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▷다음을 영어로 번역하시오. [반드시 먼저 풀어야 함] 1970년대 이전에 한국에서 대통령선거가 치러지면 분명한 선이 하나 그어졌다. 농촌지역은 집권당을 지지하고 도시지역 은 야당을 지지했기 때문이었다. 그러나 지금 농촌은 여러 가지 면에서 그 당시만큼 활력에 넘치지 못한다. 도농간 경제 적 격차는 말할 것도 없고 교육, 보건, 문화활동 등 필수적인 생활분야에서 농촌은 도시에 크게 뒤진다. 1970년대는 한국 국민들이 누구랄 것도 없이 배고픔으로 인해 고통 받던 시절이었다. 사람들은 도시로 진출하는 것을 삶의 새로운 계기를 마련할 수 있는 확실한 보증수표로 생각했다. 물론, 그런 대규모 인구이동이 국가경제 발전에 촉매 역할을 했다. 우리나 라에서 가장 영향력 있는 여성 작가 중 한 명도 그 당시 소규모 의류회사에서 여공으로 일했다니 정말 믿어지지 않는 일 이다. 어제 뉴스는 이런 내용이 보도되었다. ‘급속한 도시화가 진행되는 중국에서 앞으로 10년 동안 1억 명의 농민이 추 가로 도시로 이주할 것으로 예상된다.’ 40년 전 한국의 농촌 젊은이들이 가슴에 담았던 것과 똑같은 야망을 중국의 농촌 젊은이들이 가슴에 품고 있다는 뜻이다.

▷문장분석 ⑴The reason is that she is always complaining of her working conditions. Man is different from animals in that he can speak. The candidate won the presidential race not that his educational background was outstanding but that his pledges sounded reasonable. ⑵He is not so brilliant as she. The incident is not so much a scandal as an infectious disease. ⑶South Korea excels other emerging markets in such crucial social factors as gender equality and public health. Some immigrants fall far behind local residents in economic status. ⑷Any explanation can be seen as a pretext. When the Korean War broke out in 1950, all the people were suffering from widespread poverty. The Chosun Dynasty was an era when ordinary people were not treated as a genuine human being. ⑸I don’t think it unwise to seek to reveal what they have concealed so far. This is a well-designed plan to turn this nation into a powerful one. ⑹All the workers played a leading role in upgrading the national economy. His policy turned out to play a role as a growth engine for South Korea. ⑺The former president worked for North Korea during his presidency, which is unbelievable. He decided to set up a publishing company, which was a blessing for him. ⑻Investigators thought it was the same car as the criminal bought before. Investigators thought it was the same car that the criminal bought before.

[번역례] When a presidential election was held in South Korea before the 1970s, a clear line was drawn. The reason was that while the rural areas voted for the ruling party, the urban areas were in support of the opposition party. The farming communities, however, are not now so brisk in many respects as they were at the time. To say nothing of the economic gap between rural and urban areas, the former lags far behind the latter in such essential living aspects as education, public health, and cultural activities. The 1970s was an era when any South Korean was suffering from hunger. People saw it as a definite certified check to find a new turning point in their life to go into a city. Of course, such an enormous population movement played a role as a catalyst for the national economic development. One of the most influential female writers in the nation worked then as a worker at a small garment company, which is truly incredible. Yesterday’s news report was as follows: 100 million farmers are expected to additionally move to cities for the next decade in China, where urbanization is taking place at a rapid pace. It means that young people in Chinese rural areas cherish in their heart the same ambition as their South Korean counterparts did four decades ago.


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