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Understanding YOR Body The human body is an amazing thing. Much like an automobile which has a variety of parts that serve different functions, your body parts each have a unique purpose. They also each have their own needs to function properly. No single product or supplement can be a cure all. This is why the YOR regimen is highly effective. We all know we need nutrients but we pass up to 80% of the nutrients from our food and supplements because the body is not designed to digest processed foods. The YOR product regimen not only provides high quality bio-available nutrients, but also dramatically enhances the body’s ability to absorb them. A nutrient rich body has abundant energy, sleeps better, is less inclined to over eat and does not require antacids. It is the consistent use of all of these products in unison that brings great results. About 80% of your immune system lives in your gastrointestinal tract. Fully digested food and supplements brought to a clean functional intestine is crucial. Are you nutrient rich?

Understanding YOR Body  

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