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YOLLA GROUP OF COMPANIES .....Re-building Commitment Through Excellence...... COMPANY PROFILE Yolla Group Of Companies is a diversified conglomerate with vast interest span in various sector of the economy with a hard-earned reputation for excellent business practices and products’ quality in Liberia. Yolla groups is established as a foundation for new global company capable of providing cost effective technologies, equipment and solutions for a successful businesses in Liberia with partners working together to participate in the building sustainable economy through operating large scale multi-conglomerate corporation in Liberia. Vision. To provide product services to meet the needs of the people through building and operation of large scale multi-corporate conglomerate center on excellence and integrity. Mission The mission is in three fold 1. Product: To provide product services in the most efficient way 2. Community - To provide community support through community involvement. This will give us extra measure in the public eye. 3. Economy - To Participate in the building of sustainable economy on the foundation of providing businesses and create job opportunities. The Group’s activities encompass: Yolla Group is Liberia's largest industrial group, including – Manufacturing local consumer - Real Estate Development General Merchandising - Yolla Foundation

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BASIC CORPORATION DATA YOLLA GROUP OF COMPANIES Tubman Boulevard, Sinkor Republic of Liberia Tel/Fax: (+231)-880-655-426/770-655-426 Email: With its inception, the Group will experience phenomenal growth on account of quality of its goods and services, its focus on cost leadership and efficiency of its human capital. As a multibillion Dollars company poised to reach new heights, in every endeavor competing with itself to better the past. So every time you use Yolla product services, you pay tribute to the hard working people whos lives are dedicated to bringing you the very best in service. MANAGEMENT/STAFF Integrated management concept is the business word phrase describing the in-house management style. This concept combines the essentials of our culture with modern management options. The Chairman/CEO – Chief. Yolla Fatorma seats at the Board of Directors and management staff structure while the Executive Director and the Administrative manager, ensures that the integrated management concept is not undermined, as the implementation of management decisions remain rapid, streamlined for result-oriented.

QUALITY POLICY Total commitment to infusing our corporate core values of integrity and excellence to driving total quality aimed at customer delight, satisfaction and loyalty. CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Every aspect of the company’s operation is scrupulously conducted and in full compliance with the requirements in conjunction with other business regulatory policies at all levels. OPERATION: Expectedly, the recruitment of competent and professional personnel in all the department improved efficiency and productivity thus enabling the core management led by the young and consummate elites to practically scout the world in the challenging service of highest quality to our clients without losing the competitive edge. CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Every aspect of the company’s operation is scrupulously conducted and in full compliance with the requirements in conjunction with other business regulatory policies at all levels. Chief Yolla Fatorma's Biography: Chief Yolla Fatorma is a President, YOLLA GROUP OF COMPANIES. an industrialist per excellence, a distinguish business man and a graduate with a B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering. Specialized in business development. He has worked with, set up many successful businesses where he has the practical experience along over the years with sole objective of delivering quality services to small, medium, and large business groups, individuals, corporations to achieve sustainable economic efficiency. Name: Chief Yolla Fatorma Sex: Male Marital Status: Married Born: November, 15, 1972 Residence: Monrovia, Liberia Nationality: Liberian Ethnicity: Kissi Citizenship: Liberian Education: B.Sc. Business Studies & Computer Science/Engineering Occupation: Business Man Company: Yolla Group Years active 2009—present Known for Wealth, Business Home Town: Foya Title: Chief Religion: Christian Parents: Kissi Lofa (f), Fatorma Johnny (m) Kumba Satta Poundo

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