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1st Edition November 2011

Yorkshire St Pauli The Rise of Yorkshire St Pauli.

Next Streams: 19th November against Hansa Rostock from 4.30pm.

Where did Yorkshire St Pauli start for me?

27th November against Dynamo Dresden. Time to be confirmed.

Well, I won't bore you with my two-decade long dalliance with the world of brown and white. For me, ‗Yorkshire St Pauli‘ began at the Garforth Music Festival in 2010.

All streams shown at ‗The Well‘ in Leeds city centre.

I turned up to watch a pretty unimaginative line-up (normally the left- of-centre organisers produce acts of the calibre of Chumba Wamba or Billy Bragg, but not so in 2010). Wearing my ageing brown totenkopf t-shirt, I saw a wiry bloke with long hair in another brown tee heading towards me. As he approached I could make out the silhouette of Holger Stanislawski emblazoned on the front of his shirt. After exchanging pleasantries, he recommended I have a look at the ‗stpaulifansuk‘ website.

Contact Us Twitter: @YorksStPauli Facebook: Yorkshire St Pauli Website: YorkshireStPauli.wordpress. com St Pauli UK Forum:

INSIDE THIS ISSUE: So far so good for Schubert. Membership Update Question Time Music Corner

I had previously had a look and 2 had even used its recommendation of obtaining 2 match tickets from the fanladen, but I hadn't really got involved. I did, and the rest is history. 3 4

That long- haired wiry chap was none other than our fellow traveller, Mick, aka R2D2 or Traindriverdad! All of a sudden you realised that you weren't the only weirdo in Leeds,

supporting the magical St Pauli.

And that's what it's all about for me. In the space of a few months, with the input of a number of fascinating individuals from differing backgrounds, we've turned from a cyber community into a real community (with an ever growing presence in cyberspace!). We've got some great members and some great ideas. I'm proud to be part of an official St Pauli fanclub! Voran St Pauli! Voran YSP!

Written by Rob, Yorkshire St Pauli member and the man who got the wheels of Yorkshire St Pauli turning.

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Yorkshi re St Pauli

So far, So good for Schubert. It has been an interesting start to the new season, with a new era under Andre Schubert. Relegation last season left a bitter taste, particularly given the position we found ourselves in after the momentous derby victory. Despite having entered the Bundesliga with no expectations, the way the season ended was hugely disappointing. With Stani leaving and the arrival of Schubert, I expected little more than a transitional season this year. However, the club seems to have handled the change seamlessly. Schubert has the team playing exciting attacking football, and whilst we may struggle defensively at times, the club seems to be heading in the right direction and looks to be one of the contenders for promotion in a very competitive league. After the 2-2 draw with Greuther Furth, the club sits in 4th place. Max Kruse has been particularly impressive so far, with 8 goals to his name already this season, he has proved a

real threat in the opposition half. With Marius Ebbers backed to his old self leading the line, and plenty of other goals coming from the other midfielders, we certainly won‘t be short of a few goals this season. This is a team that has so far played without the fully fit duo of Takyi and Naki who can certainly cause problems for defences. The one worry is the defensive lapses that have cost us, particularly against the better sides in this division. Defeats, and ultimately poor performances, at home to Aue and Fortuna Dusseldorf were low points of the season so far, and the two points dropped with against Furth with a last minute goal conceded against 10 men. Those points could be vital come the end of the season— but at least the ‗we‘ll score more goals than you‘ mentality will mean it‘s yet another exciting season following the boys in brown.

Scott Stubbs twitter: @stubbsylufc

Membership Update As of writing, we currently have 14 members. This includes members from all across Yorkshire, plus Germany and America. Our next stream will be the Hansa Rostock game on the 19th November, starting from 4.30pm. The following week we will be streaming the Dynamo Dresden game, time will be around a similar time, but will be confirmed on our website and social networking sites (see website details on 1st page) next week. All funds raised from membership fees so far have gone towards obtaining official fanclub status and to fund our ‗FanTV‘ subscription to enable us to cover the cost of streaming games. Thanks to all those who have joined so far, without you we wouldn‘t have made Yorkshire St Pauli a success. We are currently in the process of getting a

batch of Yorkshire St Pauli stickers done, which will have our black logo on them. More information on these will be available in the next week or so on the website and hopefully they‘ll be available for the Rostock stream. We will be selling stickers at £1 per 10. Any funds raised from the stickers will go into the fanclub funds to cover the cost of the tv subscription when it comes up for renewal. If you haven‘t yet become a member and would like to do so, the cost is £5 for a year, and more details on membership can be found at membership. If you have any queries regarding membership or the fanclub, please email us at Thanks, Scott.

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Question Time. We hope this will be a regular feature of our newsletters, where we can share the opinions of those outside of Yorkshire. Today, answers come from Andre, a St Pauli fan living in Germany, and the man behind our „Yorkshire Is Brown-White‟ banner. Question 1: Why did you start to support St Pauli? I became a St. Pauli Supporter through my parents when I was a little child. They´d been to every game before I was born and I inherited their love for this club. About 2006/2007 I started to really invest time and money in visiting St. Pauli.

“I never saw so many guys crying out of happiness”

Question 2: What has been your favourite St Pauli moment, so far? My favourite St. Pauli moment was the match in Fürth on the 2nd of May 2010, where we played for the promotion. It was absolutely magic, we were partying all the way to the Fürth, the town was full of brown-white people, we won 4:1 and I think I have never seen so many guys crying out of happiness. I will never forget the feelings I had in those moments.. It was like all the problems were gone from the world. Question 3: Do you follow any other teams. If so, why?

Well, St. Pauli is the number one of course, but I also like some other clubs. Especially Babelsberg and Bohemians Prague. A lot of St. Pauli supporters like Babelsberg, because the fans there have nearly the same (politically) attitudes. There is also a small connection between St. Pauli and "Bohemka". When I was in Prague the last time one of the Bohemian supporters gave me his scarf and since then I started to follow them. It isn´t very easy, because I just know some phrases of their languages and Prague is some miles away from here, but it works somehow. Question 4: Where do you think St Pauli will finish this season? St. Pauli has a good team this year, so we will be 4th or 5th place, which is really ok, I think. Question 5: Who is your favourite St Pauli player currently, and who is your favourite from the past? I really love Volzy, he´s the best and I´m sure, that he will make some great games this season. In former times my favourite player was Thomas Meggle. He is the one and only football player I ever had a poster from ;-) And of course I also like Mazingu. I got to know him some months ago and he is a really nice guy. Question 6: What is your favourite St Pauli chant? At the moment I love a new chant, which, as far as I know, is only sung by the supporters of St Pauli. "Ich liebe dich, ich träum von dir, in meinen Träumen bist du Europacup-Sieger. Doch wenn ich aufwach, fällt mir wieder ein, spielst ganz woanders, in Liga 2." This translates into English as ―I love you, I dream of you, in my dreams you are the European champions, but when I‘m awake, I realise, you are playing in the 2nd division‖. At first it may sound stupid, but the text is originally by the German punk-rock band ―Die Artze‖, who sing a similar text about a girl. ;) Question 7: What is your view on the popularity of St Pauli abroad, and why do you think this is? In my opinion, St Pauli is a big name in Europe because of the special lifestyle and attitudes. Unfortunately, a lot of club have or have had problems with fascists, which has never been a problem here. I think people all over Europe liked those ideas of a ―left-wing club‖, which is also one reason for the connection to Bohemians Prague. There are probably a lot of other reasons, but this is what I hear every time I talk to St Pauli fans from other countries.

Many thanks to Andre for taking part in our Q+A session, it was a pleasure! You can follow Andre on Twitter at @bucanero1910.

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Yorkshi re St Pauli

Music Corner. “If the Arctic Monkeys are edgy, then we must be fucking terrorists!” If you haven‘t heard of the King Blues, you may say that them comparing themselves to ‗terrorists‘ is a bold statement. Think again. Combining punk, ska and folk music with left wing politics, if the Arctic Monkeys ran the country, the King Blues would definitely be on some form on ‗no flying‘ list. The band tries to ensure that they get their view on society out in the open in any way possible. Of course, the main way they do this is through their music. On their latest album, Punk & Poetry, the band deal with matters such as the coalition government, sexism and the media‘s portrayal of women, fascism and of course, the Daily Mail. After the album was released, the King Blues sent a copy of their album to the Daily Mail and asked them to listen to it. The Mail replied with ―if you ever use anything relating to us in future songs, then we will sue you for everything you‟ve got‖. When I had the pleasure of seeing the King Blues this summer, Itch joked that all they‘d be able to take is about a tenner. Political campaigner and journalist, Tariq Ali described the band‘s sound as ―rough, radical music that should unsettle the rulers of this country‖. In October of 2008, the band did unsettle the rulers of the country after they left a message for the then Labour Government on a billboard on Old Street in London. The billboard had been given to them to use free of charge to help promote their then new album ―Save the World – Get the Girl‖, but the band had another idea in mind. With a few tins of black spray paint going spare, they decided to write Gordon Brown a message. To paraphrase (the full billboard can be found online by simply googling ‗The King Blues billboard‖): “Dear Gordon Brown, The Labour Party that you now front has led us into an unnecessary war. You‟ve infringed our civil liberties by making us a CCTV state and taking our right to protest.

You insist on bailing out big banks and buying new weapons whilst you let so many become homeless and have police simply move them along when they rest. We demand you put ALL people before profits, regardless of creed, sexuality and colour. Watch your back, we are organising Love, The King Blues”. A clear statement in the middle of our capital city. Oh, whilst I‘m talking about them, they‘re keen St Pauli fans too. Lead singer, Itch, did an interview with Kerrang a few years back and did the accompanying photo shoot in a St Pauli Fans ‗Gegen Rassisten‘ hoody. He also often tweets about the club when the band is doing gigs in Hamburg. Itch also uploaded a picture to Twitter of guitarist, Jamie Jazz, wearing a St Pauli tracksuit whilst speaking to the head of their German label. I can‘t stress enough how much you should listen to this band if you haven‘t already. They‘re a shining light in an otherwise bleak music industry. Song recommendations:

  

Let‘s Hang the Landlord Set the World on Fire Headbutt.

Forza Sankt Pauli! Stay Lucky, Luke. Twitter: @Luke_HG

The Home of Yorkshire St Pauli On behalf of everyone at ‗Yorkshire St Pauli‘, we‘d just like to take the opportunity to thank ‗The Well‘ and their staff, who allow us to use their facilities to turn up, drink beer and watch the streams. When we were looking for a venue we wanted something that encompassed the ethos of St Pauli, and ‗The Well‘ is ideal. It‘s a great establishment, and one of the biggest contributors to the local Leeds music scene. If you‘re ever in the area, be sure to pop in. Look out for the odd St Pauli Sticker, too...

Upcoming gigs at „The Well‟. Nov 8: Texas In July Nov 18: Mutiny Events Presents: Senser Nov 19: 'Kin Hell Fest Nov 22: TSH Concerts Presents: Suffokate Nov 24: Brew Presents: Retox

November 2011  

Our first ever fanzine from November 2011 - less of our fanzine and more of a small newsletter for our members.

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