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INSIDE 3 Profile in Excellence 6 Seven Join Board of Trustees 7 Residential Housing Acquired 8 3+1 Nursing Program 10 Embracing Normal 12 Commencement 14 65 Years in the Making 16 YC Stories Across America 18 Mike Myers Scholarship 19 President's Council 20 Beginning of a New Chapter 22 Alumni News and Notes 24 Panther Athletics 26 STEM Grant 27 Campus Spotlight 28 Memorials 30 Hulitt Honor Wall 31 Homecoming 2021 32 Inauguration of Dr. Sam Smith Heritage — Summer 2021 Vol. 24, No. 2 Heritage is a semi-annual publication for alumni and friends of York College. The magazine is available online at Heritage Staff

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God has blessed York College in countless ways and the stories that are covered in this edition of the Heritage testify to that fact. As I ponder these stories I am compelled to attribute the successes we experienced this year to persistence. Persistence of a mighty God who has been, is, and always will be at work. Though we may not always have the ability to see exactly what God is up to on our campus or how He is moving through our students we know and believe that God has refused to give up. Our faculty and staff also exhibited persistence through the most difficult year our campus has faced due to the global pandemic. Faculty and staff proved to be a very tenacious team that refused to succumb to the challenges and kept our mission of transforming students through a Christcentered education at the very center of their work. In humility, we celebrate the accomplishments of our students, new friends of the College, new programs, and new facilities that have been added to our campus this year. The York Experience is as important and meaningful as it ever has been. Will you join me in praying that this coming year our students will be moved by the people and experiences at York College in ways which compels them to make the same statement as Paul found in Philippians 3:10 “I want to know Christ”? We believe that our campus can stoke a flame for a more intimate relationship with Jesus for those students who have already committed their life to Him, but we also believe that York College is a place where many students will give their life to Christ. When our alumni and friends make gifts to our campus they are often unknowingly allowing students to be led to Christ and strengthened in their faith. York College is a place where each of you can make a difference in the lives of students. In Him, Sam Smith President

(above) Alyssa Shaw, Ascha Utter, and Bekah Powell enjoy a beautiful spring day on campus.

Profile Excellence in


ay Brewster ’86, professor of biology and divisional dean of the Natural Science Division at Seaver College, has been named provost and chief academic officer of Pepperdine University. Brewster, who has served at Pepperdine for 24 years in various capacities, will begin his new role on August 1, 2021. "Working with “Jay Brewster is a person of impeccable character and has demonstrated his gentle yet students is the best profound wisdom in each of the leadership part of my day. It positions he has occupied,” said Pepperdine is wonderful to president Jim Gash in an announcement engage with young to the University community. “He is also a people and to reputable research scientist who embodies explore the world Pepperdine’s commitment to transforming lives through rigorous academics, spiritual through their exploration, and the significance of a life of eyes." purpose.” The announcement follows a rigorous JAY BREWSTER BIOLOGY PROFESSOR nationwide search in which Brewster was photo courtesy Pepperdine University selected out of a pool of six candidates. “Transitioning into the Provost role is Science Division ever since. He has held several appointments both exciting and daunting,” Brewster explained. “I have a on various University committees, including the Howard A. deep respect for President Gash and his vision for Pepperdine. White Award for Teaching Excellence selection committee; I'm looking forward to partnering with him on some truly the Pepperdine accreditation committee for high impact exciting work.” practices; and the Rank, Tenure, and Promotions Committee. Brewster earned an associate’s degree from York, a “I'm here because I believe in Pepperdine as a dedicated bachelor’s degree in science education from Lubbock Christian university, where faculty scholars partner with Christian University, and then his PhD in cell biology and talented students both in the classroom and in our research biochemistry at Rice University in 1993. He completed a environments.” postdoctoral fellowship at McLaughlin Research Institute for When the provost search began, Brewster applied due to Biomedical Sciences but said he missed the undergraduate his relevant experience working as an associate provost for campus environment. several years and serving as a divisional dean. “It is a privilege to work with undergraduates as they “It was not anticipated; I think we had a great group of are taking their first steps into their adult life,” Brewster finalists and I was just excited to be able to go through the said. “Working with students is the best part of my day. It is process,” Brewster said. “But it was really exciting to hear the wonderful to engage with young people and to explore the news, really exciting to talk with President Gash and think world through their eyes.” about the future.” Brewster moved with his family to Malibu from Montana Brewster's dedication to students and their academic to teach at Pepperdine in 1997 and has taught in the Natural ...continued next page

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photo courtesy Beasley Allen Law Firm

Dr. Brewster has served in the Natural Science Division at Seaver College for 24 years and will begin his new role as provost and chief academic officer of Pepperdine University on August 1, 2021. Located in the heart of Malibu and surrounded by the rolling foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, the campus overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is just minutes from the city limits of Los Angeles.

"This is a special place that partners the sincere care for each student with a faculty of accomplished scholars." seen to this point and the incredible story of effective vaccines emerging quickly in response to this virus. Our students and faculty are ready to come back together in community, in full recognition of the trauma suffered. My prayers are for healing and restoration as we take steps forward.” An educator at heart, Brewster said he would love to continue teaching, but his first priority is being an effective

provost. “It is hard for me to imagine not being a teacher fairly regularly, but we’ll see how it goes,” Brewster reflected. The provost role at Pepperdine doubles as chief academic officer and manages the five schools as well as oversees several departments like OneStop, the Office of the Registrar, Office of Student Accessibility, Office of Institutional Effectiveness and the Center for Faith and Learning, among others. Brewster acknowledged the large role the provost plays and said he’s excited to work alongside other executive leaders at the University. “This is a special place that partners the sincere care for each student with a faculty of accomplished scholars,” shared Brewster. “I have loved my time at Pepperdine and look forward to the work that is to come. I look forward to partnering with President Gash and the deans of each school in support of this premier Christian university.” n








4 | Heritage | SUMMER 2021

“As we recover from this devastating pandemic, it is going to be important to have patience with each other, to truly be present in our community in tangible ways, and to recognize that the road to normalcy will be slow and bumpy. I celebrate the recovery we've


growth has been recognized at the University for many years. He is a 2006 recipient of the Howard A. White Award for Teaching Excellence. In 2010, in recognition of his nationally acclaimed scholarship, he was named the Frank R. Seaver Professor in Natural Science. Brewster has demonstrated a commitment to students' spiritual development by hosting bible studies in his home and through his work with the University Church of Christ in Malibu. While the administrative aspects of higher education don’t appeal to everyone, Brewster said he enjoys that kind of work because of the impact it creates at Pepperdine. “I get excited by work that strengthens the academic and scholarly programs at Pepperdine University. This elevates the opportunities provided to our students and serves the mission of the university.” Brewster will assume his role during a critical transition as Pepperdine plans to return to all in-person services and activities in the fall. Among his immediate priorities as provost include vaccination, surveillance COVID-19 testing and community building.

Reprinted with permission from Pepperdine University with excerpts by Ashley Mowreader, News Editor for the Pepperdine Graphic




A Joyful Place

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r. Jay Brewster comes from a long line of Yorkies – three generations in fact including parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings and their spouses, and in more recent years, nieces and nephews. His parents Larry and Judie (Swanson) Brewster ’62 met on campus, and Jay was born and lived in Nebraska 12 years (9 in York) before moving to Wyoming. At one time Judie worked as a part-time administrative assistant for Jo Kite when she taught at YC. “Growing up in a small town, you gain lots of freedom to explore and make friends,” Jay reflected about his years in York. “Perhaps the highlight of each year was the opening of the city pool each summer where my mother taught swimming. Our whole neighborhood of children rode bikes to the pool and swam almost daily.” Those adolescent years left an indelible impression on Jay—attending YC was like coming home. He was active in club sports and campus life as a member of Kyodai social club and was popular among students, corroborated by the fact he was chosen by Delta Chi Alpha his sophomore year as their beau. But Jay was equally focused on his education and committed his time and energy

A recent reunion photo with Larry and Judie Brewster surrounded by their family reveals more than a dozen York College alumni spanning six decades.

to his academic pursuits, especially to those science related. When asked what stood out for him in the classroom, organic chemistry taught by Dr. L. Ray Miller II took center stage. “Ray was a fun teacher, but also rigorous and challenging,” recounted Jay. “I recall having a stack of note cards (probably 100) of organic synthesis reactions that I carried with me at all times. When I had a few moments, I would work on memorizing chemical structures and reaction conditions for synthesis processes. Those making it through the class earned "I SURVIVED ORGANIC CHEMISTRY" t-shirts, which I wore with pride for years after graduating from York. I also recall eating in the Miller home a few times. Ray and Gail were wonderful hosts, and I now try to do the same with my own students.” It was pointed out to Jay that on page 62 of the 1985 yearbook there was a reference to him acquiring the name “Boom-Boom.” When asked what that was about, he chuckled, “I was performing a "reflux" in organic chemistry lab, where students need to pay close attention to a heated round flask suspended above a Bunsen burner. If managed well, a gentle boil proceeds along with a process of condensing vapors above the boiling solution. There is a rubber stopper/thermometer at the top of the flask reaching into the boiling solution to report the temperature. We were warned to watch the temperature

closely and keep it to a gentle boil. “I was chatting with a buddy and ignored my reaction for a few minutes, it overheated, built up some pressure, and launched the rubber stopper and thermometer with a very loud BANG! The thermometer actually stuck in the ceiling tile. I waited for Dr. Miller to fly into a rage and kick me out of class...but he made sure all were safe, admonished all for improved attention, and went on with the class. Soon he began calling me "Boom."" Mistakes like those, while still not forgotten after 36 years, can be forgiven as well as formative as Jay was presented by Miller with the “Outstanding Science Student” award just before graduating with his associates degree in ’86. “My time at York College was a really critical time for my spiritual development, and provided the environment and people that facilitated transformational growth,” Jay said. “I made lifelong friends in both the student body and the faculty/staff of the college. It was a joyful place, where the mischief was harmless and the relationships were sincere. I am deeply thankful for York College and the wonderful faculty and staff who have devoted their lives in support of young people. I continue to be inspired by the vitality of the Christian community that thrives on that campus, and within the alumni community. It has provided a positive impact for thousands of young people, including many from my own family.” n

(left) Sharon Rodriguez and Jay Brewster bask in the limelight of being chosen sweetheart and beau by Kyodai and Delta social clubs.

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Seven Added to Board of Trustees Seven additional members of the York College Board of Trustees were in attendance at the spring meeting on April 30. Dr. Wayne White, board chair, announced the new selections, saying, “I am excited about the breadth of perspective, experience and leadership these new board members add to our efforts to grow the college and ensure its future. “This group is a great mix of those with long-time loyalties to the college along with friends who are newly energized by the mission of York College. This expansion follows a recent period of evaluation when we added no new board members. Including the three trustees added last year, our board is now far more diverse in every respect, and the average age of a York College trustee has decreased by more than a decade. I am excited about the future of our board and how we can help shape York College for years to come.” The seven new trustees are Dr. Damon Cathey of Nashville, Tenn., Mrs. Christine Eggar of West Point, Mont., Mr. Rick Hendricks (’71) of Tulsa, Okla., Mrs. Kim (Dreher ’02) Hoyt of Grand Junction, Colo., Mrs. Conay (Brown ’95) Huizar of Scottsdale, Ariz., Ms. Marilyn Locus of Laguna Niguel, Calif., and Mr. Benjamin Smail (’12) of Omaha, Neb. Dr. Cathey is an executive principal in the Metro Nashville Public School District. He has served in several administrative roles in Nashville as well as other districts in Tennessee and New Mexico. Cathey received his Ed.D. from the Peabody College at Vanderbilt University and in 2018 he was selected as

one of the 100 Leading African Americans in Nashville. He and his wife, Paulette, have two children. Eggar serves as superintendent and teacher for Frontier School in Wolf Point which serves an area that includes the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. She is a longtime educator who holds a master’s in education from the University of Northern Colorado. She and her husband, Shawn, have two children. Hendricks returns to the board after a three-year absence. A 1971 alumnus, Hendricks grew up on a farm near McCool Junction and worked for the college in the late 1970s. He had served on the board from 1993 to 2018, with many of those years as vice-chair. Hendricks is retired from Community Care of Oklahoma. Rick and his wife, Janice, have two children. Hoyt, a 2002 graduate, is a physician assistant who completed her professional training at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. During her student days at York, she played four years of varsity basketball. Kim and her husband, Darrel, have two sons. Huizar attended York College in the 1990s and completed her studies at Cedarville University and World Harvest University. She is a realtor investment strategist in the Phoenix area with considerable fundraising experience, including a multiyear stint as director of development with the Phoenix Boys Choir. She and her husband, Trent, have three children. Locus is an attorney and business professional currently with the Cintas Corporation, serving as regional human resources director for the western United States. After earning her law degree from Southern Methodist University, Locus has worked in labor relations and human resources with several Fortune 500 companies. Smail, a 2012 graduate, is a realtor with Better Homes and Gardens and a top real estate agent in the Omaha Metro market. He has received the Emerald Elite Award the last four years, which recognizes the top 1 percent of realtors within Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate nationally. Smail is married to Megan (Grimes), YC class of 2010. n (left) The spring Board meeting was filled with reports, presentations, and a tour of the Mahoney House which led to its purchase for expanded residential housing.

6 | Heritage | SUMMER 2021


York College Acquires Additional Housing York College closed May 1 on the purchase of Mahoney House, a five-minute walk from the campus. The building will provide residential housing for students starting January 2022. The building had served as an assisted living facility since it was built in 1985 but was closed by its corporate operator in late 2020. The college will renovate the interior and expand the parking lot during the next several months. When complete, it will be able to house up to 78 students. The college had been evaluating several options to provide new housing to meet growing demand due to the college’s record enrollments reached in recent years. “Living on campus is a signature component of the traditional York College experience,” President Sam Smith said. “When we learned about the closure of Mahoney House we contacted the owner to express our interest in the facility. “After we complete a renovation, the property will provide students an updated housing option that includes large living spaces, private restrooms, and great spaces for student events. With our continued focus on growth, this new residence hall will enable us to reach our goals.” Board chair, Dr. Wayne White added, “This property represents a great step forward in our strategic plan to thoughtfully grow the campus and enrollment. The total cost is

a fraction of what we might spend otherwise, which matches our ongoing efforts to minimize costs and keep York College affordable.” In light of the campus housing addition, Catherine Seufferlein, vice president for student development added, “We have long been aware of the need for upgraded residential space for our students, so we are tremendously excited to acquire Mahoney House. Not only will this open up new housing possibilities for our students; it will also expand our campus in many ways and provide new opportunities for life on campus. We are grateful for the creative and unexpected ways God continues to bless York College.” n

PBL Members Set Their Sights on Nationals The York College Professional Business Leaders chapter competed in the Nebraska PBL State Leadership Conference and came away with extensive hardware to prove it. Twentytwo members went virtually head to head with other colleges and universities in the state on April 10-11 in areas such as accounting principles, business ethics, impromptu speaking, and global analysis and decision making. Seventeen 1st place awards were received at state by York College PBL members in their designated competitions and out of the 22 YC students who participated, 19 qualified for PBL Nationals set to take place virtually in June. “The students did extremely well, which says a lot about their work ethic and the excellent education being provided to them at YC,” said Dr. Stacie Turnbull, YC PBL Co-Advisor. Josh Santiago, a junior from Norfolk, Neb., was named the Nebraska PBL Member of the Year, received $500 cash, and is now in the running for National PBL Member of the Year. Santiago served as the 2020-21 Nebraska PBL Vice President of Communications. York College will have three students serving as state officers in 2021-22 Santiago

including Santiago as next year’s president of Nebraska PBL. Along with Santiago will be Moriah Toledo, a junior from Fruitland, N.M., as VP of Communications, and Kitra Cody, a junior from Cody, Neb., as VP of Membership. Diego Korol, a senior from Santiago, Chile, and three-time national qualifier, served this past year as the Nebraska State PBL VP of Membership. Toledo Both Santiago and Korol were honored with Who’s Who for NE PBL awards while Logan Dye, senior from Wylie, Texas, and 2020-21 York College PBL President, was named York College’s Who’s Who. In addition to competitive events, the York College PBL chapter was honored with the Gold Excellence Award and received the traveling trophy for highest Cody points in a chapter. Points are awarded for business and social activities held throughout the year, student membership, community service, business engagement, and fundraising. Based on membership, York College PBL is the largest PBL chapter in the state of Nebraska. n SUMMER 2021 2016 | 2017

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Victoria Miller, a 2021 biology graduate from Alamosa, Colo., and Catie Whitehead, a sophomore biology, pre-professional major from New Port Richey, Fla., partner up| SUMMER for a lab2021 experiment. 8 | Heritage

York College Partners with Creighton University to Offer 3+1 Nursing Program


tudents at York College now have a pathway to complete a nursing degree in four years. York College and Creighton University are forming a 3+1 nursing partnership in which students complete three years as a YC student followed by a 12-month accelerated nursing program on the CHI Health St. Francis campus in Grand Island. The accelerated Creighton nursing program utilizes community-based education in a program that fills a need in many Nebraska communities. "I am extremely excited about this 3+1 nursing partnership with Creighton University,” said Dr. Bryan Kretz, assistant professor of biology and chair of the division of science and mathematics. “I believe the combined education and experiences received at York College and Creighton University will amply prepare our students for their future nursing careers." Incoming and current students are now eligible for admission into the program. Once admitted, students must maintain a minimum GPA and complete a core of prerequisite courses. The accelerated portion of the program enrolls students for 12 months in which they will take 58 credit hours in three semesters. Those who complete the program will graduate with two degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Biology (Health Services concentration) from York College and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Creighton University. YC provost, Dr. Shane Mountjoy

Dr. Bryan Kretz

commented, "This is an exciting day for York College! Nursing is a career many of our incoming students want to pursue and this 3+1 program allows them to do so. We look forward to developing and growing this partnership with Creighton University." CHI Health St. Francis offers Creighton nursing students a top-level clinical experience. St. Francis carries a “magnet hospital” designation, which is considered the gold standard for nursing institutions. Students will

spend more than 900 hours in clinical education, taking place in several Nebraska hospitals and community settings. “Creighton College of Nursing is delighted to partner with York College to create highly competent and compassionate nursing professionals in Central Nebraska and help address the state nursing shortage,” shared Catherine Todero, PhD, RN, FAAN, professor and dean of the College of Nursing, vice provost of Health Sciences Campuses for Creighton University. “The mission and values of our respective institutions align nicely and will foster graduates focused on service to others.” York alumna Cherie (Stevens ’03) Langlois shared the sentiment when told about the new program. "The profession of nursing has allowed me countless opportunities to share the love of Christ with my patients and their families,” said Langlois. “If this program had been available during my time as a York College student, I believe I would have jumped at the opportunity!" To request more information, apply online or contact the York College admissions office. n

York College Provost, Dr. Shane Mountjoy and Dr. Catherine Todero, Vice Provost of Health Science Campuses, Creighton University, sign the 3+1 Nursing Partnership.

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photo by Eryn Conyers


1 2



T 3

he last few months have been refreshing to say the least as mask protocols were relaxed and the pandemic restrictions gave way to some normalcy. Seeing the faces of students, employees, visitors... their smiles makes such a difference in one's day! Bypassing the social distant fist bumps that we've come to expect and going straight for the hugs and embraces that are famous on the YC campus is in a word — Aahh! God has blessed us, more than we know, through a year laden with questions of 'How?' 'Why?' 'Where?' 'When?' Calming our fears and anxieties, He has richly provided solutions and amazing blessings and we are so grateful! With that being said, what better way to show our gratitude than with faces that reflect His loving kindness. *Mr. and Ms. YC candidates: (l-r) Connie Nickell, Thaddaeus Kinney, Pierce Mederios, Kellie Fredendall, Elizabeth Ryan, Diego Korol, and Amber Jimenez – not pictured: Davi Mendonca.




photo by Tim McNeese

1 Dr. Clark Roush and Steddon Sikes were honored in April for 35 years of service to the College. 2 Mr. and Ms. York College candidates* were celebrated at the year-end banquet. Amber Jimenez, a special and elementary education major from Gilbert, Ariz., and Diego Korol, a business administration and accounting major from Santiago, Chile, (top right in photo) were chosen for the award. 3 Back with the theme "I'm Still Standing" 2021 Songfest featured hosts Justus and Elias Coppinger performing Twenty One Pilots Mashup. 4 Spring was definitely in the air as students "walk" to the new Academic Resource Center at Levitt. 5 Hannah Anderson ('20) receives an overdue hug from Chancellor Steve Eckman after the 2021 commencement ceremony. 6 Student volunteers thoroughly enjoyed a professional photo shoot day where they could go mask-free. 7/8 Nearly 400 Soul Quest campers came ready to make up for 2020's lost session. A highlight was serving the community of York in various projects. 9 During RoundUp’s closing celebration, Ethel Burleigh (96 years young), presented a quilt she made to her new friends President Sam and Lisa Smith.

9 SUMMER 2021 |

Heritage | 11

Don't Buy the Lie: Senator Ben Sasse on Real Happiness

Dr. Allison D. Garrett, president of Emporia State University, was the featured speaker at spring commencement. Dr. Garrett asked graduates to consider five things that would make a difference in their lifelong pursuits. •

Continue to develop good communication skills. Write well. Be able to speak to others and explain complicated things in easy-tounderstand language.

Be timely and dependable. Respond quickly and follow through.

Do hard things. “It’s a great opportunity for you to shine… to grow… to demonstrate that you are a great team player.”

Be kind. “You never know at what point what kind act or kind word you do or say today may come back in the future.”

Focus on what’s important. “You are about to become very, very busy with your lives so focus on what’s important—on your faith, on your friends, and on your family.”

Enjoy all of the commencement ceremony on our Youtube channel,

12 | Heritage | SUMMER 2021

President Sam Smith congratulates Kellie Fredendall, education major from Jefferson City, Mo., who was one of four students to graduate with a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

Making up for lost time


t was two years of celebration rolled into one for many of the YC students, faculty, and staff. Not being able to host last spring's commencement due to Covid, the 2021 graduating class was sprinkled with several of the 2020 seniors who accepted the College's invitation to return and take their time on stage. After Dr. Allison Garrett’s address, York College Provost Dr. Shane Mountjoy recognized some of the academic achievements of the graduating seniors, calling attention to those who were wearing honor medallions inscribed with the college seal. Asking each group to stand, Mountjoy honored those who graduated summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude. He also recognized four students with a perfect 4.0 grade point average: Kellie Fredendall, Amalia (Miller) Magner, Taylor O'Brien, and Cole Satterfield. A special faculty honor this year was given to retiring professor of biology, Mrs. Gail Miller. ​“For 36 years Gail Miller has made many contributions to this institution in and out of the classroom and in a lot of different roles,” said Mountjoy. “Over the years she served as an example and a sounding board for many faculty members and administrators. She is a personal friend to many of us employed here and she is a gifted educator who has given much to our students and to activities. She has served as a mentor in matters of education, science, life and faith.” Mountjoy talked about Miller’s noteworthy teaching, her love for students, and the significant service she has given to the institutional mission. “In recognition of the extensive contributions and sacrifices she has made over the last three and a half decades, York College is conferring the status of Professor Emeritus on our friend and colleague Gail Miller.” The ceremony continued as graduates lined up to walk across the stage to receive their diplomas from President Sam Smith with a smile, a handshake, and frequently, a hug. Those receiving bachelor’s degrees were then hooded by their escort with the color of academic regalia that represented their field of study. The York College Concert Choir, conducted by Dr. Clark Roush, closed out the ceremony by performing “Go Ye Now in Peace” and “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” before leading the audience in the singing of the York College Alma Mater. Dr. Mountjoy confers the status of Professor Emeritus on Gail Miller. Miller joins YC faculty emeriti Dr. Robert W. Lawrence and her husband Dr. L. Ray Miller II in this honor.

SUMMER 2021 |

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Howard and Pauline Vincent Endowment

– 65 Years in the Making –

14 | Heritage | SUMMER 2021

photo courtesy


lzan Vincent was ready to explore the world as a freshman coed. The country girl from Russell, Iowa, Howard and Pauline’s oldest of three, was anticipating the adventure of a lifetime. Enrolled at Harding College, she was leaving the family farm behind and headed to Arkansas… until Dale Larsen showed up at her house. Larsen was traveling around the Midwest telling anyone and everyone about the small Christian college in York, Nebraska, that was reopening its doors under the oversight of the Churches of Christ. He was both seeking funds and seeking students to get the fledgling college up and running. This visit was about the latter and Elzan’s father found the conversation appealing. A few years later, Larsen wrote in his dissertation—A History of York College: “The founders of the college, the first college in a vast underdeveloped area for the Church, envisioned what such a school would mean to the Church's growth. Students from small scattered congregations would attend, and in many cases, they would return to establish homes and assume leadership in the Church.” Howard was convinced and it was decided that Elzan would be enrolled at York College with the first freshman class under the new administration. On September 10, 1956, Elzan quickly found her place among the 89 students that took that first leap of faith. She became the first president of the newly established drama club, and in 1957, when a student council was organized, Ms. Vincent served as its secretary-treasurer. Elzan’s high school sweetheart, Roger McMurry, transferred in as a Bible major her Elzan Vincent sophomore year, and the two were married that winter. Howard and Pauline were committed to York’s mission and sent their second daughter, Dianne, to YC in the fall of 1959. Social clubs were established on campus during the year and Dianne joined Delta Chi Alpha as a charter member with Mrs. Gayle Napier as sponsor. However, a young man in Frater Sodalis, Harold Mitchell, a sophomore music major Dianne Vincent from Lawrence, Kans., caught her eye and captured her heart. When Mitchell graduated that spring and transferred to Abilene Christian, Dianne followed suit.

(above) Howard and Pauline stand outside the Sunnyslope church with their three children in the mid-forties. Howard was a lay preacher and teacher in the church. Until recently, his son-in-law Harold preached at the same country church near Russell, Iowa.

Howard and Pauline weren’t detoured; after all, finding a potential Christian mate was one of the main reasons for sending their children to a Christian college. So when it came time for their youngest son Jacob to make his decision in 1962, York was both theirs and his choice. Jake Vincent Jake made his own mark as a Vincent, chosen beau by the women of GATA, was president of the sophomore class, and voted by faculty in 1964 as Mr. York College Runner-up. That same year, his father was asked to serve on the YC Board of Trustees and gave the commencement address at Jake’s graduation. According to his sister Dianne, the title of their dad’s speech, “How High” was a reference to Jake sneaking out of the dorm and climbing the water tower that used to be close to campus. Jake denied any memory of that speech but did add with a chuckle that partner in crime Bob Stevenson ’64 made the climb with him. Jake has a vivid memory of making a trip with his father, then an Iowa State Senator, to visit Loy Hardesty, a prisoner at the Iowa State Penitentiary. Accompanied by classmates Jim Anderson ’64 and Lloyd Mansfield ’65, Senator Vincent wanted Jake and the other YC students to be an

encouragement to Hardesty as talk to him about York

Senator Vincent affectively adopted Hardesty and was instrumental in getting him released. The following year he attended York College as a Bible major. Affectionately thought of Loy Hardesty as a foster brother by the Vincent siblings, Loy went on to become a preacher and preached the Gospel for more than 50 years, retiring recently at the age of 80. Howard and Pauline were known for bringing kids from Sunnyslope, the small country church near their home in Russell, to York for campus visits, many of whom attended as students. In 1976, the Vincents were chosen Christian Parents of the Year for their invaluable contributions to York College, especially those of instilling the importance of Christian education in their children and in so many others. Howard served on the YC Board of Trustees for more than twenty years, and it was noted by Pauline that his work with York College “was one of the great satisfactions of his life. He was so convinced of the importance of Christian education and was so grateful to have had his children in such a school, that he felt it was a way to help make it possible that other young people could have the same advantages.” Howard passed away in 1988 and Pauline in 2011. After the farm estate was sold the family wanted to do something special in their memory, establishing the Howard and Pauline Vincent Endowment at York College. “Our parents were so dedicated to Christian education and we wanted to honor that commitment,” said Dianne. Jake echoed that sentiment stating, “York College has been very good to our family. Dad was a farmer and a building contractor, but he built with more than lumber and bricks. He built with people. That was his spiritual legacy.” When asked why the family wanted to fund an endowment for scholarships, Dianne put it simply, “We wanted to invest in people rather than buildings. This gave us the opportunity to invest in lives of young people directly.” n photo courtesy 1972 Crusader

by Steddon Sikes '84

(above) In 1969, Harold (’60) and Dianne (Vincent ’61) Mitchell returned to York College with their four children. Harold taught Bible, psychology, and served as the Dean of Men until 1973. (l-r) Harold, Douglas (7), Paul (4), David (9), Martha (3), and Dianne – not pictured Sarah. Martha (Stock ’89) and Sarah (’96) both graduated from York College.

Roush Professional Collection Donated to Elijah A. Levitt School of Business A year after her passing, the dedication of the Sue Roush Memorial Business Resource Collection took place at the York College Levitt School of Business on Thursday, January 28. It is no secret that Sue Roush was a passionate woman. The wife of Dr. Clark Roush, endowed chair for the performing arts, and mentor to many, Sue left a lasting legacy of building others up, especially young women, in both their personal and professional journeys. Roush often made her knowledge of marketing and communications available as a resource to anyone. That legacy will now live on in the York College Levitt School of Business as the Sue Roush Memorial Business Resource Collection to be used by business majors and PBL competitors. “She was a fierce advocate for the underdog, and she lived a life passionately devoted to creativity,” said Dr. Roush at the dedication. “She built an exceptional career as a strong, competent woman.” “Her integrity was never questioned. Her work ethic was never questioned,” said Professor Nick DiToro ’78, chair of the Levitt School of Business. “Her passion for lifelong learning was so evident that it left an effect on our students and those around her.” The collection includes many of the resources Roush used to craft her professional career. Roush most notably served as Deputy Communications Director for Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman from 2011-2014. She was a long-time employee of York College, serving in various roles from 1998-2011 including Director of Alumni and Community Relations. Her extensive career also found her serving as a media strategist and professor of marketing for numerous universities including the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Concordia University, and Nebraska Wesleyan. Roush received a Bachelor of Business from York College, a Masters of Integrated Marketing Communication from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and at her passing, she was in the process of earning her Doctorate of Business Arts in Marketing and Global Leadership from the University of Concordia-Chicago. “It would make Sue so proud to know the resources that crafted her career, now donated in this collection, are being used by students as a part of their professional preparation,” Dr. Roush shared. “Use them to help you become the next generation of passionate creatives that make a difference — just as Sue was and did.” Dr. Roush committed to the continual augmentation of the collection to ensure its relevance for students in the future. It was also announced that an additional eighty books have been donated to the collection in her honor. SUMMER 2021 |

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photo by Bob DeHart

as well College.

YC StoriesAcross

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t wasn’t long after we moved to York last year that Sam and I hit the road in an attempt to meet and connect with as many friends of York College as possible. Although roadmaps for trips like this have been replaced with apps on phones, I couldn’t help but think of all the many places across America that have been impacted by YC. On our trips, we wanted to hear everyone’s story and what York College has meant to them. For years, Sam has constantly told me what a special place York College is, and

I was eager to meet and hear people’s journeys and how it played a role in their faith, family, and career. One of the first stories I heard was from Richard and Rachel James, and while I was listening to their story, I could sense the incredible community atmosphere at York College. I immediately wanted to help foster more of those types of stories, and I wanted the world to know about this special place. We continued to travel and meet with people like Doug and Danna Townsdin, Scott Abraham, and Darrel and Beth Sears, and the stories kept coming. From city to city and state to state it was becoming clear that YC had a national impact. It was something that was hard to put into words, but you could feel the love and community built at York College when you heard each story. On the way home from Kansas City one night, I told Sam that I was going to start a project to show how York College is represented in all fifty states. We asked students, alumni, friends, and family to send a picture they took in each of the fifty states. It seemed like it would be an impossible task at first, but the excitement for York College was easily discovered as we talked to people and asked them to participate. God has blessed this college tremendously, and we feel blessed to be part of this community. Join us in sharing the excitement of York College wherever you go! It truly is a special place. n by Lisa Smith

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Mike Myers July 27, 1945 - April 29, 2020

New Bible Scholarship to Honor Mike Myers

Mike keynotes the evening worship at Soul Quest '04

A new scholarship to be given in memory of Mike Myers, longtime supporter of Christian education and a member of the YC Board of Trustees for thirteen years (2008-2020) is now available to Bible majors. Myers passed away on April 29, 2020, from complications due to pneumonia and COVID-19. “Mike had a heart for people, whether they were inside or outside of the kingdom,” said Jared Stark, Vice President for Athletics and Enrollment. “This scholarship named in his memory reflects his concern for those around him, wherever they were in their walk with Jesus.”

18 | Heritage | SUMMER 2021

Myers was among the first in churches of Christ to serve in a full-time role as a youth minister and the first in the state of Colorado. By the time he transitioned to serving as a pulpit minister, he had also outlasted most of his peers in that role. He served the Littleton Church of Christ for 47 years with over 25 of those years working with teenagers and their families. Myers was one of the founding members of the National Conference of Youth Ministers, known as NCYM, and served for several years on the conference’s board. Beginning in 1981, Myers had an outsized influence at York College that sprung from his willingness to invest himself in a new summer program named Soul Quest. That first year he served as director there were 38 campers. By his final year directing the camp, there were hundreds of campers every summer, and now thousands nationwide have a shared memory of an annual trek to Nebraska and week that touched their hearts. “The Mike Myers Scholarship is designed to come alongside students with a heart for ministry to people,” Stark went on to say. “More than assistance with earning a degree, the goal is a new generation of ministers equipped to serve others and focused on sitting at the feet of Jesus.”

photo by Taylor (Hess ''07) Meyer

The annual scholarship in the amount of $5,000 will require a good grade point average, but the award will be based on the goals of the recipient and tied to their desire to serve with compassion and point people to the cross. Criteria for the Mike Myers Scholarship: • 3.0 high school GPA • Letter of reference from Youth Minister/Ministry Leader • Campus visit to York College • 3-page essay detailing impact/ leadership applicants will make at YC To apply for the Mike Myers Scholarship please send these materials by email to Jared Stark at Applications received before March 15 will receive the strongest consideration. n

At Soul Quest ’21 Kinzie Norton from Longview, Texas, was presented with the first Mike Myers Award by director of admissions David Odom.

Recognizing alumni, friends and organizations who gave $1,000 or more from June 1, 2020 through May 31, 2021. Donations of $25,000 or more

Donations of $5,000 to $9,999

Donations of $2,000 to $4,999

Donations of $1,000 to $1,999

Anonymous (3) Keith Arterburn* Shawn ’80 Bengtson Wil and Dawn Dabbs Brian and Sarah Eubanks Aaron ’02 and Holly ’03 Fletcher Jarrell and Cynthia Gibbs Jeff ’89 and Lorena Hannel Kris Holoch Richard ’97 and Rachel ’99 James Quinton and Helen Martin Kerry and Susan ’79 McKeever Harold ’60 and Dianne ’61 Mitchell Doug ’83 and Danna ’84 Townsdin Jacob ’64 Vincent

Harold and Irene Hornbaker Bryan ’62 and Sandra Jacobs Brian and Joan ’82 Kramer Stephen ’74 and Loretta Lemons Ken and LaVera Leopard Paul and Kim Manibusan Ed and Pat McLoud Ed and Linda Nill William and Tina ’75 Peacock J. Lindbergh Presson Ken and Cassandra Savage Ben ’12 and Megan ’09 Smail Mike and Denise ’75 Smith Wayne and Harriet Studebaker Dennis ’64 and Sue ’64 Willard

James ’65 Vanderpool Wayne ’63 and Karen White Mitch and Shannon Wilburn Arthur ’62 and Jackie ’61 Williams Tom and Robbie Williams

Gaylin and Lisa Prior Mike and Chris Pruitt Gayland and Maidalyn Roberts Phil ’67 and Judy ’67 Roe Art and Sandy ’61 Sheldon Brad and Linda Stanger Janet ’73 Tolley Joe and Shirley Waldrop Mary Waller Craig Ward Drew and Andrea Woodburn

Donations of $10,000 to $24,999

Donations of $2,000 to $4,999

Scott ’99 and Beth Anne Abraham Anonymous Peter Colley LaVerne* and Joan Haselwood Dickie ’64 and Onita ’65 Hill Chester and Sharon James Kenny ’65 and Kathy Kaaiohelo Sydney ’62 and Joleen ’63 Kite Guenther ’70 and Sabine Kruse Jason ’00 and Sara Rice Charles and Carolyn Stephenson Irma J. Terpenning Charlie ’65 and Mary Ann Watts Caleb ’02 and Kim ’02 Williams

Esther Baker Glenn and Randy Brown Julia Hawley* Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Henderson Nancy Hendricks Everett ’70 and Ann Hinton Darrel and Kim ’02 Hoyt Trent and Conay Huizar Erica Jabr Gordon ’65 and Jackie ’66 Jenkins Larry and Ann Johnson Georgia Langford* Greg ’70 Love Roger ’66 and Deb ’80 Lowry Brent ’79 and Kay Magner Earl ’66 and Pam ’66 Martin Jason ’00 and Kendra ’03 Matkins Robin and Donna Jo ’76 Miller Kenneth and Roni ’01 Miller John ’83 and Sharron ’82 Morrill Scott ’90 and Teri Mueller Don and Nan Nelson Judy ’67 Odom* Maggie ’76 Orr Hon. Ted Poe Brad ’99 and Tina Reischl Jim and Sandy Reischl Ryan ’88 and Valene ’88 Roseke Todd ’81 and Denise ’81 Sheldon Sam ’95 and Lisa Smith Larry and Marjorie Solley Jared ’01 and Charla ’00 Stark Joan ’79 Stirlen

Donations of $5,000 to $9,999 Charlie ’68 and Cathy ’69 Anderson Anonymous Dave ’77 and Cindy ’78 Arterburn Steve ’77 and Tammy ’78 Batten Thomas and Diana Bolton Joe ’82 and Bridgette Brazell Tim and Kathy Bruner Bobby and Betty Bush Steve ’71 and LaRee ’71 Eckman Shawn and Christine Eggar Charles and Patty Ganus John ’73 Goeppinger Van and Mary Ann Harrold Dale ’75 and Vicki ’74 Hawley James and Harriett Hinkle Marvin and Mickie Hinrichs

Donations of $1,000 to $1,999 Bettye Alley Lori Barr Mike and Meg Beske Don and JoAnne Brown David ’00 and Heather Buggeln Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Byers Gwen ’80 Carver Darlene Casey Aaron ’15 and Eryn ’16 Conyers Brian and Belle Cromwell Jean ’80 Crowder Lisa Curtin Craig ’79 and Patty Decker David and Patty ’60 Dowdey Mark Eckert Roger ’69 and Pam Elliott Randy ’76 and Donna ’75 Ervin Bart ’80 and Shirley ’79 Florea Rod ’80 and Trisha ’85 Goben Alfred and Lillian Greeley Mark ’73 and Marcia ’73 Gronberg Nick ’04 and Lindsay Harlan Sherri ’81 Herndon Kevin Heronimus Lee and Anita ’78 Hofsommer Dean Howard Joe ’58 and Jackie ’59 Humphrey Jared and Annie ’01 Johnson Jared ’08 and Shannon ’07 Leinen Mike ’87 and Marcy Leonard Tim ’84 and Robin ’85 Lewis Emily ’14 Lutz Mann Family Foundation Don and Sandy McClaugherty Diane McEndree Wanda Middleswarth Tom ’71 and Brenda Miller Shane ’88 and Vivian ’88 Mountjoy Norman ’63 and Betty Murphy Stanley ’60 Murray Boyd Pate Patterson Family DAF - WFACF Dean and Christi ’89 Phelps

Council membership also recognizes young alumni making gifts of $500 or more from June 1, 2020 through May 31, 2021. *Deceased

Corporate Partners Anonymous (2) Bios Capital Management Victor E. & Rosa M. Blum Charitable Foundation BOEING Gift Matching Program ConocoPhillips Cornerstone Bank Council of Independent Nebraska Colleges Foundation Elevate Roofing Fargo Church of Christ Fremont Church of Christ The Hampton Legacy Foundation Home Services Title Hoover Family Trust Jensen Lumber Kaaiohelo Enterprises LLC Point Defiance Counseling & Consulting, PLCC Raindrop Repair, Inc The Savage Group, LLC Sold Out PC Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Tulsa Christian Foundation, Inc. York Community Foundation York County Visitors Bureau

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(left) Brent gives instructions at the Bartholomew Performing Arts Center ribbon cutting in 2016.

More importantly, York is an off-the-beaten-path place where God does a faithful work – sometimes in hearts that submit and sometimes in hearts that rebel. But it is all His good work no matter how we respond.”

Beginning of a New Chapter

For three decades, Brent Magner (’79) has served in Christian education fundraising and development roles, advancing institutions of higher learning. His extensive knowledge and experience in the art of ‘the ask’ and inviting others to join in the mission of York College has blessed his alma mater more than can be repaid or a retirement party could ever remunerate. There you have it, Magner is turning in his overtime office hours, weekly meetings, board reports, and countless phone calls for a “gone-fish’n’” shingle. Not really—he doesn’t like to fish—but give him a good book to read and he will be content until supper. And if you have ever had a taste of Brent’s humor, whether it’s back in his days in YC Soul Concern or how he laughs the hardest at his own jokes, you probably are guessing that he thinks that’s funny. He does. Magner plans to stay on with the College in a new role, focusing on alumni and friends of the school. “I will continue to pester classmates and other alumni for gifts, but since I will work part-time, they won't have to listen to me as often,” he chuckled. “My friends will probably celebrate the change.” Before coming to York College, Magner spent 14 years at Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas, where he served half of his time there as ACU’s Director of Development. Prior to that, he began his work in advancement at Rochester College. In 2007, he made the move to Nebraska where he was named Vice President

20 | Heritage | SUMMER 2020

for Advancement at York College, a position he has held the last 14 years. His experience working with capital campaigns at ACU as well as the university’s Annual Fund became a tremendous asset, and his educational background and experience made him a great fit for the role. “From the time Wayne Baker called me in 2007 until now, the journey has been all about God's work,” Magner said. “Sometimes His abundance caught me off guard. I don't know why. His faithfulness is the story of York College, or anyway the only one that matters. And because He's faithful, lots of lives have been touched and changed here. It has been a good journey, but it is time for me to step down. It's also a good time for a new person with energy and fresh ideas to help figure out what comes next.” During his tenure at York College, endowment grew from $6.6 million to $17.5 million, and financial stability has been a constant, even in a nation embroiled with fiscal uncertainty. Beyond 125 campaign that was completed in 2018 was the most successful fund raising campaign in the history of the College,

surpassing the $10.7 million goal by $6.17 million. The campaign included the construction of the Bartholomew Performing Arts Center, Touchton Baseball Clubhouse, and the creation of the Clayton Museum of Ancient History. Dollars raised for student scholarships and endowment exceeded $9.5 million during the campaign. “We have been very fortunate to have someone of Brent’s caliber to represent and promote York College in the areas of advancement,” said Dr. R. Wayne White, Chair, YC Board of Trustees. “His work with donors, alumni, and the community of York has put the College on solid footing that will pay dividends for years to come.” President Sam Smith had high praise for Magner as well, “Brent has literally spent years’ worth of time on the phone, typed miles of words via emails, and racked thousands of travel miles out of a deep passion for York College. His work and efforts led the College through numerous successful capital campaigns where millions of dollars were raised. Perhaps more importantly, hundreds of people were able to hear Brent's passion for YC and they ultimately became partners with YC. His passion for YC is truly contagious." Smith went on to say, "One of the things I love most about Brent is that his first instinct in any situation is to pray. There is no doubt in my mind that Brent bathed this decision in prayer and his confidence in what comes next is in God alone." Magner is looking forward to a slower pace where he can enjoy spending more time with family. He and his wife Kay

have four grown children and two wonderful daughters-in-law: Daniel (Jasmine), Jennie, Caleb (Amalia), and Ann. “I do remember the summer day after we had been here about five years, when I came home from work and Kay had spent the day with friends and our kids and later working in our garden,” Magner reflected. “She was reading Psalms and came across the verse that says, "The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places." That was and is York for us. York is not a destination and probably on no one's bucket list, but it is a community and a college that we love. More importantly, York is an off-the-beaten-path place where God does a faithful work – sometimes in hearts that submit and sometimes in hearts that rebel. But it is all His good work no matter how we respond.” Magner earned his associate’s degree from York in 1979 where he was active in the A Cappella Chorus, Soul Concern, theatre, and Sigma Tau service club. He received his bachelor’s from ACU in 1981, and his master’s degree in public affairs from the University of Iowa in 1984. President Smith summed it up, "Brent Magner modeled what an exceptional VP for Advancement is, does, and can do for YC." n

1978-79 Soul Concern: (l-r) Tom Learned, Brent Magner, Darryl Darden, Scott Lambert, Dennie Osborne, Paul Blake, Gary Boyle, and Chris Rhodes.

Stark Named VP for Advancement Jared Stark (’01) will assume the role of vice president for advancement of York College on August 1. Stark has been serving as vice president for athletics and enrollment management since 2014. "I am thrilled for Jared to move into this position and focus his energies on engaging a new generation of alumni along with many new friends for York College," President Sam Smith said. "His personal connection with so many alumni and friends combined with his deep passion for our mission will be a tremendous asset for years to come." Stark began work as an admissions counselor with York College in 2001, a few days after completing his bachelor’s degree. He left York in 2003 for graduate studies at Texas Tech University, completing the M.Ed in higher education administration in 2005. Stark returned to YC and eventually became athletic director in 2008. In 2014, he took on oversight of enrollment management which includes student recruiting and retention. Under his leadership, the college has navigated an increasingly difficult student recruiting and retention landscape with notable successes resulting in last year’s record enrollment of 640. “While I am saddened to leave my position with enrollment and athletics,” Starks explained, “I am eager to begin this new work. York College, the people, the place, the traditions, and our Christ-centered mission have been a source of inspiration and blessing to me for more than 20 years. “It will be an honor to represent York College to our alumni and other friends so we can advance further the important eternal work that happens here on a daily basis through our faculty and staff. Life-changing moments are a daily occurrence at YC, and so many here have shaped who I am. We have a lot of work to do, but I am excited to embrace this new challenge.” President Smith added, “Jared's unwavering commitment to York College, deep commitment to his faith in Jesus, and unique connections with alumni will be key components of his success. He has demonstrated the ability to balance competing priorities while working with a wide variety of people which serves as great preparation for the work ahead for him and the college. Thanks to the stability of recent years and the eagerness of our core constituency to push York College forward, we have the opportunity to take the college to the next level and we are going to excitedly take that opportunity.”​ Jared and his wife, Charla (Farrell ’01), have two children, Everson (9) and Nico (2).





1987 Dr. Bill Pink has been added to the Michigan governor’s Student Recovery Advisory Council and has been appointed to represent school leaders. Pink is the president of Grand Rapids Community College.  1953 Manuel Oliver “Lito” Martinez passed away on Oct. 22, 2020. Memorials, pg 28. 1956 Marilyn (Oak) Shingleton passed away March 22, 2021. Memorials, pg 28. 1958 Drs. Joe and Jackie (Hance ’59) Humphrey recently updated their address: 5402 26th St, Lubbock, TX 79407. Milestones, pg 23. 1959 Lavora (Ballard) Gates passed away March 21, 2021. Memorials, pg 29. 1963 Marylyn Kay (Ladair) Asher retired from Parkview Health Fort Wayne, Ind., in 2018. She would love to hear from her 1961-1964 classmates. Herbert Sukraw passed away on March 8, 2021. Memorials, pg 29. 1967 Judy (Amundson) Odom passed away March 20, 2021. Memorials, pg 29. 1968 Mary Jill Daly passed away May 5, 2021. Memorials, pg 29. 1974  Russell Koken passed away on April 2, 2021. Memorials, pg 29. 1975 Tina Marie (Wright) and William Peacock – made their 9th and final household move to the small community of Boulder City: 1409 Monterey Dr, Boulder City, NV 89005. 1977 Lowell Anderson has retired from education after 38 years of service. Anderson is still teaching driver’s education and driving a school bus for a local district. Their 2 grandchildren keep the Andersons plenty busy. Nancy (Eckstein) Fox passed away March 20, 2021. Memorials, pg 29. 1978 Marlene (Imhoff) Meissner passed away Aug. 20, 2020. Memorials, pg 29.

22 | Heritage | SUMMER 2021

1980 Glenn Ziegler passed away on Nov. 16, 2020, Memorials, pg 29. 1981 David Favre recently retired from CHUBB Limited after 34.5 years, having lived in London and Milan for 5 years. He shared, “Living abroad was a growth experience and is encouraging as God’s kingdom is worldwide. York is a special place. I’d enjoy hearing from classmates.” 1983 Shawn (Waters) and Robin Starck have both retired from teaching in Sheboygan, Wis., and recently moved to Arkansas. Shawn taught kindergarten for almost 30 years. She is now teaching 4/5-yearolds at the College Church of Christ. 504 E Woodruff Trail, Searcy, AR 72143 1984 Leon Holloway was named the director of human resources at Duncan Aviation in March. Holloway has led human resource teams for the last 18 years, and is celebrating 10 years at Duncan Aviation. He and his wife Jan enjoy spending time with their family, including their six grandchildren. 1985 Charlie Arnold started a new job as Director of Children Services at Southern Christian Children’s Home in Morrilton, Ark. Brad Thomas released a new book. Milestones, pg 23. 1986 John Telgren has been ministering at the Nebraska City Church of Christ since 2015. His wife Stacey is with the Iowa Educational Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired. PO Box 186, Nebraska City, NE 68410 1987 Candy (Hart) Nading recently updated her address: 123 Emerson Ave W, West St. Paul, MN 55118.

1991 Armando Gonzalez passed away on April 15, 2021. Memorials, pg 29. Cheri (Buggeln) Cantrell passed away May 13, 2021. Memorials, pg 29. 1995 Frank Billington recently accepted a job at Nebraska Public Power District and has relocated back to York from Washington state. 841 S Country Club Dr, York, NE 68467 1999 Rachel (Olson) Layton accepted a new job as Principal of James Earl Rudder High School in Bryan, TX. Bradley Leonard was recently named the 2020 Senior Logistician of the Year for the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, and his Division won the 2020 U.S. Air Force Product Support Excellence Award. This summer, Brad’s Division will transfer to the U.S. Space Force. 2000 Tanis Blount co-directed the Lubbock High School 2021 One-Act Play and saw her team advance to the 5A State Finals for the first time in school history. They received 2nd Runner Up with the show “The Sweet Science of Bruising.” 2001 Nick Harlan was named head baseball coach at the Univ. of Central Arkansas. Milestones, pg 23. Anna Jean Kissel passed away on Nov. 20, 2020. Memorials, pg 29. 2002 Ginger (Hodson) and Mark Steggles updated their address: 28A High St, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, PO37 6JY, United Kingdom. 2004 Titus and Angie (Sobetski) Robison recently moved back to York with their daughters, Bella (13), Kaewyn (11), Evalee (7), and Serena (5). 802 E 5th St, York, NE 68467 2005 Kyle Ferguson was recently named chair of the Humanities Division of Lewis-Clark State College.




He holds a master’s degree from Spring Arbor University and is currently pursuing an Ed.D. in Higher Education Administration through Idaho State University. 2006 Amanda (Bennett) and Ainsley McGill welcomed daughter, Clara Saige in July, 2020. Clara joins siblings Stuart (6) and Adelaide (5). 2008 Phoebe (Elrod) and Ryan Heather welcomed a baby boy, Charlie Dean, on Nov. 23, 2020. He joins big brother, Matthew (1). Tandi Rasmussen was named Assistant Manager/Credit Review at Cornerstone Bank. 2009 Jake and Elise (Hart) Owens have recently moved back to York! Elise has been a realtor for the past decade. Helping people buy and sell real estate is her passion! 144 Beech Ave, York, NE 68467 2010 Natasha (Byrd) Hackett released a new novel. Milestones, pg 23. 2011 Julie Garcia welcomed a baby boy, Paxton Michael, on Dec. 15, 2020. Paxton joins big brothers Tucker (5) and Blakely (4). 815 6th Ave, Holdredge, NE 68949 2012 Dee Ellison coached the NCCAA DII National Championship women’s basketball team. Milestones, pg 23. Casey and Courtney Kinnison welcomed a daughter, Zoey Ann, on Feb. 23, 2021. Mariah Louise (Saylor) and Micah McCall welcomed a baby boy, Atlas Nehemiah, on March 1, 2021. He joins his big sister Eleanor (1). 2013 Chasta (Bonifas) Borland has accepted a position as a fourth-grade teacher in the Holyoke School District in Holyoke, CO. Kayla Marie (Durham) and Andrew Kennedy adopted their first child, Noah Ray Kennedy. Noah was born May 18, 2021. Kris and Mia (Thomas ’13) Olson recently welcomed a baby boy, Craighton, on February 9, 2021. Craighton joins big sister, AmaraMilagros Nova (3). Kris was also recently promoted to subcontract manager at Lockheed Martin. 1240 Whittenburg Dr, Ft Worth, TX 76134







PANTHER MILESTONES 1958 Dr. Jackie (Hance ‘59) Humphrey officially retired again, but this time as a virtual York College professor. In 2009, York College needed someone to tackle the unknowns of remote classrooms and launch the College into the world of distance learning. We turned to Dr. Humphrey, a retired educator and nursing facility administrator. In fact, Jackie and her husband Dr. Joe Humphrey, also a recent retiree as a university accounting professor, both volunteered their time to move to York and teach as visiting professors. Jackie’s main task, however, was to coordinate YC’s new online learning program and get it off the ground. The program grew quickly in the beginning from offering a few pilot courses to complete bachelor degrees online to master degrees, all in the span of four years. The last few years, YC Online is a driving force behind record-setting enrollments at York College. Humphrey said. “I love the mission of York College and pray God’s blessings on all who serve Him there.” Enjoy your latest retirement, Jackie. You’ve earned it and then some. 1985 Brad Thomas has released a new book – The Greatness Revolution: Intentionally Living the Transformed Life of Your Dreams. Brad shared, “The Greatness Revolution doesn’t just inspire and motivate. It walks us through a step-by-step process designed to help us become who we truly are so we can bring that to our community and world. Greatness lies within each and every individual, and the stories and tools in this book help us to unlock that greatness to live the transformed life, the most fulfilling life one can live, the life of service.” 2001 Nick Harlan has been named head coach of the baseball program at University of Central Arkansas in Conway. Harlan takes over after nine seasons as UCA’s pitching coach. He joined the program in 2013 after nine seasons and five conference championships as the head coach at York College. Conway is where he met his wife Lindsey, a UCA graduate, and where his two children were born. Although the role of pitching coach was new to Harlan in 2013, taking over as head coach feels like a walk in his comfort zone. “I feel more in my sweet spot as a leader,” he said. “One of my passions is developing men and driving a culture. The opportunity to create an identity and communicate a message every day, and develop relationships with each player is where I feel most at home.” For more on the story go to and search “Harlan.” 2010 Natasha (Byrd) Hackett released her novel Bluebird on the Prairie in May and would love to share about the experience of publishing a novel and how God spoke to her through the process. "I’ve been blessed by the amazing support of my spouse, family, and friends, and the overall joy I felt throughout much of the process," she said. "I can’t wait to share this story with the world. Halfway through the writing I had my fourth child and gave up the project, not knowing when I’d be able to pick it up again. God changed me that year, and when I was finally able to pick up the story again, I wasn’t the same person who began it. God’s timing is perfect.” 2012 DeAnthony Ellison, head coach of the Championship Christian College women’s basketball team, led the Lady Tigers to an NCCAA DII National Championship over 5-time defending champions Arlington Baptist University 87-81 in the championship game.


E 2014 Peter and Crystal (Prawl ’13) Hansen recently updated their address: 10406 Sahler Plaza, Omaha, NE 68134. Emily Lutz recently moved back to Omaha and began working at Bellevue University. You can read the final page of her YC chapter at 2015 Santiago Castano was promoted to Senior Accountant at Cornerstone OnDemand in the Salt Lake City area. Collin Tucker has been named the head coach of York College’s Esports program that is slated to begin competition this fall. Anyone interested in competing or learning about Esports in general can reach Tucker at 2016 Natalie (Ostrander) Gessele recently updated her address: 12890 Longview Dr, Arnegard, ND 58835. 2017 Brinna (Horvath) and Jeffrey Finch welcomed a baby boy Jack on May 29, 2021. He is healthy and mom had an ’easy’ delivery. God is good. Jack joins his big brother Cohen. Justin and Halie (Ewing) Hukill were married on March 1, 2021! The newlyweds both teach for Lake Dallas ISD. 2018 Jolene Herzog began her new role as director of residence life and housing at York College on July 1. Jolene has worked diligently and with tremendous creativity for the last three years as director of student activities. Brittany (Eckerberg) and Wyatt Powell recently updated their address: 1229 N Turner Ave, Hastings, NE 68901. Bryce and Marissa (Bressler ’20) Tyler recently updated their address: 1725 Winding Hill Rd, Apt 323, Davenport, IA 52807. Corrie (McDonald) Walker was recently promoted to assistant director of admissions. She will be the lead on new enrollment counselor training, underclassmen retention, YC’s summer camp counseling program, the Campus PR Squad, and the admissions social media platform just to name a few. 2019 Zane Pfau recently was named head men's and women's golf coach at York College. Pfau has been the graduate assistant for both the golf program and the women’s wrestling program the past two seasons. He will graduate in July with his master’s degree in Global and Organizational Leadership. 2020 Taylor (Kinney) and Roman Perez got married on May, 8, 2021. Taylor has accepted a position as a Behavioral Technician at ABS Kids in Utah. 2021 Michael “Ben” and Kellie (Fredendall) Falco got married on May 29, 2021. Kellie will be a Learning Specialist at Blair Oaks Elementary in MO.

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York College

Athletics NCCAA All-Americans Athletes Earn Gold at NCCAA Championships



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2021 KCAC Championship photos by Bob DeHart


t the conclusion of a successful indoor and outdoor season, men’s and women's track and field competed at the NCCAA Outdoor Championships in Greenville, Ill., May 12-14. Top three athletes in each event are designated NCCAA All-Americans. The ladies had a tremendous outing as four individuals won their events, and the team had 15 top-eight finishes and placed 4th out of the 18 colleges represented. Maria Geesaman (JR/Greeley, CO) crushed the field in the 3000-meter steeplechase winning the event by more than 20 seconds with a time of 11:55.31. Blessing Osueke (SR/Houston, TX) took gold in the long jump with a leap of 18' .25" and placed third in the triple jump (37’ .25"). In the throwing events, Bri Eckerberg (SR/Gering, NE) took gold in the shot put with a heave of 41' 5", while teammate Amber Dominguez (JR/Odessa, TX) took top honors in the hammer throw with a mark of 146' 9". Alyssa Shaw placed 7th in the 100-meter hurdles with a time of 17.28. In the 4x800 meter relay, Maria Geesaman, Elizabeth Logan, Hannah Dehart, and Cecilia Castillo finished 4th with a time of 10:07.93. Sadie Carr finished 4th in the Pole Vault with a mark of 9' 6.25". In the Heptathlon, Makayla Dinkler won bronze with 3551 points and Sadie Carr placed 4th with 3305 points. Dinkler placed 5th in the long jump with a mark of 17' 0", and 6th in the javelin with a mark of 103' 8". Dominguez placed 5th in the discus with a mark of 122' 7" and 8th in the shot put with a throw of 38' 7.75". The men were paced at the Championships by two athletes who each won their event, and the team had 12 top-eight finishes and placed 5th out of the 20 colleges represented. Alphonse Jackson (FR/Fort Smith, AR) became the newest NCCAA National Champion in Outdoor Track and Field with his throw in the shot put of 50' 11" and placed 6th in the hammer throw (139’ 1”). Jordan Norton (FR/Canyon, TX) won gold with a time of 21.79 in the 200-meter dash as well as took silver in the 100-meter dash (10.91). Jarod Belden won silver in the decathlon with 5,880 points and bronze in the 110-meter hurdles (15.86). Anthony Hodson placed 5th in the 400-meter (50.12) and 7th in

Senior Blessing Osueke took gold in the long jump at the NCCAA Championships with a leap of 18' 1/4" while freshman Jordan Norton won his gold in the 200-meter dash with a time of 21.79.

the 200-meter dash (22.46). In the 4x400 meter relay Hodson, Ian Meek, Joe Ruffcorn, and Jordan Strong placed 5th (3:26.95). Logan Kaliff placed 6th in the 10,000-meter run (33:34.17), which breaks the York College record. In the 800-meter Meek finished 7th (1:56.72). Kaleel Stevenson placed 7th in the long jump (20’ 10.75”). Five athletes competed at the NAIA Championships on May 26-28 with Brianna Florvilus (JR/Dunnellon, FL) finishing 16th in the 400-meter dash (57.52), Osueke placed 16th in the triple jump (38' 6.75"), Geesaman was 18th in the steeplechase (11:41.46), Eckerberg finished 20th in the shot (41’ 5.25”), and Jackson was 26th in the men’s shot (47’ 9”). n






Panther Strong Fox Repeats as NAIA All-American

Photo Finish

photo by Bob DeHart


fter going 3-0 at the KCAC Championships and winning his weight class at 149 pounds, John Fox (SO/Gilroy, CA) kept the winning streak alive in his first two matches at the NAIA Men's Wrestling Championships. Those two wins earned him his second All-American status in as many years. Receiving a bye in the first round, Fox Fox was tasked with going against fellow KCAC opponent Ryan Delforge of Ottawa. The two were no strangers as they faced off against each other a few times this season with Fox earning the win each time. This time was no different as Fox earned the 5-2 decision. In the quarterfinal round, Fox pinned Brock Rodriguez of Providence in the third round. Saturday was a much tougher day for Fox. He looked to be in control of Andreus Bond in the match. With under ten seconds remaining Fox had the advantage with the score of 4-4 and owning over a minute of riding time that would give him the win. However, Bond made an incredible takedown with seconds left to secure the win. Bond went on to win the 149lb NAIA Championship. Fox lost a narrow 6-5 decision in the consolation bracket and then was pinned by the #2 rated wrestler Anthony Maia in the third period of the 5th place match. Fox joins Jason Arreola as the only repeat NAIA All-Americans in program history. Three wrestlers were awarded All-KCAC First Team: Harley Williamson (JR/Euless, TX), Jon-Jon Halk (SR/Las Vegas, NV),

NAIA All-American John Fox (28-3) gets a major decision win over over Trystan Berry of Hastings College during the Panther’s home duals.

and Fox. Pierce Mederios, Brayden Smith, Terrance Smith, and Marce Vasquez were named to the All-KCAC Second Team, and Third Team honors went to Dezmond Mcsellers, Jarvis Echols, and Marcus Cave. Second-year head coach Chad Mattox was awarded KCAC Co-Coach of the Year. The team finished the season with KCAC Runner-Up honors. n




Athletes and Coaches Receive KCAC Awards


t the conclusion of their respective seasons, women's wrestling and the competitive cheer and dance teams had something to celebrate. Head women's wrestling coach Jeff Albers couldn't have been more proud of his athletes when for the third year in a row they were awarded the KCAC Team of Character after finishing third at the conference championships. Kylie Marlin, Cameryn Hulbert, and Bella Mitchell were named to the All-KCAC Second Team and Third Team honors went to Claire Payne, Ella Whitaker, and Mika Rae Mauldin.

For head cheer and dance coach Bailey Davis, she saw both her teams finish with their best scores of the season at the KCAC Championships with competitive cheer battling for third place in the conference and competitive dance finishing with KCAC Runner-Up honors. Aubrey Myers (SR/Hutchinson, KS) was named KCAC First Team in competitive dance and Bailey Davis was named the KCAC Competitive Dance Coach of the Year as well as the Competitive Cheer Co-Coach of the Year. Bryce Smith was named to the KCAC Second Team in competitive cheer and KCAC Honorable Mention went to Caitlyn Trower. Myers Davis

The women's wrestling team was awarded the KCAC Team of Character for the third year in a row. (left) SUMMER 2021 |

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Thanks to the combined initiative of a York College faculty member and an enterprising undergrad, a couple of YC STEM students are gaining valuable research experience this summer through a special grant. The proposal, "Analysis of nutrient levels in surface water in agricultural production areas of the Upper Big Blue Natural Resource District," was prepared by sophomore Emily Eggar, co-president of the professional STEM club and submitted to Nebraska EPSCoR by agriscience professor and STEM club advisor Dr. Stacie Turnbull. The grant is one of five given by Nebraska EPSCoR every year. The Undergraduate Research Experience grant program was created to provide research experience for selected students in small public and private Nebraska colleges and universities that offer undergraduate degrees related to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The program is intended to increase the pool of potential students choosing careers in these areas. “It’s really exciting for me personally and for my career growth, but it’s also exciting for the science department,” shared Eggar, a double major in biology and chemistry from Wolf Point, Mont. “We now know what the EPSCoR grant process is like, so future students will be able to benefit from our knowledge and also be able to apply.”

Eggar and Blayne Winkler, a sophomore biology major from Lincoln, Neb., will be working with Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District (NRD) in York to provide valuable information surrounding the issue of excess nitrogen in groundwater. The work conducted by the students will examine to what extent nitrate pollution exists in Nebraska’s surface water while also examining other pollutants that may be present as well. “The experience of going out into the field, collecting samples, analyzing data, and presenting the information we find will be very beneficial in gaining an overall understanding of the research process,” shared Winkler. Research opportunities are essential for students pursuing careers in STEM. Eggar commented, “It makes students stand out in their graduate school applications. It doesn’t matter what field they want to go into, most students will need to know how to do research.” This opportunity has opened up conversations with other entities in the community, forging new partnerships and opening new doors for future students. “We really appreciate the NRD’s willingness to be involved in the development of our students,” said Dr. Turnbull. “As a result, groups such as Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy have shown an interest in working with our students in future research. These handson activities are extremely beneficial in preparing students for their future careers. Our students have real opportunities to do research and internships with a number of companies throughout the nation, including two students who will serve an internship with Bios Partners this summer.” Eggar and Winkler are spending the summer collecting data and will present their findings in the fall. n The mission of Nebraska's Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) and Institutional Development Award (IDeA) is to build the state's research capacity and competitiveness, invest in workforce development, and foster public-private partnerships in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (the STEM fields), as well as biomedical research.

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York College sophomores Emily Eggar and Blayne Winkler analyze surface water samples as part of their summer research experience funded by the Nebraska EPSCoR grant.

Campus Spotlight – Eli Embray by Eryn Conyers ’16

YC junior, Eli Embray, like many other York College students, says that attending York College is a “family thing”. Although Eli grew up hearing about YC from his mom, aunts and uncles, cousins, and grandparents what really sealed the deal for him were the people he met while visiting campus. As a freshman, the move from his hometown St. Joseph, Missouri, had its challenges but with the desire to meet lifelong friends he set out to pave his own way as a YC student. “My biggest hope for my YC experience was to make good friends,” he said. “The friends I have made have exceeded my expectations. My vision of what my friends would be like was fairly two dimensional, and I hadn't thought about anything other than having fun and hanging out. What I have actually experienced includes that, but they are also very supportive, whether the times are good or bad. We have deep conversations and lift each other up.” Embray found those friends through his involvement on campus and various activities. He is in the Concert Choir, and will be the Vice President of Kingsmen social club in the upcoming year. Not to mention he’s made five appearances on the YC stage. These experiences have also brought him a lot of personal growth. “Theatre and choir have made me much more confident,” said Embray. “The performing arts are very vulnerable because you can’t hold back, you just have to do your best with no shame. Getting my homework and reading assignments done, as well as maintaining a high GPA, forced me to be a more disciplined individual.” The hard work has paid off as he’s been named to the Dean’s List every semester with a 4.0 cumulative GPA. Embray is also an English major and had the opportunity to coedit a unique edition of the York College publication, Unvarnished Words. This year the members of the College’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta English honor society decided to focus on the stories and experiences of this past year under the title of “Unmasking Stories Behind the Pandemic”. They not only invited on-campus students to submit works of creative writing, poetry, nonfiction, short story, personal testimony, or photography, but alumni, faculty

(above) Eli played the producer in the 2020 Homecoming production The Complete History of Theatre (abridged). (right) Leah Lane, Eli Embray, Kyla Gilstrap, and Samara Hannel take advantage of a beautiful spring day for a photo op.

and staff as well. Embray and ninety-three others contributed to the 2020-2021 issue. “My experience editing Unvarnished Words was great,” shared Embray as one of the four student editors. “And it was really special to be one of the first to read heartfelt submissions that act as windows into the writers.” Inside the front cover, readers will find these words in his editors’ note: “The world realized that sound, love and care can travel further than six feet. These writings and pictures are a collection of survivors, of people who were deprived, but survived and thrived, of people who finally got to voice their frustrations, and others who were able to express their appreciation. Through these stories, they were unmasked, and it is so beautiful.” Embray’s creativity doesn’t stop there. Last year, his artwork was selected for the cover of the Songfest 2020 program. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled but Embray said it was a great accomplishment. “While it wasn’t used as I had hoped, I am very proud of designing the Songfest program cover.” What does the future hold for this bright and gifted young man? “I’m not entirely sure,” he shared. “But I would like to pursue my masters in English. I will, however, be happily married.” Embray popped the question this spring and is now engaged to Leah Lane, a sophomore, psychology major, also from St. Joseph, Mo. The two met before college at their hometown library. They plan to be married in the summer of 2022. n

In Memory of ... November 2020 - May 2021 Adrienne Star Abernethy Paul & Twilla Abernethy Rita Albright Elton Albright Harvey Anderson Lowell & Silvia Anderson Lawson & Pearl Anderson Charlie & Cathy Anderson Teena Hancock Anderson John & Dixie Lee Keith Arterburn David & Cindy Arterburn Randy & Kimberly Bauer Larry & Joy Becker Rick Bowser & Christine Holm Jan Conway Duane & LeAnn Egle Barton & Shirley Florea James Foltz Rod & Trisha Goben Dean Howard Denis & Deborah League Guy & Cindy Robarge Shirley Schuman Howard & Margaret Sheldon Todd & Denise Sheldon Southwest Church of Christ Steven & Elaine Spady Marilyn Whitley Debra Winchell Ezra & Joyce Woods Dr. Elmer Baker Mary Tieken Herman Barnett Guenther & Sabine Kruse Lewis Bertsch James & Dona Clarin Susanne Keller Dolores Runcie Michael & Nadine Runcie Steve & Barbara Thompson Warsaw Church of Christ John Bryant Jason & Olena Pates James Busch Miles & Tiffany Baum Jason Busch Chuck & Laura Morris Jason & Donna Embray Colis Campbell Daniel & Joneen Copeland Guenther & Sabine Kruse Lowell Carlock Gary Cuda Larry Christopher Jr. Jeffrey & Melissa Ross Dr. Roger Collins Matthew & Brenna Bomar David & Heather Buggeln Roger & Debra Lowry Ken & Terry Gibson Connie Crowell John & Pam Williams Deceased Alumni of the Class of 75 Mike & Denise Smith Steve Dickerson Timothy Charlton Armando Gonzalez Delores Devore Tom & Dianna Gaer Susanne Keller Ray & Gail Miller Harry & Margie Green Harry & Elvina Green E. LaVerne Haselwood David & Cindy Arterburn Larry & Joy Becker Duane & LeAnn Egle

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Saundra Ellison Barton & Shirley Florea Rod & Trisha Goben Larry & Gayle Good Joan Haselwood Dean Howard Neil & Carolyn Oxley Todd & Denise Sheldon Southwest Church of Christ Ezra & Joyce Woods Monroe & Julia Hawley Dale & Vicki Hawley Roger Hawley Donna Roerig Steve Hickel James & Janine Leupold Loma Faye Howard Dean Howard Mary Kite Bob & Joy Crass Duane & LeAnn Egle Susanne Keller Shane & Vivian Mountjoy Steve & Barbara Thompson Brian Lemons Stephen & Loretta Lemons Kirk Miller John & Ramona Ratliff Dr. Mabrey Miller Daniel & Joneen Copeland Leroy Murphy Daniel & Jill Amundson Jean Crowder Norman & Betty Murphy Judy Odom* Bob Nossaman Guenther & Sabine Kruse Jeri Murphy Obias J. David & Pam Murphy Judy Odom Kay McCool Margaret Parker Jamie Kates Lucretia Patterson Susanne Keller Earle Barry Robinson Fargo Church of Christ Dr. Thomas Schulz Sue Foster Victor Shelton Mary Ann Brown Rhoades Golf Group at Rivercut GC Michael & Nadine Runcie Dolores Runcie Avon Shields Adam & Haili Kreifels Connie Sims Catherine Sims DeLos Sparks Rod & Trisha Goben Sherry Sparks Travis Stoltenberg Susanne Keller Herb Sukraw Susanne Keller Ray & Gail Miller Terrel Taylor Charlotte Taylor Alice Thayer Shirley Marley Ellis Touchton Bryan & Sandra Jacobs John Townsdin, Lisa & Jayden Bowen Elaine Schackmann Judy Truitt Richard & Rachel James Joe Woods Southwest Church of Christ - Omaha

Dr. E. LaVerne Haselwood of Omaha, Neb., passed away at his home on Dec. 1, 2020, at the age of 87. LaVerne was a gentle, wise, patient man of faith whose dedication to excellence and dignity touched every aspect of his life. His professional career took him from work as a librarian to a position as a professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), from which he retired in 1999. He served as an elder for Southwest Church of Christ for decades, touching numerous lives and earning the love and respect of hundreds of church members. In addition to Haselwood's nearly twenty years as a YC trustee, he donated his time as field supervisor for York College education majors who completed their student teaching in the Omaha area. He is survived by his wife of 60 years Joan; their four daughters, Ann, Karen, Polly, and Amy: and their families including 16 grandchildren and 15 greatgrandchildren. Mr. Keith L. Arterburn of McCook, Neb., age 95, passed from this life on Dec. 26, 2020. Keith will be best remembered as a man of deep faith who taught and mentored young and old. He was a high school teacher early on his career, worked several years in farm supply businesses, and then managed farms for the National Bank of Commerce of Lincoln. Although he retired from NBC in the early 1990s, he loved his work in real estate and maintained his realtor’s license until 2017, most recently working for Gateway Realty of McCook. Along with dedicated service as a York College trustee, Arterburn shared his expertise in farm management as volunteer counsel when the college received major gifts of agriculture real estate. He fought valiantly to live as long as he did because he had projects to finish and people to love. His family and all who knew him will miss his ready smile, warm hugs, wisdom, and model of faith. His family includes children, Ann Morrill and husband, Bruce of Stilwell, Kan., David Arterburn and wife, Cindy of Papillion, Neb.; five grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; and his late wife, Hazel Arterburn.

1953 Manuel Oliver “Lito” Martinez passed away at the age of 88 on Oct. 22, 2020. Manuel joined the Marine Corps in 1953 after college & was selected for flight training. In 1955, he was awarded his flight wings, flying propeller attack bombers and fighter jets for six years before being selected for helicopter training.  Manuel deployed to Vietnam from May 1965 - May 1966, and again from July 1969 -July 1970. During this period, he flew over 220 combat missions under fire, was shot down three times and earned 12 Air Medals and the Silver Star for gallantry. In 1966, after his first tour in Vietnam, Manuel was selected to be the Presidential Command Pilot for President Lyndon B. Johnson. He flew the Presidential Helicopter “Marine 1” or “The White-Top” for three years. When Richard Nixon was elected, Manuel was sent to New York City to fly the President-elect on his many trips prior to inauguration. Manuel is survived by his wife of 41 years, Joyce Eileen Madeley, four sons, and one daughter. 1956 Marilyn “Oakie” (Oak) Shingleton, 86 of Pueblo, Colo., passed away on March 22, 2021. She fought the good fight of dementia for over five years, never a complaint, always a smile on her face. Marilyn was a member of the Southwest Church of Christ for the majority of her life. She was a very social, active person who was deeply involved in Christian ministry, visiting shut-ins, singing to encourage them, and taking meals to them. She enjoyed teaching the nursery class (0-2 years old) for 30 years. She has taught second generation children. Many of these children grew up to be preachers and missionaries and active members of a local congregation. She was considered the church hugger. She loved people, especially children. Marilyn will be forever loved and deeply missed by those she leaves behind. She is survived by her husband of 66 years, Edwin Shingleton, a daughter Melony (Steve) Cassity, of Billings, Mont., siblings and their families, and many nephews and nieces.

1959 Lavora (Ballard) Gates died at home in Colorado Springs, Colo., on March 21, 2021, at the age of 83. She attended her freshman year at Harding College where she answered a call for students to come to York College in Neb., which had just been acquired by Church of Christ members from the United Brethren. She stepped off the train in York on Sept. 8, 1956, and was credited as being the first boarding student to arrive on campus. Lavora was very involved in campus life and was well liked by her peers. During her junior year, she was chosen Ms. York College along with Bob Lewis as Mr. YC. In that same year she met Bryce Gates, a 6'6" freshman from Palisade, Neb. The romance led to a long engagement as they waited for Bryce to turn 19. They married during Lavora’s senior year, February 20, 1959, because that date was after Bryce’s 19th birthday and would also allow him to play a basketball game for York College the following night. An active member at Eastside Church of Christ for 51 years, Lavora was a woman who was always on a mission, determined to be content in any situation and who lived by the motto: Life is good. She was direct, logical, funny and deeply concerned for others, especially those who were struggling. She is survived by Bryce, three sons: Ken ’80, Kevin ’83, and Andrew and their families including 12 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren, several of which attended York College. 1963 Herbert Sukraw, age 77, passed away peacefully on March 8, 2021. He served as an elder at Stolley Park Church of Christ in Grand Island, Neb., where he was a respected mentor for his church family, serving anyone he could. He volunteered at Nebraska Youth Camp in Kearney as a teacher and photographer for twelve years. Always willing to lend a hand to others, he spent innumerable hours volunteering at Tabitha’s Closet, a weekly clothing give away, and was named Hope Harbor’s 2019 Volunteer of the Year. He loved his family and friends and to attend his grandchildren’s activities. Herb is survived by his wife, Linda, and his three daughters along with their families including eight grandchildren.

1967 Judy (Amundson) Odom passed away at the age of 73 on March 20, 2021. After receiving her AA degree from York College she transferred to Abilene Christian for her bachelor's degree and later for a master's degree. She worked in education in various capacities through the years at Abilene ISD, During most of her adult life, she was also working as an Avon Lady. Judy was a very active member of the Church of Christ, being a member of several congregations over the years in Abilene—as she lived in various neighborhoods during her adult life. She was most recently a member of the church at Remington Ridge. She enjoyed singing with the Chorus Abilene, and traveling with them to Europe. Judy was preceded in death by her husband, David Odom. She is survived by her sons: Jay Odom, Frank Odom and his wife Shannon; 3 grandchildren, 3 brothers, a stepmother, numerous nieces and nephews, and two sweet but ornery cats, BeyBey and Kelli. 1968 Mary Jill Daly passed away peacefully at her home on May 5, 2021, at the age of 71. She was a longtime member of Laramie Church of Christ, P.E.O. Chapter AX, Albany County Cattlewomen, a frequent participant at the Epson Senior Center, and volunteer at Ivenson Memorial Hospital. She was surrounded and loved by people from these organizations who were her Laramie “family.” She also enjoyed many hobbies, sending cards for special occasions, visiting with friends and family, and always with an upbeat, positive attitude. Jill’s greatest joy, however, was her family, especially her niece, nephews, and their families! 1974 Russell Koken passed away on April 2, 2021, at the age of 67. Russ was a very active and beloved member of the Churches of Christ, and the longest attending active member of the Southwest Church of Christ. He was continually encouraging others. Russ had a strong faith and was willing to help anyone in need. His cheery phone calls and words of encouragement to have a “blessed day” will be missed by many.

1975 Nancy “Nan” (Eckstein) Fox passed away on March 20, 2021 in her home in Roswell, NM, following a valiant fight against bladder cancer. After York College she went on to receive both her bachelors and masters degrees in history from ENMU. She enjoyed many activities including watching cooking shows, movies, documentaries, football, golf, and shopping for groceries. She also liked to walk and was seen almost everyday, no matter what the weather, walking in northeast Roswell. Nan dearly loved her family and took great pride in the activities and accomplishments of all her nieces and nephews. She is survived by her husband Billy Fox, mother Mildred Eckstein, and many other family members including 17 great nieces and nephews as well as all of Billy’s large family who loved Nan dearly. 1978 Marlene Ruth (Imhoff) Meissner 62, passed away on Aug. 20, 2020. She is survived by her husband Larry Meissner, daughter Janelle, son-in-law Josh Morrow, and her granddaughter Jocelynn Morrow. 1980 Glenn Ziegler passed away suddenly in his home peacefully with his dog at his side in his favorite recliner on Nov. 16, 2020, at the age of 60. He was most recently a beloved member of the North Indiana Church of Christ. He loved sports and a long list of hobbies. He enjoyed his grandchildren and spent many good times entertaining everyone with his jovial laugh and sense of humor. He gave the best hugs in the world and was a gentle giant of a man. Glenn is survived by his wife, Rosemary, one son, two daughters, two stepchildren, and six grandchildren. 1991 Cheri Dawn (Buggeln) Cantrell, age 50, passed away peacefully on May 13, 2021, after a courageous battle with Covid-19. She was a member of the Church of Christ in Winfield, Kan., loved her children, and enjoyed many hobbies that included collecting pens, purses, and roosters. She is survived by her husband, Chuck, five grown children, and many other family members.

1991 Armando Gonzalez passed away on April 15, 2021, at the age of 60. Armando was the minister of the Church of Christ in Meade, Kan. He served on the city council; was an interpreter and a community service coordinator for the Meade City and County Courts; and served as an official for football, basketball, and volleyball. He enjoyed studying the Bible, camping, watching westerns, sports, coaching, and was especially fond of mowing. Armando was a fixture at York College’s Work Days and will be greatly missed driving the front loader. He is survived by his wife Lynnette (Shields ’85), his son Elijah, and daughter Elizabeth. 2001 Anna Jean Kissel, 62, passed away on Nov. 20, 2020, due to complications of cancer. Jean was part of a large musical family, one of 16 children, growing up on the family farm north of Cedar Rapids, Neb. She was known for her talent of putting words on paper in someone’s time of need. She shared many of her poems at funerals of loved ones and friends. She had numerous poems published and wrote a song for her daughter’s wedding. Jean was also known as being the best cook for many miles around. She loved being outdoors and working hard each and every day. She will truly be missed by many.

HONORARY GIFTS Friends and family honored the following with donations to York College in their name: Faculty & Staff 1977-1979 Joan Stirlen Loretta Goben Mr. & Mrs. Rod Goben Courtney Horton Roger & Debra Lowry Brian Kohlscheen Scott & Teri Mueller Dr. Dorris Schulz Joel Osborne Meredith Thom Anonymous Paul Touchton Carmen Meyer Arthur & Jackie Williams Sharyl Thayer

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MEMORIAL GIFTS Rita Albright Elton Albright Harvey Anderson Lowell & Silvia Anderson Teena Hancock Anderson John & Dixie Lee Keith & Hazel Arterburn Hon. David & Cindy Arterburn Denny Auchard Betty Auchard Edward Auchard Betty Auchard Elizabeth Auchard Betty Auchard Glenna Auchard Betty Auchard Lester Auchard Betty Auchard Dr. Elmer Baker Joan Stirlen Bill Barnes Sherry Sparks Mr. & Mrs. James Belcher Robert & Maureen Johnson James Blake John Maile James (Jim) Brock Jr. Paul & Sandy Telehey Roger Gutshall Mike Brown Bartine Dickerson David & Kim Fisher Colis Campbell Jim & Sue Colley Dr. Lorraine Casby Charles Chipman Lloyd & Barbara Deal Roger & Cheryle Deal Brent Dickerson Bartine Dickerson Sgt. Ron Dickerson Bartine Dickerson Steve Dickerson Bartine Dickerson Dr. Richard Edwards Michael & Ginger Fondren Dr. Bill Epperson Dr. Earl & Pam Martin Barbara Confer Dan Felton Jeff & Robyn Horton Dr. Don Gardner Stephen & Tammy Batten Terry Osborn Glidewell Anonymous Bettye Jo Hamm Roger & Kathleen Hamm Monroe & Julia Hawley Dr. Dale & Vicki Hawley Roger & Nelda Hawley Dr. Dale & Vicki Hawley Doug Higgins Dean & Christi Phelps Alex Humphrey Dr. Joseph & Debra Atwood Stephen & Tammy Batten Craig & Patty Decker Phil & Aloha Humphrey Dr. Robert Lawrence

Gary Jorgensen Anonymous Ruby Keller Dr. Guenther & Sabine Kruse Millard & Ila Key Marcia Jacobson Judy Kingery Anonymous Smith & Mary Kite Sydney & Joleen Kite Y-Vonna Krekel Stephen & Tammy Batten Dr. Dale Larsen Stephen & Tammy Batten Phil & Aloha Humphrey Don & Gayle Mitchell Leonard & Norma Stevenson Rev. Matagiese & Lima Tunoa Joe Lewis Dr. Earl & Pam Martin Stanley Murray Marcia Shepard Glenn Lindsay Jacqueline Moore-Foster Kimball & Debbie Matkins Jeff & Robyn Horton Joshua Montandon Sarah Montandon Dr. Mark Moore Jotham & Kelly Andrews Bob & Betty Nossaman Sharon Morris Dave & Emily Nossaman Gene & Lu Patterson Brent & Kay Magner Cindy Phelps Susan Miller Eugenia Renfro Press Cynthia Scharr Newcomb Sue Roush Ryan & Crimsen Hanson Bob & Lorna Mae Sanner Terry & Trish Quigley Keith Schinnerer Norma Schinnerer Dr. Thomas Schulz Stephen & Tammy Batten Dr. Robert Lawrence Lt. Col. Larry & Luanne Waterman Dr. Mike & Sharon Westerfield Marilyn Shingleton Ed Shingleton Herb Sukraw Bob & Dianne Sanner Vernon & Arline Swanson Susan Miller Jennifer (Jeni) O’Dell Taylor Mike & Sheila Sullivan John Townsdin Doug & Danna Townsdin Carol Moore Triplett Jacqueline Moore-Foster Alice Thayer Duane & LeAnn Egle John & Lynae Stafford Howard & Pauline Vincent Harold & Dianne Mitchell Mike Wright William & Tina Peacock

The challenge dollars have been secured to renovate Hulitt Hall. Thank you for your partnership and thank you for honoring faculty, staff, peers, parents, friends and other loved ones along the way. The Brick By Brick Challenge concluded with the entire challenge amount received, helping us secure nearly $3.66 million toward the project's $3.5 million goal. In light of recent construction materials increase, this is great news for York College. Thank you alumni and friends for investing in students and their YC Experience. If you intended to sponsor a brick, it's not too late. Make your gift now and check out the growing list of those being remembered and honored. For renovation updates and photos go to

HONORARY GIFTS Elton Albright Nathan Shotts Margaret Anderson Lowell & Silvia Anderson Dr. Wayne Baker David & Terry Favre Gary Bartholomew Nathan Shotts Michael Becker Jotham & Kelly Andrews Stephen & Tammy Batten David Carriger Craig & Pamela Anderson Cindy (Cross) Cates Stephen & Tammy Batten Dr. Russ Dudrey Dr. Aaron & Holly Fletcher Dr. Steve Eckman Drs. Scott & Beth Anne Abraham Dr. C. Shawn Bengtson Joe & Bridgette Brazell H. Jarrell & Cynthia Gibbs Dr. Dickie & Onita Hill Kris Holoch Chester & Sharon James Richard & Rachel James Jensen Lumber Ben & Megan Smail Dr. Charles & Carolyn Stephenson Wayne & Harriet Studebaker Joe & Linda Thomas Doug & Danna Townsdin Charlie & Mary Ann Watts Dr. Wayne & Karen White Charlie & Cindy Farrel Jared & Charla Stark Greg & Tanya Gaer Tom & Dianna Gaer Grace Gaer Tom & Dianna Gaer

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Weekend Highlights Homecoming Golf Scramble Friday — 1 p.m.


he 22nd Annual Homecoming Golf Scramble is back on track for Friday afternoon with a shotgun start at 1 p.m. Register your foursome with Steddon Sikes,, or sign up as a single and enjoy 18 holes of golf at the York Country Club. Flag prizes and awards for best team scores will be in play.

Alumni Reception Friday — 8:30 p.m.

A Schedule is available at

ll alumni are invited to attend the President's Reception event on Friday night in the Mackey Center from 8:30 to 10 p.m. Meet the president and catch up with your classmates, all while enjoying free food of course! If your class year ends in a “1” or “6,” you definitely don't want to miss this! More class reunions will take place on Saturday.

Homecoming Chapel Saturday — 9:30 a.m.


ur time together will include singing, an alumni speaker, the Concert Choir performance and presentation of this year's alumni awards: Alumni of the Year Dr. Jeffery Hannel ’89

Young Alumna of the Year Angela (Jiang ’04) Lai

Athletic Hall of Fame Saturday — 11:30 a.m.



eserve tickets now for the Athletic Hall of Fame induction luncheon, honoring the 1996 NSCAA* Volleyball Champions — the York College Panthers! Tickets are $25 and proceeds support the athletic department. Seating is limited. Reserve your tickets at *National Small College Athletic Association SUMMER 2021 |

Heritage | 31

1125 E 8th Street York, NE 68467

Looking for a new direction? YC offers online master’s degrees. Learn more at

COMING EVENTS July 29-31 Alumni and Friends Work Days August 21-24 New Student Orientation 25 Classes Begin

September 24 Inauguration of Dr. Sam Smith as 21st President of York College October 22-24 Homecoming & Fall Panther Days 23 Athletic Hall of Fame Induction

November 20-28 Thanksgiving Break December 13-15 Final Examinations 16 December Graduation

Profile for York College

York College Heritage Magazine No. 44  

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