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What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is a form of technology that is used in a wide number of sectors, from medicine to engineering. Laser cutting Yorkshire based services are providing innovative solutions for many businesses across the country. They are also helping a lot of homeowners, who are looking to create something special for their abode. But what is laser cutting and how can you use it for your own benefit? Laser cutting uses light to slice through materials. A highpowered laser is directed through fibre optics and the beam is directed, with the assistance of computer numeral control, to make cuts into metals and other materials. This type of cutting is highly efficient and precise, making it cost effective and possible to create bespoke items at any given time. These items can be used in many different areas in the home and in the workplace too.

Why Choose Laser Cutting Over Co2 Cutting?

CO2 cutting is a more traditional form of cutting. Laser cutting is a lot more efficient, making it an excellent option for homeowners and hobbyists looking for bespoke creations for their home. Laser cutting is proving to be popular as it’s an excellent way of creating intricate designs into a variety of materials; many of which would be too difficult for CO2 cutting to cope with. Improved personalisation makes laser cutting Yorkshire so popular. The running costs have been reduced, but that’s not the only benefit. Many reflective materials can also be laser cut without any risk of back reflections. This means that you can now choose to cut materials such as copper, brass, aluminium and steel without any implications.

Applying Laser Cutting in Your Home Designs

There are a wide variety of ways to use laser cutting in your home. Some of the more commonly chosen applications include: 1.



The creation of beautiful brackets – this is your chance to create cost effective brackets for all sorts of uses in the home. Hinges and handles – don’t buy the boring readymade options that you’ll find in your neighbour’s homes, make your own instead! This is a wonderful way of creating a bespoke door or piece of furniture that everyone will admire. Laser cutting also makes it possible to create handles and hinges for difficult applications with unusual measurements. Locks, seals, even enclosures are all possible with laser cutting. There are so many architectural ways to use this fascinating and accessible technology.

Laser Cutting Yorkshire

Many homeowners don’t realise that laser cutting in Yorkshire is readily available and highly cost effective. Consider your options before buying readymade, the possibilities are endless!

What is Laser Cutting?  

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What is Laser Cutting?  

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