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▶자료 둘 Senegal was once considered West Africa’s oasis of stability, but now it is a place of deadly repression. This year, at least six people have been killed, dozens injured and scores arrested during protests over President Abdoulaye Wade’s efforts to run for a third term in the election to be held Sunday. Even though the Constitution sets a two-term limit for the president, Senegal’s Constitutional Council has ruled — based on a disputed legal interpretation — that Mr. Wade is eligible to run again. A close look at his time in office, however, suggests that granting him a third term would be terrible for democracy. Mr. Wade was celebrated as a symbol of democracy in March 2000, when he was elected president, ending 40 years of rule by the Socialist Party. He had competed unsuccessfully for more than two decades, but this time the incumbent, Abdou Diouf, failed to gain a majority in the initial voting. That led to a runoff, which Mr. Wade won.

⑴consider AB, consider A as B, consider A to be B The professor was considered a communist during the Korean War. ⑵at least, at most, at worst, at best The wisest man can make a mistake. ⑶one thousand, two thousand, thousands of~ tens of~, dozens of~, scores of~ ⑷ look at~=take a look at~ A closer investigation will reveal what made him jump to such a hasty conclusion. ⑸ take office, leave office, stay in office The former president had to leave office due to a political scandal. ⑹She suggests that the government pushes ahead with the austere policy. She suggests that the government push ahead with the austere policy. ⑺If I were a bird, I could fly to you. But for your advice, I couldn’t have set up a publishing company. He says that a man of experience wouldn’t do that. ⑻He was born in 1950, when the Korean War broke out. ⑼She remained silent, making me almost crazy. ⑽The human rights activist tried unsuccessfully to run for the presidency. ⑾ fail in~, fail to~, never fail to~ ⑿lead A to~, lead to~ His careless lifestyle led to his unhappiness.


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