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OA : We learn alone, with our minds, based on our innate abilities.

Facilitation of the processes inside the POTs

NA : We learn in social contexts, through mind, body, and emotions.

Following the political decision and the development of an appropriate educational

OA : Our “ intelligence ” is based on our in-

strategy as a frame to create a PoT, it is

dividual abilities.

time to facilitate it as a learning environ-

NA : Our intelligence is based on our learn-

ment, where people like to be and that gives

ing community.

them learning opportunities. Some authors should/must promote continuous improve-

Since the PoTs are created to support the

ment, community-building and innovation.

development of people and organisations,

Before presenting the process of facilitation

the main tool is the transfer of knowledge

within the PoT, the point of this collabora-

by a know-how process. Inside the Pool of

tive knowledge-building that was already

Trainers, learning is best achieved by ac-

mentioned in the concept of Communities

tively doing and managing personal learn-

of Practice and learning organisations can

ing. Learning takes place in a social con-

be expanded upon. The great German phi-

text through mind, body and emotions ;

losopher Martyn Haideger already was of

not only through books. Organisational

the opinion that the learning process starts

learning promotes creativity and innova-

with personal tacit pre-understanding, be-

tion. By combining intellectual and emo-

fore it becomes social activity. This was a

tional learning the learning organisation

strong field of research by the University of

fosters a vision of wholeness – the ability

Michigan and Anne Arbor. They construct-

to bring one’s whole self to organisation.

ed a very interesting schema that can sup-

Each organisation must discover their own

port better understanding of the manage-

solutions, not borrow them. In order to

ment of learning in an environment such as

create a learning organisation, a “ learn-

that of a PoT.

ing atmosphere ” 18 must be created. This is the KEY here, HOW to create a learning

As can be seen in the chart, the starting

atmosphere ?

point in the bottom-left corner shows personal understanding, and the rest of the diagram explains the personal beliefs that can be gained during experience of the world, while becoming articulate, entering mysterious social processes and interaction with other people, and sharing a common

18. CORS, Rebecca (2003), “ What Is a Learning Organisation ? ”, University of Wisconsin-Madison in :

8. Introduction to human resource management and concept of learning organisations

say that, besides a good atmosphere, a PoT

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Build your Pool of Trainers (t-kit)  

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Build your Pool of Trainers (t-kit)  

2010 toolkit — PoT

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