbs Diner (206 Main Street) in Canora on Sunday, January 29. Everyone is welcome to join them in Canora. Bev Bradshaw from Good Spirit Acres is once again taking donations for this charity.

Submitted by Joan Thompson Happy New Year To Everyone From Good Spirit Acres! The holiday season is coming to a close and we were fortunate to have mild weather and good traveling conditions for the many friends and relatives who visited our community. The community rink at Spilchen Meadows was very busy with skaters and hockey players. A big thank you goes out to Bill Cripps for his hard work in preparing and maintaining the ice surface. The Hamlet Board and the Community Association have agreed on the protocol for an annual grant to support community activities. The Community Association has received $1,000 for 2011, and it is hoped that this agreement will lead to further joint projects in


265 Bradbrooke Dr. Yorkton, Sask. S3N 3L3 (across from the hospital)

the future. Our transfer site continues to stay very orderly and the metal trailer is serving its purpose. Please note that all electronic equipment, such as TVs, computers, receivers and discarded electronic components should be taken to SARCAN recycling centres (recommend the one in Canora as it is located on the highway and normally is not too busy). Our snowmobile trails are beginning to take shape although we could certainly use more snow. The Yorkton Sno-Rider volunteers have signed some trails and the new groomer has been able to do a limited amount of trails. Be safe and stay on the trails. The Prairie Women on Snowmobiles (Breast Cancer charity) ride

Serving Yorkton & Area • Fast & Friendly Service • Flexible Hours • Repairs on all major appliances • Over 13 years experience • Dishwasher Installation • Parts & Accessories Sales

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Council or any Yorkton snowmobile dealer. The riders will be stopping at Good Spirit Lake Golf & Family Resort for lunch and fuel. The ambassador for this year is Bailey Clark from the Spy Hill area. The Good Spirit Market is once again serving lunches as well as pie and coffee. Call ahead to check on the “special of the day”. Winter hours at the

store are 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Our community was saddened last month when Myles Kuzyk, a great friend and long time neighbor, passed away suddenly on December 7. Myles will be missed by his wife Carol, daughters Shelley (Cory) and Sherry (Larry), and their families as well as all of the residents of Good Spirit Acres.

FEEDING THE HUNGRY – Prior to Christmas, Deb Schmidt, Associate Broker from Royal LePage/Premier Realty and Tom Campbell from Leland Campbell LLP along with the Yorkton Co-op, donated 150 turkeys to the Salvation Army for their Christmas hampers. “This donation will help tremendously towards filling the needs for our hampers this season” stated Roy Bladen with The Salvation Army. Pictured above (L-R) are Bruce Thurston, representing Yorkton Co-op, Roy Bladen, Deb Schmidt and Tom Campbell. This donation totalled more than $3,600 towards hampers this year.

Whatever you need done, you’ll find the solutions right here!



Watch for posters for other functions that will be taking place in your area. The 2012 Easter Seals Snowarama will be on Saturday, February 11, 2012. The registration and banquet will be held at the Gallagher Centre in Yorkton. Riders can get their pledge sheets from the website at www., the Saskatchewan Abilities

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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, January 5, 2012 - Page 9A








238 AT

• 182 hp 2.4L I4 Engine • 6 speed automatic transmission • 17 inch aluminum wheels



• 288 hp 3.6L V6 Engine • 6 speed automatic transmission • 18-inch wheels

Submitted by Regional KidsFirst healthy habits that will stay with them for life.

Whether you are cooking at home or eating out, you can make healthy choices that will help you feel and look better ~ and lower your risk of heart disease, stroke and other diseases. A healthy meal plan for your entire family will boost their overall feeling of well-being, and give them more energy. It will also help your children learn How to make healthy choices:



PLAY TODAY AT YOUR GMC DEALER Start with foods from the four food groups – grain products, vegetables and fruit, milk products, and meat and alternatives. Try these wise choices: • Eat at least one dark green and one orange vegetable each day • Enjoy vegetables and fruit prepared


• Onstar Ž with 6-month plan ~ • Stabilitrak Ž Electronic Stability Control • 8 passenger seating

with little or no added fat, sugar or salt • Have vegetables and fruit more often than juice • Make at least half of your grain products whole grain • Choose grain products that are low in fat, sugar or salt. • Drink skim, 1% or 2% milk each day. • Have meat alternatives such as beans, lentils and tofu often. • Eat at least two Food Guide Servings of


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Terrain gets better highway fuel efficiency than CR-V, RAV4 or even Escape Hybrid.**

46 MPG




Acadia has 30% more cargo capacity than Honda Pilot.*â€

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Page 10A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, January 5, 2012

The basic principles of healthy eating fish each week. • Select lower fat choices Comparing the Nutrition Facts on labels can also help you make smart choices. Look for the Health Check™ symbol on food packaging. Based on Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating, it is your assurance that the product is part of a healthy diet. For more parenting tips visit:

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, January 5, 2012 - Page 11A

NEWS REVIEW SPORTS Sport notes Ski with the Mayor Come ski with the mayor Sunday, January 8 at Deer Park Golf Course! The Yorkton Cross Country Ski Club (YCCSC) is kicking off the season in style. The club will host the official ribbon cutting ceremony at 1 p.m. The ribbon cutting will be followed by a mini ski refresher course at 1:15 p.m. with instruction offered by two stars of the Canadian Birkebeiner. Dig out your old skis, worn or shiny, from the garage, barn, or rafters and come ski with Yorkton mayor James Wilson. All beginners, rusty beginners, intermediates, and pros are welcome to join the trail ski which will begin at 2:15 p.m. Refreshments will be available for a minimal fee. Proceeds will go to the YCCSC trail grooming equipment fund.

Street Hockey Yorkton ‘KidSport’ would like to announce that the Street Hockey Tournament scheduled for December 10, 2011 has been moved to March 2012. The change will allow more time to recruit additional teams and make the event bigger and better ‘So ALL Kids Can Play’ in Yorkton!’

Winter Welcome Yorkton Leisure Services offers a Winter Welcome Activity Program free of charges for new and not so new Canadians to experience the active side of winter. Activities include: •Sunday, January 15 – 1 p.m., tobogganing at the Knights of Columbus Park, Circlebrooke Drive. Sleds will be provided to share. •Sunday, February 5 – 1 – 2:30 p.m., curling at the Yorkton Curling Club, Gallagher Centre, 455 Broadway St. W. Bring clean indoor shoes. Curling equipment will be provided. The program is open to families of all ages. For more information contact Amber at 828-2401 or

New year opens with a shootout loss By ALEX MORGOTCH N-R Writer The post Christmas season opened with a pair of losses for the Yorkton Terriers as their Highway 10 rivals, the Melville Millionaires, claimed a pair of wins in the home and home series over the weekend. The Mils claimed a 4-1 win at home Friday night to close out 2011 despite being outshot 46-36 by the visiting Terriers. Tyson Newell opened the scoring in the first period. Michael Sagen and John Stechyshyn added a pair in the second period. Newell capped Melville scoring with his second goal of the night, an empty net powerplay marker, in the final frame. Jeremy Johnson scored Yorkton’s lone goal late in the third period assisted by Kyle McLeod and Curtis Oliver. The Millionaires claimed a 3-2 shootout win at the Farrell Agencies Arena to open 2012 Sunday afternoon, despite being outshot 49-27 by the Terriers who battled to tie the game at the end of regulation time. Russell Trudeau opend the scoring for Melville late in the first period to take a 1-0 lead to the dressing rooms after 20 minutes. Tayler Thompson tied the game for Yorkton just under two minutes into the second period assisted by Jamie Vlanich. Michael Desjarlais scored late in the period to hand a one goal lead back to the Mils. Just when it appeared that the Millionaires would come away with the win, Devon McMullen tied the game to send it into overtime assisted by Brent Struble and Zak

YORKTON TERRIER RIGHT WINGER Tayler Thompson scores Yorkton’s first goal during the recent home game against the visiting Melville Millionaires. Majkowski. Ian McNulty and Desjarlais both slipped the puck by Terrier netminder Warren Shymko while Melville goalie Blake Voth stood his ground to shut down Tyler Giebel and Thompson to clinch the shootout win for the Millionaires. Terrier head coach Trent Cassan praised Melville netminder Voth for playing well both nights and frustrating Terriers scoring opportunities both games. He feels perhaps the Terriers were allowing Voth time to see the puck and stop it instead of screening him. “When a goalie’s on his game if you let him see the

puck, he’ll stop it and he did both nights,” Cassan states. “Even though we were pressing hard, we still played both ends of the rink,” he adds. The final results were not indicative of the Terriers effort in either game, Cassan insists. He doesn’t believe the losses will affect player performance this month. With the final trade deadline looming, Cassan says he likes his current team. That said, like any team, he wouldn’t be adverse to any possible upgrade. “Whether that materializes or not, we still have two open cards,” he notes. Asked for a preference,

Memorable 2011 sports stories in The Review While some may well argue that all sports events are memorable, some do stand out as perhaps a bit more memorable because of their nature or a particularly significant event or achievement. The dedication, effort and commitment of all athletes is also recog-

nized and celebrated all year long. The clips recognized here are those identified as particularly exemplary by the sports writer. The Credit Union Cup, on display at the Cornerstone Credit Union Tuesday was brought to Yorkton by former

Gloria Hayden Centre January activities The Gloria Hayden Community Centre offers activities for the whole family for the month of January, including: •January 2 - 31 – 2 for 1 court rental •January 2 - 31 – Walk for Free •January 7 and 28 – Cure the Family Cabin Fever, from 1- 3p.m. each day the Gloria Hayden Community Centre offers free family fun activities for everyone.

Cassan says he would probably opt for another experienced defenseman. The Terrier defense has played very well but has a lot of young guys playing some pretty prominent roles which is good for them. But at the same time maybe one more older experienced guy could take a little bit of pressure off of those younger players, Cassan suggests. “I don’t think people realize you need two teams to trade. Those things don’t just come easily,” he points out. Whatever materializes or doesn’t, Cassan claims he still happy with the players currently on his bench.

THE YORKTON BLITZ NITRO U15 GIRLS captured the Tier 1 championship at the recent ASCICS Cup 1 tournament hosted by the McSweeney’s Selects and the Sask Volleyball Association. The Yorkton Blitz Nitro team included: Front (l-r) Morgan Thorley, Willow Krawetz, Morgan Shymanski. Second row (l-r) Shania Wallin, Tamara Herschmiller, Shelby Stratechuk, Allison Kruger. Back row (l-r) Assistant coach Darlene Shymanski Taylor Harris, Natasha Hausermann, Kristen Jonassen, Shayna Nakonechny, Coach Bryce Krawetz.

SJHL president Laury Ryan in conjunction with the SJHL President’s Tour sponsored by Source Embroidery. The Yorkton Terriers and the SJHL announced three local players nominated by the hockey club to represent Yorkton at the year end SJHL awards at the end of the season. Named as a finalist for the Most Outstanding Player title, 20 year-old goaltender Devin Peters is having another outstanding season backstopping the Terriers. Viceroy, Sask. native Blaine Tendler has been nominated as Most Outstanding Defenseman. A leader both on and off the ice, Tendler has made life tough for opposing forwards. 1992 born forward from Trail, B.C. Zak Majkowski has been put forward as the Top SJHL Rookie. With 19 goals, Majkowski is on the verge of an impressive 20 goal rookie season. The Yorkton United Storm U-10 soccer team emerged as gold medal winners in Division 2 play at the Regina Soccer Association Youth Tournament over the weekend. The Yorkton Terriers had a five game winning streak going. They claimed both games of the home and home series with their Highway 10 rivals the Melville Millionaires. The double win also earned the Terriers the Park’s Cup for the most wins in head-to-head play for the current season. Continued on Page 12

Page 12A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, January 5, 2012

Local teams and individuals claim championships Continued from Page 11.

The Yorkton United Fury Under 14 boys team swept to a gold medal at the ACFC Winterfest Indoor Soccer tournament in Regina by winning four straight matches. The YRHS boys’ curling team claimed the gold medal at the ECD playdowns hosted by the YRHS at the Yorkton Curling Club. The winning team included – Front row (l-r) lead Ryan Nagy, second Blaze Davie, lead/second Brandon Campbell. Back row (l-r) coach Grant Bjornerud, third Brennen Peleshytyk, skip Paul Toth. Local five pin bowler Amanda Krochak finished third at the Provincial Youth Bowling Challenge to earn a place on the Saskatchewan youth team which competed at the National Youth Challenge Regina. The Yorkton Terriers wrapped up the regular season with a pair of wins, one on the road and one at home to hold on to first place in the SJHL Sherwood Conference going into the playoffs. The Yorkton Aquabatix competitive synchronized swimmers attended a competition in Regina where Yorkton placed first in routine and first in championship in the 12 and under team event. Team members included Mikayla Walker, Jessica Lewthwaite, Amy Hovdestad, Tracy Rowley, Madison Neufeld, Mackenzie Dull and alternate Lexie Mireau. The Yorkton Atom AA Xerox Terriers successfully defended the Brandon Tournament of Champions title for the second year running. The tournament featured eight of the top teams from Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Yorkton Springers Gymnastics Club kicked off their competitive season at the 2011 Prairie Invitational Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Meet in Regina. The seven competitive youngsters won 14 medals altogether at the meet which was the best competition result the Yorkton Springers achieved in the last five years, reported head coach George Baranyai. The Yorkton Regional High School (YRHS) mixed curling team competed at the provincial playdowns in Regina. The team of skip Kelly Somogyi, third Matricia Shwaga, second Darren Tillman, lead Amber Stachura and alternate Tara Lazurko, coached by Grant Bjornerud, claimed the provincial bronze medal for the second year in a row. The Terrier sweep of the best of seven games series in four straight games against the Estevan Bruins surprised some local hockey pundits who predicted a tough, drawn out series. The win advanced Yorkton to the Sherwood Conference final against the Kindersley Klippers. Yorkton Terrier head coach Trent Cassan, a former Terrier winger, was nmamed as one of three nominees for the SJHL Coach of the Year Award. Yorkton Harvest president Garth Simms announced former NHLer Jeff Odgers would take over as head coach of the team and as director of player development. The Yorkton Novice Carded B and K Trucking Terriers came home the

TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS, the Yorkton Novice Clean Spot Terriers, won the A-side title at their home tournament over runners-up Yorkton Frame Tech Terriers by a score of 7-3. It was rumored that the coaches’ hair styles may have sparked the laughter, if not the win. The Novice Clean Spot Terriers team included: Front – Goaltender Mason Ferris. Second row (l-r) Kenton Effa, Josh Herzog, Garrett Ellis, Ryder Korczak, Dasek Sobkow, Dreyden Chyz. Third row (l-r) Rylan Bahrey, Johntee Ostapowich, Logan Rohatensky, Jack Long, Anthony Bunnie. Fourth row (l-r) Curtis Pelletier (Asst Coach), Jeff Bahrey (Asst Coach), Trevor Herzog (Coach), Darrell Sobkow (Manager). A-side champs after attending an eight team Novice Tier 1 Tournament in Weyburn. The Yorkton Terriers proved to be an irresistible force. After finishing first in the SJHL south, the Terriers swept both Estevan and Kindersley in four straight games and to add insult to injury, chalking up back to back shutouts, one on home ice and the other at Kindersley. In that final series, Yorkton outscored the opposition 24-4 to claim the Sherwood Conference title for the second year in a row. The Yorkton United Football Club U18 Dynamo captured the Division 2 Indoor Soccer Provincial Title in Regina. The U18 Dynamo who consist of both U16 and U18 players competed in the three day provincial tournament and defeated Swift Current in a shootout to claim the provincial title. The Yorkton Clean Spot Novice Terriers captured the Major Hockey League Novice Championship outscoring their rivals the Moosomin Blue Rangers in a two game total point series. Former Yorkton Terrier netminder Joel Danyluk who has bounced around the SJHL as well as the WHL was awarded the inaugural SJHL Community Player of the Year title which sent him on a 21 day whirlwind tour of Europe during the summer. Yorkton Terrier right wing Clarke Breitkreuz (centre), in his third year with the team, was named team MVP at the awards banquet. The 2011 YESSA girls’ basketball

Yorkton Member of Legislative Assembly, Greg Ottenbreit, Constituency Office Staff, Lauretta and Ingrid and our Families

Greg Ottenbreit MLA Yorkton

champions the M.C. Knoll Knights, who led the championship final from start to finish, downed runners up St. Mary’s girls 23-18. Undoubtedly the most exciting final game of the YESSA boys’ tournament, the St. Michael’s Stars boys came back from a 10 point deficit with less than a quarter of the game to play to tie the game at 23 at the end of regulation time. Capitalizing on a height advantage the Stars edged out the runners up Yorkdale Royals 28-24 to

claim the 2011 YESSA boy’s Yorkton City title. Top superannuated teachers league bowlers for 2010/11 Paula Beck and Tony Mazur, were declared STS Bowlers of the Year. Former Yorkton taekwondo athlete Autumn Ashcroft was the Canadian flag bearer at the World Taekwondo Championships held in Gyeonju, South Korea. Yorkton Terriers president Lyle Walsh and lottery chair Ward Brown presented Don and Rose Walters of Yorkton with 12 cheques as their grand prize in the 2011 Terrier Lotto. Disc golf arrived in Yorkton. The sport, for those who would like to play a game similar to golf without the outlay for equipment and cost of course fees, is relatively easy to play. Patrick Park, is the site of Yorkton’s first disc golf course, Young local motocross phenom Kennedy Lutz returned from Wortham, Texas where she won her class in the second round of qualifying motocross races for the Loretta Lynne Amateur National race at her ranch in Tennessee. Local MX racing phenomenon Denaye Giroux was crowned the Women’s National West Champion, winning the Number 1 plate. The Yorkton Orioles, a men’s masters baseball team, captured a silver medal at the provincial masters’ baseball tournament at Watrous in only the team’s first year of existence. The Yorkton Alexanders Junior Cardinals hosted the 2011 Provincial Junior Baseball Championships at Jubilee Park. Local archer Hunter Frankfurt won the NASP Canadian Women’s Championship for the middle school division. The Parkland Padres, a local senior men’s plus 40 team captured the Saskatchewan Baseball Association (SBA) Masters Men’s Provincial Twilight Division Baseball championship at Davidson, Sask. Continued on Page 13.


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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, January 5, 2012 - Page 13A

20th year of sports highlights in The News Review Con’t from Page 12. The Alexander’s Junior Cardinals clinched the South East Senior Baseball League title by sweeping runnersup, the Willowbrook Royals, in three games in the best of five games final playoff series to claim the title for the second year in a row. The Painted Hand Casino hosted the first annual ‘Counting Coup’ rough stock rodeo at the Yorkton Exhibition grandstand. The event brought some 30 Canadian Cowboys Association (CCA) cowboys from western Canada to prove their prowess on some of the wildest rodeo stock in the country. Local golfer Brent Brown topped the field of 31 to claim the Deer Park Men’s Club title with a two day score of three under par 141. Brown claims he was gunning for the champ’s parking spot. The Yorkton Terriers have hired a new assistant bench boss to start the new season. The new assistant coach, Casey O’Brian has some pretty solid hockey credentials both on the ice and on the bench. The Yorkton Terriers added a new assistant general manager, Gordon Pritchard, to the their staff roster. Pritchard will work with Terrier GM Don Chesney in the Terrier business office.

The SHHS girls’ soccer team captured a bronze medal in the 2A girls’ soccer provincials held in Regina.

YESSA volleyball championship. The M.C. Knoll Triple Threat girls claimed the girls’ spikers division title and the Yorkdale Royals Gold Team girls won the 2011 girls’ diggers division crown. Local baseball personality Wade Karcha was recognized by Baseball Canada/Major League Baseball with the Volunteer of the Year Award at the annual awards night in Winnipeg. Over the years Karcha has worn many hats, including volunteer, coach, team manager, treasurer (including founding treasurer) and YMB coordinator for registrations. More recently Karcha was team manager for the Midget Cardinals and coach of the Yorkton Yankees.

LOCAL STANDARDBRED HORSE Sophio Hanover was named Horse of the Year at the SSHA awards banquet in Regina. Pictured above, proud co-owners of Sophio Hanover Samantha Tamblyn (l) and Debra McInnes (r) display the hardware that goes with the award. The first seniors fitness playground/park in Yorkton, Erichson Park, was officially opened. Funding for the fitness equipment in the park was provided by the Zone 4 55 plus games committee. The Yorkton UCT Bantam AA Terriers became national celebrities. Scotiabank branches sponsor hockey teams in their communities every year. This year the bank sponsored the Yorkton UCT Bantam AA Terriers. Because of that sponsorship the team was entered into a random draw, which they won, to open an NHL game on Hockey Night in Canada. Four local sports personalities were inducted into the SJHL Hall of Fame during the Hall of Fame Weekend hosted by the Yorkton Terrier hockey club. Former Yorkton Terrier owner, manager, and head coach as well as the only Canadian professional athlete to play in two professional leagues at the same time, Gerry James was inducted into the SJHL Hall of Fame along with three local sports personalities. Former Yorkton Terrier Darrell Spelay was inducted into the SJHL Hall of Fame as an outstanding athlete. Spelay earned a total of 451 points or 1.83 points per game as aTerrier to establish an SJHL scoring record that stands today. Former local radio sportscaster Terry Struthers was inducted into the SJHL Hall of Fame for his dedication to amateur hockey. Long time volunteer and one-time president of the Yorkton Terriers Gene Krepakevich was inducted into the SJHL Hall of Fame in recognition of his years as builder of the junior hockey in Yorkton. The M.C Knoll Knights boys won the 2011 TOP TRAINER AND DRIVER at the Cornerstone Raceway, Tyler Redwood had the most wins both as trainer and driver during the past harness racing season. PRA street class season points leader Dave Clark claimed the title while thunder stock season points leader Tuyler Carter won the Thunder Stock Title. Yorkton Harvest team manager Wayne Henley who’s been associated with the team since 1984 was honored at a Harvest home game on Wayne Henley Day by both the Yorkton Harvest Hockey Club and the Saskatchewan Midget AAA Hockey League (SMAAAHL). Local 17-year-old taekwondo athlete Francis Bazin who’s trained for 12 years and currently holds a second Dan black belt captured a bronze medal at the Pan-American World Taekwondo Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Sacred Heart Saints boys claimed their second consecutive provincial 2A soccer championship after overcoming some stiff opposition.

DECEMBER 1, 2011, The News Review which began as The Paper celebrated 20 years of serving Yorkton and area. Pictured above News Review publisher Ken Chyz has been at the helm for all 20 years.

Your Independent Watkins Associate #390392

Jason E. Kopan

783-0099 Get in motion in Yorkton at the Gloria Hayden Community Centre

Active Living Luncheon January 10, 2012 Wellington West Room Gallagher Centre 12:00—12:45 p.m. Limited tickets—$15.00/each available at City Hall Guest Speaker—Jason Gordon Local Active Living Champion He has truly “walked the talk” and is making sure there are opportunities for our youth to stay active and healthy.

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Page 14A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, January 5, 2012

SHHS/CAB December Athletes of the Month

The Sacred Heart High School (SHHS)/Cab Female Athlete of the Month, Kristen Jonassen, was another busy athlete this fall at Sacred Heart who played both soccer and volleyball. Her soccer coach says she is very versatile. Jonassen was the backup keeper, who played defense or offense when needed, but most of the time she could be found in the central midfield setting up plays. She scored eight goals and had seven assists during the season. On the volleyball team Jonassen

was a dominate force in the power position, leading the team in kills at the Estevan tournament. Her sense of humour kept practises light but at the same time she was one of the hardest working players on the team. Both coaches agree that this athlete was the picture of intensity during games and although only in Grade 10 she was a leader both on and off the field. The SHHS/Cab Male Athlete of the Month, Anthony Fetsch, was also a very busy athlete this fall at Sacred Heart.

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He played on the boys soccer team, trained with the cross country team and played on the senior boys volleyball team. On the soccer team Fetsch played the striker position. He always gave 100 per cent and was the leading scorer on the provincial champion Saints soccer team. On the volleyball team Fetsch played the libero position where he fought hard to be the best passer on the team. Continued on Page 15.

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The first baby born in Sunrise Health Region in 2012 arrived on January 1, 2012 at 1:26 a.m. Crystal Larsen and Nathan Draper are the proud parents of Owen James Draper, weighing in at six pounds, eleven and a half ounces. Owen was assisted into the world by the physicians and staff of the Yorkton Regional Health Centre. The Larsen-Draper family is from the Preeceville area.

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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, January 5, 2012 - Page 15A

Team Diabetes fund raising to Conquer the Volcano By ALEX MORGOTCH N-R Writer Some folks are truly inspirational. Rather than sitting around bemoaning their lot in life, they get on with doing the things they like and more often than not, manage to contribute to the lives of others. Larissa Van Caeseele may well be one of those folks. She recently joined Team Diabetes in this years’ project, Conquer the Volcano. The event features a hike up the side of a live volcano in Costa Rica. The volcano, Ricon de la Vieja, is located in a national park and the climb will take the participants up through five different ecological zones on the way to the peak. Every year the diabetes association stages major fund raising events like marathons to encourage people to become involved in the fight against the disease. A type 1 diabetic, Van Caeseele has grown up with juvenile onset diabetes for the past 34 years. When she learned of the Conquer the Volcano project through the Canadian Diabetes Association website, Van Caeseele decided she wanted to

become involved. “I don’t run and at this stage of the game I am not going to like to run,” she admits. “So I thought I’d do something different and hiking is something that I thought would be different,” Van Caeseele says. Currently on an insulin pump, Van Caeseele says she’s seen many of the advances in diabetes research and treatment over the past 34 years. Having lived with diabetes for most of her life, she feels she wanted to contribute to the advances that will be made in dealing with the disease. The climb has been set for Saturday, May 5, 2012. In order to join the climb, Van Caeseele needs to complete her fund raising by March 9. She has committed to raise $6,100 by that date. Her next deadline is January 27 when she must have raised $4,900 to arrange all the logistics in getting to Costa Rica. “It’s a short timeline and it was difficult over Christmas. So January and February are going to be really important for fund raising,” Van Caeseele points out. She’s very appreciative for the assistance of her husband, Brent and her daughter Camryn as well as fam-

TEAM DIABETES VOLUNTEER Larissa Van Caeseele is fund raising to Conquer the Volcano in Costa Rica in May. ily and friends who have pitched in to help with the fund raising. They have planned and organized a number of events which have already been completed like the recent bottle drive. Up coming events will include a

steak night supper at Melrose Place, Tuesday, January 24 and Wednesday, January 25. “You pick the day that you can come,” she says. Friday, January 25 there will be a steak night and a silent auction at Langenburg. Anyone who would like to donate to the project can contact Van Caeseele at 783-3141 or they can go to the Canadian Diabetes Association website and find the link to Team Diabetes and pledge a participant. “It’s easiest and quickest online, she says. “I’m looking forward to the different areas that we’re going to climbing through, the rain forest and hearing the howler monkeys and stuff. It’s going to be exciting,” she says. Admittedly not a runner, Van Caeseele says she likes walking and hiking, and water sports. She’s also involved with Ukrainian dancing with the local Troyanda Dance Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. She thanks all the people who have supported her fund raising efforts so far. “Thanks to the ladies who supported the jewelry party and the Scentsy party as well as all those who set out their bottles and cans for the bottle drive,” Van Caeseele closes.

First annual Knock Down Cancer campaign at bowl arena The first annual KNOCK DOWN CANCER campaign will be hosted by the Yorkton Bowl Arena which is teaming up with select bowling centres across the country as the Canadian bowling community gets into the fight for life and fights back against cancer. Bowling centres are an important part of every com-

munity across Canada, and are a hub of activity catering to all demographics. Roughly 900,000 Canadians go bowling every week, and nearly all of them have been touched by cancer to one extent or another. The Knockdown Cancer campaign aims to bring awareness of cancer and cancer preven-

tion to our communities and to encourage everyone to join the fight for life. Throughout the month of January The Yorkton Bowl Arena will be donating 25 cents from every paid shoe rental to the Canadian Cancer Society in the First Annual KNOCK DOWN CANCER Campaign. The Yorkton Bowl Arena will

be joined by roughly 80 other participating Bowl Canada member centres as the industry steps up in the fight for life. Funds raised at the Yorkton Bowl Arena will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society in support of lifesaving breast cancer research. The Yorkton Bowl Arena

invites everyone to join the fight for life and fight back against cancer. Visit the bowl arena in January to help it maximize its donation and help to KNOCK DOWN CANCER. For more information on Bowl Canada and the Knock down Cancer Campaign visit www.bowl

SHHS/ CAB December Athletes Continued from Page 14.

His coach says he always works hard. He never gives up and has that rare talent to stay relaxed even in a tight game. At the Provincials for Volleyball

he made many digs, sacrificing his body to keep the ball alive. He was actually injured digging a ball but he played through the pain and helped the senior boys volleyball team finish fourth in the province.

SHHS/CAB DECEMBER ATHLETES OF THE MONTH Anthony Fetsch (l) and Kristen Jonassen (r) get a ‘thumbs Up’ for their achievements in school athletics from CAB Clothing rep Aaron Kienle.

FINALLY, ON A LIGHTER NOTE to welcome the new year. Yorkton Terrier fans may have been a little nonplussed at the last Terrier home game of 2011 when they witnessed the sight of a group of males attired in female garb. Not only were they dressed as girls, they were certainly not dressed for the weather. Closer investigation of the phenomenon revealed the guys in question were, in fact, Yorkton Harvest hockey players, the Harvest rookies to be exact rather than a result of too many trips to the


sports lounge. Harvest rookie spokesman Dakota Odgers explains the event was an initiation night for the team. All the rookies were required to dress as girls at the Terrier game Friday night. It’s a lighthearted activity to both attract attention to the Yorkton Harvest hockey team and to generate some chuckles in the crowd. “We’ve had a couple of people laugh at us and a couple of whistle and wink at us but it’s all in the spirit of fun,” Odgers closes.


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8 - BIRTHS WHITEHAWK - Born to Vanessa Langan and Joseph Whitehawk of Yorkton, SK, a daughter, Sammie Josi, December 6, 2011. -------------------------------RUSSETT - Born to Chelsea Ready and Jordan Russett of Roblin, MB, a son, Owen James, December 23, 2011. -------------------------------STRUTYNSKI - Born to Tricia and Keith Strutynski of Stornoway, SK, a son, Turner Hayes, December 24, 2011. -------------------------------BASSINGTHWAITE Born to Shauna and Charles Bassingthwaite of Melville, SK, a son, Karter Gary, December 25, 2011.








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****PUBLIC NOTICE**** It’s like shopping with the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s dietitians, who evaluate every participating product based on Canada’s Food Guide.

Please be advised that a three e dimensional (3D) seismic exploration prog gram is planned for the Melville area in the Rural Municipalities of Cana, Fertile Beltt, Grayson and Stanley (see map below).

m is being conducted on behalf of BHP Billitton Canada Inc. This regional seismic program by RPS Boyd PetroSearch in order to assess potential potash mineralization. The seismic process involve es sending vibrations into the earth and measuring the returning waves. The energyy source will be setback from all structures s in accordance with Saskatchewan Seismic E Exploration Regulations. are contacted, your lands are not being entered. No private Please note that unless you a property will be accessed with hout prior consent. Exploration Company: RPS Boyd PetroSearch Commencement of Field Operations: week of October 4, 2011 Completion of Recording Ope erations: mid-March 2012 Program Name: 2011 Melvillle Central 3D

ns, Should you have any question please contact: Larry Kitchen Landowner Liaison Yorkton Field Office Phone: 306.782.2754

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CLASSIFICATION INDEX Δ 1. ATV's* Δ 2. Acreages Δ 3. Antiques* Δ 4. Apartments for Rent Δ 5. Appliances* Δ 6. Auctions Δ 7. Auto Parts & Accessories* Δ 8. Births Δ 9. Boats* Δ 10. Business Opportunities Δ 11. Cabins Δ 12. Campers* Δ 13. Card of Thanks Δ 14. Career Opportunities Δ 15. Cars* Δ 16. Child Care Δ 17. Coming Events Δ 18. Commercial Property Δ 19. Employment Wanted Δ 20. Engagements Δ 21. Misc. Farm Equipment* Δ 22. Harvest Equipment* Δ 23. Haying Equipment* Δ 24. Tillage & Seeding* Δ 25. Tractors* Δ 26. Farmer’s Markets Δ 27. Farm Land Δ 28. Feed & Seed Δ 29. Furniture* Δ 30. Garage Sales Δ 31. Graduation Δ 32. Help Wanted

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* These classifications qualify for Guarantee.

Page 18A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, January 5, 2012

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY All CDL Drivers Wanted: Excellent mileage pay + bonuses. Require valid passport. Deliver new & used vehicles long haul in U.S. & Canada. Piggyback training available. Toll-Free 1-855-781-3787. Don’ t Just Visit, Live it! Agricultural placements in EUROPE, UK, AUSTRALIA or NEW ZEALAND. Wide range of jobs (4-12 months) awaiting experienced individuals ages 18-30. AgriVenture arranges everything. Booking now for spring departures. 1-888-598-4415. Canadian farmers looking for an extra hand in their busy season are also invited to apply for an international trainee.

LOCAL ROCKY Mountain House company looking for Class 1 Tank Truck Driver. Must have valid tickets. Experience an asset. Benefit package. Fax 403-845-3903. LOCAL ROCKY Mountain House company looking for day rate and hourly Vacuum Truck Operator. Must have current oilfield tickets and upto-date drivers abstract. Benefit package. Fax 403-845-3903.

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FEED AND SEED Buying/Selling FEED GRAINS Wheat, barley, rye, triticale, feed pulses, spring threshed heated / damaged CANOLA/FLAX Top price paid FOB FARM Western Commodities 877-695-6461



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FOR SALE Advertisements and statements contained herein are the sole responsibility of the persons or entities that post the advertisement, and the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Association and membership do not make any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, truthfulness or reliability of such advertisements. For information on advertising conditions, please consult the Association’ s Blanket Advertising Conditions on our website at

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SOLD EXAMPLES Bengough - 22 1/4’s Bethune - 2 1/4’s Blaine Lake - 245 acres Cupar - 5 1/4s Davidson - 6 1/4’s Elfross – 18 1/4’s Emerald – 22 1/4’s Eastend - 2 1/4’s Grenfell - 3 1/4’s Harwarden - 1 1/4’s Lestock - 5 1/4’s Lake Alma – 9 1/4’s Marcelin - 7 1/4’s Moose Jaw - 8 1/4’s Nokomis - 8 1/4’s Ogema - 36 1/4’s Prince Albert - 1 1/4’s Saskatoon - 2 1/4's Semans - 7 1/4’s Simpson - 10 acres Viscount - 3 1/2 Wadena - 4 1/4’s Wakaw West - 41/4’s Watrous/Young 30 1/2 Mobile Home Park Weyburn - 21 1/4’s Call DOUG 306-955-2266 EMAIL: Letter of Appreciation When we were approached by Mr. Doug Rue of Freshwater Holdings in July 2011, it was an opportunity for us to sell our farmland at a very fair price. Mr. Rue visited our home and he explained the process, which went forward very quickly. We received payment on September 15, 2011. We appreciated Mr. Rue’s friendly and understanding manner. There were no difficulties and he kept in touch throughout the transaction.


Modular, Manufactured or RTM homes. A variety of homes in production or ready to ship Regina,SK 1-866-838-7744 Estevan, SK 1-877-378-7744

LAKE VIEW HOMES Vernon, BC. Convenient location in Okanagan Landing. Established neighborly landscaped community. Low maintenance quality built homes. Pool, Tennis, Picnic & Fitness Center. On Site Boat & RV Storage. Next to Beach, Boat Launch & Marina. Direct access to walkways & bike trails. Level entry & 2 storey homes available $429,000. Call Scott 2 5 0 . 5 5 8 . 4 7 9 5

Advertising Budget?

NO PROBLEM! AVAILABLE BACHELORETTE Stunning, 31, 5'6 120lbs. Dance teacher and professional ballerina, very traditional lady and enjoys the finer things in life. Plays piano, enjoys classical music, fine dining, travel, and is a accomplished skier. She is seeking a peaceful lifestyle, small town, country retreat. She is a non drinker, non smoker, enjoys fashion, drawing, and needlepoint. A true elegant, poised, refined lady who is well suited to a mature sophisticated man that is quiet, respectful and a true gentleman. Matchmakers Select 1888-916-2824 Guaranteed service Rural, remote, small towns, isolated communities & villages Face to Face matchmaking 11 years established Canada/US

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$209 $259

LAKEVIEW HOMES & Lots Vernon BC. Lake Okanagan. Private Beach. Dock. Trees. Meadows. Wildflowers. Birds. Trails. Reasonably priced custom home construction. Architectural Guidelines. Build now or later. Ten minutes to town-center. Lots from $219,000. Houses from $499,000. Vendor financing available. Call Scott 250.558.4795 www.AdventureBay

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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, January 5, 2012 - Page 19A


Sol Sirenas Coral $ 895 1-800-647-7751 or 783-6548 FEBRUARY 1



SaskTel Audio Visual Entertainment Cellular & Data Sales & Service Experts



44 Dracup Ave., Yorkton

Plus Taxes



Ruff’s Countrywide FURNITURE & APPLIANCES 60 Myrtle Avenue, Yorkton Ph. 782-2274 or 782-2068 Fax 786-6838

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CENTURY 21® AGENTS. SMARTER, BOLDER. FASTER. 180 Broadway St. W. Yorkton, SK S3N 0M6 Bus: 306-782-2253 Fax: 306-756-6740 Cell: 306-621-1925


Bridgette Carl (306) 521-1925 Specializing in Residential Properties


Here’s your chance to prove it!

Think you know football?

278 Myrtle Avenue, Yorkton Saskatchewan

• The contest is open to everyone except employees of The News Review and their immediate families. • A minimum total of $25.00 cash will be given to the contestant who picks all the correct winners. In case of ties, the person who guesses closest to the Sunday night game point total of both teams wins! If still a tie, money will be split. In cases of no prize winner, prize money will carry over to the following week. If there is no winner during the 17 week promotion, the final week will be worth $425.00 and, the person with the most wins during the final week will win all the money. In case of tie, same tie-breaker rules apply. • Decision of judges is final and all entries become the property of The News Review. • All entrants must use the official blank entry form on this page. All games will be listed on this page. • You must write down the name of the advertiser in the appropriate box, not the team’s name. Team names will be found in the ads on this page. • Entries must arrive at The News Review office before 4:00 p.m. Friday, December 30, 2011.


OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM - Name of Advertiser 5.















NAME _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


ADDRESS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____________________________________ POSTAL CODE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ PHONE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_________ Please Print Clearly

391 Ball Road Yorkton, SK

Phone: 782-9600

Fax: 782-4449




Ron Skinner Realty





Financing for PLUS

72 months*

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HAAS NISSAN *See dealer for details.




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Congratulations to Mark Schendel of Yorkton. He picked 15 out of 16 games correct in the final week of the NFL Season. Mark will receive $425.00 in the News Review Football Contest.

For January 1, 2012 1.



Constant Pressure Pump Systems

UNIQUE TRUCK MOUNTED EQUIPMENT • Patented controlled-heat cleaning • No soap, shampoo or detergent • Safe for stain-resistant carpeting • Kills or removes 90% of bacteria • Environmentally friendly





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◆ Daily Lunch & Supper Specials ◆ Banquet Facilities Available


Now Taking Bookings for Christmas Parties

BARCELO HUATULCO January 10 • Regina • 1 week • AI P/P D/O



Lisa Allin

#5 - 1st Ave. N.

1.888.782.5955 or 782-5955 CAROLINA PANTHERS




.95 plus GST

107 Broadway St. W., Yorkton

786-7500 ST. LOUIS RAMS


New ◆ly d e Renovat

160 Myrtle Ave. Yorkton, SK. Ph: 306-782-ROOF (7663) MIAMI DOLPHINS

Parkland Mall Yorkton Phone (306) 786-7555 Fax (306) 786-7556


One of the most advanced window systems available in the Marketplace today!


Yorkton Welding & Machine - (1983) Ltd. 140 York Road • Yorkton, SK S3N 2X1


Ph: 306-783-8773 Fax: (306) 783-8769 ST. LOUIS RAMS

Take-Out Available






14 Betts Ave.




Page 20A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, January 5, 2012



Western Canada’s Largest Insurance Broker

Yorkton, SK 2 Broadway St E

A look at what is happening in the Yorkton Business Improvement District



"Your Fabric Care Specialist" When You Look Good We Look Good 14 First Ave. N. Yorkton, SK





A HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all from the Yorkton Business Improvement District. In an effort to begin 2012 on a positive note we thought we would look at an interesting document that is looking at us, Yorkton that is and all the communities surrounding us. In an effort to see just what effect the potash “BOOM” is having in this area SEER, Saskatchewan East Enterprise Region commissioned a Saskatchewan Company to look at the effects of potash growth and what business and you and I have to do to make positive things happen as a result of it.

Corner of Laurier & Broadway and WalMart

306-782-2647 Loreen Poier Douglas A. Poier




SALES & SERVICE • DSC Alarms & Equipment • Access Control • 24 hr. Alarm Monitoring • Cameras for Home, Farm & Business • Surveillance System • Fire Extinguishers • Mobile Radios & Equipment • Answering Service 35 BETTS AVE. YORKTON, SK


Pride in Workmanship Guarantees You A Quality Product 15 - 8th Ave. N. Yorkton, SK S3N 4C4

You know when it’s real 160 Broadway St. E. Yorkton, SK





This 62 page document has numerous bits and pieces of information within and YBID suggests if you as a business are considering working with supplying goods and or services to the mining industry, you may want to get your hands on a copy. The suggestions on what to do to work with the mining industry ranges from supplying a strong labour force, to housing, to strong cross communication, at a variety of levels.


There is a meeting planned in Saskatoon on Feb 24. If your looking for more information on this study and how it could help your business contact SEER in Melville.

#30-146 Broadway St. E. Yorkton, SK

Wagner’s Flooring

e Koch See Mem your for all eds cuum ne beam va


NOW ON SALE! Model 375A Classic Series Central Vacuum System Priced with Beam Standard Electric Cleaning Package


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Sapara Wealth Management Team 89 Broadway St. W. Yorkton, Sask



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