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KIND Healthy Snacks Target: Unhealthy snackers, dieters Concept: Kind Kind Snacks provide all natural, tasty snack bars. To appeal to an audience that chooses unhealthy food products, messages emphasize the pleasure of eating and superior quality of healthier snacks like Kind Health Snacks. Description: Copy combined with visuals of ingredients like apples, nuts, chocolate and berries used in Kind Snacks.





Bally Total Fitness Target: Winter couch potatoes Concept: During the holidays, it’s much easier to sit back on the couch and snack than endure the cold weather for a trip to the gym. The trip is worth it. By working out during the holiday season, people won’t have feelings of regret after eating a slice of pie and will feel great when beach season arrives. Description: A man sits trying to resist appetizing treats surrounding him. However, if he went to Bally Total Fitness he could eat and enjoy treats without the regret later.


IZZE Sparkling Juice Target: Soda drinkers Concept: IZZE Sparkling Juices are just as refreshing as traditional soda without the questionable ingredients.

C-1 GUERRILLA MARKETING EXECUTION PIT BULL PURSUIT Target: Animal lovers and those against animal abuse Concept: Animal Planet features Pit Bulls & Parolees, a show about a dog lover and ex-convicts who rescue pit bulls from various circumstances and rehabilitate them at the Villalobos Rescue Center.

Scavenger hunts would take place in major cities across America during October, Pit Bull Awareness Month. Pit bull replicas would be placed in cities and participants would have to look for them, take a photo of the dog, and upload it to the Pit Bull Pursuit Facebook page. Each dog replica would have a fact on its collar to promote awareness about pit bulls.

C-1 GUERRILLA MARKETING EXECUTION At the end of October, the city with the most uploaded photos would win a Pit Bulls & Parolees crew visit at one of its pit bull shelters. The individual with the most uploaded photos would win a trip to a filming of Pit Bulls & Parolees, and a meet-and-greet with the Villalobos crew. In addition, since many participants may be dog owners, the winner could receive a year’s worth of dog food. Two runners up could receive a six-month supply of dog food.


PIT BULL PLANET Target: Animal lovers and those against animal abuse Concept: To promote awareness about pit bulls and generate donations for Pit Bulls & Parolees’ Villalobos shelter, Animal Planet would partner with ASPCA, Facebook, Twitter and IntoNow, a mobile app that identifies shows users are watching. The mobile game “Pit Bull Planet” would test users’ pit bull knowledge in order to rescue the dogs. For each rescue, ASPCA would give a donation to Villalobos. Game invites to friends would increase participation, generate donations and raise awareness.

Sharing rescues friendly competition and invitations would increase participation.

In the next phase, participants would check into Pit Bulls & Parolees using IntoNow. For each check-in, ASPCA would give a donation to Villalobos. By playing a game that tests knowledge and “rescuing� pit bulls, watching the show and checking in, people would learn about pit bulls, help donate to Villalobos, and have fun.

IntoNow check-ins could increase viewership and awareness.




ape May, New Jersey has a fascinating history embedded in its everyday shores, roads and houses. At the same time, modern amenities welcome tens of thousands of visitors year-round. No matter the season, Cape May provides entertainment, pleasure, great food and great memories.

In addition, Cape May was popular among presidents; Grant, Pierce, Buchanan and Harrison all chose to vacation here.

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second to San Francisco.

Rights Cape May has a rich history, starting when Cornelius Mey who while exploring the Delaware River discovered and named the peninsula nearby, “Cape Mey” after himself. In 1761 when it was recognized as the first seashore resort in America. During the 20th century, Cape May was a popular holiday destination and rivaled Saratoga and Newport.

Cape May is listed as one of five National Historic Landmark City because of its abundance of summer homes, hotels and commercial structures from theVictorian era,

Travel Back in Time Many of Cape May’s Victorian houses have been turned into inns and bed and breakfasts, which provide cozy alternative to modern day hotels. Outside, a walk through the town will transfer vacationers to a time of beautiful architecture and a world of calm enjoyment. Unlike other “Jersey Shores,” Cape May maintains a “small town America” feel. Although there are nightclubs and activities for children, the ambiance doesn’t become rowdy at all.

Satisfy Your Senses While vacationing in what seems to be another time, modern day amenities still show up in hotels with pools, touristy restaurants and plenty of activities for couples and families. High quality, ZAGAT rated restaurants are also sprinkled throughout Cape May to ensure an enjoyable evening out. One ZAGAT rated restaurant, 410 Bank Street, offers delectable meals inspired by tropical French-New Orleans cooking. It’s so popular that people will drive to Cape May just to eat a meal there.

Of course, a visit to Cape May must include some fun in the sun. Beaches are open all day, though other activities include parasailing, jet skiing, nature trails, museum and lighthouse visits, fishing, and whale watching. Escape everyday stresses and get lost in time. Cape May awaits your arrival. For more information go to

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