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Basic system

The shape came from L from Logical, a from Art Only in Black or Whtie allowed

Logical Art is a London based Design Studio. Our design ranges from daily objects, personal accessories to furniture and lighting. We are especially intrigued by the collision of art and design, thus we always aim to blend the concept of art, sculpture and painting into quality products with reasonable price.






Basic system

Metaphor of wearable piece The logo colour has to be only 1 united colour, allowed to be gold or black only.

Air Tattoo is a collection of wearable art. The pieces allow you to wear a delicate drawing as a piece of jewellery. Air Tattoo Necklaces are made with a special eco-friendly paper that is both tear and water resistant allowing the pieces to be worn multiple times.

ECO InďŹ nite Campaign Concept design

We can do something good for earth by a little change of our behaviour.


Digital Drawing & Colouring skill / scanned hand-drawing / digital painting




Design wheels Sculptural form

Express idea with sketch / hand-drawing / quick marker painting

Creating form with sketch / hand-drawing / quick marker painting

Creating form with sketch / hand-drawing / quick marker painting

Express idea with sketch / hand-drawing / quick marker painting

2D/3D modeling, technical/work drawings, and arranging images with digital media in artistic style (3 hrs work)

Interior digital sketch by using CAD / Alias / Photoshop / HyperShot (6 hrs work)

Transforming to better image

Transform a hand-drawing image into a good-looking illustration

*above image is downloaded from internet as a source.

Demonstrate the advanced understanding of light, colour and detail. (2 hrs work including crop images of people)

Creating environment / scanned hand-drawing / quick digital painting

Express idea with sketch / hand-drawing / pen

Rough Hand-drawing / pen drawing

Organized Hand-drawing / pen drawing

Creating 3D form from 2D sketch Sculptural form I have once interested in Game and Robot design. I have got such a brilliant ability of drawing for any complicated mechanism, form or details, also got a know-how for manipulating my skills to transform 2D sketches to 3D forms appropriate.


TROMM The Washing machine with an easier interface for older people

Washing Machine LG TROMM 2006, 2013 Interface for human instinct This product is about interaction between the user and the physcial experience of controlling washing machine. Older people often feel diďŹƒculties to use machines. I come up with new interface system which allows manupulating much easier and more intuitive. Users can use their washing machines basic functions just by turning the character line as a dial. The dial is devided into 3 parts for Washing , Washing-out and Spin-drying . The light which follows the character line of TROMM delivers its image strongly. The process of washing, washing-out and spin-drying is expressed by coloured lighting through the ring. The colour of the dial is changed on each of the 3 functions.

Dimensions W260 x H100 x D80 (mm) Materials ABS, Acrylic tube

Senior society

Better Height

Live alone

Smaller size


Easier interface








Washing only

Washing washing-out

Washing washing-out a bit of drying


Washing washing-out full drying

Other EXAMPLE > Washing machine stops operating after Washing-out & a bit of Drying process




start end


: put the device where you would like to stop

* CONTROLABLE function

depending on needs

Able to see inside of the washing machine with inner lighting

Having some space for laundry

Activating washing machine

Drag to start

1 PENCE coin Bank for London

A Half-pint beer

2011 Knowing the value of coins This object is about visualising the value of coins. People normally save coins in a messy way. No one knows how much value inside of their coin bank. Hence I propose a simple but clever way of saving that allows people to match the visual experience to a glass of beer or hamburger at a glance.

Dimensions W80 x H80 x D500 (mm)

London Bus

Donation for TATE Modern

Materials Clear acrylic tube, Wood block, Cork piece

A call from London Telephone Box

End with 0.09 End with 0.99

ÂŁ 0.01 Remained

A cup of Light 2007 A new experience about light This product is about interaction between light and the physcial experience of controlling light. Tap is used as a key to controls the strength of light as it is something very intuitive that every- one knows how to use immediately without instruction. The Light Cup and The Tap interacts each other, the light tap allows you containing the light into a cup, manipulating the amount of light within the cup and taking it away. When you want to turn the light o, just act like pour- ing it out upsidedown. Dimensions W260 x H100 x D80 (mm) Materials ABS, Acrylic tube



Take it away to have your own light.

When you want to turn the light o, pour it out just like spilling water.

Turn the tap to get some light. You can control the amount of light in the cup through the tap. When you get as much light in the cup as you want, just take it away.

Yookyung shin vd draw ux  

VD & Sketch & UX

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