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Thursday, August 8, 2013 - Volume 16, Number 25

New program to assist older workers Just because they are aging, doesn’t mean they don’t have plenty to offer. Workers are hard to come by for many employers in Saskatchewan’s strong economic climate. A labour market analysis by Sask Trends Monitor suggests increased workforce participation from people aged 55 and up may offer some relief to that stress. The Parkland College has announced it is doing its part to help out by participating in the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers (TIOW) program – a project sponsored by the Ministry of the Economy and cost-shared with the federal government.

The TIOW program offers assistance to people over 55 who are retired or unemployed. The projects help older workers get the skills they need to participate in the job market and aims to help employers meet their staffing requirements by hiring those workers. This fall in Kamsack, the Parkland College is offering the Mature Workers program. The three-month program begins September 9. Information sessions are scheduled at the college’s Kamsack location (Crowstand Centre, 241 2nd Street) on Aug. 14 and 15, 10 a.m. both days. Assessment interviews will follow in the afternoon.

“Mature workers are a valuable natural resource, and we know there are many open jobs on the market,” comments Gail Gorchynski, Essential Skills consultant with Parkland College. “With the right training and upgrading, older workers can play a pivotal role in meeting employers’ needs.” To participate in the program, the Ministry of the Economy mandates that older workers must be: • 55-64 years of age (50-54 and 64+ years of age may also be accepted); • retired or unemployed; • legally entitled to work in Canada, and; • lacking skills needed for

successful integration into new employment. Each TIOW project has its own activities. These may include vocational and/or learning assessments, peer mentoring, basic skills upgrading, skills training, work experience, preparation for self-employment, direct marketing to employers, resume and interview skills, and counselling. The Canadian population is rapidly getting older because of longer life expectancy, low birth rates, and the aging of the “baby boomers,” the bulk of whom are now in their early-to-mid 50s. The average age of retirement in Canada, at 62 years of age, is climbing as people stay in their

jobs longer or retire and start a different job. Over the last decade in Saskatchewan, employment among older workers has grown at about four times the province’s total employment rate. Older workers accounted for one in five people working in 2011. “There are many reasons why people re-enter the workforce at the usual retirement age, whether they need extra money or just want to stay connected to society and feel like they’re making a difference,” Gorchynski adds. “We encourage anyone meeting the Ministry’s criteria to join us at the information sessions on August 14 and 15.”

A STEP BACK IN TIME – It was a local opportunity to take a journey back in time at Yorkton’s 58th annual Threshermen’s Show and Seniors’ Festival held over the weekend. From a variety of antique displays, to threshing demonstrations (pictured above), to fresh baked bread from an authentic clay oven, the event had much for visitors to take in and experience. See more on Page 2.


Limited Credit? You can still get into a Nissan Nissan Canada is pleased to announce our

First Time Buyer’s Program


– a payment plan designed for customers with limited or no credit. The First Time Buyer’s Program is available on new 2014 Versa Sedan and Versa Note vehicles as well as 2013 Juke, Rogue, Altima and Sentra vehicles. You are eligible for this offer if you: • Have no prior automotive or lease experience • Have a minimum of $500 down payment if financing • If leasing, first month payment Ability: • You must be able to satisfy your monthly obligations with your current monthly income. Stability: • You must be 3 months in your current job or equivalent to and provide verification of your income or a qualified co-buyer is required. Phone: 306-783-9461 Toll Free: 1-877-778-4227

If you meet the eligibility requirements above, you could qualify for financing under our First Time Buyer Program. Establishing good credit under our program, by making your payments on time, will make it easier for you to obtain financing in the future. You will have good credit history in no time.

Page 2A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, August 8, 2013

The yellow saw pictured above was on display at this year’s Threshermen’s Show. It is the only one of its kind in the world.

You ‘saw’ it at the Threshermen’s Show: unique collector By SHANNON DEVEAU N-R Writer It’s not everyday you run into a guy toting along over 100 chain saws but anyone venturing to this year’s Threshermen’s and Seniors’ Festival held over the weekend in Yorkton had the opportunity to do just that. Among the many displays was a collection of vintage chain saws owned by Pelly resident Kevin Krotenko. What started as a small interest has grown into a full blown hobby and there’s no stopping Krotenko now when it comes to adding to his stash. “I have a collection of saws from almost the get go of gas powered chain saws in Canada – from the very early 40s, to the mid 60s,” he says adding, he was a logger for 20 years and has long been familiar with chain saws. “One day I found an old one in my uncle’s shop and the next thing you know, one turned into 300.” Three hundred is his best estimate as to how many he has on hand and display at home. He brought with him to Yorkton just over 100 as trailer space limited the number with which could travel. It’s plenty of work to pack up heavy saws and to cart them around the countryside but it’s become a hobby Krotenko says he has a passion for and he has no intention of stopping now. “This is my first time displaying in Yorkton but I’ve been to a few other museum days events, antique steam shows... we actually travel all the way out to Wisconsin to a big steam show out there. “A lot of people really get a kick out of seeing them. Nobody gets to see anything like this and nobody really knows where chain saws come from... so this is now my hobby that’s kind of gone out of control – that’s what my wife says anyway,” he chuckles.

While he will collect any piece that’s old and unique, Krotenko says he’s particularly fond of IEL (Industrial Engineering Limited) saws that were built in Canada years ago. “I’ve almost got them all,” he says. Aside from these he points out another favorite, a diesel saw he owns that he says is one of only a handful available in Canada. He is also the proud owner of one saw that is the only one of it’s kind in the world. Built as a prototype that never made the final building stage, Krotenko found it two weeks ago in Winnipeg. “As far as the world is concerned, that saw was scrapped. But it turns out there was one out there and it’s right here.” Many of his saws are still in working order. Each, he says, was designed for different purposes and thus the wide variety of looks, shapes and sizes. “A lot of them I won’t waste my time collecting because they’re just run of the mill stuff. I collect the odd ball, weird stuff. The ones that don’t look like a chain saw are the ones I’m after... I’m kind a pre 1960s collector.” He guesses his oldest saw actually dates back to the 1920s. “It runs off of air. It was before gas engines were added to chain saws.” Distance is no barrier when it comes to adding to his collection either. “I think the farthest I’ve driven is Cincinatti, Ohio.” But he has connections that could take him further. Krotenko belongs to a club based in Sweden comprised of collectors like himself. “I think there are about 3,500 of us worldwide – and they all know me. I get emails all the time from people looking for different things... they’re all looking for something Canadian built...” It’s safe to say if he stumbles upon an interesting piece he will do his best to make it his own. “It’s a non-stop constant thing. There are 7,000 different models of saws in the world... and I’m a few thousand short,” he laughs.

PELLY RESIDENT Kevin Krotenko is one of 3,500 known chain saw collectors world wide. He had a large display of his unique pieces with him at this year’s Threshermen’s Show and Seniors’ Festival.

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ng N e w L is ti

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For more info 306.782.9680

Licensee: Society for the Involvement of Good Neighbors * LoƩery License# RR13-0065 * Only 3000 Ticket Printed * And only available for purchase/sale within Saskatchewan

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, August 8, 2013 - Page 3A

Partnering to “Drive Away Hunger” By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer Farm Credit Canada’s Drive Away Hunger campaign has been running for the past ten years. Since that time it has collected 9.2 million pounds of food and $760,000 in Canada. The organization recently held a barbecue and food drive at the Yorkton Co-op as part of the program. Toby Frisk, district director of Farm Credit Canada in Yorkton, says that the initiative is something which FCC is dedicated to across the country. “We’re raising funds and awareness for a great cause, and that is feeding the people in Canada who need to be fed, and there is a great need for that.” All of the food and money raised in Yorkton stays in the city, Frisk notes, with contributions going to the Salvation Army Food Bank and The Soup Haven. People could buy pre-assembled bags of food which is needed most, Frisk notes, and that would go to local people who are in need of that support, as well as cash donations or buying a hot dog and a drink. Frisk says that he believes this program is necessary to meet the large needs of the community. He notes that the Soup Haven feeds over 300 kids daily, and says that hearing numbers like that confirms that there is a great need to support these programs. The greater goal of events like this is right in the name, to drive away hunger, and Frisk says that the event is a small part of a much larger national goal. “It’s a national event that really drives awareness of the food bank system in Canada, the need and we do a lot of raise food and dollars for the cause.” In the fall, FCC will be doing a Drive Away Hunger tour, which takes a tractor and trailer to different locations to collect food and donations.

Yutan Ironstand remembered

FARM CREDIT CANADA employees work to Drive Away Hunger, hosting an event at the Yorkton Co-op to raise awareness and funds for the cause. All proceeds stayed local, with the event supporting the Salvation Army Food Bank and the Soup Haven.

By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer Two years ago, fourteen year old Yutan Ironstand was killed in a collision at the corner of Smith Street and Gladstone. Since then, on the day of his death, his family has been holding a vigil to remember the boy. Debbie Delorme, Ironstand’s grandmother, says that even two years later it is still just as difficult as it was when they found out and his parents, Alicia and Robert, have difficulty talking about what happened. “I couldn’t believe it... When I answered the phone, it was the last thing I would ever expect, that my grandson was gone,” Delorme says. Continued on Page 6.

DEBBIE DELORME remembers her grandson Yutan Ironstand at a candlelight vigil. Ironstand was killed in a collision at the corner of Smith Street and Gladstone Ave two years ago.

Yorkton KidSport is proud to announce that nearly $17,000 was raised at the 2nd Annual Stix on Broadway Street Hockey Tournament that was held on May 4th at the Kinsmen Arena in Yorkton. The highest pledging team was Rocen’s Brake-Aways who raised over $2,000 in pledges. Congratulations to the winners of this year’s charity tournament – Kicking Assets and Taking Names. The Yorkton KidSport committee thanks everyone for participating and we look forward to seeing you out next year! A big thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers for another successful year. This event would not be possible without your support. KidSport™ is a children’s charity dedicated to assisting children of families facing financial obstacles to participate in community sport programs.

Yorkton KidSport thanks the following sponsors for making this event possible.

Page 4A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, August 8, 2013

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Ken Chyz Diane St. Marie Shannon Deveau Devin Wilger Chase Ruttig ADVERTISING: Renée Haas Buddy Boudreault PRODUCTION MANAGER: Carol Melnechenko PRODUCTION: Diane St. Marie Joanne Michael CIRCULATION: Mindy Gaber

Hats off to Sask. heritage! While growth, change and advancements are all welcome and needed if we want to progress as a province, taking care of our heritage and the foundation that helped make us what we are today is also important. What would Saskatchewan look like if there were no reminders of where it all began? Hats off to the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation that works to continue to preserve our province’s heritage and history by working with individuals and communities. Recently the foundation announced its first grant adjudication for the 2013-14 fiscal year, allocating a total of $170,000 to 17 heritage conservation projects, including dollars for the old flour mill in Yorkton. “Projects supported through the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation benefit our province and our quality of life by promoting our past, educating future generations, and creating a sense of pride in our province’s rich history,” Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Kevin Doherty says. “By working together to preserve our cultural heritage, we also create tourism opportunities and help grow our province.” “Foundation grant programs compliment the efforts of communities, individuals and heritage property owners wishing to conserve and research our province’s heritage,” Foundation Chairperson Wesley Moore adds. “Historic places not only strengthen our communities, but link us with the past by sharing the visions and contributions of those who came before us.” It’s because of those dreams and perseverance that Saskatchewan has continued to grow into the vibrant province that we now proudly call home.

Don’t worry about it, we have you covered Now why doesn’t this surprise me? I seem to be picking on government a lot lately but boy have they made it easy with all the negative press making the headlines. The latest in the long line of misgivings... Apparently the head of Elections Canada is urging the federal government to “bring down the hammer” on Liberal candidates who to date have not repaid their campaign loans (from the 2006 election!) That’s seven years ago and we’re not talking $50 loans, we’re talking almost $400,000 worth! Reportedly one candidate (not to mention names ahem... but former MP Ken Dryden who is now an officer of the Order of Canada – whatever that means) owes a whopping $225,000!!! Another owes $97,800, another $69,000 and it even trickles down to the former leader of the Liberal Party, Stephane Dion, who has yet to pay back $7,500. He claims he wasn’t aware he owed the money but are we really to believe that? Short of declaring bankruptcy, in what reality could the rest of us Canadians get away with leaving outstanding debts in these amounts unsettled? We wouldn’t, end of story.

While there are laws in place that say the loans need to be repaid, according to our Chief Electoral Officer, Marc Mayrand, the system is far too lax and something needs to be done to change it. I would have to agree. failure to Shannon Deveau Supposedly repay can result in penalties upwards of $1,000 and three months in jail but obviously there must be some loopholes and plenty of leniency. As such, Mayrand is calling for a reform in the election law. “It is clear that the leadership contestants who continue to have unpaid debts from the Liberal Party of Canada’s 2006 leadership contest are not in compliance with the Canada Elections Act,” he says. “However, the Act, as currently drafted, does not provide a means by which these contestants can be sanctioned or compelled to repay their outstanding debts.” The $400,000 is minor in the grand scheme of things. Unpaid loans extend to hundreds of past candidates (many of whom now hold seats in parliament) and millions of dollars worth of unpaid debt. Why do we stand for this? It’s time for some clean up in Ottawa apparently it will be up to you and I to ensure it happens.

The way I see it... Column

Can we get more than celebrities on till three? Standing in line at the supermarket recently, I saw no less than five magazines doing a cover story on the death of actor and singer Cory Monteith. In fact, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that one could not pick up a single publication in that line without getting some kind of feature on the young man, each one handled with a varying degree of respect. One might suggest that the sheer amount of coverage is an inherently bad thing, but that’s not what bothered me. Lots of people were fans of the young man, so naturally any publications that are focused on celebrity culture would do their own spin on the story. No, what the death of Monteith made obvious is that, when standing in line at the store, there is very little other than celebrity gossip on display. It sells, and it’s there because that’s what moves in a grocery store. It has likely been proven over many years that this celebrity obsession moves units. Most weeks, there are all sorts of different celebrity gossip stories, so nobody notices how we have a wide variety of magazines offering the same thing. It’s all a bunch of nonsense about the trials and tribulations of the rich and famous, and they sell well enough that this kind of magazine has slowly taken over the entirety of the checkout line. However, given changing demographics and the

Things I do with words... Column Devin Wilger different way people consume information, why isn’t there a greater variety of publications at the checkout line? In a battle to get eyes and convince people to put a magazine on the conveyor, it’s the right time to start reconsidering exactly what makes sense on the checkout line. Celebrity gossip might be a reliable seller, but it’s not going to sell to everyone, and there are enough sources for it that the checkout line is going to be increasingly limited in the amount that it can actually support. It’s time to start thinking about what else people want to read, and if we can get publications with a bit more variation in the impulse section of the store.

I can’t claim to know what the best combination of ideas are, and that would vary at the various stores anyway. The solution is easy, just start experimenting with different magazines up by the counter, and see what gets a response. A magazine that has different content might draw eyes, and might become an impulse purchase, even for those who actively ignore the cavalcade of gossip that assaults their eyes. There is a risk it might not sell, but such an experiment would not take up too much real estate, so there would not be a substantial loss of profit. There’s a reward for taking that risk, so someone should do it. Since nobody wants to risk changing what works, I can’t anticipate a big change to the grocery line magazine selection. Apart from the death of Weekly World News and the introduction of Hello, the magazine most likely to say really nice things about the Queen, the selection at the checkout hasn’t changed for as long as I can remember. But people change, and the world is a different place than it was even 10 years ago. As a result, the maddening refusal to move beyond an assortment of magazines about famous lives seems frustratingly old fashioned. It’s time to start trying new content, and get new people impulse buying things at checkout time.

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, August 8, 2013 - Page 5A

to the editor


Your letter of the Week

30,000 Canadians without homes Back to school:

To the Editor:

On any given night thousands of Canadians languish in ramshackle housing, line up at shelters or sleep in our streets and alleyways. This situation is not limited to our big cities: it is estimated that, on any given day, 30,000 Canadians are without homes. How can it be that in such a prosperous country we continue to struggle to house those most in need? How, too, can we have a contest in Winnipeg that asks folks to name and photograph the worst place to live? Not surprisingly, “the winners” were rooming houses located in the inner city. Sadly, this same contest could be replicated across the country with similar “winners” easily identified in every major Canadian city. Is there a simple solution to such poor quality housing? Perhaps we could start by shutting down as many of these godforsaken places as we can. But, as others have pointed out, closing rooming houses and other marginal forms of shelter – even the poorest quality ones – might cause more harm than good. Here’s why: For more than a decade the University of Winnipeg’s Institute of Urban Studies undertook several projects exploring rooming houses and single-room-occupancy hotels (SROs). What we found was an industry rife with contradiction, comprised of Samaritans and villains willing to help or exploit. In an initial estimate, we contended that there are as many as 10,000

people comprising the hidden homeless population of Winnipeg alone. As well, it is conservatively estimated that there are 50,000 Canadians who are part of the “hidden homeless” population on any given night. Many of these “hidden homeless” live in rooming houses, SROs or “sofa-surfed” from temporary place to place. How did Canada get here? We allowed our affordable housing stock to spiral downward in two fundamental ways. First, the federal government significantly diminished its role in the provision of and funding for affordable housing, off-loading the responsibility to the provinces, which have not been able to build enough units. Second, most provinces across the country allowed what remained of affordable housing to decline, leaving many to scramble for the worst of the worst, including rooming houses and SROs. To tackle the problem of poorquality housing, a practical solution would be for provinces to better enforce building codes, occupancy standards and the licensing of rooming houses and SROs, with the mandate to close the worst offenders. This swift action would effectively shut many down. However, in doing so we would have to realize that we would pay a hefty price for using this heavy-handed approach, as many of our “hidden homeless” would be plunged into crisis, ending up on the streets and putting increased pressure on our already burdened shelters.

Herein lays the paradox. While we know it is critical to have all Canadians living in safe, affordable housing, closing thousands of rooms would put massive pressure on an already strained system. Yet perhaps this course of action is exactly what is needed, since the excuse of having no alternatives is simply not good enough any longer. Perhaps such action would not only provoke a strong tri-level government reaction, but they would be forced to find alternatives, including building new affordable housing units and offering the right supports to keep people housed. In work by the At Home Chez Soi project over four years, we learned much about keeping people securely housed. The solution was never about simply providing housing; it was also about creating a strong network of individualized supports that included mental health, addictions, employment and quality of life. This ensured the right resources were made available to keep people stably housed. The Housing First approach used in the project provides strong evidence that supports along with housing go a long way to changing lives – and saving the system money in the long run. As we move forward, we have to realize that we need to invest in all of our citizens. We have to work hard to make available the right types of resources and services to help those in need find their own pathway to success. But success must include a safe and secure home. Jino Distasio, Troy Media Corp.

Three key budget claims prove to be false To the Editor: What sort of perverse mentality would lead the senior staff in any Prime Minister’s Office to believe that it’s “OK” for someone to cut a $90,000 cheque to a sitting legislator which had the effect of obstructing a forensic audit? As a police investigation enshrouds Mr. Harper’s PMO, the government’s retort is that Canadians really don’t care. They seem to think that voters will tolerate scorched-earth politics, ethical failures and corruption as long as they can claim some measure of economic success. But that strategy of trying to mask the PMO/Duffy scandal is beginning to attract more critical scrutiny. Ignoring the fact that, in less than three years, Mr. Harper squandered a decade of balanced budgets and multibillion-dollar annual surpluses, thus putting

this country back into deficit again BEFORE (not because of) the 2008 recession, and ignoring the fact that his government has never once met its fiscal targets, and ignoring the fact that they’ve presided over repeated boondoggles like the F-35 fighter-jet fiasco – what evidence is there of economic competence to serve as their mask? Take the last budget as an example. It was built on three basic claims which have all proven false: Claim One: The Harper government doesn’t increase taxes... but that’s not true. In fact they’ve increased the tax burden on Canadians in EACH of their last four budgets. In Budget 2013, the Conservatives are imposing $75-million more per-year in new taxes on Credit Unions, $550-million more in new taxes on small business owners, $333-million more in new tariff-

taxes on consumers, and $600-million more in new payroll taxes on jobs. That adds up to Conservative tax hikes of more than $1.5-billion. Claim Two: The Harper government is making a big new investment in community infrastructure... but again, that’s not true. They’ve extended funding first established by previous Liberals governments (like the full GST rebate and the gas tax transfer to municipalities), and they’ve made an ideological commitment to so-called “P3” projects, but direct federal support for infrastructure is actually being cut. Last year, that direct funding stood at $1.7-billion. This year, it has been chopped down to $200-million for the whole country. And it will stay at that low level for at least another year after that. Any hypothetical replenishment will occur,

at best, only five or 10 years down the road. Claim Three: The Harper government is investing more in job training... also untrue. This year’s budget barely maintains federal funding for job training at levels that existed back in 2007. There’s not a penny of new federal investment. Instead, Mr. Harper is trying to force provinces to cancel some of their current training programs so he can claw that money back into federal coffers and then recycle it with new strings attached. It’s a total shell-game. So on taxes, infrastructure and jobs – the three pillars of the last Conservative budget – the government’s economic claims are just as false as their talking points about the PMO’s dealing with Mike Duffy. Ralph Goodale, MP, Wascana, SK.

Harper and the Conservative cone of silence To the Editor: Having trouble telling fact from fiction in the Senate expenses scandal? There’s a reason for that. Since the news broke that Stephen Harper’s right-hand man cut a $90,000 cheque to cover-up the potentially fraudulent expenses of Conservative Senator Mike Duffy – a potentially criminal action – Mr. Harper has consistently misled Canadians about what really happened. He claimed his Chief of Staff, Nigel Wright, acted alone and no one

else knew. In fact, court documents reveal four members of Mr. Harper’s inner circle knew. He claimed there was no email recording the terms of the deal. In fact, his office now admits there is one. He claimed his personal legal counsel was not involved. In fact, RCMP documents reveal that he was involved. Mr. Harper claimed the first Senate expenses report reflected the auditors’ findings. In fact, we now know it was whitewashed to go easy on Duffy.

And that’s just what is public. The Conservatives have been accused of stonewalling the RCMP investigation into the whole tawdry affair. Instead of giving us the straight goods, Mr. Harper has clamped down and put on a cone of silence. Canadians expect better; they expect honest answers to serious questions about the potentially criminal behaviour at the heart of their government. Marc Garneau, MP Liberal Party of Canada.

operation eyes To the Editor: September is approaching and all over the world, children will troop back to school. It’s an exciting time of year for children. Bright eyes ready to read and write – it’s great to be a kid. But what if the kids have no school? Operation Eyesight works with rural people in Kenya and Zambia and we know they are just as committed to education as anybody else. But we learned something interesting: when a village has no reliable source of water, teachers often won’t work there. It makes sense when you think about it. The teacher is responsible to get water for the students, and that water source may be many kilometres away. At Operation Eyesight, we know that the conditions that contribute to eye health have a positive effect on other aspects of life. One of those conditions is clean water – lots of it, nearby. Zambia is a country that often struggles to get enough water. But in the Maamba Sinazongwe District, there is water and a school and teachers – wow! In 2008, Operation Eyesight established a well to stop the threat of trachoma in the district, and other things started happening. The Mweela Basic School opened in 2009. It has over 250 students in grades one through eight, and many of them have a long walk to get there. But they know when they arrive that there’s plenty of water for washing and drinking. And food. The school has a garden with okra, beans and maize, some of which is also sold to buy school supplies. The healthy crops are watered from that same well. To all our donors who helped make that water source a reality, here are a few words from Gillian Ngandu, the school’s head teacher: “Thank you very much – we like the water very much. We find it has helped the children very much. The water is clear and clean. It makes a big difference for the girl children because they like to wash, but the boys still have to be encouraged,” she says, smiling. “We can do anything with water. Other schools envy us.” If you would you like to learn more about Canada-based Operation Eyesight’s water projects in Africa visit Together, with the support of thousands of Canadians and people around the world, we are winning the fight against avoidable blindness – for all the world to see. Mark Horejsi, Communications Coordinator.

Letters welcomed The News Review accepts Letters to the Editor. Any information or ideas discussed in the articles do not reflect the opinion or policies of our paper in any way. Authors of Letters to the Editor must be identified by including their full name, address and phone number where they can be reached during business hours. Letters to the Editor should be brief (under 350 words) and may be edited for length, grammar and spelling. The News Review reserves the right not to publish Letters to the Editor.

Page 6A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gov’t already improving support for veterans Canada’s brave men and women in uniform, who pay the ultimate sacrifice in defence of their country, deserve to be laid to rest respectfully with support from the federal government. That’s why a funeral and burial program is provided to the families of indigent Veterans through the Last Post Fund. Earlier this year, the Liberal Opposition member for Random – Burin – St. George’s, put forward a motion in the House, M-422 that would have made changes to the Last Post Fund. Motion M-422 was defeated in the House of Commons – but not because of Government lack of desire to support our veterans. The motion was rejected simply because the Last Post Fund had, less than one month earlier, already been addressed and substantially improved in Economic Action Plan 2013. In order to better support our Veterans, the government voted to double the coverage of funerals from $3,600 to $7,376, a decision

Parliamentary Report

THE GIRL GUIDES OF CANADA ORGANIZATION received best safety message award for this design, based on their logo.

Crosswalk winners announced

Op-Ed Column


by Garry Breitkreuz made after the Minister of Veterans Affairs had listened to many Veterans groups on this issue. The Liberals voted against that plan, implying that due to outdated eligibility criteria, some Veterans are left without a dignified funeral. What they are incorrectly referring to is a ‘means test’ that is applied to determine which Veterans are in need of assistance from the fund. The previous Liberal government itself established the present means test. As Veteran, and Member of Parliament for Durham, Erin O’Toole, explained, “The Last Post Fund was established decades ago to help the families of indigent Veterans... they do not expect this special fund to apply to all Veterans. This was

not the objective of the Last Post Fund funeral and burial program.” But the Last Post Fund is much more than just the burial program. It manages the National Field of Honour in PointeClaire, Quebec, a national historic site. It also runs the unmarked grave program to mark the places where some of our fallen have been laid to rest. Motion M-422 was defeated in the House of Commons, not because of Government lack of desire to support our veterans, but because we had already voted to improve the Last Post Fund in Economic Action Plan 2013. Sadly, the Liberals have voted against the measures in Economic Action Plan 2013 at every opportunity.

The winners of the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery’s Crosswalk Art Competition were recently announced. Don Stein, executive director of the Godfrey Dean, says the initiative was an exciting event that attracted attention from around the world. The Facebook fan favorite receiving the most votes was an elaborate zebra design from Colombia, best safety message went to the Girl Guides of Canada entry, featuring their logo. Most innovative was an optical illusion featuring Peanuts characters, and most eye catching went to the tango steps design, which had footprints in the crosswalk. Stein says the entries from Colombia and the Girl Guides generated a lot of pride for both, with many messages expressing their excitement for being recognized for their ideas. With the Girl Guides entry, it received the safety message award because it was about guides guiding people across the street. They were second place in the overall votes. “The motivator for the whole thing was safety, so I was really pleased to see the result,” adds Stein. Now, the winning designs need to go through the testing process, in order to see what can be practical for

Liquor regulations see more change Another 37 of the province’s 77 updated liquor regulations announced last fall are now in effect as a result of legislative and regulatory changes made by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA). “Our government is committed to cutting

red tape where possible,” Minister responsible for SLGA Donna Harpauer said. “These latest changes now in effect will benefit businesses involved in the sale and service of alcohol as well as their customers.” Among the changes now in effect:

• Salons and spas will be eligible to apply for a permit to sell and serve alcohol to customers purchasing a salon/ spa service; • Liquor permitted restaurants will be able to offer Bring Your Own Wine (BYOW) service to customers; • U Brew/U Vin op-

Yutan Ironstand remembered Con’t from Page 3. “I have to listen to my daughter cry, and that’s hard for me too. She cries all the time, and says ‘mom, I want Yutan to come home,’ and I say me too, but we can’t bring him back, and we have to honor his memory all the time, because he was such a beautiful person.” Delorme notes that Ironstand has a legacy in his school, St. Mary’s, with a memorial award to students with high academic achievement. She says that this reflects her grandson, who she describes as an intelligent and beautiful person. “He was such a good kid, he was smart, he was brilliant, always joking at

Serving Yorkton & Area • Fast & Friendly Service • Repairs on most major appliances • Over 14 years experience • Dishwasher Installation • Parts & Accessories Sales

621-7901 KELLY PFEIFER Owner/Operator

laughing... That’s why we feel so emotional about this, because why did it have to happen to him?” The driver accused in the incident has been charged and will appear in court on August 15. Delorme says that the family has been frustrated by the slow process of the courts, and wants to see justice happen in the case. “We’re dealing with it the best that we can. We’re frustrated that the trial has taken so long... We’re sticking together,

and people ask every day.” The family says their message to people in the community is to cherish their children, because you never know what could happen. Delorme says she makes a point of keeping close to her seven children and twenty-seven grandchildren. “Love them, kiss them every day. That’s what my grandfather taught me, and I taught that to my kids and my grandkids.”

erators will enjoy reduced record keeping requirements and will also have the option to offer delivery service to their customers; and • Permittees will be allowed to open at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays and holidays consistent with other days of the week. In November 2012, SLGA announced 77 changes to the province’s liquor regulations. The first 39 changes were implemented in May as a result of policy changes made internally by SLGA. These latest 37 changes required legislative and regulatory amendments. The final change, which will allow striptease and wet clothing contests at liquor permitted establishments, will take effect Jan. 1, 2014, to give municipalities time to enact related bylaws, if they so wish.


the city. With the first run of designs, there were many alternatives that didn’t make it due to various problems replicating them on city streets, and that’s the process which the winning designs must face. Stein notes that the Colombian zebra is a bit too complicated to be a viable option, since it takes up most of the street. The optical illusion design also has several issues. He anticipates that the Girl Guides entry will be the most likely to find its way onto city streets, since it’s a design that’s easy to replicate and it carries with it a safety message. “We had lots of ideas when we did this in the spring, but hardly any of them worked when it came to being crosswalks the city could paint. Between now and September, we have to look at whether any of these designs will actually work,” Stein says. The tango steps will not be used on a crosswalk, out of concern that people would stop while walking across the street, but it will be put in place on the sidewalk in front of the gallery, where there would not be any safety concerns. Stein says that by putting it in front of the gallery instead of on the roads, people can stop and remain safe. “We’ll do it as art, because we’re an art gallery, but safety has to be first and foremost.”



WITH VARIETY................$


Something Different Every Friday 5 P.M. - 7 P.M.

NEW CATERERS 50/50 & MEAT DRAWS EVERY FRI & SAT 380 BROADWAY ST. WEST, YORKTON, SK For Details Call Legion Office 783-9789 Visit our website

BLANKET CLASSIFIEDS STRONG CONNECTION Have the power to connect you with over half a million readers in rural Saskatchewan


$179 + GST (25 words) - Place 10, get your 11th free - Blanket all of Sask. or Canada


Our largest feedback, bar none, comes from the blanket classifieds in SWNA papers across the west. We feel these papers are read cover to cover by just about everyone who receives one, and that’s all we can ask. Brett Jenson, Marketing Manager, Saskatoon Diesel



1 888 836-9786

18-1st Avenue North, Yorkton, SK

Call - 783-7355 Weeklies a powerful connection

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, August 8, 2013 - Page 7A

We don’t need a degree to be a good neighbour It does not matter where we live – we will have neighbours; in a condo, a house, an apartment or on the farm. We all have neighbours. Living side by side with a neighbour can have its challenges, having good neighbours can also be a great blessing. Living with neighbours will require both give and take for both parties. Being a good neighbour means we will not do anything to annoy our neighbour. No loud parties, not mowing the lawn at 6:30 AM; we won’t yell at their children, we mind our own business, we don’t ask personal questions, just to name only a few. If we treat our neighbours the way we would like to be treated and we will never have problems with any of our neighbours. We are to love our neighbour as ourselves

– that is the golden rule isn’t it? How can we accomplish this rule in today’s society? I do admit it can be challenging at times, but often we make a situation more difficult than it really is. My grandfather used to say, “Fences make for good neighbours.” There is a lot of truth to that statement. We had a lot of fence on the farm. Each quarter of land at one time had a fence. The fencing was done, not for good neighbour relations, but to keep our cattle and sheep in place. In later years, the cattle were gone, but the fence row, which was now grown in amongst the trees, remained. I recall a new neighbour bought a quarter of land next to us and he asked me if he could take down the broken fence and tree line and

Community Events Airport Open House & Dance Aug. 24 &25 @ the Yorkton Airport Starting at 9 a.m., Aug. 24 B17 Bomber at vintage displays • 3 p.m., cadets parade • 4 p.m. beef on a bun, proceeds to Habitat for Humanity • 7 p.m., Big Band Hangar Dance, 1940’s dress in encouraged. Advance tickets $10 are available at Freedom Sound, Saddles & Steel and FuzzTone Music Aug. 25: displays, pancake breakfast from 9-11 a.m. Bring your own lawn chair and help celebrate airport history! 2013 United Way Golf Tournament Friday August 23 Canora Golf Club Shotgun Start: 11 a.m. $80.00 per golfer (or $150.00 per golfer in pledges) • includes green fees, lunch and steak supper Mens, Ladies and Mixed Team Awards $5,000 Hole in One! Pre-register by contacting Maryann Federko: cell - 621-8948. e-mail – 1st Annual CornerCopia Trade Show Royal Canadian Legion Friday, September 6 (4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.) Saturday, September 7 (10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.) To book your table phone 306-782-2994 or 306-641-5910. TD’s Friends of the Environment Foundation Tree Planting Volunteers are welcome to join the Tree Days tree planting at the York Lake Regional Golf Course in Yorkton on September 21 at 9:00 a.m. Contribute to a greener community by planting trees and getting involved in this family event open to everyone. See details for this tree planting event and others at www.

Alzheimer/Dementia Support Meeting Aug. 14, 2 p.m. @ the Yorkton & District Nursing Home All are welcome! Call 786-0722 for info. Yorkton & District Council of Realtors Charity Golf Classic Aug. 21 @ Deer Park • Texas Scramble, shotgun start at 11 a.m. Register as an individual or a team. Cost is $125 per person, includes steak dinner. Chamber Business Dinner Oct. 2 at St. Mary’s Cultural Centre Cocktails @ 5:30 p.m., dinner @ 6:30 p.m. Guest speakers: Chris Emery & Larry Finnson, creators of OMG candy. For more info. call the Chamber at 783-4368. Kingdom Rock VBS Summer Camp Aug. 19-23 @ Heritage Baptist Church 9 a.m. to noon for ages Kindergarten to Grade 5 • games, crafts, snacks, bible stories, songs and fun! Preregistration is encouraged. Call 306783-7912 or email: or kingdomrockvbs13@ Yorkton’s Sunrise Cycling Club – a group of adults that want to share the joy of cycling in a non competitive way with club rides and events. Weekly rides on Wednesday night start at 7:00 p.m. from the Yorkton Public Library. Depending on the participating riders, the rides are approx 1-2 hours and about 20-40 km in distance. All are welcome but riders are to wear a helmet and have a bike that is good condition. Other events are planned as the weather permits. Contact Barry Rogers at 782-3147 or email sunrisecyclingclub@gmail. com

FROM MORNING UNTIL EVENING... Column by Margaret Anne Yost break up the land. My response to him was, “Maybe leave the fence line as it is – fences make for good neighbours.” Grandfather’s saying I think rings true to me this very day. Today we see many yards in the rural area and also within the city limits. Most of these fences today are not to keep animals on the right side of the property line- they are for good neighbour relations. Everyone wants their own privacy. We want to be able to go into our back yard and have no

one see us or bother us. We too have a back yard that is fenced, but our fence is to keep the grandchildren and dog on the right side. We never sit out in the back yard- we sit on the front deck and watch the people as they go by. As people walk by, often a conversation will begin with a complete stranger. When our new neighbours moved in, we went over to introduce ourselves. I think this is the responsibility of the neighbour who has been there the longest.

Welcome new comers into the community and help them to get to know others around the neighbourhood. Smile and wave as a neighbour goes by- Most people respond to a smile and a wave. They may or may not smile or wave back, but don’t let that stop us from showing friendly, neighbourly actions. Our neighbours have been a blessing to us. We enjoy their company and their friendship. We share our phone numbers and we wish them all the best as they become part of our community. Nothing brings neighbours together like a block party, or BBQ. Try it in your neighbourhood and watch the adults and children mingle and enjoy the evening. Let’s befriend our neighbours and enjoy their company. Neighbours often are

closer than family. Our families may be hundreds of miles away, but the neighbour is next door and will be our first responder in time of crisis. “A good neighbor is a fellow who smiles at you over the back fence, but doesn’t climb over it.” – Arthur Baer Margaret Anne Yost nursed for 35 years. Returning back to school I completed classes from the Red River College in the areas of Gerontology, Bereavement, Death and Dying. For twelve years I worked in bereavement support at a funeral home. At present I am employed as an Interim Parish Worker at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Melville, Sask. I also enjoy my role as homemaker, wife, mother and grandmother.

“Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Show” Hosted by the Yorkton and District Horticultural Society on Tuesday, August 13 from 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. at St. Gerard’s Parish Complex. Come and enjoy a variety of displays, exhibits, and flower arrangements! Your admission includes coffee and tea and dainties, so bring a friend and enjoy a great afternoon! All are welcome! Library Summer Programs • Storycrafts – ages 3-7, Mon. & Thur., 10:30 -11:15 a.m. • Activity Days – ages 6-12, Tuesdays 2-3:30 p.m. Must pre-register. • Movie Day – Wednesdays @ 2 p.m. Free popcorn and juice, all are welcome! • Game Day – Fridays @ 2 p.m. Join in for boardgame fun! All are welcome! “Stars For Saskatchewan” The Yorkton Arts Council is proud to present the 39th “Stars For Saskatchewan” 2013-2014 concert series! Nine exciting concerts with something for everyone! See concert details at: Season tickets are available at the Yorkton Arts Council office on Smith Street, or call (306) 783-8722. New at pARTners Get more spring in your step! Ramble on down to community pARTners gallery to swing into ABSTRACT RHYTHMS, composed by area artist Maryanne Tomashewski. Fans of Maryanne (after her 2009 exhibition “In Festive Dance”) wish her well in her upcoming move to warmer climes, where she will, of course, keep her painterly “jazz” compositions flowing. These newest dynamic explosions in polychrome acrylics are guaranteed to perk up your day. Habitat for Humanity Volunteers Wanted Habitat Yorkton is excitedly preparing for another build and is looking for volunteers in a number of areas. To get your name on the volunteer list for the build or to be part of a committee, go to

WORKING DOGS – Hi there, my name’s Cindy. I’m a two year old female border collie, and I’m here at the SPCA with Snip, a five year old male border collie. We’re not just great dogs, but we can help out too, because we can both learn to herd your livestock. So if you’ve got a loving, responsible farm family, you know you would want us around. To learn more come visit the SPCA or call 306-783-4080.


Page 8A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, August 8, 2013

WE’RE ALWAYS ON THE MOVE 125 Theodore St., Theodore

53 Madge Way

150 Circlebrooke Drive

239 Circlebrooke Drive

204 Allan Avenue, Saltcoats

RM of Wallace

MLS® 456630

MLS® 460302

MLS® 461856

MLS® 471575

MLS® 465837

MLS® 466361










67 Clarewood Cres.

23 Gladstone Ave. S.

51 Elizabeth Ave.

126 Indian Point

17 Wallace Ave.

MLS® 466975

MLS® 467405

MLS® 467506

MLS® 469228

MLS® 468629












65 Willow Cres. EXCLUSIVE





Cheryl Kustra REALTOR® 28 Armstrong St., Theodore 21 Armstrong St., Theododre 214 Poplar Ave., Canora MLS® 469251


MLS® 469282


MLS® 469379



330 1st Ave. N.

MLS® 470184



18,000 134,900 49,900 162,900


g New Listin

10 Deerfoot, Burgis Beach Drive

14 Johnson Bay

327 Parker Cres., Canora

MLS® 470702

MLS® 446718


11 Deerfoot, Burgis Beach Drive

MLS® 462880

MLS® 462886








37 Wallace Avenue

110 Circlebrooke Drive

27 Pheasant Cove

422 York Heights

MLS® 464379

MLS® 464683

MLS® 466140

MLS® 467206









Evan Johnson

n Sold by Eva



#108-289 Fietz Street

229 Fernie St., Theodore

MLS® 469244




MLS® 454664



New Listin

418 Darlington St. E.

105 Glasgow Ave., Saltcoats 401 Pleasant Ave. 401 Drummond Ave.

MLS® 471708



2 Pinkerton Bay

MLS® 458647


89 Dalewood Cres $





MLS 463143




9 Partridge Court EXCLUSIVE

MLS 467095







MLS 465667


5 Partridge Court

MLS® 461015

52 Pheasant Cove 63 Westshore Green


MLS 462620






MLS® 461014



Prices Ranging from $41,000 - $55,000 Various lot sizes available

Stacy Neufeld



306-621-3630 47 Westshore Green 226 3rd Avenue 144 2nd Ave. N. MLS® 467099


MLS® 467261

MLS® 469236

281 2nd Ave. N. 20 Seaton St., Springside MLS® 469367

MLS® 446391

156,900 $239,000 $199,000 $49,000 $179,900 ®


THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, August 8, 2013 - Page 9A

R. MILLER’S Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Service Ltd. 225 - 4th Ave. N. Yorkton, Sask. S3N 1A9 Phone: (306) 783-4020 Fax: (306) 782-5354

Evan Johnson

Full Line of Plumbing, Heating, Electrical • Residential and Commercial Wiring • Renovations • Fixture and Faucet Installation and Repair • Oil, Gas and Propane Systems


(306) 620-7977 ®


REAL ESTATE NEWS If your business is directly associated with the Real Estate Market, you will want to consider advertising in the

OPEN HOUSE August 10, 1:00-5:00


Come visit these beautiful lake front lots

This special section runs every second Thursday in

located only 15 minutes from Yorkton

THE NEWS REVIEW If you would like to place a display ad in Real Estate News or if you have any questions Call Ken at

Located on Anderson Lake, 15 km East on


Highway 16. Follow the signs. (306) 782-9680

Broadway Park Realty


PURCHASING 162 Crescent LakeOR Road, SELLING Saltcoats



Count on the Experienced Expert

© 2011 Century 21 Real Estate LLC. All rights reserved. CENTURY 21® is a registered trademark owned by Century 21 Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each office is independently owned and operated.

Sandi Brenner

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Home For You

with over 14 years experience CALL TODAY $

under $


306-621-8717 • 306-783-9404


Saltcoats MLS® 469742


Premier Realty

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45C Palliser Way Yorkton, Sask S3N 4C5 Cell 306-621-8717 Bus. 306-783-9404 Fax 306-786-6788


Long Service Award

276 Betts Ave. MLS® 465542






Sandi Brenner

PREMIER REALTY 45C Palliser Way, Yorkton

The Award of Excellence 2009/2010/2011/2012

Vange Vallaster 621-7272

Helping you is what we do.™


Blue Chip Realty 38 Charleswood Cres.

Each office independently owned & operated.

269A Hamilton Road, Yorkton, SK 306-783-6666 (Office) or email

54 Collingwood Cres.

1152 sq. ft. , 3 bedrooms, one bathroom main, one bathroom basement, developed basement, detached garage

1282 sq. ft., two fireplaces, fully developed basement, detached large double garage. (24x22)

MLS® 471725

MLS® 462953


We'll come to you!

Blue Chip Realty

269 Hamilton Road, Yorkton, SK 306 783-6666 Email: or

Request a free, no obligation measurement for your next flooring project!

Pat Pugh Cell: 621-1119 Home: 783-7629 Fax: 786-7918 FOR

For a free room measure visit

The ONE store for your perfect floor.™ Linden Square Shopping Centre, Yorkton, SK Phone: 306-782-6556 Toll Free: 1-888-782-6556

1 Dalewood Cr. 77 Crestwood Cr. 79 Agricultural Ave. 273 Broadway St. W. 1276 sq. ft., 4 bedroom Lovely 1,352 sq. ft., bungalow, detached 4 bedroom, single car garage 2 bath, bungalow


2 - 2 bedroom suites, double attached garage

269,900 $269,900 $169,500

MLS® 469905

MLS® 468419

MLS® 449626

3 bedroom bungalow, detached single car garage.



MLS® 462167



9 - 5th Ave. N. 828 sq. ft. office space


10.50 sq. ft.

MLS® 453587

Page 10A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hot Hot Hot

Better deals on better water, ASK pure and simple. OUT OUR







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DECKING SAVINGS! on Now at Windsor Plywood! PREHUNG • 6 PANEL







These doors won’t dent, split, rot or crack like real oak doors will over time. Complete with 6 Lite clear glass and includes fingerjoint jamb, 2” brickmould, hinges, mix fixed sill, white sweep and double drilled. White in colour. • Prehung • Smooth • 2” x 6” Jamb

Armadillo From Rhino Deck Composite has never looked better. Armadillo’s “hardshell” is permanently fused to its composite core. The unique composition of the outer layer provides better control over pigmentation, resulting in a denser, richer color, more variation and a more realistic look. IT’S FULLY ARMORED: Armadillo’s super hard exterior shrug off scuffs, stains & boasts superior resistance to fading. OUT OF SIGHT: Armadillo’s grooved planks enable the use of the Rhino Deck hidden fastener system. It provides a clean, uninterrupted look and quick installation. • 20 year manufacturer’s warranty including 2 year defective parts replacement warranty • 5/4” x 6” - 12’, 16’ & 20’ • 3 colors

Your choice of left or right hand swing. Comes completely assembled including brickmould, primed white and ready to finish. Pre-hung in 4 1/2” jamb. 2’8” x 6’8”.





DECORATIVE GLASS DOOR LITES Decorative glass embraces natural light and transforms any entryway into a vision of beauty. Add charm and sophistication to your home’s entry. • In-stock varieties only




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Sikkens Quality Exterior Finishes



COMPOSITE DECKING Cottage style charcoal. 16 ft. length.


We've got everything door stops etc. At door . . . Lock sets, shims, door shop services, e plet com r offe we r, dso Win and mortising for including prehanging, drilling alling glass. inst and bs kno hinges and No Problem!

5/4” x 5” size. Cedar is easy to cut, form, glue and finish which makes it an excellent choice for your deck. It is naturally at home in the sun, rain, heat or cold. LIN. FT.



SRD Translucent. Siding, fences, logs.

Translucent. Good base coat or use alone.



SERVICES DOOR SHOP you 'll need to install your new


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RUBBOL DEK Solid - Alkyd oil


Prices in effect until Aug. 31, 2013 or while quantities last! • Visit us on the net:

HWY 10 EAST • YORKTON • 1-800-458-9663 PHONE: 306-782-2937 • FAX 306-783-8487

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STORE HOURS: Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:30pm Sat: 8:00am - 5:00pm • Closed Sundays & holidays for family time

Windsor Plywood

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Showroom – 44-2nd Ave. N. Yorkton Sask

306-783-1699 email: SERVING POSTAL CODES: S0A, S3N, S0E Phone for a Free In Home Consultation and a Free Copy of our Design Guide

Clopay Doors: A beautiful combination of Quality and Elegance

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Supply, Install and Service of Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Overhead Doors and Openers Serving Yorkton, Melville and the Parkland Area Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority!! Like us on Exclusive Supplier!!

Page 12A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, August 8, 2013


ng N e w L is ti

$65,000 Size: 616 sq. ft. Year Built: 1930 Taxes: $1093 MLS® 471417


ng N e w L is ti

$10,800 Lots & Land Taxes: $414


August 8 – 6-8 p.m.

$389,000 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3

Size: 1976 sq. ft. Year Built: 1978

MLS® 469321



Size: 1132 sq. ft. Year Built: 1976 Taxes: $2008

MLS® 469871


$125,000 Size: 981.88 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1912 Taxes: $1115 Bathrooms: 1 MLS® 469424


$81,000 Acreage MLS® 468510


$165,900 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2

Size: 1178 sq. ft. Year Built: 2008 Taxes: $3,480

MLS® 466187 Text: CORE31 to 33344


$99,900 Size: 672 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 1948 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1,255 MLS® 453847 Text: CORE28 to 33344

$189,900 Size: 1202 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1932 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1,377 MLS® 457540 Text: CORE29 to 33344


$269,000 Size: 1280 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1986 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1,579 (2012) MLS® 461595


$264,900 Size: 1747 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 5 Year Built: 1976 Bathrooms: 4 Taxes: $2,318 MLS® 455628 Text: CORE13 to 33344

$550,000 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 2

Year Built: 1996 Taxes: $2,630 (2013)

127 OLDROYD DRIVE $420,000 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3 Size: 1800 sq. ft. Year Built: 1940 Taxes: $2,430


MLS® 463244

$229,900 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 4

MLS® 463504


MLS® 471563



$210,000 Size: 1042 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1973 Taxes: $1885 Bathrooms: 2 MLS® 469307

$359,900 Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 3 Size: 1736 sq. ft. Year Built: 1988 Taxes: $2,891(2013)



MLS® 468305

MLS® 470023


$289,900 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2

$182,000 Size: 1008 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 4 Year Built: 1967 Taxes: $1,493 Bathrooms: 2 MLS® 467087 Text: CORE2 to 33344

Size: 1200 sq. ft. Year Built: 1966 Taxes: $2,161 (2013)

MLS® 465645


$229,500 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3


Size: 1264 sq. ft. Taxes: $340



$237,000 Size: 1150 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 2001 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $2243 (2013) MLS® 467593


$137,900 Size: 640 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 3 Year Built: 1939 Bathrooms: 2 Taxes: $1,190 MLS® 453799 Text: CORE26 to 33344

$71,900 Size: 728 sq. ft. Bedrooms: 2 Year Built: 1919 Bathrooms: 1 Taxes: $1,086 MLS® 467129

MLS® 455050 Text: CORE9 to 33344

#4 - 316 MORRISON DR.





MLS® 446063

MLS® 446058

Acreage MLS® 454612, 454614 Text: CORE17 to 33344


$269,000 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2


Size: 1200 sq. ft. Year Built: 1953 Taxes: $1,627


$120,000 Bedrooms: 1 MLS® 450145

MLS® 466207 Text: CORE20 to 33344


MLS® 450784

East Shore Development

East ShoreEast EstatesShore Estates


2 Anderson Trail 3 Anderson Trail 4 Anderson Trail 5 Anderson Trail 6 Anderson Trail 7 Anderson Trail 8 Anderson Trail 9 Anderson Trail 10 Anderson Trail 11 Anderson Trail 12 Anderson Trail

MLS 471933 .................... $55,000 MLS 471934 .................... $55,000 MLS 471935 .................... $55,000 MLS 471936 .................... $52,000 MLS 471937 .................... $52,000 MLS 471938 .................... $52,000 MLS 471940 .................... $45,900 MLS 471941 .................... $45,900 MLS 471942 ................... $45,900 MLS 471943 ................... $55,000 MLS 471944 ................... $55,000

13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson

Trail Trail Trail Trail Trail Trail Trail Trail Trail Trail Trail


471945 ................... $55,000 471946 ................... $53,000 471947 ................... $53,000 471949 ................... $53,000 471950 ................... $59,500 471951 ................... $59,500 471952 ................... $59,500 471954 ................... $62,000 471956 ................... $62,000 471957 ................... $62,000 471958 ................... $62,000

Gavin Konkel Specializing in Farm, Acreage and Ag 306.641.9123 Corey Werner Owner/Broker 306.621.9680 Brooke Niezgoda Residential Sales 306.621.2586

306. 782. 9680 All SveinCo homes are EnergyStar Certified and include an extensive 10 year warranty program.


THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, August 8, 2013 - Page 13A


GIDDY UP! – A now yearly event, the Painted Hand Casino Counting Coup Roughstock Rodeo entertained the Exhibition Grounds with some top level talent from the Canadian Cowboys Association.

Sports Bank Drop-in The Yorkton Sports Bank is collecting used sports equipment on Wednesdays at the City Hall Basement from 4-8 p.m. Come out and check out the assortment of sports equipment, including hockey gear, or donate your old equipment. Appointments are also available. Contact Amber Zaharia for more information by phone at 828-2401 or by email

Sunrise Cycling Club Yorkton’s Sunrise Cycling club is a group of adults that want to share the joy of cycling in a non competitive way with club rides and events. Weekly rides on Wednesday night start at 7:00 from the Yorkton Public Library. Depending on the participating riders, the rides are approx 1-2 hours and about 20-40 km in distance. Everyone is welcome but we ask that all riders wear a helmet. Other events are planned as the weather permits. Contact Barry Rogers at 782-3147 or email

Exciting rodeo action By CHASE RUTTIG N-R Writer With two full months of the Canadian Cowboys Association’s competition calendar left before the countdown to November’s Harvest Showdown at the Gallagher Centre, the CCA came to Yorkton’s Exhibition Grounds for its now annual outdoor Roughstock event sponsored by the Painted Hand Casino. With valuable points in the Bud Light Standings up for grabs top riders throughout Western Canada came to Yorkton to wow the crowd and put on what was a well ran event. The Painted Hand Casino was thanked for sponsoring this event and for once again helping to make it possible for Yorkton to have both an indoor and an outdoor rodeo event each year. The CCA thanks all the workers at the Yorkton event for putting on a successful stop on the tour and looks forward to the Harvest Showdown. Results for the 2013 Painted

YRHS Jr. Football Camp The YRHS Jr. Football team will be starting training camp for players starting on August 6th. Practice will start at 5:30 and equipment pickup will be arrainged. Anyone who is interested can email for further details.

Gordon lands Seattle goalie coach role Yorkton’s Ian Gordon has already found his next job after hanging up his goalie pads after a long German career. The former Swift Current Bronco will be instructing Seattle’s goalies next season in the WHL. with the Thunderbirds.

Hand Casino Counting Coup Roughstock Rodeo are as follows: Friday Saddlebronc 1. Carl Green ($591) 2. Ross Kreutzer ($590) 3. Rhett Fitzpatrick ($423) Friday Bareback 1. Dustan McPhee ($528) 2. Brady Bertram ($437) 3. Michael Tuck ($346) Friday Bull Riding 1. Jesse Lawrence ($841) 2. Cody Coverchuk ($696) 3. JC Curley ($478 Saturday Saddlebronc 1. Jeremy Harden ($645) 2. Luke Morgan ($534) 3. Kirk Thompson ($367) Saturday Bareback 1. Colton Harden ($528) 2. Brady Bertram ($437) 3. Dantan Bertsch ($255) Saturday Bull Riding 1. Mark Fraser ($822) 2. Ty Ellis ($680) 3. Jesse Lawrence ($538)

Yanks one game away from perfection in SESBL final By CHASE RUTTIG N-R Writer Given the regular season dominance of the Yorkton Yankees and the Canora Supers in the South East Senior Baseball League with both clubs posting near perfect records, it was a slight surprise

to see the Langenburg Indians as the Yankees SESBL Championship opponents. After all the Canora Supers finished 11-3 and the Yorkton Yankees finished undefeated at 13-0-1 making the two ballclubs the favorites heading into the best of three quarterfinals and semifinals

with byes into the SESBL final four. The Indians however had other ideas, dispatching the Supers in three games in what was a back and forth series that went all the way to extra innings in the deciding Game Three. After winning Game One

12-1 the Indians would lose Game Two of the series at home 3-2 in extra innings to send the series back to Canora for a deciding game that would see the winner play Yorkton who already swept the Russell Bulls. Cont. on Page 16.

Page 14A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, August 8, 2013

The “No Fun League” tries to ban celebrations again Ruttig’s rants

Michael Irvin’s point after a first down. Michael Strahan and the New York Giants “3 pointer” sack dance of the late 00’s. Spinning the football. The “Mile High Salute.” Jacoby Jones’ touchdown dance after scoring in this year’s Super Bowl. All of these things are about to become extinct under the NFL’s new crackdown on “taunting” and celebrations to take effect in 2013. In fact, all of the following things were added to the NFL’s list of unacceptable behaviors after the play heading into the start of regular preseason play on Friday: Sack Dances Home run swing Incredible Hulk Spiking/spinning the ball Throwing the ball Pointing (hand or the ball) Verbal taunts Military salute Standing over opponent Dancing

Of those ten actions, would any one of those cause you to turn off an NFL game? In fact are any of those ten actions worse than the fact that prior to the celebration, one of the 22 players on the field may or may not have suffered significant brain trauma? Something that, in fact, would cause many to turn off their televisions. Yet for the umpteenth time Roger Goodell and the NFL have decided to do what every league administration before them has done and has decided to crack down on celebrations to deal with the bad PR the league has been getting. Because the problems the league are facing can’t possibly be league-caused, it must be the celebrations. As if Alfred Morris doing a home run swing and saluting the crowd is going to cause Joe Sixpack to

Column Chase Ruttig turn off Sunday Night Football. It is different when it is foul language or unsportsmanlike play, but the actions the NFL is planning to crackdown on have been a part of football for years now; something that you will see glimpses of in all levels of football as players celebrate a big play. After all, there is a reason why NCAA players and high school players still celebrate even if those celebrations will cost their team yardage and potentially points on the board. It is because you can’t bottle up the emotion of an athlete. These rule changes attempt to take away something that football players and fans have grown accustomed to thanks to the league; pointing after a first down dates back to Michael Irvin in the 80’s and 90’s and likely dates back further to that. The military salute started in Denver where military families largely reside and has spread across the league, as has spiking the football. Dancing is also a cultural celebration that transcends all sport. You wouldn’t penalize Usain Bolt for dancing after winning another 100m or 200m sprint and you surely wouldn’t call out a soccer player for dancing in celebration of a huge goal, so why is it any different for NFL players to dance in celebration, especially if it is

a part of their personality? The answer is because the NFL doesn’t want any personality in its league. Personality leads to bad personalities, and bad personalties lead to things like the Arron Hernandez saga and the Pouncey brothers wearing “Free Hernandez” snapbacks. Bad personalties lead to the Riley Cooper incident. So rather than allow personality into a game that players risk their livelihood for all while under the anonymity of being behind a facemask, the NFL would sooner crack down and see one of the more entertaining aspects be removed from the game. The NFL refuses to admit that bad people can also be good at sports, and that unsportsmanlike players exist. In doing so it has devalued its product in the name of trying to reach an audience it will never attract, doing the same thing the NBA fails again and again at doing. Trying to change the minds of people who are always going to believe the “black athlete” stereotype and have left their passion for the game a long time ago once “fundamentals” left the game. Those type of bigoted people are never coming back and will always harp on those stereotypes on their soapboxes for as long as someone will listen, so why cater to them? People who don’t like celebrating and athletes appearing in the arrest pages will always prefer college sports (or no sports at all) over the NFL or the NBA. They will always tell you that college athletics “has more passion” that the players “care more” and point out prima donas like Chad Johnson, Randy Moss and Terrell Owens as the stereotypical NFL player who celebrates too much and demands the spotlight. In turn, these players and their bad reputations are allowing the league to believe that all celebrating will be negatively received. 10.1 million people tuned into see the NFL’s preseason opener on Sunday, clearly no one is offended. Keep the celebrating in football. Keep the passion. Keep the fun.

Stamps-Riders rematch has early West Division importance By CHASE RUTTIG N-R Writer It is well known that the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Calgary Stampeders are bitter enemies, their meetings something fans of both sides circle on their calendar and the rest of the league eagerly anticipates what turn out to be some of the best games of the season, fueled by mutual dislike for each other. “We don’t like Calgary,’’ the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ middle linebacker said to the media after Monday’s practice. “They don’t like us. We don’t like them. It’s no secret. It’s a rivalry.

“Since I’ve been here, and even before I was here, that’s a team you want to beat. Regardless of what their record is or your record is, you know it’s going to be a dogfight. They’re a physical team. They’re a good team. They’re just like us. It’s going to be a battle.’’ That battle will be amplified by the fact that the Riders are coming into Friday night in Calgary undefeated, already having scored the first bragging rights over the Stampeders at Taylor Field earlier this season. The Riders will be looking to reprise that meeting, a game where they dominated defensively and on the run to

earn a 36-21 victory. A return of Darian Durant from a foot injury will be crucial for the Riders as Durant sat out the Riders past game against Hamilton prior to the bye week. Calgary starter Drew Tate seems to be out for Friday night’s clash, meaning Kevin Glenn will get the start for the Stampeders. The game is a big one not just because the Riders are trying to preserve an undefeated record, but because they can get an early jump on the playoff bye week with a win. Calgary is the only team close in the standings at 4-1 with their only loss to SK. If the

Riders can win in Calgary, they will have a two game lead in the

West and the season series advantage, it isn’t a must win, but it would

be nice to have in the pocket if you are Corey Chamblin.




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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, August 8, 2013 - Page 15A

Martial artists off to Ireland trip By CHASE RUTTIG N-R Writer Two Yorkton Martial Arts Training Club students are headed abroad to compete in the WOMAA (World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes) World Championships XIV. Gracynn Gurniak-Hudy and Colton LaBelle will represent Canada in Dublin, Ireland on August 9, 10 & 11. The pair fly out of Winnipeg on Monday, August 5th for a ten day trip that they have been planning since the beginning of

this year. Both students put in hours of extra training and fundraising have led up to this moment, and they are ready to compete with the world according to Mike Forster, YMATC trainer. Gracynn will be competing in numerous events including: forms, weapon forms, musical forms, point sparring, & continuous sparring. Colton is entered in full contact sparring, continuous sparring and point sparring and he will also compete in at least two grappling events provided there are enough qualified judges at the tournament.

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YORKTON MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING CLUB members Gracynn Gurniak-Hudy (left) and Colton LaBelle are off to Dublin to compete in the WOMMA World Championship. The ten day trip was achieved through extra training and extensive fundraising.

Kramer Ltd. group purchases SJHL’s Central Division naming rights through 2016 season By CHASE RUTTIG N-R Writer You might think the “s” in Saskatchewan Junior Hockey league stands for Seinfeld when you hear the new name of the SJHL’s Central Division. Bill Chow, president of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, announced this week that Kramer has joined the league’s corporate family, purchasing the naming rights of the league’s new Central Divsion as the league realigns in 2013/14. Kramer Ltd., an auction group based out of North Battleford, has grown to be one of the leading auction groups of farm equipment throughout Western Canada. Kramer Ltd., marketing

manager Devin Wallin explained that Kramer’s roots in Central Saskatchewan made the partnership between the auction company and the SJHL a perfect fit for both parties. “We feel this is a very natural partnership as the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League and Kramer both have deep roots throughout the province,” said Devin Wallin, marketing manager of Kramer Ltd. “We make it a priority to be involved in the communities where our employees and customers live, work, and play.” As part of the threeyear agreement, the Central Division will be rebranded the Kramer Division. The new Kramer

Division will be home to the Kindersley Klippers, Battleford North Stars, Humboldt Broncos and Notre Dame Hounds. Kindersley has recently been going through some tough financial struggles in the Central Division, needing funds from the City of Kindersley to continue operations for 2013/14. SJHL president Bill Chow is happy to welcome the league’s newest corporate sponsor “We are very proud to welcome Kramer to the SJHL,” says Chow. “They are a Saskatchewan

company with a rich history, community commitment and strong work ethic. These are the same key life initiatives we try to reinforce to all of our players.” The SJHL season is nearing closer as the Yorkton Terriers report to training camp at the end of August with the puck dropping on the regular season shortly after in September. For now the league is excited to welcome another sponsor to help grow their brand of junior hockey in Saskatchewan.

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Page 16A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yorkton Legion Track Club represented at Western Champ. By CHASE RUTTIG N-R Writer Five members of the Yorkton Legion Track Club travelled with Team Saskatchewan to Calgary, Alberta from July 26th – 28th. The five athletes had posted qualifying times for Westerns during the outdoor track season leading up to the event and had high hopes going into the meet. These athletes competed in their qualified events at the 2013 Western Canadian Youth & Midget Track & Field Championships. Competition at this event is the best available in Western Canada with many athletes going on to compete at the National Championships in Langley, BC. Cole Burkholder was happy with his experience in attending the high end event after a successful club and school outdoor season in 2013 with the YRHS as well as the YLTC. “It was a great opportunity for me to show my

talents at a very high end meet. It was very hard, but I am happy I was part of it.” says Burkholder. Mikaila Ortynsky was also asked how her experience was. “The TriProvince meet was amazing. The meet itself was organized amazingly and my competitors were extremely strong in all of their events. Though I didn’t throw any new PBs I’ve gotten much valuable experience that’ll need for the next track season” says Ortynsky. Jaden Porte who attended this event last year as well as nationals in PEI in 2012 felt that the competition this year was on par to the two events he attended last year. “I was extremely impressed with the competition this year.” “I had a great push to hit personal bests. I was also extremely happy with my results as I ran the 3rd fastest 1,500m and fastest 800m this entire year by a youth Saskatchewan runner.”

“I am very impressed with the competition this year as it seems there are many more competitors from outside our club compared to the previous year,” Porte adds. Talking about the future of the club heading into the 2013/14 indoor season, Porte mentioned high expectations thanks to the excellent coaching in the club. “I think from the training of Coach Kirk Flaman, Coach Tom Cursons and Coach Bob Edwards we will see more competitors from our Yorkton club attend this meet next year,” says Porte. Results from the 2013 Western Canadian Championship: Individual Results: Mikaila Ortynsky: Shot Put = 7th, Discus = 5th, Javelin = 6th Ethan Field: 100m = 6th, Medley Relay = 6th Jaret Porte: 200m = 16th, 1,200m = 12th, 2,000m = 7th, Medley Relay = 5th Cole Burkholder: 800m = 8th, 1,200m =

9th, 2,000m = 5th, Medley Relay = 5th Jaden Porte: 800m = 7th, 1,500m = 10th, High Jump = 9th, 4 x 400m Relay = 5th The Western track meet wraps the 2013 season for the club. The

new 2014 training program will start again at the end of October for the YLTC as they prepare for the indoor track season. If anyone is interested in joining the Yorkton Legion Tarck Club, ages

12 years old and up, email Marcel Porte at marcel.porte@bayer. com. Porte will also be at Yorkton City Wide Registration on behalf of the YLTC.

YORKTON LEGION TRACK CLUB finished up its 2013 outdoor season by sending five YLTC members as part of Team Saskatchewan at the Western Canadian Championships in Calgary.

Calanchie’s pitching leads Yankees within one game of perfection Con’t. from Page 13

After the two ballclubs traded runs during the seven innings, the deciding game went into extra innings where this time the Indians would get revenge on the Supers. Derek Haberstock’s two run crank in the eighth innings would send Langenburg to the league final to take on the Yankees. In the first game of the series the Indians hopes of upsetting the red hot Yorkton Yankees would be served a dose of hard reality in the bottom of the third inning at Jubilee Park when the defending champions hung a seven run inning on the visitors to open up what would be a 10-0 blowout. Langenburg made it through the first two innings unscathed, but could only find two hits over the entire game on Yankees ace Logan Calanchie as the pitcher who was dominant in the Yankees title win over the Willowbrook Royals last season was back at it in this year’s SESBL Championship. Calanchie pitched six innings allowing just one hit before Ross Stilborn came into close the game. Calanchie would also add two runs with his bat. Kurt Karcha also registered two RBI’s in the win.

Calanchie would be right back on the mound Monday evening in Langenburg as the game travelled down the highway for Game Two. On decent rest Calanchie went four innings as he and reliever Stillborn shut out the Indians yet again to take a 6-0 win. Stillborn would be the game’s MVP as he also

put up two RBI’s in the win in addition to getting the save as the Yankees inched one game away from the title. A perfect season will be on the line in Game Three as the Yorkton Yankees are one win away from the title.

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the news review - Thursday, August 8, 2013 - Page 17A





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TRADITIONAL LATIN Mass Celebrated in Yorkton Amid incense, candles and Gregorian chant, Reverend Father Prescott, SSPX, recently celebrated the Traditional Latin Mass in Yorkton at the invitation of local faithful. About 75 people were in attendance and received his first priestly blessing. Father Prescott is one of twelve men who were raised to the dignity of the holy Catholic priesthood on June 21, 2013, at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona, Minnesota. They all celebrate exclusively the Tridentine Latin Mass.


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August 14th in Regina Ask about our tickets in the First 5 Rows on the floor LABOUR DAY CLASSIC Riders vs. Bombers SIDELINE TICKETS September 1st in Regina PINK October 24th in Saskatoon October 26th in Winnipeg 2013 GREY CUP Game November 24th in Regina

391 Ball Road

782-9600 DENNY THE Handyman. 35 plus years experience with a very picky wife. General home repairs, complete renovations, fencing, decks, painting, and a whole lot more. Call 306-621-9223.

LOTS & ACREAGES FOR SALE ACREAGE FOR sale at Orcadia, SK. (8 miles/ 13 kms N.W. of Yorkton, SK on Hwy # 16). 2.41 acres with a 1400 sq. ft. house. Finished basement, 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2 car attached garage. Also included former Orcadia school. Approx. 750 sq. ft. Partial finished basement. $289,000. Contact Clarence Hannotte - Orcadia. Cell 1-306-621-8079 or house 1-306-783-2956.

Go online to or call Dash Tours at 1-800-265-0000 One Call & You’re There

LAKE LOTS For Sale by Owner at Lake of the Prairies: Prairie Lake Lodge, Russell, Manitoba is offering a good selection of treed, non treed lots and acreages with views and privacy adjacent to a 18 hole, par 3 golf course suitable for R.V. or cottage use. Contact: 204-7730380 Gerald or 204-773-6819 David.

AT LAST! An iron filter that works. IronEater! Fully patented Canada/U.S.A. Removes iron, hardness, smell, manganese. Since 1957. Visit our 29 innovative inventions: Phone 1-800-BIG-IRON.

SUN HILLS RESORT at Lake of the Prairies, SK has 12 prime lots in Phase 1 to offer. Priced $56,000 - $69,000. We are located 40 min. east of Yorkton near the Togo bridge. More info Call 306-597-4660.


REAL ESTATE SERVICES CANCEL YOUR timeshare. NO RISK program. STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Free Consultation. Call us NOW. We can Help! 1-888-356-5248.

HOUSES FOR RENT NICE HOUSE for rent in Canora. 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, front and back porch, no pets. $650/month. References required. Call 1-306563-2031 or visit

$1600 *Some restrictions apply

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AUTO MISCELLANEOUS Wrecking auto-trucks... Parts to fit over 500 trucks. Lots of dodge... gmc... ford... imports... We ship anywhere. Lots of dodge, diesel, 4x4 stuff... (Lloydminster) Reply 780-875-0270........ North-East Recyclers truck up to 3 tons

MOTORCYCLES Guaranteed approval drive away today! We lend money to everyone. Fast approvals, best interest rates. Over 500 vehicles sale priced for immediate delivery OAC. 1-877-796-0514.

DOMESTIC CARS 2000 Grand Am SE 4 Door Burgundy in color, 3.4 motor. New tires. New struts in front. New battery. Lady driven. $3,500 OBO. Call Marilyn at 1-306-782-0622.


4 Mi East of Yorkton Close Out for Weber Construction 9:00 a.m.

HOMES, COTTAGES & More. RTMI - Ready to Move in. Call 1888-733-1411; Red Tag Sale on now!


STEEL BUILDINGS/METAL BUILDINGS 60% OFF! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206

Saturday, August 10

Swanson Builders (Saskatoon area) 306-493-3089 or

20 words, 4 weeks

STEEL BUILDINGS/METAL BUILDINGS UP TO 60% OFF! 30x40, 40x60, 50x80, 60x100, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call: 1-800-457-2206.

Harvest Auction Sale

1594 sq. ft., overhang for deck, deluxe cabinets, stonework, vault, tiled shower.

Autobody & Painting Ltd.

sell in



Don’t Just Get “R” Done! Get “R” Done Rite!

Do you have unused items sitting around in the attic, the basement, and the closets that are crowding your style? In just 4 weeks, you can make money while you make room with the classifieds.




877-695-6461 Visit our website @


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,, ,-Ê

 ÊÊ , -

WINCH TRACTOR OPERATORS. Must have experience operating a winch. To apply fax, email or drop off resume at the office. Phone 780-842-6444. Fax 780-842-6581. Email: Mail: H&E Oilfield Services Ltd., 2202 1 Ave., Wainwright, AB, T9W 1L7. For more employment information see our webpage:

Western Commodities


Wanted All Wild Fur. Shed antlers and old traps. Call Phil (306) 2782299 or Bryon (306) 278-7756.


Buying/Selling FEED GRAINS heated / damaged CANOLA/FLAX Top price paid FOB FARM


MOVING MUST sell! 1 year old side by side fridge with water and ice $800, smooth top convection stove $300, dishwasher $250, antique bedroom suite $450, oak tv tray set $20, computer desks $15, upright piano $1000, electric hedge trimmer $40, cat carrier $15, oak tv unit $50, and a lincoln welder $50.



Machinery & Industrial 10:30 a.m. Tillage: Morris 20 ft, Cult, Swathers: Case 8820 SP Swather, Case 8220 PT, 25 ft U2 Reel, NH 1090 Swather 21 ft p/u reel, Versatile pull type 20 ft, Haying: JD 567 w/net wrap,Case 3650 Rd Baler, Massey square baler, Vicon Large Bale Stacker, 550 IHC Forage Harvestor, Combines: 2 -Massey 860 Hydros, JD 7720, 751 Massey pull type, Headers: JD 930 p/u reel, Case 1020 30 ft p/u reel, JD 224 24 ft p/u reel, Tractors: JD 3140 w/loader 3 pt hitch 2 remotes, JD 2550 w/ loader 3 pt hitch, Ford 5610 3 pt hitch, Ford 801 w/ 3 pt hitch, Misc: Howse Mower 6 ft, Howse Mower 5 ft, JD Loader frame, Semi Tires, Skid Steer Tires, New Tool Benches, Chains, Tie Downs, Swath Rollers, Qwonset Storage Shed Canvas, 6 ft Tiller, livestock equipment from feedlot, Webers: Ladders, Compressors, Saws, Heaters, Power Tools, Slip Tank, Power Trowell, Dodge Truck, Chev Truck

• 1:00 p.m. Vehicles

Over 50 Vehicles to choose from 2007 Chev Trailblazer 4x4, 2004 Freestar van, 2005 ChevUplander, 2005 Ford Escape 4x4, 2005 Pontiac G6, 2004 Chev 2500 4x4 saftied, 1998 Ford F150 4x4, 2004 Chev Impala, 2006 Ford F150 4x4, 74 Dodge 350 1 Ton w/hoist Twin Valley Coop Russell, MB Aug 16th 9am Sale held in Russell Good Spirit Golf Resort Lot Auction Aug 17th 2 pm Consign NOW to our Fall Auction October 26th Online Bidding, Register Early

306-782-5999 Lic 325025

If your item has not sold after the first 4 weeks, we’ll give you another 4 weeks absolutely FREE!* Call now to take advantage of this outstanding opportunity to clear out and clean up with the classifieds.

THE NEWS REVIEW Phone (306) 783-7355

the news review - Thursday, August 8, 2013 - Page 19A

Tablets growing in popularity on campus Professors are accustomed to seeing laptops in post secondary classrooms and lecture halls. Technology trends and capabilities can change rapidly as tablets are beginning to replace laptops on campus. “The majority of my students use laptops in AUCTIONS

class but I’ve been seeing increasingly more tablets in lectures,� says English professor Jason Stevens. “Students use their tablets like notepads and use stylus pens to handwrite their notes. It’s a lot less obtrusive than sitting behind a laptop. I expect to see more tablets in my classes AUCTIONS

this year.� Technology experts agree with Professor Stevens. “Today’s tablets are light, easy to maneuver and connect to primary computers for more involved research and writing,� says Toshiba’s education specialist Trevor Dantas. “They are ideal AUCTIONS



for students on the go because they can be carried in any purse or bag and can be used like digital notebooks where files can be converted to text and saved on primary computers.� These touch control devices are coming of age with today’s students. They’ve gone from the couch to the classroom in a short period of time. When tablets surged in popularity with the introduction of the Android operating system they were initially used for light


Breathe through a straw for 60 seconds. That’s what breathing is like with cystic fibrosis.


No wonder so many people with CF stop breathing in their early 30s.

Please help us.




38th Annual Pre-Harvest

2010 New Holland CX8080 2005 Cat Challenger 670 (2) 1997 Massey Ferguson 8780 Case IH 1680 John Deere 7700

Combine Headers

RESPs: More flexible than you may think

While government grants of up to $7,200 per eligible child may seem like the most attractive part of an RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan), there’s more to the plan than free money. Here are just some of the features, no matter what future path your child chooses to take: • RESPs pay for more than just tuition: Your child can receive up to $5,000 at the start of the school course/year; after 13 weeks, if you and your child decide that this is not enough to cover expenses like housing or transportation, more funds can be withdrawn at any time. • Wide range of programs: RESPs aren’t just for university or college expenses; they can be used for noncredit courses, skills training, approved programs (as short as three weeks long) and even for tuition fees at qualifying educational institutions outside Canada. • Your child has lots of time: If your child decides to travel or take a year off before starting their post-secondary education, no problem; RESPs can remain open for as long as 36 years. Part-time studies count too if your child decides to work and study. “With all the flexibility that RESPs offer, you can find unique ways to use them to benefit your child or your family’s circumstances,â€? explains David Birkbeck, the head of registered products strategy at RBC. “You’re certainly not limited to using RESPs solely for university or college tuition.â€? More information on how an RESP can fit your family’s needs is available online at

Wheel Loaders

1998 Cat IT38 John Deere 444


1993 John Deere 790E

Skid Steer Loader

2006 Cat 450CT

Truck Tractor

2010 Massey Ferguson 9430 2000 Westward 3000 (2) Massey Ferguson 885 International 5000

2003 Peterbilt 379L

Tandem Disk

2004 John Deere 650

Heavy Harrow

Grain Trailer



38th Annual Pre-Harvest

Melfort, SK Thurs. August 15 9:00 AM SHARP

2007 Degelman 7000

2008 Doepker Super B

Grain Cart

High Clearance Sprayer Tractors

Hydraulic Excavator


2010 John Deere 9630T 2007 John Deere 9520T 2003 New Holland TG210 1993 John Deere 6300

1988 John Deere 2955 Case IH 3594

vert them to editable note files or record lectures to review later with the ability to adjust the volume of separate audio tracks. “We see tablets as the ideal secondary device for students,� adds Lyons. “The key to using a tablet in the classroom is finding models that have as many connectivity ports as possible. Ports provide the flexibility of connecting directly to a PC hard drive for file saving and storage.�

1997 Cat 140H

New Holland 94C Massey Ferguson 4200 Case IH 1015 Gleaner 400

2008 Case IH SPX4420


Hodgins Auction Centre Melfort, SK Thurs. August 15 9:00 AM SHARP


2006 Unverferth 9250

1-800-378-CCFF •

internet browsing, online gaming such as Angry Birds and social media. App developers have invested a lot of time and energy into extending the utility of devices and the ability to save, store and keyword search handwritten notes is one example. Innovative apps now enable students to edit and view their files on tablet devices, much like they would on their laptop or desktop computer. Students can even use tablets to take images of whiteboard notes and con-

Grain, Service, & Light Trucks Seeding & Tillage Equipment Haying Equipment Numerous Grain Augers 3 Pt Hitch Equipment Livestock Equipment 10 Grain Bins Attachments Lawn & Garden Equipment

For updates and more info visit our website:

1-800-667-2075 4,1-t"#1-

Bins on behalf of


to be sold by picture @ Hodgins Auction Centre

TWO HOPPER BOTTOM BINS Westor 1805 4,700 Bu.

18ft x 5 Ring Bin Location: From Melville Overpass on Hwy. 10 - Proceed 18 Kms to Nh3 Plant, Turn Right, 200 Ft. Then Left up Driveway 1/2 Mile. For more info visit:

1-800-667-2075 1-t"#1-

Page 20A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, August 8, 2013





Western Canada’s Largest Insurance Broker

Yorkton, SK 2 Broadway St E

A look at what is happening in the Yorkton Business Improvement District


FREE DELIVERY for food orders over $30



14 Dracup Ave. N. Yorkton, SK Next to Great Canadian Oil Change & Comfort Inn (corner of Broadway & Dracup)

Are you a member of YBID? If your business or property that you rent for commercial purposes is in the YBID District then you in fact are already a member. The district extends from Highway 9 west on Broadway to the Gallagher Centre. From Highway 9 west on Smith to Gladstone. All the side streets in between. We also cover all the properties from Staples along the west side of Highway 9 and along the CP Rail line back towards Broadway.

PARK BENCHES Corner of Laurier & Broadway and WalMart


"Your Fabric Care Specialist" 14-1st Ave. N. Yorkton When You Look Good We Look Good

306-782-2647 Loreen Poier & Douglas A. Poier

We have some metal benches remaining in our inventory, as well as trash cans and we are looking for places to locate them. If you have a spot where they will be used please call our office 306.783.9243

39 Smith St. W. Yorkton, Sask.



44 Dracup Ave., Yorkton






SALES & SERVICE • DSC Alarms & Equipment • Access Control • 24 hr. Alarm Monitoring • Cameras for Home, Farm & Business • Surveillance System • Fire Extinguishers • Mobile Radios & Equipment • Answering Service


YBID plans to discuss in greater detail with the City the planned 2014 redevelopment of Broadway. The plan will be to re done the underground storm sewers and drains and all of that piping that we don’t see that often but is so important to our daily lives. If you have issues comments or suggestions better get them ready. Mayor and council will want to hear them!

RECYCLING BUSINESS CARDBOARD What do you do as a business about recycling your cardboard? Do you have big or little needs in getting that used material out of your shop and off to the recycling bin? YBID is working on this issue for the benefit of all members so we want your input. Let us know what your recycling needs are.

YBID is supporting once again the Yorkton Exhibition Association and their Friday night Harness Races. If you have never been we invite you to attend. YBID race nights are August 9th and August 30th. We hope to see you there.


210 Ball Rd. Yorkton, SK


Yorkton Welding & Machine - (1983) Ltd. 140 York Road, Yorkton, SK Specializing in All Types of Welding & Machining


Do you have any issues or questions you want to discuss with YBID, send us an e-mail or call 306.783.9243 we welcome your input, that’s what has made us so successful to this point.

Supplier of park benches & picnic tables etc.

Have a great week!

MID CITY SERVICE Audio Visual Entertainment Experts







107 Broadway St. W. Yorkton, SK Phone

306-783-4212 or

306-641-5224 email:

By joining forces with National Bank Financial, clients will now benefit greatly from a personalized wealth management offering that is among the best in the industry. Our team is committed to serving you with the same level of service you are accustomed to. Our name may have changed, but our promise of excellent service to our clients will not waver.

Wow! Delicious! • Fried Chicken • Chicken Wings • Chicken Strips • Jumbo Chicken Sandwich • Poutine • Chicken Mushroom Soup

306-783-1080 (next to Pizza Hut)

We are now National Bank Financial.

89 Broadway St. W.,Yorkton, SK 1-877-782-6450

65 Broadway St. E. Yorkton



Wealth Management Group

National Bank Financial is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada. National Bank of Canada is a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (NA:TSX).

Yorkton news review august 8, 2013  

Weekly newspaper covering Yorkton and surrounding area.

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