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What You Must Know Before Answering Yorkies for Sale Ads Yorkshire Terriers make incredible pets and companions. They are cute, loving, and playful. Before you head out to view the terriers listed in the Yorkies for sale ads you need to know a few important facts. Should You Consider a Teacup Yorkie? Yorkies are small dogs to start off with but many people love even smaller dogs. As you start your search for Yorkie puppies for sale in LA and other parts of California you will run across ads for Teacup Yorkies. These tiny dogs are unbelievably cute and usually remain below 3 pounds in weight. They seem like an ideal pet for someone in a small home or apartment. Before grabbing onto one of these tiny Terriers you need to know your heart will be broken sooner than you desire. Normal sized Yorkies have a very normal life span of around 12 to 17 years, but Teacup Yorkies only live approximately 3 to 7 years. This is one of the reasons top breeders of Yorkies are not highly excited about the tiny teacup variety. Along with the shorter mortality rate comes a much higher frequency of illness including frequent bouts with vomiting and diarrhea. This can all be avoided by sticking with a traditional Yorkshire Terriers. Low Blood Sugar and the Easy Solution Hypoglycemia is another important factor you need to be aware of before bringing your new Yorkie puppy home. Yorkies are a dog breed which experiences more problems with low blood sugar than most other breeds. Luckily this issue is considered a transient juvenile issue, meaning it will depart as the dog grows into adulthood at about 1 year of age. During their first year of life it is important to give your puppy regular feedings and establish a good eating schedule. Most of the issues with hypoglycemia can be traced to infrequent and inconsistent eating patterns. This is a very minor issue to deal with, if you know about it in advance. Pay Attention to Teeth for Improved Health One last issue which we believe is important to know owners is dental care for your Yorkie. Like most other small breeds of dogs Yorkies can experience slightly higher frequencies of baby teeth not being properly ejected by the incoming adult teeth. In these cases it is advisable to have a veterinarian inspect the dog’s mouth and remove teeth which may cause trouble. Baby teeth which remain past their intended life can have higher frequencies of cavities and cause other dental problems, including misalignment of the adult teeth. All of this issues listed above can be reduced in frequency and severity by working with a breeder who knows the puppies hereditary. The family history of your future puppy can indicate potential problems

with hypoglycemia, dental issues, or other common health issues for Yorkies. The best way to find top quality Yorkies for sale is to work with professional breeders instead of buying a Yorkie from an unknown person listed in the classified ads. Buying a high quality dog will save you money in the long run with decreased trips to the vet.

What You Must Know Before Answering Yorkies for Sale Ads  

Yorkie breeders of show dogs in the United States are truly the best resource for buying a pet Yorkie puppy, as show breeders dedicate vast...

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