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This is what i’ve been doing SO far. YONATHAN ADHIATMA

Yonathan Adhiatma Graphic Designer Just call me by Nathan, i was born in Jakarta on July 14th 1991 and i’m grown as a Christian . I studied at Tirta Marta BPK Penabur ever since i was 4 years old. I’m a fresh graduate from Bina Nusantara University majoring in Visual Communication Design . Personally, i have a very great interest in illustration, especially using watercolors, also in branding and identity design. I have working experience for 3 months at Paprieka Studio Desain Grafis + Identitas as an intern. And so i hope that my portfolio could impress you to take me in :)

(m) 081511211501/ 087888468864

Including Ms. Word, and Ms. PowerPoint. I able to operate this software:

Ai Id Ps Dw Lr Fl

(e) (a) Villa Delima blok k/ 22, Lbk Bulus, JakSel

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Editorial Identity Illustration Packaging Typography Web

Type Modification “ Delta Raid �. The project was to remodel Century Gothic ( bold ) by a certain module to create a new typeface and infuse them with photography in order to make a poster.

+ Editorial Identity + Illustration + Packaging + Typography + Web +

Emping Melinjo Pandeglang is a Small Medium Enterprise products, which is originally made in Pandeglang. This chips can be found only in specified supermarkets. The task was to repackage the packagings for a better visual. It was challenging, considering that i got the liberty to use any approach but still have to stick with the original target audience as consideration for the new design.

Citra is a well known brand in Indonesia for its beauty products. The challenge was to create limited edition packagings for three of its product. What i did in that opportunity was to infuse illustration as an approach using watercolor.

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Editorial Identity Illustration Packaging Typography Web

Mr. Fruity ( Rebranding ). Mr Fruity is a Small Medium Enterprise that sells juices located near my campus. Below is a brief infographic of the creative thinking process until the final logo. The concept is adopted from a battery to appoint the idea that tropical juices are refreshing in another way, it recharges the energy that had lost due to the heat of the city.

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Editorial Identity Illustration Packaging Typography Web

Kramat Djati ( Rebranding ). Kramat Djati is a transportation company. Founded in 1974, Kramat Djati has been providing transportation services ever since, especially buses.

The new approach is inspired from a Javanese philosophy “ Nrimo Ing Pangdum � which prioritized giving without granted. Overall, the logo itself is a simplified form of Javanese wayang, Gunungan, which known as a Tree of Life. The logo is also trying to represent the modesty of Javanese culture by infusing simplified a form of hand pair holding or offering a heart in it. The main project project was to rebrand the company and made a graphic standard manual of it. The image below is the final result of the graphic standard manual.

+ Editorial Identity + Illustration + Packaging + Typography + Web +

Angkasa Pura Hotels ( APH ) Website. Angkasa Pura, previously known as Angkasa Pura 1 is a state enterprise of the Indonesian Department of Transport that is responsible for the management of airports and air traffic services in Eastern Indonesia. As for Angkasa Pura Hotels (APH) is 1 of 4 Angkasa Pura subsidiary of Angkasa Pura Airports which handle business in hospitality services, hotels and lounges, especially in airports area.

So the project was to make a website for Angkasa Pura Hotels. The project was done by my colleague and i back when we were interns at Paprieka for 3 months. We did all the surface design and also the coding. But we got to stop the development due the end of our internship period. These examples are the final result that has been approved before we left.

Editorial + Identity + Illustration + Packaging + Typography + Web +

Final Project“ Pelangi” Part 1. Pelangi is an abbreviation of Pengenalan Anak Dengan Kebutuhan Istimewa. The book is inteded to introduce the difference and existence of children with special needs for parents and start-up parent as the primary targets. I use the contrast approach from the facts that going on out there to break the stereotype of the abnormality and shows that these kids actually have hopes in them, “ fun ” and “ playful ” were used for the tone and manner. It was quite challenging, considering the topic is sensitive. As for the main visual of the book, i try to use illustration that personalised ( metaphor ) each deviation.

As an identity of the book. The icons of the logogram are also applied as system inside the book to differentiate each chapter.


+ Editorial + Identity + Illustration + Packaging + Typography + Web

Final Project“ Pelangi� Part 2. These are the complement items beside the book as the main project. Also including 2 series of poster and a x- banner.

it is functional as the secondary packaging of the book, printed on belacu.

The primary packaging, and also printed on belacu.

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Editorial Identity Illustration Packaging Typography Web

Freedom. As i mention before i have a very great interest in illustration. Used to draw as a time killer. I really love pencil illustration and using watercolor.





1. HeartoHeart, A metaphor of reality how people will trying so hard to fit in society| 2. Untitled, Random expression toward beauty. | 3. Tribute to Amy Winehouse | 4. Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine.

Portfolio resume  

Contains of what i've been doing so far during my campus life. hope you enjoy it, and interested to make a call ;)

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