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Summer busy time for local tourism Yorkton’s motto is Where Good Things Happen! And as we continue through the summer season, more and more tourists from all around the world are visiting. The tourism industry continues to be an important economic factor for Yorkton, with 38.1 million spent directly in the Yorkton constituency by visitors to the region.

Every year, Tourism Yorkton keeps a tally of all the people that come into the city as visitors, so that the people of the City of Yorkton can have a better idea about who is coming into our city and why. This year, Yorkton has had an impressive amount of visitors in May and June. 679 came from within Canada and

61 came from the United States and elsewhere in the world, for a grand total of 740 visitors in these two months alone. Some interesting facts about our visitors in May and June: Over half of our visitors came from Eastern Canada. Almost 20 per cent of our visitors came from within Saskatchewan.

Prince Edward Island had the least amount of visitors at 5, but nearby Nova Scotia had 56! The furthest anyone travelled to come and see us were Australians that travelled over 13,000 kilometers! Visitors also had some positive things to say about the city when they came into our Visitor Information Centre:

“Groovy”-Dawn H. Winnipeg, MB “Great People, Very Nice Centre”- Claude, Montréal, Qué “Nice spot over here!”Wim and Ria, Drachten, Netherlands “Never in a hurry to leave the prairies!”Andrée, Victoria, BC “Fantastic”- David, Cardiff, Wales “Beautiful, love the

flowers!”- John, Alberta “Beautiful province”Raymond, Halifax, NS - Submitted

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- Empower the women around you -

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Heart and Soul Healing Centre, Yorkton

Extravadance Studio Yorkton & Canora

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, Yorkton

ExtravadanceStudio_1x35_ R0011713489.indd Women in Business July 10, 2019/ prod2/kj

TheMedicineShoppe_1x35_ R0011713934.indd Women in Business July/19 prod3/dm sandy

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Proud Owner of

Yorkton Hearing Service, Yorkton

Florissima Flowers and Plants, Yorkton

YorktonHearing_1x35_ R0011714975.indd YTW Women in Business 2019 •prod3/dm andrea

Florissima_1x35_ R0011714978.indd Women in Business 2019

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PremierCareHearing_1x35_ R0011714742.indd Women in Business 2019 andrea

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Proud Owner of

Century 21 Broadway Park Realty, Yorkton

Living Wellness Acupuncture, Yorkton

Dream Weddings, Yorkton

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LivingWellness_1x35_ R0011714869.indd Women in Business 2019/ prod3/dm

Community Relations Coordinator

General Manager

Yorkton Crossing

Yorkton Crossing Yorkton_Crossing_1x35_ R0011715002.indd Women in Business July10, 2019/prod3/dm

YorktonCrossing_1x35_ R0011715004.indd Women in Business July10, 2019/prod2/kj

Dream_Weddings_1x35_ R0011714873.indd Women in Business July10, 2019/prod3/dm

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Auraw_Juice_1x35_ R0011714741.indd Women in Business July10, 2019/prod3/dm

Premier Care Hearing Yorkton


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Auraw Juice Bar Yorkton

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Dance Innovations Yorkton

Sh Mic ab he at lle os ki

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Losa Chic Boutique Yorkton

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KayDee Home Decor Yorkton KayDeeHomeDecor_1x35_ R0011715005.indd Women in Business July10, 2019

What are the keys to succeeding as a businesswoman? The appetite for risk, the love for a good challenge, the desire to succeed, the longing to be one’s own boss, the appeal of a better balance between work and family life, and, most importantly, the immense passion for one’s job — these are the driving factors that are increasingly pushing women to enter the business world. Today, many women enjoy great success and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. But how do you become an accomplished businesswoman? Entrepreneurs normally have several

essential qualities in common, starting with an unfailing desire to succeed. Self-confidence and leadership are two other important characteristics to have to get ahead in the business world — an industry that is still largely male-dominated. And that’s not all! To succeed, women must master the art of organization, sales and networking. But above all, they must demonstrate a high level of creativity. Furthermore, successful businesswomen aren’t only conscious of their capabilities; they’re also

aware of their limitations. In other words, they aren’t afraid to delegate tasks that fall beyond their expertise to others. Being an entrepreneur means surrounding yourself with the right people, specifically trustworthy people whose skillsets contribute to the company’s prosperous future. Lastly, it’s no secret that the recipe for success includes a lot of hard work. Successful businesswomen are completely invested in their company and know the value of sacrifice. So, think you have what it takes?

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2019 Honda Civic Awards presented By Cory Carlick Staff Writer Leadership is an important skill to have in day to day life, and few would dispute that it’s important to recognize it in youth. In partnership with the local Yorkton STAPLES, nine awards were given to students throughout Yorkton, recognizing their leadership

skills. The Honda Civic Awards were launched in 2012 with the opening of Terry Ortynsky’s Royal Honda. Each student received a plaque, a $50 gift certificate and a back to school kit, presented by Royal Honda. The recipients of the 2019 Honda Civic Awards are: Yorkdale - Kristyn Prybylski

Columbia Reaney Saltcoats Hodgkinson





Dr. Brass - Emily Zaretski - Langan M.C. Knoll - Kaden Goddard

St. Michael’s - Maria Erhaze St. Paul’s - Leyanne Dionisio


St. Al’s - Sophie Lemcke St. Mary’s - Semiah Crowe

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Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back.

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The Pumphouse Athletic Club, Yorkton

Prairie View Physiotherapy, Yorkton

Cross Fit Function Yorkton

Century 21 Broadway Park Realty, Yorkton

Choice Optical Melville

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Century 21 Broadway Park Realty, Yorkton

Partners Hair Design, Yorkton

Carol’s Photography Yorkton

PartnersHairDesign_1x35_ R0011718371.indd Women in Business July10, 2019

CarolsPhotography_1x35_ R0011718507.indd Women in Business July10, 2019

MichelleBailey_1x35_ R0011718100.indd Women in Business July 2019/ prod3/dm sandy

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Shoppers_1x35_ R0011718099.indd Women in Business July 2019/prod3/dm

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Financial Advisor

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Parkland CPAP Services Inc., Yorkton


Inner Cycle Spin Studio, Yorkton

ParklandCPAP_1x35_ R0011715010.indd Women in Business 2019

LindaOuart_1x35_ InnerCycleSpinStudio_ R0011715058.indd 1x35_R0011715784.indd 308 BROADWAY ST. WEST, YORKTON SK Women in Business EMERGENCIES CALL Women in Business July, 2019/prod3/dm July10, 2019 andrea



Amy and Lurch

Christine and Selina

Cindy and Lollipop

Jerica and Siah

Mona and Jack

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Financial Advisor EDWARD JONES® Yorkton KristenArnold_1x35_ R0011715725.indd Women in Business July, 2019/prod3/dm

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ChoiceOptical_1x35_ R0011718012.indd Women in Business July10, 2019

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Under the Covers 2004-2019

Yorkton UnderTheCovers_1x35_ R0011716140.indd Women in Business July10, 2019/prod2/kj

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DebCook_WomenInBus_1x35_ R0011717849.indd Women in Business July2019/ prod3/em sandy

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CrossFitFunction_1x35_ R0011717765.indd Women in Business July10, 2019

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PrairieViewPhysio_1x35_ R0011716793.indd Women in Business July10, 2019/prod3/dm

M B iche ai ll ley e

R Y ond un a g

PumphouseAthleticClub_1x35_ R0011716013.indd YTW Women in Business july 2019 •prod2/kj sandy

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Brittany’s Beauty Bar, Yorkton BrittanysBeautyBar_1x35_ R0011715757.indd Women in Business July 2019/ prod3/dm

Did You Know…

There were 1,079,000 self-employed women in Canada in 2018, accounting for 37% of all self-employed persons. Almost 60% (635,000) were unincorporated businesses with no employees. There were 1,781,600 self-employed men in 2018. A much smaller percentage of self-employed men (39%) were unincorporated and had no employees.

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Women In Business 2019-07-10  

Women In Business 2019-07-10