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COMENIUS Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.

WATER is the most important thing for life on Earth. We drink water every day and without it our body can't work. Pollution makes water undrinkable. It loses its quality and we can't drink it anymore. And it's not just about our lives but animals and plants too.

Water pollutants: − factories − traffic − trash − soaps, perfumes, detergents − washing powder − …

We need to reduce all these pollutants. All these things aren't life important or if they are we can use them less than we do now.

SOLUTIONS: − we don't throw waste into the water − we would have special bins for dangerous waste − people who will throw any waste into the water will be punished with a fee − all factories should have filtres − in perfumes, soaps, detergents and other washing powder should be substances that don't pollute water − and everybody should be aware of water pollution

And if everybody takes care of water it will be clean and drinkable.

Made by: Nika Fink, Laura Tratnik, 9. a class