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STUDENT STANDARDS OF CONDUCT Alcohol Policy In keeping with the spiritual and educational mission of the College, alcohol use by York College students is prohibited. Students found in violation of Section 3-02 of the Student Handbook may be automatically dismissed from the College. Dress Code Personal appearance is important and York College students should dress neatly, appropriately, modestly, and tastefully. The College also requests of parents and friends that they support and observe dress regulations when they are on campus. Students are encouraged to demonstrate by their dress and appearance a mature Christian attitude and the ability to discern propriety. The College also seeks to prepare students for professional careers where certain standards of dress are required for employment. Part of the educational process, then, is learning to dress appropriately. The following standards and guidelines will assist students in making decisions about their dress and appearance on campus, in class, in Chapel and at all college-sponsored activities, including athletics and formal events. 1. All students, staff and faculty are expected to dress with Christian appropriateness. Dress should be modest. Personal grooming and hairstyles should reflect self-respect and respect for others. Some extremes are not acceptable, including halter tops, backless tops, low-cut dresses or tops, crop tops/open midriffs, and short and/or revealing skirts and shorts. 2. During work periods, student workers are expected to conform to the dress code set by the department in which they work. 3. Shorts may be worn on campus, during classes and in chapel. However, shorts (and skirts) must be modest and conform to a standard of mid-thigh or longer. Spandex shorts and tights, biking shorts, jogging shorts, and boxer shorts are not acceptable for general campus wear at any time. 4. Athletic clothing appropriate to the sport may be worn while participating in athletic classes/activities in designated athletic areas. 5. Sunbathing is not permitted on campus. 6. Shirts must be worn at all times on campus and shoes must be worn in all campus buildings except the residence halls. 7. Clothing with inappropriate advertising, pictures and/or sayings that are contrary to the mission and Christian standards of York College is prohibited. This includes clothing with suggestive language/pictures or clothing that advertises alcohol or tobacco products. 8. Each faculty member will announce whether men may wear hats during class. Gentlemen are asked to remove their caps during times of prayer. 9. Individual faculty members may have additional dress requirements or preferences concerning appropriate student attire in his or her classroom. Implementation and enforcement of the dress code are the responsibility of the entire college community. Questions about the interpretation and enforcement of these standards should be directed to the Dean of Students.


2013-14 York College Student Handbook  
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