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Yookidoo®, a multinational toy brand and a leading design house, is best recognized for genuine innovations that present unique aspects of play. For over a decade, Yookidoo’s toys have been exciting millions of children through stimulation and discovery, in over 50 countries worldwide. In 2018, just in time for the holiday season, we successfully launched our new bath toys, which together with our award-winning line of products, allow us to share the magic of celebrating bathtime™ with a full age-range for children: from Newborns, through Toddlers, to Preschoolers. Newborns can now experience a fascinating and engaging bath time with our new Elephant Baby Shower™ and first ever Sensory Bath Mobile™. Toddlers will continue to enjoy Yookidoo’s iconic best-sellers such as: Flow 'N' Fill Spout™ and Submarine Spray Station™. Preschoolers are now welcomed to enjoy bath time in a creative and imaginative way with our new Jet Duck™ family: Create a Pirate, Create a Mermaid & Create a Firefighter. On the runway to 2019, we find ourselves together with our exclusive distributors and leading retailers, highly prepared to engage Yookidoo’s products to many more children across the globe inspired to Celebrate Discovery.


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Yookidoo Catalog 2019  

Yookidoo Catalog 2019  

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