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Thursday, March 21, 2013 - Volume 16, Number 5

Credit card fraud – RCMP asks for information

Yorkton Municipal RCMP are currently investigating a credit card theft in the city of Yorkton. The theft occurred during the day of December 26, 2012. A female suspect was observed on video surveillance using the credit card at multiple locations in Yorkton. The credit card transactions totaled over $1800. RCMP in Yorkton are also advising retail business owners in the area to take note of the picture and notify police should they believe they have been victims or that person may be in their premises. If you have any information regarding this incident and can identify the suspect, you are asked to contact the Yorkton RCMP at 306-786-2400 or Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers. You do not have to give your name or go to court and you may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2000.

SHUMKA AT 50 – Innovative and modern Ukrainian dance is coming to Yorkton with Shumka at 50. The show will also feature a local connection, with Blaise Fullawka, originally from Yorkton, being one of the dancers in the performance. The performance will take place on April 7 at the Anne Portnuff Theatre. Theatre See more on Page 6.

ANYONE WITH INFORMATION about the identity of this woman can contact the Yorkton RCMP or Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers.

Newly elected NDP leader visits Yorkton


Recently elected the leader of the Saskatchewan NDP, and leader of the opposition Cam Broten spoke at the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce luncheon about his plans for his party in the coming term. Broten says that the plan is not to oppose for the sake of opposition, but to focus on fight-

ing for their vision of what Saskatchewan needs into the future. The party is currently working on a plan, but Broten says they already have three areas that they want to focus on. One is central to their role as opposition, which is pushing for transparency and accountability for the Saskatchewan Party government. To that end, Broten objects to




the upcoming budget being advertised as an austerity budget, both the fact that it’s being advertised at all and the austerity measures within. He says he believes that instead of money being spent on ads, it should be spent in areas that matter to the people of the province. The other two areas of major interest for the party are focused on the very young and




0% 84 FOR



cern for Broten and his party, and he says they are looking at ways to regulate it and ensure smaller classes for the province’s students. He also says that cuts for educational assistants are a worry, due to the increased workload on teachers and the potential negative impact on students, especially those with special needs. Continued on Page 3.




the very old, pushing for a better approach for K-12 education and more long term care options and higher standards for the province’s elderly population. “I’m concerned about cuts that hurt families, cuts that hurt our education system. Those that might bring larger classroom sizes or not bring the necessary improvements to buildings,” Broten says. Classroom size is a big con-

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Page 2A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, March 21, 2013

Online vehicle purchase scams are expensive March is Fraud Awareness Month in Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan RCMP Federal Investigations – Economic Crime Section, Saskatchewan Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority and the Saskatoon and Regina Police Services are joining forces to educate the public about the types of frauds investigators are seeing across the province. This column is the fourth of a series to be published this month. Online Vehicle Purchase Scams

Why would someone you don’t know, who lives in a different city, in the United States for example, want to sell you a $30,000 vehicle for $20,000? Plainly and simply, they wouldn’t. It’s that easy. Therefore, it must be easy to avoid getting “rippedoff” on that dream car you found down in Texas, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy for everyone. People can make bad decisions when they think they are getting a good deal. Think of the last time you got an unexpectedly good deal on

something you really, really wanted. It’s a rush. And that rush of endorphins can encourage you to make bad decisions. Be honest with yourself; have you ever made a bad call when you were having too much fun? Now that you have thought about that wrong decision that felt so right, there are some things to keep in mind when making an on-line vehicle purchase. Even if you think you are immune to getting “ripped-off” keep reading; there are some good resources presented in this article for everyone thinking about making an on-line vehicle purchase. The internet is an invention that changed our lives, arguably as much as the invention of the wheel. The wheel changed human behaviour slowly at first, speeding up with its use in the automobile. The internet, on the other hand, has changed human behaviour in less than a generation. Before the internet, how could you have found that mint 1984 Nissan 300ZX turbo at a dealership in Ohio; or the 1957 Harley that looks just like the one your Grandpa used to ride? The list

goes on and on. The internet has been a great tool for the motor vehicle enthusiast whether it’s for finding your dream chariot or just talking to someone who has a great interest or knowledge about it. But it also has opened the door for thieves and fraudsters to take advantage of your raised pulse and excitement about that great find. There are no “ten commandments” on how to purchase a vehicle online but if a proper strategy could be summarized, it would be in one word; research. The internet is perhaps the greatest research tool you will ever have and it can be used to dramatically lessen the risk you expose yourself to when buying a car “electronically.” There are so many resources that allow you to make informed decisions. At the end of this article there are two links that present an abundance of information on importing a vehicle to Canada. You are spending your money and you may lose it. It is difficult enough to extradite suspected murderers from one country to another so once you become victimized by a relatively less serious internet fraud,

chances are very high that nobody is going to be arrested and you won’t be getting your money back. Before you even decide to buy a vehicle on-line, ask yourself if you even need to. There are many local dealerships that are very reputable. They have access to auto auctions and can bring in the specific vehicle you want from anywhere across Canada. They have the experience to handle these matters. It’s their business. Even if you buy a car locally and have problems, there are laws and policies in place to deal with them. If you buy a vehicle at a dealership or worse, from a private seller who is 3,000 kilometres away, how easy will it be to get them to fix a bad transmission they hid from you? Is that dealership going to worry about getting your repeat business the way a local dealership should? The thought of buying a vehicle south of the border in order to save thousands of dollars is not always worth it or even valid. Is it worth the trouble to spend 60 hours on the road, deal with the paperwork of importing a vehicle

and have no warranty in order to save $1000 or more? It might be, but after adding everything up, a local purchase may present the smarter buy. Do the research and decide; it’s your money. Keep in mind that the Police and your lawyer may not be able to help you after the money is gone. If you decide that you want that vehicle online or the one listed at an established dealership, do your research. You will dramatically lessen the risk. But remember that you are taking a risk and nothing will completely eliminate it. Here are some websites you can check. There are many more sites available so don’t limit yourself; the more you learn, the better you will be able to make an informed decision. Major on-line auction sites present a lot of information that helps protect the consumer. •Registrar of Imported Vehicles •Canada Border Services Agency: publications/pub/bsf5048-eng. html.

Celebrating 130 Years of Bringing Family & Friends Together 1898 - 1909 The Century Turns, The Fair Grows The early years saw the Board of the Society spending a good deal of their time dealing with the nuts and bolts of the annual fair. Each year’s minutes record discussion of the prize list for the next fair, the naming of the judges for each class of events, and following the fair the inevitable protests received from unhappy entrants. The dates of the fair were the subject of much discussion. For the first time in 1899, the Directors considered holding the fair in July. In February, after much discussion of possible dates in September, the fair was set for July, but by April the Directors reversed themselves, and the fair was again held on a Thursday in September. A similar process occurred in 1900, with the fair being set for July and later moved to early October. In part the move to October was so that advantage could be taken of the offer of the North West Government to provide expert judges in the live stock classes for Yorkton and surrounding fairs. In 1901 the fair was finally held in mid July and expanded to two days. In the years following, the fair was held in mid or early July, and, with the exception of 1902 when the Society put on a three day event, it was a two day show. It was a time of growth and expansion for the Yorkton Agricultural Society, and the Board was intent on making improvements to the fair and the grounds each year. In the years before the turn of the century the Society used the stock yards of Manitoba & North West Railway Company and Meredith Hall for show. But they were planning for their own facilities. In 1898 the annual amount set aside for the building fund was increased to $75. At a special meeting of the members held June 16, 1900 a motion was passed to “grant the powers to the directors to borrow money upon security of the society for building purposes.” Just what land, and how much land, would be best suited to the needs of the Agricultural Society remained a matter of discussion and decision. In March of 1901 the members authorized the directors “to lease for more than one year, mortgage or sell the land currently held and to acquire in fee simple another parcel of land, not more than 25 acres, suitable for the needs and purposes of the Society, and to take a mortgage on the same, and to fence and erect suitable buildings on the same.” The land purchased six years earlier was no longer deemed appropriate. Later that year the Board agreed to purchase the land which they were using as a race track, owned by the Manitoba and North Western Railway and John J. Smith, and sufficient additional land owned by Thomas Meredith immediately to the south of the race track to meet the requirements of the Society. The details of the

The Yorkton fair grounds around 1900 - now Jubilee Park. Photo: City of Yorkton Archives. The H. Jackson Collection

land purchase were as follows: 13.5 acres at $65/acre from Meredith, 44 lots from JJ Smith at $20/lot and 43 lots from F.J. Griffin C.P.R. Land Commission at $15 each, for a grand total of $2402.50. There was a bit of exchanging of land with neighbouring land owners over the next couple of years to better meet the needs of the Society, but the land which was purchased at this time was essentially what is now known as Jubilee Park in the City of Yorkton. The following years saw many improvements made to the grounds. A 48 x 84 foot building with two 14 foot wings was erected as an Exhibition Hall. A turn style for the grand stand was ordered, a modern judges’ stand was built. A Directors’ Office was built at an approved cost of $120. In 1906 a regulation 1/2 mile track was laid out, and the grandstand moved to the west side of the track. A number of permanent booths were erected under it to enable outside exhibitors to better display their exhibits. The work was tendered as a package, and a contract entered for $1420. Over the years, the Society became involved in a variety of other events in addition to the annual fair. 1905’s minutes show the first mention of a Plowing Match and Farmers’ Picnic put on under the auspices of the Society, which was held in June of that year on the farm of William Spiers of Yorkton. In 1907 the Society hosted a spring stallion show in April, and January 1908 records the first seed show put on under the auspices of the Society. In 1903 the Board made a motion that the Society was in favour of experiments to ascertain how much seed should be sown on different soils and that experiments be made on fodder crops. They set a committee to conduct co-operative agricultural experiments, and decided that year to experiment on 1/4 acres of Timothy and Clover, 1/4 acre native Rye grass, 1/2 acre Brome grass, 1/4 acre Alfalfa, Rape, 1 acre each of two and six rowed malting barley. 1900 was the first year which records any discussion of a combined sports and agricultural show. By 1903

prizes for athletic competitions included $3 for men’s 100 yard dash, $2 for the 220 yard men’s race and $5 and $3 for the men’s half mile race. In 1904 first prize for Football and Baseball was $40, by 1907 the prize money had been increased to $100. Transportation for exhibitors and attendees in the district was also a concern. In 1901 the Board accepted an offer of the C.P.R. Company to run a special train from Winnipeg on show dates, on a guarantee from the Society that the company’s earnings would not be less than $600. The special trains didn’t always run on time - the special excursion train due in before noon on final day of the fair arrived in late afternoon, prompting a request to be made for a rebate to cover the loss of gate receipts. 1901 also records the first mention of side shows, when the Board set the price for space for side shows at $25 and for merry-go-rounds at $50. Little mention is made in the early years of the attractions arranged for the midway, but in several of those years a committee of two directors would travel to Winnipeg to find suitable attractions. By 1902, refreshment stands at the east and west ends of stand were let by public auction, at recorded selling prices of $48 and $28, all other refreshment stands were charged $10 a day. In 1909 the Presbyterian Ladies Aid paid $40 for the exclusive privilege of supplying meals during the fair. Finances were such that the Society needed to take a promissory note to pay the prize money for 1901. By 1908, the directors had begun what would become a common occurrence over the years - taking personal responsibility for the debts of the Society. In that year, two directors - Parsons and Diner - give a personal note of $200 so that the amount of the shortfall owing the C.P.R. for special trains could be paid. Later that year a group of directors signed a note guaranteeing $800. The poor state of the Society’s finances led the Board to decide to forego both the stallion show and the seed show in 1909. At a general meeting of the Society on November 15, 1909 a motion to transfer all property, assets and liabilities of the Yorkton Agricultural Society to a limited company, to be incorporated under the name the Yorkton Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition Association Limited, was passed unanimously. Incorporation took place promptly, with a board of fifteen directors, including a representative from the Board of Trade (the forerunner of the Chamber of Commerce) and the Mayor of Yorkton. William Simpson, a former Yorkton councillor, purchased the first $10.00 share in the Association, and became its first President.

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, March 21, 2013 - Page 3A

Provincial NDP leader Cam Broten speaks in Yorkton Continued from Page 1.

CAM BROTEN recently made his first visit to Yorkton as the official leader of the opposition and Saskatchewan NDP.

When it comes to long term care, Broten says it’s a concern because it affects some of the most vulnerable people in society. It also has an impact that spreads through the health system. “I believe we need better options and more options for families. It’s also important to provide these options because there is a great benefit to the healthcare system. If we can free people up from having to be waiting in a hospital for a long term care bed, if we can provide more options and choices so people can stay in their home longer and a partner can provide for a husband or a wife longer through proper homecare or supports, that affects the entire healthcare system. It can reduce costs and frees

them for people who need them the most.” He also notes that there needs to be increased regulation, in order to ensure that the long-term care options are viable and safe for their residents, noting that there are some in the provincial auditor’s report that don’t meet minimum standards. Another consistent concern comes from the province’s film industry, and Broten says that the Film Tax Credit is something that needs to be reinstated for the sake of both the film industry, and those businesses which help support that industry. “The Saskatchewan Party’s decision to eliminate the Film Tax Credit is a very short sighted one, and I know the people of the province recognize that, whether they


are involved in the creative industries or whether they are a business person who benefitted from film crews and production here in the province,” Broten says. The party has seen a spike in the number of young people joining and taking larger roles, with the amount of youth membership going up 350 per cent. Broten says that this is a good thing, especially as the party is in a rebuilding phase, and they are excited to start work on a new plan and begin listening to the needs and desires of the people in Saskatchewan. “It’s a new generation of leadership and there are new people joining. It’s very positive. Now, it’s about coming together, working hard, and listening to Saskatchewan people,” Broten says.

Page 4A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, March 21, 2013

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Motorcycle rate proposal positives The proposal to put a significant spike in the insurance rates for motorcycles didn’t go anywhere, and SGI was forced to introduce an amended rate increase which capped insurance at 10 per cent for bikes with an annual registration fee of over $1,000, and $150 for bikes with an annual fee under $1,000. It was a needed change, given the potential shock to the leisure product industry if such an increase would have been implemented. If the original proposal was somewhat outlandish, it did not have an entirely negative result. What the proposal did do was get people talking about motorcycle safety, and how those programs need to be examined in order to help lower the accident rate for motorcycle riders. The question has become as much about what can be done to help reduce accident claims as much as it has been about how much riders should be charged on their bill. It’s a good conversation to have, since it means that in the end it could achieve the desired result for both insurance companies and bike riders. Everyone wants the roads to be safer, and if we’re talking about increasing requirements for getting someone’s license to ride it can’t actually hurt. As well, if riders are safer overall and continue to get involved in fewer accidents each year, the need for revised insurance rates will lessen significantly year over year. While it might be impossible to have an accident-free road, efforts to reduce those accidents could have positive results. It might be giving too much credit to suggest that the initial inflammatory proposal was an effort by SGI to get people talking about motorcycle safety, but that has been the end result. If that conversation leads to more comprehensive education as well has higher standards for the province’s riders, the overall result of the proposal might be a net positive, even with the initial anger surrounding the idea remaining a sore spot with riders from across the province.

Transgender? She’s only five, please... We’re talking about a five year old child in Grade one, if anything, this all boils down to parenting and not a matter of discrimination. Little first grader Coy Mathis, who attends elementary school in Colorado, reportedly “wants” to use the female bathroom like every other girl in her school. So what’s the problem you ask? Well, Coy is not a girl. She may look like a girl, she wears dresses and has long dyed pink hair, but she was born with male genitals and is actually a boy. While the school allowed “her” to use the female rest room initially, they say the rules are changing and it won’t be permitted after the winter break. Instead Coy will have to use the male bathroom or the nurses rest room. Coy’s parents are upset, saying by forcing their child to use a different bathroom, the school is “targeting her for stigma, bullying and harassment...” Hmmm.... You tell me, what five year old thinks of gender or what bathroom they’re using? A five year old does and acts through what they learn. How could they possibly know about sexual orientation or gender preference at such a young age? Are we REALLY talking about parents who wished for a

girl? Aren’t they really the ones who are pushing for this? You have to wonder why they started dressing their young son in dresses and dying his hair pink in the first place. He may have delicate features but that by means determines his Shannon Deveau no outcome later in life. If you ask me, that should be HIS choice, if and when, he ever questions himself. I grew up with four brothers. I loved to do everything they did. I hunted, I fished, I climbed trees and played with trucks. You wouldn’t find a barbie or doll in my room. I wanted to be just like the boys. I wore my brother’s hand me downs and I was about as “tom boy” as you could get. Does that mean I wish I was a man today? For sure not. It was a childhood phase, but can you imagine what would have happened if my parents read into that and encouraged it? Wow. They recognized it for what it was and let it be, knowing I would grow out of it. I can’t for one second believe this is a transgender issue as some are suggesting. This is a five year old child and I can’t help but think her parents are setting her on the wrong path to growing into the confident person she needs to be.

The way I see it... Column

The dangers of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s enduring legacy In 1992, Sir Mix-A-Lot released the song Baby Got Back, which quickly found its way into our heart as the defining track about enjoying ladies with larger bottoms. The signature refrain of “I like big butts, and I cannot lie” has been permanently etched into our pop culture lexicon, and has been a rallying cry for people who also like big butts, and are compelled to tell the truth. There’s nothing wrong with liking big butts, and the sheer variety of butts in the world has made it a positive message overall. For people who do not have a small bottom, it’s nice to know that they don’t have to conform to a fashion magazine’s often restrictive views on body type. Unfortunately, in the decades since the song’s release the message has been somewhat twisted, and now people are getting buttock implants to augment their posterior and look more appealing to those who appreciate the look. This might seem completely insane to some people, but I’m not going to judge too harshly when it comes to people modifying their bodies. It’s their body, and they can do with it whatever they want. However, since the procedure is expensive, some people are cutting corners, leading the Toronto police to issue a warning about illegal buttock enhancement procedures.

Things I do with words... Column Devin Wilger These procedures are often performed in hotel rooms and people’s homes, and still wind up with a price tag in the thousands. They are also connected with severe complications, which can even lead to death. These illegal enhancement surgeries are widespread enough to prompt the police to action, but a certain part of me wonders what on earth people getting surgery in a hotel room expected to happen. Cosmetic surgery is still surgery, and that means there’s going to be a risk of infection if you’re not doing it properly in a sterile environment. Even the nicest hotel is not equipped with proper equipment to perform a completely sterile surgery. So infection is

going to be your first risk, but not the only one. If someone is doing a cut-price surgery in a hotel, they’re also likely not going to be stringent about the quality of their implants either. They don’t need to be, if any heat comes down they just disappear into the ether, perhaps reappearing in a distant city to ruin more behinds. So, that means that the implants could leak, which would cause even more problems for the patient. All of this to get a look that appeals to a small subset of people. While I personally don’t understand the appeal, I can admit there are a lot of things in the world which I find very unappealing. That’s beside the point, the real issue here is that some women are in such a rush to get the procedure that they’re ignoring their own health and well being in order to accomplish it. It’s desperately trying to reach a certain ideal, but in the process sacrificing their life in order to accomplish that feat. Honestly, the different opinions on the perfect posterior should make such procedures a moot point. No matter what, you’re going to appeal to someone, and turn off someone else, so just embrace what you have and enjoy it. But if you’re not going to do that, it still doesn’t make sense to abandon all common sense for some hotel surgery.

to the editor

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, March 21, 2013 - Page 5A


Your letters of the Week

Affordable high-speed internet for all

Legislation threatened

To the Editor:

A while ago a friend of mine told me a story and it stuck with me. My friend is from a rural area where there is no access to affordable high-speed Internet. He has a neighbour with two young children and, on many school days, their family drives an hour to the town’s local library so his kids can do their homework. For this family and others, the Internet is no longer a novelty that allows us to watch YouTube. It is now an essential tool for our kids’ futures. Today the Internet connects citizens and communities, connects us to everyday services from banking, to local businesses, to education, to health services. Bottom line, now, and into the future, if some Canadians do not have access or grow up not knowing how to use the Internet, they will not have the same opportunities to find a decent job and succeed. If we are to build a society where all Canadians have that opportunity, we cannot allow this to happen. Unfortunately, that is a challenge we now face. Last year, the CRTC reported that almost all Canadian households had access to broadband Internet services. However, many Canadians – notably those living in rural and remote areas – aren’t able to access them at affordable rates. Mobile and satellite broadband, while part of the solution, can be prohibitively expensive to use. The problem is that building networks requires significant investment in infrastructure. In cities, where populations are dense, a kilometre of wire will connect many people. In rural areas, you have to

install many kilometres just to reach one person. Whether the service is electricity, telephone or Internet, the economics of network investment in rural areas are poor, and for this reason, Canadians living in cities get leading-edge services first, as well as the benefit of competition and lower costs.

ago, using the BSO, the federal government deemed phone service to be a necessary “basic service” for all Canadians. It required telephone companies to provide all Canadians with service capped at an affordable monthly rate. Under this law, all telephone companies, regardless of where they serve, are required to pay into a fund that is used to help defray the high cost of serving customers in rural areas. It is now time to expand the BSO to the Internet. This designation would be costless to the federal government. In effect, we would be saying to telecommunications companies if you want to do business in Canada you cannot simply exist in big cities – the cost of doing business is that everyone must contribute to ensuring high-speed Internet service in rural Canada as well. This is a necessary choice and, I believe, the right choice – one that has been echoed recently by Jean-Pierre Blais, the new Chair of the CRTC. We must not wait any longer. Aspirations without action are meaningless. I have committed to open our telecommunications markets to competition in order to lower Canadians’ cellphone bills and give them choice. And through the BSO I am committing to ensure the benefits of new technology are available to all Canadians. We must ensure no Canadian is left behind. We must make sure our families no longer need to drive an hour to ensure their children have a fighting chance at success.

“The problem is that building networks requires significant investment in infrastructure. In cities, where populations are dense, a kilometre of wire will connect many people. In rural areas, you have to install many kilometres just to reach one person.” While the basic economics of this reality cannot be changed, it does not mean we must not act. Other nations such as Australia and the US have led the way in outlining national broadband plans. We must create our own. I believe it is time for the federal government to step up and, through the CRTC, designate affordable high-speed Internet access under what is known as the “basic service objective,” or BSO. What would this do? It would establish a system that would ensure affordable high-speed Internet for all Canadians. Today, Canadians from coastto-coast-to-coast take for granted affordable telephone access regardless of where they live. Why? Because many years

Marc Garneau, Troy Media Corp.

We need to agree and preserve the lands

To the Editor:

By Last spring, the federal government announced that, after 80 years of successful operation, Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration’s (PFRA) Community Pasture Program ‘has met its objectives’ and will be shut down over the next five years. As part of the plan, the federal government is transferring 1.6 million acres of predominantly native prairie back to the care of the province. But rather than assume responsibility for the continuing stewardship of these vulnerable lands, the Wall government may decide to opt for a quick sale and a onetime profit. The Dominion Lands Act of 1872 was designed to help settle the west. Homesteaders were given 160 acres of land under the condition that they build a residence and develop crops on a minimum of 10 acres in the first three years of occupancy. As we all know now, and probably should have known then, all land is not created equal. During the poor growing conditions and droughts of the 1930s, a lot of farmers were forced to abandon their dreams

and leave their settlements. As a result, the government reclaimed large tracts of lands. The Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration was formed in 1935 in part to restore these degraded and abandoned parcels back to productive agricultural land. Under PFRA management, land that had proven unsuitable for cropping was seeded back to grass. Together with large acreages of natural prairie, these areas were then carefully managed, through grazing, to prevent further erosion of the soil. These protected lands were made available to local livestock producers for a fee per cow/calf pair. The pastures were managed by the PFRA to ensure the health of the grazing stock as well as maintaining the health of the pasture and ensuring there were adequate water resources. These sustainable agricultural practices developed over eighty years have resulted in an environmentally sound ecosystem which houses many native species of birds and wildlife, including thirty-one federally protected species at risk. There are ongoing challenges in maintain-

ing these large tracts of fragile land. In some areas invasive species like leafy spurge are a problem. This weed was kept in check partly by using sheep to graze these areas to control the problem. Unfortunately the sheep program has also been scrapped. Suren Kulshreshtha, a Professor in the Department of Bioresource Policy, Business and Economics at the University of Saskatchewan, was hired from 1999 to 2005 to do an economic valuation of various private and public services provided by the PFRA Community Pastures. His findings showed that for every $1.00 spent on the pastures there was a net benefit of $2.75 to the patrons and the community at large. Kulshreshtha says that the true benefits were even greater, since his study did not consider the benefits of drought proofing, groundwater quality, and flood reduction. Although most of the costs of managing the PFRA pastures are currently covered by the fees paid by cattle producers, Kulshreshtha says that the majority of the benefits accrue to the public in the form of water qual-

ity, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities and carbon sequestration. Now, the provincial government wants to sell, or perhaps lease, these public lands to their current users. Even though the government directly benefits from the oil and gas, gravel easements and recreational opportunities on these lands, they expect the current patrons to pick up the entire cost of management, while only reaping part of the benefits. Let’s take the time to assess and study the problem, or opportunity, which was suddenly dropped in our laps by the federal government, and come to an equitable agreement with the pasture patrons while at the same time preserving these lands for future generations of Saskatchewan citizens. Remember the song of the sixties, ‘this land is your land, this land is my land. This land was made for you and me.’ It would be a great mistake to sell these currently protected lands. We have a great resource here. Let’s not mess it up. Bernadette Vangool, Saskatoon, SK.

To the Editor:

Saskatchewan stands at the precipice of labour instability with the introduction of a sweeping and rushed overhaul of the province’s labour laws in Bill 85 - the new Saskatchewan Employment Act. Bill 85 combines 12 previous workplace-related laws. The Act repeals nearly 1,000 pages of current provincial legislation and consolidates it into 184. In total, 33 pieces of legislation have been repealed or amended. Work on the Act is not yet complete, leaving many unknowns and much to be done to get Bill 85 to a place where it works for everyone. An Advisory Committee, comprising both business and organized labour representatives, was established by Minister Morgan to provide input on the changes being contemplated. This committee reached relative consensus on most issues relating to the changes. This consensus is not reflected in Bill 85. Modernization of laws requires thoughtful and inclusive review. That takes time. There is no harm in taking the time needed for review and reflection, but there is a worrying potential for real damage if passage of this new legislation is rushed. We are part of the “Saskatchewan advantage,” the biggest economic boom in our province’s history, the lowest unemployment rate in the country, and more people are moving to our province than ever before. All of this has been achieved under our current labour legislation. Clearly, there is no crisis requiring a hasty fix so let’s take the time to get it right and not rush to pass Bill 85 in the spring 2013 sitting of the Legislature. I urge you to contact the Honourable Don Morgan, Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, to ask for time to review and address the concerns you have with the legislation as it stands today. After all, if we take the time we need now to get this right, we will save time and cost in the future. For more information, check out Hugh Wagner, General Secretary, Grain and General Services Union (ILWU Canada), Member of the Minister’s Advisory Committee on the Saskatchewan Employment Act.

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Page 6A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, March 21, 2013

An exciting opportunity for the nation’s teachers This November 3-8, as they have each year since 1996, seventy educators from across Canada will meet on Parliament Hill for an exciting insider`s view of the workings of Parliament. During their five days at the Teachers Institute on Canadian Parliamentary Democracy, experts in politics and procedure will instruct teachers in the key issues of citizenship and democracy. Working together, participants develop creative teaching strategies and useful tools to use in their classrooms to teach their students the inner workings of government. Attending teachers meet some of the key players on the Hill, including the Speakers of the Senate and House of Commons, and many Parliamentarians. They observe House proceedings, debates, sit in on committee meetings, and attend luncheons with key figures in the federal government. Teachers who have attended the Institute describe their experience as both informative and unforgettable. Their comments bring the best advertisement for the Institute. Brian Grandy, an alumni from Ontario said, “The week I spent on Parliament Hill has opened my eyes to the workings of government and put a charge into my teaching. Most importantly, it has reversed my naive and cynical view that I had held concerning

Parliamentary Report Op-Ed Column by Garry Breitkreuz the workings of government.” Albertan Elaine Strydhorst called her week “the best professional development that I have participated in as a teacher.” She also commented that she couldn’t wait to go back home to inspire her students with a “passion for democracy and government.” A few eligibility conditions apply for teachers hoping to attend the Teachers Institute. Among them, teachers may not have previously participated. They must currently teach in Canada (in a related subject area) grades Kindergarten to 12, and intend to continue teaching in the same province until June of 2014. And they must be willing to participate in a follow-up activity to extend the impact of the

Teacher’s Institute. New and experienced teachers may apply, and each application will be evaluated on their own merit according to relevant criteria. Because of my teaching history and my current work as a Parliamentarian, I want teachers in my constituency to know about this exciting opportunity. If selected to attend, their experience will greatly influence their students regarding the elements that contribute to Canada`s strength: democracy, the legislative process, its key players and how they act and function. Bursaries are available through the Churchill Society for the Advancement of Parliamentary Democracy to cover the $500 registration fee for the Teachers Institute, and the Parliament of Canada covers all travel costs, accommodation and most meals. I encourage any interested teacher to apply for this program—and if selected, to stop by my Hill office. Detailed information and application forms are available at Teachers may also discover more on YouTube—search “Parliament of Canada-Teachers Institute.” Applications must be postmarked no later than the 15th of April.

Shumka at 50 takes Ukrainian dance in new directions By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer Shumka at 50 is coming to Yorkton, bringing with it innovative and beautiful Ukrainian dancing. Blaise Fullawka is originally from Yorkton, and she will be one of the dancers in the show, promising something that has a base in

tradition, but is also built in a way that people haven’t seen before. Fullawka has been dancing since she was four, in ballet and jazz as well as Ukrainian dance. She says that she got her start in the form through a stroke of luck, as her babysitter’s daughter was in Ukrainian dance and

Fullawka would try to replicate what she saw on tapes and in practice. As she grew, she impressed the artistic director at Shumka during a solo performance and became part of the group. Dancing with Shumka is rewarding, Fullawka says, because the group pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with Ukrainian dance. She says that makes it exciting for her as a dancer, but also for audiences as well, as it gives them something they have never seen before. “What’s happening with Ukrainian dancing is that it used to be very basic and it used to be very traditional. Traditional dancing only, traditional costumes... It’s been evolving into different genres, they’re doing different things and experimenting... We are Ukrainian, that’s our base, but we’re

expanding more into other things, like lyrical contemporary storytelling... That’s what the tour is about, our past, and making a new name for Shumka,” Fullawka says. The show itself will feature four parts, each of which tells a different story. The first is called Harvest Angels, and it features five different traditional dances centered around harvest themes. The second is called Pathways to Hopak, which tells the story of someone’s life, death and rebirth. The third is Eve of Kupalo, which Fullawka describes as being similar to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and tells a fantastical story of people finding love. The finale is the 50th Hopak, which is a tribute to the anniversary of Shumka. Fullawka says that the new Hopak is unique because it show-

cases the female dancers more prominently, and she says it’s break from tradition, and that everything from the dancing to the costumes shows the full evolution of Shumka over the years. She says that the new Hopak is a light and elegant dance, and is something she’s excited to perform every night. Fullawka says the challenge is that she has to be an actor as well as a dancer, and fully capture the role she needs to represent in each part of the show. “You can’t just smile all the time and think that will get you anywhere, you have to have passion, you need to have everything. You have to give it all.” The show has already taken her around the world, and Fullawka says that the experience of performing to crowds in such distant locales as China

have been exciting, especially as they have embraced the program and have requested a return visit. Still, even after the trips around the world, Fullawka says that performing in front of a home town crowd is something she has dreamed about her whole life. She says she’s an example of what can happen when you dedicate your life to dance and give it all you can. “I don’t know how to express how proud I am, and how proud I am of my teachers... This is where I came from with dance,” Fullawka says. Shumka at 50 runs for 1 night only, Sunday, April 7 at the Anne Portnuff Theatre at 7 p.m. Tickets $45 adults & $25 children 12 & under (plus service fees) at Gallagher Centre Box Office: 306-7861740.

RCMP make arrests in drug trafficking

SUPPORTING FILM – Brett Franklin, branch manager for RBC in Yorkton, presents Randy Goulden, Executive Director of the Yorkton Film Festival, with $6,000. The RBC Foundation will be supporting the festival in two ways, with $5,000 going to the festival overall and $1,000 to be part of the bursary for the emerging artist award, to help them finance new projects. “We believe that arts bring life and excitement to the community, and it’s hard enough for artists to make their start in the industry,” Franklin says.

On March 13th, following a five month RCMP joint investigation between Yorkton Provincial General Investigation Section and Yorkton Municipal General Investigation Section, the Yorkton Provincial General Investigation Section, Yorkton Municipal Detachment, Regina Combined Forces Special Investigation Unit, and Roblin, Manitoba RCMP were involved in the arrests of several persons involved in the trafficking of crack cocaine, powder cocaine, cannabis marijuana, and MDMA ( Ecstacy) in the city of Yorkton between December 8, 2012 and January 26, 2013. The following people have all been arrested and released conditionally, charged with Trafficking in a controlled Substance Contrary to Section 5(1) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act as well as Possession of property obtained by crime contrary to section 354 (1) (a) of the Criminal Code: 13034PP00

Adam Geysen, Age 29 from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, 2 counts of trafficking in cocaine, and Possession of Proceeds of Crime. Continued on Page 9.

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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, March 21, 2013 - Page 7A

Some tactically managed ETF strategies The remarkable upward trajectory of exchangetraded products continues unabated. Credit Suisse recently reported that inflows for U.S. exchange-traded products (ETPs) set a new record in 2012, topping $191 billion with assets reaching an astounding $1.36 trillion. The global ETP market is now estimated at $1.9 trillion. Equity inflows represented $121 billion of that total, of which $70 billion was invested specifically into U.S. equity ETPs, while U.S. equity mutual funds witnessed further outflows. Last year investors took $150 billion out of U.S. equity mutual funds, which is more than double the inflow into U.S. equity ETPs. These statistics are noteworthy because they point to a trend in portfolio management. Although a portion of the U.S. equity mutual fund outflows can be attributed to asset relocation into bond mutual funds, it is reasonable to surmise that much of the balance may be due to investors switching from mutual funds to exchange-traded products. Investors are not only favoring these products but many are also looking to active and quasi-active ETPs. According to Credit Suisse, $30 billion of the inflows in 2012 can be attributed to those strategies. Active and quasi-active ETPs have portfolio managers who make decisions on the underlying portfolio allocation and,

Financial freedom by Kim Inglis although they have a benchmark index, they do not follow a passive investment strategy. Instead, the managers use strategies to select or weigh constituents. Other investors access the ETP market by opting to have discretionary managed portfolios comprised of various individual ETPs with professionals making relatively passive investments more tactical through active management. There are typically two ways of doing this. The first is to opt for a Separately Managed Account (SMA) focused on ETPs. These are professionally managed investment portfolios where investors have direct ownership of the individual ETPs and have institution-

Learning the lost art of listening There are many kinds of ministry: preaching, teaching and music are only three types of ministry. There is also the ministry of presence, and the ministry of listening. To be present and ready to listen is something we all need to practise. Listening is indeed a vital part of ministry. I feel that listening is a lost art in our modern era. Listening is possibly the greatest gift you can give to each other. It is in listening we hear life stories that are important to people around us. We are all so busy with our families, work and play that we have forgotten to listen to the pain of others. We all like to talk, and few of us like to listen – I mean truly listen. Listening can improve our relationships with family and friends and co-workers. When we allow people to speak we also allow them to help themselves. In sharing their story they may be able to release inner and hidden emotions. Allowing these emotions to be expressed will help those who are grieving from loss of a loved one, dealing with the loss of a job, illness, or divorce to mention a few. Everyone needs a safe place to tell their story.

FROM MOURNING TO JOY... Column by Margaret Anne Yost This is why support groups have become so popular and so very helpful in today’s society. No one has time to listen to us so we seek professional therapy and outside intervention. The ministry of listening, the ministry of presence is hard work, but is also very rewarding work. Listening also means maintaining confidentiality all the time. Paying attention is the first step to good listening. I had a friend who would always be busy doing house work when I would phone. I heard the dishes rattle or papers shuffling – I knew she had no time to listen and often I would cut my conversation short as I felt she had no time for me. She was not really listening to me speak. Listening to someone allows them to: Express what is locked up deep inside. It allows people to identify with their inner most feelings. It allows people to

move beyond their pain. We can help people feel happier, less frustrated and more relaxed. We all need to feel that we are being heard and understood. It is a basic human need that we all have. It is just as important as having enough, food and water and healthy air to breathe. The most rewarding years of my life were the years spent in “Ministry of Presence and Ministry of Listening.” I encourage each one of our readers to practise the ministry of presence and the ministry of listening. This ministry will indeed be a rewarding time for you. In the Bible story of Mary and Martha, Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and was always ready to listen. May we be like Mary; always ready to offer a listening ear to others. God gave us one tongue and two ears for a very good reason. We are to listen twice as

much as we are to speak. Margaret Anne Yost nursed for 35 years. Returning back to school she completed classes from the Red River College in the areas of Gerontology, Bereavement, Death and Dying. For twelve years she worked in bereavement support at a funeral home. At present she is employed as an Interim Parish Worker at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Melville Sask. She also enjoys her role as homemaker, wife, mother and grandmother.

al-caliber managers handling all the investing and ongoing rebalancing. They are designed for investors who want greater control in setting the strategy for managing their wealth, but lack the time to make the day-to-day decisions. Another route is to purchase an ETP wrap. The key difference between it and the SMA is that investors do not own the underlying investments directly. ETP wraps are similar to mutual fund wraps, except that the underlying investments are generally much more cost effective. They are often referred to as a “one-stop” solution because the investor can gain exposure to a number of exchange-traded products through a single purchase. For example, the PowerShares Tactical Bond ETF (TSX: PTB) provides investors with diversified exposure to fixed income securities. The ETF holdings consist of the PowerShares 1-5 Year Laddered Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index ETF (TSX: PSB), PowerShares Ultra DLUX Long Term Government Bond Index ETF (TSX: PGL), PowerShares Fundamental High Yield Corporate Bond Index ETF (TSX: PFH), and the PowerShares Emerging Markets Sovereign Debt Portfolio (NYSE: PCY). The result is a wrap ETF providing access to over 350 aggregate underlying holdings. There is a wide variety of ETPs on the market and, as with all investment decisions, any acquisition has to fit an investor’s personal criteria such as timeline, investment goals, and risk tolerance. Investors must first take care to understand the different products if they are to choose asset allocation models well suited to their individual needs. Kim Inglis, CIM, PFP, FCSI, AIFP is an Investment Advisor & Portfolio Manager with Canaccord Wealth Management, a division of Canaccord Genuity Corp., Member – Canadian Investor Protection Fund. www. The views in this column are solely those of the author.



j A Skate Canada Sanctioned Event With Assistance from

Page 8A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, March 21, 2013

The farmer is trained Submitted by Kaare Askildt, former Preeceville area farmer in training. This is the 34th of a series on getting settled in Hazel Dell. What a gal! Who said that women can’t drive? Not me! My wife had made an appointment with Twilight Tire in Preeceville for a set of new All Seasons tires for her front wheel drive car. The tires that were on the front wheels were as bald and smooth as a baby’s bottom. The car had been parked for a couple of months under the big fir trees, and a lot of snow had accumulated behind the car. She usually tends to her horses around 6:00 a.m. while I’m still sleeping (I’m older than her and therefore need more sleep), and I asked her to plug in my tractor at that time, so I could remove the snow from behind her car, and clean the driveway before she would head out. She had plugged in the tractor, but then she grabbed the big snow scoop and moved the snow herself. She’s a pretty determined lady, and she told me that she wanted to do this by herself! OK then! “But plug in the truck so that I can pull you out of the ditch,” I said to her. I also told her that she would have very little control with bald tires like that. She just smiled and waved good bye! I was in my office working, and was sure that she would call me for help. But instead I got a call from her telling me that Twilight Tire had mounted the new tires, and she was going to visit with our daughter. I was blown away! She had no problems or near misses; she just kept going very carefully at a steady speed! I promised her that I would never make fun of her driving again! Unless of course she would be driving at night, ‘cause she has very poor night vision. Her nickname of Mrs. Magoo will have to be changed as well I suppose. I grew up sleeping with my bedroom window open to enjoy breathing in the fresh air. Even in the winter time when I would be nice and snug under my bedcovers and breathing that crisp winter air. My wife is not of the same opinion, and the other night when it was below minus 30 degrees outside, I had left the window half open. By 4:00 a.m. she could stand it no longer, she got up and took her bedcover with her to sleep on the couch in the living room. The next day she did not say a word about it, but as

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soon as I got up she started to clear the snow off the deck. When I asked her what she was doing, she replied that if I like the fresh crisp winter air that much, she would make my bed on the deck and I could sleep outside, while she would enjoy the comfort of a warm bedroom! She can be very subtle, but the point was made. I only crack the window open a little bit now. My wife’s drive to Preeceville brings a funny story to mind, told to me by a RCMP officer, so it must be true: His name was Fred Dingaling; no really! That was his name! He was driving on a major highway when he was pulled over by an RCMP officer for travelling faster than the posted speed limit. The officer was in a good mood that day and he decided to give poor Fred a break and write him out a warning rather than a ticket. So, the officer asked Fred for his name. “Fred,” he replied. “Fred what?” inquired the officer. “Just Fred,” was the reply. When the officer pressed him for a last name, Fred told him that he used to have a last name, but he lost it. The officer believed that he had a nutcase on his hands, but decided to play along with it. “Tell me Fred, how did you lose

your last name?” asked the officer. Fred replied, “It’s a long story so stay with me. I was born Fred Dingaling. I know, funny last name, but it’s true. The other kids used to tease me all the time. So I stayed to myself, I studied hard and got good grades. After I graduated from high school, I decided to become a doctor. I went through college, medical school, internship, residency and finally obtained my degree. I became Fred Dingaling, MD. After a while I got bored being a doctor so I decided to go back to school. Dentistry was my dream. I studied hard and obtained my degree, and then I became Fred Dingaling MD DDS. Then I got bored doing dentistry so I started fooling around with my assistant. She gave me VD. So now I was Fred Dingaling MD DDS with VD. Well, the CDA found out about my VD and took away my DDS. Now I became Fred Dingaling MD with VD. When the CMA found out about the CDA taking away my DDS because of the VD, they decided to take away my MD leaving me as Fred Dingaling with VD. Then the VD took away my dingaling, so now I’m just Fred!” The officer shook his head and let him go without even a warning.

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Community Events The Yorkton and District Horticultural Society Meeting March 21 at 7 p.m. at the Sunshine Room, SIGN, on North Street. Guest speaker will be Danielle Barrett from Western Alfalfa Milling in Norquay speaking about “Fertilizing With Alfalfa Pellets”. Everyone is welcome! New Horizons Friday Night Dance 78 First Ave. North Yorkton, Sk. Great night of dancing Every one is welcome Lunch is included Time: 8:00 p.m. doors open at 7:00 p.m. Admission is $7.00 per person Contact: Peter at 306782-1846. The REAL Film Club with Elwyn Vermette Yorkton Public Library Wednesday, Mar. 27 7:00 p.m. Humour the Real Films of the fun and the flippant Everyone welcome A joint project of the Yorkton Film Festival And the Yorkton Public Library Canadian Federation of University Women Meeting March 26, at 7 p.m. at the Parkland College Rm. 101. Guest speaker, Jennifer Tatton will speak on Bullying. National Resolutions will also be presented and discussed. Everyone interested may attend. For more info call Bilkies @ 306-782-5837 or Elsie @ 306-783-4862. 2013 Yorkton Music Festival • March 21 - Choir - St. Andrew’s United Church, March 22, - Anne Portnuff Theatre • March 21- 24 - Vocal Westview United Church • March 25 - 27 - Band Yorkton Regional High School - Anne Portnuff Theatre - Band & Choir Rooms • April 8 - 12 - Piano - St. Andrews United Church Programs $7 - Available at Fuzztone music Admission - Adults $2, Students -$1, Children 12 and under - free • April 14 - Hi-Lites Concert - Yorkton Regional High School - Anne Portnuff Theatre - 2:00 p.m. Adult/Student $5 Children 6-12 - $2 Under 6 - free.

Dart League Attention dart players, steel-tip action is underway for the 2012-13 season at Gunner’s Lounge at Royal Canadian Legion. This is a fun league for all ages, so beginners are encouraged to come out. For more information call 782-1783. New Horizons Card Social 78 First Avenue North Bingo, pool, shuffle board & darts. Takes place the third Sunday of every month.. A bingo card game begins at 2 p.m. Admission is $3 and it includes lunch. All are welcome! St. John Ambulance First Aid Classes OHS Standard First Aid/ CPR classes. Personalized courses and online training also available. For more info. or to register call Judy at 783-4544 or email: Tot Spot Boys & Girls Club Drop-In Centre @ SIGN on Broadway Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri., 9 a.m. to noon. Tues., Wed., Thurs., 2-4 p.m. Free to participate! Community Adult Band Rehearsals Tuesdays 7 p.m. at Yorkton Regional High School Band Room. Two bands - Community Concert Band and Yorkton’s ALL THAT JAZZ Big Band New members welcome! For more information, contact Larry Pearen, Director 786-2582 (day time) 782-4182 (evenings). Gospel Services Sundays 3:30 p.m. @ Rokeby Hall Come see how the church of the New Testament age is still alive today! Ministers: Morris Grovum & Garth Cook Call (306) 715-5112 or (306) 715-0564 for info. Club DJ Heritage Baptist Church Thursday evenings 6:30-7:45 p.m. • for children Grades K-6 • a mid week program designed to engage local children with church • Bible stories, crafts, games, music and more... Call 783-7912 for details.

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Yorkton and District United Way • looking for dedicated people interested in taking part of a growing organization that helps agencies and crucial services in and around the Yorkton area. To learn more call Kristin Parsons at 782-9389 or email yorktonunited Grief Share The Grief Share support group is sponsored by people who understand what you are experiencing and want to offer you comfort and encouragement during this difficult time. Every Tuesday at St. Peter’s Hospital Melville In the McLeod Conference Room at 10:00 a.m. ALL ARE WELCOME! Register with either: Margaret Yost 728-4744 Ralph E. Hale 728-9205. Yorkton Creators 4-H Club Welcoming new members ages 6-21. Projects include cooking, sewing, woodworking and cloverbud. For more info. call Vi at 782-4721. Cribbage & Pool The Yorkton Retired Citizens Inc. group invites interested cribbage and pool players to come out to St. Gerard’s Church – lower level – Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:15 to 4 p.m. $1 for the afternoon for crib, $1.25 for the afternoon for pool, price includes light lunch. For info. call Helen at 783-0802 or Angie at 783-7838. Crossroads – a support group for women who are experiencing or have experienced violence. Group is held at SIGN on Broadway every Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. For more information contact 782-0673 or 782-5181.

Save the Yorkton Brick Mill Become a member and be a part of a great historical venture. Learn more or get involved by visiting: www.yorkton Interested parties can also call 783-0290 or 783-6211. Kinette Club of Yorkton • meets the second Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. To learn more or to attend, contact either Lana Matechuk, Club President at 782-9717 or Marcia Sedor, Membership Director at 782-2053. The Torch Club – leadership, growth and empowerment program for youth ages 10-13 Call Erin at 783-2582 for details. Yorkton Branch of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Monthly Meetings Yorkton Public Library For info. call Sharon Lindsay at 783-7054. Calling all Bridge Players! The Yorkton Duplicate Bridge Club has started up. The club meets weekly on Thursdays at 1:00 p.m. at the Yorkton Public Library. Call 7834220 for more details. Yorkton Prostate Group Meeting • meets every 3rd Thurs. of the month in the meeting room at the hospital • promotes early detection and speedy recovery Call 782-5748 for info. Adult Dance Group (Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Ensemble) Ukrainian Orthodox Auditorium Wednesdays, 6:15 to 7:15 p.m. Call John Denysek at 782-1559 or email: to join or to learn more.


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Al-Anon Al-Anon meets Mondays, 8 p.m. at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, and Wednesdays at the Westview United Church. Parkland Therapeutic Riding Association Horseback riding and other activities for children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. Meets Tuesdays at noon Shadow Stables. For more info call 7827930 or 782-7782 or email mbozsik@sasktel. net. Treasure Chest Toastmasters Club • meets weekly on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at SIGN on Broadway. Impact your world by enhancing your communication and leadership skills. Guests and new members welcome. For more information contact: Faye - 782-2994; or Joanne - 783-3034.

Singers Unite! Yorkton Community Concert Choir Practices every Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the choir room at the YRHS (use parking lot entrance) Contact Laurene at 782-0460, Shanni at 783-9145 or Anna at 744-2729 for details.

Big Brothers Big Sisters In-School Mentoring Be a Mentor – spend one hour a week. Play games, do crafts, read books... Make a difference in the life of a child. For info. call 306-782-3471. To place your Community Event contact The News Review at 783-7355, fax 782-9138, or e-mail: editorial

RCMP arrests Continued from Page 6.

Andrew Dobko, Age 23 from Regina, Saskatchewan, 1 count of trafficking in cocaine and 1 count of trafficking in MDMA (ecstasy), and 2 counts of possession of proceeds of crime. Jeremy Machushek, Age 26 from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, 2 counts of trafficking in cocaine and 2 counts of Possession of proceeds of crime. Mary-Jane Baetz, Age 20 from Regina, Saskatchewan, 1 count of trafficking in MDMA ( ecstasy), and 1 count of Possession of Proceeds of crime. Zachary Villeneuve Age 24 from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, 1 count of trafficking in Cannabis, possession of proceeds of crime, and possession of cannabis oil. Jillian Fedun, Age 22 from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, 1 count of trafficking in Cannabis, possession of proceeds of crime, and possession of cannabis oil. Thomas Stevenson, Age 29 from Regina/Yorkton, Saskatchewan has been remanded in custody to appear in court, charged with 1 count of trafficking in cocaine, 3 counts of Breach of Undertaking, 1 count of Breach of Probation, and 2 counts of Possession of proceeds of crime. More arrests are pending over the next few days.


The Conversations with US program connects experts from the University of Saskatchewan with the Parkland College to discuss issues relevant to the region. Jeff Schoneau, professor and Ministry of Agriculture Strategic Research Chair for the University of Saskatchewan spoke about soil in the province. Schoneau says that the soil in the province is in much better shape now than it had been thirty years ago, and he cites two reasons for why that is the case. He says that a move to a









three-crop rotation and zero-till seeding practices have been two of the most important changes in the way the province farms. The three-crop rotation uses a cereal, a legume and an oil seed in rotation. Schoneau says that this is necessary to renew the nutrients in the soil, as keeping it on one crop tends to leech out the necessary nutrients. “The magic of legumes is that they can fix nitrogen from the air and add it to the soil, and become a replacement for nitrogen soil. The advantage is not only the legume crop,” Schoneau says.


159 0% OR


234 0%



He admits that this can sometimes be tempting to ignore, as one crop gains value and it is tempting to replant that crop repeatedly. He admits that there are problems with disease that are cropping up as new crops are becoming more common, and especially as people begin growing cash crops like Canola more frequently than might be a good agronomic practice. “In the short term, when you’re thinking of returns you’re thinking of the price of that crop, and the tendency is to want to grow it more frequently. That may be short term gain and long term pain.”





BUY OR LEASE A NEW TERRAIN OR ACADIA.† When it comes to no-till, he says that tillage tends to cause an increased breakdown of organic material and the field loses the nutrients inherent in that organic matter. It also makes the field more prone to erosion. Schoneau says that when comparison is done, notill increases the organic matter, but it works best when combined with multi-crop rotation. He also notes it’s also significantly more efficient, though he admits this could be the reason for much bigger farms. When it comes to challenges, he notes that herbicides have become significantly more important, and with over-use of













46 MPG


6.1L/100KM HWY 9.2L/100KM CITYW


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Conversations about soil at Parkland College one kind of herbicide also comes weeds that are resistant to that herbicide. Another important change is the recognition of manure as a resource, Schoneau notes, something else which had a significant positive impact on the province’s soil. He notes that it has organic matter, which is essential to the health of soil, and that it’s an effective way to use what used to be waste product. Overall, the soil is improving in the province, but Schoneau admits that there is always a risk of farmers moving away from the practices that are helping that happen.

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Full Line of Plumbing, Heating, Electrical • Residential and Commercial Wiring • Renovations • Fixture and Faucet Installation and Repair • Oil, Gas and Propane Systems


Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Service Ltd. 225 - 4th Ave. N. Yorkton, Sask. S3N 1A9 Phone: (306) 783-4020 Fax: (306) 782-5354

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Cell: 521-0729


REAL ESTATE NEWS Trina Stechyshyn 621-7269 (cell) RM OF WALLACE 14.17 Acres


9 Whitewater Cres.

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Enjoy a drive down the Rhein highway to find 14.17 acres with a quaint home nestled in a well treed area, just 16 minutes away from Yorkton. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PLENTY OF ROOM TO LIVE, PLAY AND WORK!


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FIFTH AVENUE ESTATES – 88 CAMERON WAY Over 1,100 square feet, 2 stories, with full basement. 6 different styles to choose from A virtual tour of the Bensonville can be seen at the following website. http:/



GAYLENE (GPS) SKINNER Cell (306) 621-0986


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205 Betts Avenue MLS® 446650

Great Value! New build 2010. Open concept living, 3 bedroom, generous double detached garage.





Vange Vallaster 621-7272


For lease a well constructed commercial building located on Darlington St. W. on the north end of Yorkton. Building has two rentable areas - can be rented as one unit or can be rented separately. Both have north entrances. East side is approx. 2500 sq. ft. w/2 furnaces; East side has office spaces and a larger area open to choice. On the south side of the building is a large overhead door that leads to a garage space. On the west side of the building is a smaller office area and a very large open area with 17’ ceilings that is possible for warehouse. On the west side is a mezzanine space for storage. Each tenant to pay for their own utilities.

Blue Chip Realty

Each office independently owned & operated.

269A Hamilton Road, Yorkton, SK 306-783-6666 (Office) or email

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13 A - B Ashwood Place 3 bedroom duplex

179,500 $225,000

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DECORATE WITH MOULDINGS! Our selection of mouldings is so extensive, we couldn't possible show it all. But by far our MDF mouldings have become the most popular with do-it-yourselfers and contractors for their workability. ASK US! We'd by happy to show you how to install mouldings to get the results you are looking for...NO PROBLEM! ALL IN-STOCK PRIMED MDF & F/J PINE MOULDINGS Manufactured to exacting quality standards from #1 quality medium density fiberboard. Primed and OFF REG ready for paint. Do it Now and Save... PRICES

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Helping you is what we do.™ 45 C Palliser Way, Yorkton, Sask. S3N 4C5


PREMIER REALTY Terry Chaikowsky Broker Cell 621-7363 • •

Vange Vallaster

Deb Schmidt

Lawrence Doll

Trina Stechyshyn

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Yvette Syrota






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ng New Listi



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Located at the Cornerstone Credit Union and Parkland Mall

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ting NEW Lis


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R.M. OF SALTCOATS - 106.20 Acres: Ducks Unlimited Easement on the parcel. MLS® 453138 R.M. OF SALTCOATS - 159.57 Acres: Ducks Unlimited Easement on the parcel. MLS® 453137 R.M. OF GOOD LAKE - 148 Acres: Land only; yard site will be subdivided out of the quarter section. EXCL. R.M. OF ORKNEY - 288 Acres: SW currently 50 acres & 68 hay w/dugout. SE 85 acres of pasture w/one wire fence. MLS® 440443 R.M. OF WALLACE - 40 Acres: Only 3 miles East of Yorkton on Hwy #10. MLS® 431773 R.M. OF WALLACE - 158.49 Acres: This parcel must be sold as a package with MLS® 443186, 443193, 442195, 443197. MLS® 443191 R.M. OF WALLACE - 797.78 Acres: This parcel must be sold as a package with MLS® 443193, 443191, 443195, 443197. MLS® 443186 R.M. OF CALDER - 160.18 Acres: This parcel must be sold as a package with MLS® 443186, 443193, 443191, 443195. MLS® 443197 R.M. OF CALDER - 295.74 Acres: This parcel must be sold as a package with MLS® 443186, 443193, 443191, 443197. MLS® 443195 R.M. OF CALDER - 135.50 Acres: This parcel must be sold as a package with MLS® 443186, 443191, 443195, 443197. MLS® 443193

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MAKING REAL ESTATE DREAMS REALITY 15 MCBURNEY DRIVE $269,000 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 4 Size: 1,747 sq. ft. Year Built: 1976 Taxes: $2,318.00

ng N e w L is ti

$279,900 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2 Size: 1,040 sq. ft. Year Built: 1966 Taxes: $1,830.00

ng N e w L is ti


$97,600 MLS® 450784

MLS® 455050 Text: CORE9 to 33344


$99,800 Size: 948 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 1931 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1236 MLS® 450766 Text: CORE15 to 33344


$245,000 Size: 1364 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 2011 Bathrooms: 2 MLS® 442657 Text: CORE2 to 33344


$120,000 Bedrooms: 1 MLS® 450145


$219,000 Size: 1140 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 2011 Bathrooms: 1 MLS® 442742 Text: CORE2 to 33344

$459,000 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3 Size: 1,470 sq. ft. Year Built: 2009 Taxes: $3,119.00

ng N e w L is ti

MLS® 456222


MLS® 453847 Text: CORE28 to 33344

MLS® 456229

$249,000 Size: 1264 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 5 Taxes: $340.00 Bathrooms:3



$109,000 Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Size: 672 sq. ft. Year Built: 1948 Taxes: $1255.00

$244,000 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2 Size: 1,132 sq. ft. Year Built: 1976 Taxes: $2,008.00


MLS® 455320 Text: CORE10 to 33344

MLS® 456162



$109,000 Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Size: 936 sq. ft. Year Built: 1964 Taxes: $1531.00

ng N e w L is ti


MLS® 455628 Text: CORE13 to 33344

ng N e w L is ti




$145,000 Size: 640 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1939 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1190.00 MLS® 453799 Text: CORE26 to 33344

$319,900 Size: 1222 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1981 Bathrooms: 2 MLS® 453918 Text: CORE18 to 33344



$169,800 Size: 828 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1953 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1368.00 MLS® 451321 Text: CORE24 to 33344

$130,000 Size: 1200 sq. ft. Year Built: 2009 MLS® 450884



$239,900 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2

$259,000 - Waterfront Lot Size: 2080 sq. ft. Year Built: 2010 MLS® 449061

$250,000 Size: 1080 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1972 Bathrooms: 1 MLS® 455163


$389,000 Size: 1976 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1978 Bathrooms: 3 MLS® 443146 Text: CORE7 to 33366



$52,000 - $55,000 MLS® 439885, 439882, 439880, 439844, 439840, 439836, 439809, 439879, 439877, 439863

$49,900 - $53,000

$59,500 - $62,000

MLS® 439813, 439811, 439855, 439851, 439848

MLS® 439794, 439802, 439800, 439799, 439791, 439807, 439805

East ShoreEast EstatesShore Estates


$169,000 Size: 900 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 1965 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $545.00 MLS® 450813 Text: CORE7 to 33344


MLS® 454612, 454614 Text: CORE17 to 33344


$139,900 Size: 1632 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1976 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $901.00 MLS® 445683 Text: CORE23 to 33344

$629,900 Size: 2180 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 5 Year Built: 2011 Bathrooms: 3 Taxes: $3189.00 MLS® 439205 Text: CORE6 to 33344



$116,350 Taxes: $732.00 MLS® 446058

$313,510 Taxes: $1445.00 MLS® 446063



Size: 974 sq. ft. Year Built: 2009 Taxes: $1643.00


MLS® 452957

$20,000 Acreage


MLS® 453639 Text: CORE4 to 33344


$85,000 159 acres

$169,900 Size: 1092 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1973 Bathrooms: 2 MLS® 450529

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$279,900 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 MLS®

Size: 1197 sq. ft. Year Built: 1993 Taxes: $1518.00 441872


SUNHILLS RESORT $59,000 Vacant Lot. Sunhills Resort, Lake of the Prairies


MLS® 435694

Gavin Konkel Specializing in Farm, Acreage and Ag 306.641.9123 Corey Werner Owner/Broker 306.621.9680 Brooke Niezgoda Residential Sales 306.621.2586

306. 782. 9680 All SveinCo homes are EnergyStar Certified and include an extensive 10 year warranty program.


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NEWS REVIEW SPORTS Sport notes Sports Bank Drop-in The Yorkton Sports Bank is collecting used sports equipment on Wednesdays at the City Hall Basement from 4-8 p.m. Come out and check out the assortment of sports equipment, including hockey gear, or donate your old equipment. Appointments are also available. Contact Amber Zaharia for more information by phone at 828-2401 or by email

Ladies Floor Hockey Ladies floor hockey runs every Wednesday from 8-9 p.m. at the Gloria Hayden Community Centre. Come out for a good workout and friendly competition. Sticks are available at the facility and runs from September to April. Drop-in cost is $3. Email azaharia@ for more information.

Terriers Playoffs The Yorkton Terriers will be hosting Game One of the Sherwood Division Final against their Highway 10 rivals Melville at the FAA Friday, March 22. Game time is 7:30. Come cheer on your Yorkton Terriers as they drop the puck on their Best of Seven series in their chase for the Canalta Cup. Game times for the rest of the series are to be announced as the SJHL releases the schedule further.

Raiders to Hoopla The Yorkton Regional High School Raiders will be heading to Saskatoon this weekend to take part in SHSAA Basketball Provincials. The Raiders will take on top seeded Prince Albert St. Mary’s in the semifinal of Hoopla’s 4A bracket. Tip off is at 2:30 Friday, March 22 at Saskatoon’s Marion Graham High School. Saturday’s bronze medal and championship games will also be hosted at Marion Graham, Have a local story you feel should be included in the paper? Have an event you want the community to attend? Email Sport Notes at sports@

PARTY TIME! Yorkton Terriers players celebrate a first period goal in their series clinching Game Five win over the Estevan Bruins Saturday. The Terriers will play Melville in the Sherwood Division best of seven final.

Highway 10 Battle set for Sherwood Final


The first round of the SJHL Playoffs is officially in the books and it is official, the Yorkton Terriers will get their shot at revenge on the Melville Millionaires in the Sherwood Division Final after their 4-1 series win over the Estevan Bruins. After wrapping up their series on Saturday night the Terriers then shifted their focus to the MillionairesHounds series, where Melville was on the ropes against Notre Dame down 3-2 in the series, but after Sean Aschim’s Game Six OT winner rallied in Game Seven to give the Sherwood another playoff installment of the Highway 10 Rivalry. While winning in five games might give some the impression on paper that

the Terriers dominated the Bruins, that was not the case Thursday night when the Terriers went to Estevan’s Spectra Place in need of a win to avoid going to Game Five back at the FAA tied at two games apiece. Whoever won Game Four was going to take serious momentum heading into the rest of the series as the Bruins were feeling optimistic about their chances after a 5-2 home win in Game Two and a near upset at the FAA in Game Three backed by Curtis Martinu’s hot goaltending which kept the score at 0-0 until well into the third before Patrick Martens two goals gave the Terriers a 2-1 win. If the Bruins were to grab another home win the series would become a best of three, if the Terriers were to win the series would be going back to Yorkton 3-1 with the Bruins needing to beat the

Terriers twice on home ice to survive and upset Yorkton, making Thursday night’s game the turning point of a series that was hard fought in its opening three games. Brady Norrish opened the scoring at Spectra Place for the Terriers, clanging home his first goal of the playoffs and giving the Terriers the upperhand heading into the second period. The goal game 16:01 into a period where Estevan were looking to set the tone, nearly outshooting the Terriers in the opening frame, making Norrish’s goal a killer for the home Bruins. Dawson MacAuley would keep the Bruins off the scoreboard until the third where Wyatt Garagan tied the game for Estevan. Cont. on Page 17

Raiders head to 4A Hoopla for second year By CHASE RUTTIG N-R Writer The YRHS Sr. Boys basketball team entered 4A Regionals with one task and one task only, get back to Hoopla. After a crushing defeat to Moose Jaw Central in their first return to the tournament since the era that saw all-time Raiders leading scorer and former U of R Cougar center Kris Heshka lead the Raiders to the provincial title, Jason Payne and his boys were looking to get another chance to be one of the four 4A teams to punch their ticket into the big stage. Another year as a four seed would give the Raiders home court advantage, playing 13th seed Humboldt in Round One before playing the winner of Weyburn/Melfort in the Regional Championship on Saturday afternoon. On Friday night the Raiders showed why they were given one of the valuable top four seeds in the playoffs, dominating a Humboldt team in every facet of the game and making a statement to the Weyburn and Melfort players in a 97 point offensive point performance despite rolling much of their bench and their two call ups from the JV Raiders team in Ryan Krochak and Nick Payne. “It was a good chance for our young players to get some valuable court time at a point of the season where we can’t really give everyone playing time some

nights, so it was nice to go out to an early lead and see our bench and younger players contribute and do well” said Payne. The Friday win and Weyburn’s victory over Melfort set up the expect four

seed against five seed matchup Saturday afternoon as the Raiders were to take on the hard working Weyburn Eagles with Hoopla on the line. Cont. on Page 16

DANIEL MANDZIUK blows by a Weyburn Eagles defender in their Regional Final win at the YRHS Saturday. The Raiders will advance to Hoopla where they will take on top seed St. Mary’s Friday.

Page 16A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sr. Raider Boys headed to Hoopla ready to battle St. Mary’s Cont. from Page 15 In the final the Raiders got some of the best high school performances out of Daniel Mandziuk as one of the Raiders all time greats and his running mate in Ben Redl showed early that they would prove to be the difference in this game over a hard working Weyburn team that crashed the glass and forced turnovers early and often. The Raiders got the early jump and finished the first quarter up 14-6, but Weyburn fought back with their season on the line, getting as close as within four at various points of the game with the Raiders getting into foul trouble midway through the third. Jake Gabel was required to sub in as the often unused small forward came in and provided four minutes of solid defense and rebounding in place of defensive specialist Tyrell Ulmer and swingman Alex Popoff. Jason Payne praised Gabel’s hard work saying, “Jake came in for us as a Grade Twelve when we needed him and played his role and used his fouls well and played the help defense we needed at an important time in the game.” In the fourth the Raiders continued to

struggle with foul trouple with two of their key role players as Popoff fouled out and Ulmer had four fouls, but Mandziuk’s two dagger three point makes and his will to get to the free throw line provided too much for the Eagles to overcome as David Kauenofhen put in four huge buckets of his own in the fourth quarter to spark a Raiders closing run that sent thyem to Hoopla for the second year. “We got a great team effort today, especially from our Grade Twelves and everyone played their role today and that was the difference between winning and losing today” said Jason Payne who gave credit to Weyburn for playing a hard fought game in the final. Ben Redl put up another double double for the Raiders in the final and was ecstatic to go back to Hoopla in the final year of his high school career saying, “It was special to get to play two more games at the home gym in Regionals as a host and in your last year you just want to go as far as you possibly can and play one more game so we are all excited to go to Hoopla and take on St.Mary’s” The Raiders will be in for a tough game against Prince Albert

as St. Mary’s have beaten the Raiders three times this season, but the Regional had a promising result against them just before playoffs started and feel good about their chances against Hoopla’s number one seed on Friday afternoon in Saskatoon. “We are ready to play St. Mary’s and feel we have a good idea of what we can do to play well against them and had a good meeting with them recently so we feel good about our chances and feel like we can beat anybody” said Payne. Mandziuk echoed similar sentiments after the Weyburn game saying, “We just have to go out and play our game and do what we do and we will see what happens on Friday.” St. Mary’s is one of the strongest teams in 4A basketball and were upset in last year’s regional final by Meadow Lake, giving Prince Albert’s largest catholic high school some added motivation going into the four team provincial championship draw. Playing a very physical brand of basketball as a well coached team, St. Mary’s will be a very hard team to upset as they rarely fail to match their opponents intensity if they ever aren’t the team that is setting

the physical and defensive tone as they are famous for doing. The Raiders have been on a tear as of late, with a 88-44 win over Swift Current and Saturday’s win over Weyburn showing that they have stepped up the quality of their basketball of late, the Raiders will need similar efforts from every player who touches the court if they are to advance to the tournament final. Daniel Mandziuk and Ben Redl will give the Raiders a chance, but as coach Payne recog-

nized will be a scouted by any team they come across in March. Role players have been the key to the YRHS’ success all season and will once again become crucial. They got the timely baskets they needed from their supporting cast on Saturday and it showed, if they want to win Friday it will have to happen again as both teams boast very talented and hard working teams. In the other semifinal Moose Jaw Central will take on Regina O’Neill in the 2/3 match up of

the semifinals, a game that the Raiders will focus on after their game against St. Mary’s, if they want to be looking at the winner of the game they are going to need the best forty minutes of basketball of their season. Last year’s bronze medallists will be looking for an extra win this season. March Madness in Saskatchewan comes to an end this weekend, and the Raiders hope to be the last team dancing come Saturday at Marion Graham High School.

YRHS JR. GIRLS capped off an undefeated season in the district with a 28-21 win over Esterhazy to take district gold.

Sr. Saints finish rebuilding year one game short of 3A Hoopla By CHASE RUTTIG N-R Writer Losing their three leading scorers and dropping down to 3A due to less male enrollment this fall, the Sacred Heart Saints Boys basketball for the 2012/13 season looked like it could be a long one. However head coach Garrett Karcha and a group of returning senior players dug deep and after the Christmas break rattled off some impressive victories and close games against tough opponents and eventually winning their Conference beating the Fort Qu’Appelle Lakers giving them the seven seed heading into 3A Regionals. That seed would see the Saints draw Watrous in the first round and a likely final with the hosts and provincial title hopefuls Shaunovan in the second round. Missing promising rookie post player David Ojo with Brenden Walkington’s knee bruise from Conferences forcing him out of practice, the Saints did not know what kind off support Carter MacKay would be getting down low as the Saints were potentially without their two tallest and most talented pivots at the worst possible time of year. However, Walkington soldiered on Friday night and helped lead his team in his potential last weekend of basketball for the Saints. Backed by Walkington and some hot outside shooting from Grade Eleven Carter Ruff the Saints handled Watrous 67-52 to advance to the final. Shaunovan beat Maple Creek in a 92-59 route to face Sacred in the final where they would hold home court advantage as well as a win over the Saints in the regular season, making Sacred the underdogs in the final.

Shaunavon opened the game on a 7-2 run, making a statement early on that they were ready for whatever the Saints were going to throw at them, hitting a three pointer at the end of the quarter to end the first 19-9. The Saints would continue to fight throughout the rest of the game after, constantly threatening to make a run but could never make up for the scoring the Voll brothers gave the Shadows eventually losing by 14 in a 75-61 final to end their season. Walkington and Ruff once again had strong games during crunch time, with Ruff having the best game of his Saints career scoring 20 points and giving head coach Garrett Karcha something to look forward to for next season, where the Saints will also be expecting to return the aforementioned Ojo, whose presence was missed after a strong performance during Conferences. “Not having David was a killer for us this weekend with how great he came along to close out the year, but Walkington played hurt for us and while he wasn’t 100 per cent he still produced at the level we usually get out of him which helped us beat Watrous to get to the final” said head coach Karcha. Karcha also looked forward to next year saying, “We will return some grade tens who will grow into their roles like Carter Ruff did in his grade eleven year while our grade elevens grow another year and we will see where we are at come next winter as we are losing two very talented post players in Walkington and MacKay as well as guards Colin Shewchuk and Jacob Okeny.” The Saints don’t know where they will be seeded categorically next season as Karcha says they may be being

bumped back up to being 4A’s smallest school with more male enrollment projected for next year, but says it doesn’t matter to him where his Saints play next year. “I want to win wherever I go and my players also want to do the same, but if we are in 3A great, if we are in 4A, great as well” said Karcha. The rebuilding process continues at

the SHHS as the Saints scrapped hard all season, getting the same result they reached last year when they lost in the 4A Regionals to eventual champs North Battleford, something a team that very easily could have quit and gave up should hang their heads on after the end of a season that can be deemed as a success.

CARTER RUFF stepped up his game during 3A Regionals this weekend, hitting shots from the outside and was the Saints leading scorer with 20 points in their finals loss to Shaunovan.



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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, March 21, 2013 - Page 17A

Terriers eliminate B’s, set on revenge over Millionaires in Conf. Final Cont. from Page 15 Quiet for most of the series after scoring 22 regular season goals, Tyler Giebel picked the right time to break his playoff slump, scoring the game winning goal with six minutes left in the third to give the Terriers a 3-1 series lead and sending the series back to Yorkton with a chance for the Terriers to finish off the Bruins nice and early. MacAuley was solid in the win, posting 28 saves in the win and erasing all memory of the five goals he allowed in Game Two at Spectra Place. Game Five at the FAA would give the Terriers the chance to sit and rest their wounds for an extra few days with a win while the Bruins were looking to give the Terriers their first regulation loss at the FAA in the 2012/13 season to extend their year for at least another game and send the series back to Spectra Place. After scoring the only two goals in Game Three at the FAA, Patrick Martens took little time in carrying over that magic into Saturday night scoring the game’s first goal and giving the Terriers a 1-0 lead in the opening stages of the first period. Estevan would come out swinging in the first twenty minutes, but an interception by Jeremy Johnson on a Bruins powerplay breakout would lead to a shorthanded goal and a 2-0 lead. Calder Neufeld would score for the Bruins in the first to make it 2-1 going into intermission but it felt like a missed opportunity as the Bruins outshot the Terriers 21-6 and were still losing after

one. In the second the Terriers rewarded MacAuley for making 20 first period saves with some more goal support, Kailum Gervais earned his third of the series to put the Terriers up 3-1 and Martens grabbed his second of the night to answer a Bruins powerplay goal to end the second up 4-2. Martens would add a third and Giebel would put in an empty net goal to finish off the Bruins with a 6-3 Game Five win and a 4-1 series win. Patrick Martens was the series MVP in the win over the Bruins, scoring seven goals all at the FAA. His two goals in Game Three slammed the door on a Bruins upset and with a Game Five hat trick Martens erased any doubt on who was the star of the Sherwood Semifinal. “I had great work from my linemates all series and was in the right spots and took advantage of being given a lot of scoring opportunities from my teammates” said Martens who was quick to share the credit with the rest of his team for his individual success in the series. Martens also gave his goaltender some love post game for his stellar opening period “MacAuley stopped a lot of shots for us in the first period, he faced 21 in the first and after the first Coach told us to focus a bit more defensively and from there we kept Estevan from coming back into the game” said Martens. While the Terriers were waiting on the winner of Melville-Notre Dame to see who their Sherwood Final match up would be both the players and head coach Trent

Cassan downplayed any McNulty, giving the Mils Division will be the key to notion that there would be a some potent forward the Terriers hopes of advancpreferred opponent going strength. Nathan Boyer has ing to the Canalta Cup Final into the next round. “Both won two SJHL champion- as Melville has the weapons teams are tough, skilled ships with La Ronge was fif- needed to win and brought hockey teams that present a teenth in scoring while Sean in Boyer to add some chamchallenge for us in the next Aschim came tenth in the pionship experience to the round that we are going to league and Russell Trudeau only franchise in the league have to prepare for once the finished second, giving the to never win an SJHL chamseries is over we will focus Millionaires arguably the pionship. on that” said Cassan when best first two lines in the This series is incredibly asked about the possibilities league based on the statis- even on paper, with the of playing either Melville or tics. Terriers needing to win the Notre Dame on Saturday However where the last night of the SJHL regunight. Terriers earn their keep is in lar season to clinch first in Now that everyone knows their depth, with Nathan the division. The Terriers who the Terriers will be Murray being the only will need a full effort from playing on Friday night at Terrier who cracked the top every line as they have been the FAA speculation can be twenty in the SJHL in scor- nearly all season if they are made on the match ups ing the Terriers have a going to get some sweet between the Millionaires and wealth of players who have revenge on the team that the Terriers. With the Mils bought into the team concept ended their season last year winning last seasons while also being extremely in five games. The Highway Sherwood Semifinal over the talented. This balance that 10 Battle is about to heat up Terriers in five games a led them to the regular sea- the parkland area for anothsquad filled with veteran son title in the Sherwood er playoff chapter. Terriers will be looking for revenge over a Melville team that boasts the league MVP in goaltender Alex Wakaluk and the league’s top scorer in Ian McNulty. Melville holds the advantage in front end talent in this series with the aforementioned Wakaluk and McNulty being bolstered by three of the leagues top YORKTON TERRIERS John Neibrandt (44) and Dylan Baer (2) shake hands with fifteen scorBruins players at the end of their five game first round series. ers beyond

Humboldt Broncos and Flin Flon meet in SJHL North Final By CHASE RUTTIG N-R Writer While the Terriers and Millionaires are going to grab all the headlines locally as the Sherwood Division Final is the marquee matchup down South, the North final also carries an intriguing storyline as the league’s only Manitoba based team in Flin Flon take on the regular season’s top team in the Humboldt Broncos in their best of seven series to decide who will face the Terriers/Mils in the Canalta Cup Final. After starting the season with a lengthy undefeated streak, the Bombers cooled off during much of the early winter before peaking again at the right time heading into the playoffs and their opening round series with the Nipawin Hawks. The league’s only Manitoba based team outscored the

Nipawin Hawks 29-15 on their way to a six game series victory. On Humboldt’s side the Broncos grabbed all the headlines at the SJHL Trade Deadline getting former No. 1 overall WHL Bantam Draft Pick Alex Forsberg after the Prince George Cougars sent the talented yet problematic forward home after Forsberg demanded a trade from the organization. Humboldt had his SJHL rights and won the lottery in being given a WHL caliber talent for the final stretch before playoffs and never looked back, becoming the clear cut favorites in the North. After dropping game one of the North SemiFinal against the Melfort Mustangs, Joey Davies took control of the series. With eight goals and nine points Davies was the unquestionable series


MVP, carrying the Broncos into the North

Final. Despite the Broncos star power and regular

season title, this series will be much tougher for

Humboldt. Cont. on Page 18

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Page 18A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, March 21, 2013

Humboldt-Flin Flon SJHL North Final preview Cont. from Page 17 In between the pipes both teams have very solid goaltending in Devin Buffalo for the Bombers and Matt Hyrnkiw for the Broncos. Devin Buffalo carries a .922 save percentage into this series while Matt Hyrnkiw, who holds the distinction of being the only SJHL goaltender to win on the road at the FAA this season, has a percentage of .912. Buffalo is more battle tested going into the final as Nipawin was a much stronger opponent in the opening round of the playoffs. Hrynkiw never faced more than 30 shots in the North Division Semifinal against Melfort as Buffalo saw nearly 70 more shots fired his way in just one extra game with the Bombers beating the Hawks in six games. Hrynkiw has been consistent all year for the Broncs, but if he is rusty and Buffalo is in his stride from facing all of those extra shots last round, Flin Flon may hold an advantage in the goaltending department. At the blueline Humboldt has three returning defenseman from their RBC Cup run in Kam Ballas, Cody Pettapiece and Logan Sproule giving them veteran leadership from an SJHL Championship squad. The emergence of David Stumborg and the addition of 20 year old Braden Laroque added to that mix of returning talent at the backend and has given the Broncos one of the stingiest defense corps in the league. The Broncos boasted the league’s best goals against numbers in the regular season and carried over that defensive effort in their opening playoff series. Humboldt only allowed 11 goals in their five game series with Melfort. Combined with the stellar play of Matt Hrynkiw and the Broncos defense is arguably the best in the league, which is why they are the favorites on paper to win this series. The Bombers have a blueline with far less of a reputation than the Broncos. Led by 20 year olds Brandt Weldon and Josh Roach, the Bombers

YUFC WIN PROVINCIAL GOLD The Core Real Estate Yorkton United Fury U14 Boys captured the Division 2 Provincial Gold in Regina the weekend of March 1-3, 2013. Back row (l-r): John Mandziuk (Mgr), Kaeden Hanishewsky, Caleb Hove, Spencer Steele, Matthew Mandziuk, Jaret Porte, Jacob Pindus, Dawson Leister, Chad Grodzinski (Coach). Front row (l-r) Jordin Rusnack, Nathan Cochrane, Derek Campbell, Zackary Shearer, Austin Thomas. Missing: Matthew Breitkreuz

were second behind the Broncos in goals against this season despite lacking the experience that the Broncos possess in their SJHL championship trio. 19-year-olds Tanner Clark, Danys Chartrand and Brock Hounsell have all proved that they can contribute to a team that had a strong, but not great regular season. Josh Roach will be an X factor on the blueline in this series, as his offensive talents will become crucial in special teams situations. If the Bombers can get a handful of points and maybe some goals out of their offensive defenseman, they have a chance to pull of this upset. Where both teams in this series make a name for themselves, however is at the forward spots. Both teams love to rack up the goals and Flin Flon showed this in their series against Nipawin, running up the scores in many of their wins to get here. The Humboldt Broncos top line of Joey Davies, Cody Poncgraz and Neil Landry combined for 126 points this season and will be a focal point of the Bombers defensive gameplan as their coaching staff will have the tough task of shutting that potent top line down and forcing the Broncos to rely on their second and third lines. If the Bombers manage to do that secondary scoring has not been a problem for the Broncos as returning vets Adam Antkowiak and John Lawrence have combined for 79 points this season as well as the addition of Forsberg who is eager to improve his WHL trade value in the summer time and will be looking to have a breakout series against the Bombers. With nine players over the twenty point plateau this season, this Broncos team is going to cause a world of problems for the Bombers especially with Joey Davies on a tear after the opening round.

Flin Flon relies mainly on balance for their team’s offense as all but one Bomber registered points over Nipawin. Jason Wark posted seven points in the series win, but the Bombers will most likely count on players stepping up in timely situations and hope for the best as they lack the “star” power of Humboldt. If anyone was going to be labelled a top SJHL forward on the Bombers it would be SJHL Rookie of the Year Brett Boehm. Boehm is on a point pergame pace in these playoffs and had a 54 point regular season for Flin Flon, making him one of their key players for this series and hopefully next season if he doesn’t make the jump to the WHL. Like the Broncos, the Bombers hit the double digits when it comes to twenty point men this season, but will need players who can match the talent of Humboldt’s stacked roster if they are going to compete in this series. The season series between the two teams saw a tale of two halfs of the year, with Flin Flon winning the first two games of their six game set before Humboldt took three of the last four, only losing 5-4 in the shootout as the lone loss. Flin Flon has been playing stronger as of late, but will be hard pressed to ever find that run of form they had at the beginning of the season where they looked like they were just more prepared to begin the regular season than the rest of the league. Now with everyone ready for anything and everything the Bombers will need to step up in a big way to upset the defending champs. So who will face the Terriers/Mils in the Canalta Cup Final? Only time can tell, but if anyone were to make a prediction they would have to say that Humboldt are the favorites in this series, but as the cliche goes, anything can happen in the playoffs.

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It is time to accept LeBron James as one of the great ones LeBron James is the best active basketball player. A sentence that is now pretty much a statement of fact has been one of the most divisive opinions in basketball history. The man’s game and career moves have been under the microscope since high school and his detractors have had a laundry list of things to dismiss him from the realm of being the undisputed best player in the NBA. Whether his lack of a jumpshot compared to the likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, to his lack of a title to last summer, to his decision to team up with Dwayne Wade in Miami, a large percentage of the basketball community was not ready to anoint King James as the best guy doing it right now. “LeBron James is the best player in the NBA” would garner you a different response from every person you said it to. That simple sentence has sparked wide scale debate since James made his first NBA Finals appearance all those years ago with Celevland, defeating the “Bad Boys 2.0” Pistons. That year was the beginning of the talking points in the media, on basketball courts, on twitter, on facebook, pretty much wherever people wanted to talk about basketball, someone had an opinion on LeBron James. Perhaps that moment came too soon when

LeBron scored nearly every single one of his team’s points down the stretch in an OT win over the Chauncey Billups/Prince/Hamilton/Rasheed/Ben Wallace Pistons. The bar was always set high for a man whose high school basketball games were nationally televised on ESPN. His face adorned the cover of Sports Illustrated when he was a high school junior. He was drafted first overall in the NBA Draft by his in state team in Cleveland, everything he touched was gold. Being thrown in our face from Day One, the man was bound to get rejected and earn criticism. Playing on Cavs teams that didn’t have the talent to deal with the Garnett/Pierce/Allen Celtics and a game that couldn’t make up for the lack of a supporting cast LeBron experienced growing pains after his first finals berth, all while watching contemporaries like Pierce and Kobe Bryant go to the Finals and win rings during the rebirth of the Celtics/Lakers rivalry in the late 00’s. Fans got to label him as “not clutch” and pair him with the likes of Karl Malone and Charles Barkley, great players who just couldn’t carry their teams to rings during the Michael Jordan era. His lack of consistent three point shooting became evident the more he attempted to compensate for having a lesser team all while

Ruttig’s rants Column Chase Ruttig ignoring the countless cries for him to attempt to develop a post game that was so clearly needed. LeBron was being forced upon us all as King without being ready to take the throne from the era before him, and people knew it. Fast forward to now, where after losing to the Dallas Mavericks in the Finals in his first year with the Heat, LeBron is defending his first NBA Championship and, at the time of writing, the Heat are on a 23 game winning streak, beating the Celtics on the road

after being down 17 at one point. Things are different now, Pierce is old and so is Kobe, mileage from all of those playoff years casting them into lesser roles, Kevin Durant isn’t ready yet like LeBron was in Cleveland and there is no real number two player to compete with LeBron. James’ game is much different now as well. He is one of the game’s best passers, with a post game that he has finally embraced both offensively and defensively, being able to play any role from point

(Lorresta & Ike Harris)

for anyone being better anymore, it is foolishness to contribute to the discussion anymore. LeBron James is the best basketball player in the NBA. Period. This doesn’t mean he is better than Michael Jordan or even equal to him, this doesn’t even mean he will have Kobe Bryant’s resume when he retires. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t great players currently in the NBA, it doesn’t even mean that in two seasons someone won’t be better than LeBron is or have better statistical numbers. It just means that currently as you are reading this, LeBron James is playing the best basketball in the world. If I can swallow my pride as a lifelong Raptors fan and admit that ‘Bron is the best in the world after stealing Chris Bosh to Miami, the debate is over. King James time has come, give the man the throne.


MEN’S MEN’S LADIES LADIES MOST PINS HIGH SINGLE HIGH TRIPLE HIGH SINGLE HIGH TRIPLE OVER AVERAGE Jerry Viczko 226 Norm Gawryliuk 621 Mildred Thiele 222 Mildred Thiele 542 N.Gawryliuk/M. Thiele +72 Jason Manastyrski 228 Jason Manastyrski 556 Lisa Gibler 200 Lisa Gibler 527 Trevor Cherry +64 Tom Skoretz 214 Martin Phillips 598 Marieanne kreutzer 181 Dawn Brinley 442 Edith Wagner +49 Dillon Cross 288 Justin Shumay 677 Reanna Prychak 166 Reanna Prychak 461 Justin Shumay +96 Barry Gawryliuk 259 Victor Negrite 609 Keara Takatch 232 Patricia Thomson 616 Bill Hazeu +85 Paul Berg 256 Don Szabo 689 Paula Beck 270 Paula Beck 730 Paul Bert +100 Wally Sedlick 229 Ed Lischynski 617 Colleen Haider 263 Colleen Haider 670 Mildred Thiele +90 Melvin Kwasnitza 261 Derek Langan 669 Jenn Kostiuk 358 Jenn Kostiuk 767 Jenn Kostiuk +131 Don Haider 306 Don Haider 806 Bernadette Hagon 217 Bernadette Hagon 544 Don Haider +86 Mary Moore 224 Susanne Hack 607 Linda Hess +62 Lawrence Kitz 306 Lawrence Kitz 704 Jenn Kostiuk 255 Jenn Kostiuk 735 Dave Dutcheshen +110 Cam Louttit 326 Cam Louttit 789 Jenn Kostiuk 276 Jamie Sereda 764 Ab Kuzmak +108 Jairus Pellatt 215 Jairus Pellatt 549 Kayla Exner 150 Kayla Exner 405 Jairus Pellatt +51 Jacob Hooge 265 Michael Procyshen 650 Abbey Somogyi 215 Abbey Somogyi 496 Jacob Hooge +87

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guard to power forward with ease. From the casual fan’s point of view and from a fundamental sense LeBron has risen his game to a level that is rare to see in the modern game. In the era of the “position less player” as the vogue term, LeBron is the prototype, the player who can do almost everything at a high, if not elite level. His performance from last season’s playoffs and during the regular season this year have left no doubt that he is above and beyond the best and most complete player in the NBA. This does not mean that I like LeBron James, I can admit that the man is not my favorite basketball player, his move to the Miami Heat still goes against my sports morals and if I do pick a side in a playoff series of casual basketball game, it is usually hoping the Miami Heat lose. But you can’t make an argument


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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, March 21, 2013 - Page 21A

CLASSIFIED ADS BURYM - Born to Nicole and Richard Burym of Yorkton, SK, a daughter, Audrey Nicole Rosalie, March 13, 2013. ISAAC-FEHR - Born to Brandy Isaac and Elden Fehr of Yorkton, SK, a daughter, Isabella, March 9, 2013. JOHNSON - Born to Kerrie and Lee Johnson of Margo, SK, a son, Gavin William, March 12, 2013. PALMER - Born to Samantha Musqua and Luke Palmer of Yorkton, SK, a son, Dominick Oisin, March 7, 2013.

CARD OF THANKS The family of the late Mel Melnechenko wishes to thank the doctors and nurses at the Sunrise Health Centre for the special care given during his stay in hospital. Thank you to everyone for flowers, food, visits, phone calls, cards, messages, hugs and donations to charities. Thanks to Molly Kitchen for the service, to Tamala Melnechenko and Dawnis Lesko for the tributes, and Kendra Fisher for the solo. Also thanks to Bailey's Funeral Home and staff for the comforting arrangements and lunch. - Carol, Curtis, Margo, Cindy, Aaron, Kevin, Joanne and families.


LOST Tan and white long-haired miniature Chihuahua. Answers to Ory. Went exploring Friday, March 8 from Jubilee Cres. area. Wearing green collar and tags. Was my Dad's constant companion until he passed away in August. He means a lot to my Mom! REWARD OFFERED Call: 306-782-0766 or 306-621-5201







per month

or more of Extra Cash

Carriers Wanted • Morrison Drive • Caldwell Drive • Bailey Drive • Green St. • Tupper Ave. • Agricultural • Independent • Victor Place • Dalebrooke • Lakeview • Circlebrooke • Centennial Drive RELIEF CARRIERS NEEDED IN ALL AREAS

NEED A HOME PHONE? Cable TV or High Speed Internet? We Can Help. Everyone Approved. Call Today. 1-877-852-1122 Protel Reconnect.

Due to our expanding Service Department we are currently seeking an

ROADEX SERVICES requires O/O 1 tons and 3 tons for our RV division and O/O Semis and drivers for our RV and general freight deck division to haul throughout N. America. 1-800-867-6233; THE SPA in the new Home Inn & Suites is accepting applications for positions of hair stylist, esthetician, RMT, massage therapist, spa manager and treatment specialists. Please forward your resume to or fax to 1306-668-8051. Visit our website at for more information on our family of hotels.


Apprentice or Journeyman Technician If you are looking for a change and want to earn some of the highest wages in the area then apply today. We offer a great flat rate along with bonuses, as well as a comprehensive benefit package. Complete Chrysler training will be provided. Yorkton Dodge is one of the busiest dealerships in the area. Our top technicians average between 200-300 hrs a month. Do you have what it takes? Please drop a resume off at the dealership or stop in. You may also email a resume to All replies will be kept strictly confidential. Ryan Boychuk Fixed Operations Manager Yorkton Dodge/RV 270 Hamilton Road, Yorkton


(306) 783-9022


783-7355 We are currently seeking a

Washbay/Lot Attendant


DRIVERS WANTED: Terrific career Opportunity with outstanding growth potential to learn how to locate rail defects. No Rail Experience Needed!! Extensive paid travel, meal allowance, 4 weeks vacation and benefits package. Skills Needed - Ability to travel 3 months at a time, Valid License with air brake endorsement. Compensation based on prior driving experience. Apply at under careers, keyword Driver. DO NOT FILL IN CITY OR STATE.


Earn up to



Paid in Advance! MAKE up to $1000 A WEEK mailing brochures from home! Helping Home Workers since 2001! Genuine Opportunity! No experience required. Start immediately!

TRUE PSYCHICS For Answers CALL NOW 24/7 Toll FREE 1877-342-3032 Mobile: #4486

BINDERY OPERATOR for Muller Saddle Stitcher, Kansa Inserter. Experience preferred. Willing to train the right candidate. Full-time. Up to $23/hour. Benefits. Email: Wainwright, Alberta.


Glacier Media Group is growing. Check our job board regularly for the latest openings:


AGGRESSIVE BUSINESS NEEDS: Production Assistant to successful business owner, some travel required. Class 1 Driver; Semi retired Mechanic; Gravel Crusher Operators, possibly experienced Foreman. Competitive wages. Work area: East Central Alberta. Email: Fax 780-842-5556.






This position performs a variety of activities in support of keeping the lot and Dealership facilities organized. Including washing cars, washing RV’s, lot clean-up, lot arrangement, assisting technicians. Give us the right attitude, we’ll give you the rest. We offer a great compensation package including a full benefit program, management support, team atmosphere, and training programs. Please drop a resume off at the dealership or stop in. You may also email a resume to All replies will be kept strictly confidential. Ryan Boychuk Fixed Operations Manager Yorkton Dodge/RV 270 Hamilton Road, Yorkton

(306) 783-9022 HELP WANTED!!! $28.00/hour. Undercover Shoppers Needed To Judge Retail And Dining Establishments. Genuine Opportunity. PT/FT. No Experience Required. If You Can Shop - You Are Qualified! HELP WANTED!!! UP TO $1,000 Weekly, Paid in Advance!!! Mailing our Brochures/Postcards or Paid Bi-Weekly!! Typing Ads for our company. PT/FT. Genuine Opportunity! No Experience Needed! w w w . F r e e To J o i n H e l p W a n t

INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. No simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. Sign Up online! 1-866399-3853. iTunes Brand Advocate Full Time position, Retail merchandising for iTunes gift cards, travel required, submit resume to

ADVERTISEMENTS AND statements contained herein are the sole responsibility of the persons or entities that post the advertisement, and the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Association and membership do not make any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, truthfulness or reliability of such advertisements. For greater information on advertising conditions, please consult the Association? s Blanket Advertising Conditions on our website at AT LAST! An iron filter that works. IronEater! Fully patented Canada/U.S.A. Removes iron, hardness, smell, manganese. Since 1957. Visit our 29 innovative inventions: Phone 1-800-BIG-IRON. BUTCHER SUPPLIES, Leather + Craft Supplies and Animal Control Products. Get your Halfords 128 page FREE CATALOG. 1-800353-7864 or Email: Visit our Web Store: DISCONNECTED PHONE? ChoiceTel Home Phone Service. No One Refused! Low Monthly Rate! Calling Features and Unlimited Long Distance Available. Call ChoiceTel Today! 1-888-3331405. FOR SALE: 8-26 snow blower, good shape. Call 306-782-4664. HOT TUB (spa) covers. Best price, best quality. All shapes & colors available. Call 1-866-6526837. paper. PROVINCE-WIDE CLASSIFIEDS. Reach over 550,000 readers weekly. Call this newspaper NOW or 306-649.1405 for details.

Page 22A - Thursday, March 21, 2013 - THE NEWS REVIEW BUSINESS LIVESTOCK OPPORTUNITIES THORSNESS HARDWARE in Saltcoats is considering downsizing their Saltcoats store by eliminating appliance and bed sales and concentrating these sales from Thorsness Appliance and Bedstore in Yorkton. Thorsness Hardware in Saltcoats will continue with hardware, paint, groceries, lottery terminal and all previous merchandise. The service shop will remain in Saltcoats as well. This will free up approximately 1,200 square feet of retail space on the main floor and over 4,000 square feet in the basement. Thorsness is looking for a trade partner to lease this space and join them. Any interested parties can contact Tom McIntyre, cell 306-621-1042 or Any information or inquiries will be kept confidential.

Best of the Breeds Bull Sale Sunday, March 24 2PM Parkland Livestock Market Leross, SK 65 bulls on offer Simmental, Gelbvieh, Charolais Red Angus, Black Angus Yearlings & Two-year olds Top Quality Bulls for the Purebred Breeder and Commercial Cattleman View catalogue online at



High Quality Canadian Built Modular Homes & Cottages Over 175 Plans to Choose from. 60-90 Day Turnkey 10 Year Warranty Regina, SK Toll Free: 1-(855)-494-4743 Visit us online:



CANCEL YOUR timeshare. NO RISK program. STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Free Consultation. Call us Now. We can Help! 1-888-356-5248. OKANAGAN REAL ESTATE ALL PROPERTIES, ?Best Buys?, fastest & easiest way to check it all at no cost to you. Check out our website:



RESTAURANT & GAS BAR FOR SALE: Hwy 5, Margo, SK. Ten mins from Two Resorts. Semi Parking, 40x60 Building, 2x2500 Above Ground Fuel Tanks, Renovated 50 seat Dining. All Equipment Included: Pizza Oven, HP Chicken Cooker, etc, New HE Furnace, New Water Heater. Reputable Business Absolute Turn Key MUST SELL..... Asking $139,900. Phone 1-306-272-7762

Autobody & Painting Ltd.

Don’t Just Get “R” Done! Get “R” Done Rite!

391 Ball Road

782-9600 CARPENTER HANDYMAN Hire. Call 306-621-7538.


Modular, Manufactured or RTM homes. A variety of homes in production or ready to ship Regina,SK 1-866-838-7744 Estevan, SK 1-877-378-7744

TWO BEDROOM lake front home at York Lake, SK. Approximately 900 sq. ft. Includes: stove, fridge, washer, dryer, microwave, Bell Expressvu Deluxe HD TV service, security monitoring. References required. No pets. $1,200/month. Available immediately. Call 306786-6262. WAKAW HOUSING AUTHORITY has one bedroom Senior Units and three bedroom Family Units for rent. Contact Terry at (306) 233-7909.

MUDLINE DRYWALL Boarding & Taping, Paint & Texture, Suspended Ceiling. Contact Korby @ 306269-7117 for free estimates. RECORDS AND audio tapes converted to CD. Super 8 & 8mm films transferred to DVD. Call 306783-9648 - Yorkton Video - Serving the area for 25 years!


80% COMMISSION TRAVELONLY has 500 agents across Canada. Business opportunities with low investment, unlimited income potential, generous tax/travel benefits. Run your travel company, full-time, part-time from home. Register for FREE seminar,, 1-800-6081117, Ext. 2020.

2007 LIBERTY modular home with garage, located in Melville, SK. Two bathrooms, three bedrooms, 1216 square feet. Kijiji #438520334. 306-728-2546.

LAND FOR SALE R.M OF Orkney 244 NE 19-27-6, W2, 130 acres - Soil J. Power and water on farm site with buildings. SE 30-27-6, W2, 155 acres - Soil J. 2-1/2 miles on grid - highway 16 & 47 accessible; 20 km to Yorkton, SK. $400,000 for all applications until the end of February, 2013. Lowest or highest tender not necessarily accepted. Please call (306) 647-2742 with tender or leave message.


CANADIAN MANUFACTURED backed by 10 year warranty -multi family, single section, motel style homes -Qualify for C.M.H.C.Financing -starting at $69,000 FOR MORE INFO CALL 1.800.249.3969


TWO RTM HOMES Plan 125, 1593 sq. ft., $160,000; Plan 126, 1525 sq. ft., $150,000. Many features & options. Email: Phone 306-493-3089 Saskatoon area.

BIG BUILDING SALE... ?THIS IS A CLEARANCE SALE YOU DON?T WANT TO MISS!? 20x20 $3,985. 25X24 $4,595. 30X36 $6,859. 35X48 $11,200. 40X52 $13,100. 47X76 $18,265. One End wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422.

STEEL BUILDINGS/METAL BUILDINGS 60% OFF! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206

AUTO MISCELLANEOUS GUARANTEED APPROVAL drive away today! We lend money to everyone. Fast approvals, best interest rates. Over 500 vehicles sale priced for immediate delivery OAC. 1-877-796-0514. WRECKING TRUCKS all makes, all models ..Dodge..GMC..Ford..Imports. Lots of 4X4 stuff...Diesel..Gas.. Trucks up to 3 tons.. We ship anywhere. CALL 306-821-0260 Bill... (lloydminster) reply We ship same day

DOMESTIC CARS 1999 MALIBU, 217 km, PS, PB, PL, cruise control & command start, winter tires, $2,500 obo. Call Joe 306-783-6957.

AUCTIONS LEASK SPRING Antique & Collectibles Auction Sale. Saturday, March 30, 2013 @ 9:00AM. Leask Lion' s Hall, Leask, SK 1-877494-2437.

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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, March 21, 2013 - Page 23A


Baseball Tour September 5 to 9

Trip Includes: • Deluxe motorcoach transportation • 4 nights hotel accommodation • Reserved seating for 3 Blue Jays/Twins baseball games in Minneapolis • Duty free shopping enroute • Transportation to The Mall of America

$ 689 per person double occupancy

Book Now as Seats are sold on a First Come - First Served basis.

1st bus is sold out. 2nd bus is over half sold.

Single, triple and quad accommodations also available. Call Ken at

783-7355 (Mon. - Fri. days) or 782-9584 (evenings weekends)

Page 24A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, March 21, 2013







2013 RIO




50+ MPG


45+ MPG

Stk#YD097 Stk# YD097

Stk#YD075 Stk# YD075

Stk#YD657 Stk# YD657

Stk#YD055 Stk# YD055


$ $ 0 DOWN 133 /BW TAX INCLUDED $ 0 Down $129 B/W $0 Down $176 B/W DOOR CRASHER


Stk#Y3038A. On the fly 4x4, 5.7L Hemi, full power group, 20 inch alloy wheels, full trip computer, limo tinted windows…we made a special purchase of 12 of these trucks to pass on the savings to you. Balance of Dodge warranty. Was $29,900





36,679 OR $274/BW

Auto trans., AC, CD, alloy wheels, under 1000 kms, new car with used price. Was $25,900. $ Stk#Y3030A ..................................................................


21,881 OR $165/BW

Only 43,000 kms, full power group. $ Was $25,900. Stk#Y3035A ........................................ Sale

20,869 OR $179/BW


Fully loaded, alloy wheels, dual exhaust. Was $16,900, only 47,000 kms. $ Dare to compare at ..........................................................


14,661 OR $128/BW

Only 41,000 kms, full power group, alloys, heated seats. $ Was $16,902. .................................................................

14,983 OR 138/BW



Only 8000 kms, PST paid, leather, roof, wheels, like new, sports $ sedan, 40+ MPG’s. Was 24,900. Stk#YD039A .......................


17,909 OR $159/BW

Only 40,000 kms, lots of warranty left, heated seats, loaded. $ Was $18,800. Stk#Y3007A ...............................................

14,982 OR $132/BW

2012 FORTE 5 EX

Local trade, PST paid, only 390 kms, not a misprint, $ 5 door hatchback. Was $21,800. Stk#YD009A......................

17,881 OR $136/BW


Only 32,000 kms, auto., A/C, wheels, spoiler, pwr. group. $ Was $17,840. Stk#Y3025A ..............................................


14,881 OR $124/BW

Only 35,000 kms, auto. trans., A/C, power group. $ Was $18,600. Stk#Y3022A ..............................................


15,529 OR $132/BW

Auto. trans., A/C, power group, spoiler wheels, 44,000 kms. $ Was $17,902. Stk#Y3024A. ONLY 2 LEFT ...........................

15,642 OR $132/BW

2011 KIA SOUL 2U



14,900 OR $129/BW


Local trade, PST paid, only 38,000 kms, roof, auto., limo tint $ Was $17,820. Stk#YC131A ................................................

14,872 OR $138/BW


Local trade, PST PAID, sports sedan, leather, alloys, auto., moonroof, only 45,000 kms. Was $28,991. $ Stk#YD025A .................................................................


24,824 OR $237/BW

$ $ LIQUIDATED14,661 14,891 or$$129 149 /BW




Own a piece of history, only 72,000 kms, beat the spring rush. $ Was $17,620. Stk#Y3015A ................................................

15,843 OR 159/BW



Local trade, PST paid, only 85,000 kms, roof, wheels, very nice. $ Was $13,900. Stk#3031B .................................................

11,652 OR $129/BW


Local trade, PST paid with only 150,000 kms, nice car. $ Was $9900. Stk#YD069A .......................................................

7,641 OR $99/BW


Local trade, PST paid, diesel engine and the ultimate comuter, only 161,000 kms. Was $9,881. $ Stk#YD022A ........................................................................

6,881 OR 89/BW



Local trade, PST paid, with only 109,000 kms. $ Was $4,900. .....................................................................

2,911 OR $120/BW




17,998 OR $169/BW

Local trade, PST PAID, TV, DVD, only 53,000 kms & clean. Was $26,900. $ Stk#YC161A ...................................................................


18,891 OR $169/BW

Rear heat & air, quads, only 130,000 kms. $ Was $17,800. Stk#Y3042A ................................................

15,891 OR $135/BW


Local trade, PST paid, with only 121,000 kms, $ affordable people mover. Was $9,900. Stk#YC162A ...................

6,991 OR $118/BW



Leather, roof, p. liftgate, wheels, 8 passenger, only 33,000 kms. $ Was $39,900. Stk#Y3041A ...............................................

36,991 OR $275/BW


25,911 OR $194/BW


Fully loaded, roof, navigation system, leather, $ only 23,000 kms, 4x4. Was $49,900. ..................................


2012 MAZDA CX-7

45,813 OR $344/BW

All wheel drive, auto. trans., A/C, alloy wheels, hot SUV, $ only 35,000 kms. Was $27,900. Stk#Y2174A ........................


22,881 OR $204/BW

Local trade, PST paid, only 58,000 kms. $ Was $22,900. .................................................................

19,681 OR $184/BW

Local trade, PST paid, V6 4x4, only 101,000 kms. $ Was $19,642. Stk#YD062A ..............................................

17,983 OR $159/BW




Local trade, PST paid, only 76,000 kms. Was $20,240. $ Stk#Y3018A ..................................................................

17,761 OR $166/BW

Only 58,000 kms, all wheel drive, V6, full power group, won’t last at this price & condition. $ Stk#Y3008A ...................................................................

16,986 OR $168/BW



All quad. Only 48,000 km, Stow’n Go, rear heat & A/C. $ Was $21,900. Stk#Y2175A ................................ Starting at


All wheel drive with only 32,000 kms, V6 and well equipped. $ Was $26,702. Stk#Y3017A ..............................................

24,881 OR $214/BW

Trail rated 4x4, ready to roll with only 38,000 kms. $ Was $23,900. Stk#Y3010A ..............................................

21,986 OR $178/BW


Local trade, PST paid, all wheel drive, DVD, with only 131,000 kms, won’t last. Was $10,900. $ Stk#YD080A ...................................................................... Local trade, PST paid, only 130,000 kms, very nice, 4x4. Was $15,640. $ Stk#Y3001B ..................................................................

TRUCKS Alloys, only 36,000 kms. Was $33,800. $ Stk#Y2157A .................................................................

26,881 OR $212/BW

Only 44,000 kms. Was $29,900. $ Stk#Y2162A .................................................................

24,881 OR $196/BW

20 inch wheels, Hemi, 4x4, only 49,000 kms. Was $29,900. Stk#Y2284A. $ 4 to choose from .......................................... Starting at

24,881 OR $204/BW






5.3L V8, only 46,000 kms, full power group. Was $28,960. $ Stk#YD062A ..................................................................


35,798 OR $289/BW

Local trade, PST paid with only 103,000 kms, 4x4 diesel engine, won’t last, chrome kit. Was $33,800. $ Stk#Y2183B ...................................................................

27,908 OR $259/BW

2009 FORD F350 CREW 4X4



11,859 OR 108/BW


Local trade, PST paid, only 69,000 kms, body kit, leather, $ roof wheels. Was $14,900. Stk#Y0091A ..............................


10,864 OR 109/BW $

Local trade, PST paid, auto., A/C, only 90,000 kms. $ Was $12,800. Stk#Y2163B ......................................................

9,881 OR $95/BW

All wheel drive, 8 passenger, wheels, auto. power group, only 45,000 kms. Was $34,908. $ Stk#Y3034A ..................................................................


28,867 OR $219/BW

Only 52,000 kms, moonroof, alloys, auto., A/C, 4WD, won’t last. Was $28,916. $ Stk#Y21098A.................................................................

24,881 OR $199/BW

25,902 OR $269/BW

Navigation, roof, 22’s, fully loaded, only 98,000 kms and almost half price. PST paid, local trade. $ Stk#Y2177A. Was $40,900 ...............................................

Local trade, only 71,857 kms, great crossover. $ Was $12,900. Stk#Y3010A ................................................

24,881 OR $181/BW

10,998 OR $162/BW


2007 F150 CREW XTR


8,969 OR $119/BW


All wheel drive, loaded with only 48,000 kms, bumper warranty to 100,000 kms., PST paid. Was $26,900. $ Stk#Y3012A ..................................................................





12,863 OR $139/BW

175 B/W

Stk#Y3021A. These are well equipped sports sedan that includes full power group, auto. trans., A/C, radio, alloy wheels, dual exhaust, power seat and only 47,000 kms. You get the balance of GM’s 5 year 160,000 km warranty… we have 2 left $ last. Was $16,900 WASwon’t 19,700

Local trade, PST PAID, well appointed and ready to roll with only 66,000 kms. Stk# YC126A. $ Was $19,700 .................................................................





Local trade, PST paid with only 34,000 kms, V6, 4x4, like new. $ Was $32,500. Stk#Y2176B ..............................................

Just arrived, auto. trans., A/C, full power group, alloy wheels, only 54,000 kms, full warr. until 100,000 kms. $ Was $17,911. Stk#Y300242 ..............................................




Only 33,000 kms, Ecoboost, roof, nav., all wheel drive, $ new price $67,000. Was $39,900. Stk#Y3043A .............. Sale


No Payments $ 6 Months




185 B/W












Local trade, PST paid, with only 135,000 kms, 4x4, 6 ft. box $ wheels, hot truck. Was $19,980. Stk#Y0084B .......................


Local trade, PST paid, Duramax diesel, leather, moonroof, only 154,000 kms. Was $32,600. $ Stk#YD062A ..................................................................

2006 F150 XLT 4X4

15,904 OR $189/BW 28,865 OR $295/BW

Local trade, PST paid, extended cab 4x4, long box. $ Was $14,902. Stk#Y2171B ................................................

11,991 OR $159/BW

THIS IS ONLY A PARTIAL LISTING. All payments are $0 Down And Taxes Included.

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Don’t make a $3,000 mistake! REAL PEOPLE. 306-783-2772 or 1-877-783-2772    01   

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