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Kitchen Design Sketch Techniques

“ Designing For All Children. “

by Vicki L. Stoecklin

Design for All Children

Indoor cave area perspective

Classroom perspective


Multi Purpose room



esiging for all children is my project name of thesis.

know that interior designers have to consider people with disabilitie s when they design a public space and there are ADA Accessibility Guidelines for people with disabilities. However, I found some problems in all general educational spaces where educators do not accommodate both children with disabilities and children without disabilities.



Indoor Cave Area Pick up & Waiting area

Teacher’s Lounge Administration


Block Diagram & Floor Plan Thesis Statement

Thesis Statement The problem with general kindergarten classrooms is that they do not accommodate both children with disabilities and children without disabilities. So, my solution is to provide a space of equitable use and to design a kindergarten for all children. When all children have equitable use in a general classroom, this marks the beginning of inclusive education. Design Goals 1. Provide the same means of use for all children. 2. Avoid segregating or stigmatizing any children. 3. Make the design appealing to all children.

Project Introduction & Floor Plan



nstead of sending children with disabilities to other classrooms, I’d like to include them (including developmental disorder) in general classroom with non-disabled children. So, I designed an individual study room for disabled children.


hildren with developmental disorder will work here most of time with their special education teacher. As you can see, in this room there a big window through which special education teacher and general education teacher can see and keep an eye contact with each other. Wall color is mute pink, which is the preferred color for children with developmental disorders.

Design goals



ccording to my research, children with neurological disorder (children with autism ) are usually separated or kicked out from the regular classroom when they are stimulated because the children with autism are crying and screaming when they are stimulated. However, these situations are part of their disabilities. They can’t control their emotions by themselves.


nstead of kicking them out, I want to give them a space where they can calm themselves down. So, this calm- down room will give them a feeling of relaxation and reduce the stimulus.

Design goals



his kindergarten is not only for children with disabilities but also for non-disabled children. So, I’d like to give an interesting space for both of them.

his indoor cave area can be also used for the kindergarteners waiting for their parents and taking rest. As you can see, there is a book case and a space in which children can read books. To make children interested, I designed moon- shaped reading area and there are star-shaped lightings on the wall, so these kinds of design elements can catch the children’s attention.

Design goals

Custom Made cabinet 3 form panel

White board


Front side of cabinatry


n general kindergarten classroom, there are a lot of things on the wall and classroom doesn’t have enough storage.

o, I design a custom-made cabinet to solve these problems. This custom made cabinetry can be room partition, storage, and white board.

Panel color of cabinatry

Back side of cabinatry

“ Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style. “ by Billy Baldwin

The Haute Chocolate Bar

Dining area perspective

Hospitality show display


Interior Designer : YooJin Jung Graphic Designer : Sharah, Laura Culinary Art : Carol Wafer This project was a collaboration of the interior design, graphic design and culinary art students. Culinary student created a concept and menu for a restaurant. Graphic students did branding and logos, while Interior design students developed the interior of the restaurant.

Reration Diagram & Floor Plans Inspration Photo

Project Introduction & Floor Plan


ustom made Booth Concept Development

he design concept was inspired from French macaroons, night time in New York, and the Haute chocolate bar logo. The dining space is divided into a general area and a private area. I designed a custom made booth with the basic shape representing a French macaroon and the privacy curtain was inspired from a night scene of New York.

Basic Color Concept Plate


pace Planning Development


he culinary student wanted to make the restaurant as a socialized space so many people can enjoy and hang out with other people. I developed a stage for live music as a focal point, so people can enjoy the music and socialize with each other.

Febric and materials

Design Development

Design Development

“ Good decorator not only plans and schemes, but he also knows how the job is done.� by Albert Hadley

Starfish N.47

Salon perspective

Master suite perspective

Human Factors

Design Team : YooJin Jung, Rain Parry, Gloria Maurin, Claudia Fuentes


tarfish N.47 is a 49’ yacht and there is a master suite with bathroom, a guest suite, dining, kitchen, salon and flying bridge deck. Reration Diagram & Floor Plans Inspration Photo

Project Introduction & Floor Plans


alon space Design Development.


ne of our key design elements was transparency. Our design team wanted to give beautiful ocean view from everywhere so our clients can enjoy their vacation. We created large wall windows on two sides and the front side of the room. These large window walls will give beautiful landscape view from where the clients sit.

Design Development


aster Suite Design Development.


he Key design elements of the master suite is the jaccuzi top ceiling. We wanted to bring a beautiful water feeling into the master suite. The jacczi top ceiling will create beautiful day lighting and give wonderful mood in master suite.

Design Development

“Design, in the end, is about creating better things for people. Along the way, it can generate better profits as well.� By Bruce Nussbaum

Cradle to Cradle

Lobby perspective

Working space perspective

Adv. corporate


y design goal for whole foods is bring green into the corporate space. The Whole Foods Market is pioneer of organic foods. And to enhance its philosophy, its corporate space also needs to be designed green. So, all finishes and materials are certified green, recycled materials, and zero VOC. And the sustainable design will strongly support its philosophy.

Reration Diagram & Floor Plans Inspration Photo

Project Introduction & Floor Plan

Lobby Elevation

Kichen Elevation

Interior Elevations

Cafe Elevation

Cradle to Cradle for Panama jack store The Panama jack store seeks for sustainable design. so, every material and finishes for this store are green cirtified finishes and fixture.

Panama Jack cashwrap perspective

“Nature doesn’t have a design problem. People do,” by William McDonough

sustainable design

“ Remember, color is not just color, but mood, temperature and structure.� by Van Day Truex

Universal Design

Kitchen area perspective

Kitchen Design

Design Development


he clients are married senior couple and wife had a back surgery. The wife had a back surgery and she is on a wheelchair. So the kitchen had to be ADA accessible and universal design. And they are planning to live here for their entire life. So, for longtime use this kitchen has to be convenient and accessible for seniors. nd they want modern and elegant feeling for their kitchen. So I used a lot of black color to create modern and elegant feeling ,especially to lighting fixture.


Design Development & Floor Plan Elevations & Furniture


nstead of installing lower and upper cabinetry, it is better to take out the upper cabinetry and make 60� high lower cabinetry. For later on it will be hard for the senior couple to reach or use the upper cabinetry when they are on wheel chairs. And the breakfast nook table, stove, and sink area are ADA accessible.


lso, the microwave and dishwasher will be located at 54�high so the seniors don’t have to bend their backs whenever they use the fixtures. And from this high it is easier to use when they are on wheelchairs.

“....the designer must be able to see - make a concentrated effort to absorb the essence of the project. Seeing is a very difficult thing to do. Most people “look” at a lot of thing but never “see” anything. Looking is emotional; seeing is an intellectual process.” By Albert Hadley

Drawing Skills

Project Name

Color pencil + Marker

Design Hand Sketch Development Technic

Color pencil + Marker

Color pencil + Marker

Hand Sketch Technic

Color pencil + Marker + Photoshop

Hand Sketch &Photoshop

Marker + Photoshop

Hand Sketch &Photoshop

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