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Career Services

The Dress for Success Memphis career center is open during normal business hours to clients wishing to utilize the computers to draft or perfect, print and/or fax employment documents, i.e. resumes, cover letters, professional portfolios, etc., and to perform job searches and submit online applications. Job listings are posted on the board in the career center and are updated weekly. Professional empowerment seminars, inclusive of PowerPoint presentations, are also conducted, and cover topics like Dressing for Success, Searching for a Job, Interview Etiquette, Workplace Harassment, Domestic Violence in the Workplace, Financial Literacy, and Public Speaking, etc. Dress for Success Memphis 2730 Colony Park Dr. Suite 7 Phone: (901) 363-3100 Fax: (901) 363-3789 www.dressfor

About the Dress for Success Memphis Career Center

Dressing for Success is entailing of more than professional attire. It’s putting on a winning attitude!

Personal & Career Counseling The Dress for Success Memphis career center offers career and personal counseling to clients, maintaining knowledge, literature, and lists of resources for distribution.

Cosmetology and Barbering Services Dress for Success Memphis may refer clients in need of hair grooming services to our partnering Vatterott College, where they may receive these services free of charge. Services are provided by students under the supervision of licensed instructors.

Dental Services Dress for Success Memphis also (prospectively) partners with local dental schools and offices and offers referral services for clients in need of dental attention who do not have or cannot afford dental insurance, preventive care, or certain restorative or cosmetic procedures. Well groomed and well-kept teeth are of the confidence builders for the job

interview and for success in the work force, and Dress for Success Memphis is committed to improving the professional marketability of our clients in every respect.

review and feedback at

Employment Readiness Documentation

The Dress for Success Memphis career center also (prospectively) offers basic computer and typing (standard and 10-key) courses; clients are entered into the system, and may track their progress over time, and even print typing achievement certificates.

Clients are (prospectively) distributed a Master Job Application, an Employment Readiness Assessment & Documentation Verification form to complete and ascertain if they are in possession of all of the necessary information and documentation that will be required during the job application process and upon employment. Completion of the Master Job Application will facilitate completion of actual employment applications in that it will entail all relevant employment and severance dates, contacts and phone numbers, employment duty details, and other information that might be expected on an actual, standard job application. Clients are also distributed Employment/Career Search Verification Logs, as needed, to keep track of the companies to which they apply for employment and contacts for those particular companies, and to document followup activity. These forms are (prospectively) downloadable at the Dress for Success Memphis website at and are (prospectively) retrievable in office at Dress for Success Memphis.

Resume Assistance & Mock Interviews Dress for Success Memphis career counselors are also available to review resumes and conduct mock interviews of clients, who are rendered written feedback for any needed improvements during these sessions. Interviewers utilize the Dress for Success Memphis Client Mock Interview Assessment form to grade clients, to whom the completed forms are returned. Proposed revisions are written onto resumes or copies of resumes provided by clients. Electronic comments may be returned to clients who submit their resumes via email. Resumes may be emailed to the DFS Memphis career center for

Typing & Basic Computer Instruction

Online Specialized Skills Training The Dress for Success Memphis career center also (prospectively) offers online specialized skills training courses that are designed to make and sustain clients’ marketability in the workforce by keeping them abreast of the latest office technology. These courses, which range from Microsoft applications to Lunix, Oracle, Java, Business Writing, etc., are (prospectively) accessible to registered Dress for Success clients at the Dress for Success website by clicking on the training programs link.

The Going Places Network The Going Places Network is an 8-week program that is sponsored by Wal-Mart in conjunction with the Memphis Public Library system, and is designed to more intimately empower participants with the necessary skills to gain and sustain employment. Participants come face to face with and even interact in mock interviews and otherwise with hiring managers from various companies, and ultimately establish a network of acquaintances that may prove resourceful to achievement of their professional and personal goals.

Dress for Success Memphis Career Center Brochure  
Dress for Success Memphis Career Center Brochure  

This is a brochure that I created for the Dress for Success Memphis Career Center. *Note: Several items in this brochure are proposals and a...