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These contracts should always include :

can be an acceptable situation as long as it is clear to the trainer who expresses the in-

// Details about the training activity

terest to work for an activity that these are the conditions. However, it is always good

// Expectations from the trainer

practice to at least cover the costs of the

8. Introduction to human resource management and concept of learning organisations

trainers when there is the budget, as even // Duration of the whole process (prepa-

though they can be delivering the train-

ration time, duration of the activity itself,

ing on a voluntary basis requiring them to

follow up time)

make an additional financial investment in order to travel to the venue is unfair and

//Covered costs (accommodation, meals,

creates barriers to participation.

travel costs, training material, communication costs-if any)

Trainers Fee // Trainers fee, method and time of payment

There are different practices concerning trainers’ fees, as while one of the values

//Any other aspect that is important for a

youth work is based on is volunteerism, of-

specific project.

ten youth trainers do this work professionally and expect to get paid for the work they deliver. There is no right or wrong response

Covered Costs

to this issue and it is clearly up to each organisation to decide if the trainers will get

As has already been mentioned there is no

paid or not, and up to the trainer if s/he is

general practice on this issue as in one re-

going to deliver an activity for free. There

spect it is always good to cover at least travel

are different arguments on the issue which

and accommodation costs of a trainer even

connect trainer’s fees with quality and mo-

if the trainer is not being provided with a

tivation. There are many examples of prac-

fee, however there are cases where trainers

tices such as the example of the YFJ PoT

have to pay their own costs. For example,

where trainers receive a per diem of 30 eu-

in AEGEE-European Students Forum, there

ros when delivering YFJ activities.

have been cases in which the event didn’t

What is important is to agree on everything

have any financial support and the trainers

from the beginning so that everyone is sat-

agreed to pay their own travel costs. They

isfied with the cooperation. The most im-

based this decision on that fact that they

portant thing is to be clear in open calls

believed that the implementation of the ac-

for trainers and in the agreements made

tivity was very important for the organisa-

with the trainers as this will prevent dis-

tion and also that the learning experience


for themselves was also very valuable. This

on both sides. This is important not only



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Build your Pool of Trainers (t-kit)  

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Build your Pool of Trainers (t-kit)  

2010 toolkit — PoT

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