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Lawton Fort Sill Co-Op Anniversary Banquet Tuesday • November 30, 2010 • 6pm

Patriot Club • 500 Upton Road • Fort Sill

30th Anniversary & 2010 Dinges Award 1. Welcome/Introduction (Introduce the head table)


SSG Mike Chavers & Stephanie Johnson

2. Food Line/ Meet & Greet


SSG Mike Chavers & Stephanie Johnson

3. Invocation



4. Proclamation


Jay Burke

5. Opening Remarks


Al Fraser

6. Dinges Award Nomination/Procedures


SSG Mike Chavers & Stephanie Johnson

7. Dinges Award Presentation


Col Lacey & Sheila Lee

8. Introduce the establishment


Al Fraser

9. Co-Op Volunteer of the Year Award


Col Lacey & Sheila Lee

10. Current /Upcoming Events


SSG Mike Chavers & Stephanie Johnson

11. Closing Remarks


Al Fraser

12. Entertainment (77th Army Jazz Ensemble) 1905

LAWTON/FORT SILL CO-OP PROGRAM A solid community relationship is important to any military installation. Fort Sill and the City of Lawton improved their relationship by founding the

maintain and improve the bonds between the civilian and military communi-

people involved as possible and to increase communications, cooperation, and understanding between Lawton and Fort Sill.

additional sum per military member. Civilian organizations are currently required to be members of the Lawton/Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce (LFCC) revised that will include communities within a 50 mile radius of Fort Sill.


the program through the Co-Op Executive Committee compromised of military and civilian members which meet monthly. In addition, the Co-Op Coordination Council (CCC) meets monthly and is represented by each of the Co-Op activities.

History Facts 27 June 1980 MG Edward Dinges, Commanding General of Fort Sill, presented the Co-Op program to the Military Affairs Council of the Lawton Chamber of Commerce Inc. (LCCI). The program was designed to promote a better understanding between young soldiers and their civilian neighbors. 12 September 1980

MG Dinges presented the Co-Op Program to the entire LCCI.

14 November 1980 MG Dinges and Mayor Wayne Gilley, Mayor of Lawton, signed a proclamation declaring the week of 16 to 22 November 1980 as Lawton/Fort Sill Co-Op Week. 16-22 November 1980 November 1980 Spring of 1982

First Lawton/Fort Sill Co-Op Week.

The Program consists of 11 Businesses and Fort Sill. The program consists of 40 military units and 40 businesses.

22 May 1992 The Co-Op Program was recognized by the Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney, for the Commander in Chief’s Installation Excellence. 14 June 1985 President Ronald Regan presented the President’s Citation Program Award to the LCCI for the founding of the Co-Op Program. The program consists of 46 military units and 67 businesses. 20 May 1988

Co-Op Park opening/dedication by MG Hallada and Mayor Gilley.

August 1991

The Program consists of 43 military units and 77 civilian Businesses.

October 1991 The first Dinges Award was presented to K-Mart and 3-321 FA. The was named in recognition of MG Edward Dinges and presented annually to the civilian-military partnership that best exemplifies the spirit of cooperation in promoting total community of excellence. February 1993 Co-Op Program agrees to adopt Roger Lane under the Oklahoma Department of Transportation Adopt-A-Highway Program. July 1994

Program consists of 46 military units and 112 civilian businesses.

January 1997

Program consists of 46 military units and 110 civilian businesses.

November 2007

The Co-Op adopts the new logo, and the motto of “Community of One”.

November 2008

The latest Dinges Award was presented to Fort Sill Federal Credit Union and 2-4 FA.

February 2009

Program consists of 42 military units and 113 civilian businesses.

30th Anniversary & 2010 Dinges Award  
30th Anniversary & 2010 Dinges Award  

November 30, 2010