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Thursday, June 12, 2014 - Volume 17, Number 17

YOUTH POW WOW – The second annual Yorkton Regional High School Youth Pow Wow brought drum and dance to Century Field, part of an effort to connect students in the region to First Nations culture. The event took place the same week as the annual Painted Hand Casino Pow Wow. See coverage inside.

Local sewer project expands significantly By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer The scope of one local sewer project in the city has increased dramatically. Initially planned to be storm system improvements near York Road, the project has now been expanded to include a new sewer trunk line on Dracup. This means a substantial increase in budget which was approved at a recent meeting of city council. The change order to G. Ungar Construction will be $2,989,175, the bulk of which will be made up of a new sanitary sewer trunk line on Dracup Ave. This line will replace a line from 1911 which has significant structural problems. The proposed replacement of this line was pushed up due to the condi-


tion as revealed when the line was inspected by camera, revealing severe structural defects, a collapse and a sag in the line. It will be replaced by a 1200 mm trunk line that will run along Dracup. Other work that is necessary is expanded storm sewer work near York Road, where damage has caused sinkholes. Josh Mickleborough, manager of Engineering Services says that the bid received from G. Unger Construction was competitive, and since the company is holding the unit rates from the previous work and those rates are cost effective, the recommendation was to go with a change order on the project. It also means the city would not have to worry about mobilization costs which would be estimated at $200,000.

While the change order was passed due to the urgency of the project, city councillors were not pleased to approve it and were upset

Quick fact: 16.7 cents from every tax dollar collected in The City of Yorkton goes towards Public Works, which includes drainage. with the way the tendering process was handled. Councillor James Wilson questioned whether it might be practical to re-tender the

project given the significant increase in the scope of the project. Mickleborough says that since the city has a contractual obligation to honor the original work order the project can’t be completely retendered, and the unit rates are cost effective. “In the future, it would be more prudent if we captured this as a bigger project in general... Work every day with contractors, they love change orders.” Councillor Chris Wyatt is disappointed to see such a substantial increase in the scope of the project through the change order, and felt it was unprecedented. “This has never been done in my time, a change order of this magnitude.” Wyatt says that given the amount of engineering work

and needs assessments that the city has been doing a situation should not be happening, and given the amount spent the priorities for the city should be known and the initial tenders should reflect the necessary scope. “I expected more so that you don’t have a surprise like this on a project of this size. I hope council shares that frustration because when you spend that money you expect stuff like this not to happen, because you’re planning ahead.” The project was approved, however, because it was simply necessary. The reason behind the approval, in spite of the misgivings of council, was best explained by councillor Larry Pearen. “If you flush your toilet and it doesn’t go away, that’s a problem for all of us.”

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Celebrating 100 years


On June 12, 1914, Violet Janzen was born, and now she’s celebrating her 100th birthday. She says that one thing for sure in her life is that everything has changed. Janzen, who lives in Yorkton, says that she does not have any great secret to a long life, but she says that she just keeps busy and takes life as it comes. She also says that whatever happened in her life, she always tried to find joy in things rather than dwell on the bad. “You have to keep happy, you have to stay happy and be thankful for what you’ve got, that was my attitude in life.” She emphasizes that it wasn’t an easy life. Born as one of ten kids, she says she and her family grew up without much money. It was especially difficult after her mother died. She wishes she had had a mother in her life. “I would have done anything to have a mother to love, and who would have loved me,













YEARS/40,000 KM


She still remembers a party where a mouse popped up from the pan-

and we didn’t have that. That’s something I never had, and so I tried to give that to my family.” As a child her family couldn’t afford to buy nice clothes for everyone, and some of the kids would stay home from church or events because there just was not enough to wear. “Now, the stuff we would have loved to have, we don’t look at it, it’s a different world.” She also says pests were more common, and every house had a cat to help deal with the mice that would try to get in. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Violet Janzen, who turns 100 years old.







YEARS/160,000 KM

W A R R A N T Y^

try, causing all her guests to scream in terror. Life has changed significantly, and Janzen says you can’t compare how she grew up to life today. She also says that she would never want to go back to the old days. She says it was much more difficult, and everything was much more difficult when she was young. “It sometimes scares you to think ‘how did we live through that?’” The big change is that technology has made everything much easier. Janzen can still remember the first time she had running water, and as kids they played with


“Being the product manager in charge of the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, isn’t always easy. But that challenge is probably what I like most about my job. We built a V8 engine that’s as fuel efficient as some V6s. People didn’t think that could be done, we did it. I’m proud of that.” -Carl Hillenbrand, Product Manager

excludes Corvette



135 36 FOR




CAN I R E M A H T R O 2014 N



YEARS/160,000 KM



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Page 2A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, June 12, 2014

the taps until their dad came in and stopped them. “Everything is push button! There was no such thing. Even with running water, we had a barrel outside the house that the rainwater ran in and that was our water, there was no push button,” she recalls. Still, she says it’s difficult to keep up with the changes, whether it’s people growing up quickly or technology changing rapidly around her. Even if everything changes around her, Janzen says she’s happy to be living today in a much easier world than the one she grew up in.

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, June 12, 2014 - Page 3A

Supporting our elders Every year, the 15th of June marks World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, a special day that originated in Canada and has flourished worldwide with the help of the World Health Organization. World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, as the name indicates, focuses on the abuse and neglect that older adults experience and how it can be stopped or prevented. Abuse is a serious issue. It has been estimated that between 4 and 10 percent of Canadian seniors experience some form of abuse. No matter the shape it takes, whether physical, emotional, or financial, abuse should never be tolerated. This day brings together individuals, communities and organizations to exchange ideas and take appropriate action against the mistreatment of older people in communities around the world. It is an opportunity for all Canadians to reflect on how elder abuse threatens the well-being of the seniors we love. The Government of Canada has made combatting elder abuse a top priority. In addition to awareness activities, we provide funding through the New Horizons for Seniors Program to organizations across Canada

Parliamentary Report Op-Ed Column by Garry Breitkreuz for projects that address elder abuse. As well, further to the Protecting Seniors Act, we are making great strides to protect and empower older adults. For instance, we recently introduced in Parliament a bill on digital privacy, which will better protect seniors against fraud and financial abuse, as well as the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights, which gives those most vulnerable in society, such as seniors, the tools to be treated with dignity and respect by the legal system. Much of the abuse that targets seniors is financial. As part of the awareness activities, the Federal/ Provincial/ Territorial Ministers Responsible for Seniors Forum recently released the Power of Attorney and Joint Bank Accounts brochure. This document highlights the risks, benefits and possible unintended consequences of opening a joint bank

account or granting someone a power of attorney. Seniors deserve to live with dignity and respect. Our government is committed to helping make sure they lead the best possible life, entirely free of abuse. I encourage constituents to join others around the nation and world in observing World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Speaking openly about the problem with friends and family is one way to begin. The day is an excellent opportunity to connect with others, including seniors, and share information on how to counter abuse, neglect, and exploitation of older adults. Whether the effort is great or small, once a year or throughout, everyone can help make a long-lasting difference in the lives of seniors. For more information and resources on elder abuse, visit

Celebrate Father’s Day at the WDM

REMEMBERING D-DAY – The Royal Canadian Legion honored the 70th anniversary of D-Day with a ceremonial parade on King Street, ending with a ceremony at the Yorkton City Cemetery to remember and honor the people who fought in the D-Day invasions, what they accomplished, and why they were there. Pictured above, Ed St. Pierre leads the parade.

City supports emergency shelter By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer The Yorkton Transitional Homes for Youth is working to develop an emergency shelter for vulnerable youth who are at risk to become homeless. At a recent city council meeting, the City of Yorkton voted to support the initiative. The home is still a long way off, as it is still in the planning stages and has yet to receive all of the funding it needs, nor has a location for the eventual home been selected. However, Tom Seely with the Yorkton Housing Committee explains that the letter was needed to indicate community support in the project and make it easier for the project to seek funding from various different pro-

grams and sources. Ron Skinner with the Yorkton Housing Committee says that there is currently a gap in the community, as there is no shelter at present time for people who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. The Yorkton Housing Committee is supporting the project because of that gap, and Skinner says this project is in line with the city’s housing needs assessment. The group is still in the initial stages of doing needs assessments and planning, but with the city behind the project it will be easier for them to move forward with it and continue to push towards its goal. City council voted to draft a letter of support for the project.

The Yorkton Western Development Museum (WDM) is inviting local residents to celebrate Father’s Day at the WDM on Sunday, June 15 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. In honour of their special day, all Dad’s and their families are invited to spend a relaxing afternoon at the Museum. The first 50 gentlemen in attendance will receive a special gift and have their name entered in the door prize draws. Complimentary donuts and refreshments will be served.

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We Aim To Serve!

Share in the history of Saskatchewan’s early settlers by taking a tour through the Story of People galleries, including the interactive and informative Winning the Prairie Gamble exhibit. Museum memberships also make a unique gift and give your family free admission to the

Western Development Museums in Yorkton, Moose Jaw, North Battleford and Saskatoon for a full year. Everyone is welcome to celebrate Father’s Day with us on June 15! Admission to the event is free, regular gallery admission applies.



WITH VARIETY................$


Something Different Every Friday 5 P.M. - 7 P.M. Hall Rental Available with catering or without 50/50 & MEAT DRAWS EVERY FRI & SAT 380 BROADWAY ST. WEST, YORKTON, SK For Details Call Legion Office 783-9789 Visit our website


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Ag. education plays a big role It’s a huge component of our history and fibre of our make up, so it just makes sense to keep the awareness of that fact and ensure the youth of today understand the importance and appreciate far into the future. Earlier this week Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart announced a new $1 million five-year funding agreement with Agriculture in the Classroom Saskatchewan (AITCSK). “Our government understands the importance agriculture plays in rural and urban communities and in Saskatchewan as a whole,” says Ritz. “By understanding modern agriculture, young people will value Saskatchewan-made products and recognize the importance of the industry to the regional, national and global economies.” “Agriculture in the Classroom plays an important role in helping students connect with agriculture,” Stewart adds. Greater public awareness about agriculture is necessary for the continued growth of the industry and to help attract youth, innovation and investment. A vibrant agriculture industry contributes to a strong provincial economy and this leads to a better quality of life for all citizens. Our future lies in the hands of today’s youth, the better we can educate and guide them, the better the future for all.

Sad no matter how you look at it

What a truly sad story. No matter how the cookie crumbles, lives have been changed forever and there’s no going back. It was a beautiful, sunny, Sunday evening when 22-year-old Emma Czornobaj set out for a drive along a busy Quebec highway. All was normal until she spotted a family of ducks – mom, dad and babies – attempting to cross. Instincts must have kicked in and likely without thinking, she braked, no doubt abruptly. She also reportedly hopped out of her car to help make sure the ducks got across safely. What she didn’t see was the family on motor bikes behind her. A mom, a dad and a 16-year-old daughter who was on her fathers bike. They didn’t stop in time and struck Czornobaj’s car. Tragically, the dad and daughter did not survive. It’s four years later and Czornobaj is in court. She’s on trial for criminal negligence and two counts of dangerous driving causing death. It’s now up to the courts and a jury to decide “when a particular driver’s conduct crosses that blurry line between that which is merely thoughtless, distracted or inept and behaviour that is wilfully reckless and subject to criminal prosecution.” At this point I have to admit, I have been in

The way I see it... Column Shannon Deveau

Czornobaj’s shoes and I’ve done the exact same thing – once for a family of ducks and once for a family of raccoons. I brake for robins on the street and can’t stand the thought of it if I happen to hit a gopher on the highway. I can see, especially reading this story, how my actions could be dangerous, but would I do the same in the future?

Likely. As tragic as the events are that unfolded, Czornobaj is not a cold hearted killer. She’s going to live with the remorse of the events that transpired for the rest of her life. My heart goes out to her as I see the pain in her eyes in the news photos. Will jail time really make a difference? I think not. Understandably the victim’s family was devastated by what happened. Anyone would be. I would be. But even so, they don’t believe jail time is the answer. “She saw them die, both of them,” the lone survivor says. “You can punish her until she is 60 years old, but it won’t bring my family back.” And that is true. I don’t know what the answer is here. Maybe it’s a wake up call to be alert and cautious at all times when behind the wheel. There are no right answers. I feel for all involved and hope no jury ever has to hear a case like this again.

A vegan cat is not going to be a cat for too long Cats are carnivores. There is evidence to suggest that this is why we have domesticated cats in the first place. Cats and people from centuries ago entered into a partnership to get rid of pests and rodents, since cats like eating rodents like mice and people would rather not have mice in their homes. While they have eventually made themselves cute and fluffy in order to further endear themselves to the people that surround them, being carnivorous is a key component of a cat’s existence. This is so key, in fact, that it turns out a cat that does not eat meat will get ill and die. An Australian couple found this out when they tried to make a vegan cat, feeding it no animal products at all. This naturally did not work, because without meat cats can’t actually live, there are components in meat that a cat’s body can’t produce on its own. As a result, the kitten was near death before being saved by a vet, an essential component of that life-saving treatment being giving the cat some meat that it needed. The couple who owned the cat didn’t want to give it animal products because it was against their own personal beliefs. The problem with this is that their personal beliefs run counter to the way the actual animal lives and what it needs to survive. It is impossible to be a vegan cat because over billions of years cats have

Things I do with words... Column Devin Wilger adapted to eat smaller animals. As a result, the cat’s body is adapted to expect most of its diet to consist of animals, there are dietary components that other animals produce which a cat needs to live. It does not make sense for a cat to go vegan, for it is a born hunter. People can go vegan if they want to, of course, humans are omnivorous and as a result can go on a varied range of diets depending on what is available. The mistake people make is assuming that all animals are the same, and that what works for man can work for cats, dogs, or other creatures. After all, if a person can be healthy and happy on a vegan diet, why can’t a

cat? Well it’s the same basic reason you don’t really want to feed a cow chicken, it’s just not what the body is made to eat. Some animals, and cats are among them, have adapted to very specific diets and circumstances. If anything, a cat’s disinterest in most vegetables and plants is another big reason why it got domesticated in the first place. In the early days of agriculture, animals like mice saw big piles of harvested grain and vegetables and thought they were a bountiful food source. People, however, did not want mice eating them. Cats would eat the mice, not the grain, all for a warm place to sleep and a scratch behind the ears. The relationship between man and beast was made possible because it’s exclusively carnivorous. We have gone far from those origins, of course. Better home construction, improved sanitation and more advanced pest control ensures mice are not as big a problem. However, cats are still carnivores, and they still need meat to survive, even if their natural hunting instincts are reserved more for laser pointers than they are for actual animals. To try to change that is to try to go against their basic biology. Yes, a vegan might want to be a friend to creatures great and small, but those creatures are not friends to each other, and it’s more cruel to deny one what it needs.

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, June 12, 2014 - Page 5A

to the editor


Your letter of the Week

Justin’s economic growth plan War on coal To the Editor: Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was in Regina last week with a jampacked agenda. The key event was a major economic speech before a big audience of the Regina & District Chamber of Commerce and Saskatchewan’s Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs. He also attended the Lieutenant-Governor’s ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of DDay, paid tribute to the fallen Mounties in New Brunswick, met with Mayor Mike Fougere and University President Vianne Timmons, spoke with representatives of Treaty Four First Nations, hosted a reception for the general public, and spent two energetic evenings at Regina’s “Mosaic” multicultural festival. Justin showed himself to be a knowledgeable, articulate, capable individual with the substance and stamina that leadership demands. He also demonstrated his amazing capacity – unique among all Party leaders – to engage and motivate people to become part of the “change for the better” that most Canadians so desperately want in public life. Like no one else, he can rally people! In his speech about the economy, Justin melded the twin priorities of strong fiscal management and a prosperous middle-class. To have

both, Canada needs an agenda for sustained and sustainable economic growth – which is what this country is not getting from the Harper Conservatives who are exclusively fixated on slashing the Government of Canada at the expense of everything else.

in the Temporary Foreign Workers Program which has run so badly amuck on the Conservatives’ watch, and more emphasis on provincial Immigrant Nominee Programs which offer clear pathways to citizenship. • Foreign Direct Investment and Trade –

“Such investments in homegrown “brainpower” are crucial to growth, competitiveness and productivity.” That’s why veterans are being neglected, public infrastructure is in decline, retirement incomes are inadequate and insecure, a majority of middle-class families worry about the high cost of higher education and fear their kids may not do as well as their parents did. Justin laid out five big economic priorities that a new Government of Canada will need to get right: • Investments in people – meaning better access to postsecondary education (universities, colleges, technical schools, apprenticeships, on-thejob up-skilling, etc.) and a new relationship around Aboriginal education. He also called for urgent corrections

the Harper government talks a lot about trade agreements, but they still don’t have a single major deal actually done yet, and Canada’s trade balance is mostly in deficit. Export trade is critical to a province like Saskatchewan. At the bottom-line, exporting sectors pay 50% higher wages than those that are not trade intensive. • Natural Resources and the Environment – Canada needs a smart “marriage” between the economy and the environment. Canadians don’t want to be told they have to pick one or the other. They want both. Environmental integrity will be critical to building the consensus necessary for valuable development projects to

succeed. Mr. Harper’s total lack of environmental credibility has been a key factor in stalling the KeystoneXL pipeline. • Innovation – the Government of Canada must help build strong scientific platforms across the country, like the Synchrotron “light source” in Saskatchewan and the Petroleum Technology Research Centre in Regina. Such investments in homegrown “brainpower” are crucial to growth, competitiveness and productivity. • Public Infrastructure – Canada needs transformative federal leadership in building the infrastructure necessary to underpin a vibrant, national 21st century economy. It is foolish public policy to cut, stall and convolute federal support systems, like the “Building Canada Fund” which Mr. Harper has chopped this year by 87%. Federal infrastructure investments should be moving up, not down. Justin’s agenda is strong and substantive. So is his commitment to transparency, accountability and value-for-money in all federal operations, and his determination to keep above the slander in Conservative or NDP attack-ads. Canadians are increasingly thirsty for that kind of positive leadership. Ralph Goodale, MP, Wascana, SK.

Election intervention is needed

To the Editor:

The National General Elections of both 2006 and 2011 won by the Conservative Party Canada (CPC) were followed by investigations of wrongdoing by the Commissioner of Elections. Arising from actions during the 2006 Election the CPC pleaded guilty to the “In and Out Scandal”, exceeding evidence election spending limits and submitting fraudulent election records. The Commissioner of Canada Elections investigation and a trial regarding the 2011 Canadian federal election voter suppression scandal (also known as the Robocall scandal, Robogate, or RoboCon) determined the most likely source of the information used to make misleading calls was the CIMS database maintained and controlled by the Conservative

Party of Canada. These findings and the current trial of Michael Sona all were limited due to inability to determine ‘the list of people who had access to this database.” The data base being CPC CIMS data base. “the party’s investigator, lawyer Arthur Hamilton, instructed party workers not to discuss the events during the Elections Canada investigation of the Conservative Party headquarters. Inability on the part of the of the Commissioner of Elections to compel witness testimony when investigating elections law violations a power that is exercised by the majority of provincial and territorial elections watchdogs - is unjust. It contributed directly to there being inconclusive evidence in the investigation of misdeeds during the 2011 Election. Though the ability to seek a

court order to compel testimony was among recommendations by Elections Canada and the Commissioner it has been ignored. Indeed, rather than increasing than the capability of the Commissioner to investigate wrong doing, the Office with the passage of Bill C-23 into law would no longer be within the politically impartial domain of Elections Canada but rather within a department subject to influence by the government of the day. This decrease rather than the necessary increase in the powers of the Office responsible for ensuring elections are fairly conducted and other matters necessitate ensuring there is a court challenge to the constitutionality of Bll C-23 should it become law. Joe Hueglin, Niagara Falls,ON.

The fifty shades of Grant Devine?

To the Editor:

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has repeatedly promised that his Government would not privatize any of Saskatchewan’s current Liquor stores!!! Yet, here he is doing exactly that. The four stores in Ituna, Langenburg, Kerrobert and Ponteix will be shut down in the next few months. These

stores employed four fulltime and eight part-time SLGA employees who have children attending local schools; they support local business and pay local taxes. The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) report these four stores also generated over $900,000.00 NET income in 2012-13 (which goes to public coffers).

NUPGE also reports that since Alberta liquor stores were privatized, Alberta has forgone $1.5 billion in tax revenue alone, while prices of beer, wine and spirits had the highest price on 11 of 13 products surveyed. According to SGEU stats, last year, $218 million was returned to the public coffers from liquor sales alone. In the past

five years, public liquor stores contributed over $1 billion to the province. This is NET profit and does not include taxes levied on alcohol sales. Small wonder that Premier “Pinocchio” wants to turn this lucrative business over to his friends. Shades of Grant Devine Joyce Neufeld, Waldeck, SK.

To the Editor:

University of Florida Linguist M.J. Hardman tells us (“Language and War,” 2002) that “Language is inseparable from humanity and follows us in all our works. Language is the instrument with which we form thought and feeling, mood, aspiration, will and act[ion], the instrument by whose means we influence and are influenced…” It is not surprising then that language has always been a crucially important weapon of war. Delivered with convincing rhetorical flare, language has driven ordinary citizens to heroic acts of self-sacrifice in defense of their countries, while pushing others to unspeakable acts of barbarism. And now language tricks are being used to justify the unjustifiable in the Obama administration’s war on coal, America’s least expensive and most abundant energy source. Over and over we are told ‘climate change is real,’ ‘we owe it to future generations to stop climate change’ and ‘97 per cent of scientists agree.’ Even non-experts are starting to recognize that these assertions are meaningless or simply unproven. Climate change, at times far more severe than anything seen in humanity’s short history, has been ‘real’ for billions of years. No one knows if human activity has become a major factor influencing it today or that we could have a measurable impact on future climate states. And despite the popular notion that a meaningful consensus exists among experts about this question, such an agreement has never been demonstrated. Although the impact of these language tricks is gradually diminishing among educated people, other equally misleading phraseology is coming to the fore. One in particular has become so entrenched that even those who oppose fashionable thinking on climate change use it without thinking. We are told we must reduce ‘carbon emissions,’ or, worse, ‘carbon pollution,’ a phrase used eight times by President Obama when promoting his Clean Power Plan in last Saturday’s brief address. When formally announcing the plan on Monday, Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy referenced ‘carbon pollution’ eight times in the first seven minutes of her presentation. But carbon is a solid, naturally occurring, non-toxic element found in all living things. Carbon forms thousands of compounds, much more than any other element. Everything from medicines to trees to oil to our own bodies and those of all other creatures are made of carbon compounds. Pure carbon occurs in nature mainly in only two forms: graphite and diamonds, neither of which are floating around in the atmosphere let alone being discharged from the smokestacks of coal-fired generating stations. There is one form of pure carbon important to control and that is soot, the emissions of which no longer constitute a problem in the United States or Canada. Continued on Page 6.

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Page 6A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, June 12, 2014

Landscape and Memory showcases local art By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer The annual Landscape and Memory show is again at the Godfrey Dean, bringing the best work from local artists together for the month of June. The show opened to a full house at the gallery, and executive director Don Stein says it might be the best year so far. “The work is so strong and so diverse. There are some very accomplished pieces here,” Stein says. The show is a real mix of people through the community, with a wide spectrum of ages, styles and mediums represented. It also showcases some well known local artists as well as others who have never shown in the gallery before.

“It’s one of the really striking things about the show, there are so many people who you are introduced to that you didn’t know,” Stein says. The variety is another highlight, with people working through a wide cross section of different styles and forms. Stein says that he’s personally happy to see painting make a resurgence in the show, but that he’s also glad to see such a wide spectrum of mediums being embraced, whether it’s crafts like gloves or the highly detailed wood carvings of Walter Oucharek. The success of the Landscape and Memory shows are and indication that this is something that the community needs, Stein says. “It’s so important for the gallery to have this commitment to the community, but at the same time

the need is so clear and the community is so prolific and there’s so much strength in it there needs to be an outlet for it to be shown. That makes me think that it’s both healthy for the community, but that the gallery is also being a responsible citizen and opening the doors so the community is being engaged.” The show is also important in helping artists develop, as it provides an opportunity for people to meet, discuss their work and learn from each other. Stein says that the wide range of ages both in the show and observing are also a highlight, because it shows that the city has a healthy art community that can continue to grow into the future. Landscape and Memory runs for the month of June. Admission is free.

Sask. driving laws set to change People who are caught driving impaired or engaging in other high risk driving behaviours including cellphone use will face tougher vehicle seizure consequences when new traffic safety laws come into effect June 27. “We believe harsher penalties, including the inconvenience of being without a vehicle for several days, will deter people from choosing to drive while impaired, or using a cellphone,” says Andrew Cartmell, President and CEO of SGI. New consequences for impaired/distracted driving include: • Drivers impaired by either alcohol or drugs will face immediate roadside vehicle seizures that increase in severity from three to 14 days, depending on driver experience and the number of previous offences. • Drivers being charged with exceeding .08 blood alcohol content (BAC) or refusing a breath test will have their vehicle seized for up to 60 days. • Drivers caught using their cellphone while driving for the second time within one year will have their vehicle seized for up to seven days. • Drivers caught for other distracted driving offences (such as personal grooming, eating, etc.) for the third time within one year will have their vehicle seized for up to seven

days. Vehicle seizures will range from three to 60 days, depending on the number of previous offences on the driver’s record. The vehicle being driven at the time of the offence is the one that will be seized, regardless of whether the offender is the registered owner or not. Vehicle seizures will also apply for the following high-risk offences: • Driving as a learner while unaccompanied (for three days on a second or subsequent offence within one year) • Driving an unregistered vehicle (for seven days on a second or subsequent offence within one year) • Stunting (for three days on a second or subsequent offence within one year) • Exceeding the speed limit by more than double the speed (for seven days on a second or subsequent offence within one year) • Exceeding the speed limit by more than 50 km/h (for seven days on each offence) • Contest of speed or race with other vehicles (for 30 days on each offence) • Failing to stop for a peace officer (for seven days on each offence) • All Criminal Code charges which constitute an offence under the Traffic Safety Act (for 30 days on each offence). “Distracted driving

The ongoing war on coal Con’t from Page 5. What Obama and McCarthy were really talking about is one specific compound of carbon, namely carbon dioxide (CO2). Ignoring the oxygen atoms and calling CO2 ‘carbon’ makes about as much sense as ignoring the oxygen in water vapor (H2O), the major greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, and calling it ‘hydrogen’. This is not merely an academic point but is part of the way language has been distorted to bolster concerns about human-caused climate change. Calling CO2 ‘carbon’ encourages people to think of the gas as ‘pollution’ or something ‘dirty’, like graphite or soot. Calling CO2 by its proper name would help people remember that, regardless of its influence on climate (a point of intense debate in the climate science community), it is really an invisible gas essential to plant photosynthesis and so all life. Tom Harris is Executive Director of the Ottawa, Canada-based International Climate Science Coalition.

and excessive speed are high-risk driving behaviours that lead to collisions,” says Cartmell. “In fact, along with impaired driving, they make up the top con-

tributing factors in fatal crashes in our province.” For more information regarding all upcoming traffic law changes, visit SGI’s website at

LANDSCAPE AND MEMORY showcases a wide spectrum of local artists, including the wood carvings of Walter Oucharek, pictured.

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Community Events Community Hot Dog Lunch June 21, 11:30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. @ Knox Presbyterian Church [by the water tower] All are welcome. Landscape & Memory Now at the Godfrey Dean Gallery Local Artists Exhibition May 30 to June 27 Over 100 artworks by 30 artists from Yorkton, Kamsack, Langenburg, Esterhazy, Melville, Theodore, Churchbridge and Saltcoats, with special guests from Saskatoon and Toronto! Something to intrigue and entice everyone. Admission is always free! Mon-Fri 11am to 5pm Saturday 1 to 4 pm 49 Smith St E in Yorkton.

Freedom Tour Skate Jam Yorkton Skatepark on Brodie Avenue – live band, bouncycastle and face painting for the kids, BBQ, paintball and of course skateboarding! Alternate rain day: June 29 For details call (306) 782-3629 or email New at pARTners! The artistry of Laureen Johnson – nostalgic pastel portraits of children and animals amid a world full of wonders are now featured. Laureen is new to Yorkton, creating commissioned work as well as the pieces displayed at the Yorkton Public Library, during regular hours, until the end of June.

Community Connections Summer Programs • hosted by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yorkton Area for children ages six to twelve 1) Physical Literacy July 7 to August 1 Registration is $175 for the four weeks. 2) Developing Skills and Abilities, August 5-22 Registration is $150 for the three weeks. Both programs are held at Columbia School Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The goal is to create community connections developing sports and recreation opportunities while providing a caring, positive space for your child. For further information or to register, please call Big Brothers Big Sisters at 306-782-3471 or visit There is funding available to help with registration for children from low income families.

2014/15 Stars For Saskatchewan Concert Series Line Up • Globe Theatre: A Closer Walk With Patsy Cline; Connie Kaldor; Angele Dubeau & La Pieta; Prairie Debut: Fung-Chui Piano Duo; Eclipse; Prairie Debut: Ensemble Caprice Baroque Quintet; Royal Wood; Ballet Jorgen presenting Cinderella; The Barra MacNeils; and Lone Tree Road with JJ Guy and Scott Cornelius. New pricing! For details call the Yorkton Arts Council at (306)783-8722. Tickets are also available online at Ticketpro. Learn to Run Clinics Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:45 p.m. The clinics take place at the Yorkton Regional School Parking Lot. Visit our website at to print off registration form.

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, June 12, 2014 - Page 7A

Good Spirit Car Show Sponsored by the Yorkton Antique Auto Association July 6 at Good Spirit Provincial Park Call Merve at 306-7837494 for details.

Parkland Right to Life Meetings Meets every third Wednesday of the month @ St. Gerard’s Hall basement @ 7.30 p.m. For info. call 306-783-6240.

The Yorkton Legion Track Club The club is open to all Yorkton and area athletes that were born in 2002 or older. To register or learn more contact Club Manager, Marcel Porte at marcel. or call Cell: 306-621-7716.

St. John Ambulance First Aid Classes OHS Standard First Aid/ CPR classes. Personalized courses and online training also available. For more info. or to register call Judy at 783-4544 or email:

New Horizons Senior Center Bingo 78 First Ave. North Yorkton, Sk. Bingo will be played every third Sunday of each month. Bingo starts at 2:00 p.m. Eight games will be played at 25 cents a game. Extra cards will be available Everyone is welcome. Lunch included Admission $3/person.

Dart League Attention dart players, steel-tip action is underway at Gunner’s Lounge at Royal Canadian Legion. This is a fun league for all ages, so beginners are encouraged to come out. For more information call 782-1783.

New Horizons Friday Night Dances 78 First Ave. North Yorkton, Sk. Great Night of Dancing Every one is welcome Lunch is included Time: 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. Music by: June 13, Memory Lane June 20, Andrew Mariniuk & Boys featuring Peter Kobylka June 27, Ron & Sandra Rudoski For info. call Peter: 306782-1846. Cindy’s Sunday Market Yorkton Legion April every Sunday until July 5. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free admission, over 30 vendors. Call (306) 748-2269 to book your table or learn more.

GIVING BACK – In spite of the miserable weather that day, the local RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty group held a successful CHILDREN’S MIRACLE NETWORK hot dog sale, raising over $2,200.00 for the cause. Doug Jonassen, Marketing Manager for RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty says the initiative is an annual event and that it’s a worthwhile cause the branch is pleased to support.


COOL DOG – Hi there, my name’s Loki. I’m a two and a half year old neutered male lab cross. I’m pretty low key and calm, though I’m always thrilled to go on an adventure outside. If you’ve got a loving, responsible family I’d make a great addition. To learn more come visit the SPCA or call 306-783-4080.

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Page 8A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, June 12, 2014

Local College hosts annual grad ceremonies

MOVING ON – Parkland College recently held its annual graduation ceremony at St. Mary’s Cultural Centre in Yorkton to congratulate and celebrate 327 students who successfully completed one of more than 20 programs offered at the College in 2013-14. Parkland College offers University degrees, Certificate and Diploma programs, and Adult Basic Education upgrading. Graduates from post-secondary programs receive accreditation from the University of Regina, Lakeland College Emergency Training Centre, SIAST, and Parkland College. This year, the graduates represent 63 communities. Yorkton led the way with 124 grads, followed by Kamsack with 40, Fort Qu’Appelle with 23, and Melville with 22. This year’s graduating class also includes students from Ontario, British Columbia, and Manitoba. Cadmus Delorme, Student Recruitment Officer at First Nations University of Canada in Regina, served as guest speaker. He spoke to the graduates about the power of education and the value of strong leadership. Deputy Premier Ken Krawetz was in attendance, and Yorkton MLA Greg Ottenbreit brought greetings on behalf of the provincial government. For a complete list of grads and award recipients visit:

The farmer is trained, moves on and settles in Submitted by Kaare Askildt, former Preeceville area farmer in training. This one of a series on getting settled in Hazel Dell. I’m still batching it! I had to stay home while Marion looked after our granddaughter, because I had to attend at my booth in the Preeceville Trade Show. Roland Larsen a writer and cowboy clown joined me in the booth promoting his children’s book, CD and DVD. We also had Harold Fenske’s book Riverlore available if anybody would want to buy it. The books had varies themes, from humour as in The Heedless Norseman, local Saskatchewan history as described in Riverlore and a wholesome children’s story in Roland’s book about Peanut the miniature horse. Shelley Minato who illustrated Roland’s book also joined us on Saturday. Across from our booth was a booth displaying women’s clothing, and in front of the booth was a mannequin wearing women’s casual dressy clothing. The staff in the booth would change the clothing from time to time, causing some young male strolling by to make a double take almost twisting his head off, as the top garment of the mannequin would slide off while they were trying to change the clothing, exposing the mannequin’s now uncovered milk containers! Roland and I had great success at the trade show, and we will probably be back again next year. I’ll have my second book available for sure then. Being that I was already in Preeceville close to supper time, I decided to drop in to Vesela’s International Kitchen

for a hearty meal, and make sure that I get the Apple Strudel dessert. Of course they serve you this home baked sliced and very tasty bun as an appetizer, and then a wonderful entrée of Chicken Cacciatore, followed by their signature Apple Strudel. Yum – yum! Looking outside at the snow still falling, I thought that perhaps we should change that old saying April Showers Bring May Flowers to read April Snow Brings May Overflow, as in flooded basements. Marion is coming home tomorrow, and having been a bachelor for about a week, I should better get the house in shape! The dust and vacuum was a cinch, but sweeping the floor while leaning on a cane is very difficult, so I asked Lady our dog to help me. She’s a very smart dog, but she also had a problem holding on to the broom with one paw and the dust pan in the other. She just looked at me and her eyes were saying: “Sorry! No can do!” We came to the conclusion that she could use her tail to sweep the floor, and I would either lift the rug or try to get it into the dust pan. We divided the kitchen floor into wag zones. I had measured her tail which is all of 12 inches long, accounted for 180 degree movement, and that then equalled the top half of an eight inch square. She would sit on the floor and I would hold a treat in front of her nose. The tail would be wagging and sweeping at the same time. When I tried to go around to her to the tail to gather up the dust, she kept moving with me while still sitting and wagging thereby sweeping

the floor in an eight inch circle! OK, let’s try this again. I asked her to sit and she cocked her head looking at me with eyes that said: “Again? It didn’t work the first time!” She reluctantly sat down, but didn’t wag her tail! I held the treat in front of her, and she just sat there looking at me with an expression like you gotta be kidding me! Well, so much for that. Marion is coming home

in the evening when it is dark, so I guess I’ll just trip the breaker and pretend we have a power outage, that way she won’t see all the dust on the floor! I just got off the phone with our friend Lynn, who lives by Rockford. She said that since early this morning the snow has been nearly waist high and is still falling. The temperature is dropping way below minus 25 and the north wind is increas-

ing to near gale force. Her husband Roland has done nothing; he is just standing there staring through the kitchen window. She says that if it gets much worse, she just may have to let him in. The Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo, Norway is filled with nude sculptures. Sculptures of a nude man and a nude woman are mounted at the end of a bridge, and have been facing each other for over a hundred years. One day a magician approached them and with a single gesture, brought them to life. The magician told them: “As a reward for being so patient through a hundred blazing summers and dismal winters, I will give you both life for thirty minutes, for you to do what you’ve wished to do the most all these years.” The man sculpture which had come to life, looked at the female sculpture, which had also come to life and she looked at him. Then they grabbed each oth-

er’s hands and went running behind some shrubbery. The magician waited patiently as the bushes rustled and giggling ensued. After fifteen minutes, the two returned, out of breath and laughing. The magician told them, “Um, you have fifteen minutes left, would you care to do it again?” He asked her “Shall we?” She eagerly replied, “Oh, yes, let’s! But let’s change positions. This time, I’ll hold the pigeon down and you poop on its head.”

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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, June 12, 2014 - Page 9A

Fish are stocked By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer

It will soon be possible to fish in the City of Yorkton. The Logan Green Fish Pond was stocked with 750 rainbow trout recently, which completes the Logan Green Water Management System and allows for a unique recreation opportunity. The fish pond is the eventual destination of water that makes it way

through the backwash water settling ponds. This is the final phase of the $33 million water treatment project, which has already several awards for the city for its innovative, environmentally friendly use of backwash water to create a green space within the city. The fish pond part of the project was in partnership between the City of Yorkton, the Assiniboine Watershed

LOGAN GREEN is now stocked with fish, and this summer residents will be able to take advantage of the fishing opportunities within the city. Pictured above, Adam Matichuk with the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation shows the fish that will be stocked in the pond.

Stewardship Association and both the Saskatchewan and Yorkton Wildlife Federations. Adam Matichuk with the Sask Wildlife Federation, says that it’s an opportunity for the city, as there is now a bit of nature in the City of Yorkton, with the fishery being built where they was none before. The pond is strictly catch and release. Barbed hooks are not allowed, nor is live bait. All fishing must be done from the shore, as well use is restricted to daylight hours. As well, given that there is constant movement of water into the pond, ice fishing will not be allowed in winter. Matichuk says that the choice of rainbow trout was because it is a species that does well in ponds and should be well adapted to the environment at Logan Green. While the fish are in the pond, he says that eager fishers should wait for a bit to allow the fish to grow, but that the pond should be ready this summer. The project remains a bit of an experiment, and Matichuk says that they will be monitoring the water temperature in the pond closely all summer as that is the biggest concern for the well being of the fish. “We’re hoping that the fish do well in here and grow quickly, and provide a great fishing opportunity for the people.

THE PAINTED HAND CASINO Pow Wow has entered its 14th year and this year was another great year for the event. See more on Page 11.


Page 10A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, June 12, 2014



Yorkton’s Premier Music Store & Teaching Studios

Western Canada’s Largest Insurance Broker

Yorkton, SK 2 Broadway St E

A look at what is happening in the Yorkton Business Improvement District


34 - 2nd Ave. N. Yorkton, SK









SALES & SERVICE • DSC Alarms & Equipment • Access Control • 24 hr. Alarm Monitoring • Cameras for Home, Farm & Business • Surveillance System • Fire Extinguishers • Mobile Radios & Equipment • Answering Service

Corner of Laurier & Broadway and WalMart




"Your Fabric Care Specialist" 14-1st Ave. N. Yorkton When You Look Good We Look Good

306-782-2647 Loreen Poier & Douglas A. Poier



Dear YBID Members and Business & Professional Groups: Planning is underway for the 1st Annual Yorkton Co-op Family Pumpkin Walk. We are sending out this invitation letter to YBID Members & Professional groups to join us in making this Pumpkin Walk a huge success. The Co-op will organize the event by doing the following: • Asking the local schools to carve approximately 600 • Organizing hot dog roast and hot chocolate pumpkins • Organizing fireworks to end the event • Asking the nursing home and senior complex’s to • Advertising the event in newspapers/radio carve an additional 100 pumpkins • Pumpkin Growing Contest • Setting up the pumpkins on two different trails at • Plus much more.. . Jaycee Beach We invite your business to set up a booth along one of our trails. The cost will be $100.00 per booth. Each business will be responsible for their own booth including setup, decorating and clean-up plus any other supplies or treats. We are happy to say we are able to offer a discount on any treats bought at the Co-op. The Co-op will use the fees to help offset any shortfall that may occur. The event will run from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm with the fireworks display at the end. We hope to have 500 children and their parents attend this event. We thank you in advance for your consideration and await your support in making this event spectacular.

MID CITY SERVICE Audio Visual Entertainment Experts 44 Dracup Ave., Yorkton


107 Broadway St. W. Yorkton, SK Phone

306-783-4212 or

306-641-5224 email:

Unbeatable Taste! Lunch Special 11:00 a.m. ~ 2:00 p.m. (Everyday)

$3 + GST Delivery or Pick-up 306-783-1080

210 Ball Rd. Yorkton, SK


Yorkton Welding & Machine - (1983) Ltd. 140 York Road, Yorkton, SK Specializing in All Types of Welding & Machining

306-783-8773 Supplier of park benches & picnic tables etc.

BG Denture Clinic Creating Beautiful Smiles For Over 35 Years 46 Broadway St. E.

65 Broadway St. E. Yorkton


(Next to Cornerstone Credit Union)

Yorkton, Sask.



The Painted Hand Casino Pow Wow has entered its 14th year, and Charles Ryder, General Manager of the Painted Hand Casino, says that this year has been another great year for the event. Ryder says that the event is part of an overall growth of Pow Wows in the province, and that the overall trend is seeing an higher caliber of dancers and drummers at each event. Ryder says that the more dancing and

$ drumming he sees over the weekend, the more impressed he is by the level they are at. Ryder adds, the casino hosts the event to give back to the community, and to keep culture alive and relevant, especially for the youth. That is reflected in the theme of the 2014 event, “Honouring our Youth,” and Ryder says that the youth was the focus of the programming overall. Ryder says that it’s the youth that keep a culture going. The Pow Wow exists as one of the ways the Painted Hand gives back, Ryder explains, and it












139 2.9% 36 AT










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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, June 12, 2014 - Page 11A

PH Pow Wow honours youth takes a significant percentage of the casino staff to hold the event and keep it running. He says that they will continue because of the need to support culture in the community. “Why we do it is to host and honour our culture to the community, to the surrounding communities, to visitors, First Nations and non-First Nations. Give back to them because they also support us, so we support them with our culture and showing them our culture and celebrations. Also having people meet is a good time for us.”

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Page 12A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, June 12, 2014

NEWS REVIEW SPORTS Sport notes Sports Bank Drop-in The Yorkton Sports Bank is collecting used sports equipment at the Kinsmen. Come out and check out the assortment of sports equipment, including hockey gear, or donate your old equipment. Appointments are required. Contact for more information by phone at 306828-2401. Help give back to the community by donating your used equipment to those who are in need.

Learn to Run The Annual Charity Road Race and Community Walk, Learn to Run clinics began on May 6 and are still ongoing. Clinics run Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:45. There are three types of clinics: 5K, 10K and Half Marathon. The clinics take place at the Yorkton Regional School Parking Lot. There is no cost for the clinic, but participants pay registration for the Charity Road Race at the clinic. The Annual Charity Road Race and Community Walk will take place Sunday August 17. Visit The Health Foundation website at to print off a registration form or for more information

Cards Home Games The Yorkton Cardinals next home game will be on June 12 when they take on the Edmonton Prospects of the Central Division with a game time of 7:30 p.m. Yorkton will also be playing home to their East Division rivals in the third place Weyburn Beavers this weekend when the two ballclubs square off on June 14 at 7:05 p.m. before the Cardinals finish their weekend homestand against Edmonton Sunday when they play a 2:05 p.m. afternoon start. Come out and support your 2014 Yorkton Cardinals as they look to make their push towards the WMBL playoffs this season! Have a story for Sport Notes/The News Review? Send your local sports tip to sports@yorktonnews. com and your local event could be in Sport Notes. Feedback and letters are also appreciated.

YORKTON ATHLETES EARN TRACK GOLD AT PROVINCIALS – Jonah Sutter (middle left) was one of three local athletes to win gold at the 2014 SHSAA Track and Field Provincial Championship in Moose Jaw. For full results see Page 14.

Yorkton athletes claim gold at provincials By CHASE RUTTIG N-R Writer

After a successful 2014 East Central Districts Track Meet determined the athletes from the Parkland area who would be representing Team East Central at the 2014 Saskatchewan High School Athletics Association Track and Field Provincial Championship athletes from both the Yorkton Regional and Sacred Heart High School earned provincial glory as three local athletes earned gold medals. The provincial meet which was held in Moose Jaw saw Yorkton student athletes win three golds, three silvers, and seven bronze medals in what went down as a

successful end to the 2014 track seasons for both the Saints and the Raiders. Yorkton Regional’s success came in the distance running events as Jaden Porte took Senior Boys gold in the 800 meter race while Cole Burkholder won the Junior Boys 1500 meter event to give the Raiders two provincial champions. Jonah Sutter was the Saints provincial champion as he won Midget Boys long jump while David Ojo would achieve Sacred Heart’s lone silver medal by finishing second in the Junior Boys Discus. Burkholder finished second in the Junior Boys 800 meters for the Raiders silver medal while members of the

Raiders track team also featured on the East Central 4 X 400 meter relay team that earned a silver medal. Other notable athletes included Sacred Heart’s Justine Zarowny who was Yorkton’s highest finishing female athlete at Provincials, earning double bronze in the Midget Girls 1500 and 3000 meters as once again Yorkton showed its dominance in the distance events amongst the best runners in Saskatchewan. Bronze medals from Porte, Kelli Onda-Inglis (Sacred Heart), and Derek Campbell (YRHS) gave the city a total of eight medals in the distance running events, an impressive feat achieved between the two local high

schools. SHHS track coach Rachel Sterzuk was proud of the way her athletes performed at the event. “was really proud of how hard all of our athletes worked this weekend,” says Sterzuk. “Justine has such a high pain tolerance in her long distance races; it is really amazing how hard she can run. She had personal best times in all four of her races. David also had a personal best throw in order to bring home his silver medal and Jonah’s long jump was just head and shoulders above the second place finisher. Just exciting competition all weekend.” Cont. on Page 14.

Cards in slump in second week of season By CHASE RUTTIG N-R Writer After a promising 2-1 start to the 2014 Western Major Baseball League season things were looking up for the Yorkton Cardinals going into the bulk of their early June schedule, a slate that included two home games against their division rivals and defending league champion Melville Millionaires. Manager Bill Sobkow gave Jamie Whitehead the ball as the Cardinals Home Opener starter to face the Millionaires who came to Yorkton motivated by the chance of revenge after the Cards spoiled their Opening Night as league champs the week before. That motivation led to a barrage of hits on Whitehead in the first inning as the Melville bats were red hot in the top of the first, more than ruining the atmosphere on Opening Night at Jubilee Park as eight runs were scored before the hosts even stepped to the plate. Not to be deterred the Cardinals actually put up a good fight throughout the home opener despite the early collapse, shutting out the Mils for the rest of the game as Whitehead regained

his composure before Codi Scanlon helped out in relief after Whitehead pitched six innings of shutout ball to get through seven innings in his 2014 home debut. The turnaround on the mound allowed Yorkton to build a rally effort starting in the bottom of the third where the Cardinals would get half of the deficit back in a four run inning thanks to RBI’s from a familiar face in veteran Georgie Santiago. Yorkton would get two more runs in the sixth inning, but would enter the bottom of the ninth in need of at least two runs to keep their hopes of winning their home opener alive and send the fans at Jubilee Park home happy. The Cardinals would mount a rally, cashing in a runner on a sacrifice fly from Santiago but couldn’t get the second run after going down to their last out to lose in a 8-7 defeat that was a tale of one half inning spoiling an impres-

sive debut from the 2014 Cardinals on their home diamond. A fact that had coach John McVey thinking positive, especially crediting the way the team and their starting pitcher calmed down after an unfortunate early meltdown. Cont. on Page 14.

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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, June 12, 2014 - Page 13A

Sacred Heart recognizes the top in sports

TOPS IN SPORTS – Sacred Heart High School recently wrapped up an exciting year in sports with an annual sports banquet. Pictured are the students that were recognized for their achievements. (Starting above, clockwise): Greatest Contribution to Sport – (Back row) Justine Zarowny, Nathan Pidperyhora, Jonah Sutter, Jared Buzinski. (Front row) Ben Fetsch, Rita Fetsch, Allison Kruger, Caleb Sutter. Missing : Nathan Cochrane, Zach Goulden-Maddin. MVP – (Back row) Austin Walkington, Noah Clarke, Justine Guy, Jonah Sutter. (Front row) Corinn Heim, Debbie Ojo, Riana Skikewich, Lexi Guy, Justine Zarowny. Missing: Carter Ruff, Brendan Griffith. Saint Sebastian – (Back row) Reed Wishnevetski, Jared Buzinski, Tanner Kinaschuk. (Front row) Hanna Hansen, Lexi Guy, Kyle Taphorn. Missing: Christian Smith. Most Improved – (Back row) Hailey Vitkauskas, Ben Fetsch, Tannum Wyonzek, Colbie Sherring. (Front row) Justine Zarowny, Oksana Yakichuk, JilliAnn Sawatsky, Emmerson Tourand. Missing: Lauren Maier. Rookie of the Year – (Back row) Maddison Butchko, Austin Walkington. (Front row) Brody Kormos, Kade Johnson, Justine Zarowny.


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Melville Melville Edmonton Weyburn Edmonton Moose Jaw Weyburn Regina Weyburn Medicine Hat Medicine Hat Saskatoon Saskatoon Regina Regina Melville Weyburn Swift Current Swift Current Melville Moose Jaw Regina Melville

7:05 2:05 7:05 7:05 2:05 7:05 7:05 2:05 7:05 7:05 7:05 7:05 7:05 7:05 7:05 7:05 7:05 7:05 7:05 7:05 2:05 7:05 7:05

p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m.

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Cards look to shake off home struggles Cont. from Page 12.

“That is something we will have to learn as a team to work through in limiting the big innings but other than that first inning where things got a little out of control I felt the guys buckled down and played a solid baseball game tonight,” says McVey who returned as coach after filling the role last season. “Whitehead pitched a quality start after giving up all those runs and saved our bullpens arms as well as letting us work our way back into the game with some shutout baseball but we couldn’t quite get there in the end despite a good effort,” laments the coach on a tough loss. Playing in a compressed June schedule the Cardinals would have to make the trip down the highway to Regina on Saturday in between weekend games with the Millionaires, sandwiching a Saturday night road affair in between their “homestand” making life more difficult. The extra travel didn’t appear to be a problem in the early innings Yorkton would answer back from an early 1-0 Red Sox lead by scoring three runs of their own in the top of the second to start off with some needed

CARDS SWEPT BY MILS AT HOME- An eight run top of the first on Friday night foiled the Cardinals home opener against the Melville Millionaires before the East Division rivals scored a second win in Yorkton Sunday thanks to a rain shortened 4-0 win after five innings. Yorkton looks to turn things around this weekend against Edmonton. momentum as they attempted to snap a three game losing streak. Yorkton’s bats would give starter Jeff Pool one more run for a cushion in the top of the fourth, but Pool would exit the game in the sixth after allowing two runs in

his final inning of work as costly errors allowed the Red Sox to rally back to a 4-3 score after six innings. In the seventh reliever Max Chadsey would undo the Cardinals early work as the bullpen failed to finish the job on the road at Currie

Field as the Red Sox scored three runs for the second straight inning to take a 6-4 win and continue Yorkton’s losing streak in three consecutive close losses that were all down to the wire with the Cards falling just short.

On Sunday the Cardinals poor luck for the week continued as Mother Nature even gave Yorkton a bad bounce as the weather cooperated during their Sunday afternoon meeting with Melville at Jubilee Park just long enough for the Mils to score four runs in the top of the fourth before the game was ultimately called off after five innings in what was ruled as a 4-0 win for Melville in a rain shortened defeat for the fourth straight loss since their 2-1 opening weekend. Yorkton will have a golden opportunity to turn things around this weekend as the Cardinals will play three home games over the course of Thursday-Sunday when they play the Edmonton Prospects twice with a game against the Weyburn Beavers separating the weekend series between Edmonton and Yorkton. Sitting at 2-5 on the season it is clear that Yorkton will have intentions of making the most of their first true homestand this weekend, but will need to find a way to close the deal as the late innings haven’t went their way as of late. If the Cards can put together nine inning performances this weekend a turnaround is likely.

2014 SHSAA track meet medals & results Cont. from Page 12. Official medal winning results for YRHS/ SHHS athletes: GOLD- Jaden Porte (YRHS)-- Senior Boys 800 meters GOLD- Jonah Sutter (Sacred Heart)-- Midget Boys Long Jump GOLD- Cole Burkholder (YRHS)-- Junior Boys 1500 meters SILVERCole Burkholder (YRHS)-Junior Boys 800 meters SILVER- David Ojo (Sacred Heart)-- Junior

Boys Discus SILVER- Boys 4X400 Meter Relay BRONZE- Jaden Porte (YRHS)-- Senior Boys 1500 meters BRONZE- Kelli OndaInglis (Sacred Heart)-Junior Girls 800 meters BRONZE - Justine Zarowny (Sacred Heart)-- Midget Girls 1500 meters & 3000 meters BRONZEDerek Campbell (YRHS)-Midget Boys 3000 meters

BRONZECassidy Stachowich (Melville)-Junior Girls Long Jump

Midget Boys

800m – Silver Medal

Jaden Porte 800m – Gold Medal

Derek Campbell 3000m – Bronze Medal

Boys Open 4x400m Relay – Silver Medal

1500m – Bronze Medal

BRONZEBrenden Weber (YRHS)-- Senior Boys 200 meters

1500m – 4th Place Jaret Porte 800m – 6th Place

Haylen Langelier Boys Open 4x400m Relay – Silver Medal

Brendon Weber 200m – Bronze Medal

Junior Girls

1500m – 8th Place

100m – 4th Place

Kellie Onda-Inglis 800m – Bronze Medal

Caleb Bymak Shot Put – 4th Place

Boys Open 4x100m Relay – Bronze Medal

Pole Vault – 5th Place

Long Jump – 6th Place

Jessica Lutz: 4th Place

400m – 7th Place

Midget Girls

Junior Boys

Peter Kozushka Shot Put – 8th Place

Darius Haberstock 4x100m Relay – Bronze Medal

Alex Flaman Pole Vault - 5th Place

Cole Burkholder 1500m – Gold Medal

BRONZE- Senior Boys 4X100 meter Relay YRHS Top 8 Finishes Girls Quadathlon


Senior Boys

Boys Open 4x400m Relay – Silver Medal

Carl Petersen Pole Vault – 6th Place

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2014 World Cup Preview: Rapid fire group stage picks Ruttig’s rants

Thursday marks the start of the world’s greatest sporting event as the World Cup begins in Brazil with 32 countries looking to win what is the most prized trophy in world sports. For Canadians who love hockey and like to poke fun of football/soccer the World Cup is a time to break out those same stupid jokes that have been floating around the internet for nearly 15 years now about how it is a sport for wussies and how players dive and fake injuries, ignoring the constant diving and faking of injuries in the Stanley Cup to do so. However for the rest of the world the World Cup stops everything and becomes the biggest event since well, the last World Cup and this year’s tournament should be a historic one. Despite FIFA’s corruption along with the Brazil government ignoring the poverty of a large number of its citizens to host the event and the protests that have stemmed from it, the on-pitch quality of this tournament should once again be top class. From Brazil and Argentina trying to outdo each other for South American bragging rights to the European powerhouses trying to end their South American curses there will be high drama this month that sports fans will all likely eventually cave in to watching regardless of their feelings towards the sport. Whether you think football is a religion or you think it is “boring and for wusses” here is what you need to know about each group in the 2014 World Cup. Group A

thanks to star Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric, but missing top striker Mario Mandzukic for the start of the tournament thanks to a red card in their final qualifier and playing Brazil first will put them behind a potential winner of Mexico/Cameroon on points. This group will likely come down to results other than in the Brazil matches, but if any of the three underdogs can upset Brazil it should push them through to the knockout rounds. Prediction: Brazil/ Mexico advance Group B Spain Netherlands Chile Australia

2010’s finalists in Spain and Holland will square off on Friday in what is a weird draw that pits the two best nations from the last World Cup in the same group. Spain actually have the most difficult draw in Group B as they will play the Netherlands in the WC 2010 Final rematch before taking on South American sleepers Chile who finished qualifying on a 5-0-1 streak while their main competition in the group get to face punching bag Australia. If Spain fail to get points against either two countries in their first matches there is a chance the defending World Cup champions don’t even see the knockout stages, a crazy but possible thought. Prediction: Netherlands/Chile advance Group C

Prediction: France/ Honduras advance Group F

Column Chase Ruttig Group D

France Ecuador Honduras

Uruguay Italy England Costa Rica A group that ensures one historical European powerhouse or a South American favorite bow out early could fall down to the health of Liverpool strike Luis Suarez, who is Uruguay’s star player coming off a knee cartilage surgery. With England already drawing Ecuador and Honduras in friendlies, a slowed down Suarez provides their only hope of not being sent home early from Brazil. Predictions: Italy/ England advance Group E Switzerland

France are heavy favorites to make quick work of what many consider to be a weaker group, but Ecuador and Honduras showed England that they will not be intimidated under climates that suit both countries that are used to the type of heat that will be experienced in Brazil. Something that might foil a Swiss side that is long on quality from the German Bundesliga, but could fall victims to the elements against underrated Ecuador/Honduras teams. In Group E, Honduras could be the Wild Card as their willingness to do whatever it takes to win could frustrate opponents enough to steal the final knockout spot.

Argentina Bosnia and govina Iran Nigeria


Argentina are a lock to get out of a group that luckily enough might be the weakest of all, while Bosnia should take the second knockout round spot quite easily on the back of Manchester City strike Edin Dzeko. Predictions: Argentina/B&H advance

Europe’s best hope of a World Cup winner in Brazil and should advance, leaving Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal, African giants Ghana and the always scrappy Americans to fight for the other knockout round spot. Nothing is a guarantee in this group and getting a draw out of Germany might be the decider of fates in a group where many will feel it is a shame any country had to be eliminated early. Prediction: Germany/ USA advance. Group H Belgium Russia Algeria South Korea

Group G Germany Portugal Ghana USA The toughest group to predict pits four countries who likely wish they could have landed in Group F or Group G as the “Group of Death” label has been split by this group and Group D for quite some time based on the loaded quality in the group. Despite battling injuries to some star players, Germany are

Belgium are the potential darlings of the World Cup and should show why in a group that should present little challenge for them, but an injury to Russia’s Shirokov has opened the door for both Algeria and South Korea to steal the second spot in what is to be quite honest a boring group. Prediction: Belgium/ South Korea advance

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Colombia Greece Ivory Coast Japan

Brazil Croatia Mexico Cameroon A group that would be extremely interesting if many didn’t feel Brazil automatically has one of the two knockout round spots in the bag should produce some great matchups from countries all around the globe as Group A has representatives from South America, North America, Europe and Africa’s top countries. Outside of the hosts, Croatia, Mexico or Cameroon all could realistically make the knockout stages as all three have world class talent along with good results in the lead up to the World Cup during the many exhibition “friendlies” that have served as a preseason of sorts. Croatia will be the favorites to advance

Another stacked group that could go many ways pits four countries that have tasted success in the modern era but have never been able to do so at a World Cup. Colombia famously bottoming out in 1994, Greece winning the 2002 Euro Cup and both Ivory Coast/Japan having “Golden Generations” who haven’t got over the hump in the big stage. In a group where anything can happen, look for the Greeks to be a tough out as their reputation for being able to prevent opponents from scoring will be tough to handle if not leading to some boring matches. Prediction: Coast/Greece vance

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AUCTIONEERS HUGE MARINE & RECREATIONAL AUCTION!!! Saturday/ June 21st/ 8 A.M. Barrie, ON Boats/Trailers, RV's, Travel-Trailers, 5th-Wheels, ATV's/PWC's, Snowmobiles. For full listing & pictures visit Online Bidding Available. CONSIGNMENTS WELCOME! 1-866375-6109

AUCTIONEERS REAL ESTATE & Farm Auction for Lloyd & Sharon Sawyer, 11 am, Sunday, June 22, Kelliher, SK. House built 1992, 1600 sqft, 5 bedrooms, 2 full bath - 1 w/jet tun, Asphalt shingles, Vinyl siding, Propane hot water heater, washer, dryer, fridge, stove, water softener, 24'x16' Shed, tin, insulated, cement floor, 2 small barns, 28'x68' cattle shelter, corrals, 2 water bowls, 2 steel bins. Land: 160 ac with 80 ac of tame hay, fenced. Tractors: 1998 MF 4253 MFWD Diesel w/ Quicke Q940 FEL & Grapple; 1212 David Brown Diesel Tractor; 722 Bobcat, w/ Bucket & Grapple, Gas. 3 pth Cultivator; King Kutter 3pth Blade; Rhino 5ft 3pth Rotary Mower; Power mate Rototiller ; 22 - Morris M-11 Seed rites; Long MFG Sakundiak 7x41 Auger; 3pth Fertilizer Spreader; JD 1209 12' Mower Conditioner; Vermeer 605 K Round Baler; MF Side Delivery Rake; Estate Sprayer; 2003 Charger 26' T/A GN Flatdeck Trailer; Hi-Hog maternity pen; Hi-Hog Squeeze Chute; Corral Panels; gates; Round Bale Feeders; NH518 Manure Spreader; 2002 Jiffy 920 Bale Processor; Silver Lake Trailer Post Pounder; Wetmore Mix Mill; Onan 200 Portaweld Diesel Welder; Pressure Washer; Air Compressor; Forney 180 Welder; 14 ft Fiberglass Boat, 50 hp Merc, Outboard, Mercury 7.5 hp Outboard Motor; JD 0-Turn Lawn mower 54 in; 2008 Arctic Cat 700 cc Quad; Gran Prix 8hp Snowblower; Garden Tools; Various Household Items; Many other items. PL#331982 Brad 30-551-9411, the owner 306-675-2230

FEED & SEED Buying/Selling FEED GRAINS heated / damaged CANOLA/FLAX Top price paid FOB FARM

Western Commodities 877-695-6461 Visit our website @


STEEL BUILDINGS / GRANARIES STEEL BUILDINGS/METAL BUILDINGS UP TO 60% OFF! 30x40, 40x60, 50x80, 60x100, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call: 1-800-457-2206.

DOMESTIC CARS 1987 Luxury FORD T-BIRD for sale 2 door coupe, 91,000 original miles on this beauty, Collector! Asking $14,000 - MUST SELL Contact number 1-204-937-2907

AUCTIONS Property Auction Raymond Duchek/Estate of Louise. June 27, 2014 10am. 225 George Cres., Esterhazy, SK. 1138 sq. ft. home, household, garage, antiques. Karla's Auction 306-782-0787

Page 18A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, June 12, 2014

Full Line of Plumbing, Heating, Electrical • Residential and Commercial Wiring • Renovations • Fixture and Faucet Installation and Repair • Oil, Gas and Propane Systems


Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Service Ltd. 225 - 4th Ave. N. Yorkton, Sask. S3N 1A9 Phone: (306) 783-4020 Fax: (306) 782-5354

Ron Skinner 306-621-7700

REAL ESTATE NEWS CORE Real Estate would like to Welcome Carma Gramyk to the Team! Listing or Selling give Carma a call.

NOW UNDER NEWJodyLOCAL OWNERSHIP Johnson Owner/Design Consultant




The Best in Custom Blinds and Window Coverings


44 - 2nd Ave. N. 306-783-1699 Budget Blinds of East Central Saskatchewan Serving Postal Codes: S0A, S3N, S0E

NEW LOCATION: 27 1st Avenue N. Yorkton, SK As of May 1st, 2014

Long Service Award

Spring Features

306.621.4614 ▪ ▪

Feature Properties

20 Ontario Avenue

7 Henderson Street West

Yorkton, SK MLS® 500024 "5 Main Floor Bedrooms"

Yorkton, SK MLS® 500018 Move in Ready!








Blue Chip Realty

PREMIER REALTY 45C Palliser Way, Yorkton

The Award of Excellence

Vange Vallaster 621-7272

Helping you is what we do.™




256-1st Ave. N.

20 Alexander

308-289 Fietz St.

MLS® 498040

MLS® 474741

MLS® 490548

36 Ontario

868 sq. ft., 2 bedrooms, detached single car garage, large fenced backyard.


154,900 MLS® 482308

Each office independently owned & operated.

269A Hamilton Road, Yorkton, SK 306-783-6666 (Office) or email


Blue Chip Realty


269 Hamilton Road, Yorkton, SK 306 783-6666 Email: or

Pat Pugh Cell: 621-1119 Home: 783-7629 Fax: 786-7918

would like to congratulate

Stacy Neufeld on her

145 Gladstone Ave. S.

163 Duncan St. W.

68 Fenson Crescent

79 Agricultural Ave.

1144 sq/ ft., 3 bedroom bungalow on a large lot, detached garage.

1-1/2 storey, 3 bedroom home. Close to schools.

2 bedroom, 1/2 duplex, attached garage.

Two - 2 bedroom suites, one on the main floor & one upstairs.

OPEN HOUSE June 12 •5 - 7 pm



MLS® 500240



MLS® 499504



MLS® 499505



MLS® 482501

We'll come to you! Request a free, no obligation measurement for your next flooring project! For a free room measure visit

To all my customers: I want you to know that your happy faces that greet me when I give you keys to your new home or when we put up the SOLD sign - that’s what makes my day! Thank you for your trust, repeat business, good times and most of all . . . telling all your friends about me! I love what I do! ®

The ONE store for your perfect floor.™ Linden Square Shopping Centre, Yorkton, SK Phone: 306-782-6556 Toll Free: 1-888-782-6556

Stacy Neufeld REALTOR®

BLUE CHIP REALTY 269A Hamilton Road, Yorkton, SK



THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, June 12, 2014 - Page 19A


Better deals on better water, ASK pure and simple. OUT OUR

no Comfort Forme III interest $ 549 and no payments Comfort Forme I for Comfort Forme II 12 months $ 449 $ 399 on a wide selection Instant Savings g Save Save Buy 2 of  Buy 3  Furniture & $1198 Mattresses**


Queen Mattress Set


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when you purchase a CulliganÂŽ water conditioner or drinking water system*




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Purchase a High Efficiency Water Softener and Aqua-CleerÂŽ Drinking Water System and receive

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High Efficiency Front Load Team




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27.8 cft French Door Refrigerator

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Resists ďŹ ngerprints and is easy to clean

Stainless Tall Tub Dishwasher

Dual Convection Slide In Range


Perfect for cooking multiple dishes at once. Our dual DPOWFDUJPOGBOTZTUFNXJUI BIFBUJOHFMFNFOUFWFOMZ distributes heat for faster BOENPSFFWFOCBLJOHBOE roasting. $1&41''




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Minute One 30 wash, one dry, Quick Wash one time

DualEffortless Convection Temperature Fans Probe




30� Glass Cooktop 'MF 'MFYJCMFFMFNFOUTFYQBOEUPZPVS cooking needs. Can be installed co BCPWFB'SJHJEBJSFXBMMPWFOGPS B space efficiency. '(&$.4









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Call your local CulliganÂŽ dealer today

“Over 65 Years of Sales & Service�

Culligan of Yorkton 306-782-2644 800-756-5545

60 Myrtle Avenue Yorkton, SK S3N 1P7 306-782-2274


JUNE SAVINGS Armadillo From Rhino Deck Composite has never looked better. Armadillo’s “hardshellâ€? is permanentl fused to its composite core. The unique composition of the outer layer provides better control over pigmentation, resulting in a denser, richer color, more variation and a more realistic look. IT’S FULLY ARMORED: Armadillo’s super hard exterior shrug off scuffs, stains & boasts superior resistance to fading. OUT OF SIGHT: Armadillo’s grooved planks enable the use of the Rhino Deck hidden fastener system. It provides a clean, uninterrupted look and quick installation. • 20 year manufacturer’s warranty including 2 year defective parts replacement warranty • 5/4â€? x 6â€? - 12’, 16’ & 20’ • 3 colors


Perfect for enclosing sun decks, balconies, staircases, and swimming pools. Low maintenance no rusting or rotting and no repainting required. White and Black are in-stock, other colours are available on special order.

Features a unique non-welded design which allows the railings to be custom fitted during installation. Tough powder coated finish with durable polyurethane. • In-stock - white only




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5/4� X 5� CEDAR DECKING Ideally suited to our outdoor lifestyle. Cedar is naturally resistant to moisture, decay and insect attack.







SIKKENS STAINS Siding, trim, doors & more! For all your cedar projects. Save off in-stock regular prices


10 SERVICES DOOR SHOP you 'll need to install your new We've got everything door stops etc. At door . . . Lock sets, shims, door shop services, e plet com r offe we r, dso Win and mortising for including prehanging, drilling alling glass. inst and bs kno hinges and No Problem!




With a littlel imagination, there is no end to the possibilities when it comes to your deck. Pressure treated for long life against insects and rot.

2� x 6� or 5/4� x 6�

10% OFF

Black cast aluminum inserts

Prices in effect until June 28, 2014, or while quantities last! • Visit us on the net:

HWY 10 EAST • YORKTON • 1-800-458-9663

PHONE: 306-782-2937 • FAX 306-783-8487

The you need to know!

and check out the deals

STORE HOURS: Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:30pm Sat: 8:00am - 5:00pm • Closed Sundays & holidays for family time

Windsor Plywood

Page 20A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, June 12, 2014

306. 782. 9680

93 RIVERSIDE TERR. 9 ng N e w L is ti

$675,000 Size: 2,150 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 2009 Bathrooms: 3 Taxes: $4207 EXCLUSIVE

50 Tupper Ave

70 Rae St

5 Third Ave N, Yorkton SK, S3N 1C1 (306) 782-9680

MLS® 499960

202 0 FOURTH OU AVE.. S.

#1 - 52 FENSON CRES.

Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1954 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1557 (2013) Size: 816 sq. ft. MLS® 491489

$285,000 Size: 1,079 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 2003 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $2151 (2013) MLS® 497302 Text: CORE18 to 33344


#104-289 FIETZ ST.


$131,900 Size: 948 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 1931 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1236 (2012) MLS® 494294

$159,900 Size: 1,011 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1981 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1267 (2013) MLS® 492721

$147,000 Size: 720 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 1949 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1262 (2013) MLS® 494385



70 RAE ST.

Size: 2,512 sq. ft. Year Built: 1974 Taxes: $2652 MLS® 497906


$284,900 Size: 1,250 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1961 Bathrooms: 3 Taxes: $1272 (2013) MLS® 488999 Text: CORE31 to 33344


Size: 1,350 sq. ft. Year Built: 2009 Taxes: $1940

MLS® 485543 Text: CORE14 to 33344


$330,000 Size: 1,120 sq. ft.



ng N e w L is ti

$279,000 Size: 1,495 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Taxes: $1300 (2013) Bathrooms: 2 MLS® 499167 Text: CORE52 to 33344


S O LD by M L S

$129,900 Size: 768 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 1958 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1470 (2014) MLS® 500403

$349,900 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3

Size: 948 sq. ft. Year Built: 1951 Taxes: $1458 (2014)


ng N e w L is ti

$379,900 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3

ng N e w L is ti

MLS® 500833 Text: CORE23 to 33344

MLS® 500635

Size: 868 sq. ft. Year Built: 1952 Taxes: $1753 (2013)

MLS® 498893

ng N e w L is ti


Size: 1,380 sq. ft. Year Built: 1966 Taxes: $2266 (2014)

29 5TH AVE. N.

$189,900 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2

25 Newfield Pl


ng N e w L is ti

MLS® 500635

MLS® 497906

114 Gladstone Ave S



Brooke Niezgoda Residential Sales 306.621.2586

$289,900 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3


MLS® 487064


MLS® 499906

$239,000 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2

Gavin Konkel Specializing in Farm, Acreage and Ag 306.641.9123

SATURDAY June 14th

ng N e w L is ti

Size: 1,276 sq. ft. Year Built: 2008 Taxes: $2930 (2013)

Carma Gramyk Residential Sales 306.621.4616



$455,000 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3

Corey Werner Owner/Broker 306.621.9680

Year Built: 1974

MLS® 495204

$295,900 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2

$29,900 VACANT LOT

Size: 1,112 sq. ft. Year Built: 1976 Taxes: $2101 MLS® 498120


$329,900 Size: 1,145 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1997 Bathrooms: 2 MLS® 496197


$129,000 Size: 1,040 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1968 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1000 (2013) MLS® 494106


MLS® 498961


$150,000 Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1

Size: 672 sq. ft. Year Built: 1985 Taxes: $1117 (2013)

MLS® 487951 Text: CORE19 to 33344

$189,000 Size: 1,092 sq. ft. Year Built: 1976 Bedrooms: 5 Taxes: $1600 (2013) Bathrooms: 1 MLS® 491624


5 Acres

$609,000 Size: 2,180 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 5 Year Built: 2011 Bathrooms: 3 Taxes: $5000 (2013) MLS® 493102


$349,900 Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 3

Size: 1,736 sq. ft. Year Built: 1988 Taxes: $2891 (2013)

MLS® 486915 Text: CORE33 to 33344


$259,900 Size: 1,070 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 2013 Bathrooms: 3 Taxes: $0 (2013) MLS® 492274 Text: CORE25 to 33344


$40,999 VACANT LOT MLS® 497532


$474,000 160 Acres Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3 Size: 1,118 sq. ft. Year Built: 1979 MLS® 488645

$186,900 Size: 1,202 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1932 Taxes: $1377 Bathrooms: 2 MLS® 492808 Text: CORE28 to 33344

$369,000 40 Acres Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3 Size: 1118 sq. ft. Year Built: 1979 Taxes: $1852 (2013) MLS® 488611

East Shore Estates SALTCOATS LAKE FRONT LOTS FOR SALE 2 - 23 Anderson Trail MLS® 488309 $ 39,900 Each Text: CORE22 to 33344

$445,000 Size: 1,809 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1995 Bathrooms: 4 Taxes: $2803 (2013) MLS® 491920 Text: CORE10 to 33344


$335,000 Size: 1,293 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1986 Bathrooms: 3 Taxes: $2574 (2013) MLS® 490431 Text: CORE5 to 33344


LEASE Year Built: 1957 $7.25 MLS® 495371


$155,000 Bathrooms: 2 1,180 sq. ft. $199,900 Size: Bedrooms: 6 3 Size: 1,334Year sq. ft.Built: 2011 Bedrooms: Bathrooms: MLS®1 477123 Taxes: $1200 (2013) Text: CORE27 to 490594 33344 MLS®


$450,000 51 acres Size: 1,516 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 1982 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1814 (2013) MLS® 498208



8 Acres

27 Acres

$175,000 Size: 988 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1952 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: 0.00 (2013) MLS® 484466 Text: CORE4 to 33344

$269,000 Size: 1,131 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 1950 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $0.00 (2013) MLS® 484532 Text: CORE12 to 33344

Yorkton News Review June 12, 2014  

A weekly newspaper covering Yorkton and surrounding area

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