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Untitled Mixed media 2014


This is a developing body of work that involves various pairings of olfactory and audio stimuli to challenge personal attachments and alter sensory perceptions. Various extracted scents are coupled with different audio sources to explore cultural associations and behavioural tendencies.

Our days Mixed media 2014

Continuing my study with phenomenological theories, Maurice Merleau-Ponty prompted me to design a spatial work on the analysis of daily human behaviour. This piece followed the delicate mental journey of six individuals from diverse backgrounds. This installation cross-examined their behaviour, attitude and mindset at the end of the process and vulnerably displayed their streams of consciousness for others to experience.

Our then and now Acrylic paint, unstretched canvas 14" x 14" 2014

Stemming from the process of "Our position" (2014), this work is constructed as a cultural viewfinder. It is composed of four canvas strips painted in different combinations of complementary colours to portray four diverse cultures integrating into one perspective. This piece is an internal exploration of my conscious societal experiences and examines Edmund Husserl’s phenomenological structural properties existing within myself as portrayed by my perception of the work.

Our ground Acrylic paint on canvas Acrylic paint and medium on cardboard 20” x 28”, 3” x 14” 2014

The two works reflect the tension between the distinct cultures of two cities, Hong Kong and Canada, where I have gathered most of my experience and spent most of my time. Together, they explore social customs in relation to one another in terms of the city’s community dynamic and urban landscape.

Our diction Ink, oil pastel, newsprint 6" x 9" each 2014

Braille is a practical, minimal form of communication that I am interested in visually interpreting. The work physically resists the transfer of information and focuses on the stubborn characteristics of miscommunication in conversations. It highlights the functionality of punctuation, which reflects the crucial role of these unspoken idiomatic elements in any discourse structure.

Our attitude Ink, watercolour, acrylic medium, wood 3.5" x 3.5" each 2014

The four adjustable wooden pieces, like geographical maps, are open to diverse methods of repositioning. The group versatility of the work reflects the individual flexibility to respond to an altering environment and the unique outcome that results from the various combinations. The variety of ways to orient the pieces allow for dynamic conversations to occur between each individual component and the four pieces together as a whole.

Fault Acrylic paint, wood panel Acrylic paint, stretched canvas 12" x 9" each 2014

The fragmented acrylic paintings emphasize the limitations of accuracy in my memories. I was motivated to produce paintings from memory after I was unable to recall the digital modifications of the educational architecture from “Our years" (2014). My memories are a form a interpretation and are often skewed by emotive reflections. This work expresses the self frustration in tangled memories and the illusions that emerge from them.

Our position Acrylic paint, rubber 2014

The space of the studio setting is consciously integrated into the location’s structural elements. As each viewer approaches the piece with different experiences and from an individual visual perspective, "Our position" leaves room for personal interpretation. It urges viewers to investigate the spatial relationship between the two components while challenging the relationship between the displayed artwork and white cube context. The distance between the two elements of the piece is a shared space for the audience to interpret their position as the individual and the position of their environmental experiences.

Our years Digital photographs 8" x 11" each 2014

This series examines the extensive amount of time spent in educational institutions. The digitally altered images portray the clinical formula of the niche educational system that alters our orientation of the practical reality.

Redundant MIxed media 84" x 84" x 90" 2013

Wastes and technological advances have become a large part of societal norms, resulting in an increasingly artificial environment. This installation comments on the construction of a man-made material network and how it is progressively becoming more confining.

First light Digital photographs 9“ x 14“, 23“ x 14“ 2013

The photographs, lit only by a single digital device, highlights the body part that supports all physical and mental burdens, the feet. Access to information and social networks on the internet through the use of gadgets has developed a lifestyle that ceaselessly exhausts the body.

Basics Acrylic paint 14" x 6" 2013

"Basics" combines the medium and support base, creating a sheet of acrylic paint that serves as both the subject and object of the painting work. It emphasizes the co-dependent relationship between the medium and the support. This piece studies the close connection between a painting's tools and its support.

Our neighbours Mixed media on canvas 12" x 16", 12" x 20", 16" x 12", 16" x 12" 2013

The tense Hong Kong culture has neglected many citizens, who hold jobs that only push them further from their deserved recognition. I was only able to notice and appreciate their significance when I was in a different social context. The paintings highlight the contrast in cultural neighbours and norms, which determine our quality of living. By commenting on another social structure, these works seek to contrast the efficient Hong Kong lifestyle with the accommodating Canadian one and to be culturally out of place when displayed in Canada.

Our moment together Digital photography 8" x 6" 2013

This piece analyzes the transformation of human interactions as a result of technology. Ubiquity of digital culture has merged not only with social norms, but also with human habits. Without a stable environment, the complicated relationship between individuals and their handheld devices was revealed. In a place of constant transitional activity, like a bus stop, qualities of introversion and negligence to each individual’s surroundings were displayed. Each waiting passenger exhibited awareness of only the physical personal distance between one another, while maintaining strong intimate virtual connections on various global networks.

Painting technicalities Water, ink, overhead projector, stereo amplifier, bass inducer, audio samples 40" x 25" 2013

Introduced by the familiar artistic practice of mounting twodimensional work, the digital painting is set in motion by a performance of pinning four tacks to each corner of the projected canvas. The dimension of the time element and resonant audio component provide an interactive flow of rhythmic activity associated with the process of painting. This kinetic piece comments on the dynamic and methodical structure involved in painting practices, as portrayed by the vigorous sound samples of painting activities paired with the systematic audio vibrations of the sine waves in the projected water.

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