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Thursday, April 12, 2012 - Volume 15, Number 8

Long time resident honored By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer

TheatreFest 2012 THE PAPER BAG PLAYERS kicked off TheatreFest with Dream World, a comedy by Fred Carmichael. The seven day event will see seven different theatre groups from across the province perform and compete. Pictured above Roxanne Maduck (l) and Sandra Stokes perform a scene.

Provincial event on in Yorkton By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer The Paper Bag Players have always brought live theatre to Yorkton, and this week they’re hosting TheatreFest. The event, hosted in conjunction with Theatre Saskatchewan, brings seven theatre groups from across the province together to perform and compete over the week long event. Teresa Weber with the Paper Bag Players says this is the first time Yorkton has hosted the event since 2006. “It’s an overwhelming success, it has been great. Live theatre seems to be getting a bit of a renewal, and people are coming out to see more live theatre than they used to, so that’s really exciting for us,” Weber says. This year, the city is hosting The Kamsack Players Drama Club, Valley Players, Regina

Little Theatre, Milestone Prairie Players, Battlefords Community Players, and the Moose Jaw Community Players. The Yorkton crew kicked off the event with a performance of Dream World by Fred Carmichael. Weber says it’s reminiscent of a Carol Burnett sketch. She adds, it was easy to

– local shows planned until April 14 cast knowing the different performers in the group. “It’s about an aging theatre couple that have huge egos, and they go into their own little dream worlds once in a while,” she details.

Weber says the annual event is a great opportunity for local theatre groups. Not only do the out of town groups get a chance to perform for audiences they might not otherwise reach, it’s also a valuable learning opportunity, either from the adjudication process or just by watching the other groups perform. “They tell us what we could improve on, they tell us what they like. When we go to other festivals, we really appreciate the adjudication because that’s where we learn our craft... “We find as a club, the ones that go to festival are the ones that can tune up their acting skills,” she says. All performances are held at the Sacred Heart Theatre at 8:00 p.m. Those looking to catch the remaining performances can buy tickets at the door, and more information is available at www.

The Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal honors people from the province who have made an impact over the years through volunteer work. This year, nine people received the honor, including W. Allan Bailey of Yorkton. The number of organizations Bailey has been involved in is long and varied, and stretches over several decades. Bailey has been volunteering since the 1950s, when he began activities in the Jaycees in Prince Albert, and has been active in that organization everywhere he has lived, including being the national vice president for two terms. Since moving to Yorkton in the ‘60s he became active in the Chamber of Commerce, serving as the president in 1967, became active in the Rotary Club, serving in as the president in 1985. He’s also been LONG TIME YORKactive in his TON RESIDENT ALLAN church, Westview BAILEY recently United, serving received the Saskaton the building chewan Volunteer Medal. committee for the Bailey has been involved addition in 1999. in volunteer organizations in the province Con’t on Page 3. since the 1950s.

Mission to Mozambique By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer

A local group is going to Mozambique this summer, to help feed the people and do some ministry in the jungle. The Yorkton Victory Church is sending eleven people on a Sow the Seed Ministry. Pastor Mark Lautamus says that the plan started when a group came to the church talking about their trips to the country. He says that listening to them inspired people within the church to do the same thing, and the group of volunteers hopes to make a difference to the people in the country. Continued on Page 3.

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Page 2A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fill-Up for health – Co-op gives back Fill up and help out with a great cause. Bruce Thurston, General Manager of the Yorkton Co-op, has announced the Yorkton Co-op is designating April 24 as Fill-Up for the Health of It day. The Yorkton Co-op will donate 10 cents a litre from all gasoline sold that day, from both of their Yorkton Gas bar locations, to The Health Foundation. The program is timed to work with the foundation’s annual Airwaves for Health Radiothon, which takes place later this month – April 23 and 24. “The amount of money we will give away from our Fill-Up for the Health of It day is totally dependent on the people who live in this area,” says Thurston. “We hope people will put off buying their gas for a day or two so that they can fill up on April 24 and have the Co-op donate 10 cents a litre to The Health Foundation.” “We also hope that people who haven’t normally bought gas from the Co-op will. We want people to come and check out the great service the Yorkton Coop provides, and if they

– April 24 is Fill-Up for the Health of it Day haven’t been to our new Palliser Way location we want them to come and look at it and the great services we have.” Thurston says the Coop opted to get involved as the work the foundation does is important for the community. “We want to make a donation, but we also want to make that donation in a way that creates awareness of the need for those of us in the community to support this program and help expand and improve the healthcare that’s available here,” he says. Ross Fisher, Executive Director of The Health Foundation is thrilled with the concept. “Yorkton Co-op has always been a very strong supporter of the work of The Health Foundation, and we appreciate this idea. Hopefully a lot of people buy gas from the Yorkton Co-op on Tuesday April 24, and help them donate a lot of money. I really like this

program because it will raise awareness and hopefully it will inspire people to think about making a donation of their own. “Our Airwaves for Health Radiothon will be here later this month, and we really need it to be successful. That’s when we will be launching our fundraising campaign for this year. The radiothon is held on both of our local radio stations, and goes for 36 hours. The radiothon features interviews with doctors and nurses explaining how new equipment will benefit the people of this region. “As well, many of our business donors come down to the mall where we hold the radiothon and do an interview on both stations and talk about why they support improving our local healthcare... “I know Mr. Thurston and the Yorkton Co-op will be there and I hope a lot of other businesses will be too.”

BRUCE THURSTON, General Manager of the Yorkton Co-op, has announced the Co-op is designating April 24 as Fill-Up for the Health of It day. The Yorkton Co-op will donate 10 cents a litre from all gasoline sold that day, from both of their Yorkton Gas bar locations, to The Health Foundation. Above Thurston is pictured (right) with Ross Fisher, Executive Director of The Health Foundation.

A search for Canada’s ‘know-it-all’ Think you’re a Know-It-All? Here’s your chance to prove it! Discovery Channel is casting now for Season 2 of ‘Canada’s Greatest Know It All’ the ultimate brainbusting competition series. The show is looking for eight of the country’s biggest self-professed Know-It-Alls to compete head to head to prove once and for all that they are Canada’s Greatest Know It All! “You don’t need a MBA, a PhD – just a healthy dose of FYI – plus a broad knowledge about cool Discovery Channel stuff, and the world around you,” says Casting Researcher Erik

Yamada. “By all means – rocket scientists apply! But you may be beaten by a plumber from Penticton or a robotics rock-star from Regina. After all, Know-It-Alls are everywhere, they come in all shapes and forms – and are usually where you least expect them!” If you’re willing to travel, can be available for up to one month in June 2012, and think you have what it takes OR want to nominate someone you think is the ultimate Know it All, visit: The application deadline is April 15, 2012.


TIP TOP SPEAKERS – The CTTCS Division Oratory was held on March 30 at St. Paul’s School. Pictured above are the judges and the winners (l-r): Greg Ottenbreit, Judge; Speech winners: 1st - Hannah Grodecki “The Effects of Smoking” - St. Henry’s Sr; 2nd - Alexis Guy “Abortions” - St. Mary’s; 3rd - Brooke Maduck “Stereotypes” - St. Paul’s Poetry winners: 3rd - St. Michael’s student accepting for Tess Jendrasheske “Don’t Laugh at Me”- St. Michael’s; 2nd - Kaylin Hall “Lyin Larry” - St. Alphonsus; 1st Kassidy Guy “Please Don’t Read This Poem” - St. Mary’s; Doreen Rathgeber, Judge and Sarah Kirschman, Judge.

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THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 12, 2012 - Page 3A

The adventures of a plant conservationist Submitted By Kathy Morrell

“Of course,” says Sarah Vinge, conservationist with Nature Saskatchewan. “Surprise, adventure and excitement – it’s all part of the job.” One summer day, Vinge and a group of summer students were going through the usual drill about plant identification – the requirement for detailed observation, the match between that observation and the characteristics of a given species. “Come and see,” one of the workers called out pointing at a plant and than at her guide book. “We think it might be a Slender Mouse Ear Cress,” someone said. Vinge was skeptical. “We know it shouldn’t be,” another said in reply, “but it looks the same.” Meticulously, Vinge and her employees went through the list of characteristics of the threatened species: a plant10-35 cm high, small white flowers with four petals, and toothed leaves with branched hairs. What excitement! Not only was the plant the oddly named Slender Mouse Ear Cress, but the students had located it at a site further east than it had ever been found in the past. Nothing typical about the plant. Nothing typical about the day either. Other encounters were not quite as surprising – at least to a plant conservationist. During her first summer with Nature Saskatchewan, Vinge was hiking through a pasture south of the South Saskatchewan River near Burstall. She stepped through the grass and looked at the sandy soil. That’s when she heard it – the rattle that meant danger. “I just went around the snake,” Vinge says. Her matter-of-fact approach to the rattler said the land was the snake’s territory, not hers. “No one from Nature Saskatchewan,” she adds, “has ever had a bad encounter

“There were toads everywhere in an area where there were no lakes, no streams, no wetlands. In fact it was hard to walk without stepping on them...” – Sarah Vinge with a rattle snake.” Another surprising encounter came the field season of 2011, a wet year if there ever was one. Vinge and her team were in a dry sandy area of the province and that’s where they found the toads. Not one or two, but floods of the amphibious creatures. “There were toads everywhere in an area where there were no lakes, no streams, no wetlands. In fact it was hard to walk without stepping on them. The rain meant it was simply a good year for toads.” Over her four adventurous years with Nature Saskatchewan, Vinge has seen a number of threatened species: Burrowing Owls, Loggerhead Shrikes, Ferruginous Hawks and Leopard Frogs. But more than a love of nature and its surprises, Vinge’s work is with people. It is her job to approach the farmer or rancher about preserving the habitat where a threatened species grows. “Some take a hands-off approach,” she explains, “but most are enthusiastic. They want to see the plant and ask questions. They are proud when I tell them they have practiced good soil management and that’s why the species continues to grow on their land. Most often, they want to work with us in conservation.” And of course, for Sarah Vinge and the folks at Nature Saskatchewan, that is when the work of the plant conservationist is its most exciting.

Bailey honored for voluntarism Con’t from Page 1.

His support of the arts in the city has also been wide ranging, from being the chair of the Yorkton Film Festival, supporting the Moose Jaw Festival of words and being a founding member of the Yorkton Arts Council. In 2011 he was also made an honorary lifetime member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council. He has also been a major part of Yorkton’s civic development, from beginning as an alderman and being Mayor for twelve years. He also was instrumental in the initial cable television license for Yorkton and area. Bailey says that he got involved in the many different causes because they were things that interested him, and as the opportunities came he took them. He says that the

medal is an honor, but that there are many people in the city working as volunteers that deserve recognition as well. “I can think of a lot of people that deserve this award besides myself. It takes a lot of people to work with you in order to accomplish these objectives. The Agriplex for instance, thought I was given credit for spearheading the building, it took other people who worked with me, and deserve as much credit as myself for accomplishing these things,” Bailey says. “I think there’s a good core group of volunteers in Yorkton who are ready to help out whenever they’re called upon. Yorkton has a good record of volunteerism.” He didn’t expect to receive the medal, and doesn’t know who nominated him, though he says that it was clearly

someone who knew him very well. When it comes to the achievements of which he is most proud, Bailey says two stick in his mind. One was getting the Agriplex constructed, and the establishment of the Parkland Regional Library. “I’m a great believer in literacy... That took a lot of work, a lot of miles put on travelling around to all the communities and rural municipalities in our area to convince them to be part of the library system in our area and watch it grow,” Bailey says Volunteering is something that Bailey clearly believes in, and he says that everyone needs to do their part. “I believe that everybody should be prepared to do something in order to make their community a better place in which to live,” he concludes.

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CALL 310.9700 (local call anywhere in Saskatchewan)

or visit Trustees in Bankruptcy & Proposal Administrators Yorkton 31 – 2nd Avenue North Regina (Resident Office) 900, 2010 – 11th Avenue Ian Schofield, Trustee

SARAH VINGE is a member of the Rare Plant Rescue group of Nature Saskatchewan. She is also a presenter at the Symposium of the Yellowhead Flyway Birding Trail Association (YFBTA) to be held at the Saltcoats Community Hall April 28. For more information, consult Registration deadline is April 18.

Mission to Mozambique Con’t from Page 1. “We’re going to help the babies in the orphanages and put roofs on the houses, go into the jungle and work with different villages,” Lautamus explains. The group will leave on July 8, and be in the country for two weeks. Mozambique is an extremely poor country, Lautamus explains, and he says that they need helps because the extreme conditions mean people take desperate measures to survive.

“There’s no value to life there, there’s no hope to live and there’s no hope for anything, not many people live past 40,” Lautamus explains. Part of the mission is the work in Mozambique itself, and the other part is bringing back the stories of the conditions in the country, and work to help people understand what’s happening around the world. “Hopefully we can sow into people’s lives here, so we can appreciate where we’re at and what

we have in this country,” Lautamus says. He says that helping people is an important part of their faith, and by going on the mission, they plan to help as much as they can in their two week stay. He believes it will be an inspiring two weeks, and that the experiences they have will be an inspiration to others. Those interested in learning more about the mission or helping out can contact the Yorkton Victory Church at 7820984.

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Page 4A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 12, 2012

THE NEWS REVIEW The News Review is published every Thursday at 18 - 1st Avenue North, Yorkton, Saskatchewan S3N 1J4. e-mail: read us online:



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Funding support welcomed With the provincial economy booming and now being recognized as the envy of the other provinces, it’s good to see dollars going back where they are needed. The province has announced Saskatchewan cancer patients will now have improved access to cancer care and services, thanks to a funding increase this year to the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. The provincial government says it has committed $138.8 million for the agency in the 2012-13 Budget, an increase of $16.9 million (nearly 14 per cent) over 2011-12. It will be used to enhance access to cancer screening, cancer drugs and oncologists. It’s unfortunate funding is still needed in such areas but the fact remains, there is a genuine need for these services. Recent funding increases will support approximately 30,000 cancer drug treatment visits, 39,000 mammograms, and about 6,000 new patient appointments at the cancer centres in Saskatoon and Regina in 2012-13. It will also enable expansion of the Screening Program for Colorectal Cancer to all health regions in the province. The more we can do here to keep people near to family, friends and support networks during trying times, the better. “The Canadian Cancer Society is pleased with the attention that has been given to cancer care and is particularly encouraged that the government is supportive of policies that will prevent cancer and of early detection programs that will save lives,” Canadian Cancer Society’s Saskatchewan Division Executive Director Keith Karasin comments. We need to continue to work together to keep the positive trend growing.

Listen up or take your beating... really? It may fly over there, but it certainly isn’t reading material that should be taking up space on store shelves in Canada as far as I’m concerned. A new Islamic marriage “guide book” has made its way to Toronto book stores and while one wouldn’t think that should be a real cause for concern, this book is sparking a bit of outrage. Why? Well a good portion of it is used to advise men on the best ways to “beat” their wives and keep them in line. Among the other tidbits of advice offered, “A Gift For Muslim Couples” tells husbands that they should beat their wives with ‘hand or stick or pull her by the ears’. The 160-page book claims to be a ‘presentation for newlyweds’ or couples who have been together for some years. It was written by Maulavi Ashraf Ali Thanvi, who is known as a “prominent Islamic scholar and apparently an expert on marriage, relationships and the pitfalls that cause breakdowns.” I’m thinking the Readers Digest version would say the woman must obey the man at all costs or else... While practices like this may have worked in the caveman days, there’s no place for that kind of thinking in today’s society. And if some Muslims choose to practice

The way I see it... Column Shannon Deveau

this theory in their country there is little we can do to stop them, but why should we open a door like that here? In the book it states, ‘it might be necessary to restrain her with strength and even threaten her...’ Beatings aside... ‘The husband should treat the wife with kindness and love, even if she tends to be stu-

pid and slow sometimes.’ Hmmm... The author then details the ‘rights of the husband’ which include his wife’s inability to leave ‘his house without his permission’. (Oh that would be the day.) She must also ‘fulfill his desires’ and ‘not allow herself to be untidy... she should beautify herself for him’. Men should also regularly scold their wives as well as beat them by hand or stick, withhold money from them and/or pull them by the ears. Although with that said, it’s not recommended that they beat their wife excessively. How kind. It seems pretty ridiculous that this was even written, never mind that it’s selling out in book stores while some guy is reaping the profits. Women have come a long way over the years in the quest for equality, for what reason would we ever want to encourage and or promote, nonsense like this?

New cigarette warning labels largely pointless Cigarette packages are getting new, more graphic warning labels. Following up on a program introduced in 2000, the new packaging will have even bigger labels, with scarier images. This is a waste of everyone’s time and money. I say this as a non-smoker, the warning labels really aren’t much of a deterrent. My decision to avoid smoking had essentially nothing to do with the warning label attached to the box. The smokers I know have never been influenced by the warnings either, and making them bigger isn’t going to make much of a difference in their habits. You get a big ugly picture, but it’s just telling people what they already know – smoking isn’t healthy. In general, smoking is becoming less popular, with fewer people taking up the habit and more still quitting. That’s a good thing, but I don’t think that the introduction of bigger, more elaborate warning labels has anything to do with it. Making it increasingly difficult to smoke has a much bigger effect than simply showing people a big scary image of a diseased lung, because that has an immediate effect. Since most public buildings are non-smoking, and you can’t do it in a car with a kid, you’re steadily running out of places where you can actually smoke. That’s a much bigger deterrent.

Things I do with words... Column Devin Wilger Social acceptance of smoking is a much bigger factor in people taking it up. Ad campaigns, elaborate warnings, programs to keep cigarettes hidden away in stores, none of those efforts explain why I’ve never lit up. Instead, I didn’t start smoking for two, equally important reasons. One, the smoking crew in my school was mostly comprised of people I didn’t get along with, while my friends were all non-smokers. That meant peer pressure was firmly on the side of keeping away from cigarettes. Two, an acquaintance bought a car from a woman who smoked in it heavily, and it still smelled extremely bad. The pictures on a package are easily ignored, but the smell in that car

was unavoidable. So since there’s no way we can give everyone that particular old pink Chevy, it’s clear that the only way to prevent more people smoking is making it less cool. That is happening naturally, as fewer people smoke and it’s becoming less convenient and socially acceptable to do so. I struggle to think of how one can push smoking further into the margins, but in general it’s harder to smoke than it was even ten years ago. Going in that direction is a much more effective way of combatting the problem than spending money on new graphic images and bigger warnings. If the old warnings didn’t work, the new ones will not make a dent, and any new campaign is just reminding people that governments generally don’t approve of the habit. That’s the only thing giving smoking a cool factor, the fact that people clearly don’t want you to do it anymore. I’d argue that we’ve almost reached the point where we can just ignore cigarettes and they’ll burn out eventually. Keep everything that’s currently in place, and we’ll likely see the habit continue its steadily decline, as fewer people take it up and more people decide to quit. Everything else that can be done has been, and it’s clear we’re running low on ideas.

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 12, 2012 - Page 5A

to the editor


Your letter of the Week

Interactive ads – creepy or handy?

Does the buck stop anywhere?

To the Editor:

Internet advertising is a big deal and getting bigger – generating almost $3 billion in revenue per year here in Canada. According to the latest available figures from the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada “In 2010, Online ad revenues surpassed Daily Newspaper ad revenues. As a result, the Internet is now second only to Television in terms of share of total Canadian media advertising revenue (15.9 per cent). Online advertising’s 23 per cent increase from 2009 to 2010 also bested other major media, all but one experiencing only single-digit growth rates during this time.” In past years this advertising spend was dominated by “digital display” ads (i.e. banner or button ads and the like). In spite of years of dire predictions of the demise of banners, total spending on digital display ads in Canada continues to increase, to the tune of $688 million in 2010, a 19 per cent increase year over year according to IAB Canada. Just because companies keep buying them doesn’t mean they are good. As a marketer, I’m not a fan of banner ads. I find them intrusive and their performance is abysmal. They feel like ads from a bygone era shoehorning their way onto the web. As Mike Chapman wrote in AdWeek last May: “Everyone knows that clickthrough rates on banner advertising are appallingly low, measured in tiny fractions of a per cent these days. Dull old email gets click-through on average in the U.S. of five per cent or so, and even direct mail response rates still hover around three per cent, according to the Direct Marketing Association.” Which probably explains why ad spending is growing faster in search advertising and pay-

per-click (PPC) than in digital display. Marketers are looking for accountability in their media spending and performance based payment systems. In other words, I only pay if the audience does something, like click on my ad. IAB Canada reports, “Search advertising continues to lead in terms of share of dollars booked by Online Publishers ($907 million/41 per cent)” which was a 22 per cent lift over 2009. To better understand these alternatives to digital display I

view, Google AdWords allows me to target search terms for a geographical area but not any other segment characteristics like age, gender, marital status, or interests. Facebook, however, does allow demographic segmentation and targeting.” Nelson points out there are pros and cons to both search and Facebook PPC. If someone is using search to find a product, store or category they are already in the buying cycle, so a click in that instance is perhaps more valuable. On the Facebook side of things, Nelson notes that, in addition to being tightly targeted, it is “quick, easy, cheap, and measurable.” “Notice I didn’t say effective. The bounce rate for traffic from Facebook to a web page is still high – often 80 per cent or more. But still the effort and costs are low so ads on Facebook are worth the investment.” As Facebook adds new forms of advertising (sponsored stories for example) the line blurs between editorial and advertising, something we used to call “advertorial” in my print days. If I get a story about Starbucks in my Facebook news feed and several of my friends have liked it and the call to action is “click for a coupon” is that creepy or handy? Nelson says it’s handy. “Consumers want to know about products that are relevant and of interest to them. What consumers don’t like is being interrupted with ads that have no relevance to their needs or wants.” Chances are what your friend likes is something that could interest you, and if they “endorse” it, so much the better. Oh, hang on, I see Jeff is taking yoga now... hmmm, I do have a sore back, maybe I should click?

“Consumers want to know about products that are relevant and of interest to them. What consumers don’t like is being interrupted with ads that have no relevance to their needs or wants.” turned to Jeff Nelson, president at Anduro Marketing, an Internet marketing firm that specializes in search ads, PPC and social media. “Let’s look at it from both points of view,” says Nelson “the consumer and the marketer.” “The consumer has wants and needs, simple as that. Consumers need services and things. They need to buy things in order to satisfy these wants and needs. And they have many choices.” Somehow the consumer must seek out information to make these choices. “On the other hand,” says Nelson “the marketer wants to show ads to specific target groups – market segments – to help them satisfy these wants and needs. From a segmentation point of

Doug Lacombe, Troy Media Corporation.

Auditor-general exposes dishonesty about jets To the Editor: Canada’s new AuditorGeneral couldn’t be more scathing than he was yesterday about gross mismanagement and obvious dishonesty in the Harper government’s attempted purchase of new military fighter-jets. Everyone knows that Canada’s ageing CF18 airplanes need to be replaced. Their useful lifespan expires shortly after 2020. The Auditor-General applauded the way Liberals handled this issue before 2006. But as soon as the Harper regime took power, it all got badly mangled.

This government has never provided a clear mission statement about what exactly the replacement aircraft will be expected to do in future. All they will say – without detail or justification – is Canada “must” have the most expensive F-35 “stealth” jet-fighter, manufactured by Lockheed-Martin. But there are at least four other possible suppliers, probably at better prices. The government should have published detailed specifications for new planes to satisfy Canadian defense and foreign policy requirements. Then, it should

have launched a full, open, competitive bidding process to identify the most suitable plane at the best possible price with maximum industrial benefits for the Canadian economy. But instead, without tendering, the Harper regime just handpicked their favourite American supplier. Worse still, they deliberately kept Parliament in the dark! For 21 months, the Liberal Opposition asked questions about escalating costs, design and performance problems, production delays, suitability issues (i.e., can it function in the Arctic?), and a growing number of

other countries walking away from the F-35. The government’s response – directed by Mr. Harper personally – was complete denial. They accused all who asked questions of being disloyal to Canada. Even more disgraceful, at a time when they knew full well that the real cost of the project would approach $29-billion, they insisted it was only half that. They deliberately falsified the figures. It is Mr. Harper’s job to know the truth and tell the truth. And he failed! Ralph Goodale, MP, Wascana, SK.

Long gun registry killed – so what has changed? To the Editor: Re: Bill C-19, legislation to kill the long gun registry was signed into law by the governor general on Thursday, April 5. Since the enactment of C-68 the firearm community has been waiting since 1995 for this to happen. Now the question is, what has changed now that the long gun registry is dead? The only change will be that long guns no longer will need to be registered which are not

prohibited or restricted. This applies to the majority of rifles and shotguns. What has not changed is that you as a gun owner can still be prosecuted if you do not have a valid possession only (POL) or possession acquisition license (PAL). Most of C-68 is still intact and in effect. C-68 was sold by the Liberals under the guise of public safety when in fact these laws were merely a means to limit hard fought freedoms. We need to work hard at repealing the rest of

C-68 so that law abiding citizens do not become criminals just because they have a firearm safely stored in their home. Remember a guy by the name of Stephen Harper who said many times publicly that if elected he would repeal C-68 in it’s entirety. Do you still believe him? Perhaps you should let him know. Inky Mark, Dauphin, MB.

To the Editor: In preparation for World War I officials at the Canadian Department of Defense decided that a newer, more modern rifle was required to better equip our military. Since trench warfare was anticipated, a good supply of round mouth shovels was also considered necessary. The Minister of Defense of the day agreed and things proceeded full speed. The Minister knew some friends who had a new rifle that they were anxious to manufacture and sell in large quantities. The Minster also had some associates who had recently designed a round mouth shovel which was relatively light weight. The light weight was achieved in part by designing the digging portion with a hole in it. It thus required less iron. There was a need for haste. Little time was taken to draw up specifications or to try to ensure that the devices being promoted would perform as advertised. Certainly there was no time to be wasted in a widely advertised transparent tendering process to ensure good value. This was how Canadian taxpayers sent their sons and daughters marching off to World War – carrying a gun that would not shoot and a shovel that would not dig. It is a wonder any of them got home at all and a miracle that they returned victorious. It tells us more about the character of the people in uniform than their equipment or about their leadership in the early stages of the war. The Ross Rifle almost invariably jammed up after the second or third shot. Canadian soldiers took off their boots and used the heels to hammer at the jammed firing mechanism. Whenever the opportunity presented itself they picked up an abandoned Lee Enfield (British issue) and tossed their Ross in the nearest hedge row. The round mouth shovels ended up being piled in the handiest nuisance ground, usually in England. As soon as you tried to shovel with them they collapsed at the hole. Does this not all sound familiar? Have we learned nothing in 100 years? No one knows for sure to this day how much taxpayers shelled out for these two pieces of junk. Where are we to go now with our present F-35 fiasco? There are no clear specifications and no one took the time to decide exactly what was needed. There was no transparent tendering process to ensure good value for money spent. There is no one to be held accountable. It is blatantly obvious that some people in the Department of Defense and some people in the federal cabinet are either incompetent or untrustworthy or both. Do we Canadians simply take leave of our senses when it comes to military procurement? Mr. Harper, you are no longer just a partisan political leader. You are first and foremost the First Minister of this country. Those who are responsible must be held accountable for their actions. The Canadian armed forces require and deserve good equipment designed to allow them to do what ask them to do. The price must be reasonable. Canadians must be able to see and understand the process, at least its generalities. Democracy demands no less. A Prime Minister should understand this even better than an Auditor General. Doug Cowling, Yorkton, SK.

Letters welcomed The News Review accepts Letters to the Editor. Any information or ideas discussed in the articles do not reflect the opinion or policies of our paper in any way. Authors of Letters to the Editor must be identified by including their full name, address and phone number where they can be reached during business hours. Letters to the Editor should be brief (under 350 words) and may be edited for length, grammar and spelling. The News Review reserves the right not to publish Letters to the Editor.

Page 6A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 12, 2012

New agriculture centre in the works for Yorkton I have a quiz for non-farmers. Do you know the cost of a new combine? How does a farmer keep the land fertile? Where does bio-technology fit in? Do you know how specialists breed crops to protect them from damage? And have you ever asked yourself how the keepers of the land – our farmers, and agricultural specialists – have met the challenge of supplying food for the earth’s mushrooming population? You can be forgiven for not knowing the answers. Most of us take the land for granted. Yet it’s crucial to our survival. Here are some startling statistics: In the past three and a half decades, worldwide wheat and rice

READY SET READ! – St. Alphonsus School’s Community Council recently purchased copies of the classic novel Charlotte’s Web for each student in the school. For the past six weeks, the book has been a catalyst for reading for the entire school, as well as for families at home. Students also had the opportunity to participate in an “old fashioned carnival,” similar to the experiences found within the book. Events included potato sack races and cup stacking contests.

12-4th Avenue North, Yorkton, SK - 782-4333 (Behind the TD Bank)

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Extra Large Pizza, (3 Toppings), 2 Large Baked Lasagna (Meat Sauce), 1 Large Caesar Salad, 6 Garlic Toast, 32 oz. Coke

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2 Large Lasagna, Large Caesar Salad, 4 Garlic Toast

4 Chicken Souvlaki, Greek Salad, French Fries, 2 Garlic Toast

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10 Chicken Fingers & Dip, Large Caesar Salad, French Fries, 2 Garlic Toast

Extra Large Pizza, (3 Toppings), 24 oz. Dry Ribs, 12 Chicken Wings, (Your Choice Style), Large Caesar Salad, 4 Garlic Toast, 32 oz. Coke

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Ham, Salami, Pepperoni, Ground Beef, Mushrooms, Onions, Pineapple, ,Green Peppers, Fresh Tomato

* 2 Medium - 10" Regular Pizzas - with two toppings . . . . . . . . . . . Special $20.00 * 2 Large - 12" Regular Pizzas - with two toppings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Special $30.00 * 2 Extra Large - 15" Regular Pizzas - with two toppings . . . . . . . . Special $40.00 * Above Special Pizzas Come With Pizza Sauce & Mozzarella Cheese Blend *  Gift Certiϔicates are available anytime 

AVAILABLE 11 A.M. TO 9 P.M. Prices subject to change without notice

Parliamentary Report Op-Ed Column by Garry Breitkreuz production has more than doubled. Corn/maize has tripled. Oilseed crops have increased over five-fold. And all from the same amount of land. I find that amazing. Beginning right here at home on the prairies, I believe everyone should have a basic knowledge of how our grain farmers nurture and manage our land in ways that sustain a still-growing population. A unique and important non-profit project in development in our riding will soon tell visitors the story of modern crop production in western Canada. The world-class, year-round Western Canadian Crop Technology Interpretive Centre (WCIC) will sit on the outskirts of Yorkton, on the grounds of the Tourism Yorkton Visitor Information Centre/ Yorkton Chamber of Commerce building. To visitors

of all ages, from both city and country, it will demonstrate and explain the production and marketing strategies of today’s Western Canadian farmers. The days are long gone when a good farmer needed only to know how to plant and how to harvest. Every successful farmer today must also be a savvy businessperson. Visitors will also learn about farming as a business, and be able to explore various themes, including rotating crop displays. This important centre has another aim—to demonstrate to visitors why they can be confident that the food that reaches their tables is safe and wholesome, and that sound environmental practices have contributed to producing it. Plans for WCIC include 6,000 square feet of display space, a lecture theatre and office space. As a bonus to the area, it will also provide educational, tourism and economic benefits to the community. Just as in agriculture, growing a good thing takes time. Jim Gorman, board member and one of the project’s organizers, says, “This will be a two to three year project.” The Government is pleased to support this worldclass centre, and eager for WCIC to be included in every tourist’s travel plan. The Centre has detailed many ways for people to become involved in its completion. To discover more, go to or call WCIC board chairperson Tom Weir, at 621-1808.

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YORKTON CO-OP COUNTRY MORNING PEROGIES Selected Varieties, Frozen, 750g FIRST 10 Combined Varieties

MANGOES Large Size Imported

During a sale, participating CO-OP™ and THE MARKETPLACE™ stores make every effort to supply sufficient advertised merchandise to meet your needs. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, some items may be out of stock. Also, due to the size of some CO-OP™ and THE MARKETPLACE™ stores, a complete line of advertised items may not be carried. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these shortages. Although we strive for complete accuracy in our advertising, errors sometimes can occur. When an error is discovered, a correction notice will be posted in CO-OP™ and THE MARKETPLACE™ stores to bring the error to your attention. We reserve the right to limit quantities. CARE+ and design, CO-OP™, HARMONIE®, BAKER'S NOON®, CO-OP and design®, are registered trade-marks of TMC Distributing Ltd., Saskatoon, Sask. S7K 3M9. CO-OP and Design™ is a trade-mark of TMC Distributing Ltd. COUNTRY MORNING® is a registered trade-mark of Federated Co-operatives Limited, Saskatoon, Sask. S7K 3M9. THE MARKETPLACE™, THE MARKETPLACE BAKERY™, THE MARKETPLACE DELI™, THE PRODUCE MARKETPLACE™, THE MARKETPLACE BISTRO™, THE CO-OP PANTRY™ are trade-marks of Federated Co-operatives Limited. Actual items may vary slightly from illustrations. Some illustrations are serving suggestions only. GST is extra where applicable.

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GROCERY DELIVERY SERVICE DIRECT LINE 783-8011 We pick, bag & deliver your groceries right to your home in Yorkton.


Page 8A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trailer Park Boys slated for Yorkton By DEVIN WILGER N-R Writer The Trailer Park Boys has been a international phenomenon, and the series continues with different live shows and tours. Randy and Mr. Lahey will be at Rayzr’s Pub on April 14. Actor John Dunsworth, who plays Mr. Lahey on stage and screen, recently spoke with The News Review. The tours have taken Dunsworth and the rest of the cast around the world, and the shows shift depending on who is available. He says that the show is bawdy, and the show is quite scatological and very irreverent. “The show involves usually two 45-minute acts where we do standup, have contests, sing songs and involve the audience in all manner of foolishness,” The live Trailer Park Boys performances started a few years ago, after an Edmonton comedy club asked cast members if they could try a live

show. “We got a standing ovation and thought wow, this looks like a nice way to have some fun. So in between our other things we tour three or four times a year,” Dunsworth explains. The success of the show and the characters is something he says he didn’t expect from the outset, but that it’s expanded from a small show in Canada to a world-wide hit. “There are more Trailer Park fans than there were last week. It’s spreading all over the world, believe it or not, we get requests from everywhere to go. I think there’s probably a couple thousand new fans every week. It’s like a virus,” Dunsworth says. While the fanbase is always expanding, he explains that the series itself started from very modest beginning. “The first time I did the show we did the show I didn’t get paid... It was called One Last Shot, it wasn’t called

“I feel so fortunate to work in this industry. I’ve worked with so many people with so much talent who don’t find gainful employment here... Bringing joy and laughter to people is probably the best vocation in the world.” – John Dunsworth

RANDY AND MR. LAHEY from Trailer Park Boys will be in Yorkton on April 14 at Rayzr’s Pub. Actor John Dunsworth, who plays Mr. Lahey, says he never expected the series to become as big as it has. Trailer Park. Then they did the first Trailer Park, it was black and white, and there was no

budget, and we did it because it was fun to do. Then Barrie Dunn who plays Ray on the show said we should go pitch that to a network. So they went to Toronto and pitched to three networks who said it wasn’t funny. Then on a whim they called Showcase, had a meeting with them that night and by 12:00 the next day had a six picture deal.” While he’s been part of the series for over a decade, he admits he still can’t completely figure out what has made it such a phenomenon. “Every time we go on the road we’re amazed that the young kids that watched it when they were 12 years old are now 20 and still fans and still watching it. It’s amazing, I can’t explain

what the phenomenon is, I don’t understand why it’s so popular. It has something to do with Canadiana, it has something to with it being original, it doesn’t copy anything. Mike Clattenburg is a brilliant director, and it doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is,” Dunsworth says. He says that it was a fun show to make, but emphasizes that it was because the shoot was professional, and it was only after the scripted material was finished that the cast got a chance to improvise. “A lot of stuff is made up on the spot, and a lot of it doesn’t make the final cut, but it was funny at the time and we laugh our nickels off.” Touring with the character is part of what Dunsworth likes about being an actor, he says, as every role, and every experience is different. He notes that he’s currently working on a science fiction series called Haven, as well as working on different films and live theater, and he enjoys all of the different roles he can, as well as

teaching and working on personal projects. “I like to keep busy, that’s how I keep my ADD satisfied,” Dunsworth says. More than anything, being a working actor is something which Dunsworth feels eternally grateful for, since it’s a difficult job to get. “I feel so fortunate to work in this industry. I’ve worked with so many people with so much talent who don’t find gainful employment here, some of them change over and become writers, some of them do other things. I’m so incredibly lucky... Bringing joy and laughter to people is probably the best vocation in the world,” Dunsworth says. Randy and Mr. Lahey of the Trailer Park Boys will be at Rayzr’s Pub on April 14. Tickets for the 19 plus event are $20 in advance or $25 on the day of the show, but there are under 80 left. Tickets are available at Booster Juice, Rolling Zone or Rayzrs. It is the rescheduled St. Paddy’s Day show, and previously purchased tickets are valid.

“Grampa Can Dry Your Basement” FIREFIGHTING 101 – The latest Firefighter Training Program (SP8) at Parkland College began in Melville on March 26. Parkland College Protection and Emergency Services, in partnership with Lakeland College Emergency Training Centre in Vermilion, AB, offers training that is endorsed by fire departments as a necessary credential for new hires. The 13-week course includes instruction on fire behaviour, proper communication, vehicle extraction, search and rescue, and hands-on exercises. Upon completion, students are prepared for employment with municipalities and/or may pursue further training. Pictured above, the 12 students making up Platoon 8 are: (On truck, l-r): Fraser Neal (Stoughton), Hank Neumiller (Yorkton), Jordan Gregorash (Regina), Peyton McFadyen (Shaunavon), Alex Fuchs (Regina), Shayna Powell (Lumsden). (On ground, l-r): Robert Brown (Rivers, MB), Dalton Sawatsky (Hague), Bryce Bond (Regina), Richard Brown (Rivers, MB), Philip Henricksen (Regina), Jordan Schmidt (Earl Grey). 12032JJ00

“Rehaluk’s Outdoor Sump System” For the past 35 years, the Saskatchewan Junior Citizen program has been recognizing the outstanding youth of Saskatchewan.

– No Excavating – Instant Results – FREE Estimate – Dozens of Satisfied Customers

782.3582 or 641.5559

This year four deserving youth, aged between 8 and 18 years old, will receive $3000 bursaries to help pay for their future post-secondary education. Someone you nominate could be one of them. Visit for more information and nomination forms or call Nicole Nater at 1-800-661-7962 Nomination closes April 30, 2012.



• Landscaping • Pile Drilling (6 to 24”- up to 15’) • Trenching • Grapple • Demolition • Land Leveling • Sand & Gravel • Top Soil • Tree Removal • Screw Piling

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 12, 2012 - Page 9A

Umami: the fifth taste? We have all seen the commercials on TV of a leading soy sauce company utilizing the term “Umami”, but not surrendering any substantial information as to what exactly umami is. Eating is a celebration of the senses. All five of them in fact: taste, smell, sight, touch, and sound. Keeping this in mind, there could be an argument in deciding as to which is the most important sense when it comes to eating. They all play significant roles in the symphony of eating, but “taste” is the one that the majority of people associate with the most when it comes to the enjoyment of their favorite dish or cuisine. Upon further examination of the “taste” sense, we are able to break it down into four recognizable basic distinctions: sweet, sour, salty and bitter. This dissection however does not capture the taste of such things as steak, potatoes, prawns, asparagus, tuna, and mushrooms for example. In each of these mentioned instances we can recognize that there is a distinct taste to all of these ingredients, but none of them fall into the four previously stated categories of taste. How would you describe the taste of a steak besides using an uncreative term such as “meaty”? This is where umami comes in. The commercial on TV mentions that umami is Japanese for delicious, but the definition has much more depth than that. Umami is the recognition of a pleasant savoury taste that has been impacted by naturally occurring amino acids in food usually signaling the presence of protein. No combination of sweet, sour, salty or bitter can replicate or

has no flavour and there are so many choices of liquids to add to recipes that do. Depending on what type of dish you are making, I would add wine, beer, broth, or juice instead of water. When water reduces you are left with nothing, but when one of these alternatives are reduced you are left with intensified flavour.

Chef Dez on Cooking by Gordon Desormeaux mimic the taste of umami, and thus it is a basic taste description all in its own. I like to translate that it represents the heartiness in the taste of something. The science of taste suggests that we have these five basic taste senses for a reason. Sweet indicates to our body a source of energy and carbohydrates, salty a source of minerals, sour as evidence that something is not ripe, bitter as a signal that a toxin may be present, and umami signifying protein, an important part of human health. The culinary world can be so enjoyable and is an integral part of our day to day lives, however every day many people eat unconsciously without thinking about the senses that we experience while eating. In fact there are many books and theories about this as the assumption as to why there are increasing numbers in obesity in today’s society. What ever the case may be, the next time you lift your fork to your mouth, stop, close your eyes and relish everything each bite offers your awaiting palate. You may just find umami everywhere your appetite takes you. Dear Chef Dez: I tried making a beef stew without following a recipe, and it turned out bland and watery. What is the most important thing you can recommend

The News Review is online! Visit us at:

to help me? Rob M. Burnaby, BC. Dear Rob. Other than Browning the beef and making sure you have a good assortment of ingredients to provide a complex taste, I would recommend not adding any water. Water

Send your food/cooking questions to or P.O. Box 2674, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6R4 Chef Dez is a Food Columnist, Culinary Instructor & Cooking Show Performer. Visit him at The next “Chef Dez on Cooking” column will appear April 27/12.

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Page 10A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 12, 2012

Community Events Alzheimer/Dementia Support Meeting April 11, 2 p.m. @ the Yorkton & District Nursing Home All are welcome! Call 786-0722 for info.

pARTners Gallery New Exhibit! Judy Niebergall displays her fluid artistry in GIFTS FROM THE SEA. Explore Judy’s creative ports of call during opening hours at Yorkton Public Library, through the summer season. Join us on Sunday, April 22, at 1:30 p.m. to celebrate a special Earth Day artist reception! Saskatchewan Youth Parliament – looking for alumni (including former members of Older Boys’ Parliament) to celebrate 100 Years of Leadership, August 17-19 at the Travelodge South in Regina. Events will include mock debates, a gala dinner, tours, displays, and audio visual presentations. Cost is $80 for alumni or spouses, $40 for youth 22 and under. For more info. and a link to purchase tickets and register, visit sask centennial. Also search for Saskatchewan Youth Parliament Centennial on Facebook. Kony 2012 Cover the Night April 20, 5:30 p.m. City Centre Park • BBQ, live entertainment Get behind the Kony cause! All are welcome! To learn more visit: or call Dallon at (306) 562-8112. The Canadian Federation of University Women/ Yorkton Club Meeting April 24 @ 7:00 p.m. at Parkland Regional College Rm 101. Guest speaker: Rina Quewezance on the impact of the Casino on the Community. New members are Welcome. For more information about the club or how to join call Elsie @ 783-4862. All That Jazz Nite Presented by the Yorkton Community Adult Band Army & Navy Club Apr. 21, 8-10 p.m. Vocals by Jackie Washenfelder and Rob Zerr. Tickets $10 @ Fuzztone, Saddles and Steel, and the Army & Navy. Call 783-4260 for info.

Yorkton Public Library • Toddler Time: Thurs. mornings 10:30 – 11:00 a.m. • Pre-School Storytime: Thurs. mornings 10:30 – 11:15 a.m. Call 783-3523 for more info. St. John Ambulance First Aid Classes OHS Standard First Aid/ CPR classes. Personalized courses and online training also available. For more info. or to register call Judy at 783-4544 or email: Tot Spot Boys & Girls Club New Early Learning Drop-In Centre SIGN on North Building Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri. Free to participate! Donations accepted. Call 783-2582 for details. Gospel Service Series Rokeby Hall • the goal is the present life and teachings of Jesus and confirm faith in those who believe in God. Conducted by N. Osborne, M. Ausenhus. Yorkton Relay For Life Celebration Kick-off Celebrate Spring and Celebrate Survivors! - Spring fashion show featuring cancer survivors - Activities for the kids including a visit from the Easter Bunny - Hot dog and hamburger sale (in front of Sobeys) - Relay For Life information and luminary sales - Early bird registration opportunity for participants and teams Parkland Mall on Saturday March 31st, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Call 782-2788 for info.

The Yorkton Arts Council’s “Stars For Saskatchewan” Presents Inti-Illimani – Friday April 27, 8 p.m. at the Anne Portnuff Theatre. This Chilean group is entrenched in traditional Latin American roots and plays more than 30 wind, string and percussion instruments. IntiIllimani’s compositions are a treasure for the human Spirit.

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621-7901 KELLY PFEIFER Owner/Operator

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Yorkton Creators 4-H Club Welcoming new members ages 6-21. Projects include cooking, sewing, woodworking and cloverbud. For more info. call Vi at 782-4721. Singers Unite! Yorkton Community Concert Choir Practices every Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the choir room at the YRHS (use parking lot entrance) Contact Laurene at 782-0460, Shanni at 783-9145 or Anna at 744-2729 for details. Seniors Fellowship Yorkton Victory Church 175 Gladstone Ave. S. Tuesdays, 1:30-3 p.m. Non-denominational, all are welcome! • board games, cards, food, fellowship and devotionals. New Horizons Card Social 78 First Avenue North Every third Sunday of the month. Bingo, pool, shuffle board & darts. Starts at 2 p.m. $3 per person, lunch included. All are welcome! Call Ethel at 782-1621 for info. Women Surviving Cancer Support Group Meets @ the Canadian Cancer Society Office, 2 Ave. North, lower level the second Monday of every month, 7 p.m. Meet with other survivors for info. and support. Call Cheryl at 647-2027 or Janet at 782-2788 for details. Call 783-7355 to place your event.

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HAAS NISSAN 386 Broadway East, Yorkton, SK Tel: (306) 783-9461 WITH

3.5 SR model shown




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Visit your Western Nissan Retailer today or for details.



AMVIC licensed. *0%/0%/0% purchase financing for up to 84/84/84 months available on 2012 Rogue/Altima Sedan and Versa Hatch models. Representative finance example based on Selling Price of $25,813 for 2012 Altima 2.5 S (T4RG52 AA00), manual transmission, financed at 0% APR for 84 months equals $307 per month with $0 down payment. Cost of borrowing is $0 for a total obligation of $25,813. ∞$10,500 Cash Discount is based on non-stackable trading dollars and is only applicable to 2012 Titan CC SV 4X4 (3CCG72 AA00), automatic transmission. Cash Discount value varies by model. Discount only applicable to customers that choose a finance payment on new 2012 Nissan Titan models. Finance offers must be financed with Nissan Canada Finance at NCF standard rates and cannot be combined with special low rates. Available for a limited time, may change without notice. Retailers are free to set individual prices. †Finance offers are now available on new 2012 Rogue S FWD (W6RG12 AA00), CVT transmission/2012 Altima 2.5 S (T4RG52 AA00), manual transmission/2012 Versa Hatch 1.8 S (B5BG52 AA00), manual transmission. Selling Price is $25,648/$25,813/$15,265 financed at 0%/0%/0% APR equals $141/$142/$84 bi-weekly for 84/84/84 months. $0 down payment required. Cost of borrowing is $0/$0/$0 for a total obligation of $25,648/$25,813/$15,265. $1,000 Stackable Finance Cash on 2012 Versa Hatch 1.8 S (B5BG52 AA00), manual transmission is included. This discount is based on stackable trading dollars and will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Conditions apply. ^$25,648/$25,813/$15,265 Selling Price for a new 2012 Rogue S FWD (W6RG12 AA00), CVT transmission/2012 Altima 2.5 S (T4RG52 AA00), manual transmission/2012 Versa Hatch 1.8 S (B5BG52 AA00), manual transmission. $1,000 Stackable Finance Cash on 2012 Versa Hatch 1.8 S (B5BG52 AA00), manual transmission is included. This discount is based on stackable trading dollars and will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Conditions apply. VModels shown $36,148 Selling Price for a new 2012 Rogue SL AWD (Y6TG12 AA00), CVT transmission/$33,913 Selling Price for a new 2012 Altima 3.5 SR (T4SG12 AA00), CVT transmission/$22,565 Selling Price for a new 2012 Versa Hatch 1.8 SL (B5RG12 SU00), CVT transmission/$41,948 Selling Price for a new 2012 Titan Crew Cab CC SL 4X4 SWB (3CFG72 AA00), automatic transmission. $10,500 non-stackable Cash Discount on 2012 Titan CC SL 4x4 SWB (3CFG72 AA00), automatic transmission is included. ΩBased on the December 2011 AIAMC report. *∞†^VFreight and PDE charges ($1,750/$1,695/$1,567,$1,730), air-conditioning tax ($100), certain fees where applicable (AB: $20 tire recycling tax) are included. License, registration, insurance and applicable taxes (including excise tax and fuel conservation tax, where applicable) are extra. Finance offers are available on approved credit through Nissan Canada Finance for a limited time, may change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offers except stackable trading dollars. Retailer order/trade may be necessary. Retailers are free to set individual prices. Offers valid between April 3rd, 2012 and April 30th, 2012. ‡Preferred Customer Program: If you currently lease or finance your Nissan vehicle through us, you may already be pre-approved to lease or finance your next new Nissan model. The 1% Preferred Customer Reduction is currently available on new 2011 Quest; 2012 Sentra, Altima Sedan or Coupe (except Hybrid), Versa Hatchback or Sedan, and Titan models. Incentive program rate adjustments cannot reduce the lease or finance rate below 0.0% and will apply to the rate offered by Nissan Canada Finance at the time of the transaction. Please contact your Nissan Dealership for Nissan Canada Finance pre-approval terms and eligibility.

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 12, 2012 - Page 11A

The Parkland College is preparing to mark Earth Week (April 16-22) with a variety of events. The purpose of Earth Week is to promote awareness and appreciation of the planet’s natural environment, culminating in Earth Day on April 22. Events planned at include a half-hour “lights out” at all campuses on Thursday, April 19. All non-essential lighting will be turned off from 3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. In addition, staff and students will be encouraged to form clean-up crews at that time to collect garbage and litter from their campuses and communities. And there will also be draws for Earth Day t-shirts and water bottles. In 2009, Parkland College and other members of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges signed onto the Pan-Canadian Protocol for Sustainability. The agreement formalizes the colleges’ commitment to establishing sustainability policies, integrating

Celebrating Earth Week





29,895 168 2 *

• Power Windows/Mirrors/Locks with





sustainability principles in work practices, and to working collaboratively with government, business, and the community to develop and implement joint strategies to move society toward sustainability. As a result the local college undertakes several initiatives aimed at helping the environment including cutting back on paper use, scanning documents as opposed to faxing or copying, reducing staff travel, limiting the use of disposable cups and cutlery, and promoting the use of refillable water stations. Several Parkland College staff members also volunteer on the Green Committee, which meets regularly throughout the year. The committee is tasked with making the college a leading member of a sustainable society. The Green Committee encourages suggestions from staff, students, and the public to help the college implement new ways of becoming more environmentally friendly.



8,250 0








9.4L/100KM HWY | 14.3L/100KM CITYW




• GM Exclusive Locking Differential • OnStar® Including 6-Month Subscription~

• StabiliTrak™ Electronic Stability Control • Chrome Package: Chrome Grille, Assist Steps,
















Remote Entry Wheels, Door Handles and Mirror Caps















• 5.3L V8 Engine

• 6 Way Power Driver’s Seat

• 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

• Dual Zone Electronic Climate Control

• HD Cooling Package

• Steering Wheel Audio Controls with Bluetooth®

• GM Exclusive Locking Differential

• Heavy Duty Trailering Package

• Chrome Package: Chrome Grille, Assist Steps,

Wheels, Door Handles and Mirror Caps • OnStar® Including 6-Month Subscription~ • EZ-Lift Locking Tailgater Caps



ON NOW AT YOUR PRAIRIE BUICK GMC DEALERS. 1-800-GM-DRIVE. GMC is a brand of General Motors of Canada. ^/ ‡‡/††/*Offers apply to the purchase of a 2012 Sierra EXT 4WD (R7E)/2012 Sierra Kodiak Crew 4WD (R7F) equipped as described. Freight included ($1,495). License, insurance, registration, PPSA, administration fees and taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Offer available to retail customers in Canada. See Dealer for details. Limited time offers which may not be combined with other offers, and are subject to change without notice. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in Prairie Buick GMC Dealer Marketing Association area only. Dealer order or trade may be required. GMCL, Ally Credit or TD Auto Financing Services may modify, extend or terminate this offer in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See GMC dealer for details. X $8,250 manufacturer to dealer delivery credit available on 2012 Sierra EXT 4WD/2012 Sierra Kodiak LD Crew Special Edition (tax exclusive) for retail customers only. Other cash credits available on most models. See your GM dealer for details. ¥†2.99% purchase financing for 84 months on 2012 Sierra EXT 4WD on approved credit. Rates from other lenders will vary. Down payment, trade and/or security deposit may be required. Monthly payment and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Example: $10,000 at 2.99% for 84 months, the monthly payment is $132.09 Cost of borrowing is $1,095.39, total obligation is $11,095.39. Down payment and/or trade may be required. Monthly payments and cost of borrowing will also vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Biweekly payments based on a purchase price of $29,895 with $2,399 down on 2012 Sierra EXT 4WD, equipped as described. WBased on GM Testing in accordance with approved Transport Canada test methods. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. ‡‡2012 GMC Sierra 1500, equipped with available VortecTM 5.3L V8 engine and 6-speed automatic transmission, fuel consumption ratings based on GM testing in accordance with approved Transport Canada test methods. Competitive fuel consumption ratings based on 2012 Large Pickup segment and Natural Resources Canada’s 2012 Fuel Consumption Guide. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. Excludes hybrids and other GM models. † Chrome Accessories Package offer available on light duty 2012 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra extended cab and crew cab trucks (excluding Denali crew cab) equipped with the PDJ package (“PDJ Package”). Kodiak package includes PDZ credit valued at $1,200. Dealer order or trade may be required. Offer available to retail customers in Canada for vehicles delivered between February 3, 2012 and April 30, 2012. Customers who opt to forego the PDJ Package may apply a $500 credit (tax exclusive) to the vehicle purchase price. This offer may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See your GM dealer. ~ OnStar services require vehicle electrical system (including battery) wireless service and GPS satellite signals to be available and operating for features to function properly. OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers. Subscription Service Agreement required. Call 1-888-4ONSTAR (1-888-466-7827) or visit for OnStar’s Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and details and system limitations. Additional information can be found in the OnStar Owner’s Guide. ‡0% purchase financing offered on approved credit by Ally Credit for 48 months on 2012 GMC Sierra Nevada EXT 4WD/2012 GMC Sierra Kodiak Crew 4WD. Rates from other lenders will vary. Down payment, trade and/or security deposit may be required. Monthly payment and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Example: $10,000 at 0% APR, the monthly payment is $208.33 for 48 months. Cost of borrowing is $0, total obligation is $10,000. Offer is unconditionally interest-free. Freight ($1,495) included. License, insurance, registration, PPSA, applicable taxes and fees not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Offers apply to qualified retail customers only. Limited time offer which may not be combined with certain other offers. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate offers in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details.

Page 12A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 12, 2012

Adopt a friend LITTLE FRIEND – My name’s Maxie. I’m a 4 year old terrier mix. I’m a really great friend, I’m very affectionate and I love to be the center of attention. I’d be a great addition to a loving, responsible home, and I know that if you meet me we’ll be fast friends. To learn more come visit the SPCA or call 783-4080.

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 12, 2012 - Page 13A

NEWS REVIEW SPORTS Sport notes Linemen Camp Yorkton Minor Football (YMF) invites all young area football players to a football camp for back field, linemen and receivers at the Gallagher Centre Flexihall Saturday, April 28 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Camp instructors will be Saskatchewan Roughriders offensive linemen Chris Best and Dan Clark as well as defensive lineman Brent Hawkins. The camp which is open to all football players in the parkland region from atom league to senior high school will cost $50 per attendee which includes lunch. Participants are asked to bring runners and sweats. For more information or to register contact Michael at 783-5888, 782-7452 or 641-7886 or email mkozushka@hotmail. com.

Drop in Sports Drop-In Sports offered at the Gloria Hayden Community Centre include: A Youth Gym Night is held Thursdays from 7 to 9 p.m. Fit is free of charge for youth aged 12 years and up. Snacks are provided. The program is sponsored by Sunrise Health Region and Boys & Girls Club of Yorkton. Badminton is played Wednesdays from 6 to 8 p.m. and Sundays from noon to 2 p.m. at a cost of $3 per person. Ladies Floor Hockey is offered Wednesdays from 8 to 9 p.m. The cost is $3 per person. Drop-in Basketball goes Wednesdays from 9 to 10 p.m. at $3 per person. After school Racquetball is offered Monday to Friday from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Court rentals are $2 per person.

Football night in Sask. Yorkton Minor Football offers Football Night in Saskatchewan, a fund raiser for minor football in the Parkland area, Saturday, April 28 at St. Mary’s Cultural Centre. Doors open at 5 p.m. Come out and meet some of the Saskatchewan Roughriders! Admission is – single ticket, $50; table of eight, $350. For more information or tickets contact Roby Sharpe at 521-1231 or email

Clean Spot novices MHL B Champs The Yorkton Clean Spot Novice Terriers defeated the Yorkton Novice Farrell Agencies Terriers 4-3 in the opening game of two game total point playoff series at the Kinsmen Arena. The Clean Spot Terriers opened the scoring with a first period goal by Kaedin Dycer assisted by Dylan Kolesky and Daxton Kulscar. Josh Herzog opened second period scoring for the Clean Spot Novices scoring assisted by Landon Burkell and Jack Long. Jaspyn Campbell pulled the Farrell’s Terriers within one assisted by Lonnie Badger and Gary Strongquill. Brady Bjornerud tied the game at two assisted by Reid Pfeifer. Jack Long scored the goahead goal for the Clean Spot Terriers, an unassisted third period marker. Herzog notched the game winner assisted by Dycer and Braeden Zerff. Dru Minke pulled the Farrell’s Novices within one assisted by Bjornerud before time ran out. The game was very close game from start to finish. The goalies for both teams, Dray Sobkow for Clean Spot and Landon Sorenson for Farrell Agencies, played extremely well and had all the angles covered, making it hard for the opposing skaters to sneak a puck past the goal line. Hard skating by all the forwards and defenseman was recognized by the coaching staff on both sides of the ice. The Clean Spot Novices edged out the Farrell’s

MAJOR HOCKEY LEAGUE NOVICE B CHAMPS, the Clean Spot Terriers include: Front row (l-r) Dylan Kolesky, Daxton Kulscar, Dray Sobkow, Landon Burkell. Middle row (l-r) Ashton Schuster, Roy McNab, Braeden Zerff, Kaedin Dycer, Garrett Ellis, Tyler Shannon, Josh Herzog, Jack Long, Colby Lees, Anton Langan. Back row (l-r) Assistant coach Corwyn Dycer, assistant coach Rene Kulscar, team manager Mike Shannon, head coach Darrell Sobkow. Submitted photo. Novices 8-7 in the second game of the two game series to claim the Major Hockey League (MHL) B championship banner. The Farrell’s Novice Terriers opened with three goals in the first 10 minutes of the first period. Julia Fleger scored one while Bjornerud added two. Pfeifer, Minke and Campbell each earned an assist. The Farrell Agencies Novices had the Clean Spot players on their heels. Clean Spot managed to bounce back with two goals of their own before the period was over.

Herzog opened the Clean Spot scoring at 6:28 of the first period with an assist by Zerff. Dycer added a second goal for the Clean Spot Terriers with 3:21 left in the period assisted by Herzog and Long. The Clean Spot Terriers opened the second period by recording three goals within seven minutes. All goals came off the stick of Herzog assisted by Garrett Ellis and Zerff. The Farrell Agencies Terriers answered with a goal by Pfeifer before the period ended. Minke and

Continued on Page 17.

Shoot-a-thon raises funds for local SPCA By ALEX MORGOTCH N-R Writer Students at M.C. Knoll School held their second annual shoot-a-thon for charity recently. The school basketball teams, two boys’ teams and two girls’ teams, shot hoops to raise money for a local worthy cause. This year the recipient of the shoot-a-thon funds was the Yorkton SPCA. Event coordinator and boys’ basketball coach,

Mark Schendel, says last year funds were directed to the Kinsmen Tele-Miracle, a sum of $712.60. Schendel admits he had some personal reasons for choosing the SPCA this year. Five years ago he and his wife decide to get a pet cat for their home. Marley came into their home via the Yorkton SPCA. “I’m proud to say he is my ‘bestest’ buddy in the world and I’m so glad that we did go that route and did go to

the SPCA for our pet,” Schendel asserts. Many of the youngsters participating in the shoot-athon are pet owners who got their pets from the local SPCA. As a result, Shendel states, “For a number of us, selfish reasons we were really interested in raising a lot of money for the SPCA,” he adds. He distributed the pledge forms and instructed the students to collect pledges and donations from friends

Deer Park opening Deer Park Municipal Golf Course Pro Shop, restaurant, and driving range is open for the season as of Tuesday, April 10. For more information call 786-1711 or go to the website at

Junior golf lesson The Deer Park junior golf lesson registration night will be held from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 18 at the Deer Park clubhouse. The $50 fee offers two lessons, two rounds of golf, a skill building session and a tournament.

Jakob Thompson picked up an assist. The Clean Spot Terriers turned the game around to lead 5-4 after two periods. The third period was a wild one with three goals scored by each team. Each team took a turn at scoring a goal, the Farrell’s team tying the game and the Clean Spot team scoring another to stay one goal ahead each time. Farrell’s Novices marksmen were Campbell with a pair of goals while Minke added one goal. Minke and Pfiefer also earned assists.

PICTURED ABOVE in the M.C. Knoll Shoot-a-thon presentation to the SPCA (l-r) Lacey Senchuk, SPCA rep Trina MacNeil, teacher Mark Schendel and Marley, and Brodie Ottenbreit.

and relatives. The shoot-athon was held last Monday from noon until 1 p.m. Forty-seven kids showed up to shoot hoops for the SPCA, Schendel reports. Each participant took 10 shots. Recorders kept track of the number of successful free throws out of 10. Participants then went back to the people who pledged them to collect their donations, Schendel explains. The top shooter was Grade 8 shooter Tyson Black who was successful on eight out of 10 free throws. “He brought in quite a bit of money with that as well,” Schendel notes. Some folks opted to simply make a flat donation as well. After all the funds were counted, the shooters raised $697.50 in pledges and donations. The M.C. Knoll boys dipped into their own pockets to top up the donation to the SPCA to $700, Schendel reports. Over two years the M.C. Knoll basketball program and the 11 to 14 year-olds in the program raised $1412.60 for charitable causes. “It’s really remarkable. I’m really proud of that,” he continues. Continued on Page 18.

Page 14A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yorkton Richardson Atom Terriers claim C title By ALEX MORGOTCH N-R Writer The Yorkton Richardson Atom Terriers defeated the Melville Snipers 5-4 in Melville to win the two game total goal C final by a combined score of 12-9. The Terriers, who also won the first game of the series by a score 7-5 in the previous game in Yorkton, received goals from Colby Ross with who scored once, Josh Haczkewicz with who scored twice, Dasek Sobkow added one and Jaxon McLeod who scored one. Kyle Stewart, Anthony Bunnie, Benjamin Lortie, Mcleod, and Sobkow each earned an assist while Ross picked up a pair of assists. Also contributing to the win with strong play were Rylan Bahrey, Logan Speidel, Jon Hedley, Logan Rohatensky, and Jesse Todos. Noah Pfeifer, goaltender, played

exceptionally well throught the entire play-offs, registering four shutouts in 12 games played and making several outstanding saves in the two game final. The team would like to thank Richardson (Darrell Sobkow) and McDonalds (Dean and Tricia Shyiak) for sweater sponsorship for the season. THE C CHAMPS, Yorkton Richardson Atoms team included: Back row (l-r) Gord Ross, Head Coach, Darcy McLeod, Assistant Coach, Willy Hedley, Assistant Coach. Third row (l-r) Kyle Stewart, Josh Haczkewicz, Rylan Bahrey, Logan Speidel, Jon Hedley, Benjamin Lortie. Second row (l-r) Anthony Bunnie, Jesse Todos, Colby Ross, Logan (Moose) Rohatensky, Jaxon McLeod, Dasek Sobkow. Front row (l-r) Kael DePape, Noah Pfeifer. Missing: Michelle Pfeifer, Manager, Darrell Sobkow, Trainer/Team Sweater Sponsor.

It’s getting harder to drag the bag out of the basement One of the oldest Yorkton Old Grinders still actively playing this season, Gordon Halyk, is considering hanging up his skates after the final game last Wednesday. Halyk, who started playing hockey as a five year old in 1939 will be 78 years old in August. He grew up playing on the outdoor rink across

the alley from where he grew up in Fenwood. He played kid hockey and junior hockey. He was with the Fenwood Flyers, Kamsack, and the Yorkton Old Relics. He has played from Yorkton to Victoria, B.C., he recalls. Halyk says he still enjoys the game. “It’s dragging the (equipment) bag out

of the basement that’s the hard part,” he quips. Team mates are urging him to stay on for another year. Fletch (Gary Fletcher) quit when he was 78. Team mates are urging him to play another year to surpass Fletcher’s record. “I’ll have the summer to think about it,” Halyk closes.

Yorkton Bowl Arena Stats

OLD GRINDER HOCKEY PLAYER Gordon Halyk will take the summer to decide whether he wants to go for Gary Fletcher’s longevity record.


MEN’S HIGH SINGLE Martin Phillips 270 Andy Kentz 297 Tom Skoretz 261 Devon Cross 271 Raymond Dierker 265 Andy Boleziuk 287 Wally Sedlick 262 Rick Becquet 351 Don Haider 311

MEN’S HIGH TRIPLE Wes Supena 617 Andy Kentz 680 Steve Slywka 663 Devon Cross 670 Raymond Dierker 745 Andy Boleziuk 733 Wally Sedlick 690 Rick Becquet 740 Don Haider 767

LADIES HIGH SINGLE Adella Hansen 243 Lisa Gibler 226 Vicky Clifton 222 Amber Mehling 174 Reema Sauve 240 Paula Beck 254 Adella Hansen 222 Theresa Mckenzie 296 Linda Matycio 214 Colleen Haider 293 Don Haider 313 Don Haider 787 Janice Zwirsky 222 Don Haider 291 Cam Louttit 742 Jamie Sereda 371 Carson pinno 180 D. Halkett- Dustyhorn 414 Ashley Schrader 197 Serge Yacyshyn 207 Serge Yachshyn 539 Amanda Krochak 251

LADIES MOST PINS HIGH TRIPLE OVER AVERAGE D. Ostapowich 653 D. Ostapowich +71 Lisa Gibler 623 Andy Kentz +125 Dawn Brinley 557 D Brinley V Clifton +62 Amber Mehling 451 Devon Cross +90 Jackie Johnson 617 Raymond Dierker +78 Paula Beck 661 Brian Beck +100 Adella Hansen 609 Orest Tanchyk +94 Theresa Mckenzie 830 Rick Becquet +137 Toni Gromnisky 520 Don Haider +80 Colleen Haider 699 Colleen Haider +86 Janice Zwirsky 527 Don Haider +77 Jamie Seresa 846 Jamie Sereda +141 Ashley Schrader 529 D.Halkett- Dustyhorn +72 Amanda Krochak 616 Evan Lajambe +64


Safety Ticket Course Yorkton, SK

PTO Parts, Bearings, Seals, Hardened Sprockets, Implement Hubs & Spindles up to 8000 lb., Tractor Spindles & Steering Arms

Start Date: May 11, 2012 End Date: May 18, 2012 Dumont Technical Institute, a Métis post-secondary institute, is proud to be offering a Safety Ticket course in Yorkton, SK. This program will allow students to become knowledgeable and obtain safety tickets in:

’ ’ ’ ’ ’

First Aid/CPR Confined Space Entry Rescue H2S Alive PSTS WHMIS


NEW STYLE BALE PRONGS 20% heavier, 49” long



Complete Electric Brake Assemblies with Magnet & Backing Plate $ 24 Starting at ............................

49 Trailer Hitch Couplers $ 70 Starting at ............................ 15 Trailer Axles, Bearing Kits, Wheel Studs, Springs, Dust Caps, U-Bolts, Spring Bushings, Hitch Receivers

TRACTOR FRONT AXLE REPAIR: To qualify: You must be 18 years or older. To apply: Submit an application form along with a cover letter detailing why you want to take the course.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 27, 2012 For more information or to obtain an application form, please stop by your local Dumont Technical Institute office at 220 Smith Street East - Yorkton, or contact: Michelle Suteau- Program Coordinator Dumont Technical Institute 917- 22nd Street West - Saskatoon Phone: 306.657.2279 Toll free: 1.877.488.6888 Fax: 306.242.0002 Email:

7,000 lb. Trailer Jacks, Sidewind Comes with weld on pipe mount & pin.

10” Lift Starting at $ 90


15” Lift Starting at $ 30


We have a large boring mill to repair centre and end holes on Front Wheel Assist and 2WD front tractor housings. We can also machine large holes in housings.


140 York Rd. E., Yorkton Ph. (306) 783-8773 Fax (306) 783-8769

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It’s not just what you lose, it’s what you gain.

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Born in March 2012 at the Yorkton Regional Health Centre KLEMETSKI - Born HESHKA - Born to KENNEDY - Born to Tracy Gogol and Jaime and Gordon to Lana and Lawrence Bryan Heshka of Kennedy of Yorkton, Klemetski of Yorkton, Canora, SK, SK, a daughter, SK, a son, a daughter, Mackenzie Anne, Ryker Anthony, Courtlyn Paige, March 27, 2012. March 4, 2012. March 14, 2012. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------BALYSKY - Born to KESHANE - Born to LECHNER Born to Carrie and Randall Natasha Cote and Brandy and Chad Balysky of Yorkton, SK, Ralph Keshane of Lechner of Melville, a daughter, Yorkton, SK, a son, SK, a daughter, Pagie Patricia Joan, Ryo Rylan, Everett Lara Sloan, March 29, 2012. March 8, 2012. March 17, 2012. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------VILLENEUVE - Born SIWY - Born to BRASS-BEAR - Born to Kirsten Willerton Michelle and Bartek to Chrissa Bear and and Branden Siwy of Churchbridge, Tyler Brass of Yorkton, Villeneuve of Yorkton, SK, a daughter, SK, a son, SK, a son, Danika Rayne, Tanner Edward, Traeton Kyle Blaine, March 12, 2012. March 24, 2012. March 30, 2012. ---------------------------- ---------------------------SKOROBOHACH - INGJALDSON - Born ---------------------------Born to Amanda and to Melissa and Jamie WILEY - Born to Jodi and Brett Wiley of Fred Skorobohach of Ingjaldson of Yorkton, SK, a son, Yorkton, SK, a son, Langenburg, SK, a Drake Dean, Nicholas Theodore, daughter, Emery Rosie, March 30, 2012. March 12, 2012. March 25, 2012. ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ----------------------------

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Yorkton Old Grinders hockey season winds up By ALEX MORGOTCH N-R Writer They play the game simply for the love of the game. Some have been at it longer than most of us have been around, starting out on frozen ponds and sloughs. There was no expensive protective equipment in those days. A pair of skates, a stick and a puck, when one was available was all they needed. They moved up through their local teams. Some went on to play with junior or senior teams and the odd one may have even made it to the big leagues. Today they’re attracted by their affinity for hockey and the social aspect of the game. Each year they come out, don their equipment and take to the ice. This year the Yorkton Old Grinders wrapped up another season at the Farrell Agencies Arena last week. Team spokesman Barry Sharpe says the Old Grinders meet weekly every Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. at one of the two local arenas. Numbers vary from week to week. The final game of the current season saw two goalies and 20 skaters as well as several older off-ice participants were on hand to close another year of senior rec hockey, Sharpe reports. Players aren’t exactly youngsters. Goalie John Garbut is 70 years old. Gordon Halyk is 78. Several others are in their 70s, some in their 60s and

a number of 50 year old players, Sharpe points out. Players drive in from out of town to take in games, he notes. Three come from Esterhazy, two from Melville, and one used to come in from Roblin regularly. “We’ve got the whole area covered,� Sharpe suggests. There are no regular teams. Players who show up Wednesday mornings throw their sticks into a pile. The sticks are then alternately thrown to one side or the other. “Wherever your stick ends up, that’s the side you play on,� Sharpe explains. Many of the players started playing hockey outdoors, Sharpe notes. “I never played in an indoor rink until I was 13 years old,� he recalls. The main thing for the players is the fellowship associated with the game, Sharpe says. One of the players, Gary Fletcher, recalls playing hockey on his high school team in Humboldt alongside legendary NHL goalie Glenn Hull. “I’ve got the team picture from 1945 that would be the first picture in which Glenn was playing goal,� says Fletcher. Over the fourteen years the Old Grinders have been in existence, there have been over 100 players coming out to play some hockey, Sharpe estimates. Some have stopped actually playing hockey as the years caught up with them, but they still come out to watch and socialize with

THEY MAY SKATE a little slower and don’t hit just as hard, but the Old Grinders are every bit as enthusiastic about the game as any youngsters who step out onto the ice to play the game they still enjoy. the others. Some guys quit and a few passed away over the 14 years. “It’s a lot of fun and we hope to continue next season. The first practice will be held on the first Wednesday in November, Sharpe closes.

Fletcher points out that Sharpe was the founder of the team and the weekly scrimmages. “So we are indebted to Barry Sharpe again for starting something wonderful again in Yorkton,� Fletcher wraps up.

Taekwondo athletes medalists at provincial championships Fifteen competitors of the Yorkton Taekwondo club participated at the 2012 Provincial Championships at the Turvey Centre in Regina hosted by Kim’s Taekwondo. There were over 160 competitors from all parts of Saskatchewan. Wayne Mitchell, Autumn Ashcroft and Francis Bazin coached the Yorkton team. Andrew Bazin was a referee for the day’s proceedings. There were many significant performances over the weekend. In the colour belt Pee Wee advanced belts were embroiled in many exciting matches. Daniel Bazin and Zane Chopik had a particular strong division and opponent from Saskatoon. They showed great determination and persistence resulting in a silver for Zane and a Bronze for Daniel. Tyler Buenneke dominated his division by outscoring his opponents over three matches by almost a 10 to 1 margin. For his young age he is showing a great understanding of the strategy of the game. His ability to score difficult techniques with both left and right feet will make him a force to be reckoned with as he moves up through the ranks and age levels. Tyler claimed gold in both sparring and the pattern divisions. Kallie Buenneke also had a two medal performance. She also easily outscored her opponents for a gold medal in sparring and a bronze in the pattern division. Ashley Buenneke had a stellar performance in Girls Midget Advanced patterns to be awarded the

Yorkton Minor Hockey

silver medal. Notable performances in the black belt division came from Shane Varjassy, Samuel Lohnes and Kathryn Lohnes. Shane used well placed powerful techniques to end his gold medal match early in the first round. He used his longer legs to great advantage and outscored his opponent. Kathryn is in her first year in the junior A division but also fought four matches that included adults. She had to beat Regina’s senior player, Alisha Triff, in two sudden death matches to come away with the gold medal in Sparring. The next significant event for the Yorkton competitors is the Iron Fist Challenge in Winnipeg on May 26. Results for Yorkton Taekwondo athletes were: Kathryn Lohnes – Junior A Black Belt Welter Sparring, gold medal; Shane Varjassy – Junior A Black Belt Feather Sparring, gold medal; Samuel Lohnes – Junior A Black Belt Welter Sparring, gold medal; Francis Bazin – Senior Black Belt middle weight Sparring, gold medal; Clark Bazin – Junior A Black Belt Heavy Sparring, gold medal; Eric Fookes – Junior A Black Belt Feather Sparring, bronze medal; Ashley Buenneke


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– Midget Girls advanced Patterns, silver medal; Tyler Buenneke – Pee Wee Boys Middle advanced Sparring, gold medal and Patterns, gold medal; Zane Chopik, Pee Wee Boys Light Advanced Sparring, silver medal and Patterns, gold medal; Daniel Bazin – Pee Wee Boys Light advanced Sparring, bronze medal; Kallie Buenneke –Pee Wee Girls Light Intermediate Sparring, silver medal and Patterns, bronze medal; Evan Hall, Pee Wee Boys Light Beginner Sparring, bronze medal and Patterns, bronze medal; Janaya Head, Pee Wee Girls Light Beginner Sparring, silver medal; Nathan Head, Midget Boys Light beginner Sparring, gold medal and Patterns, bronze medal; Josiah Head, Midget Boys Middle Beginner Sparring, gold medal and Patterns, bronze medal.

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Yorkton Quizno’s Bantams claim MHL B-side title The Yorkton Quiznos Bantam Terriers claimed the Major Hockey League B-side title by defeating the Bantam Fort Knox in two straight games in a best of three games playoff series to advance to the league final against Kamsack. Kamsack opened the final best of three series with a narrow 5-4 win at home. The Quiznos Terriers rebounded with a pair of wins, 7-4 and 2-0 shutout in Yorkton to win the B-side title. The win capped a tough

season for the Bantam Terriers says team manager Kerri Kawchuk. In January the team was down to eight skaters and two goalies because of injuries. They needed to bring in some AP peewee players to continue. But, they got the job done when it came down to the crunch. The win was huge for the Quiznos Bantams, Kawchuk declares. She thanks the sponsor, Quizno’s Subs, players, AP players, parents, families and the DR Auto Bantams for coming out to cheer the team on right to the end.

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Coaches thanked The Clean Spot third period goal scorers were Herzog, Dycer and Long. Long and Josh Herzog also earned assists. The game had excitement built into if from the opening puck drop. Both teams gave 110 per cent and none of the kids gave up on pushing for the MHL B Division championship banner. Once again the goalies for both teams, Sobkow for Clean Spot and Sorenson for Farrell Agencies, played outstanding in net. All players from both teams left their benches to take a shift on the ice intending on scoring a goal every time and score they did. The Clean Spot kids and parents would like to congratulate all Yorkton Novice teams on playing very competitively throughout the season. Parents and players would also like to thank the Clean Spot coaching staff for creating a great hockey experience for all of the players. They all had such a great time this season that they will be back again next year. “You are greatly appreciated.”

MHL BANTAM B CHAMPIONS, Quizno’s Subs team included: Kneeling row and goalies (l-r) Brendan Ivanochko, Zack Goulden-Maddin, Carter Park, Bo Loster. Middle row (l-r) Kyle Merkl , Ryan Merkl, Stephen Oleskiw, Cody Doll, Blair Kawchuk, Dylan Minke, Logan Kawchuk. Back row (l-r) Mason Plews, Brendan Dzuba, Jorie Dull, Carter Flasch. Coaches (l-r) Don Dzuba, Darcy Dull, Mark Kawchuk, Trevor Plews.

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April 12, 2012

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Sacred Heart/CAB March Athletes of the Month

The CAB/Sacred Heart High School (SHHS) Male Athlete of the Month for March, Brendon Walkington comes from the senior boys’ basketball team. He had to play against guys that outsized him all year, but his uncanny ability to jump and rebound helped the Senior Saints to be extremely successful.

Book helps people to breathe easier Con’t from Page 17. Your purchase will help the residents of our province affected by lung disease to breathe a little easier. The project is a fundraiser for The Lung Association of Saskatchewan who provides desperately needed dollars for cutting edge lung health research in the province. They are also committed to providing top notch

Sports teach life skills Con’t from Page 13.

Schendel is admittedly passionate about sports because of the life skills he believes sports instill in participants. They learn about team work, leadership and commitment, and with events like the shoot-athon they also learn about giving back to the community. Schendel says he’s proud to see the students taking pride in where they live. They are proud of Yorkton and to be able support local groups that need a helping hand. Currently the Yorkton Elementary School Sports Association (YESSA) is wrapping up the basketball season. This year six schools, including M.C. Knoll, Columbia, Yorkdale, St. Alphonsus, St. Paul’s and St. Michael’s schools played inter-school basketball. The final city championship tournament be played at the M.C. Knoll/ St. Michael’s School gyms April 23, 24 and 25 with the tournament final going ahead Wednesday evening, April 25. Anyone who would like more information can call M.C. Knoll School at 786-5540 and talk to Mark Schendel. Following the basketball, school divisions will hold outdoor track and field meets. The Yorkton and area Good Spirit School Division (GSSD) meet will be held at Kinsmen Century Field Wednesday, May 9. The GSSD meet will be the qualifying event for the East Central Track and Field Meet May 23 and 24. Trina MacNeil of the Yorkton SPCA says the organization really appreciates the contribution of the M.C. Knoll students and is happy to accept any donations. Funds, which are needed, go to cleaning, supplies, food, any medical treatment the animals may need and the general operation of the facility, MacNeil reports.

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The senior boy’s basketball team competed in three tournaments in March finishing second in an exhibition tourney in Melville, second in conference play and second at regionals. The Saints boys played their best basketball towards the end of the season finishing just one game shy of going to Hoopla. They were defeated in a close game against the eventual provincial champion North Battleford Vikings. Walkington contributed greatly to tht team’s success by playing a ton of minutes, adding eight points per game and pulling in over 10 rebounds per game. We look forward to seeing him progress into a senior member of the team next year. The CAB/SHHS Female Athlete of the Month for

March, Brianna Ostafie, has been a fantastic addition to Sacred Heart this year. On the senior girls’ volleyball team she claimed a starting position and was one of the team leaders in blocks. Her defensive play was out of this world. But Ostafie won the award for her play on the senior badminton team. Her coaches say she is a natural team leader. She always has a positive attitude She is a great representative of Sacred Heart by always demonstrating good sportsmanship during tournaments. Playing girls’ doubles Ostafie won Silver at our home tournament and a gold medal in Sturgis. A dedicated athlete, she drives in 30 minutes for morning practices.

Brendon Walkington

Brianna Ostafie

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Special Requirements and Other Responsibilities: • Ongoing, regular travel throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba (up to 75% travel required) • Perform various duties as assigned • Consistently acquiring and sharing knowledge around current industry trends and formats

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Page 22A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 12, 2012

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Couples Welcome! Speedway Moving Systems requires O/O for our 1 ton and 3 ton fleets to transport RVs throughout N. America. We offer competitive rates and Co. Fuel cards. Paid by direct deposit. Must have clean criminal record and passport to cross border.1-866-7366483; www.speedway DRIVERS WANTED: Terrific career opportunity outstanding growth potential to learn how to locate rail defects. No Experience Needed!! Extensive paid travel, meal allowance, 4 wks. vacation & benefits pkg. Skills Needed Ability to travel 3 months at a time Valid License w/ air brake endorsement. High School Diploma or GED. Apply at under careers, keyword Driver. DO NOT FILL IN CITY OR STATE EXPERIENCED WINCH TRACTOR and Bed Truck Drivers for drilling, rig moving trucking company. Phone, fax, email or mail. Email: Phone 780-842-6444. Fax 780-842-6581. H & E Oilfield Services Ltd., 2202 1 Ave., Wainwright, AB, T9W 1L7.

DYNO EXPRESS INC. is now hiring 1A Drivers hauling crude oil and condensate, southwest Sask. Benefits. Wages $5,000 – $6,000. For information call Bob at 306-869-7995. Email resume along with drivers abstract to

FLAGSTAFF COUNTY, Sedgewick, Alberta requires a Licensed Heavy Duty Mechanic. Fax/Email resume by 4 p.m., April 23/12. Attention: Steve Kroetch 780-390-0340 (cell); 780-384-3635 (fax). Email: skroetch

NEEDED. Heavy Equipment Technicians and Maintenance personnel for expanding pipeline company in Olds, Alberta for work in shop and jobsites throughout Western Canada. Fax resume to 403-556-7582 or email: pdunn@parkland RTL Construction, located in Yellowknife, NT is recruiting Crusher Operators. RTL offers; travel, competitive wages & meals /accommodations. Please send resume via email, or fax, 867.920.2661. SERVICE MANAGER Hanna Chrysler Ltd. (Hanna, Alberta). Opportunity in a perfect family environment. Strong team, competitive wages, benefits, growth potential. Fax resume: 403-854-2845. Email: chrysler@telus

KITCHEN POSITIONS A Winnipeg based heavy construction contractor is currently seeking an Assistant Cook and a Kitchen Helper for our rural construction camp operations. Positions will require extensive travel to various locations throughout Manitoba. These are seasonal positions, typically from mid May to mid October. Qualified persons can expect competitive wages and a comprehensive benefits package. Send resumes to: 101 Dawson Road North, Winnipeg, MB, R2J 0S6 Fax: 204-237-8337 Email: Only those considered for employment will be contacted.

South Country Equipment Ltd. is now hiring 10 Full time Heavy Equipment Servicers. You will be required to: Assist the Journeymen technicians and perform tasks as directed, perform basic equipment reconditioning and maintenance, perform basic diagnostics, with entry level familiarity re: equipment diagnostic software. Qualified candidates must be 3rd level apprentice equivalent or minimum 3 years experience. Wages are $20-$21 per hr depending on experience. Qualified candidates would be assigned to work in any of the following locations: Weyburn, Southey, Regina, Raymore, Mossbank, Moose Jaw, Montmartre, Assiniboia. Please reply in writing, fax or e-mail to: watsondrew@south South Country Equipment: attention Drew Watson or Chris Clements phone: 306-8842-4686 fax: 306-842-3833 company website: SOUTH ROCK has positions for road construction workers, BASE - heavy equipment operators (Finish Grader Op). Asphalt (paver, roller, screed, raker). Heavy Duty Mechanic (service truck). General labourers. Forward resume to: Fax 403-568-1327;



NEED A HOME PHONE? Cable TV or High Speed Internet? We Can Help. Everyone Approved. Call Today. 1-877-852-1122 Protel Reconnect

CRIMINAL RECORD? Guaranteed record removal since 1989. Confidential. Fast. Affordable. Our A+ BBB rating assures employment/travel freedom. Call for free information booklet. 1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366).

Recreation director required for Town of Watrous. Management of municipal recreation and cultural facilities and staff. Interviews will be conducted as soon as a suitable candidate is found. Email townof

AUCTIONS LARGE TREE AUCTION for Red Rock Nursery, Medicine Hat, Alberta. Saturday, April 28 at 1 p.m. 1400 Colorado Blue Spruce; www.schlenkerauc 403-5272814.

Indoor public auction Saturdays at 1:00 p.m Cars/trucks/SUVs/ RVs/ATVs View vehicles on our web page or on site Questions? Contact us! Phone 306.543.5777 Toll-free 1.800.463.2272 Email Web site:

Sale Site: 310 Arcola Ave, Regina SK Buy or sell the auto auction way!

CAREER TRAINING WORK FROM HOME. Employers seek out and hire CanScribe graduates. Contact us for a free information package today. Start your training tomorrow! 1-800-466-1535 admissions@can

FEED AND SEED HEATED CANOLA WANTED!! - GREEN CANOLA - SPRING THRASHED - DAMAGED CANOLA FEED OATS WANTED!! - BARLEY, OATS, WHT - LIGHT OR TOUGH - SPRING THRASHED HEATED FLAX WANTED!! HEATED PEAS HEATED LENTILS "ON FARM PICKUP" Westcan Feed & Grain 1-877-250-5252 Buying/Selling FEED GRAINS Wheat, barley, rye, triticale, feed pulses, spring threshed heated / damaged CANOLA/FLAX Top price paid FOB FARM Western Commodities 877-695-6461



Guaranteed approval drive away today! We lend money to everyone. Fast approvals, best interest rates. Over 500 vehicles sale priced for immediate delivery OAC. 1-8777 9 6 - 0 5 1 4 . www.yourapproved $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.

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RURAL WATER TREATMENT Tell them Danny Hooper sent you.



PS: WE ALSO SELL SOFTENERS AND PURIFIERS FOR TOWN & CITY WATER. COLORADO BLUE SPRUCE, 2 year old: $1.49/each for a box of 100 ($149.). Also full range of trees, shrubs, cherries & berries. Free shipping. 1-866-8733846 or DISCONNECTED PHONE? ChoiceTel Home Phone Service. No One Refused! Low Monthly Rate! Calling Features and Unlimited Long Distance Available. Call ChoiceTel Today! 1-888-333-1405.

SAWMILLS from only $3997 - MAKE MONEY & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info & DVD: www.NorwoodSawmills .com/400OT 1-800566-6899 Ext:400OT.

HEALTH HERBAL MAGIC Limisted time offer Save 50%!! Lose Weight and keep it off. Results Guaranteed Don’t delay call NOW. 1-800-854-5176.

LAND FOR SALE PURCHASING: SINGLE TO LARGE BLKS OF LAND. PREMIUM PRICES PAID WITH QUICK PAYMENT. SOLD EXAMPLES Aberdeen - 1 1/4’s Bengough - 22 1/4’s Bedson 2 1/4’s Bethune - 2 1/4’s Blaine Lake - 245 acres Bruno 14 1/4’s Cupar - 5 1/4s Davidson - 6 1/4’s Eastend - 2 1/4’s Elfross – 22 1/4’s Emerald – 22 1/4’s Eastend - 2 1/4’s Foam Lake - 7 1/4’s Grenfell - 3 1/4’s Keliher - 10 1/4’s Harwarden - 1 1/4’s Lestock - 21 1/4’s Lake Alma – 14 1/4’s Marcelin - 7 1/4’s Moose Jaw - 8 1/4’s Nokomis - 8 1/4’s Ogema - 56 1/4’s Prince Albert - 1 1/4’s Punnichy - 5 1/4’s Saskatoon - 2 1/4's Semans - 12 1/4’s Simpson - 10 acres Viscount - 5 1/2 Wadena - 4 1/4’s Wakaw - 5 1/4’s Watrous/Young 31 1/2 Mobile Home Park Weyburn - 21 1/4’s Call DOUG 306-955-2266 EMAIL: Letter of appreciation: I have sold some land to Doug Rue in 2011. I am looking forward to selling more with hin in 2012. I have made a new trusted friend. Ed P.


Modular, Manufactured or RTM homes. A variety of homes in production or ready to ship Regina,SK 1-866-838-7744 Estevan, SK 1-877-378-7744


STEEL BUILDINGS DIY STEEL BUILDING DEALS! Many sizes and models. Make an offer on clearance buildings today and save thousands of dollars. FREE BROCHURE - 1-800668-5111 ext. 170. STEEL BUILDING BLOWOUT SALE! 20x26 $5,199. 25x28 $5,799. 30x42 $8,390. 32x56 $11,711. 40x50 $14,480. 47x76 $20,325. One End wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422.

WANTED Ph (306) 584-3640 Fax (306)-584-3643


ONLINE We are available on-line

Keep informed with what is happening in Yorkton. Visit us on-line today

NEW website

Check out our


Save thousands on New Modular Homes. 16x80’s starting at $62,900 20x80’s staring $85,900 plus tax and freight. Call John at 306.781.4130 or Al at 306.726.2108.

18 First Ave. North - Yorkton Phone (306) 783-7355

THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 12, 2012 - Page 23A




For the first time ever on all New In Stock Kias you ONLY

All PRE-OWNED Vehicles





SOLD 22,814 2011 DODGE CHARGER OLD.. SALE $19,902 Fully loaded, only 34,000 kms. S Stk#Y2098A. Fully loaded, mint condition, only 25,000 kms. $ Stk#Y1192A. Was $25,900............................... SALE


Alloy wheels, fully loaded, only 37,000 kms. $ Was $19,870. Stk#Y2029A. ............................. SALE



Fully loaded, auto trans., alloy wheels, pwr. group, only 45,000 kms. $ Was $19,641. Stk#Y2028A..................WHOLESALE

2011 MAZDA 3 Only 44,000 kms, fully loaded. Stk#Y2089A .... SALE


2011 CHEVY IMPALA (2 available)

17,908 15,616


Fully loaded, 42,000 kms. $ Stk#Y1109D. ..................................... STARTING AT



15,776 12,584

Auto., AC, power group, 52,584 kms. $ Stk#Y1142A. Was $15,909............................... SALE




Fully loaded, local trade, PST paid. $ Only 79,000 kms. Was $15,900. Stk#Y1187A.. SALE



Custom exhaust, limo tint, hot car. $ Only 124,000 kms. Stk#Y1171B. Was $14,902. SALE




Leather, moonroof, 103,000 kms. PST PAID ... SALE


9,986 15,989



Auto. trans., fully loaded. Stk#Y1161B. $ PST PAID ..............................................................SALE

8,991 7,925

2007 CHRYSLER 300C


Big wheels, leather, hemi, moonroof. $ Only 87,000 kms. Stk#Y2016A. Was $19,900.. SALE

1. Choose & Test Drive Your Car 2. Pick the Factory Invoice 3. Drive Away In Your New Kia



Alloys, power group, auto., 44,000 kms. $ Was $23,800 Stk#Y2060A...................WHOLESALE



Local trade, 4x4, leather, alloys, only 79,000 kms. Was $23,802 $ Stk#Y2031B. PST PAID .......................WHOLESALE


19,991 19,870




Extra clean SUV, 7 passenger, only 54,000 kms. $ Y2012A. Was $22,870 ...................................... SALE



Local trade, PST paid, fully loaded, htd. leather, moonroof, only 56,000 kms. Was $15,700. $ YB092A ............................................................ SALE




Auto trans., fully loaded, 101,000 kms. $ Was $8,900. PST PAID .........................................SALE



Local trade, 4x4, leather, moonroof, only 125,000 kms. Stk#YC033A. $ Was $9,991 PST PAID ...............................WHOLEALE

20” wheels, 20,000 kms, jet black. $ Stk#Y1185A...................................................... SALE




20’s Hemi, only 3 to choose from. Only 52,000 kms, $ 20” wheels. Was $25,900. Starting at .............. SALE


2010 CHEVY SILVERADO CREW 4X4 (2 to choose from) V8, crew chrome pkg. $ Just Arrived! ..................................... STARTING AT



New body style. Ext. cab, fully loaded. Only 80,000 kms, Local trade. $ Was $18,900 PST PAID ................................... SALE





20” custom wheels, fender flares, $ only 84,000 kms. Was $23,900 ........................ SALE

2006 FORD F250 4X4 DIESEL


Loaded up, in excellent shape, local trade, $ only 182,000 kms. Was $19,900 PST PAID ..... SALE




Bose, moonroof, loaded, local trade. $ Stk#Y2013B. Was $19,900. PST PAID ............ SALE




Full power group, V8, only 50,000 kms, $ Stk#Y2021A. Was $26,900............................... SALE






Leather, moonroof, 8 passenger. $ Best price in Saskatchewan. Stk#Y11178A ..... SALE



All wheel drive, fully loaded, heated seats, only 33,000 kms. $ Was $27,900 Stk#Y009A.....................WHOLESALE



Local trade, 4x4, nicely equipped, only 118,000 kms. Stk#Y1188C. $ Was $12,881 PST PAID .............................WHOLEALE

2010 F150 CREW 4X4 XLT PKG.

Local trade, PST paid, full power group, A/C, CD, $ only 128,000 kms. Stk#YC091A. Was $9,366.......SALE

Shop Early for Best Selection



All wheel drive, local trade. Only 44,000 kms, bumper warr. to 100,000 kms. Stk#Y2000B. $ Was $25,806..................................................... SALE











Fully loaded, leather, sunroof, $ 35,000 kms. Stk#Y1175A. ................................ SALE

Fully loaded, power group, auto. A/C, trade, only 67,000 kms. Stk#Y1184B. Was $9,900 $ PST PAID ..............................................................SALE Auto., A/C, power group, only 58,000 kms, $ trade. PST PAID ....................................................SALE



Local trade, only 66,000 kms.Was $21,900. $ Stk#Y200B PST PAID ...................................... SALE




Leather, power lift gate, black, 48,000 kms. Stk#Y1146A. 2 to choose from. $ Was $36,812. Starting at .................................. SALE


Local trade, with only 58,000 kms, $ auto trans., fully loaded. Was $15,000 ............. SALE

$ 28,114.80


Fully loaded, 42,000 kms. Stk#Y1199A. $ Was $26,900. ................................................... SALE





Local trade, htd. leather, sky view moonroof, only 40,000 kms, treat yourself. Stk#Y2088A. $ Was $35,900. ................................................... SALE Fully loaded, only 59,000 kms. $ Stk#Y2004A. Was $17,900............................... SALE

In Stock Models ONLY




Navigation, leather, moonroof, AWD, $ only 11,000 kms. Was $37,900. PST PAID ......... SALE

Fully loaded, leather, onlhy 20,000 kms $ Stk#2017A. Was $29,900. ............................... SALE





Fully loaded, Sto’N Go seats, $ 4 to choose from, starting at ......................................



Fully loaded, leather, sunroof, power door, local trade. $ Stk#YC063A. Was $13,991 PST PAID ..................SALE


KIA INVOICE 2012 KIA RIO Stk#YC087, small car of the year and here’s why...5 year, 100,000 kms bumper to bumper warranty, fully loaded, full power group, heated seats, auto. trans., stability cont., over 50 MPG and a great looking car.



17,791 or $123 b/w




2012 KIA OPTIMA Stk#YC109, car of the year and here’s why...5 year, 100,000 km bumper to bumper warranty, fully loaded, auto. trans., full power group, electronic stability cont., ABS, alloy wheels, Bluetooth, heated seats and a full size sedan that achieves 45+ MPG.

24,881 or $167 b/w



2012 SORENTO AWD Stk#YC083, full power group, all wheel drive, alloy wheels, push button start, 275 HP V6, heated seats, steering wheel controls, Bluetooth, satellite radio, fully equipped and 31+ MPG’s.

For Only


29,991 or $199 b/w





Stow N Go, rear heat and air, quad seating...these vans are great for value for the dollar... and won’t disappoint...if you need a people mover, look no further.

Wholesale Starting At









2010 COMMANDER SPORT Stk#Y1189A, this is an 8 passenger 4x4 SUV that is ready for whatever you can throw at it, with only 40,000 kms so lots of warranty remains. This is almost half price of new!! Hurry!!! Was $24,911

Pretty much half price of new, fully loaded sedan with tons of GM Warranty left... full power group, auto. trans., AC, CD, Onstar...

Wholesale Starting At



Wholesale At



Vehicles can be viewed online 134 Broadway St. East, Yorkton

1-877-783-2772 *SEE DEALER FOR DETAILS.


Page 24A - THE NEWS REVIEW - Thursday, April 12, 2012

YOUR HEARING CARE IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY! titive - Compe n Prices o Aids Hearing t en - Excell Ser vice


Open Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Proud Member of

Call for an appointment today.

Yorkton Hearing





Marina Walls M.S. Audiologist

GREAT SELECTION Scooters Lift Chairs Walkers 85 Broadway E. Yorkton, SK


BOOK AN ITALIAN VILLA VACATION 7 days or longer and receive 1 week free car rental!


redeem air miles and save up to $400/person! 27 - 2nd Ave. N. Yorkton, SK

782-2209 Toll Free 1-800-667-1481

YBID NEWS A look at what is happening in the Yorkton Business Improvement District

Karen Renton Insurance Broker Phone: 306-783-7737 Call Today For A Free Quote!

Well folks it’s that time of year again. In the next couple of weeks the YBID Clean Sidewalk Crew will take to the sidewalks in the YBID and begin their annual war against grime and crud.

Marlin Travel Downtown

25 Broadway St. E. Yorkton, SK

306 786-6678


We Pay Cash For Gold and Diamonds Check with us before you sell your old Gold 23 Broadway St. E. Yorkton, Sask


Last year our partnership with SIGN was successful. While there were a couple of hiccups we have ironed them out and hope that this year goes smooth.


The crew will be out in full force looking for those nasty cigarette butts that litter the sidewalks as well as paper, gum, wrappers, left over fast food bags broken glass, pop bottles and a host of other items too numerous to mention. The YBID has again allocated $10,000 dollars for this program but with last years numerous bags of garbage and recyclables containers that were picked up, we think it’s worth it to have clean sidewalks. #4 - 3rd Ave. N. Yorkton, SK. Above Safire (side entrance)

Fins, Feathers and Fur Pets and Supplies 7-1st Ave. North Yorkton, SK


YBID is asking every person to do their part to help the crew and pick up any litter you see on our streets and sidewalks, as well place your own litter in a nearby trash container. Yorkton is a great city with a lot to offer, and more on the way. If we each do our part and the Clean Team does theirs we will have a great looking community for all the visitors and residents that visit and use our business district.

Drop Off your Old Trophies • We Refurbish and Donate to any Non Profit Group Ph: 306-782-8282 For Details

Catherine, Billy & Corey

YBID BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOR 2012 Chair - Ken Chyz - Yorkton News Review Gale Pelletier - Painted Hand Casino Marina Edwards - Yorkton Hearing Services Barry Sharpe - Yorkton ANAVET Andrew Rae - Xerox Canada


Bruce Thurston - Yorkton Co-op Terry Pollock - Gifts of Gold Ken Kohlert - Fuzztone Music Corvyn Neufeld - Cornerstone Credit Union Cory Fransishyn - Property Developer

Should you have any questions or suggestions for the YBID please contact any one of the Directors Phil DeVos - Executive Director YBID - 783-9243.

Your Insurance Broker Understands

WE OFFER‌ •COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE •MOTOR VEHICLE LICENSE ISSUING Offices in ‌ •Yorkton - 783-4477 •Bredenbury - 898-2333



Innovation never felt so good.™




Hancock Plumbing 2011 Ltd.

71 Broadway St. E. Yorkton, SK

MLA Yorkton Constituency

•Foam Lake - 272-3242 •Churchbridge - 896-2269

Website: 24 Hr. Claims Service Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. COMMITTED TO YOU AND YOUR COMMUNITY

Cameo Pizza

Pizza, Pasta, and More!! 10 First Ave. N. Yorkton



=396 $Q



'Fee Free Flying' 159 Broadway St. E. Yorkton, Sask.

1-800-647-7751 or 783-6548



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