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Is your business suffering from email overload?

The Social Network by Helen Groom ISSUE #4 NOV 2012
















RECRUITMENT NEWS APPOINTMENTS TWL appoint new Marketing Manager Working with Yolk’s Marketing division, TWL have appointed Andrew Hirst, 27, from Bridgend, in this newly created position having worked for the past five years in a marketing role for the Wales’ largest motorcycle dealership. Peacocks expands it’s HR department After a turbulent 12 months Peacocks is looking to the future by appointing two new HR Advisors in Cardiff, through Yolk HR, to manage their future growth plans. Buy as You View hire new CRM Manager The Bridgend based consumer goods retailer has appointed Gill Collier, formerly of PHS, to manage the company’s customer database. Fortium Technology invest in graduate talent Alongside two experienced PHP developers Fortium Technology, who produce copyright protection software, have hired a graduate C++ developer using Yolk IT. Football Association of Wales recruits a sales and marketing coordinator The FAW recently appointed an experienced sales and marketing coordinator to drive the commercial aspects of the organisation including hospitality, leisure and sponsorship.

UK IT SALARIES FALL BEHIND GLOBAL STANDARDS recently compiled a list of salaries for a range of IT roles across the globe and on average the UK didn’t rank within the top five places to work. With projections for the IT sector to greatly expand over the next decade as new technologies like 4G and the cloud set to revolutionise the way we work and consume media the UK can’t afford to be left behind. UK IT Salaries are on average 60% lower than the highest paying countries and 15% lower than the global average. A software developer in the UK will get paid $43k, while in Australia they can earn $106k and in the US $94k. With salaries so much higher in countries often seen as desirable locations, the UK IT industry has to reassess national salaries in order to keep our home grown IT talent before it’s too late. The UK is a market leader for software and IT services in Europe with a market value of £58bn pa. Research by Microsoft has indicated that the UK IT industry could help create 2,500 new businesses and 78,000 new jobs by 2014, but this could be in jeopardy if issues surrounding salary levels fail to be addressed. The UK remains a hot bed for early adopters of new technologies and therefore we need to ensure that the devices and media they are consuming are home grown.


Canmol: Wales Marketing Awards Cardiff-based scooped the top prize at the Canmol: Wales Marketing Awards and will go on to represent Wales in the UK wide CIM Marketing Excellence Awards. The awards, which are sponsored by Yolk Recruitment, is in it’s fourth year and continues to showcase the level of marketing talent in Wales. Joining were AutosOnShow.TV, Earthfall and limegreentangerine, who all received Canmol Awards for demonstrating

Yolk Recruitment // 02920 220078 //

outstanding results within their field. Two individual awards were also presented on the evening, with Emma Waddingham, of Civitas Law taking the title of New Marketer, and David Hieatt, cofounder of The Do Lectures, being recognised as Outstanding Marketer. An additional Priority Sector Award went to Haverfordwest based Celtic Quest Coasteering while Cowbridge based WS Marketing received the Glamorgan Business School Centre for Enterprise Award.











The nights are drawing in, the holiday season is upon us and 2013 is just around the corner. It’s at this time of the year that we become reflective and spend a lot of time assessing what we did right and what we did wrong these past twelve months.

Yolk Recruitment has been shortlisted for not one but two Marketing and Advertising Recruitment Awards. Yolk has been chosen to represent Wales in the ‘Best Regional Agency’ category and shortlisted in the ‘Best Medium Agency’ category. These awards go to show how far Yolk Recruitment has come in just over three years. As South Wales’ only dedicated marketing recruiter we work with many of Wales’ largest companies as well as local SMEs. The division is spearheaded by Nicola Jones, who has over 10 years of experience in recruitment with support from Stephaine Hughes. The Marketing and Advertising Recruitment Awards (MARAs) were established to recognise recruitment consultancies that have best confronted the changing demands of the staffing industry and display unparalleled excellence within the marketing industry.

Yolk started the year with very ambitious, continuing to double our staff figures and new business turnover. We are set to achieve both targets but it wasn’t an easy path. In business there will always be external factors that are out of your control, such as the economy failing to bounce back as much as predicted. However as a business owner you must ultimately accept full responsibility that you are making the right decisions at the right time. One of our riskier decisions at the start of the year was to hire our own internal marketing manager adding a significant overhead to our business. The decision proved successful as not only did we see a cost effective return and a reduction in our marketing spend (which we reinvested) it also freed up a lot of time which was needed to manage our rapidly growing team of consultants. We also diversified into IT recruitment, led by Mohammed Ahmed, this also proved very successful and it is one of our leading divisions having already recruited for over 50 technology departments UK wide. The down side of launching this new division was that our focus was diverted from our core business, sales recruitment, resulting in less than anticipated growth. Analysing what worked and failed is an essential aspect of running any successful business but it can also be a big distraction. 2013 might be a new year and a chance to start anew but don’t fall into the trap of slowing down for the holiday season as it’s the work you do now that will help you kick off 2013 with a bang. Issue #4 – November 2012


In today’s ‘business society’ there is an increased importance on ‘convenience networking’ such as building contacts via LinkedIn, Twitter or through an email introduction, such social media platforms have revolutionised the way we make contacts, especially as most of us are really busy so don’t have the time for lunch meetings anymore. Whilst these are incredibly great ways to build your network of contacts, in my opinion nothing can beat building links face-to-face. I suppose I would consider myself ‘pretty popular’, having worked in the city for more than a decade I have built a trusted network of business contacts, some of which I would even call friends. I initially met the majority of these as a result of hosting events or from repeatedly seeing them at various networking seminars, gala dinners, launch parties and conferences that have taken place in South Wales over the years. Cardiff boasts a thriving corporate social scene, hardly a week goes by without the prospect of a new launch party being talked about on Twitter, and there are also several great networking groups out there tailored to suit all types of businesses and individuals so take advantage of these opportunities if you can. Attending events provide several benefits to your business, most notably the opportunity to make new contacts and chat to peers/existing contacts to gain valuable information in order to establish whether there are strategic partnership opportunities. In addition to attending events, if the nature of your business allows you to host them then I’d strongly recommend you do. Hosting an event is a great way to say thank you to your existing clients and nurture relationships with potential new ones, with the added bonus of showcasing your venue or business offering, first-hand. Whilst

hosting a conference talking about a field you’re expert in, can position you as an authority in your industry. We introduced ourselves into the marketplace back in May 2011 with a launch party and since then we have played host to a variety of events and conferences. When it comes to events it’s key to try and stand apart from your competitors and think outside the box as ultimately you want people to remember you. Most recently we held a very special evening, Celebrity Kitchen, where we had three of Wales’ biggest sportstars, Jamie Roberts, Nathan Cleverly and Simon Jones cook for invited guests in aid of Ty Hafan, which not only wowed our guests but also raised over £4,000 for the charity. I am still receiving emails over a month on from guests to say what a wonderful time they had, most have stated they will bear us in mind if they’re looking for a venue in future or have simply advised they’d love to stay in touch. In today’s business climate you may not have the time or resources to spend organising an event in which case seek outside assistance from a professional event management company, they will work to your objectives so you can then concentrate on the day-to-day running of your job. They have experience so they know the best suppliers to work with in-line with your budget and can manage the all important guest list for you too. Don’t forget events also provide a great news-hook which will further raise the profile of your business. The Social Network was written by Helen Groom, marketing manager of The Best Western Plus Maldron Hotel, Cardiff.

Yolk Recruitment // 02920 220078 //

ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM EMAIL OVERLOAD? The average employee receives over 200 emails a week      are useful   


     are spam    



There can be no doubt that email has revolutionised the way we communicate and the way we do business. But have we become overly dependent on it? How often, when faced with making a difficult phone call, do we instead opt for emailing the individual as it gives us a certain level of anonymity? As essential to modernising business as email has become, at Yolk we feel it has had a detrimental effect on building real business relationships which is why we have decided to hold a little experiment in our office. THE BIG SWITCH OFF! As Bob Hoskins said ‘It’s good to talk’ which is why we have decided to restrict email access during November. To kick

     are irrelevant       



start the experiment we will be effectively switching off emails during November and then reintroducing limited access period. An automated system will inform anyone contacting us of our new working system.



PRIORITY INBOXES Setup smart filters that automatically move emails from key clients into a priority inbox. This will reduce the What we hope to get out of this is that we amount of time spent reading irrelevant will see a reduction in emails being sent emails and also the amount of time spent when a phone call would have been the searching your inbox. better option. We also hope that we will see a reduction in internal emails with NNTR more direct contact between colleagues For short messages use NNTR (no need improving the working environment. to respond) so that the reader knows they need not respond, reducing the An added benefit is that it will encourage amount of time spent sending emails. our clients and candidates to contact us directly or arrange meetings. EOM For single sentence messages just put SO WHY NOT JOIN US AND REDUCE it in the subject line and finish with EOM EMAIL OVERLOAD WITHIN YOUR (end of message) so the reader doesn’t BUSINESS. waste time opening the full email.

Issue #4 – November 2012

RECRUITMENT NEWS HOW TO INCREASE YOUR WIN RATES FOR TENDERS If you’re winning less than 50% of your tenders it’s indicative of a sales process in need of improvement. Start by looking at deal qualification; ask yourself some fundamental questions before committing your bid budget and valuable resources to a deal. Useful questions are: • Is there a good match between your core capabilities and the needs of your prospect? • How is your track record with this customer, how do your customer satisfaction surveys read? • What experience do you have in the industry within which they operate? • What sets you apart from your competition? The answers to these questions should give an early indicator regarding your win probability and what to do next. The ‘bid-no-bid’ process and win probability shouldn’t be guess work; it should be based on exacting criteria and subject to objective verification which can save a great deal of lost opportunity costs. All too often sales teams pack their pipeline with an overly optimistic outlook and a list of ‘suspects’. It is more profitable, and far more likely to be successful if you have the courage to reduce the size of your pipeline and increase its quality. Once you have established a high grade pipeline and prioritised your opportunities what aspects of the sales process will set you apart from your competition? You need a clear articulation of

your value proposition, a ‘price to win’ strategy, a differentiated solution, a high scoring (as judged by the purchaser) proposal based on clear win themes, and an executive summary and presentation that explains clearly why you are the best company to work with. Getting any one of these elements wrong will undermine the whole bid pursuit. PSP provides practical processes to ensure that you get each element right. We see ourselves as sales engineers not consultants. We roll our sleeves up and get involved – operationally and emotionally. PSP can implement: • Industry leading qualification processes; • Innovative win strategy labs, compelling solution storyboards; • Novel competitive ‘war gaming’; • Objective win-loss reviews of your historical bids to determine bidding strengths and weaknesses; • Proposal and Executive presentation improvement As an example of a typical engagement PSP are currently working with a leading Outsourcing Services company to refocus their pipeline on the next two quarters by creating detailed ‘close plans’ that enable them to both increase their win rates but also to do it within their forecast timelines. If you would like to increase your win rates in the competitive world of complex bids contact Chris Wilson at PSP on 07772 593979.


Dale Williams, founding director of Yolk Recruitment, won the Young Business Achiever award at this year’s Institute of Welsh Affairs Business Awards. Dale started Yolk at just 24 years of age in 2009 and has seen the business grow year-on-year and now manages a team of 14 from the head office based in Cardiff. The IWA Awards, in association with the Western Mail, aim to acknowledge those people who have led, motivated and driven business forward through tenacity and hard work. Dale was presented with the award at the gala evening last Friday 9th November at Cardiff City Hall. “The last three years have been tough for British businesses but I was confident that when I started Yolk there was a gap in the market for a specialist sales focussed recruitment agency” said Dale when receiving his award “Through partnering with great clients and hiring amazing recruiters we’ve been fortunate enough to see our business grow year on year and I still have the same passion for recruitment as I did when I started almost six years ago.” Yolk Recruitment // 02920 220078 //


The revolution has happened! Those with the ideas and know how are in control. All hail the techpreneurs! So I’m being a little melodramatic and the image might convey something more sinister but things have changed. The old start-up model is over, technology entrepreneurs (techprenuers) are bypassing investment from rich shadowy figures (who are now just for TV entertainment!) and getting alternative funding from the likes of Kickstarter or by simply funding the business themselves. Techpreneurs are leading the way. What is a techprenuer? The key to being a successful technprenuer is understanding that a great product and exceptional customer experience are the defining factors that will drive growth, not how much you invest in your business. You must know how to harness the power of social networks with the ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions and understand the principles of growth hacking. To be a successful techprenuer you must be a company director, head of human resources, marketing manager and customer service representative all at once. The key characteristics of a successful techprenuer are: • Ambition • Leadership • Flexibility • Transparency • Determination • Humility. Techprenuers are always testing, analysing and responding to feedback, creating products for their customers rather than creating customers for their products. A techprenuer can’t succeed on their own which is why they surround themselves with a strong team that has bought into their vision and for this they are justifiably rewarded. Techprenuers are usually out spoken and avoid mainstream media preferring to

communicate via sites like, Quora or run their own blogs as they don’t want to be minor celebrities and look to their peers for recognition. Disruptors v Innovators Techprenuers can be generally broken down in two camps, disruptors and innovators. Disruptors challenge conventional business models and established brands by providing a revolutionary business idea, think Netflix or Spotify who offered unlimited subscription based services. Innovators come up with new products that change the way we live and work, think Dropbox, think Twitter, these can be either massive global trendsetters or products that have started a new wave of business ideas. Jason Jacob is a great example of a disruptor. While running a marathon in 2007 he got fed up of using the Nike+ product which was overtly expensive and non-user friendly he launched RunKeeper. RunKeeper started as a community based driven application that allowed the sharing of data between runners so they could use this data to improve their performance. Jason took on one of the most established companies in the world and won by disrupting the market and putting customer experience first and adapting to feedback. There’s no better example of an innovator than Steve Jobs and no-one that has done it on a grander scale. Steve Jobs found the perfect balance between creating new products for his customers and new customers for his products. When Apple released the iPod there wasn’t an apparent demand for the product but Steve saw the gap in the market created a product that blended form and function and he knew that his customers couldn’t resist. You don’t have to launch a global sensation to be techprenuer, you just need to have belief in your product and the drive to challenge the market. Issue #4 – November 2012




The Yolk team like nothing more than mixing it up with other professionals within South Wales which is why we’re always attending business lunches, charity fundraisers, networking events, seminars and launch parties. Below are a selection of photos from recent events we’ve attended. Remember to say hi if you see us out and about.






7 1. Our IT consultant, Leroy Brito, representing Yolk at the CEMAS event in the Liberty Stadium. 2. The Yolk team at Ty Hafan Celebrity Kitchen fundraiser held at the Maldron.


5. Dale enjoying himself at Fiftyone3 in June. 6. Steve Sulley of Catapult SEO surrounded by a bevy of beautiful blondes at our Chepstow Races Hospitality day.

3. Leroy posing with a stormtrooper as Wales’ Gaming showcase.

7. Yolk’s guest presenting an award to the winning jockey at Chepstow.

4. Yolk, the COS Group and Berry Smith at Cardiff City.

8. Scenes from the CANMOL: Welsh Marketing Awards 2012.

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with Anna Denton-Jones

You have caught wind that your best salesperson has been approached by your competitor using Twitter and have made them a very tempting offer. Apart from righteous indignation what can you do?

information such as the salary packages you offer your staff entitling to you to take action if they leak information. You do have to be careful as since the Equality Act 2010 came into force ‘gagging’ employees about their salary is unlawful.

Firstly, you may want to talk to the employee to understand what it is that is enticing them to consider a move. Are they bored in their current role or are they just fishing for information in order to negotiate a better deal with you? You shouldn’t automatically assume the worst: the certainty of working with you compared to a leap into the unknown may be more attractive. You may be able to make some easy adjustments to their role, territory or package that keeps them with you for the long-term.

If there are no such restrictions, make sure they are included as a condition of receiving the next pay rise as you are vulnerable without them. You would want to include clauses preventing the employee from taking employees with them or your custom (so called nondealing and non-solicitation clauses) as the courts traditionally don’t like noncompete clauses and may be more likely to enforce these other types of clause.

Secondly, check the contract of employment. You may have restrictions called restrictive covenants in there preventing the person from going to work for either named competitors or other businesses doing the same thing you do (non-compete provisions). You might even have a requirement that the employee considering working elsewhere has to draw their restrictive covenants to the attention of the competitor, to warn them off inducing the employee’s breach of contract. The employee might even have signed provisions relating to confidential

Even if there are no such contractual provisions, there is an implied duty of fidelity towards the current employer and if the person is taking inappropriate steps to prepare to leave you or attempting to take confidential information, you may be entitled to take legal action against them preventing them using your confidential information as a springboard for doing so. You would need to act swiftly once you have any evidence of the employee doing something illicit for example downloading contacts to a memory stick. For more information contact: Anna Denton-Jones T: 02920 537742 E:

We’ve launched our own technology and IT blog run by our IT consultants. covers everything technology related from the latest apps to profiles of the UK’s leading techpreneurs. If you run a technology or IT business and would like to get involved with TechSpotters email

FANCY A DAY AT THE RACES OR THE FOOTBALL? As a valued client of ours we would like to extend an invite for you to join us at one of our hospitality days at Chepstow Racecourse or Cardiff City FC. Interested? Get in touch call or email Jonathan Bennett T: 02920 220078 E:

Bullying & Harassment in the Workplace Our next free Yolk HR Insight Session will take place in January 2013 in Cardiff presented by Anna Denton-Jones.

SECURE YOUR PLACE TODAY! Contact Jonathan Bennett on T: 02920 220078 E: Issue #4 – November 2012



Research has shown that certain colours create different moods and effects in people. Bright colours help to stimulate creativity and energy, subtle or pale colours produce calming and relaxing moods.



Red is a strong and powerful colour and generally is best applied to a large surface area in order for a space not to feel small or closed in. Red is a colour associated with energy, danger, strength and power.

Orange is a bright, happy colour as it represents enthusiasm, determination and joy. The colour is not as aggressive as red and reminds us all of warmer climates! Orange is also the colour that the Yolk office proudly sports!


YELLOW Yellow stimulates mental activity, it is a fun and light hearted colour often associated with youth. Brighter shades of yellow grab people’s attention (too bright however you’ll need strong headache tablets!)

Green is perfect for creating an organic and natural look for your office. Green represents renewal and positivity. Unlike red it indicates safety and security.

BLUE The grass is green, the sky is blue! Blue also has links to nature. It is a colour associated with clarity and depth and helps to create a calming effect within a room. The average 9 to 5 worker in the UK spends around 2,088 hours per year in the workplace, with so much time spent at work it is essential that the working environment is productive and busy.

At Yolk we’ve introduced a space where employees can “chill out”, a small hub away from the central office which offers our consultants somewhere to escape to and where they can bond over a sarnie or two!

You won’t be surprised to learn that drab and gloomy surroundings rub off on a work force causing them to lack creativity and enthusiasm.

Choosing the perfect office colours

There are hundreds of sites online that offer extensive home decorating ideas - the office is a space, therefore don’t deprive it of some TLC! An office overhaul doesn’t have to mean chic uncomfortable furnishings and impractical desks, simple changes around the office can make a huge difference to the work place.

Before grabbing the paintbrush and committing colour to the office walls, consider the values of your business and what image you intend to reflect. For example if your business is a quirky cutting edge design agency plain, simple and neutral colours may not suite your workplace. Instead you may consider brighter colours combined with some graphic design on larger walls. See our colour oracle above for a breakdown how colours can influence the mood of an office.

Yolk Recruitment // 02920 220078 //

CONSUMER CONFIDENCE IN BANKS STILL LOW According to a recent survey by Which? Only 1 in 10 people now trust bankers to act in their best interests and only 6% of people associate bankers with ethical behaviour. This is perhaps not surprising bearing in mind all the bad publicity around mis-selling, LIBOR manipulation and excessive bonuses. It's a sad reflection of the changing nature of customers' relationships with their banks. Gone are the days when this was a relationship of trust where the bank manager was respected as a wise financial guardian, now the bank manager is perceived as a predatory salesman flogging expensive and unnecessary products to line his own pockets. But banking and financial services remain critical to the UK economy. The financial services industry employs over 1 million people in the UK and has around a 9% share of the UK economy. Just under half of these jobs are in banking. The total tax contribution of UK financial services is estimated at over £50bn. So a successful and thriving banking and financial services sector is hugely important to the country as a whole. The problem for banks is that there is now a perception that their profits are made at the expense of their customers - they no longer serve their customers but see them as an asset to be exploited - and this is driven by a bonus culture that incentivises the sale of expensive and inappropriate products. Cardiff company, The IFR Group know all too well the problems faced by UK customers. They have recovered over £20m under their Give Me My Money brand, which helps customers who have been mis-sold the infamous Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). A common misconception is that mis-selling only covers PPI, however you can claim against ANY regulated financial product. As the trend for mis-selling unfortunately continues across the financial services industry, The IFR Group have responded to this with the launch of their new brand, Open Resolution. Steve Bloor, managing director explains: “Open Resolution is a revolutionary new kind of service that covers all types of financial disputes, be it with an insurance policy, investment, loan, bank account or pension. Whether you were given bad advice, misleading information, subject to hidden charges, or had problems when you tried to claim, our dedicated team of legal and financial specialists can help”. You can find out if you have a potential claim by answering a few simple questions on and for a limited period, Open Resolution are offering a free report to decide if you have a claim worth pursuing. Issue #4 – November 2012


What benefits would attract you to join a business?

The Results*

Demographic breakdown Flexible working hours

When it comes to attracting high calibre professional candidates the starting salary is not the only factor to consider. Companies are increasingly analysing what benefits they can offer candidates in order to attract candidates away from their competitors.

53% 56% Commission / bonus structure

24% 19%

Companies are also getting very creative with the benefits they offer with examples including welcome vouchers to personalise their workspace, duvets days being replaced by birthday bunk offs, free time to work on personal projects for IT professionals and the ability to give yourself your own job title.


The results of a recent survey on LinkedIn have shown that the traditional benefits such as flexible working hours, commission/bonuses and number of vacations are still the main reasons for candidates to join a business.

* These results are based on a survey conducted on LinkedIn with 1000 participants. The demographic split was 64% men and 36% women. Executive and professional level participants accounted for over 55% of participants with senior level roles accounting for the rest.

Extra vacations

11% 13% Other Flexible working hours Commission/bonus structure Extra vacations Other** Complimentary Canteen

53% 23% 11% 10% 2%

** These include duvet days, healthcare, company car, pension plan, train passes charitable donations and parking privileges.

10% 9% Complimentary Canteen

2% 2%

4 │ 2012 Salary Survey

After extensive research into how the job market has changed over the previous 12 months we have published our 2012 salary surveys answering all the questions you need to know such as: • Are your salary brackets in the right ballpark? • What benefits do employees expect? • Which jobs are most in demand?


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Yolk Recrutiment - Hatched #4  

Yolk Recruitment's quartlerly publication focussing on recruitment and career progression. This issue we focus on what we've learnt this pas...

Yolk Recrutiment - Hatched #4  

Yolk Recruitment's quartlerly publication focussing on recruitment and career progression. This issue we focus on what we've learnt this pas...