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The station logo is designed to be simple and bold, creating a strong identity and presence wherever used. The station’s on-air branding is produced in the same way to create a clean, bright and strong identity that is ‘easy on the ear’.



Information... Yorkshire Coast Radio broadcasts to the towns of Whitby, Scarborough, Filey and Bridlington. We can be heard on three transmitters: 96.2FM Scarborough & Filey 102.4FM Bridlington 103.1FM Whitby The Yorkshire Coast Radio website address is: Yorkshire Coast Radio is on Facebook: Yorkshire Coast Radio is on Twitter: @yorkscoastradio

Target Audience...

• The station should always be referred to as ‘YORKSHIRE COAST RADIO’, and never as ‘YCR’. • Every link should always brand the station name.

• Always follow your music log, playing the songs in the order they appear. • Always talk into ad breaks. Never talk out of an ad break, unless for travel, headlines, etc. • Always play a jingle out of an ad break. • Always segue songs with a sweeper. Do not segue with a jingle. • Always play promos at the front of a break. Never play promos between songs. • Never invite phone calls or texts, etc for requests, unless for a specific feature. • Never refer to “up in Whitby” or “down in Bridlington”. broadcasting “from the Yorkshire Coast” and we are ‘everywhere’.

We are

• Always give out dialling codes with telephone numbers. • Never mention the ad break or draw attention to it. • Two-way conversation with travel presenters should only take place once the information has been delivered, not before. • Never refer to any other radio station or its presenters. • Links about bodily functions are not acceptable. Do not use words that could cause offence. • Do not make comments that could discriminate against a minority of the audience.

Format Rules...


Just Great Songs, all day long!

LOCAL news is of huge importance to our listeners, and therefore of a huge importance to our programme output. It’s ‘local’ that makes us different to the other stations that we compete for listeners with. Through our news output we should show that we are connected with the community, know what is happening in the area and deliver the stories that matter to our audience. Our approach to news is traditional in it’s style to reflect the area, but willing to be unconventional to approach stories and issues in different ways when required. Our news output should always strive to have a balanced content from along the coast, and reflect the two counties that we broadcast to.

News... In a changing media world our news will be made available on-air, online and via social media.

LOCAL news, LOCAL content, LOCAL matters!

ocial Media..

Social Media is a vital tool for our product, providing us with an opportunity to market ourselves and deliver messages to our followers and potential followers. Applications such as Facebook and Twitter provide an easy and flexible way for our listeners and followers to engage with us. Facebook Posts to Facebook should be limited to a couple per show, so as not to flood a followers timeline. Twitter There’s no limit to the amount of tweets we send. Twitter should be used to keep followers updated with news and information, things going on on-air, etc.

We should always respond to messages via social media. Tweets that are positive and complimentary should be re-tweeted. Never re-tweet anything that is controversial or that is not legally sound. Social media should encompass everything that we do. It enables us to reach a greater number of people and deliver the brand and product in a positive way.

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Breakfast Format Clock...




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Standard Format Clock..


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Aft-Drive Format Clock...


• The death of the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William or Prince Harry. • The death of a high profile person such as the Prime Minister, major celebrity. • Serious accident (plane, train, road crash, building collapse, etc) • A terrorist attack in this country, or September 11th style attack abroad.

What will happen? The major incident light will be lit in the studio and the audible alarm will be heard in the office. The story will be snapped on the IRN / Sky wires. A text alert will be sent to key members of staff. DO NOT refer to anything on-air until confirmation is gained – It may be a hoax. Alert the following staff: Managing Director/Programme Controller Chris Sigsworth Home Tel: 01723 862504 Mobile: 07710 520726 Head of News Jon Burke Mobile: 07946 414835 Await confirmation of the action to take. Senior management will co-ordinate the action to be taken on-air. It is important that we do not over dramatise or inaccurately reflect the seriousness of the situation.

Major Incident Procedure..

What is a ‘major incident’?

The advice should be followed if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of taking a call from someone threatening suicide: •

Try and get the caller onto an ‘off-air’ phone and discuss ‘sympathetically’.

Get the caller’s name, address and telephone number.

Give them the number of the Samaritans Scarborough Bridlington

01723 368888 01262 400400

Alert the Samaritans on the above numbers.

Alert the Police on: Emergency Scarborough Bridlington

999 0845 6060247 0845 6060222

Should the caller be unable to give their address, listen carefully and note any clues from background noises, eg pay phone, children, trains, etc. DO NOT give any personal numbers of our team to callers. PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND SENSIBLE AND PASS THE CALLER ON TO SOMEONE TRAINED TO HANDLE THIS TYPE OF INCIDENT

Suicide Calls...

Bomb Threat... Questions to ask: 1. When is the bomb going to explode? _____________________________________________ 2.Where did you put the bomb? _____________________________________________ 3.When did you put it there? _____________________________________________ 4.What does the bomb look like? _____________________________________________ 5.What kind o bomb is it? _____________________________________________ 6.What will make the bomb explode? _____________________________________________ 7.Did you place the bomb? _____________________________________________ 8.Why did you place the bomb? _____________________________________________ 9.What is your name? _____________________________________________ 10.Where are you? _____________________________________________ 11.What is your address? _____________________________________________

Callers Voice Accent (specify): ______________________________ Any impediment (Specify):_______________________ ____________________________________________ Voice (loud,soft etc):____________________________ Speech (fast, Slow etc): ________________________ Diction (Clear, muffled):_________________________ Manner (clam, emotional etc):____________________ ____________________________________________ Did you recognise the voice? ____________________ If so, who do you think it was? ___________________ ____________________________________________ Was the caller familiar with the area? ____________________________________________

EXACT WORDS OF THREAT _____________________________________________ Action:

BACKGROUND NOISE Street noises:_________________________________ House Noises_________________________________ Aircraft Noises:________________________________ Voices:____________ Local Call:_________________ Music:_____________ Long Distance______________ ____________________________________________

Report to….. Remember - keep calm & don’t hang up the phone

THREAT LANGUAGE Well Spoken:_________________________________ Incoherent:___________________________________ Irrational:____________________________________ Taped:______________________________________ Message read aloud by caller:____________________ Abusive:_____________________________________ Other:_______________________________________

OTHER Sex of Caller: ________________________________ EstimatedAge: _______________________________ ____________________________________________ CALL TAKEN Date: __/__/___ Time: _______________________ Duration of Call: _____________________________ Number Called:______________________________ ____________________________________________ RECIPIENT Name: _____________________________________ Telephone;__________________________________ Signature____________________________________

Yorkshire Coast Radio Unit 2B Newchase Business Centre Hopper Hill Road SCARBOROUGH North Yorkshire YO11 3YS

Yorkshire Coast Radio Product Guide  

Yorkshire Coast Radio Product Guide April 2013

Yorkshire Coast Radio Product Guide  

Yorkshire Coast Radio Product Guide April 2013