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Out of 25 years of civil war, the nation of South Sudan emerged in 2011. Peace is being reestablished, but the area is in a humanitarian crisis. People are returning from refugee camps to find no roads, no schools, and no power or sewer infrastructure for most of the country. Access to healthcare and clean water are inadequate. Many are still vulnerable to attack. While some would see only the heartbreak and challenge of this area, Dennis Cady ’66 sees something else: opportunity. Cady, a long time missionary, minister, and businessman, was looking for a new location where he could invest his time and talents. “I don’t mind going places that are a little bit dangerous, a little bit dirty. Places where other people say, ‘I couldn’t go there!’” he says. On the initial visit to South Sudan, “We saw every kind of need.” The greatest needs were for clean water, healthcare, and education. Cady knew these people needed one other thing: the Gospel message. “I am a big proponent of combining humanitarian work and church planting,” says Cady, who has been a part of such efforts in Malaysia, Indonesia, Haiti, and the Philippines. Cady has visited South Sudan several times and is currently in the process of building a school in Jonglei, where the government has given him and his partner in this work, Chuck Dennis, six acres of prime real estate. The proposed boarding school will teach vocational skills, such as tailoring and welding. They will also teach the Bible. Cady has big

“I am a big proponent of combining humanitarian work and church planting.”

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Miller brothers, Michael and Matthew, work the Homecoming crowd to raise money and awareness of their Haiti mission efforts. (above) 2012 Alumnus of the Year was awarded during Homecoming chapel to David Lynn ’74, founder and owner of Sequoia Consulting Group and a member of the York College Board of Trustees. (below)

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