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YTA Update By: Amy Ivers


Constitution and should have a draft ready to vote on by the March 10th YTA meeting. In this, Treasurer MacKenzie is working on a line-item Thus far, the YTA has had a successful and productive year! Our hard working floor repre- budget that will make our finances more formalized and will decrease the number of votes sentatives underwent NYSUT training in Nowe need to take regarding monetary issues. vember with our LRS, Chris Hamrick. The The Flower and Gift committee has made many APPR committee has been working since Aupeople’s lives sunnier. In addition, the Negotiagust to ensure that we will be protecting our tions Team is starting to gear up for our 2012 teachers in our updated APPR document and contract negotiation process. Finally, our talattempting to keep ahead of the State manented Communications committee has put todates. While attending NYSUT Negotiations gether this spectacular newsletter – hearty training in January, Kathy Valentine and I asthanks to Ed Green and Hardy VanRy! certained that York is right on target with our APPR document. The Constitution Committee is working on revising and updating the YTA

Golden Knights in the Sunshine State The York Golden Knights baseball program is planning a spring training trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for the 2011 season. While there, they will play a number of games against some of the best high school teams from across the country. Several local high school teams make this trip regularly and their coaches all attest to the incredible advantage to playing early-season games against topnotch competition. In addition to time spent on the field sharpening their skills and growing as a team, they will also have the chance to enjoy some of the greatest amusement parks in the United States. Everyone will be given a “Park Hopper”

pass that allows the players and coaches to travel between each of the Disney theme parks at will. Since early last year, the team has been fundraising with great success and attributes that to the fantastic support received from the YCS faculty and staff and the community at large. Without your help, it would have been much more difficult to get this trip off and running. Ryan Conway, Ed Green and the Varsity baseball team all thank you very much for your help and support. Through this trip to Walt Disney World, we are generating a great deal of excitement in the York baseball program and we are hoping to take York athletics to new heights.

2010-2011 YORK TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION Executive Committee Amy Ivers (President)

Floor Representatives Beth Gall (ES Basement) st

Heather Kent (HS 2nd Floor)

Mark Hopkins (MS/HS VP)

Sandy Streb (ES 1 Floor)

Ryan Conway (HS R-Wing)

Lisa Lippold (Elem VP)

Hardy VanRy (ES 2nd Floor)

Marcy Boyd (HS 3rd Floor)

Bill MacKenzie (Treasurer)

Jan Goodenberry (Art/Tech Basement)

Eric Amorese (A-Wing/Gym)

Carrie Tiede (Secretary)

Dave Dermody (HS 38 Wing/Library Wing)

Beth O’Kelly (Auditorium Wing)

Kathy Valentine (Past President)

Phasing in New Teacher/Principal Evaluation Law


Important dates

Starting in 2011-12, educators will be rated in one of four classifications: highly effective, effective, developing or ineffective.

By: Sylvia Saunders NYSUT United Signed into law by the governor last June, the measure requires a negotiated system of continual professional growth, plus a new comprehensive evaluation system. The timing of implementation of changes to your district’s APPR plans is dependent on your local contract’s expiration. After consultation with the Regents Task Force on Teacher and Principal Effectiveness, the state education commissioner has until July 1, 2001, to develop regulations governing the new process. Then it will be up to local unions to negotiate specific details to meet local needs. The law requires a locally negotiated evaluation system based on multiple measures, including student test scores, and expands professional development.

Here are some key dates:  Beginning in September, the new evaluation process will be phased in for districts with new collective bargaining agreements. Student performance data will be used in evaluations for (common branch) teachers with grades 4-8 math and English language arts assignments.  2011-12: Statewide training of evaluators.  2012-13: In districts with new CBAs, student performance data will be used in evaluation of all classroom teachers. Districts must implement Teacher and Principal Improvement plans for those rated "developing" or "ineffective." The evaluation system is anchored in the state’s seven teaching standards that define “what effective teachers need to know and be able to do.” The standards, which are expected to be approved by the Board of Regents this month, were created by a State Education Department work group. The seven New York State Teaching Standards are: 1. Knowledge of students and student learning 2. Knowledge of content and instructional planning 3. Instructional practice 4. Learning environment 5. Assessment for student learning 6. Professional responsibilities and collaboration 7. Professional growth

Know Your Contract Workshop Open to all YTA Members When: Thursday, March 31st Where: Room 206 at 3:05 for Middle School/High School members and at 3:30 for Elementary members. Areas for discussion: Contract language, APPR changes and your employee evaluation, sick bank benefits and maintaining records. Oh yes, there will be SNACKS!!!!!

YTA Meetings Thursday, March 10th Tuesday, June 7th

Upcoming Birthdays Happy Birthday, Everyone! Beth O’Kelly (3/1) Megan Logsdon (3/13) Martha Edmonds (3/17) Julie Crowell (3/20) Nicole Pragle (3/22) Neal Calcote (3/27) Trisha Pangrazio (3/30) Jacqueline Hiczewski (4/4) Carrie Wyder (4/6) Eric Kelly (4/7) Kelly Smith (4/9) Dave Dermody (4/16) Bridget Gavlak (4/17) Chris Williams (4/18) Mark Hopkins (4/21) April Forbes (4/23) Nicole Miller (4/24) Greg Keenan (4/27)

Special Events Blood Drive (3/7) Musical Production Bye Bye Birdie (3/17-19)

Holidays Spring Recess (4/15-22 )

MEETING MINUTES JANUARY 12, 2011 Number of members present: 32

Call to order: 3:34

Secretary’s Report: Motion to forgo reading of the minutes. Motioned to approve by: Eric Kelly Second by: Stephanie Rudgers

We’re just kidding about the $500! However, if you do submit a slogan and it’s voted the best, it will be featured in every YTA Newsletter!

Treasurer’s Report: Motion to accept treasurer’s report as is without report. Motioned to approve by: Rachel Macauley Second by: Kathy Freeman Old Business Professional Development and APPR: The new APPR will be meshed with PD and Mentoring. We need a good/solid PD/Mentoring Committee. We are strongly urging people to join PD if they are interested. Dr. Murray has a committee list, but it is open to anyone who is interested, just let him know. We are asking anyone who has had an observation done to give a copy of your observation form (with your name covered up) to one of the YTA Exec Officers. We would like to compare how the various supervisors are using and interpreting the forms. We want to be sure they are fair and consistent in its use. Improper Practice: The improper practice, in regards to Dave Sylvester’s formative assessment request, will be formalized on 1/15. New Business Food Pantry Donation: Survey Monkey survey will be sent out requesting $150 to be donated to each of the two local food pantries. Retirement Incentive Possible: 65/45 for sick days, district is looking for creative ideas if you have any others. Budget Merger: talks with Geneseo Central School are done, talks are now regional and are focusing on resources, shared services, tax gaps and monies. Our Budget: There may be job cuts, no community question and answer forums as it is believed they are too negative. YTA Constitution: Working on it with Chris Hammerick’s suggestions Adjourn meeting: 4:00

Motion to Adjourn: Nikki Miller

Second by: Sandy Streb

NYSUT Ads Support Public Schools

We are always accepting contributions, comments and suggestions for future issues. Just let Ed Green or Hardy VanRy know your ideas!

NYSUT is launching a statewide ad campaign to underscore what most New Yorkers believe: The vast majority of public schools are succeeding and that support and investment not half-truths and election-year gimmicks – are what’s needed to build up communities and keep public education strong. “New York’s public education system is among the best anywhere. Across the state, involved parents and caring, dedicated teachers committed to excellence are working as partners to ensure that students are well prepared for college and good jobs in the workplace,” NYSUT President Richard Iannuzzi said. “We must be careful not to become so focused on what’s wrong with public education that we lose sight of all that is right with public education.” In a reference to the near-record pass rate for school budgets in May, and a new report by the Pew Center of the States that found 6 in 10 New Yorkers would pay higher taxes to protect education from cuts, the ads also thank New Yorkers for their longstanding support, noting: “Together, we can give our kids a brighter future and build stronger communities, for all of us.” *To hear the NYSUT radio ad, click on

YTA Caption Contest! Each issue, we will provide a cartoon in need of a caption. You, the reader, submit your caption, through email, to Ed Green. Ed will then remove the names associated with the captions and submit the “anonymous” captions to the Executive Committee where they will vote on 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. We can’t wait to see your responses!

Ryan Conway Years at York: 10 Years Grade/Subject you teach: English 11 & 12 Family: Wife (Amber), Parents (Jim and Conni), Sisters (Erin and Meghan), and Dogs (Elvis and Lucia) Favorite Books: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese Favorite Movie: Tombstone, Shawshank Redemption, Field of Dreams, and Dumb and Dumber An interesting fact others may not know about you: I throw a football, shoot a basketball and bowl left-handed. Everything else is right-handed. A funny event that has happened to you: Our luggage got lost on the way to our honeymoon. Therefore, the first day we got to St. Lucia we had no clothes. So my wife and I had to buy clothes at the gift shop which cost a ridiculous amount of money and made us look like Sandals employees!

Beth Gall

Years at York: 20 Years Grade/Subject you teach: Speech-Language Therapy: K-12 Family: Husband (Chas) and 2 Sons (Mitch—12th grade and Riley—5th grade)

Favorite Books: A Tiny Family by Norman Bridwell and Intensity by Dean Koontz Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption and Dirty Dancing


An interesting fact others may not know about you: I grew up in New Jersey and went to Rutgers University. The Jersey Shore is NOT a true depiction of people from Jersey!  A funny event that has happened to you: While walking along the beach in the Outer Banks, I saw a fish in the surf and caught it with my bare hands. Family and friends were all excited. Moments later, the fisherman who had been fishing with all his gear for over and hour in the same spot, picked up his gear and left the beach!

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