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Christchurch Earthquake Appeal: Last Wednesday our Year 7 and 8 class organised a mufti day to support the relief efforts in Christchurch. The class managed the entire project, sending notices to parents, speaking to classes, money collection on the day and taking the money to the bank. On the day $ 524.10 was raised for the appeal. Kol Hakavod everyone.

5 Adar-2 5771

‫חדשות קדימה‬

Dear Parents,

Welcome to: Cooper and Estelle who joined Year One this week. Entertainment Book: The KPFA arrange for Kadimah to benefit from sales of the ever popular Entertainment Book on an annual basis. Forms went home yesterday advertising the Entertainment Book and providing information for families who would like to pre-order this book. Keep In Touch Book: The Kadimah KIT Book (previously known as the Blue Book), containing contact details of members of our Kadimah Family, was distributed yesterday. Each family should have received a copy. If you did not receive a copy please contact Goldie in the Office.

Jewish Festivals & Customs booklet: A booklet containing information about Jewish festivals and customs, and how they are observed at school, is available to all Kadimah parents via the school office. Should you wish to receive a copy please email

Friday 11th March 2011

Kadimah Newsnotes

Kippot for Sale: We have a new stock of kippot (boys head covering) available at reception. They are blue, cost $5 and are available in a variety of sizes.

Parking: Please refrain from parking in the Fire Station driveway or the school complex driveway. Please also remember not to park in the fire station parking area as this is a tow-away zone and is reserved for staff members and visitors on official business who have booked the visitors parking space in advance. Thank you for your cooperation. Photographs: Class Photo: Class photograph order envelopes were sent home this week. Should you wish to order a copy of your child/ren’s Class Photo, you will need to complete the order form, enclose payment and return the envelope to your child’s class teacher. This needs to be returned to school before Friday 8 th April, the day Photolife Studios will be taking class photos. Portrait & Sibling Photos: A number of parents missed out on ordering portrait photos and sibling photos in time for when Photolife took these photos at Kadimah. Photolife have agreed to repeat their visit should enough parents be interested. If this is of interest to you please contact Goldie in the Office. Kea Crossing: Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to help with Kea Crossing. We are still in need of assistance on Wednesday afternoons so if you are able to volunteer between 2:55pm and 3:10pm every Wednesday, please email Goldie – Thank you. News from Preschool: Last Friday, Preschool welcomed Kab Shab children and families to the first Kab Shab session for 2011. Welcome to Idan and Tamar who joined Preschool this week. Shabbat Shalom, Robert Minahan

Looking Ahead .... Coming Events .... DATE

WHAT? th


Wednesday 16 March

Year 1 Class Social

Thursday 17th March

Fast of Esther

Monday 21st March

Purim Celebrations at Kadimah


Tuesday 22nd March

Year 5 visit Shalom Court


Thursday 24th March

Year 5 Class Social


Shalom Court

CHAZANIM - ‫חזנים‬

WEEK 7 - TERM 1: Monday 14th March to Friday 18th March DAY Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday DAY Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Junior School Stefan Yr 4 & Avraham Yr 4 Lisa Yr 4 & Mia Yr 4 Frances Yr 4 & Hannah Yr 4 Masha Yr 4 & Benjamin Yr 4 Samantha Yr 4 & Brooke Yr 4

Senior School Omri Yr 3 & Madeleine Yr 3 Nigel Yr 3 & Galia Yr 3 Nastassia r 3 & Ariella Yr 3 Sophia Yr 3 & Genesis Yr 3 Velian Yr 3 & Sophina Yr 3

Junior School Ariella Yr 4 & Amelia Yr 3 Reuben Yr 3 & Rose Yr 3 Arie Yr 3 & Arielle Yr 3 Gabrielle Yr 3 & Ethan Yr 3 Nathan Yr 3 & Zack Yr 3

Senior School Lee Yr 6 & Daniela Yr 6 Misha Yr 6 & Natalie Yr 6 Samuel Yr 6 & Melvyn Yr 6 Michael Yr 6 & Ophira Yr 6 Henry Yr 6 & Valentina Yr 6

WEEK 8 – TERM 1: Monday 21st March to Friday 25th March

NOTICES Note From Hebrew & Jewish Studies Department If you have not already done so, please remember to send non-perishable food items to school by next Tuesday 15th March. Our students will then prepare food packages for the City Mission to fulfil the Purim Mitzvah of “Matanot L’Evyonim (Charity to the poor). Most of the Mishloach Manot (small food gifts) have been brought in. If your child’s Mishloach Manot has not yet been handed to their class teacher, please remember to do so a.s.a.p. Thank you. A reminder that the children will need to come to school in comfortable Purim costumes on Monday 21st March. They will change into regular clothes later in the day, so we recommend they wear simple mufti underneath their costume. Our traditional “Purim Costume Parade” will begin after the morning celebrations at approximately 9:15am. Parents are welcome to join us all for this fun event. Bnei Akiva Bnei Akiva presents, Simcha Yisraelit. This weekend we are having a Shabbaton with madrichim all the way from Australia for senior groups. Don't miss out! We will see you there!

PARASHAT VAYIKRA THIS SEVENTH SERIES OF DIVREI TORAH IS DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF MOSHE BEN MEIR FRIEDMAN Z"L Wishing a Refua Shleima to my incredible sister, Chaya Liora Tamar bat Liebe Our Sidra is devoted to the theme of personal sacrifices as opposed to public sacrifices (with the exception of the community sin offering). • Burnt Offering • Meal Offering • Peace Offering • Sin Offering • Guilt Offering "When a ruler sins and unintentionally commits one of all of the commandments of Hashem his Go-d that may not be done and becomes guilty…" (Vayikra 4:22). One of the sin-offerings we are taught about in this week's Parsha is that of the ruler who unintentionally sins. This sin-offering applies only to a King and is almost identical to the sin-offering of a normal Jew. The only difference is that whereas a female goat or a sheep is normally brought for a sin-offering, the King brings a male goat, reflecting his power and position. However, there is one way in which this offering stands out from all the other offerings in this week's Parsha. It is the only offering introduced with the word "asher", meaning "when". All of the other offerings are written in a more hypothetical manner e.g. "IF your offering is a meal offering", "IF his offering is a feast peace-offering", "IF the anointed Kohen will sin", "IF the entire assembly of Israel shall err" (Vayikra 2:5, 3:1, 4:3,13). Why was the King's sin-offering taught in such a definite and inevitable way, "WHEN a ruler sins…"? Sforno (Vayikra 4:22) explains, "For indeed it is a common thing for him to sin". The King's lofty position and great power come with the great danger that he may forget the true source of power in this world. This underlying arrogance and pride make it far more likely for the King to sin, even unintentionally. Rashi explains entirely differently, using a different interpretation for the word "asher". Apart from meaning "when" or "that", the word "asher" comes from the same grammatical root as the words "ashrei" and "osher", meaning "happiness". Rashi therefore explains this word as being: "An expression of 'Ashrei'. Happy is the generation whose leader pays attention to bring an atonement for his mistakes" (Rashi, Vayikra 4:22). Why should a generation be happy when their leader has to bring on offering for his sins? The Sefer Gur Aryeh explains, "Happy is the generation: for he (the King) regrets his mistakes, showing that he is not embarrassed to say 'I sinned' and he does not say, 'I am great and important. How can I say 'I sinned'?' Since he is modest, happy is the generation whose leader is not arrogant or conceited" (Vayikra 4:22). The explanations of Sforno and Rashi do not contradict each other but are two sides of the very same coin. The more arrogant we are, the more likely we are to make mistakes and the less likely we are to admit to them afterwards. Those who are "too important" and "too powerful" to make mistakes are just too arrogant and too weak to admit their wrongdoings. Happy is the generation whose leaders can admit making mistakes, Shabbat Shalom, DM

Year 4 Writing In this exercise, the children were asked to write an introduction to a chapter in “Little House In The Big Woods.” Winter was just two days away and snow was coming. Pa had already picked out all the mouth watering vegetables in the patch. The snow was glittering in the chilled air while Laura and Mary sat by the blazing hot fire while Pa played his fiddle. They thought Pa was really, really good. Before they knew it, they fell asleep. The next morning when Laura woke up she was quivering cold. She had a nose that looked like it was blushing and she did not feel well. (Stefan) Summer was here. The days were long, lazy and hot but the nights were short and cold. In fact, it was so hot that all Mary and Laura wanted to do was to lie in the cool, dark shade of the green, leafy tree. Any little patch of water – including the water from the spring when it was still IN the spring – looked good to cool off in. The garden was bursting full of good plentiful vegetables and the fruit trees were heaped with peaches, plums and apricots. Meanwhile, in the little house, everybody was busy. (Samantha) Spring was coming. The days were getting longer, hotter and it was almost as the big woods awaken from a long, long slumber. Life was in the air. Bright red, orange, yellow flowers were busy blooming, bears were busy giving birth to baby bears. The black barky trees were no longer bare, the big dark lonely woods was no longer humble and silent. It was streaming with colours like orange, yellow, green, pink and brown. (Benjamin) It was spring now. Flowers were blooming and birds were singing so sweetly for a new season. Laura called “Lunchtime!” Laura and Mary raced inside. “I win!” shouted Mary. Laura and Mary sat at the table. (Cleo) It was summer and the days were getting longer. Laura and Mary were in the yard while the sun shone down. The leaves were lime green. The trees were a very chocolate brown. Ma and Pa were watching them with joy. All the vegetable patch looked beautiful when full. All Mary and Laura wanted to do was to sit under a tree watching the bunnies pass. When they went to bed the sun was blazing. (Jessy) It was late autumn and bright coloured leaves were twirling, slowly falling to the ground. The first snowflakes were falling and it was ever so cold. Most animals in the big woods were getting ready for their long hibernation through the cold icy winter. The birds were flying elegantly to a warmer place. The lake had frozen into a giant ice cube. (Brooke) It was spring now and baby sheep were getting born. The days were getting longer and birds tweeted. Icicles dripped, the snow was gone. The days were getting warmer and Pa, Mary and Laura were on a walk while the bunnies bounced around. Pa was still telling stories to Laura and Mary like in the winter time. (Frances) It was winter and snow fell onto the trees and the forest floor. The birds stopped singing and all the animals are becoming skinny. It was freezing cold and Ma and Pa were wrapping Laura and Mary with blankets. Black Susan and Jack were sitting together by the blazing fire. The snow is a sugary white with the paw prints from all kinds of animals that were fading away. The trees would look like they had just had a shower and forgot to wash the soap off. (Lisa) It was summer. The apples were starting to grow and their colour turning red. The flowers were all colourful and there was no more rain. The weather was beautiful and the days were getting longer and longer. The lakes were getting more and more warmer. It was Saturday and Ma was baking a pie. (Masha) It was late autumn now and you could see beautiful golden and chocolate brown leaves falling and twirling to the ground. All the enormous trees in the woods were swaying side to side. All the wild animals were starting to get ready for hibernation in the winter. The days were getting shorter and much colder and the girls would have to start putting on big warm woollen stockings. Laura and Mary were playing in the fallen leaves that they gathered up in their free time after chores. (Ariella) It was almost spring now. The trees were getting greener. The flowers were opening. Mary and Laura were looking out the window. “Oh spring is coming now. Soon we can make daisy chains,” said Mary. “We can go out to play.” Ma was in the kitchen baking a cake for Pa. Pa was out hunting for dinner. Mary and Laura went to Ma and said “May we go out to play?” (Mia) It was late autumn and winter was just around the corner. Days were getting shorter and colder. Pa was getting the last of the bear, deer, fish and pig before they all went back to their homes to hibernate to have a long lazy sleep throughout the winter. The first of the thick soft chunks of snow were falling from the sky. The wind was getting stronger in between the trees. The trees were swaying amongst themselves. (Hannah) Spring was coming and Pa had set up the last of the traps. The white puffy snow was getting thinner and warmer every day and soon the snow was just big ice cold frisky pieces of water. The bears had just woken up and were looking for mates and a nice dry spot in a cave to give birth to young ones. Laura, Mary and Ma went to Lake Pepin to break the ice and then they went home. (Ariel)

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