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Sixty Years of Cultivating the Musicians of Tomorrow

youth orchestras of fresno thomas loewenheim, music director

sixtieth anniversary

CELEBRATION CONCERT This activity is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, as well as the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. It is also supported in part by a grant from the Community Enrichment Program administered by the Fresno Arts Council, and by a grant from The James Irvine Foundation.

sunday may 29, 2011 Este evento está parcialmente patrocinado por “California Arts Council”, una agencia estatal, así como por el “Nacional Endowment for the Arts”, una agencia federal. También es posible gracias al apoyo del “Community Enrichment Program” subsidio administrado por el “Fresno Arts Council”, y por el apoyo de “The James Irvine Foundation”.

Youth Chamber Orchestra, Youth Symphony Orchestra Youth Philharmonic Orchestra Alumni Guests

About the Youth Orchestras of Fresno /Acerca de las Orquestas Juveniles de Fresno Cultivating the Musicians of Tomorrow! Now in our sixtieth season! Established in 1950 as an all-city string ensemble and morphing through the decades into the Kiwanis Youth Orchestra, the Fresno Junior Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Fresno Youth Philharmonic, today’s Youth Orchestras of Fresno, an independent nonprofit, serves youth throughout the California’s Central Valley. With a dedicated professional staff and a host of volunteers, this organization each year selects and trains more than 200 young participants of diverse ages and backgrounds in its three orchestras, the Youth Chamber Orchestra, the Youth Symphony Orchestra, and the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. Participants this year range in age from six to nineteen and hail from seven counties, 17 cities, and more than 70 different schools. Rehearsals are Sunday afternoons and evenings on the Fresno State campus. Auditions for the orchestras are held in August and January each year. Interested young players should visit our website at and click on the Apply Now button in the middle of the page to fill out audition applications. ¡Cultivando a los Músicos del Mañana! ¡Ya en nuestra sexagésima temporada! Comenzando en 1950 como un ensamble de cuerdas que representaba a la ciudad y evolucionando a lo largo de estas décadas en la Orquesta Juvenil Kiwanis, la Orquesta Filarmónica de Fresno Junior y la Filarmónica Juvenil de Fresno, las hoy Orquestas Juveniles de Fresno consisten en una organización no lucrativa independiente, dirigida a la educación musical de los niños y jóvenes del Valle Central de California. Con un equipo de profesionales y un grupo de voluntarios, esta organización cada año selecciona y prepara a más de 200 participantes de diversas edades y proveniencias en sus tres orquestas, la Orquesta de Cámara Juvenil, la Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil, y la Orquesta Filarmónica Juvenil. En este año, la edad de los participantes va desde los 6 a los 19 años, quienes provienen de 7 diferentes condados, 17 diferentes ciudades, y más que70 diferentes escuelas. Los ensayos son los domingos a mediodía y por la tarde en las instalaciones de la Universidad de California de Fresno. Las audiciones para pertenecer a las orquestas son llevadas a cabo durante los meses de agosto y enero de cada año. Aquellos jóvenes interesados en pertenecer, deberán visitar nuestro sitio web y seleccionar el botón Apply Now ubicado en la mitad de la página para llenar su solicitud de audición.

From the Executive Director and the Music Director/Del Director Ejecutivo y el Director Musical What an exuberantly exciting year this has been for the Youth Orchestras! The whole sixtieth anniversary season has been exceptional. Among the highlights were our ¡Viva Mexico! concert—a collaboration with the Mexican Consulate that featured pianist Andreas Werz—our Love Conquers All concert, introducing charismatic tenor Scott Piper to Valley audiences, and our Music in Bloom concert, featuring the west coast premiere of young composer Chris Renk’s Though Doorways Between Dreams. And now this: our Sixtieth Anniversary Celebration Concert! As relative newcomers on the scene, we are privileged beneficiaries of the six decades’ worth of dedicated energy that has been poured into this organization. We are delighted to be able to showcase our current crop of young musicians tonight, and delighted also that so many alumni from throughout the orchestras’ history have elected to join those musicians onstage. Their presence is testimony to the organization’s historic importance. It’s an organization that has, in many guises over the years, always stayed true to its mission of enriching the lives of young musicians. Read on to see what those musicians—whether they are young now or remembering youth from a distance—have to say. Then sit back and enjoy their music. Julia Copeland, Executive Director Thomas Loewenheim, Music Director ¡Qué año tan exuberantemente emocionante ha sido para las Orquestas Juveniles! Toda la temporada del sexagésimo aniversario ha sido excepcional. Entre los aspectos más destacados fueron el concierto ¡Viva México! —una colaboración con el Consulado de México y en el que se presentó el pianista Andreas Werz—, nuestro concierto Love Conquers All (El Amor lo Conquista Todo) el cual presentó al carismático tenor Scott Piper al público del Valle, y nuestro concierto Music in Bloom (Música en Auge), en el cual se interpretó por primera vez en la costa oeste la obra del joven compositor Chris Renk, Through Doorways Between Dreams (A Través de las Puertas de los Sueños). Y ahora esta ocasión: ¡nuestra celebración del sexagésimo aniversario de conciertos! Relativamente recién llegados a participar en esta historia, somos beneficiarios privilegiados de seis décadas de energía que se le han invertido a esta organización. Estamos encantados de poder mostrar nuestra generación actual de jóvenes músicos esta noche, y encantados también de que muchos ex-alumnos que han sido parte de la historia de las orquestas hayan decidido compartir el escenario con estos músicos. Su presencia es testimonio de la importancia histórica de la organización. Es una organización que siempre se ha mantenido, a pesar de las diferentes épocas, fiel a su misión de enriquecer las vidas de los jóvenes. Siga leyendo para ver lo que los músicos —ya sea aquellos que son jóvenes ahora o recordando su juventud a la distancia—tienen que decir. Después, póngase cómodo y disfrute de su música. Julia Copeland, Director Ejecutivo Thomas Loewenheim , Director Musical

As I have grown older I finally have realized how much work people did to provide opportunities for young musicians (like me) to learn and grow. School music teachers, parents, conductors, community members, private lesson teachers, organizers of festivals, contests, camps, all-state and all-city ensembles, musicians who served as adjudicators and coaches, donors and clubs that funded these projects, older kids who helped younger ones, and everybody who made youth orchestras happen . . . I give thanks for these experiences that at the time I took for granted. Now I know something of how crucial it is to be able to learn by doing, and how many people helped to provide those learning experiences. Keeping this kind of music alive takes a lot of people and a lot of effort, and I am thankful for all who have helped. - John Steinmetz, bassoon, 1966-1968

Youth Orchestra has been the catalyst of motivation to continue practicing violin. I have found a well prepared concert with best friends to be very rewarding and I want to continue having that amazing feeling you only get when you’re on stage playing an amazing piece. So thank you Dr. Loewenheim for believing in me and motivating me to do my best, and to all my friends that were in YOOF because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have even attempted to audition, and to all the sponsors that provided my scholarships for YOOF.

- Diana Zamora, violin, 2008-2010

From the bottom of my heart thank you for everything. As a high school student it was hard to grasp the importance of the truly remarkable experience I was receiving. Now that I’ve moved on and taken time to reflect, I’ve realized the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to keep the organization running. Without my participation in the group I don’t think I would be the musician I am today, and I just want you to all to know that I was honored to be a part of it all and you have really touched a lot of people. Not literally of course! Anyway, thank you again for everything and I wish everyone the best! - Kaitlin Barbo, flute, 2008-2010

A Brief History of the Youth Orchestras 1950

The Fresno Youth Symphony Orchestra begins as an all-city string ensemble founded by Malcolm Davison.


Winds and percussion are added, the Fresno Kiwanis Club steps in, and the group becomes the Kiwanis Youth Orchestra. Davison continues as conductor.


The Fresno Philharmonic replaces Kiwanis as sponsor and renames the group. It’s now the Fresno Junior Philharmonic Orchestra.


Paul Vermel arrives as director of the Fresno Philharmonic and takes on the Junior Philharmonic as well.


Vermel moves on. Thomas Griswold and Guy Taylor, in succession, take over the Fresno Philharmonic and the Junior Phil. A Junior Symphony is added, conducted by Kim Contor, who is succeeded by John Morrice.


Eric R. Gratz is hired as Education Director for the Fresno Philharmonic. Eric and Rosalind Gratz found the Little Symphony for younger players.

1985   1987

Under Gary Deeter, the Fresno Junior Philharmonic participates in the Annual Vienna International Youth and Music Festival in Austria. A news crew from Channel 30 accompanies the group of about 70 musicians.


The Fresno Youth Philharmonic tours Europe, starting in sister city Muenster. Another international tour is undertaken in 1993.


The Fresno Philharmonic cuts ties to the Youth Philharmonic. Eric Gratz, Susan Gratz, and a group of parent volunteers step in and establish the independent nonprofit Youth Orchestras of Fresno. International tours continue every four years.


Eric and Susan Gratz move to Ohio. Thomas Loewenheim, a professor of cello and conductor of orchestras at CSU Fresno, is hired as Music Director.


The Youth Philharmonic Orchestra performs Shostakovich Symphony No. 12 at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

The group’s name is changed. It is now the Fresno Youth Philharmonic. Among the additional conductors of the Junior and Little Symphonies during these years are Rosalind Gratz, Heidi Franklin, Archie Rader, and Jeffrey Sandersier.

2011 The world turns out to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the Valley’s own youth orchestras.


Paul Vermel conducts the Fresno Junior Philharmonic.

Paul Vermel was our conductor and we just loved working with him! I remember a wonderful joint youth orchestra concert in Sacramento, in which we performed Vivaldi’s Concerto for Four Violins and Orchestra in b minor, using the concertmaster and asst. concertmaster from each of the orchestras. What a blast! I remember my very first rehearsal with the orchestra with a mixture of amusement and horror: I was in 6th grade, new to the orchestra, sitting at the back of the section struggling with Danse Macabre—not an arrangement, the real piece—with my sister [Cynthia Shiuh Stuart] alongside me. Not realizing the piece was being conducted in one, we were plodding along in three. Imagine our surprise when the orchestra suddenly stopped playing when we had a ton of notes left! I always say that since that moment, I’ve been watching the conductor like a hawk ! - Claudia Shiuh, violin/viola, 1962-1966

Maestro Paul Vermel conducted. We rehearsed at a north Fresno high school, Bullard High School perhaps. We played at the opening of the Fulton Mall. Someone of our group distributed hand-scribbled copies of Rock-a-Bye Baby, which we played as a surprise for Maestro Vermel to celebrate his and Ann’s adoption of a baby daughter. - Diana (Darby) Kloos, violin, ca 1963-65

A List of Conductors of the Youth Orchestras, 1950-2011:

Malcolm Davison , Thomas Griswold, Paul Vermel, Guy Taylor, Kim Contor, John Morrice, Gary Deeter, Eric Gratz, Jeff Sandersier, Heidi Franklin, Rosalind Gratz, Archie Rader, Kate McLoughlin, David Shearen, Thomas Loewenheim

The early group was strings only. When the Downtown Kiwanis Club began sponsorship, winds and percussion were added. We made several out of town trips—I remember one to Santa Monica, another to the Bay Area to perform at Kiwanis conventions. Malcolm Davison was our director. We rehearsed at Hamilton School (on Clinton). Mr. Davison introduced us to basic classical literature including old gems such as Wagner’s Overture to the Meistersingers and the Grand March from Aida. As string ensemble, early on, we had two albums of what Mr. Davison termed “Munching Music” that we played for Kiwanis luncheon events. While I was in the bass section, Malcolm’s son Don and daughter Nancy were the other bass players. When he wasn’t performing on piano, Carl Kimball also played bass. - Linda Hamilton, bass, 1952-1957

On the road again, early sixties.

The Kiwanis Youth Orchestra, Malcolm Davison, conductor.

Memories 1960s Fresno Junior Philharmonic—Thomas Griswold was conducting. Kim Thorburn and John Peckler were the other two string bass players. We went on a field trip to San Francisco in March 1968 and saw a performance of “The Crucible” and saw Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra at Stanford. We once had a rehearsal conducted by Arthur Fiedler. - Steve Wooden, bass, 1966-1968 1970s Guy Taylor was the conductor. A special time was performing during the Christmas Holiday season at Liberty House Department Store. They were cozy quarters in the women’s section. It was an honor to be a part of this wonderful ensemble under the baton of Mr.Taylor. - Janet (Iwatsubo) Tamura, flute, 1969-1971 Guy Taylor was our conductor. We rehearsed in the Hoover High School band room. My first year we traveled to LA and saw an operetta featuring Vanessa Redgrave and stopped at a beautiful two-story restaurant for dinner. I just remember looking forward to rehearsals all week and loving every minute of it. Guy Taylor was tough but a great director and I learned a lot. He also directed the summer camp orchestra at Camp Sequoia. - Robin (Ruthardt) Robertson, clarinet, 1969-1972 Kim Contor was conducting the Youth Orchestra and Guy Taylor was conducting the Junior Philharmonic. We were all so intimidated by Mr. Taylor, who we later learned was a big sweetheart. Christmas concerts at Gottschalks. All of those fun summers at Sierra Music Camp! - Linn Van Meter, viola, 1969-1975 I remember the Junior Phil as being a fun place to play and be social with music people from other schools. This, of course, was before the days of the internet and social networks such as Facebook. If we wanted to meet kids from other schools with similar interests, performing in special groups like this was a must. My senior year, I remember carpooling with friends from the brass section—after the rehearsal, we would always stop at Burger King afterwards. Fun times! - Peter van der Paardt, trumpet, 1977-1979 1980s

Claudia Shiuh (1960s)

Rick [Eric Gratz] and his first wife, Rosalind, were fixtures of the FPO [Fresno Philharmonic] and FYPO [Fresno Youth Philharmonic] community after Gary Deeter left in the mid 80’s.They were also like second parents to me. My parents were very involved FYPO parents at that time. What we remember is that FYPO was dropped by the Fresno Philharmonic … and that [Eric and Susan Gratz], knowing it was crucial to keep the youth orchestras running, poured thousands of dollars of their own money to keep them going. They changed the name, calling the new organization Youth Orchestras of Fresno, and single-handedly saved the Youth Phil from crumbling. - Paloma Griffin, violin, 1982-1989 Rick Gratz was the conductor and we rehearsed at Fresno City College. The tour to Europe in 1989 was amazing. I especially remember the Dvorak 8th Symphony. Such great cello parts, and Jackie Gratz and I LOVED playing it! FYPO was the highlight of my week and I have many, many great memories of the music and especially the musicians, many of whom are still in touch today. And I can’t think of Youth Phil without thinking of Roz Gratz too. She was a constant presence, always challenging us to do better. We also took Capriccio espagnol on tour to Europe. Whenever I think of that piece I can hear Paloma, Hilary, Rory, Cathy, all the amazing talent from those days. Oh, and Jeanie Hobson sitting on the cannon in Wales!!! - Walter Haman, cello, 1987-91

Walter Haman (1980s)

1990s I went on the European tour [1997], and my buddies in the trumpet section were Max Hembd, Jon Emerich, and Aaron Jones. We played Bugler’s Holiday, and I played the Hummel Trumpet Concerto. I believe Jon played the Arutunian Concerto. Rick Gratz was conducting at the time. My time in the orchestra, and the trumpet section in particular, was influential in my growth as a young musician. From soloing in front of the orchestra to having fun with my friends sitting in the back row, I will always have fond memories of my time in the Fresno Youth Symphony. - Jeffrey Strong, trumpet, 1998-2000 2000s Little Symphony: Mr. Gratz was conducting and rehearsals were at Roosevelt. Junior Symphony: Mr. Rader conducted and rehearsals were at Alta Sierra. Youth Phil: DR. LOEWENHEIM was conducting :))) We got to travel to LA and play at Disney Hall...we also did combined concerts with the youth Phil from Mexico...we also played with VADIM GLUZMAN! Too many good memories to list :)) GREAT EXPERIENCE OVERALL :) - Amy Swiger, violin, 2003-2010 I came into YOOF a bit into the season and I was so happy that I got into YPO. I was sitting in my seat and Dr. Loewenheim announced to turn to the last movement of the Shostakovich and it began with a huge BANG! I got an instant heart attack because it scared me so badly. I nearly fell out of my seat. Still, Dr. Loewenheim was hands down best conductor I’ve ever had. I loved when we got to play with the Mexican youth orchestra and then had a little musical party afterwards at Woodward Park. Also, I totally loved playing the Shostakovich at the Walt Disney Concert hall and that whole tour in general was oodles of fun. - Diana (Ginger) Zamora, violin, 2008-2010 The Youth Philharmonic provided me with many great experiences that I will never forget. One of my favorite moments was playing Shostakovich Symphony No. 12 under the direction of Dr. Loewenheim at the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. It was an honor to play under Dr. Loewenheim’s direction with amazing musicians in such a significant landmark. - Kaitlin Barbo, flute, 2008-2010 Jeff Strong (1990s)

Where Are They Now? Musicians and Music Teachers Linda Hamilton, bass, 1952-1957 Retired in 1990 after 35 years in the Fresno Philharmonic. Currently the bassist with Moment Musical Chamber Ensemble and oboist in the Fresno City College Community Orchestra. Teaching young bassists, serving on the Board of Directors of Musicians’ Local 12, Sacramento/Fresno, and serving also as Secretary/Treasurer of the Music Performance Foundation. Gayane Korkmazian, viola, 1961-1965 Private teaching studio, secretary of Fresno Madera Counties Music Educators Association, CMEA Central Section Festival Coordinator, Chairlady of St. Gregory Armenian Church of Fowler Ladies Society, Sunday School Music Teacher for St. Gregory Church, Recording Secretary of The Home Guild for the California Armenian Home for the Elderly, Secretary of the Sunnyside Citizens Patrol—I think that’s about it! Claudia Shiuh, violin/viola, 1962-1966 I am currently principal violist of the Fresno Philharmonic, assistant principal in the Cabrillo Festival Orchestra and giving private violin and viola lessons here in town. I am a violinist and violist in Philharmonia Strings, a group that plays for festive occasions of all kinds. I’ve had the great pleasure of being principal violist in l’orchestre de chambre Paul Kuentz in Paris (France, not Texas), playing in Italy--in the Spoleto Festival Orchestra and as a chamber musician in Ascoli Piceno. I’ve also performed chamber music in Austria and in Mexico in various seminars and festivals. I love being a musician! John Steinmetz, bassoon, 1966-68 I am a freelance bassoonist in Los Angeles, bassoon teacher at UCLA, composer of orchestral and chamber music, writer about music and other technologies of learning and expression. My website is www. Nancy (Wallace) Ayala, flute/viola, 19661969 Principal flute, Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra; private flute teacher Janice Fleming, violin, 1966-1970 Strings Specialist with Fresno Unified School. First violin section in the Fresno Philharmonic amongst other playing opportunities in the area. Peter van der Paardt, trumpet, 1977-1979 I am a music teacher in the Clovis Unified School District, (25 years this spring) and I still play the trumpet in the various groups and churches throughout the central valley. I married another musician, Tammy, who performs with the Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra and is also a music teacher. We have three wonderful children, Nicole (french horn 2002-2006), Melissa, and Andrew (present principal oboist with YOOF). Brenda Perry-Reed, bass clarinet, 1981-1982 Director of Music at Cecil Avenue Math and Science Academy, Delano CA (6th -8th grade)

Paloma Griffin, violin, 1982-1989 Artistic Director, fEARnoMUSIC; former member of the Oregon Symphony (still playing with that group). As a member of Pink Martini, Paloma appeared with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the San Francisco Symphony, at Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, and on Late Night with David Letterman. She can be heard on the Pink Martini albums Hang On Little Tomato and Hey Eugene, as well as the Shins album Wincing the Night Away. Paloma is the founding director of the Melegari Chamber Players. Walter Haman, cello, 1987-91 Cellist, Utah Symphony Orchestra and Grant Park Orchestra (summer music festival in Chicago) Kamilah Simba-Torres, violin, 1989-1992 I taught music in the public school system for 10 years and then expanded my private teaching studio. I currently have a location in central Fresno with 45 private students and other group classes. I own a musician booking agency and I play violin around the Valley including the Tulare County Symphony and with a group called Flamenco Jucal. On Sundays, I coach the Youth Chamber Orchestra in which my daughter plays cello. John Veloz, bassoon, 1992-1993; 1996-1997 I am currently Co-Principal and contrabassoonist for Orquesta Sinfonica, UANL in Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. I am currently in the middle of completing a CD recording of new works commissioned by the Italian Arts council and American Arts council for the Festival Nuovi Spazi Musicali, in Rome Italy. These works were specifically written for myself and violinist Mark Menzies. Jena Gardner, French horn, 1993-2004 I completed my bachelors in music at northwestern university in 2008. I participated in the Civic orchestra of Chicago from 20072009. At this time I am enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania working on my masters in horn performance. I am also teaching and freelancing in the greater Pittsburgh area. Richard Giddens, bass, 1995-1998 I have been supporting myself playing music since 1999. Currently working on some new projects and old playing jazz and improvised music with groups in NYC and Los Angeles, touring off and on with Stomp, and working with the new show from the creators of Stomp called Pandemonium: the lost and found orchestra. Stephanie (Vagim) Adney, viola, 1995-2001 Music Teacher in FUSD - Bullard Talent; Play viola with the Fresno City Community Orchestra; Have run five marathons. Nathan Sobieralski, trumpet, 1997-1999 I am a Lecturer at CSU, Fresno (teaching trumpet), as well as a freelance trumpet player. Lisa Eleazarian, violin, 1997-2001 I recently graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. I plan to attend graduate school for a MA in Music Composition at Illinois State Univeristy, Normal. Currently I have been playing in the Fresno State University Symphony Orchestra.

Michael Downing, percussion, 1997-2002 Section Percussionist with the Sacramento Philharmonic and Stockton Symphony. Jeffrey Strong, trumpet, 1998-2000 I play trumpet/cornet in the “President’s Own” United States Marine Band as a section member and as a soloist with the band. I’m an active soloist and clinician, and am a founding member of the National Brass Collective which is comprised of principal members of the Washington National Opera, the National Symphony, and the Marine Band. I live in the DC Metropolitan Area, and am a regular sub with the National Symphony Orchestra. Prior to the Marine Band, I went to Northwestern University where I got my MM. While in Chicago, I played in the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, and subbed with the Chicago Symphony. Caleb Sandersier, violin, 2000-2002 I play in Fresno Community Orchestra as well as Tulare Symphony. Krista Moore, flute/piccolo, 2002-2003 I am now a music educator in Clovis Unified School District. I conduct elementary bands and orchestras at Clovis Elementary, I am the string orchestra director at Clark Intermediate School. Vanessa Robles, violin, 2003-2006 I play in Fresno City’s Community Orchestra and String Ensemble. Played in Fresno State’s Symphonic Orchestra. Camp Counselor and Lake Sequoia. Violin Instructor at Patrick’s Music. Those Who Branched Out From Music Chase Ballou, trumpet, 1962 – 1966 Account Executive with KMJ Radio Diana (Darby) Kloos, violin, ca 1963-65 I enjoy vegetable gardening, bicycling, sock knitting, choral singing and pie baking. Listening to classical music and waiting on our cat Pussy Willow are also important. Living so near to Fresno State makes it possible for me to attend music and other performances there. Janet (Iwatsubo) Tamura, flute, 1969-1971 Currently a part time pharmacist at Fresno Community Hospital. My two sons, Kenny(clarinet) and Bradley (double bass), were also active participants throughout their school days. I still pick up the flute on occasion. Ed Hawke, cello, 1969-1972 Fresno and Clovis Community Bands (Euphonium), “Frezmorim” klezmer band (Euphonium/Trombone), “Mate y Bombilla” latin folk and various house parties (Cello/ Bass). Manufacturing bags and packs in Clovis last 22 years. Robin Robertson, clarinet, 1969-1972 I am now a CPR instructor and the owner of ABC Medical Services. I play clarinet in the Sounds of Freedom Military Concert Band in Fresno, and clarinet and tenor saxophone in the Red River Dutchman Big Band. I also serve on the Fresno County Mobilehome Rent Control Commission, and I serve as President of the Association of the United States Army Central California Chapter.

Linn Van Meter, viola, 1969-1975 I am an attorney and work for a federal judge. I play viola in the Eureka Symphony, and also play violin in all kinds of casual groups. Jennifer Flam, flute, 1975-78 I practice psychiatry in Philadelphia, part time right now. I’ve been working toward redeveloping my flute playing ability. I’ve played in the Doctor’s Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, and last year I was a soloist playing Mozart’s Concerto in D. I’ve also taken up the harp--mainly the folk harp--for fun. Beth (Davidian) Titterington, bassoon, 19841985, 1990-1993 I am managing our family’s business, which provides accounting and payroll software to agricultural businesses. My husband and I just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and are raising two kids. My 9-year-old daughter studies violin with Roz Gratz at Manchester and also sings with Manchester Melodies. Cal Morrow, bassoon, 1986-1988 I went to Pepperdine University 1988-1992 on a full music scholarship, and played different instruments in a number of ensembles there, primarily bassoon in the symphony orchestra. I am currently a family practice physician (2nd year resident) in Casper, WY. My hopes are to bring my family back to Fresno soon; to give my 2-year-old daughter the same love of music that I was blessed with as a child; and to watch her experience what I did during rehearsals—and on concert nights—with the “Junior Phil”. Phillip Hobson, French horn, 1986-1990, 92-93 Work - I work for World Projects, a tour company that does tours and festivals for mostly student music groups. Horn graduated from UOP with a degree in horn performance - play in a number of ensembles in the SF Bay area still. Jason Boyte, trumpet, 1987-1990 I am a graphic and web designer in the Bay Area. I still play in bands from time to time, being a veteran of Fresno’s Let’s Go Bowling. I’ve played in all sorts of reggae and ska bands over the years, as well as soul and jazz. These days I don’t play much, but I still love music and appreciate its positive effects on my life! Tim Barrett, percussion, 1976-1979 Degrees in Computer Science, Graphic Design and Network Administration. Still playing drums after all these years. not too much Classical. I manage a video production company as well as consult on the side. Bret Hembd, clarinet, 1998-2000 I got my bachelors and masters degrees in music, and then went to law school. I’m currently practicing law at a firm in west LA. I play the clarinet in the Santa Monica College Wind Ensemble. Lisa Chaffee, clarinet, 2002-2004 I am married and pursuing a career in teaching. I believe there’ll children should be exposed to music and plan to bring music and the arts back into the classroom. I recently started playing again after a two-year break, but love it now more than ever :)

Meet the Orchestra Combined Youth Chamber Orchestra and Youth Symphony Orchestra Violin I

Duncan Shuck, YSO** Phillip Teng, YCO ** Beatrice Choi, YSO Maverick Zhang, YSO Dominique Gan, YSO Iris Chen, YCO Daniella Stoltz, YSO Madeline Liao, YCO Jane Reshetkin, YSO Lynn Nguyen, YCO Isabel Whelan, YSO Andrew Obler, YCO Tyler Chen, YSO Alyssa Prelip, YCO Adam Hofman, YSO John Tarbell, YCO Branden Larragoitiy,YSO Colin Bracewell, YCO Tayla Akins, YSO Sanzari Aranyak, YCO Eliza Hakobyan, YSO Sydney Lapham, YCO

Violin II

Rachael Kim, YSO* Taisja House, YCO* Scout Whitaker, YSO Ryan Hioe, YCO Simon Cao, YSO Aris Howsepian, YCO Marci McEuen, YSO Scott Cao, YCO Arjun Mann, YSO Tim Huang, YCO Soren Hoffman, YSO John Hakobyan, YCO Dylan Scozzari, YSO Lauren Lapham, YCO Sara Stahly, YSO Benjamin Pegram, YCO Talya Carter, YSO


Olivia Pape, YSO* Megan Oleski, YCO* Levi Dougherty, YSO Gaby Taylor, YCO Elbert Ho, YSO Melanie Schuster, YSO Salvador Acosta, YSO Lynette Zamora, YSO Matthew Smoke, YSO Khem Holden, YSO


Emma Hill, YSO* Hasina Torres, YCO* Keegan Bamford, YSO Ariana Paul, YCO Lisseth Lauri, YSO Grace Bernhardt, YCO Ray Huang, YSO Olivia Lin , YCO Rahul Nunna, YSO Leah Whitehouse, YCO Amanda Laufer, YSO Andranik Hakobyan, YCO Michael Cecil, YSO William Liao, YCO Tammy Lim, YSO Elijah Guzman, YCO Katy Stahly, YSO Rosamund Herling, YSO


Mattole Whitaker, YSO* Samson Avena, YCO*


Jeanette Ewy, YSO* Alexandra Moon, YCO* Julia Krueger, YSO Vivian Lee, YCO Ben Drake, YSO Marin Bako, YCO Jewel Alvarado, YSO Jessica Lim, YSO Alexis Peters, YSO Reina Warnert, YSO Katrina Bissett, YSO


Emily Zavala-Aguilar, YSO* Yao Huang, YSO Charles Hoge, YSO Brian Oleski, YSO Erin Elliott, YSO


Kimberly Schuster, YSO* Zain Sherriff, YCO* Luis Gonzalez, YSO Emily VanderVelde, YCO Joshua Ewert, YSO Kyle Tsutsui, YSO Regino Fronda, YSO Saira Delgado, YSO

Bass Clarinet/ Bassoon

Isaac Ebury, YSO* Nicholas Ferdinandi, YSO

Saxophone Diego Vargas


Maxwell Paulus, YSO* Mason Mullanax, YCO* Caleb Durant, YSO


[Matthew Sanchez]


Sammy Carey, YSO* Nicolas Vargas, YCO* Chloe Duerr, YSO Chad Bracewell, YCO ** Concertmaster * Principal [ ] Coach


Vincent Sciacca, YSO* Rumi Sherriff, YCO* Charly Inthavong, YSO Alexis Hamoy, YCO Andy Yang, YSO Madison Nii, YSO [Pierce Yamaoka]


Matthew Guekguezian, YSO* Michael Neufeld, YSO Danielle Johnson, YSO [Barbara Shinaver]

Youth Philharmonic Orchestra Violin I

Tiffany Chang** William Chen Darrel Weng Cameron Shuck Annelise Bons Derek Zhang Marisol Lauri Andy Chen Joe Syverson Tina Liang Patrick Kim Zhuo Song Shirley Chung Andre Arifin Raphael Geddert Jackie Vazquez

Violin II

Sophia Liang* Sarah Chung Ilexis Jacoby Sarah Kroeker Benjamin Liang Gaven Ideta Ellie Miller Sayeh Akhavan Sean Chan Kenan Pretzer Christopher Cecil JoAnna Kroeker Admas Belay Namita Kumar Nathaniel Drake


Derek Stewart* Kaitlynn Kolar Eleanor Hill Ariel Chen Amy Crowley Bailey Eisley Naseem Akhavan Jenny Pretzer Timothy Cecil Sean Calinao Nathan Matteson


Aimee Dockum* Natalie Wiens Jordan Lomeli Lauren Tevelde John Montgomery Kathrynne Wills Kate Deffebach Amy Kwon Kevin Elliott Eugene Park Seth Pevsner Dhiraj Holden Bradley Kubota Patricia Fronda Simpson Cha Stephan Wenthe


Marina Ryssman* Jacob Hambalek David Lennon Tyler Bardon Michael Haines [Adam Elmore]


E-flat Clarinet

Henry Woolf* Justin Yun Sean Kelley Annette Ewy Renee Hamoy Patrick Zhang

Louis Kim



Annette Ewy


Andrew van der Paardt* Audrey Jones Jason Kennedy Eric VanderHelm

Saxophone Chika Inoue Otto Lee Alan Moffett

Britney Watkins* Augusta Broughton Joshua Constable Justin Cummings


English Horn Jason Kennedy

Lilliane Rogers* Parker Nalchajian Steven Warnert Daniel Hiebert



Louis Kim* Karn Dino Soonthornswad Adrienne Mullanax Veneta T. Mendelson Noelle Tutunjian Morgan Senac Shelly Rodriguez

Cameron Kalemkarian* Mark Grisez Larissa Reyes Logan Henry


Daniel Ridgway* Alex Adams Diego Gonzalez

Bass Trombone Matthew Sanchez


Sean Arifin* Tim Anderson


Joey Bohigian* Michael King Carson Hoffman Ethan Castro Tyler Golding Sydney Carlson


Isaac Meyer Frances Meyer Ilia Jacoby Molly Cox [Laura Porter] ** Concertmaster * Principal [ ] Coach Graduating Senior

Alumni Guests (subject to change) Violin

Albert Chang, 2001-2010 Alvin Chen, 2000-2001 Janice Fleming, 1966-1970 Jennice (Ash) Fleming, (Meremblum, LA, 1965-1969) Bekah Franklin, 2001-2008 Natalia Malcolm, 2000-2010 Matt Mazzei John Morrice (conductor) Brooke Okada Vanessa Robles, 2003-2006 Caleb Sandersier, 1995-1998 Kamilah (K.C.) Simba-Torres, 1989-1992 Cynthia (Shiuh) Stuart, 1962-1966 Amy Swiger, 2003-2010 Diana Zamora, 2008-2010




Stephanie (Vagim) Adney, 1995-2001 Roz Gratz (conductor) Devinda Gunasekara Auzadeh Jalali, 2008-2010 Matthew Lennon, 2008-2010 Jeff Sandersier (conductor) Claudia Shiuh, 1962-1966 Linn Van Meter, 1970-1975


Olivia Holvik, 2005-2008 Kris Kubota, -2009 Leo Kim Judith Robinson, 1964-1967


Adam Elmore (honorary guest) Kailey Kubota, 1999-2005 Greg Simpson, 2007-2009

Juliana Garrett (honorary guest) Richard Hembree (honorary guest) Trevor Reid, 1992-1998


Connie Benjamin, 2008-2010 Hannah Hilarides, 2004-2010 Nathan Sobieralski, 1997-1999 Peter van der Paardt, 1977-1979 Pierce Yamaoka, 2004-2006


Kaitlin Barbo, 2008-2010 Jennifer Flam, 1975-1978 Maxwell Krongaus, 2002-2008


Elliott Johnson, 1992-1999 Braden Salvatore, 2001-2008

Lisa Chaffee, 2002-2004 Brenda Perry-Reed, 1981-1982 Robin (Ruthardt) Robertson, 1969-1972



Tim Barrett, 1976-1979 Michael Downing, 1997-2002

Carl Gardner, 2006-2010 Beth (Davidian) Titterington, 1984-1985; 1990-1993

Matt Sanchez, 2008-2010



Jennifer (Wehmueller) Farrenkopf

Where Are They Now? Jessica Owens, violin, Many years until 2004 Graduated from UC Irvine in 2008 with a Bachelor’s in European Studies. Returned to Fresno and I am currently working at a local engineering firm specializing in geotechnical and environmental engineering. Planning on getting an MBA in the near future. Ricky Iannuzzo, violin, 2005-2007 After high school I enlisted in the US Marine Corps. I’m currently a Lance Corperal serving with 1st recon btn as a scout sniper. I have done one tour in Iraq but was sent home early due to an injury. I’m set to rotate out for my next tour to Afghanistan in June. Still in school… Joan Snyder, cello, 1997-2004 I graduated from Northwestern University in June 2010 with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and Economics. I participated in a young artists training program at Maestro Lorin Maazel’s new Castleton Festival in the summers of 2009 and 2010 in rural Virginia. There I had the opportunity to cover roles in The Beggar’s Opera and Suor Angelica. At Castleton I was also selected as one of the soloists for the conductors’ masterclass with Maestro Maazel. I recently decided I no longer want to pursue a career in music. I will begin a year-long masters program in accounting at UNC-Chapel Hill in May 2011.

Max Stephenson, viola, 1997-2006 I’m preparing to apply to med school while living in Fresno after pursuing degrees in French and Music at Grinnell College in Grinnell, IA. Kailey Kubota, bass, 1999-2005 Substitute teacher, planning for a teaching credential (non music related) Timothy Smith, viola, 1999-2005 I joined the Navy in 2006 as a Religious Programs Specialist (RP) and was stationed onboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower from 07-10. After three deployments I took orders to serve under the Chief of Navy Chaplains at the Pentagon Manpower and Force Structure Office for RP’s and Chaplains. I’m currently a 2nd Class Petty Officer. I’m working on my Bachelor’s in American History and transferring to work in Navy Intelligence. Kris Kubota, cello, 2002-2010 Finishing a degree in Geology at Fresno State with a music minor, in the Fresno State Symphony Orchestra, training for Ironman Triathlons Evelyn Moua, bass, 2003-2006 Entering my fourth year at UC Berkeley Amy Swiger, violin, 2003-2010 I am currently studying Food Science and Nutrition at Fresno State University and am planning to transfer to San Diego state in the fall of 2011. I am in the Fresno State Orchestra and have gotten the opportunity to study with Dr. Loewenhiem and Dr. Limor Toren.

Emily LaNovara, flute, 2005-2007 Finishing up my undergraduate studies as a nurse in May 2011. Brenton Moore, cello, 1998-2006 Studying at the University of Arizona to obtain my Masters in Music in Cello Performance Stephen Gedert, violin, 2003-2008 I’m seeking a degree in music performance and a degree in mechanical engineering technologies from Pittsburg State University. I perform regularly with the Southeast Kansas Symphony and the PSU Chamber Orchestra. Last year, we performed at the KODA convention in Wichita. Marissa Urrutia, cello, 2004-2007 I’m currently at CSU Fresno studying towards a cello performance degree. Hannah Hilarides, trumpet, 2004-2010 I am now attending the San Francisco Conservatory of Music for my Bachelor’s in Trumpet Performance. Marisa Guterriez, percussion, 2005-2007 I am currently a senior percussion performance major at San Jose State. I will be graduating in the fall of 2011. Olivia Holvik, cello, 2005-2008 I am in my third year at UC Irvine studying cello performance. Auzadeh Jalali, viola, 2005-2010 Currently I’m attending University of California, Irvine, majoring in Biology.

Greg Simpson, bass, 2007-2009 Studying Bass Performance at CSU Fresno, under Dr. Loewenheim and Dr. Bruce Bransby. Natalia Malcolm, violin, 2000-2010 I am currently attending BYU-Idaho and I am in my first semester. I am a psychology major and a music minor. I am also in the BYU-I symphony and sinfonietta orchestras. Kaitlin Barbo, flute, 2008-2010 I am currently wrapping up my freshman year as a flute performance major at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts where I study with Dr. Tadeu Coelho. Connie Benjamin, trumpet, 2008-2010 I am a music major at Azusa Pacific University Matthew Lennon, viola, 2008-2010 I am now playing in the Cal Poly Symphony in San Luis Obispo. Diana (Ginger) Zamora, violin, 2008-2010 I’m attending Brigham Young University and studying to be an optometrist. I’m still participating in school orchestras and performing groups while trying to maintain a decent GPA and a fun social life.



Youth Orchestras of Fresno

Youth Chamber Orchestra, Youth Symphony Orchestra, Youth Philharmonic Orchestra And Alumni Guests Thomas Loewenheim, conductor

Jean Sibelius

Finlandia, Opus 26

ca. 9”

Youth Chamber Orchestra, Youth Symphony Orchestra Kenneth Froelich

Jubilation Fanfare

ca. 2”

George Gershwin

An American in Paris

ca. 18”

Youth Philharmonic Orchestra




Hector Berlioz










Symphonie fantastique, Opus 14 Reveries – Passions (Largo – Allegro agitato e appassionato assai) A Ball (Valse: Allegro non troppo) In the Country (Adagio) March to the Scaffold (Allegretto non troppo) Dream of the Witches’ Sabbath (Larghetto – Allegro) Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, Alumni Guests

Sunday May 29, 7:00pm William Saroyan Theatre Fresno, CA

ca. 25”

ca. 50”

Sponsors/ Patrocinadores Thanks to the many supporters of the Youth Orchestras of Fresno! ¡Agradecemos a los numerosos benefactores de las Orquestas Juveniles de Fresno! Virtuoso Circle

The James Irvine Foundation

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Patrons’ Circle ($2,000-$4,999) The Fresno Arts Council Kaiser Permanente (Sixtieth Anniversary Reunion Sponsor) Savemart SHARES Program Rebecca Stickler and Bryan Syverson Target

Composers’ Circle ($1,000-$1,999) Sonia Assemi, Central Distributing Bruce Bransby Yvonne Cashion Castro Accountancy Dawn Elliott, the Elliott family (YSO/YCO concert sponsors)

Tom and Karen Ferdinandi The Garabedian Foundation Dee Lacy, the Lacy/Hill family (YSO/YCO concert sponsors) Dale Lewis (Orchestra Alum)

Macy’s West G.I.F.T. Campaign Marilyn Peters Conductor’s Circle ($500-$999)

CMI Radiology Group College of Arts and Humanities, CSU Fresno Fresno Pacific University Law Offices of Kirkman J. Hoffman Ryan McMurray, Network Innovations Associates Inc. Nalchajian Orthodontics Madeline Pevsner, To honor Dr. Loewenheim and Julia Copeland for their passion and dedication to sharing music Pulte Homes Security First Bank University High School Valley Public Radio, KVPR

Sciacca & Company Concertmaster’s Circle ($200-$499)Schedule Evening of Enchantment of

Nancy and Mehran Akhavan Marilyn Bamford Roberta Barash Alexander Anesthesia Associates of Fresno Cancer Care Associates Emmett Castro Arthur and Lynda Copeland José Diaz Helen Dockum Forester Dental James Heagy (orchestra alum) Sharon and Robert Hilarides Sheldon Krongaus and Kathleen McKinley Lamont School of Music Summer Pre-College Academy David and Ellen Lennon Milano Restaurants International Chester Miszewicz and Gerald Palladino Music Teachers Associate of California Duane and Lark Nii Marta and James Obler Quantum Units Education James and Elaine Salvatore Steve Shuck, Albright Electric, Inc. Steven and Gloria Stoltz Stephen and Joanne Tarbell Valley Children’s Hospital Orthopaedics Jonathan and Denise Wiens Huiwen Hao and Wenbiao Zhang

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Additional Donations

Christopher Bamford, photographs of the orchestras Ted Hioe, photographs of the orchestras Ellen Lennon, violin donation Geoffrey Maingart, violin donation Morey’s Music, violin donation In-kind assistance

Balloon Décor of Central California, Castro Accountancy, The Fresno Bee, KJWL/KYNO. KVPR Valley Public Radio, Maximus Media, Milla Vineyards, & Rewebbed.

Acknowledgements This event was made possible through the efforts of the following individuals and businesses: Nancy Akhavan, YPO Parent Liaison Dee Lacy, YSO Parent Liaison Kaberi Kar-Gupta and Huiwen Hao, YCO Parent Liaisons Derek Stewart, facilities manager Grace Tanaleon, percussion coordinator Humberto Enriquez, board member and program translator Deven, Nicole, Jennifer, Hiram, Will, Rodney, Bill, and Michael at Fedex Office All YOOF parents! Thanks to the following coaches who offered sectionals to our participants: K. C. Simba-Torres, Erin Scofield, Stephanie Sant’Ambrogio, Brune Macary, and Julia Copeland, violin Devinda Gunasekara, viola Leo Kim and Thomas Loewenheim, cello Bruce Bransby, Adam Elmore, and Greg Simpson, bass Miles Ishigaki and Ali Gilroy, winds Christopher Golden, Pierce Yamaoka, and Thomas Fredrickson, brass Grace Tanaleon, percussion Also: Barbara Stewart, parent volunteer Castro Accountancy and Terry Hitch Debra and David Cecil, parent volunteers Ellen Lennon, parent volunteer Fresno State College of Arts and Humanities Hasina Torres, Macy’s Day solo performer Helen Dockum, parent/board volunteer/board volunteer JoEllen and Kaitlynn Kolar, parent and student volunteers Madeline Gong Pevsner, parent volunteer Marilyn Bamford, parent/board volunteer Mica Vargas, parent volunteer Susan Mullanax, parent/board volunteer Special thanks to Dr. Michael Caldwell and the Music Department of California State University Fresno, for their continuing support of our efforts. Special thanks to K.C. Simba-Torres for her coaching and support throughout the semester. Special thanks to the core Sixtieth Anniversary Celebration Committee: Barbara Stewart, Ellen Lennon, Susan Mullanax, Marilyn Bamford Special thanks to the Raffle Committee: Michelle Musson, Marilyn Bamford, Kathryn Whitehouse Thanks to Brad Hufft for creating transposed parts for our young players (at the drop of a hat)—and for his original piece for our orchestras, Four Little Whispers! Thanks to Cathi Tudman and the Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra for making their music collection available. Thanks to Cece Lomeli for overseeing our Orchestras Feeding America/Community Food Bank project and for all her decorating expertise! Thanks to James Bushman and Janet Miller of University High School for their generous help with rehearsal space.

Thanks to school music teachers!

The mission of the Youth Orchestras of Fresno is to offer exceptional musical training to young people in the region, to encourage cooperation and collaboration as they work in our ensembles, to support music teachers and programs, and to enrich the cultural life of the area by cultivating the next generation of artists and audiences. We encourage everyone to support our school music teachers and their programs. The work these teachers do is essential to the lives of our children and (we cannot state this too strongly) to the future of our nation. We are proud to say that YOOF members represent the many different elementary, middle, and high schools as well as colleges listed below. Alta Sierra Middle School Baird Middle School Buchanan High School Bud Rank Elementary School Bullard High School Bullard TALENT Carden Cedarwood Elementary School Central High East Central High School Central Union Elementary-Akers Central Valley Christian High School Clark Clovis East High School Clovis High School Clovis North High School Clovis West High School Computech-Edison Middle School Copper Hills Elementary CSU Fresno Duncan Polytechnical High School Edison High School El Capitan Middle School Excelsior Classical School Exeter Union High School Fairmont Freedom Elementary Fresno Adventist Academy Fresno Christian High School Fresno City College Fresno High School Frontier High School Fugman Elementary Garfield Elementary School Glacier High School

Granite Ridge Intermediate Hallmark Charter Sanger Hanford West High School Kastner Intermediate Liberty Elementary Liberty High School Madera High School Manchester GATE Maple Creek Niles Academy Our Lady of Victory School Pacheco High School Polk Elementary School Rafer Johnson Ranchos Middle School Reagan Elementary Red Bank Elementary Reyburn Intermediate Rio Vista Middle School Riverview Elementary Roosevelt High School Roosevelt School of the Arts Sacred Heart High School San Joaquin Memorial High St. Anthony’s School St. Luke’s Anglican School Starr Elementary Tenaya Middle School University High School Valley Oak Middle School Wawona Middle School WEB DuBois Willow Glen Willow International

Orchestras of Fresno logo, the designer of this concert program, the creator of our exceptional Mahler poster (December 2009), and the talent behind almost all of our advertising efforts.

This activity is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, as well as the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. It is also supported in part by a grant from the Community Enrichment Program administered by the Fresno Arts Council, and by a grant from The James Irvine Foundation.

Board of Directors and Staff

Este evento está parcialmente patrocinado por “California Arts Council”, una agencia estatal, así como por el “Nacional Endowment for the Arts”, una agencia federal. También es posible gracias al apoyo del “Community Enrichment Program” subsidio administrado por el “Fresno Arts Council”, y por el apoyo de “The James Irvine Foundation”.

A very special thank you goes to Edward Raus of Rewebbed. Edward is creator of the Youth

Youth Orchestras of Fresno Youth Orchestras of Fresno Staff Board of Directors 2010-2011 Dr. Thomas Loewenheim R. Emeterio Castro Music Director President Julia Copeland Jose Diaz Executive Director Vice President Grace Tanaleon Karin Temple Deffebach Program Coordinator Chief Financial Officer Derek Stewart Helen Dockum Facilities Manager Secretary Coaches: Laurel Ridgway Ali Gilroy, wind coach Parliamentarian Christopher Golden, brass coach K. C. Simba-Torres, string coach Marilyn Bamford Grace Tanaleon, percussion coach Sandra Bolster Pierce Yamaoka, brass coach Olivia Dominguez Humberto Enriquez Maureen Golden Kathleen McKinley Susan Mullanax Heyner Oviedo K. C. Simba-Torres

Thanks to all who made the Painted Violin Project 2011 a success! Painted Violin Artists 2011: Megan Elliott Dominique Gan Kathryn Gordon James Hawks Dar Ortega Linda Lloyd Pitts Joan Sharma Patrick Sheehan Colleen Wittke and fabulous quiltmaker Dee Lacy Thanks also to Nancy Marquez of All Things Fresno, Elva Rodriguez and Nené Casares of Arte Americas, Diane Mendes of Studio 74, and Angela Storey of the Fresno Arts Council for their unstinting support of the project and generosity in displaying the violins and quilt during the past months. What a wonderful experience for us!

Program Notes /Notas del Programa

Finlandia, Opus 26 Jean Sibelius Jean Sibelius, Finland’s most famous composer, had Swedish roots, and spoke Swedish as his first language—though that wasn’t as strange as it may sound. Finland was a part of Sweden until, early in the nineteenth century, it fell under the control of Russia. Sibelius developed an interest in the Finnish language and particularly in Finnish folklore, which influenced his composing style. The composition you are hearing today—Finlandia—was written as a protest against Russian censorship of the Finnish press. Finlandia, in fact, marked a turning point in Sibelius’s career. The piece quickly became a favorite with listeners around the world, and he became famous as Finland’s greatest composer. Jean Sibelius, el compositor más famoso de Finlandia, tiene raíces suecas, y hablaba sueco como su primera lengua —aunque eso no es tan extraño como puede sonar. Finlandia era parte de Suecia hasta que, a principios del siglo XIX, cayó bajo el control de Rusia. Sibelius desarrolló un interés en la lengua finlandesa y en especial en el folklore finlandés, y esto influyó en su estilo de componer. La composición que usted escuchará hoy —Finlandia—fue escrita como una protesta contra la censura rusa de la prensa finlandesa. Finlandia, de hecho, marcó un punto de inflexión en la carrera de Sibelius. La obra se convirtió rápidamente en favorita de la audiencia en todo el mundo, y él se hizo famoso y se le conoce como el más grande compositor de Finlandia. Jubilation Fanfare Kenneth Froelich About his Jubilation Fanfare, composed expressly for this occasion and presented to the Youth Orchestras as a gift, CSUF composition professor Kenneth Froelich writes, “Jubilation Fanfare was composed for the Youth Orchestras of Fresno to celebrate their sixtieth anniversary. This compact two-minute work opens up with a bright and triumphant call in the trumpets and trombones, quickly echoed by the rest of the ensemble. The piece maintains a quick and upbeat pace, propelled forward by a repeated eighth note pulse as lyrical melodic “whisps” pass back and forth amongst the woodwinds and strings. Hints of a chorale melody emerge prior to the climax of the work, slowly rising from the lowest voices of the ensemble and eventually passing into the entirety of the brass section. The work concludes with the same fanfare call that opens the work, transposed to a new key and reorchestrated to provide an even brighter color than the initial presentation.” El compositor Kenneth Froelich, profesor de la Universidad de California, Fresno, escribe sobre su Jubilation Fanfare, compuesta expresamente para esta ocasión y obsequiada a las Orquestas Juveniles: “Jubilation Fanfare fue compuesta para las Orquestas Juveniles de Fresno para celebrar su sexagésimo aniversario. Este compacto trabajo de dos minutos inicia con una invocación luminosa y triunfante de las trompetas y los trombones rápidamente replicada por el resto del conjunto. La pieza mantiene un ritmo rápido y alegre, impulsado por un tiempo repetido en octavos mientras que melódicos “manojos” líricos van y vienen entre los instrumentos de viento y cuerdas. Anuncios de una melodía coral surgen antes de la culminación de la obra, levantándose poco a poco desde las voces más graves del ensamble para más tarde pasar a las sección de los metales. La obra concluye con la misma invocación o “fanfarria” que aparece al inicio de la obra, transportada a una nueva tonalidad y re-orquestada para proporcionar un color aún más brillante que la primera.” An American in Paris George Gershwin In 1926, George Gershwin traveled to Paris and returned to New York with—taxi horns. Authentic Parisian ones. Two years later, having embarked on the piece he had just named An American in Paris, he again visited the French capital—and brought back a few more taxi horns, just as authentic. You will hear some similar horns tonight—everyone rents “Gershwin ‘American in Paris’ taxi horns” just for this piece. “My purpose,” explained the composer, “is to portray the impression of an American visitor in Paris, as he strolls about the city and listens to various street noises and absorbs the French atmosphere.” The American strolls into a café, has “a couple of drinks,” feels a bit homesick and blue, and then recovers his spirits. “At the conclusion, the street noises and French atmosphere are triumphant.” En 1926, George Gershwin viajó a París y regresó a Nueva York con unos cláxones de taxi. Auténticamente parisinos. Dos años más tarde, después de haber iniciado la obra que él había recientemente titulado justamente “Un americano en París”, volvió a visitar la capital francesa y trajo de nuevo otros cláxones de taxi, igual de auténticos. Usted escuchará cláxones semejantes son conocidos los cláxones de taxi de Gershwin que usó en “Un americano en París” y todos los usan para interpretar esta pieza. “Mi propósito”, explicó el compositor, “es retratar la impresión de un visitante americano en París cuando se pasea por la ciudad y escucha los ruidos de la calle y absorbe el ambiente francés.” El americano se sienta en un café, toma “un par de copas,” se siente un poco nostálgico y melancólico, y luego recupera su espíritu. “Al final, los ruidos de la calle y el ambiente francés son triunfantes.” Symphonie fantastique, Op. 14 Hector Berlioz Written by 26-year-old Berlioz in a desperate attempt to gain the love of Irish Shakespearean actress Harriet Smithson, this Episode in the Life of an Artist – Grand Fantastic Symphony in Five Parts is now hailed by critics as a bona fide musical breakthrough. Amazingly, he got the girl—years later—and married her, and then, in a slow, painful disintegration of the marriage, lost her. Berlioz’s own gloss on the Grand Fantasy is too long to include here, but he was definitely trying to depict in sound as much anguish and doubt and love-terror as possible. It’s all about obsessive love and uncontrollable nightmares and attempted self-poisoning and dreams of execution and divine wrath. Oh, and added to the brew is a witches’ dance. With its doubled trumpets and timpani and massive musical forces, this work contains all the Sturm und Drang of a telenovela. Escrito por Berlioz a los 26 años de edad, en un intento desesperado por ganar el amor de la actriz irlandesa Harriet Smithson, este Episodio en la Vida de un Artista —Gran Sinfonía Fantástica en cinco partes, es ahora aclamada por la crítica como un parte-aguas musical. Sorprendentemente, Berlioz conquistó a la muchacha —algunos años después—, se casó con ella, y después, con una disolución matrimonial lenta y dolorosa, la perdió. La genialidad propia de Berlioz en la Gran Fantasía es demasiado larga para incluirla aquí, pero podemos decir que, sin duda, él estaba tratando de describir  en sonido, tanto como fuera posible, la angustia, la duda y el binomio amor-terror. La obra se trata de un amor obsesivo, de pesadillas incontrolables, de intento de autoenvenenamiento, y de sueños de ejecución de la ira divina. Ah, y para añadirle al brebaje, un baile de brujas. Con sus dobles trompetas y timbales, y sus enormes fuerzas musicales, esta obra contiene todas las Sturm und Drang de una telenovela.

Bio/Biografía Music Director Thomas Loewenheim is an award-winning soloist and chamber musician who has gained an international reputation as a conductor. He has performed and conducted extensively in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Before coming to California he taught at the Indiana University String Academy, and before that at the Memorial University in Newfoundland. He also served as music director and conductor of the Musical Arts Youth Orchestra in Bloomington, Indiana, where he founded the international iMAYO Festival for young orchestral musicians. Holder of a doctorate from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, Dr. Loewenheim has served as Music Director of the Youth Orchestras of Fresno since 2007. Dr. Loewenheim is head of strings, professor of cello, and conductor of the University Orchestra at California State University Fresno. Details information about his professional activities can be found at Director musical Thomas Loewenheim es ganador de premios como solista y músico de cámara y goza de reputación internacional como director de orquesta. Se ha presentado en numerosas ocasiones como solista y como director de orquesta en los Estados Unidos, Europa y Asia. Antes de llegar a California fue profesor en la Academia de Cuerdas de la Universidad de Indiana, y previamente, en la Universidad Memorial en Newfoundland. También se desempeñó como director musical y director de la Orquesta Juvenil de Artes Musicales en Bloomington, Indiana, donde fundó el Festival Internacional iMAYO para jóvenes músicos de orquesta. Doctorado de la “Jacobs School of Music” en la Universidad de Indiana, el Dr. Loewenheim se ha desempeñado como Director Musical de la Orquesta Juvenil de Fresno desde 2007. Dr. Loewenheim es director de cuerdas, profesor de violonchelo, y director de la Orquesta de la Universidad Estatal de California en Fresno. Información detallada sobre sus actividades profesionales se puede encontrar en

Being a part of YOOF was a fantastic part of my childhood and young adult life. I’M SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE BEEN A PART OF IT! Thank you :) - Amy Swiger, violin, 2003-2010

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Comprehensive Excellence Through the Generations We value the relationships we have had with our patients over the past thirty years and are excited about the opportunities for excellent, comprehensive dentistry in the future. We always welcome new patients and families to our practice. We Offer: CEREC one-visit porcelain crowns using CAD/CAM Technology Digital intraoral photography • Laser detection of early cavities Invisalign invisible orthodontics • Laser Periodontal/gum surgery Conservative porcelain veneers • Custom tooth whitening Sedation dentistry

T. Gary Forester, DDS / David P. Forester, DDS

7525 N. Cedar, #117 (at Alluvial) Fresno, CA 93720 /


To Katy and Sara Stahly: Congratulations! We are so very proud of the both of you for your commitment. Love from C.J. and Kip

Helping to build a better community.

We’re happy to support the arts where we live and work.

The Lamont School of Music Summer Pre-College Academy June 19 th to July 3 rd, 2011 Outstanding Faculty, State of the Art Facilties, Workshops, Private Lessons, Master-Classes,Chamber Music, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Choir, World Music, Theory, Recitals, and Recreation

Music Fr i e n d s h i p

Instrumentalists, Singers, and Pianists, ages 14 to 18


Scholarships available! Visit our Website or contact: Connie Cook Glen (Director) 812-336-4779; Mary Beth Shaffer (Asst. Director) 719-266-1384

E xploration

Music Teachers’ Association of California, Fresno Branch

Transforming Music Into Lifelong Passion and Pride • Student Recitals • Certificate of Merit Evaluations • Solo Competitions • MTAC Piano Celebration • Competition for Instrumentalists, Vocalist and Chamber Ensembles. • Community Outreach Programs • Masterclasses & Workshops • Memorial Scholarship Fund • Composers Today & Improvisation • State MTAC Convention • All Active Members Have a College Music Degree

If you are a teacher interested in joining or a parent looking for a teacher, please call

(559) 275-8312 CMI Medical Directory adBW FNL.pdf



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California Imaging Institute

Advanced Medical Imaging

Clovis Community Medical Center

St. Agnes Medical Center

Community Regional Medical Center

Fresno Heart and Surgical Hospital

Sierra Pacific Orthopaedic Medical Group

The physicians of CMI Radiology Group are committed to providing you with highest quality medical imaging services. Visit to learn more about CMI Radiology Group, our fellowship-trained radiologists, and medical imaging services.

Michael J. Elliott, M.D. Pediatric Orthopaedics Scoliosis and Spinal Deformity

T: 559-353-5941 F: 559-353-5945

C o u n se li n g N u rs in g E th ic s C o n fi d e n ti a li ty W o r k p la c e Is s u e



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Calvin Schuster, M.D. General Surgery


Proud to Sponsor the Dedicated Members of Youth Orchestras of Fresno


Office Located at: 784 E. Manning Ave. Reedley, CA 93654 (559) 637-8800 Office Located at:

784 E. Manning Ave. Reedley, CA 93654

(559) 637-8800

Reunion Sponsors of the Sixtieth Anniversary Celebration Concert, May 29, 7pm, Saroyan Theatre

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60th Anniversary Concert Program  

Concert program, Youth Orchestras of Fresno, May 2011

60th Anniversary Concert Program  

Concert program, Youth Orchestras of Fresno, May 2011

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